A New Life - 10. An Unwanted Visitor.

Over breakfast it was apparent that both couples had reached a point of intimacy where it was now acceptable to speak openly.  Sandra was very keen to get to know more about our marriage.  Had that night in the garden been our first venture into outdoor sex?  Did we not feel apprehensive about the possibility that we might be seen by neighbors?  What else did we get up to?  Did we not find having children somewhat restrictive?  Did we have long terms partners?  She was unstoppable and no sooner did we answer one question when she would come up with another.

We did not tell her everything but we gave both her and Don enough to keep them interested.  The night in the park got a mention and Sandra seemed appalled that Laura was prepared to have sex with complete strangers.  She also found it difficult to understand how she could let herself go with several men.  Sarah replied that at the time it was the most intense sexual experience that she had ever had, and in any case she was not married.  She suggested to Sandra that she should give it a try at least once and she would have a better answer to her question.

As to whether I had been jealous I told them that although this may sound strange to them, I had found the experience very exciting.  I was not able to explain why, and both Don and Sandra probed into my background looking for a possible  explanation to my reaction.

We told them about our good friends Christina and David and the great night we had enjoyed.  We did not include the purpose of the party as we both knew how secretive the Association wanted to remain.  I mentioned the arrogances and sheer callousness of David's brother in taking advantage of his sister in law in her house with the children in their room.  I downplayed his part during the party admitting having had an instant dislike for him.  Laura was rather more upbeat and told Sandra would a wonderful fuck he had proved.

The conversation continued in this vain for a long time.  The one thing we did not mention and I was grateful to Laura, for keeping quiet was my bisexuality.  I really did not want to hurt Sandra  given our new found friendship.  I was not sure how she would take it.

Laura was rather more communicative about her own bisexuality and was keen to tell them about herself and Christina.  Sandra was surprised but interested.  She again could not believe how freely Laura was able to go into these situations and not once feel guilty.  Laura pointed out that we had a very strong and open relationship and this had never been threatened.

It was a beautiful sunny day outside and Laura keen to move on got up and walked to the patio doors.   She slid them both back and beckoned us to join her.  Sandra was terrified.  She really was not ready to embrace an adventurous lifestyle.  Laura insisted and all three of us stood just inside the doors.  

Sandra was worried that we would be seen but Laura pointed out that it was our garden that bordered the back of hers.  The family next door were in their own garden as we could hear both parents talking to the children who seemed to be playing in a puddling pool.   The six foot fence would ensure that we were not seen.

There was no sign of anybody on the other side and Sandra confirmed they had gone to Ibiza earlier that week.

With this Laura needed little encouragement and walked out adopting the lounger as her choice of relaxation.  She made little attempt at closing her legs and I did see Sandra look in astonishment.  I followed Laura and sat in a chair facing the lounger.  Feeling braver but still very frightened of being seen Sandra tentatively walked out, and sat on the grass between my legs.  She rested her back against my chair and crossed her legs.  I was amazed at the influence we were having on her.  I looked down and could see her wide open thighs and the most gorgeous bush of blond hair.

We dared not speak in case we were heard but in any case we were all too tired and we were happy to take this opportunity for an all over sun tan.  Don had to go out but he insisted that we all stay until he returned later that afternoon.

It was a lovely day and we were all enjoying the company. 

While the next door parents went in to prepare their lunch Sandra quietly asked Laura how it felt to have removed her pubic hairs.  Laura advised Sandra to most definitely try it.  She told her that she experienced the most wonderful sensations as she walked around the streets feeling her pants rubbing against her skin and getting really turned by it.  She also got a psychological high when meeting with others in the street wondering what they would say if they could see her.  

She then came over to Sandra and kneeling down beside her wickedly whispered in her ear.

"Have you ever thought of flashing?"

Sandra look confused and Laura was only too willing to explain to her that she often exposed herself to strangers when we went out to a public place.  She elaborated by saying that often I would ask her if she fancied any of the men in the pub.  She was happy to pick on random strangers knowing that I would get very turned on when she agreed that she would love to be fucked by any of them.  So far we had never gone through with it but I she told her that on many of these occasions she had gone to the ladies and removed her tights and knickers.  She loved the look in their faces when she accidentally exposed herself.  A shaved pussy heightened the effect for both of us and the voyeuristic men chosen.

Sandra seemed shocked but Laura was determined to educate her in the pleasures of the body and mind.  She told her not to discount it without trying it at least once, and offered to go out with her one night so that she could experience the pleasure for herself.   

I could see that Sandra was becoming increasingly comfortable with Laura's company and I got the clear impression that a very strong bond was developing between them.  Laura always had this effect on other women but I was pleased that Sandra seemed to be particularly smitten .

By the time that Don arrived back we had already lost most of the sunshine and it was getting quite chilly outside.  Laura borrowed one of Don's shirt and Sandra was wearing a translucent ankle length gown.  Both Don and Sandra were very insistent that we stay the night.  They had bought plenty of food and wine and were keen that it should not go to waste.  Or so they said.

Don asked me to help him out in the kitchen in preparing the dinner while the ladies stayed in the sitting room watching the TV.  A bottle of wine had already been opened and we each had full glasses from which to drink.  Don was preparing a chicken stir fry which would not take long to cook.   

While we prepared the dinner we could hear the girls talking and laughing in the sitting room.  Although we could not make out what they were talking about it was quite obvious that they were enjoying themselves.  Don told me that he had bought surprise presents for Sandra which he would give her at some time during the dinner.

At the end of the first course Don gave Sandra two boxes each wrapped in its own gift wrapping.  He told her that he had gone out to Camden Town that afternoon especially to buy these presents as he had not able to find them locally.  He hoped that she would like them.  Sandra was clearly not expecting the presents and was quite emotional.  The first box she opened contained a beautiful gold chain necklace with a gold padlock hanging from it.  She was overjoyed with it and kissed Don to thank him.

The second box contained a rather thick gold ankle chain and on it hang three gold letters "B", "B", and "C".  Poor Sandra was a little confused by the meaning of the three letters but she loved it and thanked her husband by giving him a somewhat passionate kiss.  He insisted that she put both the pieces of jewelry on.  She asked him to do it for her.   While he was placing the anklet on her right leg she asked him what it meant.  He teased her by saying that she would need to find out.

The second and final course was New York cheesecake.  While we were eating the desert Sandra turned round to Laura and apologized to her.  Laura was a little puzzled.    Sandra went on to explain that yesterday evening in the heat of what was happening she had not consulted her as to whether it was ok for her to spend the night with me.  Over the course of the day she had got very close to Laura and she was conscious that she might have hurt by what she had done.  This was the last thing that she wanted and she hoped that Laura was able to forgive her.  Sandra seemed genuinely sorry and her contrition showed.

Laura turned round and placing her hands on her cheeks kissed Sandra fully on the lips.  She was not expecting this but quickly recovered, and returned her affection by kissing Laura back.

Laura should have left it there but I sometimes feel that she has a cruel streak within her.  She smiled at me and then turning to Sandra still smiling she told her.

"Oh Sandra not at all.  I am so happy that it was you that he spent the night with,  and now that I have got to know you I am so pleased that it happened."

The bombshell came in her second statement.

"I would much rather he spend the night with you than any of those random men he is so fond of picking up."

With that she laughed, as if this was meant to be an exchange of confidences between two best friends in the know.  If it was meant to be a show of affection between them it did not work.

Sandra was visibly upset by the comment and insisted that it could not be true.  Don watched in amazement totally surprised by the revelation.  I could see the start of tears in Sandra's eyes.  I was speechless and unable to say anything.  I would never have expected Laura to be so brutal in betraying a confidence, especially as she must have realized how sensitive Sandra could be.

"I am sorry" she said "I thought you already new"

Sandra replied again that it could not be true.

Laura was determined to win the point.  She took her mobile phone out, and showed them both the video and photographs taken that night in the woods near the pub.  

Poor Sandra could stand it no longer and ran into her bedroom crying.  In the circumstances I thought it would not be too clever to follow her.  There was nothing I could have said to have made her feel better.  I wished that I had been more honest with her the previous night.

Don was very apologetic about Sandra's behavior and tried his best to make us feel better.  He said that Sandra was trying too hard to catch up with a world that had left her behind many years ago.  She needed to come to terms with the real world but was finding it scary.  Her parents had been over protective and she had been brought up in the believe that the temptations of the flesh was an evil which must be avoided.   

Recent conversations with friends and colleagues had wakened an interest in her to find out more about what went on and this was particularly true when it came to sex.  She had done a lot of reading recently and had also researched the subject in the internet.  She was finding it exciting  but at the same she was terrified.  Things which to others was common place but to her she had never existed.  That night what she saw in the garden awoke a desire which had been repressed for many years.   Don believed that she was now caught between a need for pleasure and a consuming guilt.

It was clear that we needed to tread very carefully with Sandra.  She was a very sensitive person and the last thing I wanted to do was to hurt her in any way.  Don said that his wife was getting closer to embracing a lifestyle which was very different to that which she practiced in her past.  This would involve her in making many changes and she was rather scared of how it would all end up.

We both agreed that we would try and be very careful so as not to upset her in the future.

Next morning she was up to make our breakfast and seemed much happier than she had been the evening before.  She apologized yet again for her behavior saying that she was beginning to realize that she needed to make some changes in her life but was not finding it easy.  The enormity of what she needed to do scared her and she asked us if we would be willing to help her.  Laura was the first to speak and putting her arm around Sandra assured her that she need not worry we would be there for her when ever she needed us.

Monday I was home from work.  This was an opportunity for me to sit down with Ben, Zoe and Laura to have tea as a family.  We must have been half way through when the doorbell rang.  Laura went out to see who it could be.  We were not expecting anybody and in the estate we lived in door to door sales people were most unusual.  I could hear quite a conversation going on in the hall but I could not make out what it was about.

After several minutes Laura came in and said that I had a visitor.  Before I could get up Hans walked in through the door behind Laura.  

"I have told him that he is welcome to have some tea with us".  

I must have gone  little pale as she turned round to me and asked me if that was ok.  What could I say.  

The children were intrigued by the situation and dying to find out who this visitor was.

Hans introduced himself as a friend that I had met in a Restaurant in Copenhagen, and that we had exchanged addresses because he was coming to England.   He told them that  I had insisted  that he should come and visit us.   I had no option but to agree with every word he said but I worried as to what this could be about.  He was the last person I would have expected.  Fate had somewhat thrown us together, and I had felt sorry at his inexperience.   I did make every effort to help him but certainly had no wish to see him again.

When Laura went off to take the children to bed I asked Hans what he was doing here.  Hans explained that he was thinking of spending some time in London and was looking for a job there.  Although I was supportive with his plans I rather politely told him that as he could see, I was a happily married man with a family and that he should not mistake me for the person he knew in Copenhagen.  Here I had to behave very differently.

Hans said that he understood and that I could trust him to be discrete.  He would never bring this subject up in front of my wife and least of all my children.  I was pleased to hear this but I worried when he said, that after the wonderful time we both had in that party he could not think of anything else other than getting together with me again.  I took some minutes thinking how best I could let him down without hurting him.

I tried to explain to him that like himself I was a bottom and what I really liked was having men take me and not the other way.  He did not think this was a problem we could always take it in turns he said.  How could I explain to him that what I needed was butch men and that although I liked him as a friend he was not my choice as a sexual partner.  I did not want to hurt his feelings so sympathetically I pointed out that I liked him as a friend but I did not think that a relationship would work.

Hans would only hear what he wanted and refused to accept what I was saying.  I offered to walk him to the station.  On the way we continued to talk.  He would not let go of the idea that he needed me and I in the end had to tell him that I was not interested. What I did in the party was because I felt sorry for him and it was nothing more than that.  Hans was tearful but I needed to stress the point that this just would not work.  I really did not want him to try and contact me again.

His parting words were rather chilling.  He told me that he could not find it that easily to forget and that I would continue to hear from him until I agreed to meet him gain.  True to his word the next two evenings I noticed him standing on the road outside waiting for me to go out and talk to him.  I also received calls to my office and he tried to visit me at work on the Thursday morning.

It was clear that he was not going to let go and I needed to see what I could do to protect myself and my family.  After his attempt to visit me at work I phoned Don and told him that I needed some legal advice.  A situation had developed which was very worrying.  Don told me not to worry but to come over to his office later that evening after work, and we could talk about it.  He said not to worry about the time because he was going to be working well into the night.

It was already dark when I got to his office. It must have been around nine thirty.

Don sat behind his desk and told me to seat in the arm chair in front of it.  He then asked me to tell him what I was concerned about.  I told him the story about Hans visit to my house and what had been said between us.  He told me that he needed more detail from me and wanted to know the full story from the point at which we had met.  As I spoke he asked many questions trying to get a better idea as to everything that happened that night.

The level of detail he insisted on made me think that he did not just have a legal interest on what had happened that night.  He would occasionally take notes but was more focused in listening to my story than in preparing a plan with which to help me.  I found Don very hard to read.  He remained icy cool all the way through our conversation and kept himself under strict control.  I could not think why he wanted this much detail but at the same time I was unable to read his mind.

We must have talked for over an hour an a half, at the end of which he excused himself saying he had to go to the wash room.  When he stood up I looked at his crotch to see if what I had told him had been in the least bit exciting.  There was no sign of an erection and I assumed that my story had not had the effect I might have expected.  I was truly puzzled by him and I wondered if I had really learned anything about him during the time we had spent together in his house and here in his office.

Don was taking a long time and feeling very embarrassed sitting on my own, I got up and went to look at the many pictures and certificates hanging on the wall.  There were photographs of him and Sandra looking very young at school.  Some of his wedding and many family shots, with all four of them together.  He also had photographs of himself and friends at university.  Lots of formal shots of him graduating.  It would seem that he had several degrees from different universities.  

It was while I was reading a cutting from a newspaper on a frame on the wall that I heard the door opening behind me.  I glanced over to see it just opening and continued to read.  I heard him come over and stand behind me.

As I continued to read he came closer and he must have noticed that I was getting a little nervous.  I felt two hands rest on my hips and hold there.  I wondered if he knew what this was doing to me.  I felt a tingle and knew that I would not be able to prevent myself from getting hard.  He continued to hold me and brought his face closer to my shoulder.  He could have been looking at what I was reading but he did seem to be very close.  I was getting more and more excited.

"You have no idea what you are doing to me I said" in a trembling voice, moving back onto him as I did.

"Honey"  he said "Perhaps you should try to be less hot"

My life was getting even more complicated than it was, but frankly I could hardly help myself. My body started to react to his touch and I started shivering.  He changed the position of his hands and squeezing the top of my hips whispered in my ear.

"I have never known a lady man have such a reaction on being touched.  You are truly one very hot bitch".

I could hardly control myself. My body was shaking.  My heart beating at a frightening pace, and I could do nothing but gasp and moan.  I could feel my pants getting very wet.  His crotch was now pushing against my arse and I could feel him getting harder.  

I was moaning and breathing very heavily.  I was finding myself in a most delicious situation and I prayed for it to continue.  I pushed hard against his cock rubbing myself against him trying to maintain his excitement.

"Girly you are getting  really desperate.  I might have to fuck you."

His words cut straight through me.  He had certainly assessed my mood and was on his way to transport me to heaven.  I did want to be his woman and the more I thought about it the wetter I became.  I was making all kinds of promises to him.  I forget how many times I declared my love to him as he continued to excite me by his touch.

"You have such a pretty body and a lovely pert arse.  Are you sure you can take my penis?"

He asked pushing himself against me.  

He made me feel wanton and I was beginning to sound like a young girl hoping to be shagged for the first time by an older boy.  

"Please"  I said "do what you have to I will take it." 

His pulled my shirt out of my trousers.  His hands then went up under my shirt  towards my breasts.  I could feel his fingers gently touching my body as they went up.  I was wrecked, his touch was driving me into a frenzy.  I trembled at the feel of those fingers caressing my skin and each time moving nearer to my tits which were becoming very sensitive.  I could feel my nipples getting harder, as my shirt now lifted up by his arms, were now being exposed.  I could feel the coldness of the room beginning to brush against my sensitized nipples, and I moaned loudly.  

I begged  him to touch them.

When he got to them I nearly collapsed, but he held me up.  I could feel the roughness of his fingers brushing against them, sending me delirious with every touch.  I can not remember much of what I said to him  but I can remember being in seven heavens.  I do recall asking him to continue touching my breast and begging him to undress me completely.

I nearly came when he said

"You have such beautiful tiny tits.  I do love girls with small tits.  They always react so strongly at being touched."

"I hope I am not disappointing you" I said.

"The complete opposite honey"  he said continuing to rub his fingers on my rock hard nipples.  I had never known that sex could be so beautiful.  I would have done anything to please him at that point and I told him so.

His fingers moved to unbuttoning my shirt and this was quickly discarded onto the floor.  I was naked from the waist up and desperately waiting for him to continue feeling and touching me.  He continued to gently touch my tits.  He then slid across my nipples with all his fingers causing me the most intense pleasure as each finger in turn came in contact with the tip.  Oh my God the pleasure that went through my body when he did this was driving me insane.  

I screamed and moaned imagining myself an 18 year old virgin just about to be deflowered by a boy that I had lusted over for a very long time in senior school.  

I was experiencing such pleasure and joy at the hands of this man.  

I could stand his touch no more I asked him to bite my nipples as hard as he could.  I wanted him to take them into his mouth and bite them.  He did bite me but not as I had begged him to.  Instead he continued to torment me while he bit my shoulders.  The pain turned to pleasure as I thought about how excited he was getting over my weak but to him desirable body.  

I could feel my loss of control and my vulnerability to him was making me stream pre cum.  

I could think of nothing more pleasurable than giving myself completely for his pleasure.   I know I am repeating myself but believe me when I say that I would have done anything for him at that moment. 

His hands went down to my belt which he unbuckled.  I felt his hands as he opened the top button of my trousers and taking the zipped worked it down.  He moved his hands out of the way and my trousers fell down to the floor.  My body continued to react to his presence.  I so badly needed him to fuck me.  He stood back and looking at my pants whispering in my ear.

"How did you know my pretty little girl.  I really love your sexy pink panties. I really do not think you will be keeping these on for long."

Oh my God I was so ready for the taking.

His conversations with me had not been wasted.  I could now see and appreciate the skills of this man.  All the time he was building a psychological profile of me in order that he would be able to use it to his benefit when the time came.  He had identified all my weaknesses and vulnerabilities and was skillfully using them to control me to his benefit.

I had never ever told anybody as to how I would be wracked with guilt for days as a result of my sexual escapades.  I could never stop myself, but this only made it worse, and I always ended disgusted at myself by my sluttish behavior.  

After throwing myself at random men I always ended up thinking of my family and how I had let them down.  I was in awe at Laura as she was able to rationalize everything she did and enjoy it to the full.  There was never the slightest hint of guilt or discomfort after anything she did.  On the contrary she was proud and pleased by the way she could handle her feelings.  I had yet to learn to overcome my disgust at myself, every time I was involved in sex outside our marriage.

He must have known this and everything he had said and done was meant to degrade me in the knowledge that I would not be able to help myself. 

His hands moved into my pants.

"I can not believe what a terrible  naughty girl you are being.  What do you think your parents would say if they saw you now."  

I responded with a pathetic plea.

"Please do not tell them.  It would destroy them if they ever found out".  I felt tears coming down my cheeks but I was not ready to allow him to stop what he was doing.  My self loathing only made me more excited and I could not ask him to stop.

He chided me by telling me off.

"You are forgetting yourself"  he said "Please remember I am your Uncle Don and you need to show a little respect".

Apologetically I replied

"I am sorry Uncle Don please forgive me it will not happen again".

He pushed his hands down the front of my pants as I continued to moan and tremble.  I felt his hands moving toward my penis.   

"I really can not believe how you can be so naughty.  You have wet your panties.  They are completely soaked."

"I am so sorry Uncle Don but I just can not help myself. I love you touching me. It gets me so excited that I would give myself to the devil if you asked me to".

"I worry about you.  Are you not concerned how upset your parents would be if they new what you get up to".

"I can not help myself Uncle please do not tell them.  Please do not stop please please carry on Uncle."

I was a wreck.  I could no longer stand up by myself and he pulled me towards the desk.  He pushed me against it and my body collapsed on top of it knocking many of his things onto the floor.  I nearly knocked down the framed photo of Sandra and the children but he was able to retrieve it and placed it safely on a shelf.

He still had his hands down my pants and when he took them out they were covered in my pre cum.  He teased me by bringing them towards my face and an as mouth opened and my tongue came out he smeared it all over my face leaving me with nothing to suck.

He again taunted me saying

"I really did not know what an insatiable little whore you are.  You are a shame to your family".

I could never have believed that such taunting remarks could cause me so much pleasure.  I was so ready for his cock that I was screaming, begging and moaning, pleading with him to fuck my cunt.  I longed for him to take my panties down and leave me naked in front of him.  

He played with me again, this time sticking his hands down the back of my pants and touching my arse.  His fingers searched my crease moving up and down as if looking for my elusive hole.  He was driving me insane.  He was deliberately missing it so that he could enjoy my painful disappointment.

"Please Uncle take my panties off and place your cock in my vagina" I begged him.

He continued to play with me.  He pulled my panties down but did not take them off.  He spat some saliva into the crease and the cold of its wetness set me off again.  Rubbing his wet fingers up and down the crease making me scream every time he went near my hole.  I could not bear much more of this and I begged again.

"Please Uncle your little girl is so desperate for you that I think I shall die if you do not take my knickers off and place your beautiful cock inside me."

"I can not believe that we are related.  What has happened to you.  You are common little whore that can not get enough.  You are such a disappointment to your parents."

I was beyond saying anything.  All I could do was scream and moan every time he came near my opening.  My heart was beating worryingly fast.  I did not want it to stop.  I did not just want him to come inside me, I needed him to.  

I could not help but notice that he was still dressed.  He was playing me in every way possible.  I imagined myself fully naked with my clothes thrown all over the floor begging to be fucked like a slag while he acted the innocent as my parents surprised us, by telling them that he had no idea what had come over her.  I felt hot and very wet.

He pulled my pants down and I lifted my legs out of them allowing him to throw them to the side.  I was naked but he was still fully clothed.  I wanted him to strip naked.  I was worried that he did not find me attractive enough.  Did he not have the same feelings for me as I had for him?  I wanted to be naked for him.  I wanted to feel his body against my skin.  I felt the palms of his hands against the cheeks of my bottom.  My body tingled all over.  I could feel him when he closed his hands and squeezed my buttocks.  His hands continued to move around my shaking buttocks feeling the smoothness of my skin.

He was sending shock waves through all of my body.  I turned my head back towards him and said.

"Uncle Don I m going to come if you carry on touching me like that.  Please put it inside me so that we can come together."

He ignored my pleas and his hands continued to explore my body.  I felt them go between my legs and he worked his way down towards my knees.  He stroked the back of my calfs and then brought them up again gently feeling the back of my thighs.  I could no longer bear him touching me.  I felt faint and slumped onto his desk.  Moaning nonstop, I stretched my arms out and held on to the opposite corners of the desk.  As his hand moved up the inside of my thighs I opened my legs as far as they would go screaming for him to come inside me.

I pressed my face against the desk top trying to overcome the intense pleasure which I could no longer control.  I shouted at him.

"Please fuck me you Bastard can't you see what you are doing to me".

He moved back and stopped touching me.  I cried and sobbing begged him to forgive me.  I tried to give him what he wanted to hear.

"Please forgive me Uncle Don. I will not be rude to you again.  Please forgive me and do what ever you want to do to me.  Please Uncle Don."

I felt his hands move to the side of my hips.  He gently stoked them sending me into a spasm of delirium.  

"Please please Uncle Don pump all your seed inside me".

As I lay there trembling and moaning I could see from the corner of my eye that he was undoing his trousers.  Letting them drop to his ankles and pulling his boxers down to his thighs.    I turned to look at the part of his body which I was so desperate for.  Perhaps I was too desperate but he seemed to have the largest cut cock which I had ever seen.  The head was enormous and I stretched my legs beyond what felt comfortable to offer him an open passage into my body.

I could see him rubbing gel onto his penis and I prayed that I would not come off before he was ready to orgasm inside me.  I was so close.  I cried that I would not disappoint him.  As he pulled my cheeks apart I gave a deep loud moan.  I could feel the head of his cock just pressing against my hole.  I could hear myself screaming.  I think he must have held his shaft while he pushed its head inside me.  

It went in so easily.  I was crying with pleasure.  He slowly pushed it further and further in, as I clenched my muscles trying to pull him deeper inside me.  He gave a final push and I felt his cock fill my whole passage.  I could not stop thanking him as he stood there with the whole of his cock inside my back side.  I was streaming pre cum from my cock and could feel it lying on the leather covering on his desk. He leaned forward onto my back and I felt his open mouth against my shoulder blade.  I felt his teeth closing on the edge of my shoulder and I cried out with pain when he bit me.  He did not let go and held the fold of my flesh between his teeth while he started to slowly pump my arse.  

I was in ecstasy and I made him fully aware of my joy every time he pushed in deep.  I really did not care if somebody heard me.  I was loud.  My joyed at being fucked by this man was unbounded.  I now wished him to fill me up with his warm milky liquid.  

As he continued to pump my arse I tried to stimulate his cock by repeatedly tightening and loosening my rectal muscles.  He stopped biting me and I could feel him breathing rather heavily on the side of my neck.  I gave him what he wanted.  I was sounding like a young pubescent girl of sixteen and he was loving it.

As he pushed into me I could feel my nipples rubbing against the leather, growing in excitement with every push.  I raised my arse to help his penetration,  praying he would notice how willingly I was giving myself to him.  

I do not know how many times I told him I loved him as he continued to pump me senseless.  I heard him cry and I knew that he was about to give me what I most desired.  As he burst into me I came off, screaming.  With each spasm of my cock I leaked more and more of my sperm onto his desk top.  He in turn continued to fill me with each push of his cock.  I could feel his warm liquid inside me and I was in heaven.  

I asked him not to come out.  I wanted to feel him inside me.  I loved having him inside me and I did not want him to ever pull out.  I hoped that his cum would be absorbed into my body confirming my deep love for him.  I felt let down that I was not capable of having his baby.  I felt that I had found my lover.  

I only wish that I had the command of language necessary to describe to you how deeply I loved this man and how he had consumed my whole being in the hour that had just gone by.

Thankfully he did as I begged him and made no attempt to remove his penis.  I could feel how wet I was inside me and I could even fill the last drips of his cock as he added to my wetness.  I was sucking my thumb and making such noises of intense pleasure which were a true homage to his prowess.  

After a while he became flaccid and extracted himself from my body.  I was disappointed.  I had wished that I could have kept him in there for ever.

I begged him to let me undress him so that I could worship his body.  Reluctantly he gave in to my pestering and I had the joy of undressing him and having him naked in front of me.  I had not realized how hairy he was but I loved his body. 

I asked him to seat down on his chair and kneeling in front of him I held his shaft while I put the head in my mouth.  I could taste his cum.  It must have been a heavy load.  I could still feel his juices deep inside me and as I knelt some of it was running out of my hole and down the inside of my thighs.  His shaft was also covered in the wonderful sticky liquid that I craved for.   I licked every bit of his cock swallowing the residue that was left from his fucking me. 

I could feel his penis grow.   I continued to squeeze his shaft while I again took his head into my mouth.  As I closed my lips around it, my tongue continued to lick it.  He was no longer in control.  He asked me not to stop.  His pre cum was dripping into my mouth.  I loved the sticky taste of the substance that was coming out of his cock..

He was now very hard.  I stopped sucking him and asked him if he would fuck me again.   He did not answer.  I begged him if he would fuck me again as I wanted more of his seed.  He still did not answer but instead gave a nod of his head.  

I spread myself out face down on the cold wooden floor spreading my arms and legs in the shape of an X.  I waited moaning like a sex starved teenager, waiting for him to enter me.  I felt him get up and place himself between my outstretched legs.  As he grabbed his shaft I pulled my buttocks apart  wishing him inside me.  I must have been very wet as his penis slid straight into me.

I was filled up with his meat.  I was in ecstasy and craving his seed.  I worried about the noises I was making in case it put him off me.  I was becoming more effeminate and behaving just like the woman I was.  He must have liked it. 

He was so powerful.  He pulled on my hair while he  pumped me with a violence which I had never seen before.  Oh God did I love what he was doing to me.  He was using and abusing me and all I could think was how much I wanted him.  His fucking increased in pace and he was pumping me so fast and hard that my body was being smashed against the wooden floor.  I could feel my cock getting sore as it rubbed against the wood.  It must have been across the joins of the floorboard as my pre cum was mixed up with the blood from an open cut. 

I was screaming with pleasure and could no longer stop myself.  My cock started spurting and I let out a huge scream.  He was still banging my arse but my scream must have triggered his explosion, and he came inside me for the second time that night.  I had another load of his cum inside me and I felt good.  We lay there together him on top and me below.  This time I did not have to tell him to keep it inside me.  He did.

We must have fallen asleep. It was four in the morning when he woke me up.  I was still lying face down and I felt his sperm moving deeper inside me.  I did not want to turn over.

Don told me that his secretary usually came in at six in the morning, and we needed to be out by then.  I just had one more thing to do.

I got him to lay on his back and I licked all the spunk from his  legs, stomach, hair and cock.  He tasted divine.  I took his cock in my mouth and licked it all over the head as it lay trapped between my lips.  It did not take him long.  It soon became very hard and I held his shaft tight to keep it nice and stiff.  It was him that was screaming now.  I enjoyed the power I was having over him.  I continued to suck him and pushed the length of his cock down towards my tonsils.  I was careful not to make myself sick.  While I held him there I licked all around his shaft.  

He was moaning and out of control.  I could feel his penis throbbing as his blood looked for some release.  I tightened my hand further preventing any relaxation of his hardness.  He was so desperate.  My tongue went back to his head, and while I sucked on his cock I licked the most sensitive part of his penis.   Holding the back of my head he pushed the length of his cock down my throat, at the same time,  he shot an enormous load of his spunk straight down it.  I swallowed every drop and held him there until he had no more to give me.  I could hear the satisfied sounds of his release.  My mouth was full of his white sticky juice.  I loved the warmth and taste of the juice which he had been incubating for me over the last week.  I swallowed every one of his seeds which he had so generously given me..

He could not move and I lay there looking at him totally enraptured.  I took advantage of his weakened position by telling him that I had to train a new group of students in Manchester the following week, and I wanted him to come with me.  

It surprised me when he agreed and I kissed him on the mouth for the first time to show him how grateful I felt.  He did not object, and our tongues met, sealing a commitment which I hoped was for the long term. . 

(To be continued: A New Life - 11.  A Week in Manchester)




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