An Evolving Relationship by kewtieboy

MMMF, oral, bisexual, anal, voyeur

There are times when you are hurtling down the rail-road track that is life, the destination clearly visible and fate throws the points leaving you heading in another direction. It's not always possible to get back to the same set of points again. That's a little like my life and I need you to understand that before I tell the rest of this story.

I lived in a small Highland town in Scotland, not sure where I stood sexually but all my friends did the things I did. There was a mix of football, talking about girls, bragging about sex even though most of us had probably not experienced it. I had a best friend, Adrian and we had been as close as platonic friends could be, often staying at each other's houses through all our school years.

Though we started drinking before we should have, probably around 17 years old, it was not until we had a fun night out with two girls on a double date that things changed. The night was all right, both of us hoping for more than a quick kiss and both girls determined that was all we were going to get. Adrian's parents were away to their time-share apartment in the Canary Islands but despite our best efforts, neither girl accepted the offer of an empty house and two horny guys.

We headed back ourselves and decided to start on Adrian's parents wine collection. In the early hours, and both slurring slightly we were talking about the proper way to snog girls with definite differences in technique.

Adrian, jokingly leaned over and took my jaw in his hand saying, "This is how it's done!"

His lips covered mine and his tongue entered my mouth where it darted around as his hands held me firmly in place and he forcefully started some serious kissing. I was startled at first but couldn't quite break free, however the warmth of his tongue and his quickening breath suggested this might be a little more than just drunken fun. My hand moved to his head and I forced him on to me even more fervently and before long any pretence of larking around disappeared. Soon he was lying on top of me his hard cock pressing against mine and we ended up having sex. There was no fucking but some serious sucking, kissing and eventually cumming.

His apology afterwards suggested it was just because he had been so frustrated but I had really enjoyed it and told him so. He blushed and admitted so had he. The relationship became a mix of "just lads together" and then approximately every two weeks, when the opportunity presented itself, we had sex. We moved on to trying anal and though I tried to fuck him he struggled to take it. I, however, managed to develop a technique to accept Adrian's seven inch dick. He even came inside me a few times which I loved.

We kept the relationship quiet and continued this odd love affair for just over a year before Adrian announced he had a girlfriend and the sex stopped almost immediately. There was one embarrassing oral session which ended in him cumming in my mouth and saying it would have to stop. We drifted apart after that, we nodded when we saw each other and that was about all.

I realised I probably loved Adrian and was a lost soul for some time before I met Trish. She was a fun loving girl who was almost a bit laddish. She drank with the best of us and partied until the wee small hours. Three months after meeting her, I fucked her for the first time. I stayed hard, I enjoyed it and she insisted I came on her face, unusual for a girl, I thought.

Trish had a small frame which made her breast look bigger than they actually were. Her bottom was rounded and was a treat to look at and she had stunning green eyes and dark auburn hair cut short.

In the first month or two, I discovered a really unusual trait in Trish, she liked looking at good looking guys and commenting on them.

"Wow look at the bum on him Robin. Wouldn't mind him pumping between my thighs. What do you think?"

I was just a little disconcerted at first but soon joined the game, pointing out rough looking labourers and suggesting they would leave her bruised after a good fucking. She seemed to relish in the game and, surprisingly, never played it in reverse, looking at girls for me to fuck in my head. Of course it turned me on being able to talk openly about good looking guys to my girlfriend and it was all harmless fun though our friends, when they overheard us once, thought we were weird.

"I think we should move to Glasgow Robin," said Trish one day around six months after we had met.

"Why?" said I.

"Cos we're vegetating here. There's no fun, no jobs and few friends. I'm a fun loving animal. What do you think?"

It took another four months to get it sorted. Trish, with medical training was first to get employed as a nurse but I wasn't far behind getting a job as an electrician with some builders. We rented a flat and moved South. Our nights out were rare but she continued her assessment of "eligible" men now that there were more to ogle.

One night when we were both home and feeling rather mellow, half-way through our second bottle of Orvieto Classico she surprised me when she said, "What would happen if one of those gorgeous guys did come on to me?"

I said, "Let me turn this around in that what would you do if one of these guys came on to you?"

"My answer's dependent on yours," she replied. "I get the funniest of feelings that you get a bit turned on thinking of these guys and me, and maybe also just thinking of these guys, full stop!"

"Trish what are you implying?" I said rather angrily.

"I think you would get as much out of it as I would," she said.

"So you do want to do something with one of them?" I asked.

"Maybe," was her reply.

I fucked Trish senseless that night even though neither of us mentioned the fantasy scenario which was almost definitely going through our heads.

I didn't know how to pimp for my girlfriend. Swingers sites worried me as I didn't really want sexual experts. I wanted a guy who wanted Trish and was happy to have me along as excess baggage so I could take a back seat and enjoy the show.

The first event was not as I had planned. We were out on a rather quiet Sunday night having a few drinks and decided to walk home. Taking a short cut across on a moderately lit footpath in a nearby park, two young guys, probably a year or two younger than us, were sitting on a bench and passed comments on Trish as we passed. The comments weren't actually threatening, more the result of a little too much beer.

"Nice bum darling," said one.

"Are you on a promise tonight mate? Lucky bugger" said the other.

Trish flashed a smile and said, "There's plenty to go around lads if you want to join in."

The look of incredulity on their faces was a joy.

"What do you mean?" said the brazen one.

"Well I'm horny and have plenty spare for an extra two pairs of hands," said Trish. "We're heading in there," she said pointing off into a dark area of shrub.

She pulled my hand and led me off the path, on to the grass and into the shrubbery.

"Kiss me," she commanded.

"Are you sure this is wise," I said as her lips met mine and my final words came out as a "mmmm."

I was shaking but soon had my hands on her breast with Trish against a tree. I lifted her skirt and started to finger her. She was wet, very wet. My cock started to head for it's full six and a half inches and she held me tight, her palms on my buttocks. I heard the snap of twigs and just caught the shapes of the two guys coming into the dark area. The pathway lights offered some lighting. They stood back but soon started to edge forward to get a clearer view. That's all Trish needed and started to unbuckle my jeans. They dropped at my feet and my tight shorts followed. Trish dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I looked and the guys were almost beside us watching my cock. That really turned me on.

Both guys unzipped and pulled out their cocks. The first guy, who looked about 19, had a long thin cock with foreskin which he pulled back and forth as he stroked. The second, shorter guy, probably about 18 or maybe also 19, has a short 6 incher but it seemed very thick. Both were wanking. Trish beckoned them over so we were in a ring around her. She took each cock in turn into her mouth and rubbed all three cockheads together as she did so. That almost mad me cum immediately and it took all my willpower not to shoot over the guys' cocks. They were quietly moaning as she sucked. There was the trunk of a fallen tree so Trish walked over, pulled off her panties and sat down, leaning back with her legs open. The taller guy was first there and started to lick her cunt.

"Oh yes, that's so good. You have a great tongue," she said.

The second guy came over and opened her blouse, squeezing her tits through her bra. His left hand stroked his cock. I wanked beside them.

"Let's see you fuck her mate," said the taller of the two.

Trish stood and bent over against the fallen tree trunk. I shuffled forward as delicately as I could with my pants at my ankles and angled my cock to her cunt from the rear. It slid in very easily and I steadied myself by holding her hips and fucking.

"That's so fucking horny mate," said the 19 year old as he stood wanking his cock furiously.

Trish was panting now and the pair of us were like a couple of rutting dogs out here in the middle of a public park being watched by two young, straight hoods.

I had to pull out or I was going to cum and I felt at this point, it would not be the best idea.

"C'mon guys, take his place," said Trish.

I fumbled in my wallet for a couple of condoms I always carried as I didn't want her fucked bareback, though I had the very strong feeling that she was so hot she wouldn't have cared. Watching a straight young man stretch a condom on his cock is so erotic especially knowing he's going to fuck your girlfriend. The other prepared himself too and now both were standing behind her with erect cock waiting turn to gang bang her.

First in was the 19 year old who dropped his jeans fully and started to slide into her. His mate stood very closely behind him and I was at the side, all of us stroking our cocks. I slid my hand between them and he let me feel his cock slide into her, just for a few seconds before his humping against her arse made it slightly uncomfortable. Soon he was hammering her, his hands around her breasts and his mate stroking any part of her he could get to. I would estimate that the actual sex lasted around four minutes before he announced his imminent orgasm. It was noisy as he grunted, his spunk firing blindly into my girlfriend. He slid out and his load drooped at the end of the condom, a sizeable deposit.

His mate was now on to her and his cock was stuffed into Trish making her yelp as it's extra girth pushed her open. He was a sturdier stud and his humping was much more steady and relaxed, his mouth nibbling at her neck as he mumbled how good a fuck she was. Trish was cumming, I figured for the second time. She was whimpering so much I could hardly tell her gasping from her orgasms.

He came moderately quickly too and once more, the cock was withdrawn and a drooping condom presented before being pulled off and dropped. After an embarrassed goodbye, the lads left us alone.

"Fuck me Robin and cum in me. Spread their cum on my arse."

I picked up the condoms and pushed my own cock into Trish. As I fucked I emptied them between us letting the still warm liquid from each condom trickle down her arse, over my cock and balls and some traces even slid in with my cock as I fucked her. I told Trish what was happening and she came again as I emptied my own cum inside her.

"That was fucking amazing," she said as she stood up and stuffing her panties into her bag, let the dress drop down over the cum on her arse. I assumed my own cum would be squishing it's way out as we walked and figured that's just what she wanted as we walked home.

Next day at the "post mortem," she told me that it had been one of the most exciting things she had ever done.

"Wouldn't you fancy doing something like that again Robin?" she asked.

"The sex was great," I said, "but we would need to be careful with whom, where and when."

"I know, I know," she said impatiently," but is WAS fun wasn't it."

I agreed and wondered if at any stage I might get my hands on a guy properly during one of these sessions.

For one reason or another nothing much happened for some months after. Either we hadn't time to search, Trish wasn't in the mood because of the time of the month or other problems and, to be honest, even when we went on the look out there were few opportunities. I had been searching some adult contact sites but we attracted some lonely weirdos or guys who assumed I was only joking about the "bi" part and wanted me alone. I kept wanking and fantasising and Trish and I kept fucking but nothing happened.

Summer holidays were due and we had planned a couple of weeks in Palma Nova, Mallorca. It was a resort just a short distance away from the notorious Magaluf but the hotel we had picked was a four star one so we hoped to be apart from the den of iniquity that is Magaluf. The location proved to be fine though we did have a few small same sex groups who, though they were staying a little further out, were still delving into the night life.

We took a trip into the main strip but even at our age, actually felt old. It seemed to be a seething mass of 18 year olds on their first holiday without mum and dad and were looking for sex but were so drunk 90% of the time had little chance of ever actually achieving it. Some cute lad and lassies mind you but the search to actually get one wouldn't have been worth the catch.

It was day three and I had left Trish by the pool to go out and book a restaurant for dinner I came back and went first to the pool bar for a beer when I overheard two guys discussing her as they sat by the bar and looked over to her by the pool. Without going into the actual detail in "men talk," basically they were attracted to her maturity which at twenty-four was a bit of a joke, and the fact that they suggested she might "fuck like a rabbit."

I decided to hang around and listened, watching as the two of them constantly adjusted the front of their swim shorts as they talked. The guys were not stunning model-types but I put them at between eighteen and nineteen. The taller was around six feet tall and well built with the obligatory tattoos on his pectorals and arms. He was a fit looking guy with the shadow of a beard and well-built body. His immediate sidekick was Oriental, shorter by three inches and slimmer too. He had jet black hair hair and pale skin. His body was less defined but he was "pretty" rather than manly.

I leaned forward as they continued to fantasise what they would do to her and casually said, "She does fuck like a rabbit, I assure you."

They both looked at me with a slightly bemused and horrified gaze.

"I fortunately fuck her nightly and she is so bloody horny she is almost too much for me."

The Oriental one started an apology but I stopped him with one finger over his lips.

"Do you get my drift guys? I would love some help in keeping her happy either just one of you, or both of you if you fancy it."

"You want us to fuck your girlfriend, one after the other?"

"Ssh," I said. "At the moment I only want us us to fuck her, not half the hotel. Mind you, that might be fun too."

They were stumped but I quickly changed the subject asking them how long they were here, what they had been up to and how much success they had been having. It seemed my assumption of "all alcohol and no sex," was not far off the mark as I was given stories of near conquests.

"I can offer you Trish, in our room, in the afternoon, before you get too drunk, and you can fuck her brains out right there in front of me. All I need is to get in close and watch the action, maybe have a poke at her too when you've got her good and stretched. What do you think?"

The guys looked at each other, looked at me, looked at Trish, then nodded.

"Room 330, this afternoon at four. Make sure you lads are showered and clean and I'll get some beers in to relax you."

By the time I managed to reach Trish to tell her, the guys had gone so I was left with giving her a description of each.

"Is this what you wanted?" I asked her.

"Wow, and more," she said.

By four we were cleaned and sitting, partially dressed, on the balcony. It was nearer ten past when there was a gentle knock on the door and I went to answer. Both guys were standing there in shorts, looking sheepish.

"Is it still on? "the tall one said.

"We will if you will," I said.

I held the door open to welcome them in just in case anyone was listening and as they walked through, each held out a hand and I was introduced properly to Jeremy, and Tim, the Oriental guy.

Trish bounced over and held out her hand, "Hi guys, I'm Trish, so nice of you to come and hopefully more than once!"

They smiled and shyly sat down. The lads were in shorts and I opened some beers. All were grabbed quickly. Now they had something to do with their hands they relaxed.

"Anyone want some help?"" I asked holding out some of my valuable Viagra stock in my hand.

"Is that what I think it is?" said shy boy Tim.

"It sure is and it'll give you a cock stiff enough to hammer nails."

They grabbed a pill and washed it down with beer. My valuable stock was diminished and I hoped I was going to get my money's worth.

We made small talk but it was Jeremy who cut to the chase.

"So this is your gorgeous girlfriend and you're going to get off watching us fuck her brains out?"

I nodded, "And hopefully I'll get to play as well."

It was Tim who looked at me slightly quizzically not sure whether I meant I got to play with Trish or I expected them to play with me. He looked back and forth and I caught him adjusting his cock in his shorts.

"I wonder," I thought.

"I love her, she loves exciting sex, I love seeing her enjoying herself and I like enjoying myself. It's a win, win as far as I'm concerned."

Jeremy started talking again.

"Well there's four of us are here on holiday and, to be honest, drink has been great, the girls have been fun but it feels like there's a nun's convention on. As soon as you make a play, the birds turn into Mother Teresa and beat a hasty retreat. Neither of us have every done anything in the same room so this will be a bit odd for us but we share a room here so it's nothing we ain't seen of each other and, to be honest, if I don't use it soon, it's going to drop off!

Trish piped up, "I so look forward to helping you, both of you to use it! Let's leave all our inhibitions outside and do what we feel like, do what we want to. I'm so hot you could fry an egg on me."

She stood up and stripped off right down to her little white briefs. We had a one bedroom suite so the bedroom was separate to the sitting area. She walked up and down in front of the them and eventually stopped right in front of Jeremy. His hand tentatively reached out and curled around her right buttock pulling her towards him. He put his large lips on her belly and kissed it before gently pulled her pants off leaving her naked in front of three dressed men. His lips dropped to her mound and he kissed her carefully shaved pubic area, his tongue licking out and down towards her vagina.

I stood up and slid my shorts down, pulling off my t-shirt and finally dropping my briefs. My own seven inches sprung up and I saw Tim look at it. Being naked and hard in front of heterosexual men excited me enormously. Seeing heterosexual men on heat also excited me too and I stroked my cock as I watched Jeremy at work.

First to strip was Tim. He had a very attractive face and I wanted to see him naked. His skin was extremely soft for a guy, and surprisingly creamy. As his shorts dropped a very thin uncut cock sprung into view. It was about six inches long and slim. The skin covered the head and his dark curly hair was contained just above a pair of compact, tight balls. Jeremy withdrew his tongue from its attempt to lick Trish and he also stood and shed his clothes. His cock was a surprise. His tall slim frame did not give a hint of his long thick cock. I could have guessed it was over eight inches and also uncut. The balls were quite small in proportion but he had shaved his pubic area and it made him look like a six feet schoolboy.

"Let's get started," I said.

Jeremy showed little technique so he pulled her up and started to kiss as though his life depended on it. She gave him what he wanted and his finger started to enter her as he stood beside her. He panted and his thick cock was rigid. She gripped him and gently stroked him but he looked a little "trigger happy," gripping her wrist to stop her lest he blow far too early.

Tim stood, watching and stroking his rock hard little cock. I so wanted to see it enter Trish but it made sense to let them do it their way. Jeremy was behind her and held her from the back rubbing his hard cock up and down on her buttocks. A trail of pre-cum traced up her back. I was so happy to be a spectator. Trish held her hand out so Tim and I took a side each and allowed her to grip both cocks and stroke them as Jeremy rode his cock up and down on her buttocks.

"I would like Tim to fuck me first," said Trish.

He quickly pulled a condom on his cock and Trish laid him on the floor and then facing him, she sat down on his cock, It disappeared inside rather easily but at least in that position Trish was able to get some deep penetration. Jeremy gently slapped her face with his cock and she gripped me swallowing as much of the head as she could manage as she humped up and down on Tim. Tim seemed so small under Trish's frame. His cock slid in and disappeared each time she sat on him. Jeremy offered his cock to her and she willingly accepted but it was obvious he would blow with too much attention so she would have to be careful and a mouthful of cum at this stage would spoil the afternoon.

This continued for five minutes or so before Trish stood up, leaving Tim's cock sticking upright, covered in her juices. Jeremy homed in and pushed Trish back on the bed, his tongue snaking into her open cunt, obviously excited to be entering the void so recently vacated by Tim's small dick. He slurped noisily and Trish seemed to be enjoying the attention as her back arched and she started the whimpering I knew so well when she was beginning her slow climb to orgasm.

Tim bent over to kiss Trish on the lips, his boyish buttocks pointing straight at me and his rosebud so perfectly exposed in my direction. I placed my hand on his right buttock as though to encourage him and after a brief look over his shoulder at me, he smiled and went back to kiss Trish. I let my hand wander over his buttock and then traced my finger over his exposed hole. He shuddered in an excited way but continued to kiss. His arse gently pushed backwards as I stroked him.

Emboldened by this, I leaned forward and started to kiss his buttocks. He wriggled a little but didn't pull away so I swiftly moved my tongue to his bumhole and licked around before pushing the tip into his hole. He gasped but instead of pulling back, he thrust his buttock on to my mouth. I didn't need a second invitation and all attempts at covert activity went as I gripped his buttocks with both hands and pulled him back slightly, my tongue delving as deeply as I could into his hole. He stood, slightly bent forward, pushed back against my mouth with his cock in his right hand stroking.

Jeremy was oblivious to this as he continued to lick Trish.

"Fuck me please," pleaded Trish. "Let me feel that big cock in me!"

He pulled her back up the bed and put himself in the missionary position on top. I stopped my attack on Tim to watch as he lined his big cock up and gently slid it into Trish. She gasped as he steadily pushed into her in one slow thrust.

"Oh yes," she said, pushing her body up to meet his fucking.

He lay on top and started to fuck her hard. I turned Tim round and he smiled at me, dropping to his knees and taking my cock in his mouth. I let him and watched Trish being fucked hard as my cock was being sucked by an eighteen year old Chinese boy. When he took his mouth off me I lifted him to his feet and knelt to suck his cock in return. I managed the whole cock right up to his pubic patch and then licked around his bare balls.

He had to stop me as he was about to cum and much as I was willing to let him it may have overshadowed the main reason for being there. I nodded in Trish's direction and Tim crawled over to offer his cock to her waiting mouth. Jeremy was hammering into Trish then suddenly lifted her legs high in a "V" format to give him even more access to her cunt. I could see the lips folding in and stretching out with each stroke and I so wanted to lick at Jeremy's cock somehow.

I crawled forward and managed to ease my head under her legs, looking upward at Jeremy towering above. It affected his stroke briefly but he let me. Soon my head was under Jeremy's balls and beside Trish's vagina and I managed to get my tongue against her cunt lips with Jeremy's cock pumping in and out. His hard muscle was rigid against my tongue as it slid in and out of her.

"Oh fuck I'm about to cum," he said.

"Cum in her," I begged.

Trish was screaming as she reached her own climax, her nails digging into this stud's back and she arched her back willing her body to impale itself even more on to the rod pushing inside her.

His groan sounded like a wounded animal as his thrusts slowed and then increased and I felt his rod stiffen as the fluid pumped into Trish. My tongue picked up vibration of his cum entering her. He stopped and pulled his cock out. It had started to deflate and the heavy organ plopped on to my lips, still discharging it's warm, sticky load into the condom. He pulled away quickly and left Trish leaking cunt in my face. I licked her and felt the heat on my tongue.

I stood as Jeremy discreetly headed to clean himself. Trish grabbed Tim and put his cock in her mouth. He sat across her shoulders leaving me free to push my cock into her seriously wet cunt. There was little traction but I easily emptied my own heavy load into Trish. Tim panted and gave her a squirt of his man juice straight down her throat.

By the time Jeremy came back, it was all over. Trish lay leaking cum from her cunt and mouth, a smile playing on her face and Tim looked happy too.

The lad were flying home three days later so we didn't get a chance for a repeat though I did get Tim's number which he seemed eager I should have.

We didn't look for any more sex on the holiday, returning to our stored fantasies to feed our sex life for the rest of the fortnight. Much as my cock told me I wanted to do it as often as I could, even I knew that it we did it too much it would have an effect on our own relationship, especially remembering the size of Jeremy's cock and Trish's reaction to it.

We stopped actively looking for extra sex. We weren't on the contact or dogging sites any more and though I still wanked over possible fantasy scenes with and without Trish, we returned to being "Mr & Mrs Average."

Sometimes even when you're not looking, with the "radar" switched on, it can still happen though. Trish's cousin was getting married back up in the Highlands and we were invited. It was a sizeable wedding and we were going to have to stay over so we booked an overpriced room in the hotel where the reception was being held. It was a large country house hotel, around four miles from the church and a few other guests were staying there too. Most of the others were being coached or were driving from the wedding to the reception. Of course, being a Highland wedding meant having to wear the obligatory kilt and all close family were encouraged to do so. I had to hire before leaving home. I almost ruined the kilt on the night I picked it up before coming North when Trish requested a dress rehearsal and when I stood in front of her in kilt, shirt and jacket, she checked I was not wearing underwear and satisfied I wasn't, set out to have sex.

"I love a man in a kilt," she said.

I had to secretly agree and I ended up shagging Trish, kilt held up and cock embedded into her. The trouble was, when I came, quite a lot ended up on the kilt and it took quite some time to remove the stain and I had to use the hair dryer to get the kilt ready for wearing again.

Anyway, on the day of the wedding the sun shone and we all were waiting to go into the church when, amongst all the kids flying around in hyperactive fashion I was aware of someone watching me. Across the gravel driveway was a stunningly attractive young man, in kilt (so he had to be from somewhere in the immediate family) and he was staring, only dropping his eyes when I looked up to meet his gaze.

This lad looked around seventeen to nineteen. He had blonde, slightly curly hair, was well built without being heavy and had a stunning round face with piercing blue eyes. I casually asked Trish who he was.

"I think he's the groom's younger brother," said Trish. "Why?"

"Cos he keeps staring as us," I said.

I didn't want to say, "He keeps staring at me."

We were ushered into the church and sure enough, he was on the other side of the aisle, with the groom's parents. He kept casually looking over and gave an enigmatic smile when I caught his eye from time to time. I saw him ask his mother who we were and she seemed to have calculated our relationship as when she looked over and smiled at us, she then pointed at Trish's cousin as though to confirm our family membership.

Soon it was all over and we had the afternoon meal in the hotel. The men adjourned for a pre-evening event drink and the women took strolls in the grounds. I was chatting with some guests who were kilt-free so obviously friends of bride or groom and again, caught the lad standing in a small group but looking at me. He had a beer in his hand so I realised he must be over eighteen, even though his lack of stubble suggested otherwise. He smiled that smile again and batted his long eyelashes as he did so, before being pulled away by his fellow guests.

Soon the evening music was set up and a coach load of evening guests arrived to swell the numbers. I lost Trish to her family and was wandering around joining in and out of conversations when I caught a glimpse of him again sitting in a corner talking to someone. The chair was quite low and I was aware that with a little effort I might be able to see up his kilt and confirm if he was or wasn't a true Scotsman. I casually walked over to the other side of the seated group and plopped down on a chair. He still hadn't seen me. He was laughing and joking with some slightly younger lads (orange juice being the giveaway). As he moved in his chair I was able to briefly catch a glimpse of flesh between his legs. It was fleeting but that little glimpse of testicle was enough to start my cock rising. I pushed it down and closed my legs but it was rising slightly between them.


He was standing beside me looking down at me, hand out to shake. I held mine out and as I had a beer in the other hand, my cock slightly rose between my legs. I didn't think it was obvious but that smile was there again.

"I'm Scott, Terry the groom's, brother."

"Yes I noticed you earlier," I said.

"I know you did. Was that your wife with you?"

"Yes that's Trish but she's my girlfriend. So did you know who I was?"

"Yes and no. I knew you were coming to the wedding but didn't know what you looked like."

"How did you know about me?"

"I know an old school friend of yours, Adrian. Though he's about your age we've been quite....friendly over the last few months."

My blood ran cold. Adrian, my first love, who left me for a woman, was possible having sex with this little Adonis. I was suddenly jealous of both of them. If Adrian was back "doing it," where did that leave me?

He continued. "Adrian was back for a few weeks as his father died and he was helping to wind up the estate. I've been home for the Summer before starting at University in Glasgow in the Autumn.

"Glasgow!" I thought. "Very close to me."

"He told me you and him used to be very close at one time," he said.

"Well you now what kids are like?" I said.

"You must have been around my age when you knew him so not exactly kids," he said.

"It's a long time ago and now I'm with Trish. Have you any girlfriends?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Like Adrian and maybe you too, of course I have a girlfriend but sometimes it's good to do lad's things, isn't it."

"Oh I do everything with Trish," I blurted.

"Everything?" he said incredulously.

I looked at him, narrowed my eyes and said, "Everything!"

"Wow that's even more fun!"

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" I asked him.

"Depend if you're saying what I think you're saying," he replied. "Are you staying here tonight?"

"My parents have a room and I have a single which means I'm a free agent tonight. What do you think?"

"I need to check with Trish," I said.

"I'm happy with or without Trish," he said.

I left him on a promise and headed off to find her.

Now Trish knew I had been with Adrian in my young days and also knew I had a bit of a bi-tendency when we had sex. I'm also sure she realised that one of the reasons we had threesomes was so I could get my hand on some cock though we hadn't discussed that in great detail. At the end of the day Trish was a horny sod and if it got her some extra cock she was happy to go along with it, so it suited us both. What I hadn't told her is how deep my feelings for Adrian had been at the time. I am sure that if he had reciprocated those feelings into adulthood, I would be living a gay life rather than a straight one. Now Scott had set my heart aflutter but I was thankful I had been strong enough not to accept the offer of sex with him alone. There was emotional danger here and I loved and respected Trish too much to do something behind her back with someone I was sexually attracted to as much as I was with Scott.

I found Trish in full flow with a group of girls, giggly with the wine and having a ball. I took her arm carefully and guided her into a corner.

I told her about Scott and just managed to point him out to her through the crowd.

"He looks like jail bait," she said.

"Sixteen is the age of consent here," I said, "And he's safely eighteen even though he looks like a wee Highland laddie."

"Sweet though," said Trish. "I wonder if he'll keep his kilt on. I'd love sex with two guys in kilts."

"Is that a yes then?" I said, hoping it was because if she refused I felt I might be tempted to go solo with this stunning blonde lad.

"You know I love being pumped by an energetic teenager Robin and he is certainly a fine example of that," she replied.

I sought him out and told him the news suggesting we all feign tiredness a little earlier than normal. I said we would head to our room about 10.00pm and have a shower and wait for him. I also asked him to make sure he put his kilt back on.

"Dirty bugger," he said.

I reminded him that Trish knew about Adrian but not about the length or intensity of the relationship and he agreed to stay quiet about that.

We actually started to head up to our room at 9.30pm while the dancing was still in full flow and we weren't going to be missed. Both of us had a few drink inside and were quite merry and horny. I couldn't wait to explore the body of this young stud. We showered and I put my kilt and a t-shirt on to await his arrival. It was about 10.20pm when the door knocked.

He was dressed quite similarly to me but with a rugby top above his kilt.

"Hi," he said softly, looking even younger than he had downstairs.

"Hi," I replied and stood side to let him enter.

Trish bounced across wearing a light tracksuit bottom and white top.

"So you're a bisexual Highlander," she said. "This should be interesting."

Scott smiled and for the first time, looked nervous.

"I won't eat you Scott. Feel free to grope my boyfriend as and when required as long as I get some!"

Scott looked tentatively back and forth and it was Trish who stepped forward and took his hand, placing in her breast.

"Have you been with a woman before Scott?" she asked.

"Eh, yes. I had a girlfriend for a year and we did it then."

"Well let's see if you like doing it with a woman instead," she said.

I walked over and put my arm around him. I was shaking with excitement. He lifted his head, looked and me and moved to kiss me. I glanced at Trish and she quietly nodded so I put my lips to him and kissed him. Electricity shot through me and my cock started to rise at a speed I hadn't experienced for some years.

Trish's hands had gone under his kilt to discover he was a true Scot.

She softly said, "Nice," as she caressed his cock under the fabric.

I put my hand to his rear and ran it up to his buttocks. They were firm and pert in a way only the young can be. He gasped as I stroked him and felt a small shudder pass down his body.

Trish dropped to her knees and her head disappeared under the fabric, it's shape bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock. By now, Scott's hand was on my erect cock and he stroked me gently.

"That feels so good," he whispered.

I was slightly jealous that Trish had felt him and was now dining on his prick and I hadn't even seen it yet. I kissed his again and felt a forceful pressure as he pushed his tongue down my throat and his lips were hard against mine. Adrian had taught him well. Trish stood and gently took his face towards hers. I reluctantly let her kiss him as I dropped to replace her, on my knees in front of him I lifted his kilt to face two perfect testicles, evenly shaped and shaved. His cock, with a foreskin slightly pulled back because of his erection, stood straight out looking at me. It was a good size, perfect for his shape and build and I would have put it at a little over six inches, medium width without a single blemish on the skin. He had a patch of pubic hair above which looked as though it had been shaved and was now growing back. A little drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip and I quickly covered it with my mouth, savouring the flavour of young flesh. The hardness shocked me. It was so hard there was no give in it whatsoever. I sucked like a hungry animal, taking the full length down my throat until I gagged, then up to the tip, running my tongue around the outside length and then licking his soft balls. I wanted as much if this boy inside me as possible.

Trish appeared alongside me on her knees and suggested I stand. I did and she immediately lifted both kilts to suck our cocks one after the other and then put them together to try both at once. The feel of my cock against his, rubbing with her saliva, almost brought me to climax and I had to stop her.

"Someone's horny," said Trish with a slightly sarcastic note, obviously guessing how hot I found this guy.

We lay Scott on the bed and pulled his top off. Trish stripped naked and I pulled my t-shirt off. Trish climbed to the top of the bed and straddled the poor lad's face with her cunt leaving him little option but to stick his tongue inside while she rode up and down holding her breasts in her hands. He was doing something right as I saw that glazed look of her face when her clit was being serviced well. I knelt between his legs and lifted the kilt to expose his goods, once again engulfing him with my mouth. I lifted his legs this time and when I started licking his balls, allowed my tongue to drift lower and lick his arse. He was sensitive, his body bucking up and down as I rimmed him as best I could in this position. Trish also leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth as I rimmed him from between his legs. The poor soul wondered which sensation was getting him off fastest and begged us to stop lest he shoot his load there and then.

I rolled off and Trish lay beside him. Since we had dominated from the beginning and he was the youngest we assumed that's what he wanted to happen but he climbed off the bed and lay on top of Trish kissing her quite forcefully, licking and tweaking her tits and licking all the way to her cunt. Trish was writhing on the bed as I watched, cock in hand.

He took my hand and pulled me down alongside her and started to suck my cock, dashing back and forth between the two of us, a hand across my body and the other across Trish. His lips were everywhere as he kissed, licked, sucked and fondled the two of us. It was quite a performance from such a young guy.

"Can I have a condom?" he asked.

Is request was quickly filled and he then lay on top of Trish and guided his cock to her hole, pushing his dick inside her in one thrust. Trish gasped as it entered her so forcefully. When he apologised and tried to withdraw, she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him into her.

"Fuck me hard," she said.

I lay down behind him to watch his cock fuck her like a piston. Trish was whimpering as he hammered her cunt, pulling out and then pushing back in with a vengeance.

"Oh Scott, fuck, oh God, keep going, keep going, oh Christ!"

The last word was mixed with an orgasm which was one of the quickest I had seen her achieve and one of the loudest too. I was thankful for the loud music wafting from downstairs.

He withdrew and I was thankful he hadn't cum. Trish was wet with perspiration and slumped back to rest as Scott looked at me and smiled,

"You now," he said.

I lay beside him ready to kiss but he lifted my kilted legs and started to rim me. His tongue entered my arse and I saw stars. He licked frantically and energetically, occasionally licking up to my balls and my cock.

"Do you have lube?" he asked.

"This I gotta see," said Trish rummaging through our toilet bag and bringing out some KY.

Scott lubed my hole swiftly and efficiently. The weird sensation of finger pushing into me was one I hadn't felt since Adrian. His finger was there but slid in with such ease I relaxed and let him. Only when I felt his cock slide in did panic a little. Scott was having none of it though. I was going to be fucked. It dawned on me, of course, that Adrian used to fuck me and Scott obviously thought that's what I would want. It was, I just hadn't realised it until his cock slid, slightly painfully, into my hole.

I remembered with Adrian, trying to relax and let it go, not to fight the intrusion. His cock was in me in about three attempts and soon my legs were up in the air and he was fucking me royally.

"My God, my boyfriend being bumfucked," said Trish.

She fingered herself as she watched.

I was grunting and Scott started to hammer my arse the way he had fucked Trish. This time he didn't last and he grunted as his load shot inside me. I felt the cum pump into my hole and gripped my own cock but Trish stopped me.

"I want fucked by you now," she said.

When Scott withdrew, I climbed doggy style on to Trish and stuck my cock in her. I always came quickly in that position. I held her hips as I fucked her and looked at Scott lying there, his kilt lying back and his softening cock leaking cum. My arse was aching slightly as I fucked. It was a delicious pain and looking at weapon instrumental in causing it was taking me over the top.

"A bit longer Robin, I'm nearly there," said Trish.

I held on as long as I could until she finally climaxed a second time and I emptied my cum straight into her cunt.

We all collapsed on the bed.

"Fucking hell lad, you're coming back!" said Trish.

"I'd love to," said Scott, looking at me with those large eyelashes. "Adrian hoped to see you again too.

I had a feeling I might be about to break my rule about extra marital sex. The thought of a threesome with him and Adrian was going to be too much of a draw not to!

Next morning we exchanged pleasantries over breakfast with Scott and his parents and he looked like the perfect son once more as he smiled across to us shyly. Somehow knowing his cock had been up my hole and in my wife just a few hours previously brought out the devil in me and I looked forward to seeing him in Glasgow..



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