What is it about guys? Their cocks rule their heads that's for sure. Take my boyfriend Neil for instance. We've been going out together since school on and off. He's a stunning looking 20 year old guy. I know all the girls at school fancied his blonde hair, his tall frame and his well defined body. He isn't a body building type, in fact quite the opposite. The only exercise his arm gets is lifting a beer. Now I am not a plain Jane either and though my slim little self only comes up to his shoulder we still look good together.

Of course this 5 year relationship has not been without its gaps and we've fallen out more often than I care to remember. I haven't been an angel during these fall-outs and I know he hasn't either and if I'm telling you the truth, which is the point of this story, I rather enjoyed my periods of freedom. Neil has a nice, normal size cock which I assume is about 6 or 6.5 inches long but it's nice to get another one in your hand or slit from time to time, especially a bigger one. I have confessed some of my misdemeanours but not all of them. He wouldn't have been too happy at my one night stand with his older brother for instance. Actually it was great to do a comparison but Neil fucks better than his brother anyway which is why I never repeated the experience. So now you know what we're like.

So I said I like my fun and I already told you Neil likes his but when we're together we had always stayed true to each other. I think though that it's part of the problem. What's it they say about the best part of breaking up being the making up? That's what happens but then, when the making up excitement is past, I think we both get bored again and that's when we argue. I know with us being 20 it's an element of immaturity but it's also hormones.

Oh and he had another annoying habit. When we were in the doldrums sexually, he would constantly comment on other girls and how sexy they were, and even worse he would even comment on other guys and ask me if I found them sexy. I didn't lower myself to his level, even when I did think the guys were hunks and I even turned a few down who chatted to me when Neil was getting drinks or in the toilet when we were out.

So on with the big change and how it came about.

We had planned a cheapo holiday to Turkey together. It was only a 3 star place but it was a young hotel and it was all inclusive which meant we could concentrate on the fun and forget the spending money.

One Saturday a couple of weeks before going I had promised to drop some DVDs off at the home of a woman I worked with. When I got there, she was out shopping with her daughter and her husband was at home. He was in his late thirties and not bad looking for an old timer. He asked me to come in and have a glass of wine and since I wasn't driving, I agreed. We chatted for ages and when I got up to go, he passed me a few compliments and kissed me on the cheek. I let him so he moved to my lips and kissed me very passionately. I found the whole thing amazingly erotic and could feel my heart pacing as he did so. I really enjoyed this larger guy with his strong arms around me and his lips covering my mouth. He stroked my breast and I let him. I then felt his hand quickly slip up my skirt and his fingers pull aside the elastic of my pants, his finger sliding easily inside me.

I was so hot. My hand was by my side and I could fell his massive cock against me. I squeezed it and it felt like a monster. Suddenly in a moment of clarity I realised, despite my beating heart, that this was not a wise idea so I stopped him. He was surprised but I told him, though I could easily have sex with him, his wife was my friend and I had never done anything while I was going out with Neil. Give him his due, he apologised and I left.

I told Neil that night as I had to clear my conscience. Instead of getting the angry response I expected, he gripped me and started kissing me. I was still randy from the day's excitement so quickly responded. As he kissed, he started to ask me questions about Dave. 'How far up did his finger go, how big did his cock feel, would I have liked to let him fuck me?' I answered as Neil stripped me and started to fuck me. As he did so he kept asking over and over again and then as he shot his cum in me, he blurted, 'God I'd love to see him fuck you senseless!'

Afterwards Neil said he had never been so excited. I pointed out that if I had come home with Dave's cum dripping out of my cunt he might not have been so happy. He didn't respond at all.

Well two weeks later, we arrived in Marmaris in Turkey excited and ready to party. The hotel was fine. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. The inclusive booze was local stuff but it had the desired effect and the benefit of being available as and when we wanted it. The other guests seemed to be a mix of families who had made a bad choice of hotel and younger people like Neil and I. There were a few groups of girls and guys who were particularly boisterous. Nearly all the guests were British or Irish. I noticed quite quickly on the first day that the Turkish waiters had eyes on stalks while watching these lithe British girls semi-nude running around the pool. Though the most of the staff were male and obviously quite young their dark hair and skin made them all look older.

It didn't take Neil long to start up again.

'What do you think of the barman Kirsty? I bet he's got a big one. Wouldn't you like to find out?'

'For God's sake Neil, I'm not into big hairy guys so if you like him that much get him to fuck you instead!'

He shut up, at least until the next time he had been drinking.

What came next was his entire fault, of course. I had no intention of looking at, or for, another man. I had Neil and we were fucking like rabbits while we had been in Turkey, mainly because we were both pissed most of the time.

We had taken a long, long walk one day, rucksacks on back, packed lunch (courtesy of a raid on the breakfast buffet), and a few Coke bottles filled from an over ordering of the inclusive drinks served the previous day plus some ice in a Thermos flask and we were off. It was a wonderful day, not too hot, not too cool and before we knew where we were, the main beach was behind us and we had reached a rocky headland. We were about to turn back when Neil called me to say there was a way over the rocks. We clambered up and saw a stunning little sandy cove, protected on the other side by another rocky headland. It looked perfect for some sunbathing. We set up camp!

I lay topless and Neil was in a particularly fruity mood as the place was so secluded. We had been in for a swim and he pulled his swimming trunks off so I pulled the bottom half of my bikini off too and we swam naked.

As we were coming out I noticed a guy walking along the beach and a second guy just behind him. They didn't look as though they were together. We smiled and waved and he waved back. He was quite a striking guy and was black. Unusual, for this area where most guys had been dark skinned, with what we Westerners would call an 'Arabic look.' He had a good look at me, but the water was at just the right level to cover my 'jewels.' I would have put his age at around 29 or 30. The other guy was Turkish, still slim but slightly shorter with broad shoulders. He was stripped to the waist and carried his shirt over his shoulders. His chest was quite hairy. He was very interested in this white skinned girl showing her tits to the world alongside a guy who, by now was walking out of the water, his tackle on full display. He also smiled in greeting and continued on his way.

When we returned to our campsite and flopped on the sand Neil started up again. He sat propped on his left elbow leaning over me and kissed me. He then licked my nipples.

'Nicely seasoned,' he said, referring to their salty taste. 'Can you imagine a gang bang out here with these two,' he continued. 'Long cocks sliding into your cunt and their cum over your tits.'

His fingers were wiggling into me as he spoke and his cock was standing at full mast. I gripped his cock and slid the foreskin back and forth. I was thankful our large bath towel had kept most of the sand out of the important little places because if we were going to fuck, the last thing I wanted was a abrasive shagging.

Neil lay on top and started to slide his cock inside me. I opened my legs and lifted my knees to ease his entrance.

'We're being watched,' he said as he continued his fucking.

'Who?' I said trying to sit up.

'Ssh, just relax and let them. It's exciting don't you think,' he said. 'It's our two passers by and both are wanking their cocks.'

I suddenly felt very hot and very, very horny. I wanted to see those cocks and watch these guys getting excited over us.

'Let me get up and do me doggy,' I said to Neil.

I pretended not to notice as I went on all fours but I was facing the guys. Once they realised I had seen them and was still allowing Neil to keep going, they moved closer. They seemed to know of each other rather than know each other. It was as if they saw each other every day but were both here for the same reason, to watch naked tourists. The black guy was smiling. His cock was not a monster but was bigger than Neil's. It was not so much its length as thickness. He had foreskin and the purple head looked enormous. It was the first black cock I had seen in real life. His sidekick had about 7 inches and was thinner but again, bigger than Neil. He was cut. The black guy was in cotton trousers with his cock sticking out of the fly, the Turkish guy had jeans shorts with the front unclipped and his balls hanging out.

They were both only about three feet away and I could see everything. Neil was facing them too as he fucked me and held on to my shoulders. The black guy walked forward until his cock was inches away. He looked at Neil and nodded. I assumed Neil nodded back as I saw an acknowledgment and he stooped to offer his cock to my mouth. By now I wasn't just hot I was flushing. I opened and accepted this thick brute. It tasted slightly salty but didn't seem to be dirty in any way and I was soon sucking away at it. Turkish guy stood alongside him and if in some unwritten code, black guy pulled back to allow him access. He too tasted salty but the head was drier. I used a hand to grip and suck and he moaned as I did so. I could hear Neil whimpering and swearing away at my back, obviously getting off on this scene.

The black guy put his hand in his back pocket and produced a single condom in its wrapper. He held it up and looked at me, nodding to the condom in his hand. I don't know why but I nodded back. He moved around and Neil watched as he stood at my side ripping the wrapper and stretching it over his cock. Neil withdrew and the black guy took his place. The feeling of this strange cock sliding into me and stretching me wider that I had been was exhilarating especially in the open air. The Turkish guy stuck his cock back in my mouth and Neil stood at the side wanking furiously. He was getting his wish! At that moment I couldn't have cared less as I was getting my fill anyway.

The black guy's cock was hitting the right spot and I felt the familiar warmth travelling up my body. My thoughts drifted to how I would look to any onlooker with two cocks in me at once and that thought brought me to an amazing orgasm. It washed over me my body tingling and alive as the black cock pumped my cunt. As I tried not to lose my rhythm with the Turkish guy, he struggled to pull his cock out of my mouth and almost made it as a jet of warm cum blasted on my face catching me unawares. It hit my left cheek then as he tried to pull it away, it hit my nose and then my chin with the thin fluid pouring on to my tits and the sand below. I felt the black guy tense and his orgasm dumped a load into my cunt from the rear.

The end game was quick and as soon as it had begun, Neil and I were again alone. He quickly mounted me as the guys both walked away and started to fuck my slippery wet opening struggling to gain purchase in my gaping gash. I clenched to help him and successfully achieved a warm blast inside me from his cum.

I looked sorry sight. Red gaping hole, cum covered face and finger marks on my tits from the various rough hands but I felt extremely alive, sexy and oh so dirty. We ran giggling to the water to wash off the evidence of our mini orgy.

Of course it was all Neil's fault. I felt a bit dirty afterwards and realised I would never have done it without his encouragement so I didn't really speak to him that evening. Men are always trying to manipulate us women to satisfy their own carnal desires aren't they? Still I suppose I would never have experienced a black guy if we hadn't done it. I didn't let on to him that it had been quite exciting but I didn't fancy going back the next day despite his begging me to do it again. I had to show that I did have scruples!

It was three days later and we were sunning by the pool. I was lying with a cocktail by my side, topless, sunglasses in place and i-pod plugged into my ears (to stop Neil's begging). The sun was warm and I was relaxed. I don't know what made me open my eyes but I was aware of being stared at. A guy almost old enough to be my father, well he was about 36 anyway, was sitting on the edge of the next sun bed ogling me. Alongside him was a lad young enough to be his son. I assume he was 18 as he was drinking but he looked very slim and immature. He was cute in a boysy sort of way. The older guy was in good shape though, receding hair shaved to look fashionable and tattoos on his arms and shoulders. He was of a stocky or perhaps I should say 'chunky' build and he was talking quietly to the young lad.

I assumed they were commenting on my tits and with my large sunglasses in place, they had no idea my eyes were open. Neil, of course was out cold from too many lunch-time beers. I tried to work out their relationship but realised they were with a varied group of around 10 guys so assumed either a bachelor group or sports group on a short break away from wives and girlfriends. As the older guy whispered to the young guy, I could clearly see the outline of his erection in his swimming shorts. The older guy was obviously explaining what he would like to do to me. I was feeling a little damp between the legs so decided to tease a little.

I stood up, took off my glasses, threw my hair back and walked towards the pool. As I passed, I gave my widest smile to both of them and said a brief 'Hi!'

I stepped into the shallow end and waded out into the pool, cocktail in hand before settling at the side to sip it. Older guy stood up and looked at the young guy bidding him to follow. I assume he was trying to set the young lad up, not realising that the comatose shape on the bed next to me was my partner. Older guy dived in gracefully and swam shouting on cutesy to follow. Cutesy wasn't as graceful but he had hurried into the water lest his tented shorts were obvious to all around.

I lost them as they swam up and down so when I heard a voice say, 'On holiday?' it made me jump.

'No, I was just passing on my way to Tesco and thought I'd pop in,' I said sarcastically.

Older guy smiled and held a wet hand out, 'John, and this is my nephew Ray, well step-nephew really,' he said nodding to the dripping lad who arrived at that moment.

'Taking him in hand then,' I said. 'Are you on holiday?'

'My brother is marrying next week at home and me and a group of his mates are having a bachelor week. Ray here just turned 18 and he is the son of my brother's wife to be so he came along to do his own celebrating or coming of age, I suppose. I've taken him under my wing.'

'I bet you have,' I thought, 'Trying to get the poor lad laid!'

'Are you here with anyone?' John asked.

'My boyfriend,' I replied.

'Lucky guy,' says John, 'I thought I would get my poor nephew here a girlfriend.'

'Can't he find his own?' I asked.

'Well he's kind of new at it and I thought I could show him the ropes,' he replied.

'I'm not sure there are many girls that would like uncle standing by to give instructions,' I said.

'No, I didn't mean......' he started to say.

'But that would be kinda cool,' I said, 'Kinky in fact.'

He stopped his apologies very quickly when he realised where this might head.

'And boyfriends wouldn't be annoyed?'

'Boyfriends would be ecstatic especially if they were quite kinky when conscious,' I replied.

I was amazed at what I was doing and poor Ray looked completely bemused by the conversation not sure what we were actually talking about.

'We're going out with the guys tonight but not until about 9.00. Would you mind if Ray and I popped around to your place for a drink later this afternoon, say about 5.30? It would be good to get to know one another,' said John.

'I'm sure snoring Neil here will have regained consciousness by then. We're in room 417,' I said, cool as a cucumber.

'It'll nice to be in a group of attentive guys,' I thought as the two blokes swam off. 'It is only a drink and a bit of teasing.'

At 4.00, I woke Neil and told him we had a couple of guys popping in for a drink so he had better clean himself up. The room has a little beer-laden mini-bar so that was the booze sorted.

It was only going to be a drink and a chat but I showered thoroughly as I didn't want to appeal hot and sticky and I donned a simple white t-shirt and shorts and no bra. I was on holiday anyway and had been topless by the pool so I had nothing left to hide. The only problem was that my nipples were very erect but I suppose it was the heat!

Neil had a pair or running shorts on and nothing else, I pointed out that thought the fabric was loose, they offered no frontal support and the line of his dick hanging over his balls was very clear. I asked if he was trying to be appealing to the guys! He laughed but didn't change.

We were on the balcony when we heard the knock on the door five minutes early. Ray and John came into the room both in a fog of freshly washed shower gel scent. I popped the beers and poor little Ray didn't know where to look as he accepted one. He was staring at my nipples. I smiled and stroked his hand as he took the beer, just to comfort him. Neil was already in full football-talk mode with John. I sat Ray on the little sofa and asked him why he hadn't had a girlfriend.

'I don't really want to say,' he said.

'Look, I'm a stranger and nothing you can tell me will get to those thugs outside. Maybe I can help.'

'I'm keep thinking I want one and then I don't,' he said.

'What to do think when you don't?'

His eyes looked over at Neil and initially I thought he was worried they would hear but I realised he was looking at Ray.

'Oh, you think you're gay?' I said.

'But I fancy girls sometimes too,' he said.

'Hey you might get the best of both worlds. I think we call it bisexual,' I said.

'Let's see what I can do for you tonight,' I said, winking.

As the two others kept talking and watching I leaned over and kissed Ray firstly on the cheek and then the lips. He responded quite amateurishly.

'Help this lad you guys, if he sees you strip down it'll help him relax,' I said. I whispered to Ray, 'And you can find out if its cock you like or not.'

He looked shocked to hear me say it but also eager to see where this was going. The two guys clumsily started stripping, Neil to his Calvin Klein boxer briefs and John to a rather boring pair of baggy blue boxer shorts. I encouraged Ray and he slowly stripped down to a pair of tight white briefs with the beginnings of an erection showing. I stripped off down to my little lacy pants and slid Ray's briefs down. He was a well developed 18 year old with a thick 7 inch uncut cock. A wet, pink head appeared from behind the foreskin and I slid my lips over it. He gasped and lay back almost automatically, to give me more access. I held his blonde haired balls and cupped them to force more blood into his cock and sucked him harder.

Looking over my shoulders, Neil was already wanking and watching and John stood alongside with a stiff uncut 6 inch cock poking out of a mass of black pubic hair. The trail went to his navel and up to his chest. A real man!

I called him over and he stood beside me. Poor Ray went red faced as his uncle joined us but I just held his cock in one hand and transferred my mouth to his uncle's leaking cock, taking its entire length in my mouth. John gripped my tits as I did so and his nephew just lay back and let me wank him.

'Hey Neil, give me a hand with this one,' I called.

Neil looked at me and I winked so he knew I was up to something.

He walked across and took Ray's cock in his hand. An audible groan came from his mouth as Neil did so. Neil bent forward and took his cock in his mouth.

John started to say, 'What the fuck.......' But I stuck my finger in his arse and he moaned quietly as I led him to the couch, threw him back and sunk my dripping cunt over his mouth.

Ray went mad. While his uncle's vision was somewhat distorted by two thighs and a trim gaping vagina, Ray bent forward and started to kiss Neil like a madman. Now Neil had had male sexual contact before but not really on a one to one, and certainly never with a horny teenager so his saucer-like eyes told me he was caught unawares. Ray threw Neil back on the couch and started to suck his cock hungrily.

John was now fully horny and started fumbling for a condom in his pants. I offered one of our and he stretched it over his cock rolling me into a 'doggy position' and started to fuck my sopping wet cunt from the rear. Ray had Neil pinned to the bed swallowing his cock as though we wanted it implanted in his throat.

'Jeez son, watch it or I'll fill your little mouth with cum,' said Neil.

'I don't fucking care,' he said between slurps.

I thought, 'Knowing what Neil fires off, he might change his mouth as the equivalent of a bottle of Milk of Magnesia pours down his throat!'

John was good, very good. His cock was just over 6 inches and probably the smallest here but he knew just where to put it and his thrusting quickly built that wonderful warm feeling as I felt an orgasm mount quicker than normal. I must have clenched just a little too much as I came because John shot his load, a little too quickly, inside me as I reached my peak.

'Fuck I needed that!' he said as his dwindling cock slipped out, a full load drooping in the latex sack at the end. 'I'm not sure were that boy is heading but I'm going to go back to my room and leave you too to educate him.

With that he left.

Ray looked at me, his mouth still stretched over Neil's cock.

'I think she needs help Ray. Do you think you could manage one extra?' said Neil.

He reluctantly let Neil's hard dick pop out of his mouth. I leaned over and took Ray's dick in my mouth. It was almost 8 inches long and quite light for its length. It seemed almost hollow compared to Neil's 6 inches of solid flesh. Neil kept close to him, kissing his and caressing his balls, probably afraid, if he was gay, that he would loose his erection. He needn't have worried as this boy had a cock like stone. Neil gave him a condom and he stretched it on his cock. It didn't quite make the end. I rolled on to my back and opened my legs. Neil licked me out. He loved doing that and I assumed especially after a man's cock had been inside me.

'Would you mind if I screwed you?' said Ray politely as though asking me to dance.

'I'd be very honoured,' I said staying in the polite mood.

He was a bit inexperienced in that his cock rammed straight in me with little teasing and the full 8 inch dick was at its hilt in seconds. It took my breath away and I was glad I had been opened up by his Uncle. He gripped my tits with his hand, balancing himself on the other and trying to kiss me while he fucked. Neil held his balls from the back as the bounced against me.

Ray was panting and cursing as he fucked saying thinks like, 'Fucking great, so good,' and gasping for breath as he fucked.

I saw Neil pick up some lube behind Ray's back and hold it up as he winked. He spread some on his fingers and eased it on to Ray's backside. Ray didn't even lose momentum as Neil's fingers invaded his hole. His eyes closed as he fucked, more in determination to let this happen than in pleasure. It seemed as though Neil was working his way well in and was soon sliding in and out. He withdrew and stretched a condom over his cock, lubing it too. It looked like his virginity was going to be taken from both ends at the same time.

I was on my back, legs apart, Ray was between my leg in the missionary position with Ray's bottom upright and Neil was slowly pushing his cock into Ray's arse. Ray hesitated from time to time as Neil's dick invaded his hole but it took surprisingly little time before Neil was calling the shots. He would thrust into Ray's arse, Ray would gasp and push into me and soon it was as though Neil was actually doing the fucking as the chain reaction got me fucked too. I knew Ray wouldn't last too long and he didn't. He took over with his own thrusting as his cock humped my wet cunt and I felt the pumping sensation as he filled his condom. Neil withdrew from him at that moment and ripped his condom off.

'Let me show you how it's done,' he said to Ray as he climbed between my legs.

Neil was as hard as I had ever felt him and his cock thrust into me. He so loved having my cunt second hand. I felt the warm build of my own climax as Neil hit the exact spot that he knew would get me there. He could time his own orgasm to perfection and as I arched my back with the ferocity of my climax, I felt his cum flood my inside. Ray stood and watched, idly stroking his dwindling monster.

Neil slid out of me, his cum pouring out of me as he did so and Ray bent forward and fingered me, collecting some of the liquid which he gently lifted to his lips and rubbed it around them before licking the rest off. He smiled as he did so.

'You two are something. Where am I going to get to try both sides at the same time again?' he said.

'I'm sure a cute lad like you will manage,' I said.

We didn't see Ray or his Uncle John again before they left so I don't know what Uncle John thought of Ray's gay performance in front of him but I feel sure we set Ray off on the road to sexual pleasure.

Back to my soap box! Even there, Neil had done what he wanted even hijacking my first virgin boy in years for his own ends. I didn't know Neil like a bit of male bum and next he steals my cute little virgin from me and thinks that a quick fuck will be just reward. OK, so I enjoyed it, but it was his agenda.

We returned home and I found a swingers site when I had some time to myself. Obviously it was full of guys wanting a fuck behind their wife's back but I found one woman who, with her husband, organised groups of guys and sometimes other woman with the sole purpose of her getting as much cock as she could. I e-mailed her and she told me she thought she was a nymphomaniac but she could get guys to do anything. I told her about our session with young Ray in Turkey and she came up with a plan to let me take control for once.

Two weeks later and Neil and I were heading to her house. I told him it was an orgy of sorts but it would be six or seven guys, Rachel, the girl, and us. The purpose was for me and her to get fucked by the guys, Neil loved the idea of getting to shag some pretty 30 year old and to watch me getting fucked by the guys. All was to be filmed by a guy who filmed all her sessions and we all would get a copy.

The group weren't too bad looking. We were almost the youngest there apart from a young thin lad who looked a little effeminate but was actually 'pretty' rather than good looking. Longish hair draped over his face and he kept brushing it back. He was very attractive but not in a manly way.

Neil noticed him and commented, 'I think there might be three girls getting it tonight.'

The other guys were between 28 and 44 but none were dogs and a couple were decidedly handsome. So apart from Rachel and I all the remaining seven were guys.

'Right now,' said Rachel, 'Anything goes and no one comments on anything anyone does. We girls will strip naked and you guys can watch and wank if you like. We will then move amongst you and play with your cocks. Only then are you allowed to strip, when we tell you.'

I felt so in charge as I walked with Rachel, bending to suck cocks as I walked around the room. After my session with Ray, I was drawn to the young lad. His slim cock was about 7 inches long but surprisingly thin, a longish foreskin sliding back and forth as he wanked. He looked at the guys either side as he did so and I walked over and took his cock in my mouth, swallowing it to the hilt. It lost a little of its hardness, confirming what I had already had guessed and I wondered why he was here.

The room was a large extension to their house with laminated floors and little furniture. They probably said to friends it was a 'party room' but it was ideal for this purpose. Some sofas sat around the walls and three large blow-up mattresses lay on the floor. A large kid's paddling poll sat in a corner and I wondered it's purpose though I kind of guessed.

As I sucked this young lad in the dim light, hands were feeling my tits and one guy already had a finger in my cunt. He was gently tweaking at my clit and a warm glow was spreading up my body. I looked over at Neil who was wanking and watching as Rachel was being fingered from front and back by two guys.

This general 'getting to know each other's cunts and cocks' went on for about ten minutes before Rachel called a halt.

'Who wants to fuck Kirsty?' she asked.

Most hands went up.

'Who wants to fuck me?' she asked.

The same hands went up.

'Who wants to fuck Aaron, my young cousin?' She asked.

I looked at the young lad I had sucked earlier and noticed a few hands had gone up.

'Well,' she said,' He gets fucked first and Neil here is going to take the lead.'

The look on Neil's face was one of panic, especially in front of all these heterosexual guys.

'I know you have fingered a young lad before and I know you quite like the idea of doing it again. I'm just helping you find your raunchy side. None of the guys here care and, in fact a few will be following you. Aaron is over age and gay and it's his 'Auntie' Rachel who helped him find himself. Aaron just loves straight cock and I'm helping him get it.'

I walked over to Neil and gripped his fast dwindling cock. Rachel stood at his other side and started to kiss him. She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth while I kissed him. His cock rose, especially when he realised every other guy was watching and wanking, brick hard cocks in their hands - even Aaron!

This had been choreographed as when she stood to kiss Neil with me, Aaron moved over and dropped to his knees taking Neil's cock in his mouth. He was a different animal with Neil, slurping his cock and licking his balls. Neil's eyes rolled as both Rachel and I kissed him at the same time, our tongues merging in his mouth. I have never kissed a woman before but this actually turned me on. Neil was groaning as the complete lesbian, homosexual, heterosexual situation he now found himself in.

Aaron stood and he squeezed his face between us, joining the slobbering kissing session. We gently eased away and left Aaron kissing Neil while holding his cock. Aaron's own pencil thin cock stood outwards and upwards. He obviously was enjoying being both the centre of attraction and nailing a straight virgin guy in front of his wife. I stood with the other guys and we had three each, gently wanking cock while the guys fingered is and squeezed or kissed our breasts.

Aaron handed Neil a condom and took some lube which he gently spread on his petit bottom hole. His fingers slid in and out as he bent over. Neil surprised me by going over, lubing his fingers and helping him. Aaron bent over the back of a sofa and Neil stretched the condom over his cock, lubing it as he went.

'Fuck me, straight guy,' whispered Aaron, his thin, slight frame arched ready for Neil's cock.

Neil aimed and gently eased his cock into him.

'Oh yes,' he said, the words coming from his mouth like escaping steam.

Neil took his hips and started to fuck him. I could see Neil's cock disappear into Aaron's bum and then slide out again. There was a frenzy of wanking cocks around us and Neil was really up for it gripping Aaron and hammering into his arse. I had never seen men fuck before and it was erotic to watch.

It took around ten minutes before Neil said he had to stop or he would blow his load. An older guy, probably about 43, stepped forward and stretched a rubber on himself, pushing a slightly thicker and larger cock into Aaron.

Neil replaced the condom and headed for me.

Once I've fucked her, I want you all to fuck her, including Aaron if he can. It was odd being fucked by Neil in public so to speak. He laid me on the mattress and entered me quite swiftly cursing like a mad dog as he fucked. I could see all the male shapes around us wanking frantically as they watched us having sex and I found it quite erotic. Neil was obviously interested in his fantasy because after a quite perfunctory fuck, he withdrew and stood up taking his cock to wank himself.

That's when the gang bang began. First down was a thirty-something guy who looked a bit like a geeky accountant, complete with wire framed glasses. He wouldn't normally be my type but his cock looked quite tasty, about 7 inches ling with a sizeable foreskin. He stretched a condom over it and lay on top pushing his cock inside me. He fucked quite frantically while holding and kissing my nipples. What surprised me is that his cock was getting me aroused and I could feel myself slowly climbing as he fucked.

A splash hit my face and I realised one of the guys had just shot his load over both of us and my tits and face. My geeky partner took it all in his stride, actually licking some of the droplets of cum as he continued to suck my nipples. I started to scream as I felt my orgasm wash over me and my partner, once he had brought me over the peak, pulled out his cock, ripped off the rubber and came over me.

A stunning looking young lad was on me and in me before I had time to think. This Adonis was about twenty with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. He had a tattoo on each arm and his cock slid in beautifully. It was slightly smaller than his predecessor and his technique a little more urgent. He mumbled quiet 'Oh yeses' as he fucked, kissing my lips, his tongue darting all around inside my mouth. I could still taste the remnants of cum as he fucked.

Another stocky little guy in his thirties, with short, shaved hair and a stubby cut cock, knelt beside my head and offered me his cock. I took it all in my mouth and sucked it. The taste of precum invaded my mouth as I sucked. I felt the young guy withdraw and before I could say anything a fountain of cum sprayed my body. This guy had been holding on for some time since he came enough for the rest of the group. I concentrated on my chunky friend's cock as someone else entered me. I looked at a slim Indian-looking guy with quite dark skin and an array of brilliant white teeth. He quickly took up a rhythm and was soon happily fucking.

I held the stocky guy's cock as I sucked and he suddenly blasted my face with his cum. I was beginning to think that far from me being in control, I was fast becoming the target for everyone's climax. Rachel's handsome boyfriend/husband knelt to offer me his cock and I took this magnificent mature specimen greedily. As I sucked him I felt the young Indian guy tense and was aware he was cumming at least in the correct place. His tense face suggested he needed what he had just had.

The tall guy moved position, gently raising me on to a cushion and stretched a rubber over his generous cock. He looked Middle Eastern or perhaps Southern European, it was hard to say. He lay on me and slid his cock inside me easily. The feeling was wonderful. His body slid against me on the sea of cum over my body as he brought his lips to mine and ran his fingers through my hair. This was a lover rather than a shagger. His strokes were even and thrusts were gentle, never quite pulling out but moving around inside me as if trying to find that little nub which would build me up again. He kissed me gently, some of the cum traced on to his lips. He didn't seem to mind. I found it remarkable that heterosexual men would be so unconcerned about having another man's cum on them or their lips but no one had minded at all which made me wonder if Rachel had already been at the bottom of this pile of guys in the past.

I felt a warm glow as he fucked me his large hands holding my breasts and occasionally slipping between us to finger me as he fucked. I was unaware of anything else around me at that time. I didn't see Rachel videoing us, I didn't see Neil fucking Adrian again, I didn't see the other guys struggling to re-inflate their spent cocks for another attempt at me. All I felt was this wonderful long cock triggering an almighty climax in me which seemed to wash from my toes to my head making my body spasm. My nails dug into his back as I tried to force him further inside me than he already was and I felt his cock tense as he came inside me. The feeling was wonderful and I realised I too, was now satisfied.

As he withdrew, his cock slowly dropped back to his rested state. I began to get up as I heard Neil's voice say, 'Room for one more inside!'

He walked towards me with Aaron being led by his cock. The young lad was certainly erect but considering my boyfriend had been embedded up his arse a few moments before (I found out later) there was probably good reason. Neil slipped the condom on him and stroked his cock as he did so and Aaron dropped to his knees and entered me rather clumsily.

I gripped the lad by the shoulders and rolled over pushing him under me as I ended up on top astride him. I figured if he liked being ridden then even I could manage that. I started to ride up and down on his virgin cock and took his hands making him hold my breasts as I fucked him. He was making little 'Oh' noises in time to my fucking.

'Oh, I think I might be, oh yes I am, going to cummm!!'

He started to thrust upwards to meet me and the little soul deposited his cum inside me just as another splash of cum blasted across my face. Neil had finally cum!

The purpose of my visit to Rachel's had been to have Neil dominated by both us women and I hoped, the men. I wanted to see him being used and abused rather than me always being the object to help him get his rocks off. Of course it hadn't worked. I had ended up being fucked by almost everyone, even the only gay guy. I had been a cum dump for them and Neil had fucked a little guy's arse and still ended up getting the voyeur show he loved so much and then dumped his cum on my face!

I hope dear reader you can understand how a poor girl like me had been manipulated by a cunning, selfish boyfriend. I, who hardly had a dirty thought in my head before meeting him had been reduced, like a common whore, to satisfying strangers. So it was quite fun at the time but it doesn't do much for self esteem and I told Neil that. I also told him what a selfish dirty minded bastard he was.

It made me feel much better and much more able for the orgy the following week!



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