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Living in Scotland and in a long term relationship. I enjoy writing erotic stories which are either gay or bisexual in nature (having a fascination with seemingly heterosexual guys). My stories are for my and I hope your pleasure.

Stories by Kewtieboy

  • The Slippery Slope (Part 1)

    When his girl-friend meets an old flame at a function Lance is shocked to find she wants to pursue a fantasy they had only talked about, in real-time

  • An Evolving Relationship

    On the rebound from a first gay relationship, a young guy settles down with a horny girlfriend and eventually gets his chance to explore his gay tendencies once again.

  • Charles

    When her black boyfriend two-timed her, my wife married me on the rebound. Suddenly he was back and as horny for her as ever and it looked like even I couldn't stop him from having his way with her.

  • A Walk on The Pink Side

    Straight married gay meets an enigmatic younger lad a his wife's office party and finds something he didn't know he had been missing.

  • The Stag Party Reunion

    A group of lads get together for a stag night and one gets too drunk. Temptation leads one then another to take advantage of his position.

  • Experiences of a Gay Man and Straight Couples

    Two true experiences of a gay man being seduced by straight couples and performs to get his hands on the husband.

  • Larry's Lambs

    A young happily married couple find they are increasingly jealous of the obvious sex life of their older, good looking neighbour and are soon being tempted to join him in his fun.

  • The Twisted Triangle

    A camp gay boy new on the scene loves straight guys but finds his best female friend likes camp guys. They come to an arrangement.

  • Working with Joe

    Working away from home for a couple of days with a hunky, straight guy, Ron finds that alcohol allows him to get something extra from his colleague.

  • Finding Myself in Gran Canaria

    Four teenage friends go on holiday to the Canary Islands in search of girls for sex. Two of the group find more than they expected about Gran Canaria and themselves.

  • Country Boy's Journey of Discovery

    An 18 year old near virgin gets his first job as a driver around the lanes of Northern Ireland and discovers there's a lot more going on out there than he ever thought.

  • Seduced by a Straight Guy

    For once the straight guy seduces the two gay guys and then persuades them to join him and his wife for more fun.

  • Gary Grows Up

    My boyfriend and I get wild sex from an unexpected source.

  • Expanding ur Relationship

    A guy finally sets up a relationship with a girl he knew from school. She had always been a tease but he eventually uses her skills to attract other men. The outcome is not what he expected.

  • Emma in Control

    Emma is horny, Martin is bisexual. Both of them find a way to get what sex they need.

  • Jenny Takes Control

    Jenny takes full advantage of her boyfriend's bisexuality.

  • Pleasing Men

    A young woman tells how her randy boyfriend coerces her into having sex with other men and boys. Obviously she tells how she doesn't really enjoy it.

  • Getting My Hands On Connor

    A twist on the wife-sharing theme in that a gay guy fancies his straight mate and end up in a threesome with his girlfriend just to get his hands on him. Little does he know that the girlfriend has her own interests.

  • Julie Becomes a Slut - Part 2

    After having to remove her panties due to pissing herself while laughing, Julie inadvertently exposes herself to a young Chinese student in a bar. Her young husband, Steve is a wiling participant in allowing things to go much further when another Chinese student joins in the fun. Where do they go ...

  • Julie Becomes a Slut - Part 1

    Accidentally exposing herself to a young Chinese guy in a pub, Julie discovers she is excited by it. Her husband discovers that he has another side too!

  • Coming Out

    Witnessing his best friend molest his own nephew while he is drunk makes a divorced straight guy discover his own sexuality

  • A Moment of Opportunity

    A stag weekend with his straight friends lets Dec use their drunken bodies for his own pleasure.

  • Holy Joe

    Brought up in a religious environment and having an equally religious wife picked for him turns out to be more fun than Joe thought!

  • Native Development Program

    Young husband and wife are working and living in the Amazon rain forest with one of the indigenous tribes mixing and enjoying their culture while helping their development. What they didn't know was the local drink they shared with the tribesmen was stronger than it tasted but some of the local ...

  • Bob the Builder

    A straight builder is busily extending a wealthy couple's house and all is going well until their effeminate son returns for his summer vacation from university and sets his sights on a bit of rough.

  • Darkroom Discovery - Part 1

    A bisexual father haunts the darkrooms of Berlin only to find his teenage son doing the same. Using the cover fo darkness he keeps up the relationship.

  • Darkroom Discovery - Part 2 - Summer Vacation

    The continuing story of a father secretly having sex with his son in a darkroom in Berlin.

  • Our Married Neighbour

    It seemed that our straight married neighbour was more interested in our gay relationship than his own with his wife!

  • Preferring To Go Straight

    This is about young gay guy and his driving interest in having sex with absolutely straight guys. There are four encounters in this tale.

  • Local Trash - Part 3 - Foreign Trash

    These two horny young council estate lads take a holiday in the Canary Islands and find a whole new way of having fun.