A New Life - 8. Another Time Another Town.

Next morning Laura was still upset. She could barely speak to me. She would answer my questions but avoided any of my attempts at conversation. I apologised for my actions the previous night, saying that I should not have taken her for granted, and promising that I would listen to her before doing anything like that in the future. I do not know what I said to make her loose her temper but she suddenly turned on to me and shouted

"You really do not have a clue, do you. You are so obsessed with yourself that you are not aware what is going around you"

This took me by surprise. I had never known her to loose her temper in such a way. This shocked me.

She became sullen again and I thought better than to delve any deeper. I believed that she would get over given time, and that she would forgive me.

I was still on a high with what had happened to me the previous night. I could not forget the intense pleasure that I had received at the hands of those seven young men, and I felt myself getting excited just thinking about it.

That day I had many opportunities to recall the events of the previous day. I was grateful at the coincidences that culminated in such intense pleasure.

Had they enjoyed themselves as much as I had? I thought about the possibility that they might get in touch with me. Would a second encounter be as thrilling as the first time.

I worried as to whether this was going to be possible. They had all of mine's and Laura's details should they want to follow up their parting threat to me. I had left Laura very vulnerable. Would I be prepared to organise a meet between them and my wife if they wanted it? Would Laura agree if I asked her to give herself to them? I worried that this was highly unlikely with Laura not talking to me. I had to work hard to mend the bridges between us before this could happen.

Was this the reason that Laura was unhappy with me?. Had she heard from this men about my agreement with them in order to satisfy my own selfish needs?. Could I risk the happiness of my family in order to met them again?. The longer I questioned myself the further behind I put Laura's feelings in all of this. I tried to justify it to myself, telling myself that Laura would enjoy the experience as much as I had done, and that she would accept such an arrangement if I asked. First I needed to get her talking to me again.

She continued to avoid me all through the day. I had hoped that she would have had a change of mind when she came back from taking Zoe to her ballet lessons. There was no change and the day passed with no conversation between us. That night she went to bed early.

The next day she drove me to terminal 5 in Heathrow so that I could get my flight to Copenhagen. She did not speak during the 40 minute journey around the M25. When we got to the departure hall I kissed the children and went to kiss Laura. She turned her face away from me and tersely told me to take care of myself. With that she turned and was gone, leaving me standing there.

When I arrived at my hotel in Copenhagen I gave Laura a call. The telephone rang for several minutes and then went on to the answerphone. I decided to ring again rather than leave a message. I wanted to speak to her. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her.

I unpacked my case and went for dinner in the hotel restaurant. When I got back to my room later that evening, I called home again. This time it went straight to the answerphone. I left a message saying I was safe and in the hotel, and that I needed to know if they were safe home, so please call back. The call never came.

The training was taking place in one of the hotel's conference rooms so I could afford to have a bit of a lie in and a late breakfast. I do not normally sleep well in hotels on the first night of any stay but that night I was more restless than usual. I kept dreaming of the seven men in the most erotic situations and kept waking myself up with the hardest of erections. Disappointed that it was only a dream it would take a while for me to get back to sleep. I could not stop thinking about the events of that night, and continually replayed every detail of my experience. When I did get back to sleep I woke up again a few hours later with the vivid memories of what had happened. I got very little sleep that night.

I called Laura again in the morning knowing that she would be up and still at home. The call went straight to answerphone. I knew that if it went straight to the answerphone it meant that she did not want to speak to me and was deliberately blocking my calls.

The trainees for this week were a group of engineers from Denmark's most famous toy manufacturer and all seemed highly capable. We managed to cover much more of the course than I had expected on that first day and we finished early.

That evening I went into Copenhagen to have a meal. Closet o the Central Train Station I knew of an hotel which backed on to the Tivoli Gardens. Here it was possible to eat while overlooking the Gardens. I was lucky enough to get a table adjoining a window from where I could see the activity in the gardens.

After the meal I walked out through the back door of the restaurant and down into the Gardens. 

I walked round the gardens taking full advantage of what had turned out to be a beautiful evening. It was very busy, with lots of people enjoying the rides, and the food stalls. It was most relaxing, and I was able to wind down from the training earlier that day.

I continued to worry about the cause of Laura's upset but I was far too wrapped up in myself, to think that I had done anything wrong. I felt that Laura was being unfair and she was punishing me for reasons unrelated to anything I had done. In the past we had always been able to work things out rather quickly and I was concerned that this upset was going on for far too long.

I returned to my hotel for 10 o'clock and again tried unsuccessfully to contact Laura.

The sleepless nights continued over the rest of the week. I could not forget the events of that night and I kept waking up in a sweat with incredible hard ons. Getting back to sleep was difficult. I had to wait until the excitement had passed away and I could turn my thoughts to other things. Being worried about Laura did not help.

The training continued to progress well and by Thursday afternoon I had finished the course. The trainees were keen to get back home to the mainland, and chose to leave early that Thursday evening. I had a flight booked for Friday and decided not to do anything about trying to change it.

In the hotel I called Laura again but still was unable to get her to answer the telephone. I knew that the family would be ok, but I needed to know that Laura was no longer annoyed with me.

With all the dreams and my reluctance to manually comfort myself, I was now beginning to feel very randy. I was in need of some excitement. If Laura was not prepared to talk to me I needed to seek solace elsewhere. I googled "gay clubs Copenhagen" and picked one which I thought most likely to be interesting and daring.

It had been nearly a week since the last encounter and I was already feeling very needy.

I arranged a taxi with the concierge, and asked his opinion about the gay club I had chosen. He did not seem to want to disappoint me an agreed it was a good place to go, but added he would have a word with the Taxi driver about possible alternatives. The taxi arrived almost immediately, and not wanting to delay, I ended my conversation with the concierge and went out to the taxi. The concierge followed me out and spoke to the taxi driver. I do not know what they said to each other as my Danish is hopeless, but it did seem as if they were discussing several alternatives for me.

On the way to my chosen club the driver asked me if I was gay. I had no qualms in telling him that yes, very much so and that I enjoyed the company of men. He then wanted to know if I was into S & M. I replied that it was something I had never tried but I had not completely shut the door to any experience.

The conversation then moved to my family and how my longing for men had developed during this time. I said I was still married and I loved my wife and children, but it had become very apparent through my searches of the internet that I was increasingly turned on by videos and pictures of naked men having sex.

I found myself frequently visiting gay web sites and joining in private chats with other men. It had become and addiction and I was often up until well into the early hours of the morning having virtual sex with who ever was available. Until then I had never believed it to be possible to have orgasms without touching myself. My sessions always ended rather messily.

I always lied to my wife saying that I had been working, and this made me feel very guilty. If anything the thrill of a clandestine arrangement always made it more exciting. I would leave clues for my wife but she never confronted me as to what IO spent my time doing.

He asked me what kind of man I liked, and I told him that I was most turned on by the body builder types that were such a big part of the gay material in the internet. I told him that I was not looking for a relationship but for sex. My fantasies were to be taken by groups of these men in all kinds of different situations. I thought these were fantasies which in reality I probably would never enjoy, and perhaps I should not set my expectations so high. So far I had never been disappointed with the sex I had shared with other men.

I found talking to the taxi driver very comfortable. He seemed genuinely interested in what I was telling him and I had not been able to talk so openly to anyone before. I did wonder what it was leading to.

When we reached the club it was closed. Apparently they sometimes close on Thursdays in preparation for the Friday evening. The driver told me not to worry that he had the perfect place to take me to. Without enquiring any further, I knew from how he said this that I would not be disappointed. I lost track as to where we went, and I was completely lost by the many turns we made. I did not recognise any of the places through which he took me. At that point my emotions were ruling my head and my adrenalin was running fast.

He stopped in a rather dismal street in the outskirts of what seemed to be an old industrial part of Copenhagen. Pointing out an alley way, he told me that I should walk down it until I came across a black metal door on the right. This would be closed, but not to be disconcerted as there was a doorbell on the right hand side which I could ring. Somebody would open the door, and he asked me to tell them, that Olson the taxi driver had brought me there. I got the impression that he would be handsomely rewarded for bringing new guests to this club. He repeated that I would not be disappointed and wished me a very good night.

I paid him and included a very generous tip. I trusted this man and from our conversation I had every expectation that this night would be most interesting.

As he said I found the door and rang the doorbell. What I would classify as a bouncer at home came out to greet me. I gave him the message and he took me in. At the end of the little corridor sat a man behind a desk. He got me to sign the visitors book and asked me for the equivalent of 100 dollars cash. I really did not expect to have to pay this much, but Copenhagen can be very expensive, and in any case, I would make it all up with the expenses I would claim from work. Behind the man was a beaded curtain which he pulled back and invited me to go through.

I walked into a rather large poorly lit room. The place was packed, from what I could see there were only men here. It was very noisy. The background music was being drowned by people talking but this did not stop some brave souls from attempting to dance. There was a fair spread of ages and most men were dressed in casual clothing. I noticed in one corner of the room a sizeable group which were wearing the leather and rubber clothing very often associated with S & M. A small number of men were wearing suits. They must have come straight from work.

For me on my own it felt scary. I did worry and felt intimidated. Most of the those in the room were already in groups of 2 or more men. They all seemed to know each other. I was on my own and finding it somewhat daunting. I had never been in a gay club before and I knew almost nothing about gay club culture.

I made my way to the bar were the barmen asked me in Danish what I would like, I assumed that this had been his question but I could not be sure. I asked for a Manhattan remembering what I had been told that night in the pub.

As I stood in the bar drinking I could feel myself being watched. I looked around but could no see anybody looking directly at me. People must have turned back to their fellow group members and continued talking amongst themselves as I turned to look. I felt that there a great deal of interest in this stranger that had walked into their club for the first time but I could not be sure. I felt very nervous and they must have noticed me taking frequent sips of my drinks in order to calm myself down. I must have looked most uncomfortable, and my lack of experience must have raised great attention.

I continued to look around, in the hope that I might learn a little about what is acceptable behaviour in a club such as this. It frightened me and I wanted to be more conspicuous.

There were quite a few couples sitting at tables holding hands and on occasions kissing each other on the lips. There were some that seemed keen to encourage others in the club to join them at their table. Amongst some of the larger groups men would playfully touch each other to see what reactions they got. Some kissed, others felt brave enough to brush their hands against an excited crotch or a petite bottom.

It felt exciting to be there and I hoped that somebody might make an approach so that I would not feel so alone. I had finished my first drink and ordered a second. I could feel a tingling in my cock.

Men continued to throw subtle glances in my direction never letting themselves be caught outright. I quickly finished my second drink and ordered a third. I was getting the strong impression that there was some sort of hierarchy at play here. Nobody was talking to me, even though it must have seemed obvious that I would welcome the company.

There seemed to be a significant group of men standing at one end of the bar. This group always had the attention of the barmen and were served immediately when they wanted something. It did not seem that they paid for any of the drinks they ordered. I also noticed that other members in the club seemed to know them, and I noticed that nothing happened within the club without their approval. They were clearly in a position of authority.

I needed to go to the toilet, so leaving my drink on the bar I walked toward the door indicating were I would find them. The corridor leading to the toilets was packed. There were couples snogging and touching each other with little care as to who might be watching. I noticed a young man whose face had been pushed against the wall and whose trousers and pants had been pulled down round his legs exposing his bottom. I saw a rather attractive hunk of man who was pulling the most enormous cock out of his trousers, and was just about to place its head against the young man's hole.

A second man was removing the young mans top and squeezing his nipples. I saw the head of the first man's cock just penetrate the expectant arse. He moaned and pushed his bottom towards the invading cock. The cock glistened with the gel that had been spread over the condom and was just about to be pushed fully into the accommodating bottom. I was very interested but did not dare stand and watch.

Further down the corridor I could see an older man leaning with his back to the wall being sucked by another man who might have been closer to my age.

Getting to the toilet was liking risking a walk through the lines of gladiators all spoiling for a fight. I could not turn back now. I continued my walk towards the toilet. I lost count of the number of times I was groped but I did not dare say anything which might cause offence. When I got to the toilet I was unable to relieve myself as my cock was rather hard and it was uncomfortable to do so. It took a few minutes. I felt myself being watched by several of the men just standing inside the toilet. When it finally came I welcomed the relieve. I was also happy that I could get back to the lounge as I was not quite ready to be fucked inside a toilet.

On the way back no part of my body was spared. I had men feeling my bottom, some attempting to place their hands down the back of my trousers. Others stroked what they could see of my cock. They seem to enjoy my embarrassment.

A muscular forty year old man was standing just inside the corridor by the door leading out to the lounge impeding my exit. I had little option but to carry on in the hope that he woulds move aside for me.

When I got to him he took hold of my nipples which could clearly be seen protruding through my shirt, and squeezed them hard. The pain went straight through me. Before I could react he took me on an arm hold, and unable to move, he put his lips against mine biting my lower lip. I opened my mouth in pain and I could feel that it was bleeding. The man leaned forward and I heard him whisper in my ear.

"You desperate little faggot how would you like me to give you a seeing to. Go out of the club door and turn right. Up the alley you will see a derelict building with a missing door. Go in and wait for me there. I will follow you five minutes later. I will give you the fuck of your life."

With that he let me through and back into the lounge.

I was not sure that I could trust this man but I was sorely tempted. Had other things not happened I would have suppressed my fears and most likely given myself to him in total disregard of the consequences.

I could not tell what it was but I had the strong impression that something was waiting for me later that evening. Certainly somebody was calling the shots, and seemed to be saving me for something special. I wondered why the conversation between the concierge and the taxi driver had taken so long and what they could have been discussing between themselves. I felt that my arrival at the club was not entirely unexpected.

I finished my drink and went to order another. The barman came over to me and said that Mr Wilhelm would like me to join him and his friends for a drink if I was agreeable. He pointed over to the end of the bar at the group who had been standing there since I arrived. I said that I would love to meet him and would be honoured to join him for a drink.

I walked over to the group and a very well dressed man in his 70's came to me and taking me by the hand shook it warmly introducing himself as Mr. Wilhelm. He was dressed impeccably with a bright pastel green Ralph Lauren top and what must have been a pair of Pink Ralph Lauren chinos. Introducing me to his friends he said that they were all very pleased to meet me.

The group was composed of three men who must have been around Mr. Wilhelm's age, three well built muscular men in their middle thirties, and a young man who could not have been older than 18.

I was somewhat surprised to hear him say to the others that I was Ewan a married man from the UK who was over in Denmark to deliver a training course. He told them that I was married to a school teacher and had a daughter and son who were still in Junior School.

This confirmed my thoughts that the taxi driver had been able to get into the club through a back entrance, while I was waiting to get in, and had told them everything I had said to him.

Mr. Wilhelm pushed the young eighteen year old towards me and introduced him as Hans. It was Hans' first time in the club and they were watching over him. Hans he said had been very worried on coming in earlier this evening. He had no previous experience with men but had for a long time known he was gay.

Hans had come to this conclusion through the gay magazines that he had looked at through his teen age years. His excitement at looking at these had confirmed his view that he preferred men sexually to girls. He had no experience with girls and his assumptions might have been somewhat flawed. But he was convinced.

Hans had yet to have any real sex and he had come to the club in a recommendation from a friend. I found this somewhat familiar and I worried for him that he might be in for a bit of a shock.

I could see that Hans must have already had a few drinks as he was very drunk. Taking both our hands Mr. Wilhelm pulled us together and suggested that we get to know each other better, winking to me as he did so. I felt somewhat compromised, and I really did not want to be the person on who Hans would have to depend on to find himself. I was not at all convinced that he was ready to discover his own sexuality. I tried to tell him but he would not listen.

Mr. Wilhelm proposed that we all go back to his house where he was giving a small soirée for some of his most dear friends. He said that he would love us to join him and felt sure that we would find it most enjoyable. I am not sure that we had much of a choice and wondered what the reaction would be if I said no. Personally I had no intention of saying no. I was dying to find out what he was planning for me, and was getting quite excited thinking about it.

Hans did not get a chance to say anything, the state he was in he would have gone to the end of the world for a fuck.

We all bundled into a people carrier, myself between two of the muscular men and Hans in-between two of the older men. We were told that we were going to be blindfolded for the journey as we were going to one of their private homes, and they would rather not advertise its location. This sounded reasonable and I agreed. My adrenalin was flowing and I felt sure that in the confined space of the van they would have no difficulty in smelling the testosterone.

It seemed to take a long while, but we finally arrived at our destination. The car stopped and we all got out. My blindfold was removed. I looked around we were within a walled garden. The six foot high wall went all around and through to the back of the building. At the top of the wall was embedded glass shards to discourage anybody who might have been thinking of scaling the wall. I trembled thinking that I had now reached the point of no return. There was not much I could now do if I decided to leave. I was totally at the mercy of these strangers and I still had no idea what was planned for me.

In front of me there was a rather large white house with two stories and an attic level. It had large double doors with steps leading up to it. Hans was now getting scared and he took my hand. I followed the first of the men as they approached the house. The rest followed on behind. The opulence and size of the hallway gave a good indication that who ever owned this house was quite rich. A man servant came running out and opened a door to the right of the hallway. We were then invited to go through.

This was a large room with rather tall windows. The curtains were thick and closed. The man servant went round the room putting some of the lamps on. The lights on these were fairly dim and it was clear that he was trying to create an atmosphere. We passed by two rows of comfortable chairs and walked to a large open space at the far end of the room. There I could see what seemed to be a bed but was rather too large to be one. It stood higher than what you would have expected for a bed. It was covered in a crimson plasticised material and trimmed in co-ordinated red velvet which dropped onto the floor.

The floor was marble.

All around were the most erotic paintings I had ever seen. Many of these were very old and gave an indication of an art world that the general public would be little aware of. Most of these involved groups of men in varying positions making love. Some were imprisoned in medieval devices which left very little to the imagination. The size of members showed a level of exaggeration which gave a good idea about the sexual inclinations of the painters.

Pictures of women in compromising sexual positions also adorned the room. As did pictures of women being taken by groups of men.

Above us I noticed gantries on which theatre lights were hanging. All around the bed and the area we were standing on were cameras set up on remotely controlled brackets. I looked back towards the row of seats and noticed that TV screens had been set up for the benefit of any spectators sitting on them. The screens were only visible from the seats and where we were standing we could only see the backs of them.

The older of the men sat down on the seats while the younger ones went out through the door we had just come in. More men of the 70 plus age groups came in and took their seats. There must have been between about twenty of them.

Wilhelm came to me and Hans, and said that I was now time for us give them a show. Hans was now becoming aware of what they were expecting of him. He seemed frightened. I needed to make this as easy as I could for him.

I took the initiative and took him in my arms and for the first time we kissed properly. My tongue was all over his. My tongue encircled his feeling all round its surface. I pushed it in as far as it would go into his mouth. I was pushing so hard that his mouth was wide open and his young teeth were biting into my lips and around the outside of my mouth.

I could feel that he was straining his mouth, trying to open it as wide as he could so that I could swallow his tongue into mine. I sucked it in. As I did more of his mouth opened and I could feel the edges of his teeth encircling my lips. The more I sucked in the deeper I went. I could feel that his teeth were bruising the surrounds of my lips and that I would not be able to disguise his passion. It would be impossible to hide next morning. I wanted to be the first man to screw that little virgin arse, and I wanted him to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

My hands were all over him. Squeezing his buttocks, feeling his split, probing his tiny entrance. I pushed my hands under his top and felt his tiny erect nipples. Squeezing them gently as he responded with moans and whimpers. I could hear him talking under his breath but understood little of what he was saying. He pushed his body against mine and I could feel his erection against me.

My hand went down the front of his trousers. I pushed it down his trouser until it reached the top of his pants. I then pushed my way into his pants and feeling his wet cock move up the back of my hand I stroked his bush.

His pants were soaking and the head of his erect penis came up and was now held in place by the elastic of his pants. I felt it, and marvelled at the quantity of pre cum that was coming out of it's tiny head. If this is what a virgin cock felt like I wanted more. I felt his pubic hairs around the base of his cock. These were wet with his pre cum too. I pulled my wet sticky hand out taking great care not to loose any of the juices now sticking to my fingers. The silky strands of Hans pre cum strung across the open fingers of my hand.

I shuddered and felt my own wetness spreading down towards my own pubic hair. Showing my wet fingers to Hans I greedily licked one of my fingers letting him see how my tongue took every drop of his substance and pulled it inside my mouth. I teased him with his own wetness. He grabbed my hand placing the rest of my fingers into his own mouth. He then kissed me and my tongue could feel the silky coating in his mouth. We shared his pre cum. My cock was all the time reacting to what we were doing.

I had not noticed the lights coming on in the first place. But I noticed we were under floodlights being watched by the appreciative crowd sitting in front of us. They looked as if they were enjoying themselves. They were too engrossed in what was happening and far too excited to talk to each other. They watched in total captivation at what was going on in front of them.

I wondered how many million others were watching us on the internet, perhaps people who we both knew, even Laura. It frightened me but I knew that I was unable to help myself. What always seemed to be a really dangerous and stupid thing to do much later, I could never stop myself from doing in the heat of passion. I was becoming ever more addicted to sex and cared little about the consequences they might have.

I took Hans to the platform and there I slipped his top over his head and undoing his trousers pulled them off together with his pants and shoes. He did not have any socks and was now lying naked on his back on this fairly hard surface. He erect penis was small and thin but it was twitching from its base, up and down, towards his abdomen. I undressed myself letting him watch.

As I stood there in front of him naked I could see the reaction I was having on his penis. He was rubbing his legs together and he curled his arms around himself as if to hold back the coldness going through his body. I could hear the cameras moving all around us, and felt myself exposed from every angle. They moved in recording every detail of our most intimate moments. How many people would be watching us and sharing our excitement.

I lay on my side beside him and my hand stroked his face. I explored the contours of his face, around his eyes, down his nose, around his lips. He took my fingers into his mouth and sucked and licked them all again, each time causing a swift reaction to his penis. I licked his lips before gently pushing my tongue between them. He moaned and opened his mouth letting me push it inside. His tongue met mine and each encircled the other. We were there for several minutes heavily kissing each other, and getting hotter and hotter.

I wet the tips of my fingers and very lightly moved my fingers around each of his nipples. I could see them grow with the touch. His legs still rubbing together, and his buttocks clenched, while the rest of his body trembled at my touch. I continued to tease his nipples and he moaned loudly. I could hear the excitement my touching was generating amongst the audience.

Hans whispered to me

"Please Ewan, please put your penis inside me. Please put it inside me now"

I was enjoying his desperation and continued to push him to the edge.

I grabbed each of his tiny breasts in my hands and squeezed them, pulling them towards me in a vain attempt to enlarge them. He continued to moan, his tongue licking the outside of his mouth as if to excite himself.

Barely touching him my hand moved down his chest and tummy finally reaching the base of his twitching penis. I could see his stomach muscles were moving. His eyes closed and the noise coming from him, indicating the extreme levels of pleasure he was enduring. I Held his cock upright and gently licked the wetness from the head.

The volume of noise he was making increased. I could see tears beginning to build up in his eyes and flowing down his cheeks. This was so clearIy his first time, but what a baptism. I did not know what was going on around me but from the whirring noise above I could well picture a close up of Han's face going out into cyberspace. I could tell that he was not going to be able to hold out much longer.

His pleas to me were increasingly desperate. I turned him over and sticking my fingers in my mouth, wet the area around the entrance to his back passage with my saliva. He was screaming. The excitement behind me continued, and I could hear the groans of several of the gentlemen sitting behind me. I took one of the condoms from the side table and put it on my penis. It was his first time and this was going to hurt. I liberally covered my penis with gel.

I got behind Hans placing my hands on his shoulders. I bit hard on his neck making sure that I left the clear signs of love bites. I wanted to make sure that my bites would still be visible in the next week. I needed him to accept that he had given himself to another man and that others would be aware of how far he was prepared to go in order to satisfy his craving. I did not want him to hide his longing away from his friends. I wanted them to notice and to question him on how he had got so many love bites all over his neck. His dependency gave me a cruel pleasure which I wanted to enjoy. He had to pay a price for his pleasure.

This made me feel good.

I bit hard on his shoulder and again on his neck until he was covered in love bites. He was whimpering loudly sucking his thumb. He moved his body and placed it such that I would have no difficulty entering him. All the time he was begging me to fuck him. I tried to push the head of my cock inside him but his bottom resisted the intrusion. I could not get past the tightness of his entrance. He told me not to worry about tearing him. I pushed again as he stretched out his arms and legs so that he formed the shape of an X on the surface of the platform. His vulnerability was obvious. I felt sure that he was no longer able to resist.

His head buried into the maroon covering, sucking his thumbs, he pleaded with me to push hard and not to worry about hurting him. I kissed his love bites and taking my cock in my hand pushed into his hole. As I did so I spread his cheeks to help with my entry into his tight virginal pussy. It opened up for me. I waited there just inside him. Teasing him by making my cock move and throb inside him. I could sense his anguish. He could feel it but he needed me to be deeper. He was screaming.

"Oh please fuck me" he shouted "push it all inside me".

I pushed it as far as it would go and held it there. I knew it was hurting him but he had contracted his muscles and was holding me tight and would not let me go. I started to push myself in and out taking care not to come out of him. Such delicious groans coming from underneath me. I could have forced myself to come off but I held back. I could tell that he was not far off, and at my next push he screamed, and screamed, sobbing and praying. He shot out his load onto the surface of the platform. He had been holding himself up to press against me. Two further spurts of his cum came out of the head of his cock. I continued to fuck him. He continued to scream and more of his cum spurted out.

I stopped myself from coming. I was not going to waste any opportunity, I felt there was much more to come. We both slumped onto the base. My cock still very hard with the excitement of what had happened. He pleaded with me not to take it out and I lay there on top of him my cock filling his arse while he continued to mumble something totally unrecognisable.

We lay there for five minutes and despite his many plea I came out from inside him. I turned him over and saw that his pubic hairs were covered with his sperm. I licked them, swallowing as I did so, ensuring that every drop of his discharge was not wasted. I turned him sideways showing him the large amount of his juices which were contained in large droplets on the surface of the plasticised material. He could tell what I wanted him to do and he wasted no time doing so. He brought his head over to where he had come off so profusely and using his tongue so that I could see he, licked each drop into his mouth.

When he finished, he opened his mouth slightly so that I could see the accumulation of his juices. Hans was learning fast. He sure knew how to get the worst of me. I held his cheeks and put my lips to his. There we intertwined tongues and shared what he had so eloquently produced. We both swallowed together.

Suddenly what started slowly arose to a crescendo of claps. We had clearly succeeded in entertaining our audience. They were up on their feet clapping and shouting in gratitude of what they shared with us.

All the time the cameras were moving, taking shots at different angles ensuring that an appreciative audience would have no trouble in recognising us and that no part of our physique was left hidden from them. I laid back with my hands under my head as if I had been on a beach inviting their gazes unashamedly.

It was not over.

After a few minutes three men came into the lit area at the front. They were fully dressed but I could see from the way the clothes fitted their bodies that they all had the most delicious rippling body muscles. Clearly these took great care over their bodies. I could not see their faces as they were all wearing masks to hide their features. I felt very excited. My cock was beginning to rise again, and interest was growing amongst the audience.

Mr. Wilhelm announced that he had employed three gay porn stars for our pleasure. I was getting very wet and my pre cum was dripping down the shaft of my cock. I was vey turned on and I had failed to notice the reaction that this was having on Hans.

He was tearful and upset. Crying he said that he was not quite ready for this and wanted Mr. Wilhelm to let him watch instead.

Wilhelm was unlikely to give in so easily and insisted that this was for both our pleasure and in any case he was reluctant to disappoint his invited guests. They were all looking rather angry at the possibility that their enjoyment was to be curtailed. Hans sobbed, this time in fear, and it was difficult for me to console him.

I told Wilhelm that I was prepared to make a deal with him. I said that if he left Hans stay out of the next session that was going to take place, I would sign off any rights I had to any of the filming and photographs that had been taken and would continue to be taken. He would be free to use any of the tapes in any way he wanted to.

I would sign off any modelling rights and turn over to him any legal commitments about the production and distribution of the media recorded. This was a valuable offer as It gave him complete control and would remove any possibility of legal action against him.

He was still reluctant. I had to offer him something more if he was to release Hans from fulfilling any perceived obligations which he had never been made aware of. I said to Wilhelm that as far as I was concerned I would lay myself at his feet and do anything they wanted me to do. I was prepared to take what ever they had planned for both of us on my own. More importantly they were free to do so in any way they wanted.

It was not the first time that I had whored myself and I felt sure that It would not be the last. Was I being a little selfish in taking advantage of the situation.

This made it very easy for Wilhelm. Any responsibility for what had happened that night and was about to happen was taken out off his hands. He agreed and very quickly forms were brought in by the man servant, which I duly signed not spending any time in reading what they said. I was already dripping cum and was desperate to fulfil my dream of re-living what I had often watched on videos.

Hans and I were very different. He was clearly looking for romance and all I wanted was the basest form of satisfaction. I wanted sex and was prepared to try anything.

Hans stood by the side of the room still naked and keen to see what was about to happen. I stood in front of the platform waiting for those beautiful men to approach me. The one that was in the lead got to me and holding the back of my neck started to kiss me. His tongue and hands were all over me. I could feel his cock had already risen. He took hold of my breasts and tweaked my nipples. I could not bear to wait and I started to undress him. I took his shirt off. He had the most beautiful body you could possibly imagine. His six-pack rippled in finely toned muscles and his arms were like tree trunks.

I wanted to excite him. I kissed his pecs and licked his nipples. My tongue continued to explore his body and soon I had reached the top of his trousers and the point at which his body starts to go down towards his cock. I was like a bitch on heat. I though he was quite excited too, as I could see the reaction that my actions were having on him.

I went on my knees in front of him. I undid his belt and undoing the top button of his trousers, pulled the zip open. The sides of his trousers fell open, exposing the muscles in his lower abdomen. I saw how his cock had pushed up through the elastic in his pants. The head was exposed and wet.

I put my arms around him and licked the area where his pubes should have been had they not been shaved. His cock twitched. Pulling his pants down, I took it into my mouth and sucked him. I could taste the baby oil on him but I could also taste the salt of his pre-cum.

He took the back of my head and pushed the whole length of his cock inside my mouth. I thought I was going to choke on it. I had never seen one as big as this man had. I was excited that I was able to take most of it into my mouth.

The porn stars trousers fell to the ground and I continued to hold his cock with both hands while I sucked the juice coming from its head. I had never known if these stars acted through their experiences or if they were really turned on. I could tell from the reactions my man was having that I was having a strong effect on him. It was not just acting.

He moaned with joy and fucked my open mouth as I sucked on him. I wanted him to come in my mouth and my lips were firmly closed around his thick shaft. I must have been too excessive and I heard him say

"Take it easy bitch".

With that he slapped me hard across my face. It hurt, and I felt my cheek turning red. Despite this I was not going to let go of him. I continued to suck on his cock not wanting to let go until he had emptied his cum in my mouth.

The other two men were now on either side of me. They had both dropped their trousers and were rubbing the tips of their cocks against my cheeks. I tuned my head to the right and releasing the first of the cocks from my mouth I took the second one. I sucked the second hard on as my tongue worked around the enormous head. I could taste the drops of pre cum, and trembled with pleasure as it made its way down the back of my throat. I was enjoying the taste of these men.

The third man was getting impatient and was slapping his cock against my left cheek. Swapping his member with the one already in my mouth, my mouth went up and down his shaft. I could feel the blood coming into his penis as it grew inside my mouth. I was in awe at these beautiful men. They had the most wonderful cocks. I could easily see why they were porn stars. As I sucked each in turn I was thinking if they had always been so well endowed, or had they had their cocks enhanced in pursuit of a successful career.

All three men were now caressing my body with their hands. I could feel two hands on my tits while other hands were touching my bottom. I was getting wetter with every touch. I got up and kissed each in turn, my mouth opened wide inviting their tongues to invade my space.

My body trembled to their touch. I felt a hand take hold of one of my nipples, squeezing and twisting. I screamed in pain. Tears came to my eyes. The other man seeing the effect that this had on me, squeezed my other tit in his enormous hand, and then took my other nipple in between his fingers pinching it as hard as he could. I again cried out in pain and he continued to squeeze unmercifully. Tears were flowing down my cheeks. My nipples were sore and this men kept on squeezing and twisting them.

Despite of my pain. I wanted them worse than ever. I needed them regardless of what they did to me. All I could see was their beautiful bodies and had a desperate need to have them fuck me. I wanted to give myself completely.

if my pain gave them pleasure I too would take pleasure from it. I was tingling all over anxiously waiting for what they were going to do next.

The third man who had been running his fingers up and down the crack of my bum suddenly pushed two of his fingers into my hole. I moaned with pleasure opening my legs and pushing my body towards his probing fingers. My whole body was now craving penetration and I said

"Please carry on I love it. I so love the feel of you inside me".

I begged them to kiss me. I wanted to feel their tongues as I totally submitted myself to their every touch. It struck me that my mannerisms and my moves together with the way I spoke to them was a complete surrender to the effeminate way I was feeling. I could feel myself more of a woman and duty bound to satisfy my lovers in everything they wanted from me.

"Please tell me what you would like me to do and how you would like me to behave. I do so badly want to please you all. Please treat me as you will, every bit of your pleasure is like ecstasy for me".

"Fuck me and come off inside me".

I was out of control and desperate for these three beautiful men.

They walked me to the platform and helped me up. They held back letting the video cameras to do their job. I suspected there were many people out there who were wishing that they could exchange places with me, and they would not be denied getting the best view possible.

The cameras whirred giving close ups of my face and body. Viewers would not be denied the possibly of recognising the man who was giving himself so cheaply through his sex addiction to other men. Recognition to them would be the utmost thrill. Thinking about this made me hard. I no longer cared if it destroyed my life this would be a price worth paying.

I just cared about the three men climbing onto the platform and the feeling that I wanted them more than anything.

They laid me on my back and took it in turns to kiss me. As one did so I could feel the others sucking on my ever so sensitive nipples. They must have noticed the reaction that this triggered on my penis as there hands went down to it, and they smeared my wetness over my nipples and chest. I was in heaven, but if this was hell so be it, I had sold myself to the devil. This is who I was and who I wanted to be. I moaned as they continued to kiss me and tease my body with their hands and fingers.

"Please, please tell me what you want me to do. Please do what you want" I kept repeating meaning every word I said.

I did not think I could stand this much longer I needed them to come inside me. I turned and got on all fours making it obvious as to what I wanted them to do. I heard one of the actors say to his friend.

"This bitch is in heat. If we do not do something quick she will be coming before we get the chance to fuck her arse".

I found their disdain of me exciting. Self respect was very secondary to the feelings going though my loins. I did want to be used and was desperate to take anything that they wanted to give.

Disappointingly these three were the ultimate professionals, and taking the condoms from the side table put them on their penises. They were less worried about me than they were about safeguarding their careers. My fantasy was not to be fulfilled completely. Not this time, but I readily waited for the first of the men to put his penis inside me.

As I waited I heard Hans speak to Wilhelm. I could not understand what was said being said but seconds later Hans joined me on the platform and took his position next to me. His hand went to mine and we both held them there. As we waited he told me that staying to view my performance was a mistake. He had got so excited that he no longer wanted to be left out.

Two of the men came behind us. I felt one come behind me, and raising my bottom, I opened my legs further apart, inviting him into my anus. I closed my eyes as I felt his cock against the opening to my back passage. I could not see what was happening to Hans but he suddenly squeezed my hand and gave a loud moan. I was in a pretty high state myself by this time, feeling the head of the cock of the man who had chosen me pressing against my opening. I was behaving like a sixteen year old virgin just about to be fucked for the very first time. My pleas and mumbles had left him with no doubt that I desperately wanted him to push himself inside me.

The head of his cock prized open my sphincter and he was now inside me. My legs and arms were like jelly. I did not know whether I was going to be able to maintain this position. Hans was continuing to moan loudly next to me, his hand squeezing mine so hard that his nails were cutting into my hand. I think I said "oh God" but I said so many things that I am unable to remember it clearly. What I do know is that it was one of the most delicious moments in my life. Far better than the first time I shagged Laura, which shocked me. I could not believe what was happening to me. I could feel that his cock was as thick as my wrist.

I would never have believed that porn stars could be so talented. He knew exactly what to do to get me screaming. He had a way of moving his cock inside which sent me into pleasurable oblivion. I was screaming with joy.

I was in a world of my own with my lover and nothing else mattered anymore. I so wanted him to push it deeper into me. Slowly he pushed it up and I could feel him pushing against my prostrate. My cock was streaming pre cum. My body was trembling and I could hear myself screaming in the same way that Laura had done when she was being fucked by all those men in the park. I now understood how she felt and why she could never put these feelings behind her.

Slowly and rhythmically he moved his thick cock in and out inside me. I could now feel that not only was he very thick but that his length pushed deep into my rectum. I could hold back no longer. My body tensed and I spurted my load all over the platform surface. I kept shaking as more and more of my cum came out. I could hear myself crying with pleasure. Thanking my anonymous lover for bringing me to such pleasure.

I now noticed that Hans had also come and he was now moaning and crying. The man who had been the second ever to penetrate him had his hand underneath his body and was stopping him from collapsing. He continue to pump in an out of Hans who was unable to sustain such levels of pleasure. He did not let go of him and continued his onslaught bringing him off again.

My man having stopped to watch Hans' adulation was stimulated to continue fucking my arse. The gentleness had now gone. I wanted his abuse and the punishment he was giving me soon had me coming again. I collapsed in a heap on top of my own cum which was spread all over the platform floor. I hoped that he had come off but I was in no state to know.

The third man was not going to let me off so lightly and putting me on my back he lifted my legs up and apart so that it hurt. He shoved his huge cock inside me and fucked me. He really was not worried if I got no pleasure from his efforts. He was being paid to provide a performance and that is what he was going to give. I felt used but this raised the level of my excitement and soon as I was coming all over my chest and was thanking him for his brutality. I must have looked a sight all covered in my own cum.

Satisfied with their performance, Wilhelm told the three men that they had earned their money and could now go.

Hans and I lay on the floor the cameras recording the level of despair that had allowed us to behave with such depravity.

Wilhelm came over to us and told us that our performance had been extraordinary. He wanted to thanks us for making their evening so immensely pleasurable. Reminding me of my commitment to him at the beginning of the night, he just had one more demand of me. He and his friends had been left excited but wanting. It was now their turn. Although I was exhausted the idea excited me. There was no where I was not prepared to go in order to satisfy my appetite for gay sex. I did not need any further information from him and I agreed whole heartedly to do as they wanted.

The cameras were turned off and the lights dimmed. The man servant came in wheeling what seemed to be a rather tall bench on wheels. As it was with the platform the top of the bench was padded. On one end the feet of the bench splayed out and widened as they reached the floor. On the other end the legs went straight down. The bench was made with thick oak hence the need for wheels to move it, but as soon as they were satisfied with its position, the wheels were locked to prevent any movement. With the bench came to sets of steps and these went up to a height of just over 30 cms. On each of the legs were fastened straps and buckles. My brain went into overdrive and the new situation I found myself in sent tremors all over my body. I could feel my penis rising to the occasion.

I was taken over to the bench and told to lie with my chest and tummy against the padded area. I no longer thought in terms of their age but more of what they would do to me when I was restrained. I raised no objections, and much to the excitement of all assembled, my cock continued to show increasing interest. There was no shortage of volunteers to help me. Strapping my legs to the two splayed feet of the bench. The belts allowed for no movement on my part. One belt pulled the top of my thighs agains the top of the wooden legs. Two more straps above and below my knees and a fourth around my ankle. I was now not able to move my legs any more.

My arms dropped down on either side of the other end of the bench and these were in turn strapped to each of the other feet using four straps to ensure that I was secure. What I had thought was a head rest was instead a cushion in which to rest my chin so that my face was facing directly forward. A collar was strapped around my neck and this was fastened to each side of the bench with chains which clipped to rings on either side. I was firmly held in position and unable to do anything to protect myself.

My situation excited me and I could again feel myself getting wet. Wilhelm asked me if I was comfortable and did I want to be released. I did not believe he was making a serious offer but in any case I wanted nothing else than to be there totally restrained and at the mercy of all these men. I thought of Laura and wondered what she would think of my depravity. I could no longer see the danger of my situation, all I could think of was the utter delight of not being able to stop these men doing what ever they liked with me.

As I waited I was getting more and more excited. I saw the significance of the steps. These were placed on the floor at each end of the bench to allow them better access to my mouth and anus.  

I heard a noise behind me and as the back of the bench went down my legs were pulled open wider. Somebody was clearly turning a handle which was making me more accessible. I could not see those men behind me but I could see that those in my view were now stripping. There cocks were all standing and their excitement was obvious. I felt many hands start touching my back and bottom. Some used their tongues to wet my crack and moisten my anus. I moaned in sublime pleasure as my body tingled to their touch. I felt a tongue push into my hole and licking it all around. I could stand it no longer and screamed for release.

These men had right from the start known what my weakness was, and were using their experience to propel me into a level of sexual insanity that I would never be able to resist.

One got a riding crop and saying that my cheeks were getting cold and hit me several times across my buttocks. I was in pain and crying like a baby. They still carried on and I was rapidly loosing my sanity. They stuck their fingers inside me and watched me writhe in despair, calling and begging to be fucked, every time they went near my bottom. Hans looked on feeling my pain and crying. I begged that they should now fuck me in any way they wanted. They ignored my pleas and continued their torment of my body.

Two of my tormentors went over to Hans and making sure that I could see it all, bent him over in front of me and took it in turns to fuck him. Hans could resist no longer and he let them take him. When they came out I could see their cum dripping out from his hole and down his legs. Hans cried and I did not think he could take much more. Another of the old men went to him and I cried pleading with him.

"Please leave him alone can you not see that he has had enough. Please take me instead I am the insatiable whore that you want."

With this I felt hands pull my cheeks open and I felt the entry of a cock into my open vagina. As it pushed inside me I was shaking. I begged him to fill me and not to take it out until he had emptied every single drop of juice inside me. Each push of his penis took me to an ever increasing peak of desire. He was so good that I was creaming myself. He moved his cock around my passage and pushed against my prostrate to stimulate my sexual arousal. As he gave one last push he emptied his load inside me and I came with him.

It felt so good that I lost count of the number of times I thanked him. No sooner had he withdrawn than another pushed his cock in what now was a well lubricated passage.

He pumped me hard and it was not long before I had another hard on. I kept telling him to fuck me and not to stop. He must have felt sorry for me because he did precisely that, and fucked my anus until he delivered his load into my cavity.

As the third cock penetrated me another of the men came in front of me and shoved his cock into my open mouth. I was in heaven being fucked from both sides. As I tried to use my tired rectal muscles to hold the cock in my arse I sucked with vigour the man that was now fucking my mouth. I could smell and taste his cock and I wanted him to empty himself into my mouth. They must have stimulated each other, as both suddenly came filling me with cum from both orifices. I came but had not much more sperm to give.

I do not know how many men's load ended in my bottom, but I do know that it was overflowing down my legs. As to those coming inside my mouth I only kept theirs because I swallowed as they came inside it. My mouth was covered in the stickiness of their many deposits.

The last men to take me must have felt disappointed. I could no longer respond as I would have liked to. I was totally wasted and there was no strength left in my body. As they fucked me from both ends I remained inanimate as they emptied themselves in me. I just about managed to swallow the last load of cum but that which went into my arse trickled it way down my back passage and down my legs.

I must have looked a sorry state. I was pleased that so many men had been able to satisfy themselves on my body, and I felt no shame that I was becoming such a slut.

Next morning without having had the opportunity to wash Hans and I were blindfolded and left in a different alley which led up from the river in the harbour area. We were lost and were very thankful that we came across a worker who was prepared to direct us to where we needed to go to get a taxi.

I exchanged contacts details with Hans and we went on our separate ways. I had no pretensions of being anything else other than a slut, but I hoped that Hans might find a man who would give him the love he wanted.

Going up the lift to my room in the hotel was a complete embarrassment. My clothes were all disheveled and I must have been reeking of men's hormonal fluids. I hoped that I would not have to share the lift with anybody. Unfortunately this was not the case and the young couple and two men that got on the same lift did not hide their disgust.

(To be continued: A New Life - 9. The Suffolk's)




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