The Steve and Julie you see now is not the Steve and Julie from four years ago. We were just like every other young married couple. We had the white wedding, the honeymoon in Mauritius and the struggle to put a deposit down on a semi-detached house. We came home having done nothing for two weeks but sunbathe, eat, drink and shag. We only had eyes for each other.

Lying around the pool at the Saint Geran with all the beautiful people who seemed to have more money than we had (her dad paid for the honeymoon), I never tired of watching Julie walk towards me and feel proud that this sexy little 21 year old was all mine. It gave me great satisfaction to see other men's eyes follow her walk and look longingly at her tight little buttocks swaying and I knew that I and only I was going to screw her later. I didn't realise then, that the pride I was showing was the seed of a greater desire which started to grow some three years later and was actually nurtured by Julie, initially by mistake and subsequently, deliberately.

So we're three years down the road, we have neighbours, we have friends, we have other couples round for dinner, we have parties and we have no kids. Initially it was by design but for the previous twelve months we had been trying without success. Neither of us were particularly kid orientated but were aware it was going to be a necessity in the grand scheme of things.

Out for an Italian meal with Peter and Monica, our near neighbours, we had been having a great night and, to be honest, had been drinking way more than normal. Monica and Julie had been having some private conversation that seemed to stop every few minutes while they laughed hysterically and had to be 'shushed' by the two of us as people were looking at them in the bar where we were now ensconced.

Suddenly Julie shrieked, whispered something to Monica and the pair of them scurried to the ladies toilet leaving Peter and I looking at each other with a 'women, who would love them,' look.

When they came back, they calmed down but from time to time, kept giggling again. They wouldn't tell us what was so funny. Eventually it was past midnight and Peter and Monica said they were going. Julie said she fancied just one more but they weren't for changing their minds so they left and we stayed. Julie was in a soft chair a bit like and easy chair and I was in a higher, hard chair opposite but slightly off to the side.

'So come on then, what was the joke?' I said.

'Stay where you are,' said Julie, 'And then look over at me.'

I didn't fully understand until she slightly opened her legs and there was her cunt, clearly visible.

'Where are your pants?' I spluttered.

'I peed myself,' she said. 'When Monica told me that joke about the Italian waiter, I just squirted. Not much though but enough to make me have to rush to the toilet, take off my pants and wash my little friend down here in the disabled toilet.'

I found it really funny.

'That guy is watching me. I think he saw my cunt,' she suddenly said.

I looked round and a young guy who seemed to be a Chinese student, smiled at me with a knowing smile.

'It was when I opened my legs to show you,' continued Julie, 'He got an even better look than you.'

She seemed quite unaffected by it which surprised me as Julie was never one for showing her tits or bits off, even on holiday.

'I don't think he did,' I said.

'Watch,' she replied opening her legs again.

The beaming smile on the guy's face suggested he definitely could see her cunt.

'He's got me a bit wet down there,' she said, 'And I haven't peed myself either.'

I felt my cock stir and as I looked across, I could clearly see a lump at the front of the student's cotton Chinos.

'He's hard,' She said.

Before I could stop her, she had opened her legs again and slightly pulled her skirt higher which had the effect of ensuring that what had previously been in shadow was now on display.

'I feel sooo naughty,' She said.

Thankfully because of the angle no one else could see what she was up to.

'You shouldn't do this,' I said to her quite seriously despite my erection. It's not fair to lead the poor guy on into thinking he's going to get something he's not.'

'Maybe I should give it to him,' She said with a drunken twinkle in her eye.

'Don't I have a say in this?' I snapped angrily.

'But you're already saying,' she said and leaned forward to squeeze my brick hard cock. I jumped.

'You're not seriously going to pick up a stranger in a bar and let him....let him...'

'Fuck me,' she finished.

'Fuck you,' I said quietly.

'What would you say if I said I did?' she asked. 'He's a stunning looking young guy. He looks almost too young to be in a bar let alone be thinking of fucking some guy's horny wife.'

I had to admit, his small, slim build gave him the look of a naughty schoolboy but his smile was from cheek to cheek.

I had to go to the toilet though I also wanted to see what she would do if I did. I went to the urinals which were thankfully empty, and fished out my brick hard 7 inches. It took a moment but at last I started to let the piss flow. I was suddenly aware that someone was next to me.

'You would think a cock like that would be enough for her,' said the Chinese lad with that accent Oriental people who have learned English outside Britain speak.

'Mine isn't as big,' he nodded down and a 6 inch dark-skinned uncut cock stood brick hard in his hand. Dark hair curled out from the fly in his trousers.

'I think she's just drunk,' I said, struggling to force my stiff dick back through my jeans fly.

'Oh, I would have loved to do it to her and let you watch me,' he said. 'I have never yet fucked a British woman and she looks to beautiful and sexy. You are a lucky man.

God my cock was hard! I smiled and walked out.

'What did he say, what did he do?' She said grabbing me as I came out.

'He wants to fuck your brains out,' I said.

'This is just so, so erotic,' she said. 'I've never been so excited in my life. A complete stranger, a complete young Oriental stranger, wants to fuck me. Oh God, I feel so horny Steve. What do you think we should do?'

'How would you feel in the morning when you sober up?' I asked.

'Hornier,' she said.

'I'll let him if it's what you want,' I suddenly said. I was frightened as this was beyond my control.

I looked up as the young guy was leaving the bar. The decision had been made for us!

We were tired, drunk and exhausted and when we managed to get home, fell fast asleep.

Next morning was Saturday and as we lay in bed Julie said, 'Did I really expose myself to a complete stranger last night? That's so embarrassing.'

'I didn't recognise the Julie in that bar,' I said with a disapproving tone.

'Wait a minute,' said Julie, 'Is this the guy with the stiff erection who exposed it to the guy in the toilet then came back and told me to fuck him, giving me a reprimand?'

I laughed. She was right and we both knew we had found the whole incident erotic, even though the route to it had been completely accidental.

'He was really cute though' Said Julie. 'I could visualise him between my legs hammering away at me.'

Julie's hands were between her legs as she spoke.

'I've never been like that in my life but I was really excited last night. Honestly, what did you think?'

'I have to say, Julie,' I answered, 'At that moment I would have brought him back and let him do what he wanted to you. I have no idea where the thought came from but at that time it was all I wanted.'

'I love you, you know,' She purred.

'And I love you, which is why I'm confused,' I said.

'Should we go back to that wine bar tonight?' she said, still fingering herself.

'You want to, don't you?'

She flushed and I had her answer.

This time we would be in control and if he wasn't there, then fate would have made the decision for us, as fate had the previous night.

We had time to prepare and, to be honest the excitement of preparing was almost as much fun as the doing would be if he was there. I took a Viagra. I had bought some on holiday more for fun than anything but it had made me so excited with a rock hard erection that I kept them and took a half tablet if we were having a serious session with each other.

I asked Julie to leave her panties off completely this time and after dining at home, with a bottle of wine, we headed out at around 10.00 pm, the same time we had arrived at the bar the previous night. It was busy but slightly quieter than the previous night and we managed to get into a little booth over by the window which, though it allowed us to see the bar clearly also angled away from the bar area so we had some privacy. If Julie moved to the other side, she could, however, face the bar should she feel like exposing again. This is where she sat, with her legs closed!

He wasn't there and after about 40 minutes of chatting and the best part of our second bottle of wine for the night we almost forgot why we were there and chatted to each other. I went to the toilet and while standing at the urinal was aware of a guy arriving beside me. Like most guys do, I kept my head down and concentrated on the business in hand.

'It was a lot harder last night,' the voice next to me said

I looked up at the source and there was our Chinese student with the smile.

I smiled in a slightly embarrassed way and left, hurrying back to Julie.

'Good news and bad news,' I said to her. 'He's here, but I was so embarrassed I left.'

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than Julie nudged me and nodded towards the bar where two guys sat opposite on high cocktail stools with a small bar area in front, facing in our direction. The first was our friend from the previous night and he joined a second Chinese guy and spoke to him. Both looked up and smiled straight at Julie.

The friend looked expectant.

'Well that's our fun ruined for the night as he's not alone,' I said, slightly relieved to be honest, as I was shaking with expectation, fear and lust.

'Not necessarily,' said Julie, 'Imagine two Chinese cocks instead of one.'

'Oh come on Julie, surely you don't want.....' My voiced tailed away as I looked at her face.

'We might never get another chance. Are you with me?'

I nodded softly as Julie, not waiting to give me a second chance, slid around to the edge of the 'U' shaped booth until she was facing the guys. She smiled and slowly opened her legs. I could see nothing except the expectant look on the young students' faces. I saw the guy from the previous night press his trouser front as though to adjust himself. She slid her skirt up, ever so slightly, looking around to ensure the show was for their eyes only. Then she opened her legs further and I realised they could now see her treasured possession.

The guys spoke animatedly to each other, gulping their drinks as they watched Julie slide back and forth in the booth, obviously allowing her cunt to open and close as they watched. From time to time she would have to close her legs as someone passed. My mouth was dry, very dry! I gulped the last of the wine down. Julie looked at me, stood up and started to get ready to leave.

I meekly followed, putting down my glass. Julie smiled at the guys and looked towards the door, daring them to follow. We left.

Outside, we waited patiently and it took about three minutes before both guys came out and stood nervously around the door to the pub. Julie was enjoying her complete control over all three of us. She walked over.

'Remember how we said we wouldn't play last night? Well, we've changed our minds if your game and that includes your friend.'

The first guy looked at the second who was nodding enthusiastically. We had them and it was really going to happen!

I don't remember the walk back to the house. Julie chatted with both guys and I stumbled along behind not sure if I was an active member, a voyeur or excess to requirements. When we arrived, Julie busied herself getting the guys towels and showing them the bathroom, and then she grabbed me and dragged me to our shower room.

'I'm a little nervous about all this,' I said. 'What am I meant to do?'

'I'm nervous too but so excited,' she replied. 'Do as much or as little but just remember all our little conversations about how much you wanted me to be seduced.'

She squeezed my cock. 'And it looks like your cock knows what it wants even if your head doesn't.'

I was brick hard.

Once all the showering and washing was done we poured some drinks and sat around, fully dressed again for about 20 minutes. Names were exchanged and we had a Weng and a Jun. Weng was our original meet and Jun, his friend. Both were students at a language school in town though their English suggested they didn't need to learn any more. Julie, once more, took the lead.

'C'mon guys, this girl needs some cock,' she said.

We padded through to the bedroom behind her and she stripped off her top as she went, leaving her in her bra. The guys were like dogs on heat. They kept looking at me to make sure I was ok with it and I kept smiling and nodding as though we did this sort of thing every day. When she turned around, her back to the bed, both boys stood, one on either side and she put her arms around them and kissed Weng on the lips. His erection was clearly visible through his trousers and for some reason this excited me.

Jun stood behind her, his hands around her cupping her breasts and his obvious erection pressing against her buttocks. Soon her skirt was off and she was standing in just bra. Jun started to unclasp the bra and it too fell. Julie looked sexually radiant. Her medium length blonde hair hung down to her shoulders and was slightly dishevelled which gave her a raunchy look and her perfect body and 36 inch tits looked perfectly in proportion to her. Nipples were erect and Jun started to play with them while kissing her beck. Weng was still kissing her like a madman.

Julie dropped to her knees and started to unbutton jeans. Weng was first and as she did so, he pulled off his t-shirt. His body was dark skinned and completely hairless though his dark nipples were very pronounced. I looked down and Julie had his jeans down and he kicked off his shoes to get out of them completely. His briefs were quite small and dark blue and a pronounced erection stuck out. Julie looked at me and smiled as she slipped his underwear down. The cock was only about 5 inches long but was like a rod of iron. It sprung out, curving slightly upward, the foreskin slightly pulled back and the glans visible underneath. She enveloped it completely with her mouth and Weng gasped. I got the distinct feeling this was truly his first woman since arriving in Britain and may even have been his first woman, full stop!

Jun was stripping himself behind her. His cock looked almost identical to his friends though it was slightly thicker and about 6 inches long. He also curved upward. Both were almost completely devoid of hair except for thick blue/black curly pubic hair only above the cock with a few stray black hairs on the balls. Jun moved around to offer his cock to Julie who alternated between them. I started to strip until I too was naked and watched alongside, stroking my cock. In fairness the guys pulled back to allow me to join but I motioned for them to enjoy her between them. I moved quite close and knelt down to watch Julie's lips as she sucked each cock deeply to the back of her throat, turn about. I could almost hear her purring.

I stood up again as Weng laid her down on the bed, her legs draped over the bottom. He knelt on the floor, pulled off her panties and then went between her legs to dine. His slurping tongue sounded like it was a banquet. Jun started to kiss her as she held his cock in her hand and I sat on a chair watching and wanking. This was turning me on.

I was amazed just how hard these guys' cocks were. Mine was stiff but slightly drooping, even with the Viagra, while they were brick hard and curving upwards as though desperately waiting to fuck. Weng adjusted Julie's position for fucking and looked at me. I quickly grabbed a condom and handed it to him. He ripped it open and stretched it over his rigid organ. The tight latex made it look very sexy. As his friend looked on, he lay on top of Julie and inserted his cock with ease. Julie whimpered with pleasure as he pumped his cock into her. Jun stood and watched and as he was slightly in my way I stood up and moved closer to the action.

I saw Jun looking again at my much larger cock. He then looked at me and smiled in a slightly odd way, before dropping to his knees and covering my cock with his mouth. I started to pull back but his hand went round to grip my buttock and pull me to him. When I stopped my mild protest, he gripped my cock and started to suck me in a way I had never been sucked. He was a born cock sucker. His grip was firm and his sucking was amazing. As I watched Julie being pumped by Weng, his hands holding her tits while he kissed and sucked them, his friend was sucking me ever closer to orgasm. I didn't want to cum first so I stopped him.

He stood up and kissed me. Again, I was slightly repulsed but again, his kissing was so enthusiastic, I found myself searching for his tongue. He moved off my mouth and kissed my nipples. No one had ever done that before and I found the sensitivity electric. Then he looked again at me and pushed my shoulders downwards. He was wanting me to suck him.

I was reluctant to say the least. This was all very new to me. Julie was flat out on the bed, a Chinese cock hammering at her cunt, oblivious to her husband performing homosexual acts beside her! I dropped to my knees and tried to emulate the action Jun had just performed on me but succeeded in almost circumcising him with my teeth. He held my cheeks and gently pushed his iron rod into my mouth. I gripped it and wrapped my lips around it, feeling the soft foreskin slide back as I sucked and the hard texture of his flesh in my mouth. I was soon sucking like a professional, if there is such a thing!

I was aware of Weng slipping out of Julie, and as he looked across, he smiled when he saw the action beside him.

'He's always doing that,' he said to me.

Julie, flat on her back, panting, was unaware what 'that' was.

Jun walked over and ripped open and condom, stretching it on his cock and took up position to fuck Julie. I watched him repeat exactly what had gone before and soon Julie was gasping and whimpering again as he reached his breakneck fucking speed. As I watched, Weng's cock appeared in front of my face.

'Mine has been inside your wife,' he said, 'so it tastes better.'

It wasn't quite true as it tasted slightly of rubber but it was still and exciting thing to suck. I realised what women got out of sucking cock. It was a satisfying thing to do. Perhaps a flashback to breast feeding!

I was really into it as Weng stood and I cupped his small balls in my other hand, while gripping the base of his cock like a cock ring and sucking for all my worth. I heard Julie orgasm for the second time that night as Jun teased his cock in and out of her and I wondered if he had cum in her. That was the least of my worries because as the thought passed through my head, I was aware of a massive increase in the fluid inside my mouth and looking up sharply, the ecstatic look on Weng's face told me he had just unloaded a fresh supply of Chinese baby batter into my unsuspecting mouth. In shock, I stopped sucking. He grabbed his cock and continued wanking himself and as my mouth withdrew, three fast blasts of cum splattered on my face. The heat and sensation were initially disgusting but the erotic, ammonia-like smell was not. I look at him as he approached and squeezed the last few drops on my face. I did nothing.

I stood back and I stood up, wiping the remnants from my face.

'You fuck her now,' said Weng, 'I want to watch.

Jun withdrew as he said this and I lay on top of Julie to enter her. No condom for me, I was going to cum in her. I started to fuck her. The sensation of entering a warm, already prepared cunt is absolutely wonderful. Her juices made entry so easy and I was soon at my stride. As I fucked, Jun sat astride my back and wanked himself. His finger traced my arse hole and his wet tipped cock rubbed on my buttocks. There was no way he was going to fuck me, but I had to admit that the attention to my rear end was highly erotic and when I felt his cum blast all over my arse and back, I shot into Julie with a force that actually hurt my entire cock length.

I withdrew with a 'phew.'

Weng knelt down between Julie's bruised and battered cunt and went back between her legs with his tongue, lapping my cum as it leaked back out. I looked at Jun as I wiped his cum off my arse and he just smiled as though to say 'what's he like?' as a mother might say over an errant toddler.

When they had left, Julie and I lay and basked in the sexual afterglow. She was concerned I had been left out, until I told her what had actually happened.

After a few jokes about me 'batting for the other side,' she actually said she found it quite erotic, sharing her husband with another guy.

'Where do we go from here?' I asked her.

'Where do you think?' she retorted with a wicked glint in her eye.



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