I felt like a cheat at times. My family had brought me up extremely religiously. We went to church on Sunday's, sometimes even twice, and I had to attend various bible classes during the week. As a child the few friends I had outside school were from the church and mum and dad usually disapproved of any little friends I brought back from school so I just stopped doing it. If they could have afforded private school, I would have been there instead of having to mix with the heathen hordes at the local primary school. However any bad habits I picked up at school were soon beaten out of me with a good old round of bible reading and prayer meetings.

They weren't bad parents and, in fact thought they were the epitome of good parents so I struggled to get my head around the bible until I could recite it almost word for word. That pleased them as they wrongly assumed that if I could remember it then I must understand it. I could never understand with so many illegitimate children in the bible why it was so wrong to talk about it in the real world.

By the time I went on to grammar school, the other people knew what my home life was about and I constantly had the piss taken. Thankfully I excelled at sport and was the star of the school soccer team. That also gave me enough muscle power to see off any of the school bullies. I wasn't a bad looking teenager, well built, dirty blonde hair which had a habit of drifting on to my face and thankfully, a lack of acne. The girls seemed to like me, though I think the religious thing scared them off.

My sexual interests were non-existent. I knew about sex (no thanks to my parents whose idea of the 'birds and bees' was to tell me not to do anything). I looked at the girls in school and their budding breasts and wondered what they might look like naked, but equally, I looked at the boys on the football pitch and, thanks to the showers I did get to see what they looked like. I found both quite stimulating which worried me at the time as I wasn't sure what that meant.

By third year, I was being invited to join guys from school for visits to the cinema or to do the round of town centre shops on a Saturday afternoon; my parents were as enthusiastic as a nun at an orgy. Their answer to my sudden interest in the outside world was Roseanne. Guess what, this poor girl had been brought up exactly the same as me but had sadly been at a private school run by the church so had been indoctrinated to think that even saying the word 'sex' would get you pregnant? We were introduced at a dinner party set up for the occasion.

Now please don't think she was a dog, she was actually pretty but in a giggly, cutesy sort of way. I just couldn't think of her on her back with her legs in the air pleading to be fucked (and that's a word I couldn't say in polite company either). To be honest, sixty minutes on one of these makeover shows and she would have been good enough for the catwalk but all her personality and charm had been sucked out of her by her overbearing parents.

Our early 'courting' was chaperoned by one or even all four parents. All Roseanne would talk about were her various theories on the bible and its stories. She liked a few pop groups but most of them were obscure and squeaky clean. She had told me that she was going to keep herself pure until her wedding night and even 'touching herself' was forbidden. That's why she talked so much about anything but love and sex. By this time, I had developed a healthy imagination and though still a virgin, I had developed ingenious ways of ensuring that I could dispose of any white fluid created by my nocturnal exercising without the 'Gestapo' (i.e. my parents) finding out I was having evil thoughts.

I started work at age 18 and at, last had some freedom. By then, Roseanne and I had been an item for three years. My job in local government meant that I managed to develop a small social life on one or two nights a week in a mixed group. I had secretly started having a few drinks (absolutely taboo in the Simpson household) and by being careful how much I drank, had managed to conceal it from them.

Something else had happened too. Leo, a guy at work, told me he wanted to have a party and would I come. Obviously it was out of the question but with some careful planning we invented a training school in London which meant a Thursday overnight. Of course I was going nowhere near London and, after work I was round to Leo's flat to help him set things up. I liked Leo a lot. He was always attracting the girls but he would actually flirt with me, asking if my cock needed some exercise and if I couldn't have girls, he would be happy to give me a little training. It was light hearted banter but I found it erotic and with him being 24, I liked the attention of an older person.

The party turned out to be more of a 'get together' with five of us guys and five girls, some from the office. We drank quite well, more than I had ever drunk before, and after a few hours someone started handing around spliffs. This was really new to me as I didn't even smoke I did not not have a desire to smoke tobacco, let alone weed. I did try some though and the buzz was really quite pleasant. By this time we were down to Leo, Tina (from the office), me and Mark, who was a guy in his thirties that Leo knew.

Mark passed out and we dragged him through to the single room and left him on the floor, returning to chat. Leo managed to get around to my virginity and religion. Tina, much the worse for booze, said she had never had a virgin before as all her boyfriends had been older than her. She was quite a common kind of girl and looked to be about 22. I had the feeling that she wasn't saving herself for her wedding night.

'Why don't you let Joe here give you your wish then?' said Leo looking at me.

'Eh?' said I, puzzled.

'Let's see you in action Joe. Tina would be happy to take whatever you want to give her, wouldn't you Honey?' he said.

'Oh yeh,' she said, 'I'm as horny as fuck with that weed.'

'Let me show you what I mean Joe,' said Leo.

He started to take off his shirt!

The booze, the weed, the circumstances, all left me in a stunned daze as Leo started to strip, eagerly assisted by Tina who started to act like a bitch in heat. She had no inhibitions and was soon topless. I sat stunned looking at my first set of female breasts. They were pale, small but amazingly firm, curving slightly upward at the end. I always imagined women would sag! I watched in awe as she stripped and she was soon sitting in just a pair of white briefs through which I could make out the dark shape of her pubic hair. I had concentrated so much on her, I had taken my eyes off Leo so when his erect cock was pushed in her face it was almost surreal. It was also highly erotic.

'Eh maybe I should go and leave you to it?' I said hesitatingly.

'Maybe you should do no such fucking thing,' said Leo. 'Get your pants off and get your cock over here. I presume you're hard?'

I looked down at myself and I was, indeed brick hard. I started to slowly take off my shirt when Leo came over, his cock dangling almost in my face, as I was kneeling and he was standing. He pulled my shirt over my head. His cock actually brushed against my cheek, leaving a damp trail of pre-cum which excited me no end. He actually started unclipping my jeans and Tina, blitzed out of her head, crawled across and kissed me on the lips. I fell backwards on to the sofa and this gave Leo access to my pants which he whipped off taking socks and shoes with them. Tina put her hand on the front of my white briefs and squeezed.

'Oh you are a big boy,' she said kissing me again as soon as she could get close enough.

I was on the floor sitting with my back against the sofa, Tina was astride me, her panty-covered lower body grinding my erection and a naked Leo was standing behind her trying to twist her head around to suck his cock. She was completely abandoned in her lust as I now realise some people are when stoned. She hungrily sucked on Leo's cock and sitting watching a sex act in public almost made me cum without touching myself. I wondered how long I would last when she managed to get around to me. It was Leo who took the lead again, pulling off my briefs. My uncut 8 inches sprung into the air.

'My, that is some cock,' he said, taking it in his hand and squeezing it as though a man handling another was the most natural thing in the world. 'I want to see you fuck her,' he continued, nodding to Tina.

She pulled her tights half way down her legs and then, with some difficulty managed to get them off. I saw my first grown-up cunt. Her pubic area was neatly shaved in a 'V' shape and her vagina lips were quite pronounced. I could see her red clitoris. She was ready to sit straight down on my cock and it was Leo who stopped her and held up a condom.

'I'd better show you,' he said as he pulled off the wrapper.

He stretched the latex ring and gripped my cock in the same 'matter of fact way' stretching it over my cockhead as I held my breath at the excitement of having my cock handled by another person. Soon it was covering my whole cock and as I lay on the floor, Tina stood over me, one leg either side and, as she faced me, a wicked smile on her face, she lowered her body slowly downward. Leo held my cock as he slowly sunk her gaping cunt on to my hard dick. The feeling as her warm body enveloped my cock with a velvet-like, smooth feeling was unbelievable. Tina straddled me and rode herself up and down. I remember thinking how much strain this must be putting on her legs but she was squealing like and excited child as my cock plunged into her. I noted that Leo still held the base and under the pretence of helping my cock stay in Tina, was also caressing my balls. I hadn't ever thought of a man sexually but the whole experience was highly exciting. I even wondered what it would be like to handle Leo or even suck him.

'Tina, I'm not going to last long. I'm sorry.' I gasped the words out as she increased her frantic pumping on my cock.

The sound of Tina reaching orgasm pushed me over the edge and my whole body went into spasm as my balls erupted into her. My staccato thrusts finalised the orgasm and as she lifted off my body, I once again saw Leo carefully hold my cock and take the condom off.

'That's one Hell of a load mate,' he said, looking at the heavy quantity of white liquid in the teat. I noticed he tied a knot in it and casually laid it on the table behind him.

I remember wondering why he would want to keep my cum and didn't just discard the condom. I never did find out!

'Fabulous cock for a bible puncher,' said Tina.

I couldn't tell Roseanne, of course but the threesome with Tina and Leo had released an inner beast in me and my sex drive was rampant. I was masturbating more, I was looking at girls and wishing I could fuck them and, if I'm being honest, I was looking at guys with the same thought. I just wanted sex!

It was some days after the event before Leo and I were alone long enough to talk privately about the night. He confided in me that he had never seen another guy fuck a woman in front of him before and he found the sight of my cock pumping her highly erotic. He apologised for handling my cock but I told him I actually enjoyed it.

'Did you?' he said. 'It's the first time I've ever touched another guy and I found it erotic, especially in front of a woman.'

'Me too,' I confessed.

'Want to come round for a drink tonight?' he said with a definite hint of something being planned.

'OK,' I said, not sure what I expected or even wanted from Leo.

After work we cracked a few beers we took a pizza back to Leo's and had a few more beers. The atmosphere was awkward as we struggled with small talk.

'What are you going to do?' said Leo.

'About what?' I replied

'Your religion, your girlfriend, your sex life, or lack of it,' he said.

'I think I might need to lead a dual life,' I replied. 'Roseanne is definitely set on the pure way of life but after last weekend, my hormones are all over the place. I seem to be hard most of the time and all I can think about is getting my rocks off again.'

'If you ever need a hand,' said Leo, his voice fading in a very unsure way as he said the words.

He looked at me and I felt my cock stir. Leo smiled and walked towards me.

'This is alien territory for me but I feel I want to.'

He held my shoulders and kissed my cheek. I grabbed his head and kissed him fully on the mouth, my tongue darting into his mouth. He gasped and then we were like two animals who had just escaped from the zoo. Clothes were ripped off and we ended stark naked in his lounge. He grabbed my arm and almost dragged me into his bedroom, throwing me on the bed and covering my steaming cock with his mouth. If this was new to him, he was a quick learner.

He licked my balls and the traced back up my body to kiss me again. There was some awkwardness as we both tried to take the lead kissing. Teeth clashed and we both laughed. I rolled him on to his back and took great delight in sucking my first cock. He yelped at my clumsy attempt when my teeth caught his foreskin but it didn't take long to learn. Leo seemed to naturally take the lead and I soon found myself back down on the bed with him above me, my legs lifted as he gently fingered my hole. No one had ever done that and the sensitive feeling was incredible.

'You can't put it into me,' I said.

'We'll save that for another day then,' he replied.

The actual session was quite short. We continued with sucking and kissing until he told me he was cumming. I took my mouth off his cock with milliseconds to spare as a fountain of cum splattered over my face and hair. My own cock self-exploded and covered my chest.

'Jeesus,' he said, 'you look like an iced cake.'

We laughed but deep down, I liked being iced!

Leo led me to a place I shouldn't have gone. I had sex with him alone and also with many girls, usually in the next town. It was accepted by Roseanne that I went out with 'the lads' one night a week and she thought nothing of it. If she or my parents, or even worse her parents ever found the faintest shred of evidence that I wasn't 'pure' my life would have been Hell and my parents would have left the church.

One odd event was after a church meeting. One Thursday I had been volunteered by my parents to help our Reverend set up some stalls for a 'bring and buy' sale to be held in the Church Hall on the Saturday. The Reverend had been called away and I was left with one of his minions who was had been taking the junior choir practice and had been seconded when the Minister had to flee due to a parishioner's demise. He was quite an attractive young man, around my own age and was unsuitably dressed in the hassock he had been wearing from the practice. It became quite funny as the cumbersome garment made climbing ladders almost impossible.

'Maybe you should pull it off and end up in your shorts and t-shirt,' I jokingly said.

'If I pull this off, you would see a lot more than shorts and t-shirt,' he replied, laughing. 'I tend to wear nothing under in on these warmer evenings.'

'A bit risky with a junior choir nearby,' I said.

'Well I have had the odd slip now and then so I think some of them realise.'

He was up the ladder lifting down some trestles when I jokingly put my head under his hassock and said 'Maybe there's not much to see.'

He didn't move when my head went under and I heard his say, 'If you keep looking you may be surprised.'

I looked up to see his balls inches from my face and an erect cock which looked to be about eight inches long.

'God that's big,' I said.

'Could you give me a hand up here?' he asked.

The hall had a raised stage area at the top and to the right, to accommodate a small dressing area some rooms had been built which did not go all the way to the hall ceiling. Above them and curtained off was an area where we stored items and props. It was this area we had been taking the trestles from and lowering them down the ladder to the hall floor. He disappeared behind the curtain and I followed, slightly closing the curtains as I entered the dimly lit area. He stood, his head almost reaching the hall ceiling with an obscene point in the front of his hassock. He held his finger to his lips as though to suggest I say nothing and he pulled me towards him.

I stood limply as he held me tight and pushed his lips to mine, His tongue entered my mouth and he behaved like a hungry beast. His hands ripped open my belt and my jeans slid down. He lowered himself to kneeling and pulled my pants and briefs down engulfing my half-hard cock with his mouth. He steadied my cock with his right hand encouraging it to full mast as he sucked.

'I've wanted your cock since I first saw you,' he said between slurps.

He stood up and lifted his hassock exposing his large cock and ball sacs. I dropped to my knees and reciprocated, licking his balls and his cock as he steadied himself against the wall. I looked up at this weird scene of a man of the cloth, his garments lifted, his white dog collar clearly showing and his eyes closed as I dined on his monster cock.

'Fuck me,' he said.

'How?' I responded. The question was aimed at the fact that I wasn't sure how to fuck a man and also how to fuck a man with no preparation.

'I was hoping to be fucked by one of the senior choir members tonight and was ready for it. I even lubed myself. The bloody minister then asked me to help you and I had to let him go.'

He rustled in his hassock and handed me a condom. This was getting more surreal by the minute. As he turned, I lifted the garment up and over him and pushed my finger against his anus. He was, indeed, lubricated as my finger slid inside him and he groaned with pleasure. I stretched the condom on to my hard cock and using the spare lubricant gleaned from his arse, coated the latex before pushing my cock against his hole. I gripped his shoulders with both hands allowing my hard cock to slide effortlessly inside him without even the slightest resistance.

My first thought was how all enveloping his arse was. It seemed to grip me in a velvet glove and tightly held my cock in place. It was easy to fuck him and I found the rhythm pleasing as my cock slid in and out. I put my hand around and grasped his thick member, stroking it as I fucked him.

I was close. It was just as well as I heard the hall door open downstairs and someone calling, 'Joseph!'

I came inside him and as I did his muffled orgasm sent a stream of cum through my fingers and over my wrist. I hurriedly withdrew and tied the condom, putting it in my pocket and pulling up jeans at the same time.

Again my name was called and as it was I deliberately knocked over one of the trestles and shouted, 'Blast, hold it steady Simon.'

'Ah you're up there boys,' shouted the Minister.

Simon was still mopping up the mess and trying to ensure the cum hadn't splattered on his black gown as I backed on to the ladder with one of the trestles and we continued bringing it down as though nothing had happened. The Minister seemed none the wiser but then why would he think his second in charge had just been fucked by the fiancΓ©e of one of his most fervent parishioners!

I started to have doubts about my sexuality and didn't continue the relationship with Simon other than the odd grope. My interests were still in women and I realised I just liked sex. How I was going to cope with 'Little Miss Goody Two Shoes' in marriage, I had no idea but the option of staying single was actually not an option at all.

The wedding was booked, planned and arranged without really any involvement by me. If I hadn't been needed for the consummation I'm sure they would have omitted me altogether. Even the honeymoon venue excluded me. It seems our church had links with one in Jamaica and that where Mum and Dad had paid for us to go. Thankfully we were staying in a hotel at a small resort called Port Antonio which was nearer Kingston and the church!!

Roseanne was beside herself. I had been a good boy as time headed towards the wedding day and had been avoiding Leo and his entourage of horny women. One night about two weeks before the wedding when Roseanne was having her favourite tipple, spritzer and I was polishing off a nice bottle of White Burgundy single handed she suddenly looked at me.

'Joseph, what do you think sex will be like?'

I almost spluttered the whole mouthful of wine. In my head the thought, 'Do you mean oral, vaginal, anal, heterosexual or homosexual?' passed through and I stifled a giggle.

'I'm sure it will be wonderful.'

'I get very excited sometimes thinking about you and thinking about sex. I must confess that I have touched myself thinking about it and I love the feeling I get. I wonder if it will hurt. Maybe you will be too big for me. What if I don't like it? What if I like it too much? Don't you have these thoughts?'

The flurry of questions game one after the other and I felt like a cheat but I was thankful at that stage I had had sex. The thought of that first fumbling night did not appeal.

I won't bore you with the wedding but the day passed in a blur and we were straight to Heathrow that night ready to catch the late morning flight to Kingston. The sad thing was that Roseanne actually drank too much and passed out so our wedding night was spent in separate beds an airport hotel and I was way to drunk to take advantage of her anyway. The most I got was a view of his tits as she changed for bed clumsily. Nice tits they were too!

So next it was a flight, then a transfer, then a shower, then dinner, and then we fell asleep again. Losing your virginity, even when you want to, isn't easy when you mix jet lag and booze.

So day 2 was to be THE day!

Roseanne woke early and showered and I followed suit. I kissed her deeply and it was obvious that she was 'ready.' After breakfast we relaxed by the pool and after a light lunch with a couple of glasses of Pina Colada we went to our room and locked the door. She was nervous and I was nervous for her. I had never actually seen her naked nor had she seen me so the gentle kissing was meant to encourage disrobement.

We were soon stripped to the basics of bra and pants on her and briefs on me and my erection was straining. She didn't look once at my front so I took the lead. I laid her on the bed and kissed her. She was shaking! I took control and gently stripped her seeing her naked for the first time. I stripped as I lay next to her then took her hand and guided it to my hard cock. She gasped.

'It's so big. It'll never fit!'

'Trust me, it will,' I said.

I took my time with her kissing her nipples and running my tongue around them. She was very passive, lying there and leaving it all to me. I ventured down between her legs and kissed the area, not sure whether to use my mouth or her but I felt it would loosen her and relax her. When my tongue darted inside her, she quivered and a small 'O' escaped her lips. My tongue brought her to a small quivering orgasm.

'Try sucking me,' I asked. 'Nothing nasty will happen, I promise.'

I lay back and she very tentatively kissed the head, sliding my foreskin back and then slowly enveloped me. She had the good sense to keep teeth out of the way and soon had a good grip and oral rhythm. This was good! As she did this, I kept my finger gently stroking her sizeable clitoris and she kept having little shivers, like mini-orgasms. I rolled over and placed her back on the bed, lying on top of her and gently stroking my cock head around her pubic region. She loved the feeling and was getting hotter and hotter, kissing me with wild abandon. I kept this up for quite some time until I was aware she was becoming very moist in the area. I reached over to the drawer and took out a condom, the contraception we had decided on for the first part of our marriage. I took great delight in stretching it over my hard, upturned cock as she watched in amazement.

I crawled between her legs and gently traced my tongue from her wide slit, all the way up to her lips and then with my right hand, steered the head of my cock to her entrance. I gently pushed in, then out, then back in again, teasing my cock into her to get her used to it. It was sliding in surprisingly easily and she seemed in little pain. That was, of course, until I broke her hymen. She squealed as the sharp pain must have hit her and I withdrew. There was a slight trace, but little blood.

'Please do me now,' she said, lifting her legs and bending her knees to show her gaping cunt in all its glory. I re-entered her and gently pushed past the previous point until my entire length was inside her. Then I started to fuck.

It was a frenzied session and she was completely abandoned in her sex. Perspiration poured off us as I hammered into her virgin cunt. As I fucked, I had the oddest feeling of being watched and turned slightly to see the houseboy, a black Jamaican lad of around 18, standing with folded towels, just inside the door, watching us. The tent on the front of his white trousers was obvious. When he saw me, he started to say something but I held my finger to my lips as though to say 'shh,' as I continued.

I have no idea why I did it. Probably it was the dark side of me. I also had no idea what Roseanne was going to say when she realised she had an audience for her deflowering, but the idea turned me on that I became a 'porn star.' I put on quite a show. She was laid back, her chin upwards, looking at the ceiling so had no idea of the audience. I made sure he saw everything and when she actually had a full blown orgasm, she dug her nails into my back, pulled me down and forced my cock even further inside as I blasted a load of cum into her.

'Wow that was really something,' she said as her eyes caught the shape by the door.

'Turn down sir?' said the young man.

Roseanne fled for the bathroom and I stood up and walked towards the young guy, my semi-hard cock bouncing around. As I reached him I took the towels and squeezed his massive cock through his trousers. 'Enjoy it?' I said.

'You bet,' he replied.

I tipped him and off he went.

'You can come out now,' I said to Roseanne.

'That was so embarrassing,' she said when she came out.

'That was so erotic,' I replied.

She looked at me oddly but didn't say anything.

We saw the young man on towel duty by the pool the next day and Roseanne wanted to avoid him, I forced her over to him and said a hearty, 'Good Morning.'

He responded with a dazzling white smile and Roseanne, blushed.

'I find the thought that this beautiful young man has seen my gorgeous wife being deflowered highly exciting,' I said to her. 'He was very erect, you know.'

'Was he?'

'Oh yes he was, and I think that if you had beckoned him he would have done it to you as well.'

'Joseph, don't be disgusting,' she said, but she didn't sound annoyed.

As I said, mentally I had found it difficult to think of Roseanne in a wildly sexual way because of her background. I had waited so long to deflower Roseanne and had been such a slut myself, that I now found her virginal value very appealing and I suddenly had this craving to share it if I could. This wasn't something I had really thought about before, and in fact, when wanking, I had rarely wanked while thinking of her. She was so pure and virginal that in my wanking fantasies she just wasn't crude enough. Now in the blink of ten minutes, someone had watched me shagging her and seen her gaping wet cunt and she had become a sex object. I wanted her to be abused and to become a slut but hadn't the faintest idea how that would come around.

It took four days. Four days in which we had been into Kingston. Four days of me saying things like, 'Imagine that tall black guy's cock inside you.' Four days of wild sex in our room. She was insatiable loving sex, drinking more than I ever thought she would and talking surprisingly dirty during sex.

Virgin to slut in four days '' impossible!

'How big do you think the houseboy was?' she said one evening on the third day after the event.

'Bigger than me,' I said.

'He's very young,' she said.

'Young and hung,' said I.

'Surely you wouldn't want someone else to have sex with me on our honeymoon?'

I said nothing but raised my eyebrows.

'I've just never had any experience with anyone but you and I wonder what different people might be like. Wouldn't you be curious?'

The fact that to balance this she might be suggesting me with a woman, not another man, hadn't crossed her mind.

'We might never get another chance and we are on holiday,' I said.

It's fair to say that most of these conversations took place after hefty quantities of wine in an evening. She had been kept from any heavy drinking and the freedom while on honeymoon had given her quite an appetite for alcohol. I realised that unless I really plied her, I was never going to fulfil this fantasy!

I caught the lad one late afternoon and had a word with him. His name was Taylor and I mentioned that my wife had been excited when she realised he was watching us. I told him that he had witnessed her losing her virginity and that really appealed to him. I asked him if he would like to have sex with her while I watched. He didn't need told twice. The following day he finished at 5.00pm so I suggested he pretend, like last time, he was turning down beds and I would get her on the bed and start having sex. This time I would ask him to join us. He was keen for a bit of fresh white cunt and I was keen to both see her get a black cock, but hopefully be able to handle it!

The following afternoon, my heartbeat was racing. We shared a bottle of wine at lunchtime and I fed her some extra strong Pina Coladas during the afternoon. I made a few suggestive suggestions as guys walked past in swimming trunks and she was very giggly. Surprisingly it was her that suggested around 4.30 pm, we go up to the room for an 'afternoon snack.'

I saw Taylor watch us go. In the room we showered together and I soaped her and kissed her, fingering her gently. She knelt and sucked my cock in the shower something she had taken to like a duck to water. She was learning very fast. We shared another glass of wine from the fridge as I tried to time our session to be in mid-fuck at 5.30pm. She was quite uninhibited by the time we reached the bed and I licked her cunt with her legs raised upwards in a 'V' shape and over my shoulders.

'Oh yes, that's so good,' she whimpered as I licked and probed her.

At 5.25pm I was ready for entry and started to gently fuck her, our backs to the bedroom door. She was becoming quite noisy in sex and as I also had the television on, even I didn't hear Taylor enter. Once more he stood and watched and it was the slight movement I saw reflected in the mirror that made me realise he was there. I beckoned him over and he stood by the bed as I fucked. He leaned forward and kissed Roseanne's right tit. With her eyes shut, she didn't realise. He slid his white shorts and his briefs down and a beautiful erect ebony cock sprung out which was easily 9 inches and thick. I gripped it as I fucked and he let me. I pulled his cock forward as he stood by the bed and he leaned to push it against Roseanne's lips. She opened and accepted it before it dawned on her she couldn't be fucked and suck my cock at the same time. Her eyes shot open.

'If she didn't have around 2 inches on cock in her mouth, she would have said, 'What the Hell?'

I smiled and held her head in place. She looked at me, the black cock still lying across her mouth, then gripped it and started sucking like a mad thing. I held Taylor's stunningly firm ass as he thrust into her mouth and then I slid out and gave her to him. He climbed on to the bed as she lay there with a slightly nervous look. Taylor was a black Adonis and even Roseanne could see that it would be an honour to have him inside her. He kissed her very enthusiastically and I stood at the side stroking my cock. For his age, he was very experienced and knew how to pleasure her. His mouth roamed over her body at will and when he went between her legs, he pushed them wide and sunk his whole mouth and tongue into her. She screamed as his able tongue managed to bring her to a shuddering climax.

Not missing a stroke, he held out his hand and I took a condom. I opened it but withheld it, stretching in on to his cock as Roseanne watched her eyes like saucers. The thin shiny latex over his monstrous cock was a wonder to behold. He smiled that dazzling smile and climbed between her legs as I held him and gently pushed his cock to her open sex. He was good, very good. He teased her entrance and rolled his cock around gathering her copious fluids as he went. She leaned forward and gently stroked his balls. The moment arrived.

I knelt behind him and as if sensing what I wanted to see, he opened her wide. His arse was on full display to me, his little rosebud hole winking and he started to enter her fully. I could see every moment of his entry. I watched her skin part, I briefly saw her inside before his cock filled every available space and then I saw him gently plunge inside her, the walls of her vagina wrapping around his cock until his balls covered the last view of her and he started to fuck.

She wailed in time to each thrust and each wail was louder than the one before. Each time she reached a crescendo, he would slightly withdraw until she came back down, and then start again. I watched and wanked my heart beating so loudly it was thumping against my ribcage. Taylor thrust her gently as if sensing a near virgin might have problems with his massive dick. Mind you she had managed mine so was already quite stretched. I saw her liquids trickle out and coat the length of his cock as he pumped her.

Roseanne was now whimpering like an excited puppy. I knew he was better than I had been and I didn't care. My little angel was now a slut, with a long thick black man's cock pumping into her cunt. Her nails dug into his back and she was wailing as he brought her close to climax. Her second climax was so noisy I had to run and shut windows.

By the time I returned, he was withdrawing from her and she lay exhausted on the bed. I thought he had cum but his cock was still stiff and the condom was empty. He pulled off the rubber and asked me to lie beside her. I didn't fully understand but obliged. I lay alongside Roseanne and started to kiss her.

'That was amazing,' she whispered.

As I looked up, a long black cock appeared over us and I realised Taylor wanted to cum over us.

'Are you ok with this?' I said looking at the 'loaded gun' above us.

'Oh yes,' she whispered breathlessly, 'I have so much more I want to do.'

The orgasm sprayed his seed over my chest and both our faces and necks. Taylor had been storing quite a load! When he squeezed the last drop onto my chest, he leaned over and offered his cock head to us. I saw Roseanne look a little apprehensive so I lifted my head and sucked his dwindling erection. The taste was awesome, slightly salty but with a hint of Roseanne's juices.

Taylor had a wicked smile as he climbed off the bed and said, 'You finish her off and I'll watch.'

I did and when I emptied my load into Roseanne and my brains felt like exploding, I realised my little virgin was going to be fun after all!

Taylor asked what we had done while we had been in Jamaica and I told him about our church and the visit to the local one, St Andrews in Kingston.

'St Andrews?' he said, his eyebrows raised. 'My best friend is in the choir there.'

'Don't tell him about is then because if this gets back.....'

Taylor raised a hand and said, 'If you and your new wife do nothing else, you will want to meet Luke.'

He looked at Roseanne. 'Did you enjoy what I just did to you?'

Roseanne blushed, her hands inadvertently slipping between her legs either to cover her slightly bruised cunt, or to feel it and remember the sensations she had just had. 'I can't believe what I have done this week, and worse than that, I can't believe what I have become this week. I cannot tell a lie and must say it was amazing!'

'If I tell you Luke is my age, his cock is at least 10 inches and he is such a horny bastard, he will fuck anything on two legs. If you get together with me and Luke and your husband here, you will go home with the memory of a honeymoon to remember. Let me know what you think tomorrow.'

It was over breakfast when Roseanne quietly said to me, 'I think I want it to happen but wouldn't you be upset at your new English Rose being abused?'

I spoke carefully and explained that something had been unleashed in me and seeing her so happy and being so well serviced was one of the most exciting things I had ever experienced.

She rose from the table, picked up her book and sunglasses and said, 'Organise it,' as she walked away (before she could change her mind, perhaps?).

When I spoke to him, Taylor said it would have to be at Luke's place as he wouldn't be able to get him into the hotel. My nervous look at him told him I wasn't too keen at wandering around backstreet Kingston.

Taylor laughed. 'Luke has a small flat paid by the church as he does caretaker work for them as well. It's where we go for some fun,' he said.

'You take girls back to it?' I said.

'Not always girls,' he said smiling. 'I have to say that Luke will be as interested in you as your wife. Does that bother you?'

'Could be interesting,' I said.

In my head, I felt the way I had when Leo first took his pants off and my heart started to skip.

I told Roseanne we had sorted it out and warned her that Luke was bisexual and I may have to 'look interested' to keep it going.

'I'm sure you'll manage,' she said with a smirk.

My little girl had definitely come a long way in a week!

We had to visit the church in Kingston two days later to present some gifts from the congregation back home so Taylor had organised for Luke to meet us afterwards and take us to the little apartment in the next street. My heart was pounding with excitement and Roseanne was apprehensive too, even talking of pulling out of the arrangement at one stage. A little dirty talk soon had her interested again and we felt safe enough with Taylor that if she did change her mind, everything would stop.

After the light lunch with the minister, we said our goodbyes and when he offered to get us a taxi, told him we had organised a driver from the hotel to explain Taylor's arrival at the main entrance. Around the corner we met Luke. Like Taylor he was a tall handsome young man with a well defined body, very dark skin and a dazzling smile.

'Are these the objects of my afternoon's pleasure?' he asked holding out his hand to Roseanne then myself.

I noticed his use of the plural. I would have put him as a year older than Taylor and certainly more mature in his manner and build. A beautiful man in all senses of the word and this did not go amiss with Roseanne who was fluttering eyelids like mad!

We entered the small apartment block which was well kept and seemed to have around eight flats, two on each floor. Luke was on the top floor and our entrance did not go unnoticed by other people in the area. I wondered if they guessed why a white couple were heading to a small flat with two young, attractive black men. Luke was certainly keen to get going and showed no shyness when we entered the apartment.

'Shower's that way,' he said to me and Roseanne.

Though we had showered before leaving the hotel the heat outside Luke's, thankfully air-conditioned, flat, was sticky and humid. Roseanne started to take off her clothes in the shower room and Luke, walked past me, stripping as he went.

'Let me help her,' he said with a grin.

Taylor was also stripping so I followed. As Roseanne stepped into the large shower cubicle, completely naked, Luke joined her, a massive semi-hard cock swinging down between his legs. Even soft, it was bigger than mine, but the girth made it look massive. He started to soap Roseanne and she laid back against the wall and let him, the water cascading down on her hair and face. He soaped her breasts as Taylor and I stood watching and idly masturbating. Roseanne was completely under his spell leaning back and allowing Luke total control of her. Eventually his soapy fingers entered her cunt and she gasped, her eyes shooting open and looking at me. She half smiled and then closed them again as his penetration continued. His cock by now was completely hard and I was glad her eyes were closed. The weight and size meant that though hard, it was standing at a downward 45 degree angle rather than straight out like Taylor and I.

When he finished he led her out, leaving the shower running for me. As I stepped in and Roseanne was taken wrapped in a towel to the bedroom, Taylor joined me to 'save time.' He soaped me and gently rubbed foam around my testicles. The sensations were incredible. Next he used the foam to enter my arse with his finger, gently soaping in and out. It didn't hurt at all and when he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth without withdrawing his finger, I was ready to shoot there and then. Thankfully he must have sensed it and stopped.

Next he turned me around making me spread my legs while he continued to finger me. He then stood up and rubbed his hard black cock between my buttocks making no attempt to enter me but making a mock fucking action, pressing the head against my hole then sliding between my legs then up between my buttocks, all the while gripping my hard cock with his free right hand. The sensations were incredible.

I was rinsed and we headed to the bedroom where I found Roseanne lying on the bed being eaten by Luke. His large head was slurping happily between her legs. Taylor went over and knelt alongside her placing his cock at right angles to her mouth. She happily accepted it and licked along the length. When Luke joined him, her pale white face was almost hidden by black flesh.

'You fuck her first,' Luke said to me. 'I want to see white meat in white first and anyway, your cock is the smallest and it'll help open her up for us.'

I stretched the condom on my sizeable cock (which had just been branded the smallest) and suddenly felt inadequate! Roseanne took me easily. Though she hadn't been fucked yet, Luke's ministrations had her wet and willing and my entry was surprisingly easy. She wrapped her legs around me as I started fucking and I kissed her deeply.

I quietly whispered, 'Are you ok?'

'Oh yes,' she said back.

I fucked her steadily in the missionary position while kissing her and softly biting her nipples which were solid little teats by now. She started her usual build up to orgasm, her ragged howls in keeping with my thrusts until she screamed the place down. I know I should have warned Luke as he rushed to ensure all windows were tightly closed. I slowed my pace and gently withdrew. I hadn't cum and had no intentions until the very end.

I went to the side of the bed and waited, leaving these two young men to take the lead. Luke nodded to Taylor who quickly replaced me. He turned Roseanne on to all fours, kneeling on the bed and fumbled to find her gaping cunt lips between her legs. Finding what he wanted, he started to enter her from the rear. At first I thought he was going for her arse but my words to stop him were quickly stifled by Luke clarifying the situation, as he pointed to her front.

Taylor took it easy as he entered her. Roseanne was panting like a bitch in heat. I suppose she had been suppressing all her sexual thoughts for years and was suddenly exploring them all at once. By now Taylors black cock was pumping in and out, with Roseanne's juices coating the condom creating a sheen on the latex. Once more she was panting in time to Taylor's thrusts. His hands cupped her breasts as he fucked her and Luke stood stroking his big cock.

Luke wandered around to me as I stood watching and smiled, pointing to his cock. I lowered to my knees and tried to put my mouth over the head. I managed with some difficulty and by holding it in my other hand, steadied his cock as I tried to swallow as much of its length as I could. His balls hung low underneath this brute and looked tiny by comparison. His musky smell was intoxicating as I cupped his balls and sucked.

Roseanne started to wail again. Taylor was bringing her back to orgasm. Luke pulled his cock out of my mouth and gripped Taylor's shoulder. Taylor took the hint and pulled out as Luke attempted to pull a condom on his cock. It only stretched a little over half way down his dick but I suppose it did the trick. He started his entry.

Roseanne was struggling to take him but each time he withdrew she pushed back on to his cock. She was determined. As I watched, Taylor was sucking my cock expertly. I found this whole bisexual scenario highly exciting. I leaned forward and pushed my tongue into Luke's arsehole as he started his fucking motion. He liked that, groaning with pleasure as my tongue found his rosebud and pushed inside him. My hands found his cock and I was able to stroke it as he fucked my new wife. As she relaxed, he was able to turn her on to her back, open her legs and fuck her in the missionary position. The sight of this massive piece of black cock, sliding into her cunt was unbelievable. I was so close to cumming.

As I watched, Taylor was standing behind me rubbing his enormous cock against the crack of my arse again. Though I knew I could never have taken it, the eroticism of it was pushing me ever closer.

'Guys I can't hold out much longer,' I said. 'I'm going to blow without touching it unless we come to an end soon.'

Roseanne's noisy climax started again and I saw her nails dig into Luke. He was hammering her cunt now as she reached her peak. Her tits were wobbling with the frantic fucking. As she climbed down from her peak, Luke withdrew his cock, ripped off the condom and fired a blast of cum at her tits and face. I felt a warm flow of cum blast up my back from the buttocks as Taylor let me have his load and, true to my warning, his cock sliding in his own cum between my buttocks. My own cock fired of its own free will splattering across Roseanne's cunt and belly.

The session was unbelievably erotic and sadly, horny as Roseanne was, her bruised and battered cunt was out of action for the rest of the honeymoon.

The return to family and church was difficult. We talked long and hard about what we should now do, return to the fold, leave the fold completely, or be two faced hypocrites and lead a dual life.

I can live with hypocrisy!



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