A New Life - Part 3. The Club

All night I hoped that Frederick might relent and invite me into his bed. I really did not care if I got no sleep but I so wanted him to make love to me. I had never been in this position before but I so longed to feel him inside me.

This did not happen and as I lay naked on the floor stretched out in front of him I could not relax and was unable to sleep. It was not cold but my body did not stop shaking, and I was scared of losing him by inadvertently coming off. I knew that he would be true to his word and that he would send me away with no possibility of return.

Next morning I was shattered. I found my case and all the clothes I had unpacked in my hotel waiting for me in the sitting room. I was in awe of this man. He was obviously very important and influential. How was he able to get access to my belongings in a different hotel, without my permission, and have them delivered to this room? Reluctantly I got dressed and feeling that he had no wish to see me that morning, went off to the offices in which the training was to take place.

I arrived late and very tired. The training sessions went disastrously wrong. I was irritable and Impatient to the point of rudeness. One particular man seemed to bring out the worst in me, and I behaved disgracefully towards him. It seemed endless but I was grateful when the training finally ended and I made my way back to Frederick's hotel. He was no where to be seen but I did not want to run the risk of upsetting him. I stripped off my clothes and waited for him naked lying on the floor at the foot of his bed.

It was a long wait, but eventually Frederick arrived back after midnight. He was in a bad temper and refused to talk. Saying that he was very tired he went straight to bed leaving me crying in the sitting room. I felt distraught. This had been the worst day of my life.

Next day Wednesday was much a repeat of the previous day but infinitely worse. The training again went extremely badly. The chances were that I would loose my job. I was past caring and behaved like a man who was no longer able to control his destiny and was doomed to disaster. Half way through the afternoon I made an unguarded comment blaming the trainees for my inability to teach them anything. I was very insulting and none of the engineers deserved this. They walked out on me and did not return.

When I walked out to make my way to the hotel there was a car waiting for me. The driver had been instructed to take me to a local Tommy Hilfiger shop. He was to buy me a set of casuals which I was to wear later that Wednesday evening. He also had to stop in another shop on the way, where he had to pick up a package ordered by Mr Stein.

We arrived at the hotel and I was told to change into my new clothes. Frederick was not very communicative but I was now getting used to his sullenness. I rode in the front passenger seat and Frederick travelled on his own on the back seat. The driver drove us out of town and towards the mountains to the North of the town. We had driven for about an hour and we were now out in the countryside. The driver stopped and was instructed to leave the car.

Frederick told me to remove all my clothes and handed me a white leather collar which I was to place around my neck. He tightened it. He then told me that he had chosen me, and that I was very privileged to be accompanying him to this formal black tie event. I should stay with him all the time but always stand about a foot behind him unless told otherwise. At no point should I say anything but I should listen attentively to everything that was said. In this gathering there would be some very important people from around the world. Some of which I might recognize. I should show no recognition, and if spoken to, I should listen humbly and bow my head.

In what seemed to be a very threatening statement Frederick told me that I should never divulge to outsiders, who had been present at the gathering. Confidences betrayed, and he could not stress this enough, would result in serious consequences to me or my family. I was left in no doubt that this would happen. These people were very important world decision makers, and needed to feel that they could talk and behave freely without being identified. Important decisions would be taken which were of major significance to the politics and finance of many countries. Any information leaked could prove extremely embarrassing.

Somewhat subdued by what I had been told I sincerely promised that I would remain loyal to all involved and would defend their confidentiality. I would not betray any of them. I promised to defend them in any way I could, even if by doing so I would get myself into trouble.

The driver was called back and not surprised by seeing me naked on the front seat, sat next to me and continued on our drive. It was not long before we turned off the main road and drove up a country road. In the distance there was an enormous country mansion surrounded by a wall. Access was through a gate which was opened when Frederick announced our arrival on the intercom.

We were met at the entrance to the house by a heavy security presence, but on inspection allowed to proceed into the house. We walked into a large hall which was full of guests. Although men formed the largest group there were also women in the group. Each guest appeared to have with him one or more naked servants. Again the majority were men but women were not excluded from the group and these were also naked and had the identifying dog collars. On the whole they had black leather collars but like me one or two had white ones. I recognized some of those people present. Amongst the guest there were very senior members of government and opposition, royalty, oligarchs, senior civil servants, military high command, very senior police officers, important members of the judiciary, businessmen and the seriously rich. People whose faces where regularly shown by the news services and were easily recognizable. I had no doubt that the threats made about the leak of names would be fully realized. I was intimidated but somewhat proud that I had been allowed to be in their presence.

Embarrassing as it was, I was now getting more used to finding myself naked amongst so many people. I understood them to be my betters and was happy to be compliant. In a strange way I found the humiliation of being so exposed very exciting.

As we walked through the hall people came to greet Frederick. What I heard I soon made me aware that many already knew the most intimate details about me, Laura and my children. Frederick was congratulated on his good choice and many envied his good luck. At this stage I was not able to appreciate how this related to me.

The owner of the house, a very senior member of the government approached Frederick and greeted him by saying how grateful he was that he had been able to come. Frederick replied that he would never miss any of his invitations. As the conversation progressed the talk came round to me but I kept my head bowed and listened attentively. Frederick then proceeded to tell the minister something which caught me by complete surprise and left me somewhat shocked. I did my best not too react negatively.

Frederick had phoned  Laura last night at home without my knowledge, and had introduced himself to her. He told her that she should not worry about me as he was taking good care of me and I was enjoying his hospitality. Just to place her at her ease he told her that I had told him how much I loved her and the children. He said that he had learned that some of her actions had proved to be critical to my love for her, and a turning point in my life for which I was for ever grateful. He laughed when she seemed a little confused as to what he was talking about. He then referred to the incident in the park and told Laura how impressed I had been by her free spirit and her joy of love and life. She might not have realized this but her husband had confided in him that he had been very excited when watching her making love to all those men. Turning to me slightly, he then said to the minister, that he had suggested to Laura that perhaps she might not want to disappoint me, and that he would be happy to arrange a similar occasion in which she would be able to re-affirm her love for me by repeating the pleasures that I had so much enjoyed.

I do not believe that this was new to the minister, as he smiled and said to Frederick. That not only did he now have the best of slaves but also it seems a second slave by proxy which was an extremely valuable asset. Frederick laughed.

I had still to learn why this was so important.

After the preliminary introductions and the informal discussions in the hall all the main guests left the hall and went into private discussions in another room of the mansion. Apart from some security people that were somewhat bemused to see such a large group of naked men we were left to admire one another and make comparisons. There was a great deal of jealousy and envy amongst those that served their masters and I was soon to learn why.

Please indulge me, at this point it might help if you understood more of the Association as the society is known. The association consists of mainly two type of members. Those that deserve their position as a measure of their success. These are the full time members. It is within their power to invite others like myself whose main function is to serve. The rest of us accept that our privileged position needs to be earned through total loyalty and selfless devotion. We accept to do anything we are told to do without question and in return we will be well looked after. If this sounds to be one of the old religions such as those worshiped in ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and Japan. It is because it is.

The full time members are Gods in their own right and there are many of them. They are there to be worshipped and ado-rated. They can be very kind but can sometimes be extremely cruel too. They are not too be crossed and are the harbingers of life and death. To them everything is given and we must envy them nothing. What ever they do is for the good of the Association and as Gods they work outside the rules of the world.

We are the monks, priest and high priests of the association. We worship them and have no other duty than to do what ever they want us to. We are happy to serve and our joy is in their joy.

Being new to the association I was intrigued by the opportunity of talking to some of my fellow servers. Whilst our Masters were agreeing between themselves special governments deals which would bring them enormous wealth, or even organize protection amongst themselves which would allow them total freedom to do what ever they wanted discreetly. We were left to our own company.

I soon learnt that not all servers where equal. Each server had a value to his master which depended on a large number of complex factors. Those of us who came from countries where there was a hight standard of living had a value related to this. Thus if you came from a very rich developed country you had a higher value than one coming from a less developed country. Your personal position was also a consideration. Highly educated with an important job all helped to raise your value. If you had a wife and family that were prepared to stay by you this was prized highly. If your wife could not accept that you had a fondness for men this marked you down. The level of her support and how far she was prepared to personally help you in this, was a major plus point. Their devotion was constantly tested and your value would rise and fall dependent on their actions. Having a family also helped, as it gave our Masters even more power over us. It did not mean that you always had to be subservient. We had servers of the criminal fraternity whose cruelty and ability to be evil was also highly rewarded.

I hope this gives an insight into the Association and help in understanding it better.

Who knows you may even one day be chosen yourself and this will help you decide to join us.

As we mingled around the group of servers it seemed obvious that those of us with white collars were new and very naive. This was clearly obvious to our black collared brethren who took great pleasure at being cruel to us newbies. They must have known that part of the training was abstinence. They must have realized how desperately wanting we were. As they moved amongst us they would grab our breasts in passing, nipping the nipples hard to attempt to get us excited. Some would feel your bottom and given that we were not allowed to protest, penetrate our anus with one of more fingers. In fear of getting over excited I had to bite my lip and make a real effort to avert their most desired attention. Much as I wanted to, Frederick's warning was always at the fore front of my mind. I could not risk loosing him and everything that I was beginning to learn this Association meant. I prayed that their private deals would soon come to an end so that I could protect myself with his presence.

After what seemed an eternity but in reality was only one and half hours, we were joined by all the other guests. Drink was flowing freely. The minister invited all to the adjoining room and I followed Frederick in with all the others. The room was in total darkness but once all the guests had entered, the lights on the stage came on. On the stage was a young Asian man who apart from his black collar was naked. Full members of the Association were then invited to join him. Frederick stayed with me and we stood and watched. A long bench was brought onto the stage and the Asian man stretched out on his stomache on top of the bench. Pillows where brought and placed under the young man. I was getting very excited and wished that it was me on that bench. There must have been twenty men on the stage all older than Frederick and some much older. By the bulges on their trousers it was obvious that some were getting rather worked up. The Asian boy waited patiently and placing his legs astride the bench raised his buttocks welcoming the attention of the other men on the stage. It was not long before a group of the older men approached him. As he lay in front of them they began to caress his body touching him on his breasts and passing their hands down the crack of his bottom. They lingered, and the Asian Young man trembled at their touch and lifted his bottom towards their probing fingers. He stretched his legs out as far as they could go thus making it very clear as to what he wanted them to do with him.

His penis could be seen to be erect squeezed inbetween the pillows on the bench and his groin. He was trembling and shivering. As they continued to play with his breasts and his anus he would moan loudly. Nothing could mask the desperate state in which he was in. Tears run down his cheek as his trembling became much more obvious. This was to much for some of the other guests watching and they also joined the others on the stage.

By know he was surrounded by a large group of the men who continued to touch and probe him. His moans became louder and he could not have stretched himself any more for the pleasure of these men. Legs wide part some of the men were attempting to see how much of their hands this young man could take into his anal hole. Some were quite brutal and fisted him vigorously. The young man was not subdued, and his moaning with the pleasure he felt, continued louder than ever. Whimpers came out of his mouth and we could all hear him sobbing loudly. I could see that his penis was now throbbing and soon he had covered the pillows with the cum from his first orgasm. Some of the men on noticing this, moved their hands towards the creamy juice and taking it into their hands rubbed it all over his face and mouth. His tongue was out, and licking around his lips, he desperately tried to take as much as he could into his mouth. They helped him by bringing more of his cum juice onto his lips and tongue. He licked every single drop of cum juice from their fingers and sucking their fingers showed how much he loved it.

I was soaking wet and Frederick could see that my own trembling was drawing the attention of many of his fellow guests. I could not help myself. It was now three days since I had waited desperately to be fucked. I had not been able to sleep as I had spent all my time awake waiting for the moment when a penis would tear me apart and fill me with hot cum. Minute after minute I waited and prayed for somebody to take me but to no avail. Every time I dozed off I would start having the most wonderful dreams of feeling a man's penis coming inside me. The excitement would give me the greatest hard ons which I had ever experienced and I was terrified that I would not be able to help myself coming off. Even watching my beautiful Laura giving herself totally to all those strangers did not illicit the same excitement in me as the thought that a man was just about to prise my cheeks open and push his pulsating cock deep inside me. I wished that I was the man lying on the bench being ravished in the same way that he was. I had never felt a man's penis inside me but I had now reached the point that I so needed to. It frightened me to think of the depth I would now be prepared to go to be fucked. I could not remove from my mind fantasies of being gang raped by many men and left dripping in cum and I kept waking up in great excitement.

The Asian boy was now being finger fucked unmercifully by one after another of the volunteering men. He raised his bottom to meet the incoming penetration of the many fingers as they pressed inside him. His moaning and cries of pleasure getting ever louder. He cried for these men to ravish his body in any way they wanted to. He would deny them nothing. He was theirs to do with him as they wanted.

The clothed men where now in a frenzy. Trousers were coming down and the men were fighting each other to be the next one to fill the young man with their cum. He was full to overflowing and we could all see how he was unable to keep any more cum inside him. His body was now covered with sperm and we could all smell the testosterone The floor around him was covered with the seed of all these beautiful and powerful men. They turned him around and started to fuck his mouth to overflowing, waiting each time for him to swallow each load to allow room for the next mans load. I could not believe that men of such age were so virile and had so much to give. More joined the group and the young man was exhausted. But he continue to swallow enjoying every mouthful that he was able to savour before allowing it to go down his throat.

Frederick turned to me and holding my penis he squeezed all the pre cum onto his hand. He held it up to me and smiled, inviting me to lick it all from his hand and swallow it, so that I could have some feeling as to the pleasure that the young man was experiencing. I knew then that it was only a matter of time before my own body would endure such pleasurable abuse. I thought of Laura standing there watching me being taken by all these men and trembled with pleasure.

By this time many of the other guests were getting very excited and wanted to participate in the sex.

Selecting their choices of black collared individuals they took them away to some of the many other available rooms to do with them as they desired. They all went obediently and by the looks on their faces had every expectation that they were to experience heaven.

In the end the only ones left behind were those like myself with our white collars who would continue to suffer, unable to consummate our love, and refused the sex available to others. We continued to shiver as the tips of our penises dripped clear sticky liquid onto the floor. But it was considered unethical to invite other's white collars to participate in their games. There time would come once we had earned our black collars.

The young Asian lad lay on the floor of the stage total covered in the cum that guests had ejaculated over his body. His face totally covered and streams of juice coming out of his arse and spreading across the floor. He was exhausted, unable to move from where he was, he was still able to feebly try pushing his tongue out of his mouth in a painful attempt to see how much more of the love juices he could drag back into his mouth. What struck me the most is the number of times he had come off involuntarily with nobody having touched his penis. Such pleasure had he experienced by exposing his body to all those men that he was able to have multiple mental orgasms without the physical need of masturbation.

I longed for this and it could not happen soon enough.

It was now two in the morning and Frederick returned from one of the rooms, in which he had shared three black collared men with the government minister. They had shared a German Eighteen year old man, a 28 year old Eastern European and a nineteen year old Italian and seemed well pleased with what they had achieved. The three men did not return before I had to leave with Frederick, so I did not find out what had kept them for so long.

When we got back to the hotel it was already 3:30 in the morning, and I was left to take my usual position at the base of the bed while Frederick slept on the bed.

Yet another sleepless night, I was no longer able to think straight. On my arrival at the training room the manager in charge of Human Resources training was waiting for me. He was not impressed by the state I was in. Telling me that he had received many complaints from the trainees about my work. I should consider that the training was now finished and I should make my own way back to my employers in the UK. He would be writing to them to tell them that I had been found totally inadequate and that they would be expecting reimbursements for all their costs.

I knew then that this was going to result in my being sacked.

(To be continued: A New Life - 4. Coming Home)




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