A New Life - 6. Kindred Spirits.

I went to the kitchen to get some more drink for us. There I was pleased to see that the two girls and the boy had accepted what I had told them, and they had just finished eating and were on their way through the third bottle of wine. They were all quite merry and were joking and laughing. They went to get up when I came in, but I said that I would get the drink myself. I then invited them to join us in the sitting room, saying that we would welcome their company. One of the girls was a little unsure but her friend convinced her, saying it might be lot of fun. The boy did not say anything but decided to join us too.

I took another couple of bottles of malt and three more glasses and we all went into the sitting room. The two girls and the boy sat in the remaining settee, and pouring them a glass of whisky each, gave it to them. I then refilled our glasses. Laura asked the girls if they had boyfriends, one did but not the other. The boy did not have much experience of girls. He had gone to an all boys school and still needed to go out on his first date. We went round the room getting everybody to introduce themselves.

To help relax the three helpers Christina suggested that we play the two truths and a lie game. We would go round the group and each person would have to tell two truths and one lie about themselves. The rest of the group would then have to say which was the lie. The aim was to try and fool everybody into making the wrong choice. The youngsters jumped at the idea, and as we went round the room everybody was having a great time. There was a great deal of laughter and fun from everybody.

The whisky and wine were all flowing well and everybody was becoming very relaxed and merry. Christina suggested that to make the game more interesting if a person was caught out lying by the rest of the group they would have to complete a forfeit as decided by the rest of the group. This was eagerly accepted by all.

The game continued and at first the forfeits were very silly but lots of fun. We had to swap socks, or go out in the garden and lie on the grass. As the game progressed they became a lot more interesting. Laura had to go out in the garden and remove her knickers. The quieter of the two girls had to remove her bra without taking her top off. I had to kiss Christina. The self assured girl had to kiss the young man. David had to go out to the front of the house and take his pants off.

The game was then opened up and it was left to the person who had been found out lying to decide on the forfeit and the rest would then say if it was acceptable. If they did not agree they would put forward their own idea which might be more daring. As luck would have it the next person to be caught lying was Christina. Laura said that she would remove her leggings and we all agreed.

Laura went up to Christina and kneeling down in front of her, held both sides of the waist band, and slowly pulled the leggings down as Christina raised her bottom to help her. Christina was wearing a bright red string. I was next and the rather assertive girl suggested that I should take my top off. The young man was not quite so clever with his lying and he was now sitting on the settee in his pants. The quieter girl was next, and also fell by her lie. Her friend proposed that she should now take her top off. She was a bit reluctant, but not wanting to loose face in front of her friends she removed the top which now exposed her breasts. She had little to be ashamed off, the breasts were beautifully shaped and had rather pointed petite nipples.

Laura was getting impatient. The game was progressing far too slowly for her liking. Suggesting that it was now time to get the party going she went up to Christina, and sitting on her lap, grabbed her face and stuck her tongue into Christina's mouth. Her response was immediate and putting her arm around Laura they both started snogging each other. I noticed the excitement in the two girls faces as they watched our two women passionately kissing and cuddling. The stronger of the two girls turned round to her topless friend and took her hand. Bringing it to her lips she started kissing it. I noticed the girls nipples growing, as her excitement became obvious. She turned to face her friend, who did not miss the opportunity to place her lips on hers, and start kissing her. Her hands moved to the two exposed breasts and she started fondling them. The girl moved uncomfortably on the settee as she began to feel the excitement growing between her legs, and her pants starting to get wet.

Laura was now removing Christina's string knickers which she pulled off from under her feet. Her black top came of next. Christina was wearing a matching red bra. These were half cup. They raised Christina's breast but left her nipples and the top of her breasts totally exposed. Laura took one of the nipples in her mouth sucking and biting them. Christina was now making appreciative noises and was enjoying my wife's touch. I looked over to the girls and saw that the topless girl now had her skirt around her feet and she was having her pants pulled off by her friend.

It was at this point that Laura turned to me and told me that David was feeling lonely and I was not being a very good host. Christina turned to David and told him that he should get it together with me.

I walked over to David and bringing my face down to his, kissed him on the lips putting my arms around his neck. His mouth opened to my probing tongue and we fell onto the settee kissing each other. I was feeling very hot, and lying on top of David, I could feel that his cock was rising with every touch of our tongues. I pushed my tongue deeper into his mouth, exploring every bit of it. His mouth wide open was rapped around my lips and pressing down hard on them. At no point did he relax his grip as he held my mouth in his.

Hurriedly I stripped his waistcoat, tie and shirt off. He helped me doing so. I fumbled with his belt and trousers but finally worked them loose and pulled them off his bottom. Kicking his shoes of, he used his feet to push the trousers down kicking them off to the middle of the floor. David was now lying naked underneath me. I had already removed my top before, but in my hurry to strip was not being too successful at removing my trousers and pants. I could feel that the pants were now quite wet where the tip of my cock was pressing against them. When my trousers came down I could see how my pants were stretched out by my very hard penis. The wet patch at the tip of my cock was growing all the time.

David pulled me on my back and pulled my pants off. He took my cock in his hand and with the tip of his tongue started licking the pre cum at the very top of it. My cock twitched and moved as he held it tightly with his hand. His mouth went down to my sac and he licked it all over. It felt really good and I moaned in satisfaction. He used his tongue to lick from the bottom of my shaft all the way to the top and back again, and repeated this several times. I was wetter than ever, and when he took my cock in his mouth I thought I would explode. I asked him to stop as I did not want to come off just yet. I wanted to come off inside him, not in his mouth but in his pussy. The effect in him was electric he was so ready for me.

I turned him round, and using my fingers smeared some vaseline down his crack and around his hole. I took a dollop on my finger and pushed it inside him. While I was there I moved it around making sure that he was well lubricated. I pushed as far as I could at which point he gave a loud moan. I could not hold it back much longer. I shoved my cock into his hole and left it there for him to get used to it. He squirmed shaking his bottom and pushing back against me to get it further inside him. I pushed it in as far as it would go. I heard him say something like sweet Jesus, and oh my God. Moaning so loudly that he must have been the centre of attention in the room.

I looked around the room. Laura was naked and sitting on the floor open legged. In between her legs sat Christina with her legs wide open and her vagina clearly visible. Laura had both her hands around her, and was fingering her very wet cunt. They were both looking at us somewhat excited by what they were seeing. Seeing their men making love to each other was a powerful turn on.

I looked over at the two girls. They were also naked. Eyes firmly fixed on David and me as we made love to each other. It must have been a new experience for them but one which they were unlikely to forget. Where they were sitting on the settee I could see that the cushions were heavily soiled. I could see they were dripping cunt juice as they watched.

The young man still with his pants on, had a hard on, and also had a growing wet patch marking the point at which the tip of his penis pressed against his pants.

It was a delicious sight. I could not have thought of any better people to share this beautiful night with. I pressed hard into David and as he continued to moan loudly I kept thrusting my cock into him. Each time harder than the one before. I felt him come off. His body suddenly came up and I heard him crying Oh God, my God, and his muscles tightened around my cock holding it there inside his bottom. At that point I exploded, my cock throbbing, spitting jets of spunk deep inside him. I do not know how many times I pumped my juice into him, but I lay there on top of him spent and exhausted. As my cock seeped my seed into the deepest part of his passage I did not want to come out of him. He was begging me not too. Together we lay as one. My arms wrapped around him, my cock inside, and he clenching his buttocks to keep me in his pussy, now full of my warm cum. Holding my arms he would not let me go. He held on to me.

We must have been like this for several minutes. The first thing I noticed was the total quiet. It seemed to me that everybody in the room had been totally engrossed in what was happening between me and David. David still had his face buried in the cushion and was not moving. I looked up and over his shoulder. Laura and Christina were still sitting together in the same position. It was clear in the way that the light reflected from Christina's vagina that she was wet. It seemed that she had only just orgasmed as juices were still dripping between the lips of her vagina to the floor between her legs. The carpet was soaked. Christina had her head back on Laura shoulder and with her eyes closed was sucking her fingers.

Laura was touching Christina between her open legs, and taking her love juices on her fingers, was enjoying the taste of her friend. As I looked, I thought, the relationship between all four of us was now far more than just friendship.

The boy was now slumped on the settee with his legs stretched out and his back almost horizontal. His head was pressed against the back cushion of the settee. He was naked. His penis was flacid and lying on his tummy. It was oozing cum as I looked. His chest was spluttered with droplets of his own cum. He must have shot his load over himself,. I liked to think that it was me and David that had triggered his excitement.

The livelier of the two girls was lying across the other two seats on the settee. Her head rested against the boys right thigh. Her right leg was supported by the top of the settee and her left leg slumped over the armrest. In between her legs the shy young woman had her face buried in her friends bush. There was plenty of evidence by the state of the settee where she had been sitting, that she must have also orgasmed. It was covered in a clear sticky substance. The young woman was now eating and sucking her friends pussy, and the sound of their love making was now breaking the silence.

I was so jealous. How wonderful it must have been for them to be involved in such passion at such an early age. They would never forget what they had experienced at the very tender age of eighteen.

While I watched them coming to an orgasm the doorbell rang. They were too far gone to notice and while one continued to scream the other continued to lick.

Laura quietly got up and looking for something to wear took my top and put it on. She looked sexy. The top came down to just below her vagina but not quite covered the delicious gap at the top of her legs. She went out to answer the door.

Moments later she came back followed by a stranger. She made no attempt to keep him out of our sitting room. David who had now looked up, shouted something like what the fuck do you think you are doing here. The man answered in a most disdainful way, that given that us ladies were having such a good time together he felt it his duty to ensure that our wives were well pleasured.

Straight away I knew who this man was, and I did not like him a bit. He was an arrogant little prick that had no social skills at all. He was so sure of himself. I said that he had not been invited and would he mind leaving my house now. Laura interrupted, Harry can stay I want him to be my guest. With that she removed my top and naked took Harry's hand and pulled him towards the settee which she and Christina had occupied.

I did not like him at all. I could think of much better strangers that I would be happy to see fucking my wife but Harry was not one of them.

David said sorry and kissed me.

It was not long before Harry had his hands all over my wife. She was loving it. Christina was undressing him as he continued to touch Laura between her legs and tits. When she exposed his cock she took it in her mouth and was licking it. Harry pushed her away disinterested, and pulled Laura down to his erection. Laura took it between her lips enthusiastically, but it seemed to me that Christina was hurt by her actions. I hoped that she would be able to get over this.

Despite my complete lack of affection for this man I felt myself getting excited again. Harry was fucking my wife in the mouth and she was loving it. He was pushing his cock deep in her mouth and holding her by her hair was forcing her head into vigorous up and down movements.

As Christina looked on I could see tears in her eyes. With her mouth still full of Harry's meat Laura pushed her towards the young man who was now looking on at my wife and Harry.

Christina walked towards the young man who was visibly growing. She took his hand and pulled him to the center of the room. There she helped him onto his back on the carpet, and putting her legs astride him, bent down towards him. Taking his young penis with her hand she carefully guided it into her cunt, as she went down on him. No longer the innocent his body came up to her and started to pump his cock up and down into her open dripping cunt. It was well lubricated. She moaned with pleasure at the efforts of the young man and caressed her breasts as he continued to fuck her. It was clear that he would not last long. His lack of experience showed, and in minutes he had planted his seed into Chrystina. David had a hard on. Laura was still being fucked in the mouth.

I went down on David and taking his cock in my right hand licked the tip and placed it inside my mouth. I had expected more of a taste but sucking cock was more to do with fucking your mind. His pre cum felt silky in my mouth and my tongue played around his cock. I could feel it throbbing. His body was shaking as his hands held on to the back of my head. I was loving the reaction I was having on him. I could feel my own cock throbbing, but with nothing to rub against, I wondered if I would come off. I should not have worried I began to feel rather strange and woozy. It was almost like the pleasant feeling just before you are going to faint. I had butterflies all over. I did not want to come before David so I sucked him vigorously while my hand went up and down the stem of his penis. I could hear his cries and knew he was on the verge of having the orgasm. I closed my mouth harder around his cock, and as my head went up and down, he screamed, and I felt his warm sperm shooting into my mouth. At that point I exploded and spunked all over my legs and carpet. He continued to come as I continued to suck him. My mouth was full of his warm beautiful cum and I swallowed him until there was not a drop left.

Harry was indeed a sexual animal he was still pumping into my Laura's mouth but not coming off. He was like those studs you see in porn movies that go on for hours before they explode their white spunk over the woman's face and mouth. This man had a lot of experience and I could see he was not lying when he had told Christina that he had fucked many prostitutes. I wondered how my Laura measured up. I began to hope that he would not be disappointed, and that Laura would have an unforgettable mind blowing euphoric event.

Harry felt the need to move on. Throwing Laura onto the settee, he turned her on her front, and shoved his cock between the wet lips of her cunt, coming at her from behind. As he did he slapped her buttocks until they were red and sore. He forced Laura to beg him to fuck her by threatening to withdraw from her vagina. My wife begged as I had never seen her do so before. She had reached the depths of despair. She pleaded with Harry not to stop and promised herself to him when ever he wanted to use her. My excitement was palpable but I felt sorry for Laura who was such a proud woman and she was now giving herself so cheaply.

I can't say if Harry came off but Laura certainly did. She screamed as she gushed out and the liquid flowed down the inside of her legs. She pleaded with him not to touch her anymore. She begged that he leave her alone. Her vagina was in unstoppable convulsions and it was driving her insane.

Harry smiling at her discomfort, and continued to pump his cock into her. She orgasmed again and still he would not stop despite her cries. I did not count the times that my wife orgasmed, but he only stopped when she collapsed onto the settee crying and shaking. He turned her around and getting her to open her mouth wide, he took his cock in his right hand and masturbated his load straight into her open mouth and face. He forced her to wipe all his cum from her face and in to her mouth, and watched while she swallowed every single drop. Satisfied he went off to seat with the two young women who had been interested onlookers at my wife's taming.

Christina was now enthusiastically sucking the young man's cock and he lay on his back powerless to resist her actions.

Laura was lying on her back on the floor totally exhausted. I doubt very much that she would have resisted had other strangers come into our home and fucked her. I left her there and led David into our bedroom. It had been a wonderful night but we were now ready to sleep.

I did not see what Happened to the girls, but Christina told us at breakfast next morning, that they had each received the same treatment that he had used with my wife and herself. The two girls had left early that morning shortly after Harry had gone. The young man was still on the bed that he had shared with Laura and Christina. According to Christina he had woken up this morning, but on seeing Laura naked on the bed next to him, had decided to complete his tally for married women for the night. She continued to be exhausted and did not resist. He was asleep on top of my wife with his cock inside her and her legs wide open.

Laura would need to develop her technique if she was to achieve the high standards that she had set herself.

I looked at David and Christina and taking both their hands said to them that I loved them. I now knew that David could not become my only lover. I like him was a bottom, and this would never work. I still meant what I said. I loved them, they were now family and not just friends.

(To be continued: A New Life - 7. A Curious Incident)




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