After our wild foursome with the two Chinese students, things did not accelerate into wild sex orgies every night. In fact things almost returned to normal. We went back to our urban living with our friends and, though we often talked about that wild night during sex, the assumption was that it was just an isolated incident. Of course if I was being honest with myself at that time, I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. Having this beautiful young wife and knowing that the treasure between her legs was mine but I could 'lend it to others,' was an erotic thought to me and I must be honest to you and say that I had never masturbated so much on my own as I did during the four weeks after the event. My cock just wouldn't go down.

Julie didn't broach the subject apart from our fantasy sex and I couldn't bring myself to encourage her to do it again. After all it was her body these strange cocks were impaling. I only had to watch and enjoy. Every time a guy looked at her, my cock went hard. Even a casual look was enough.

She did say, 'We must do it again some time,' but didn't take it any further.

She also said that if we ever did it again it had to be absolute strangers with no chance of anyone else finding out. That meant we would have to plan it but she showed no real interest in doing so.

On that wonderful night when we had first made contact with the young Chinese guy, we had been out for a meal with Peter and Monica and there was no 'straighter couple' than they were. Life was marriage, children, job and occasional pleasure. I could never imagine Peter fucking Monica's brains out in the middle of a field let alone allowing another guy to do it with him.

Our other friends were slightly older. Graeme and Penny had not had much social life for the past nine months as they were expecting their first child. In their mid-thirties this was a late first child but everything was going like clockwork. Interestingly, though Penny was a 'Penny plain,' her husband Peter had a slightly raunchy side to him. Any time he and I were alone he talked sex all the time.

'I'd love to give her one,' he would comment as a girl passed. He even talked about 'gang banging' some young girl he saw in a bar.

'You and who else?' I asked since it takes more than two to gang bang.

'You'd be up for it with a pretty thing like that, wouldn't you?' he responded. My smile made him say, 'Told you so!'

That kind of banter had gone on for some time. Peter was a well-built guy, not overly muscular but his hair was slightly receding and he had shaved it quite short. His piercing blue eyes and tattooed forearm made him look more aggressive that he ever was in real life.

Penny had been taken in for observation and Peter was floating up and down to the maternity hospital. They lived on the other side of town whereas we were about 15 minutes walk away so Julie suggested he stay with us in the spare room while Penny was inside. As it looked like she might be there until the expected birth date, two weeks away, a little routine developed where he visited her after work and then came to us for a meal. We all sat around chatting and drank a bottle of wine then off to bed.

I started to secretly wonder what Peter's cock was like and whether it was bigger than mine. I started to fantasise about him fucking Julie. I knew it was highly unlikely but when you're horny, the brain plays funny tricks. I mentioned my fantasy to Julie.

'How could you think like that with his poor wife sitting there in hospital?' was her response.

'I was just fantasising out loud Julie. Allow me that at least!'

She laughed at me and went to sleep.

About four days into the stay, Peter came in soaked. He had decided to walk back and the Heavens had opened. He dripped into the hall and Julie suggested he shower and change lest he catch cold. He readily agreed and after his shower he shouted down, 'Would you mind if I just put on my pj's and dressing gown?'

'No problem,' I shouted back up, 'It's only a light meal on our lap anyway.'

He came downstairs, well covered and I could see the top of a t-shirt showing and his sleeping shorts visible when his dressing gown opened. We had a good meal and, as it was Thursday, almost the weekend, we opened a second bottle of wine. We chatted away and in the middle of the conversation Peter told us both how lucky we were still to have so much going for each other. He explained that since Penny had been declared pregnant, they had not had any sex at all, not even light foreplay.

'Can you imagine what that does to a guy's libido?' he said.

'God, you must be horny,' I said, the words out of my mouth before I could stop them.

Julie flashed me a look but Peter just said, 'I could shag a scabby dog the way I'm feeling.'

We laughed and changed the subject but as Peter relaxed back on the couch, I realised his cock had slipped out of the flies. He wasn't aware but Julie was. His cock was big. It was circumcised, unlike mine, but was as big soft as mine was hard. I would have said it was about 6 inches soft but quite and thick. Julie looked at me and raised one eyebrow. She knew what I was thinking but nipped things in the bed.

'You two can chat all you want but I'm off to bed,' she said rising.

'OK, good night,' said Peter. 'Fancy a quick beer before we go?' he asked.

His cock was still exposed as he lay back on the couch and when I returned, he continued to say how lucky I was with a pretty little 'minx' like Julie.

'Bet you don't have any problem getting her to come up with the goods?' he said.

'No I don't,' I replied.

'Is she experimental or strictly missionary?' he asked.

'Oh she has her moments,' I said.

When I next looked, His cock was at full mast and as the flies were completely unfastened he wasn't fully aware, probably assuming he was covered by his dressing gown.

'At this time,' he said, 'I wouldn't mind a 'moment'.'

'I can see that,' I said nodding to his open fly and hard cock.

'Oh fuck, sorry,' he said. 'Julie didn't see that, did she?'

'I hope she did,' I said, 'It's about twice the size of mine.

He looked at me puzzled.

When I snuggled up to Julie that night she initially pretended to be asleep but then she said, 'That was one Hell of a cock.'

'And from what he's saying,' I replied, 'He wouldn't mind using it on you.'

'He didn't say that, did he?'

'Not in so many words but it wouldn't take much if you fancied it,' I said. 'After you left, he spoke about how attractive you were and it got fully hard. I had to tell him.'

'I bet that embarrassed him,' she said.

'He did blush,' I replied.

'I couldn't do that to poor Penny,' she said.

'I could lose my guilty conscience to see you impaled on that massive dick,' I replied.

She didn't answer but I knew she was thinking.

Just before we fell asleep, I said, 'But we don't have much time if we're going to.'

So Friday came along and when I returned home from work there were scatter cushions on the floor and little plates of snacks over the table. Candles were burning around the room and Julie was singing happily in the kitchen.

'What's going on, 'I said.

'A girls' night in but the girls can't come,' she said.

I must have looked puzzled.

'I just thought it would be fun to sit around, watch a DVD, play some music, eat some junk food and enjoy a few glasses of wine - sort of chill out after a stressful week,' she said.

I think I guessed what she was hoping to manipulate. She smiled at me and I could see straight through it. It was about four weeks since I had seen that smile.

When Peter came in he was in fine spirit. Julie stopped him at the door.

'Right you, upstairs, shower, change into your dressing gown and we're having a chilled night in. You just looked so at home and relaxed last night I want to see you like that again.'

He looked at me and then down at his front, not sure if it was a 'double entendré or not. She indicated that we would be doing the same.

While he prepared, so did we and Julie put on a flimsy top which clearly showed her bra covered breasts and little panties. Everything was more decorative than protective. She then covered all with a less sexy dressing gown concealing her hidden treasures completely. I was dressed much the way Peter had been the night before.

Well we ate, watched the movie, laughed at the jokes and drank quite a bit. Julie sat on the floor with her back to a chair and Peter opposite and after about two hours I was aware she had her legs open and Peter was watching her. I went to the toilet and on my way back in, could see what he saw. The light fabric of her panties gaped, showing her pubic hair and the lips of her cunt. I sat off to the side and watched Peter. The tent in his shorts was pushing up the dressing gown.

'I was just saying,' said Peter, continuing a conversation he had been having with Julie while I was out,' how lucky you are to have such a beautiful and sexy young wife.'

I smiled.

'It's not that Penny isn't sexy but I could do with a little sex to go with it sometimes. A guy has needs and they can be difficult to fill, discreetly.'

The word 'discreetly' was added slowly at the end of the sentence. He wanted to 'play.'

'What you need Peter, is a girl to help you release your tension, who is not threat to your marriage and who won't blab to anyone, is that right?'

I looked at Julie as she said this.

'Oh God yes, that's exactly it. I need a young attractive woman whose husband doesn't mind if I have my way with her and possibly even enjoys the idea.'

His eyes were flicking back and forward between us.

'And sometimes.....' Julie hesitated at this point,' A woman can want and even enjoy, a randy man who is, how can I say it, obviously better equipped than her husband.'

I shot her a look but she just smiled.

Peter's breath was coming in short gasps now as Julie dropped to her knees in front of him, put her hands between his legs, quickly unbuttoned his fly and flipped out a massive 8 or 9 inch thick cock before adding, 'If you see what I mean.'

'She needs it Peter,' is all I could muster. Julie was in charge now.

She engulfed his cock with her mouth and Peter slumped back on the sofa, his legs opening to allow her free access. She freed his cock by popping it back through the flies and pulling his shorts down, her tongue darting around his big hairy balls.

'Oh God that's good, so good,' he said.

She slipped his dressing gown off over his shoulders and then stood up to disrobe completely in front of him.

'You are so beautiful and young. Steve's a lucky man,' he said.

'And tonight I want you to be lucky too,' said Julie.

Peter suddenly sprung into active mode and he stood up, almost lifting Julie off the ground and kissed her like a hungry animal. His cock stuck between her thighs and was visible coming out at the back. His tongue was licking inside her mouth while his hands started to explore her breasts. I stripped and stood alongside watching the action. I knelt behind Julie to kiss her buttocks but the tip of Peter's cock was visible so I started to lick that too. There was clear pre-cum dripping off the end and I licked it as though it were sustenance.

'Jeesus Steve, what's happening back there?' Peter shouted to me. 'Keep that up and I'll cum.'

I stopped but I had my assurance that a little bisexual fun was not to be ruled out.

He lifted Julie completely and carried her to the bedroom where he laid her on the bed and started to kiss her all over. He eventually focused between her legs and gently teased her with his tongue, darting around the general area before tickling her little nub, bringing her higher before stopping and moving back over her body. Julie loved being teased like this as she found her eventual climax to be much more exciting. Peter climbed up over her, his legs either side of her chest then offered his massive organ to her. She took it with her left hand and guided it into her mouth, the pre-cum glistening around her lips. I replaced him between her legs, licking and tickling her clit which stood proudly outwards. She was wet, very wet!

She guided Peter on to his back and then sat astride him, lowering her gaping cunt straight on to his mouth. The slurping was muffled as he tried to breathe as he licked. My opportunity suddenly appeared. As he lay with his legs open, his massive cock stuck upright from his hairy balls completely unattended. I dropped to my knees and gripped it, covering the head with my mouth. Wow, this was good. I hadn't realised what pleasure there was in having a stiff erect sex organ in your mouth. I sucked hungrily up and down while cupping Peter's balls with my hand. I gently teased my finger lower to his anus and stroked the entrance to his hole. It was doing something to him as his back started to buck up and down in an automated thrusting motion. Julie hung on like a rider at a rodeo, her legs holding down his shoulders while I gave him a blow job and she had his tongue inside her cunt.

'Jeesus Christ, I didn't realise you too were a horny double act!' he gasped. 'Please keep doing whatever your doing.'

Julie slid back down his body, knocking my mouth off his cock as she went. I sat back to watch again. She put his cock in her mouth and hungrily slurped up and down on his massive shaft while he looked down at her pretty face being distorted by the lump of flesh inside her mouth. It looked 'perversely attractive' if you know what I mean. I stroked my own cock as I watched her in action.

'Fuck me Peter,' she said, panting like a bitch in heat. 'Get a condom Steve!'

It was a command not a request. I quickly flipped open a packet of Durex and ripped the packet to reveal the rubber teat. This was going to be my moment. I reached out and gripped Peter's cock and stretched the condom over it. It was hard going as his cock was so large but with Julie's help we managed to stretch it almost to the base of his cock. I lubricated the condom as I had a feeling she was going to need it.

Julie straddled Peter, looking at me and her back to him. She slowly lowered herself down and aimed his cock head at her cunt. I watched and wanked as his tip entered her. She closed her eyes in concentration as the first inch slid into her. I had the feeling that width as well as length might be a problem and this guy was no Chinese student! This was a much slower process that these girls in the porn movies who seem to slide straight on to horse sized cocks without a blink!

It took over five minutes of sliding in and out before the cock was almost inside Julie. Peter was so turned on and Julie screaming so much, I realised I was being ignored. Not that I minded as I was free to enjoy the show. I stood facing Julie and bent forward to lick and nip her nipples with my teeth. She had started riding to keep pace with Peter's upwards thrusts and his groans suggested he was enjoying it. I knelt down between Julie's legs and watched. Julie's legs were wide open and Peter's were between them, giving me an uninterrupted view as his big cock slid in and out of Julie. His hairy balls hung heavily between his legs and the thought that at that particular moment, they were producing his cum, to be delivered especially for Julie, turned me on no end. I lifted his balls in my hand, wanking myself as I did so. The odd thing about this was at no time in the past would Peter have remotely entertained his private parts being touched by a male, let alone his best friend and here he was, like butter in Julie's hands (or perhaps in Julie's cunt), allowing me free access to any part of him I wanted and to do what I wanted with his cock and balls, so turned on was he.

His cock was amazingly hard. I leaned closer and put my tongue tentatively on his balls as the swayed with his thrusts. It was amazing feeling the soft, hairy warmth of a man's balls at the tip of my tongue. Getting more adventurous, I licked up the shaft and let my tongue dart over Julie's clitoris. It was being rubbed back and forth by the thick piece of flesh pumping into her. Their thrusts were getting frantic as Julie rode up and down and Peter tried to match her movements. I sat back slightly, my hand holding the base of his rigid cock to keep it absolutely ramrod hard as he humped her.

'Oh shit, I'm cumming,' he shouted.

His rhythm changed and the veins on his cock showed the pumping of blood or cum as he emptied his balls into the condom inside Julie slid off him and shouted, 'Hey lover boy, lie there,' to me, while pointing at the floor.

I lay flat on the floor and Julie sat straight down on my cock, this time facing me. My cock slid into her quite easily and the warm, wet reception was exciting against my bare cock. Peter was busy watching while he stripped the heavily laden condom off his cock and flipped it into a waste bin. Julie really started to hump now and I found my climax building. I tried to steady my cock to give her maximum friction against her clitoris and this seemed to work as she gasped, her orgasm slowly climbing. I thought of everything but sex in an effort to slow my own impending explosion but thankfully Julie's wail, told me I had permission to pump by spunk inside her.

'God I feel guilty now,' said Julie afterwards.

'God, I feel more relaxed than I have for nine months,' said Peter.

Both giggled and I said to him, 'We won't tell if you don't!'

It never happened again. I suppose the presentation of a baby daughter two days later was enough to send him on a guilt trip. It wasn't really mentioned again apart from the odd comment on Julie from time to time when we were out for a drink.

When he did, I would say to him, 'You should know!' and we'd laugh!

I said that Peter never did it again but he did act as a catalyst for us to have another guy.

Peter and I were out for a drink around six months later (he was given a rare night out) and we had been laughing and joking in a bar in town. We were here because Julie has been swimming and I had arranged to meet her for a drink and then we would go home. Late nights were out for Peter! Peter welcomed Julie with open arms and a kiss and she sat with us greedily drinking a beer to quench her thirst before ordering a glass of wine. Her top was quite revealing showing her ample bosoms to best effect and I was suddenly aware of a smart looking businessman sitting opposite watching us. He was well over six feet tall and of a Caribbean descent, his skin quite dark, his hair cropped close and black and his teeth a dazzling white. He was an amazing figure of a man and extremely attractive, even to me.

Of course we were flirting with Julie quite innocently, though I would hold her hand or kiss her, even slipping my hand up her skirt at one time. Each time I looked across, he would look back and smile at me.

'You have a fan,' I said to Julie.

'I know,' she replied. I should have known she wouldn't miss a trick.

'You don't think he wants to play?' I said.

Peter said, 'I can't get involved this time,' and playfully patted Julie's leg.

The man's eyebrow rose when he saw Peter being slightly intimate with her.

'I need to pee,' said Peter and he stood up and walked passed the guy to the toilet.

As he passed, he bent down and spoke to him. Julie and I watched as both men so obviously were having a conversation about us and when Peter went to the toilet, the guy smiled broader than ever.

Peter came back, tapped the guy on the shoulder and he stood up to accompany Peter over.

'This is Steve and Julie,' he said, 'And you are...?'

'Logan, and no jokes.' He smiled as he said this.

A massive hand came out and shook mine then he leaned forward and kissed Julie on the cheek.

'And she's a great ride,' said Peter suddenly, 'In fact they're both good in bed!'

I shot him a look as he raised his hand and said, 'I'd better be off now!' as he made for the pub door.

'I'm here for the night to meet up with a food importer tomorrow,' he said. 'I've been in London for a couple of days and am back to Jamaica tomorrow. I hope you don't mind me looking at your pretty girlfriend. That's all I was doing but your friend has suggested that I might get even closer to her. Now that would be the highlight of British hospitality.'

We laughed and I looked at Julie before giving him our names. We sat down again and ordered a few more drinks.

'Was your friend telling the truth?' he asked.

'Well yes and no,' I said. 'We helped him out when he had some trouble with his partner and was doing without! We don't make a habit of it,' I lied.

'Oh that's a pity. It might surprise you but I've never had a white woman before.'

Julie looked up and said, 'It would be a first for me with a black guy too.'

'Does that mean you're interested?' he asked. 'If it helps, I have a pleasant surprise down here for you.'

He looked down and squeezed a long tube in his suit trousers. I knew Julie was hooked.

'I could be tempted,' she said coyly.

To cut to the chase, twenty minutes later Logan was in our main bathroom showering and Julie and I were doing likewise in our en-suite shower room.

'Please stay undressed,' I asked her as we dried off. 'Just that flimsy dressing gown you have and nothing else.'

'OK,' she said as I pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt.

When Logan came out, he was in a brilliant white t-shirt and 'Haynes' briefs. The dazzling white underwear only served to accentuate his height and build as well as the darkness of his skin. I could help but notice the heavy bulge in his white briefs. It looked to be slightly erect but I couldn't really tell. My own cock was straining to escape from my shorts.

'My, my, your husband looks as though he can't wait to get started,' said Logan when he saw my erection. 'You play both ways man?' he asked.

'Sorry?' I said sounding a bit like Hugh Grant in full English gentleman mode.

'Do you like a bit of cock too?' he asked again.

I saw Julie smirk.

'I have been known to partake,' I said, sounding even more like Hugh Grant!

'This should be fun,' he said moving over to Julie.

Her head turned upwards as his tall frame stooped to kiss Julie. His large lips covered her mouth and I heard a gasp as she was enveloped by his big hands. He wasted no time in slipping her robe off leaving her completely naked. Her pale white skin contrasted against his jet black body. His hands took each of her breasts, completely covering them, as his lips continued to kiss her. He leaned forward and started to kiss and lick her nipples, his lips almost covering her breast. The lump in his pants was now extremely visible and it looked big. I stripped naked and took my own cock in hand, sitting on the arm of the sofa to watch the show in front of me.

His left hand slipped between Julie's legs and I saw his finger slide into her. She gasped as his digit slid about two inches inside her before withdrawing and then repeating the action over and over again. Julie's hand went to the front of his briefs and slid through the fly front.

'Oh my God,' she said, 'That feels enormous.'

'Honey, it is,' he responded.

She took both of her hands and slid his briefs down while he pulled his t-shirt over his head. It took a few moments while she negotiated the beast she was exposing. His cock looked to be over nine inches long but its thickness was about twice mine. I thought Peter was big but this guy was something else! Julie's hand was struggling to wrap around it. It was not cut and the foreskin slid back to reveal a purple head. She dropped to her knees and put her mouth around the head. Her face looked slightly obscene as she stretched her mouth to envelop his cock.

All the time he muttered encouragement. 'Yes, Honey, God that's good. Suck my cock and feel my juice in your mouth. I'm gonna fuck you with this stick and if you don't want it, your husband's gonna get it up his hole!'

That raised my eyebrows slightly. Sucking a cock was one thing but taking a thing like that as my first anal entry was pretty well out of the equation. I hoped Julie would be enough for him though I had some concerns at her ability to take him.

When Julie stood up to kiss him again, I crawled over and started to suck his cock. For a heterosexual man, sucking another man's stiff cock is quite an amazing experience. There was no doubt in my mind, it wasn't so much that I wanted a man's cock in my mouth, but I wanted the man's cock that was going to fuck my Julie. Julie was the catalyst and I wanted to share her pleasure. I loved being slightly cuckold, subservient to everything that was happening. I knelt between them trying my best to take as much cock down my throat as I could. I managed about half before I started to gag so concentrated on holding it firmly and sucking the head, letting the skin slide back and forth in my mouth.

His juice was slightly salty and erotic and I could feel the taste at the back of my throat. I held his balls which were surprisingly small for the size of his cock, and licked them in between sucks. Suddenly Julie's legs disappeared into the air and I realised he had lifted her off the floor and was carrying her to the bedroom. I quickly got out of the way.

He laid her on the bed and stood, stroking his big cock.

'Let me see you fuck her,' he said. 'I'll watch and learn.'

Julie was breathing heavily. This was quite early on in sex to be fucking. She liked a longer warm-up but being watched while I fucked her appealed to me.

She lay on the bed with her legs draped over the bottom so I walked over and parted her legs, delving my tongue between them and pushing it into her gaping cunt. She was beautifully moist. I slurped and delved, my right hand stroking my cock. Standing beside us, Logan was wanking his cock and watching every movement. My own hands stretched up and caressed Julie's tits, tweaking her nipples as I licked her. She whimpered when I did so. There were little short squeals and gasps as I licked the little button which gave her so much pleasure.

I lifted her properly up on the bed and settled between her, ready to fuck when I felt rough hands grip my cock.

'Let me,' he said, gripping my hard erection and aiming it towards Julie's cunt.

God that felt good. I slid easily into her as his hands released their grip and then moved around to cup my buttocks as I fucked. My cock pumped in and out with relative ease and Julie was enjoying it. His hands pushed me in and out pressing against my buttocks and I felt his finger teasing my anus. I heard his lick his finger and then gently probe my arse. I had no idea what was happening but the sudden build in climax almost had me filling Julie there and then and it took all my self control to stop from cumming. I stopped pumping her.

'I assume pussy boy liked that,' he said with a slight sneer.

'I don't quite know what you did but it set something off,' I said.

'Here, give me a rubber and let me show your pretty, sweet, white wife what black cock is like.'

'Oh please yes,' whimpered Julie, 'Fuck me!'

I handed him a rubber and watched in awe as he struggled to get it over his cock, and even then, it only stretched about two thirds of the way up it. I knelt over Julie and I quickly gripped it to repeat what he had done for me.

His cock was both hard and spongy at the same time. I took great delight in holding it as he gently pushed into Julie.

'Please take it easy,' she said.

He did take it easy but to be honest she was so excited and so wet, I felt sure he could have just plunged it straight in and she would have hardly noticed. He was soon pummelling Julie in the missionary position but then he lifted her up and swung her around to enter her doggy fashion. That gave me the opportunity to act like a hungry dog and dive under them to lick his cock as it entered and withdrew carrying a thick coating of her juice. I licked his bouncing balls, I licked his cock, I even managed to get my tongue partly into her with his cock. I was in heaven.

She spoke in single words. ' harder!'

He did!

He was now hammering into her, fully withdrawing and them sliding the entire cock all the way to his balls, then back out and straight back in. I stood on the bed looking down on the scene and he took his hand, grabbing my cock and pulling it towards his mouth as he fucked. His sucked was amazing. This guy was no novice and for a moment I wondered if I actually wanted to try his cock in my arse. I realised that it was stupid but his cock-sucking was phenomenal!

My cum was building and I told him so. This was only thirty or so minutes into the session and, though Julie had already orgasmed once I wanted her to have more.

'You'll need to stop,' I said,' If you don't want some English cum in your mouth.'

I don't know what he did but his tongue seemed to slide under my foreskin and tickle the glans. My cum was jetting into his mouth with hardly a second of warning and he not only drunk it, he gripped my cock to ensure none escaped. My knees buckled on the soft bed and I was struggling to stay upright.

When I subsided, he flipped Julie over and raised her legs high above her head in a 'V' shape, leaning forward to kiss her with his cum filled mouth. She let him as he once more started his fucking. I could see her vagina lips wrapped tightly around his cock. I could see the skin pulling out with it then folding back in as he pummelled her.

His thrusting suddenly became a stabbing motion and he grunted with each thrust. Julie howled as another orgasm came over her and he kept his pumping up till she subsided even though it was obvious he had already shot his load inside her. He slid his cock out, the end of the condom heavy with his cum, and he pulled it off. Droplets of cum were hanging from the end of his cock and he grabbed the back of my head and forced it down on his cock as its erection subsided. I was a little reluctant in my post orgasm condition but I took it and sucked it, managing the whole length of the shortening cock. I'm glad I did as the memory has stayed with me since.

Drinking coffee afterwards, Julie said to Logan, 'I think Steve is going to have his work cut out keeping me happy after that. Thanks Logan and please, please look us up if you're ever back this way.'

'Try and stop me Honey,' he said. 'Besides, I still want to nail your pretty little husband's arse!'

We haven't seen him again, so far!

Julie and I have enjoyed our own sex life all the more. I love her to bits and every now and then, I just enjoy seeing someone else enjoying her, knowing she's coming back with me. Julie for her part loves cock. She likes small cocks, large cocks, and thick cocks and even worse, she has started asking me to enjoy them with her. There seem to be a lot of guys out there that love the idea of the pretty young thing with the husband who can't keep her satisfied. I just have to keep finding them for her!



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