It's not much of a job but local goods delivery for a wholesaler in the rural areas of Northern Ireland gives me a little independence and freedom. Zooming around the Province in my little plain white van I get to know everyone and also the best places to stop and have a sandwich at lunch-time. In the Winter some of the lay-by areas are quite deserted and if I'm horny I can go for a little stroll into the woods for a quick wank al fresco! At the end of the day an 18 year old boy has hormones that always need attending to.

Life over the last few years, from my last period at school has been confusing to say the least. My last three girlfriends have come to nothing. They were good looking girls but just didn't do it for me. It's funny how they play hard to get until they realise you aren't going to fuck them and then they become predators. When that doesn't work, they call you "queer" or "frigid." One thing's for sure, I'm not frigid. I don't think I'm gay either though some guys are kind of cute and I quite enjoy comparing sizes in the gym but that doesn't make me gay, does it? Anyway out here being gay is not an option. Maybe a guy could get away with it in Belfast but in the small towns like the one I live in, it wouldn't be something you would pursue.

I should really start to get on with my story before I turn you off completely.

Picture a misty, drizzly day in October and I was heading out from Londonderry on the Belfast road. It was around 12.45 and my stomach was gurgling in anticipation of the sandwiches, packet of crisps and can of Coke sitting on the front passenger seat. I knew a little turn off which took me one mile up into the hills and led to a quiet but usually deserted parking area where, in the Summer, hikers would set off into the forested area beyond. Usually it was empty at other times of the year allowing me a snack, read my newspaper and if it dried up just a little bit, I could take a little stroll into the woods and strip down to have a leisurely wank. As I turned of the little access road and into the parking area I saw a small car over in the corner facing away from me, the windows slightly misted in the Autumn coolness and mist. I left some space and reversed into an area across and well away from the car but I could see it from my windscreen and started to have lunch. I put the radio on, opened my sandwiches and coke and started to read the newspaper. I was aware that the car was moving slightly back and forth and thought that perhaps someone was having sex in the car. My hard cock certainly thought so.

I soon had my lunch-time snack finished and took to watching the car intently. I got out and pretended I had to get something from the back of the van, looking as carefully as I could to try to get some idea of what was actually happening in the car. Suddenly the rear car door opened and a guy of around 20 got out, his shirt out of his jeans and his belt undone. He, too pretended to be doing something in the front passenger seat of the car. A girl, similarly aged to him climbed out of the other side tucking her top into her jeans and fastening them. My assumption was that they had been doing some heavy petting at least and were now finished and getting ready to go. Both were very attractive, the boy about 6 feet tall, well built with a tattoo on his right arm. His dark blonde hair was cut short. The girl was about 5 feet 6 inches, natural blonde, medium length hair, casually cut and layered to just above her shoulders. She looked across at me and gave me a dazzling white smile. I half smiled back as any embarrassed guy who has just caught a couple shagging might do.

I climbed back in the seat and continued to watch. The couple lovingly embraced and he kissed her fully on the mouth leaning against the car. His hands slid up under her top and I assumed, he was caressing her nipples. My cock was brick hard. He kissed again. I assumed that they were turned on being watched and I wondered how far they might go here on a dull October day.

The guy took the girl's hand and headed over to the wall surrounding the parking area. Part of it had crumbled allowing a stepping-stone style to be created. The two of them clambered across if and headed up the break in the fir trees as though it were a footpath.

"Oh well," I thought, "They're off for some privacy and who can blame them."

A few yards up the path they turned and faced me, both smiling, and the guys again kissed her and noticeably lifted her top so I could see her bra and the fact that his hands were stroking her nipples. He then dropped his hands and felt her crotch openly. They walked on again before repeating this a few yards further in before turnng right and heading into the trees.

I opened the car door and decided that, if the wanted me to watch, who was I to deny them the pleasure. I locked the van and headed in the same direction, clambering over the style and heading up the path to the point I had last seen them.

It wasn't the best of days, dull grey skies overhead with a slight threat of rain. It was cool though not too cold for the time of year. When I clambered over the wall, the ground underneath was peaty and quite spongy like a deep pile carpet. Some dew dampened my shoes as I headed in the direction they had gone, trying to look casual as though this was something I did every day. I turned off where they had, out of sight of the car park. I couldn't see them so slowly continued up the cutting in the trees.

I heard a sound and over to my right saw the guy standing, his jeans and briefs at his ankles and the girl was kneeling in front sucking his impressively big cock. Her head was slightly turned towards me as she sucked, as if trying to give me a better look. I stood frozen and watched. Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft, her right hand gripping him firmly near the base and the head, foreskin pulled back, was exposed and very excited. She waved me over.

I walked towards them apprehensively, my knees shaking, and as I did so she stood up and when I got close she pulled me in and kissed me fully on the lips, her hands wandering over me to rest on my fully erect cock through my jeans. Her boyfriend stood back against the tree and looked gripping his massive cock in his hand and slowly watching. I got a very distinct feeling this was something he enjoyed doing and had done before, watching his girlfriend with another guy!

I have to confess to you that my sexual experience at that time was somewhat limited to fumbling with a couple of guys at school and one fuck and one near fuck after leaving with two seprate girls. There were no repeat performances so I had to assume it wasn't memorable for either of them even if it did form the main part of my wanking from then!

I stood passively as she unzipped my jeans and let them drop, pulled off my sweat shirt, and finally dropped my briefs. My cock shot out and stood out and upward, brisk hard, the foreskin peeling slightly back and precum dripping from it. She engulfed it with her mouth, her hands gripping the base firmly to enhance the stiffness as she sucked. Boyfriend was watching and wanking fervently his eyes focused on her mouth as it sucked me. I had slightly stumbled and was now leaning back against a neighbouring tree for support. The girl then stood up and stripped completely. As she came forward again I clumsily tried to kiss her tits but she pinned me back against the tree and started to kiss me all over.

Her boyfriend, pants at his ankles, hobbled over and stood beside her and he also started to kiss my body from nipples downwards and I was surprised when he too, sucked my cock. As his girlfriend had me pinned against the tree I couldn't do much anyway. Boyfriend was licking my balls from beneath, right up to the tip of my cock. When he eventually stood up, he fumbled in his pocket and brought out a condom which he rolled on to my cock. As soon as my cock was covered, his girfriend, still facing me, gripped it and dropped her wet cunt straight down on to me, riding her body against me. He stood behind her and pushed his dick between her legs and as I fucked I could feel the hard flesh of his cock rubbing against mine as I entered her.

I was never going to last and told them so. This made here ride me even harder and as I announced my impending orgasm I felt a warm gush of fluid cover my cock and realised her boyfriend had cum between her legs from the rear and had coated my condom covered cock and I was now ramming his cum into her as I fucked. My orgasm brought me to my knees, or would have if I hadn't been pinned to the tree. My cumming was almost painful as I felt the force of the semen jetting up the length of my cock in an upward journey to escape only to be trapped in a latex bubble inside her.

When I withdrew, she took the condon off my cock and emptied it in her hands, rubbing it between her soggy cunt lips and she fingered herself while her boyfriend worked from her rear. I stood watching and slightly embarrased as she came rather noisily with her cum-lubricant as an aid.

"That was nice," she said.

That was an understatement if ever I heard one.

"Wow," said I, like a schoolboy who had just lost his virginity.

We dressed in silence and started to walk back to the cars. I was thankful that no one else was in the car park as we would have looked odd.

As I said a quiet farewell, the boyfriend slipped a card with a name and number printed on it and said, "If ever you want to take things further, phone us. We have friends that would blow the mind of a pretty young lad like you!"

I mumbled an "OK" before stumbling back into the van, already late for my next delivery.

As I drove I realise the whole event had taken no more than thirty minutes but had triggered a thirst for horny sex in me and I realised the card in my hand might be the key to more. I also pondered whether there were more places like this on my travels around the province.

Part 2:

I wish I could say that the next day, or even next week something similar happened. It didn't. Winter was drawing in and despite picking more and more deserted car parks for lunch nothing remotely like it happened. I was scared to call them but knew if I didn't find something else I would have to.

One Tuesday it had been raining and a damp mist had settled around. I was in the Craigavon area which is quite populated. There was a large country park, with lakes and lots of well manicured car parks offering little or no cover for dirty deeds. Even the toilets were closed. I parked and munched my sandwiches. Another car came into the car park and parked diagonally opposite me. The driver was male and about 40ish. I couldn't see the passenger due to the angle of the windscreen and the way the light hit it. After 10 or so minutes the driver climbed out and went to the boot of the car opening it and took out a waterproof jacket taking off a suit jacket and to put it on instead. He was about 6 feet tall, dark hair with grey sides and was slim and quite athletic. I had never looked at men as particularly attractive but I assumed he was good looking. He walked round and opened the passenger door and another person climbed out. This was a young man. He was much smaller and thinner still and at first glance it looked like a 15 year old boy. The boy looked like the man in many ways and I assumed it might be his son. Once I saw the boy's body language I realised that he was probably the same age as me though he looked much younger. They walked off on one of the footpaths which were skirted on either side with a thin line of bushes which followed the route the path took.

It looked quite normal but I was horny and I just wondered why a father and son would go for a walk on a dull, misty day. I wasn't really up for sex in the sense that I had hoped it was another couple but by now I was bored and curious so climbed out of the car. This time they were not looking around so obviously this was not a "come on." As such I stayed well behind, losing them as the path curved up and away from the car park.

After 10 minutes I was getting bored and decided to return to the car when I realised I had lost them. I walked on for another 5 minutes and couldn't see anything. Having had enough I turned around and headed back to the car. I then realised that, though there was only a single row of bushes by the path, at one of the corners there was a junction leading up to another car park but just beside it there was a much thicker group of bushes together, slightly overgrown. I quietly skirted off the path and on to the grass, going in behind them and noticed that the way they had been planted they were layered so that four bushes in straight lines, had a little break between them, blocked from the paths and just far enough back to be out of sight. I caught movement and quietly went behind a bush to watch.

The boy was standing with his jeans at his knees a 5 inch cock standing straight out. The man was kneeling in front sucking his cock. The man's suit trousers were down and he was slowly wanking his own cock as he did so. I may not be gay but my cock shot upwards uncomfortably in the restricted area of my jeans. This couple probably did not want to be disturbed but I couldn't stay where I was as I was still visible from the path. I edged closer. The lad saw me, and initially did a double-take. Seeing I was interested, he smiled.

"Uncle Rick," he said, "We have company!"

Uncle Rick looked over and took his mouth off the cock. He initially looked concerned but seeing my hand gripping my jeans front, he smiled and waved me across. I went closer and he asked me to drop my jeans for him. I did, standing alongside the young guy who very quickly put his arms around me and French kissed me. His tongue darted into my mouth and after the initial shock, the warm mouth on my cock soon relaxed me. Uncle Rick was alternating from cock to cock and I found his method very exciting. Once our cocks were wet he started to rub them together and this almost brought me to a head immediately.

He stood up and, pointing at his own chest said, "Rick," the to the lad, "Jason, my nephew."

I pointed at my chest, "Neil."

"Jason here was going to fuck me, would you like to do it too," said Uncle Rick.

My cock had already made up my mind. I would rather have fucked little Jason but beggars can't be choosers. The guy dropped his smart trousers and pulled down his shorts. He handed both of us a condom and spread some liquid on his arse from a sachet. Jason went first as I stroked my cock. His stiff cock slid in with little trouble and he held the older guy's hips and started to fuck him quite forcibly. Rick was bent over and he beckoned me to his front so he could take my cock in his mouth. I was pleased that my 7 inches was both thicker and longer than either of them. As Jason fucked, Rick's mouth pushed on to my cock and the warm saliva quickly brought me close to orgasm. I stopped him.

"Let him do it Jason," said Rick.

I replaced Jason and pulled the condom on sticking my cock straight into Rick. The change of pace and cock size gave him quite a fright as in my inexperience I assumed I could just stick it straight in.

"Bloody Hell, that's some brute," he said.

I quickly started to fuck him and really enjoyed the tight feeling his arse gave as it covered my entire cock. Jason stroked his cock with his right hand, his left feeling between us and cupping my balls as I fucked his Uncle.

"I'm going to cum pretty quickly," I said.

"Jason loves cum," Rick said.

I looked at Jason and he was a bit embarrased but nodded in agreement.

"Where?" I asked.

"Mouth," said Jason.

I pulled out my cock and stripped off the condom as Jason dropped to his knees. Rick came alongside and match my strokes as I headed for orgasm. Jason wanked his own cock, his mouth open expectantly.

"Take care," I said, "I have a habit of going in all directions and there's going to be a lot."

"Good," said Jason, opening his mouth even more.

The rise in my balls was quick and my cum bubbled swiftly to my cock head. A little squirt shot out and Jason quickly caught most of it. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer as the main course followed. Streams of white cum shot straight to the back of his throat and after a slight gag as the first shot went straight down he quickly recovered and still keeping his mouth open I could see my semen in his mouth just before it disappeared into his stomach. I had never experienced anything like it.

When I was spent Rick said, "Here's mine," and aimed his cock into Jason's mouth. His genorous load spurted just where mine had been a few seconds before and Jason again hungrily swallowed.

He wanked himself at the same time and his own load spurted all over the ground.

I was suddenly very self conscious. Here I was, a straight guy, in bushes, in a public park with two related guys, having sex. I quickly pulled up jeans and buttoned my shirt and started to back off, thanking the guys in an embarrased fashion as I made my excuse to go.

I headed back to the van and saw the guys following shortly behind me. As I started to reverse out, Jason ran across and knocked on my side window. I wound down.

"If you like guys your own age, call me," he said and pushed piece of paper in my hand with a scribbled number on it.

I smiled and drove off.

The situation back at Craigavon had confused me. Here was a straight guy who had just done a gay thing just because he was over horny. Then I thought back to the other incident and realised I had enjoyed the other cock in my threesome. Was I gay?

Part 3

I steered clear of all temptation for some time, sticking to my journey and having lunch in cafes of busy lay-bys. Christmas came along with all the distuption that causes to anything but the routine of family life. With a younger brother and sister at home all of us were caught up the the shopping and preparation for the greater family group to come over during the Christmas period.

In early February, on a cold, dry day with no sexual thoughts in my head whotsoever I had parked in a town centre car park in Ballymena and was desperate for a piss. I popped into a little toilet I saw on the corner and was happily relieviing myself when a guy of about 23 came in dressed in overalls with a spot or two of paint on them and stood two up from me.

"Fucking freezing ain't it," he said.

"Too true," said I.

"Been painting the house and ran out of paint," He said. "Came downtown for some more."

"Right," said I not sure what to say otherwise.

"A week's holiday and my domineering wife says I have to paint. She always gets what she wants," he said.

I was washing my hands by this time.

"I know this sounds daft," He said, "But do you have a few minutes. I picked the shade and now I'm not sure of it's right. There's no point in buying more if it isn't going to work. Could you come over and have a look. I only live over there.

He pointed at a blank wall but in the general direction of some houses at the other side of the car park.

It seemed an odd request but he was pleading that she would kill him if it was wrong. I gave in and followed his across the car park, over a short wall, across a street and into a small terraced house. It did smell of paint so he wasn't telling lies. I followed him in and he showed me the lounge he had been painting. The shade was odd to say the least. A kind of ornagey/peach milk shake colour.

"Naff isn't it?" he said.

"Wouldn't be my choice," I said.

"A young guy like you is bound to have better taste than me," He said. "Fancy a tea?"

"OK," I replied.

"Let me just take these overalls off," He said, starting to unzip.

I was shocked to find that all he had on was a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt. I could clearly see the shape of his cock sticking out on the shorts.

"I hate these bloody things," He said pointing to his shorts, " But she says they help my fertility by letting things go free. Trouble is my dick dangles all the time. Are you a boxers or briefs guy?"

"Em, I actually like hipsters," I said quietly.

"What are they when they're at home?" he asked.

"Well sort of tight shorts I suppose."

"I wonder if I could persuade her to change her views," he said. "Could I see what they look like?"

The last comment came out of the blue. This guy was four years older, married and possibly hen-pecked and now he was asking me to take my pants off for him. My cock seemed to know something I didn't as I felt some blood rush to it.

Could this be a seduction?

"OK," I said and quickly stood up, undid my belt, unzipped my fly and pulled my jeans to me knees.

"Wow they look great. They show thing off well too. I have to say you look better equipped that me mind you. If the wife saw that I could easily persuade her to buy me those."

He reached across and gripped the leg elastic, pulling it out slightly and said, "Snug fit too!"

His fingers slid in and brushed my balls. My cock shot to fulll erection in under 30 seconds.

"Sensitive little bugger isn't he," he said nodding at my erection.

I blushed but he pulled his shorts down to reveal a semi erect uncut cock about six inches long.

"Looks bigger than mine though. Is it?"

Before I could move he reached across and pulled mine down too. With some difficulty my cock, just over seven inches long, sprung into view. He gripped it firmly.

"She would just love that," he said as he started to stroke it. "If she had it in her hand she would want to suck it. Yeh, that's what she'd do. She would kneel just like this and put her mouth over it."

He did as he said and took my whole cock in his mouth. There were happy grunting sound as he sucked my cock taking its full length in his mouth and slurping as he went. He stroked his own dick as he knelt between my legs sucking me.

I looked at this guy. He was tall (about 5 feet 11 inches), slim with very dark brown soft hair. His chest was quite hairy but it was contained on his chest and pubic area. His legs seemed quite lightly hairy. His eyes were blue, piercingly, and shadow of a beard, obviously trimmed to look neatly unshaven. His balls were quite hairy but smaller that mine, as was his cock.

He kept looking up at me as he sucked my cock hungrily occassionally pulling his mouth off to again comment on how much his wife would love this. He stood up and led me to their bedroom. It was very much a marital bedroom, quite pink with pictures of the two of them on their wedding day set up on the dressing table. He ignored them and pushed me on the bed stripping me naked. He followed suit and lay beside me licking my balls and up my body to my nipples. No one had really done that as much as he did and it certainly kept my cock erect. I did virtually nothing until he climbed up and straddled my chest to put his cock in my mouth. It was leaking precum but I took it in my mouth and sucked.

"Wow that's it. You're better than Kate I tell you. I bet you fuck better that me too."

It was an odd conversation when he kept degrading his own prowess.

"She would so love a proper man's cock in her. I bet that thing hurts when you fuck?"

Without another word he stood up, opened a drawer and took out a condom, stretching it on my cock. He grabbed a tube of clear liquid and spread it on his arse and I realised he wanted fucked. I hadn't seen this coming.

He straddled me again and slowly sunk his arse on to my erect cock as I lay on the bed. It was obviously hurting but he wasn't for giving up as his body was pushed down on to my cock. He didnt stop until I was fully inserted and then he started to ride me.

"Jeesus Kate's missing something great. She would so love this cock. She'll be so jealous of a cock as big as this going in me instead of her."

As he rode me he reached over and took a picture of her from the bedside table and talked to it telling it what was Kate was missing. The riding was now frantic. He was pushing down heavily on me, fully withdrawing and plunging fully back in again.

"I'm going to cum," I warned.

"Yeah make me pregnant," he said, "Shoot your hot cum inside me."

I obliged! My load pumped into the condom and a surprise hit me straight in the face when he came a gushing load without touching his cock. It was facing me, straight upwards and as I shot in him his own semed spurted into the air in an arc. Apart from just gripping to finish it off, he didn't touch it.

When was over I felt sure I was going to be invited back to fuck Kate. I wasn't sure if I wanted to as she looked quite plump in the pictures but, he dressed, thanked me and showed me the door without mentioning her again!

I suppose that was the day I realised that it takes all sorts to make a world especially when a guy is randy. I realised that he had a fantasy about his wife having another man. It was obviously something she didn't want to do and he was using it as an excuse for having gay sex. Weird but I enjoyed it and put it all down to experience.

Part 4

As had happened before there was a long gap as we headed into Spring before any sexual opportunities came up again. I knew there were gay bars in Belfast but I didn't really want to go there. For some reason even with all I was doing, I didn't particularly want to meet gay guys in a gay bar. I liked this 'twilight' zone of gay sex I found myself in.

It was mid-March when I found an odd text on my phone:

"How about trying something new. Would love to meet again. Call me – Jason."

I assumed it was the Jason I had met with his Uncle. I had texted him a few days after the event saying I had enjoyed our meeting but he had never answered. He was the only Jason I knew so I texted back asking what he had in mind. I had been 4 weeks without anything but a wank and if he had suggested shagging his pet cat I might have agreed!

He called me straight back.

"Are you gay or bi," He asked.

This was a question I wasn't sure I knew the answer to myself but something told me to say "bi."

"Fancy some fun and making £50.00 at the same time?" He asked.

"You've lost me," I replied.

"I've got this guy and his wife on a string," He said. "He loves seing her being fucked and she likes seing him being fucked. He's about 40 and she's 30 or so and really quite hot. She picked me up in a supermarket and I've done it twice with them but they seemed to be getting a bit bored so to get another wad of cash I said a knew another cute guy who would make up a foursome as long as they doubled the fee and gave us both £50.00. What do you think?"

My mind was racing. I had once met an 18 year old guy with his Uncle in a park when I thought I was straight. I had fucked both of them and then, just as I was coming to terms with the fact that I was probably gay, he guy phones and asks if I want to fuck and older guy and his wife. I couldn't have thought it up in my wildest fantasies.

Jason twigged my hesitancy. "£50.00 mate, for an hour's fun."

I said I would, even though I wasn't sure. He called me two days later to say it was set for Saurday evening. As I was driving, I couldn't even drink for Dutch courage but when I picked up Jason on the outskirts of Belfast he had already had a few drinks and was being quite fruity with me considering that other than fucking him up the arse, I hardly knew him!

"We go to their house out towards Bangor and have a shower as they insist of cleanliness and then a drink or two, then he strips himself and sits watching while we shag his wife. Depending on how drunk they get, one or both of us, shag him too. Then they pay us and we go. I assume they shag again when we've left as it really gets them going. He takes the odd picture too but I insist on no faces. Take one of these."

He handed me a blue pill.

"For your stiffy," he said.

The house was an elegant detached villa and the Jaguar in the driveway suggested money. Jason was dressed "boyish" with a pair of washed out jeans, the band of his Armani underwear just visible above when his shirt rode up. He had some trainers and a baseball cap. I was just me really. Jeans, t-shirt, boots and a smile.

The husband surprised me as he was really quite smart and elegant when he opened the door. He was athletic with a fine body and slim waist for his 6 feet tall height.

"Hi you must be Neil," He said offering his hand. "I'm Graeme."

I shook and followed the track suit bottomed host into a stunning lounge area. It was open plan with cream carpets and walls and an enormous plasma television on the wall. Sitting on the couch was an smart, blonde lady who looked as though she was in her twenties but I figured must me a little older. Her dress sense and body made her look like a model.

"Hi Neil, I'm Emily," she said lifting her hand as though to request its back be kissed.

I shook it.

"Now you guys run along and shower," said Graeme. "Make sure everything is clean as you never know where we might end up tonight.

I went with Jason to a stunning wet room and we both stripped off and stood under the shower.

"Use the shower nozzle to clean up your back end," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cos you never know where a finger might end up," he said.

By the time we were finished my skin was squeaking and we wrapped towels around our waists and went out to the lounge. Emily was in a white towelling robe and Graeme in well fitted grey track suit bottoms and a t-shirt which hugged his athletic frame, his nipples sticking out. He didn't seem the passive type at all. I could imagine him at the head of a company or hiring and firing people not paying teenagers to fuck his wife.

Jason and I had a beer while they sipped chilled white wine and we made small talk.

"My but you're a good looking lad," said Emily to me. "I hear you don't have a girlfriend?"

"No," I said.

"And you're pretty new to sex in general."

I blushed so an answer wasn't required.

I felt a warm rush in my head and assumed the Viagra was kicking in. My cock seemed to be filling slightly for absolutely no reason.

"You two come and sit beside me," said Emily patting the stunning cream leather sofa. "You were right Jason, young Neil here is exactly our sort."

I wondered for a moment if I had been slightly set up and rather than us all having sex together, I was the main attraction!

We walked across and I noticed her husband slump low in his chair adjusting his crotch. Jason sat beside me with Emily to my right. She patted my leg and started to squeeze me above the knee. Jason was doing the same on the other side. I remember wondering why he wasn't at Emily's side but his hand had reached my cock which was not at full mast. He pulled the towel aside and dropped to envelop my cock with his mouth. I felt a little awkward being sucked by a guy while a woman cupped my balls.

Emily started to kiss me. Her tongue went deep in my mouth. By now Jason was kneeling between my legs. I caught the sight of a flash and realised Graeme was taking pictures of the scene. I cautiously put my hand between Emily's legs and headed up to her panties and then by pulling the elastic aside, reached her pussy. It was hot and damp and my finger slid easily inside her. Jason's other hand joined me and we both fingered her. She was moaning as we did so.

She stood up and stripped naked. She was a well built woman with firm, large breasts. Her nipples were larger and brown, sticking out with excitement. I was stripped by Jason and placed back on the couch and both he and Emily took it in turns to suck my cock, their tongues licking each other and disappearing from time to time into each other's mouths.. My legs were lifted long ways on the couch and Jason started to lift them in the air, his tongue tracing down between my legs, licking my balls and then tracing down to lick my arse hole. The sensation was electric. Jason had his tongue in my bum and Emily cupped my balls and sucked my cock.

"Oh stop just now, please!" I shrieked as an orgasm rushed to escape.

They did, just in time.

I was pulled to my feet and Emily stood and kissed me. Graeme came across, his sizeable uncut cock sticking straight out. He stood behind her and coaxed his cock into her cunt. I knelt down and started to lick her as he fucked her. It was the most amazing sensation, my tongue rubbing against a man's cock as it fucked into a woman. Her juices coated his cock and mixed with my saliva getting wetter with each stroke. I was a little unsure about oral sex with a woman but knew the little nub I could see being pushed in and out, had something to do with her pleasure so I started to lick on it, avoiding my face being bashed by a hard cock. My tongue was aching but the sounds from Emily suggested that Graeme and I were doing something to her. Jason was kissing her and she suddenly started whimpering like a wounded animal. The sound intensified until she was screaming. Her nails dug into my shoulder and the fluid coming from her seemed to intensify.

"Jeezus Neil," she said. "You may be new to this but you're learning fast. Come and fuck me!"

We went through to the bedroom and she lay on the bed.

"I'm clean and on the pill so please just fuck me!"

I climbed on to her and guided my stiff cock into her. It slid in easily. Seven inches of hard teen meat slid straight inside her. Her husband had been slightly bigger so she took me easily. I was soon hammering into her like a randy amateur, which I suppose I was. I gripped her breasts and tried to suck them though my energetic fucking made that slightly difficult. I looked over to see where the other two guys were in time to see Graeme entering Jason's arse. I hadn't expected that.

They were beside us on the bed. It was an odd sight, a teen virgin fucking a wife while her husband fucks another teen. I had this craving to fuck Jason too and wondered if I would get the chance.

Graeme was fucking Jason quite violently, doggy fashion.

Emily saw me watching and asked if I would like to fuck Graeme. I nodded.

I withdrew and went over to Graeme as she slopped some gel on his hole. As I entered him, she started filming. Jason was on his knees, Graeme was up him and I was up Graeme.

"You fuck me and I'll push into Jason," said Graeme.

I did.

Ten minutes was all I could take and I had to withdraw. The tight hole was amazing but I kept heading for climax.

"I want fucked by you all," said Emily.

Graeme slid straight across the bed and pulled Emily on to it, mounting her from the rear. I grabbed the camera from her and kept filming, zooming in on her cunt as Graeme slid in and out.

"I'm going to cum," he said. "Film up close."

I zoomed up as he started to cum. I could see the veins on his cock standing out and then, as he was cumming, he withdrew slightly so the first jet was visible, firing on to her cunt lips. He then thrust into her and started to pump his cum. I could see the muscles on his cock move in time with the thrusts. When he pulled out, his cock was coated in semen and I could see it inside her vaginal canal.

"Film me," said Jason.

He jumped over and took exactly the same position. His six inch cock slid into the wide, well lubricated canal and I wondered if she would even feel him. Jason started to hump like a bitch on heat. Quick sharp thrusts into Emily. His balls slapped against her and I could see his cock slide in and out.

"Oh my God," he said.

I zoomed back in again. He tried to pull back to let me see his first jet but ended up just thrusting fully into her, pumping his hard little cock in and out.

"Now you Neil," she said. "You're going to make me cum too."

Graeme took the video camera from me and Jason took the compact as I took up the same position and slowly pushed my cock into her.

Once I realised my cock was awash with the semen of two horny men, my dick went as stiff as I can ever remember and I started to fuck. I tried really hard to angle to her clitoris but it was so open, wide, wet and soft, it was difficult to get purchase on her. Something worked as I heard the familiar growling sounds from her. My cock was hammering her cunt and I remembered thinking she was going to be aching in the morning. My balls slapped against her and she started to cum.

"Keep going you bastard," she shouted. "Don't stop just fuck hard and shoot your horny teenage cum into me."

The sounds of recycled cum frothing around her as my cock hammered into her, the smell of semen and her shouting obscentities brought me to a head and I pumped cum into her with such force it almost hurt as it shot the length of my cock.

Sweat was pouring off me as I slumped off her. Graeme filmed right up to her gaping hole and then put his tongue inside to lick the cum off her.

"That was awesome," said Emily. "Well worth the money, wasn't it Graeme?"

He nodded.

Jason and I left, horny and elated. I wondered if he would ever let me fuck him as I had a craving to do so.

"Do you know anyone who would like two horny teens fucking them," said Jason.

I thought of a damp October day near Londonderry and a young couple and said, "I just might."

Part 5

With some egging on from Jason who seemed to text me every thirty minutes, I sent a message to the couple I met way back the previous late Autumn. Nothing came back immediately. Then two days later, a text said "Who are you?"

"I met you and your girlfriend briefly last October in a car park," I texted.

The phone rang.

"Hi, I'm Sam."

I didn't quite know what to say next but Sam explained it had been a one off. It was just a day when they were both very horny. He had a thing about seeing his girlfriend fucked and she had never really wanted it but that day and at that time, she had been horny and said she would and we did!

"It's the most excited I have ever been," he said. "We have spoken about it but she is scared to actually plan something like it again. She says it happened because it was spontaneous."

"I have a young friend who is as horny as I am," I told him. "He would play along with your interest and he, like me, is bisexual."

I had said the word "bisexual" now so that was it – that's what I was.

"What does that mean?" he said.

Swallowing hard, I said, "You could have some too, as I get the feeling you would want to."

I wasn't sure if his girlfriend knew he had sucked me but I enjoyed it as he was a good looking guy.

"Leave it with me," he said.

I told Jason and we waited.

The phone rang three days later.

"We're going to go up to that car park on Thursday afternoon. I haven't told her anything but we can't get a decent shag at her house or mine due to parents so I'm hoping if you get there about two o'clock and we're going thirty minutes earlier I should have her warmed up and we'll see if she does it again."

I took the day off and picked up Jason in the morning. He was horny as fuck and as we were early we stopped in another quite lay-by to pass time, he suddenly reached across and kissed me.

"When this is done, I want to meet you alone and let you fuck me."

"I won't say no to that," I said.

We had a snack and headed up to the car park. It was a perfect day in that it was again late in the year, there was a mist hanging about and few cars on anything but the main roads. I drove into the car park just after 2.00pm and was relieved to see only their car up at the same corner, the windows steamed up. I reversed in so I faced them at a slight angle. I didn't want her to realise there were two people in the van just yet. After about ten minutes I saw a hand wipe the condensation off the screen so someone was looking over. I wondered if she would recognise the van.

I climbed out as I had done only ten months before and rummaged in the back then climbed back in. I saw Sam climb out and do the same. He then left the door open and was talking to the girl, I assumed to persuade her. She climbed out and looked across hesitatingly as he kissed her against the car.

"Fucking ace," said Jason, his cock in his hand slowly wanking himself.

Our half Viagra earlier was certainly having an effect as I was stiff as hell too. He squeezed my cock,

"He's good looking isn't he," said Jason. "Hope I get to taste his cum."

With a nervous look over her shoulder they, once again headed over the wall and repeated the exact procedure from last time. He felt her tits, she squeezed his cock and then they headed up the break in the trees. I climbed out of the van alone and watched as they turned right and disappeared from view.

"Right Jason, we're on, let's go!"

We followed together. I assumed she thought I was alone so I had no idea how she would respond to two of us. When we turned right I couldn't see anything. I hoped he had started to strip her because the more naked she was the less likely she was to refuse. It was quiet. The mist and damp, spongy peat deadened any sound.

I almost missed them as we walked past. He had his back to me with her pinned against a tree. His jeans were down and I could see her panties at her ankles. Jason and I moved forward but stayed back a little, and we both took our stiff cocks out wanking as we watched. He moved back a little and she saw us. Her eyes shot open and I saw her tell him there were two guys but he just clamped his mouth over hers and kissed her. His and beckoned us from behind his back.

We both walked across and I stood to one side, leaning in to kiss her cheek. I saw Jason's hand cup Sam's bum.

Sam stood back and I took his place, kissing her and fondling her breasts, she smiled slightly and I felt her cold hand on my red hot cock. She was hooked. The boyfriend stood further back and Jason moved to her other side and started to finger her while he kissed her other cheek. Her other hand found his cock and I felt a change in her breathing as she started to get randy. Sam was wanking like mad.

I knelt on the ground and started to lick her. She leaned back to allow better access. Jason, in typical fashion boldly walked over to the boyfriend and knelt in front of him. He automatically tried to cover his cock with is hand but Jason was having none of it and pulled it away to engulf the guy's hard cock with his mouth. The girlfriend looked shocked but my tongue was where I had learned it should be and her eyes quickly closed as I drank from her open slit.

I stood up and started to kiss her as my fingers exploring her. I looked over and found Jason actually trying to kiss the boyfriend but with little success. I think he was pushing a bit too far. He came across to me. We both stripped the girl naked and I pulled my jeans down and my top came off. Jason followed and then we both started on her in earnest. I saw a fallen log and we laid her on it, Jason licking her cunt while I alternated from lips to breasts. Sam came close and wanked while watching. I gripped his cock and started to wank him while I licked her out. He came closer so I quickly took his cock in my mouth. A gasp of pleasure came from his mouth.

Jason was getting ready to mount. The guy quickly handed him a condom and he pulled it on and entered the girl. His fucking, as ever was fervent. I took Sam over behind Jason and guided his hand to Jason's arse. I held it in place and made him feel him. I fingered Jason and took his finger until he started doing the same. Once he was happily in place I moved around and stuck my cock in the girl's mouth. She sucked greedily and started moaning. I was getting used the the slow moaning build up and knew she was going to climax.

Jason was getting close. I pulled him off and took his place. She moaned as my bigger cock slid in and I started my steadier fuck. This time I took it easy. To my side I saw the boyfriend sucking Jason, I assume enjoying the taste of his girlfriend from Jason's cock.

I fucked her for fully ten minutes unil her boyfriend said he wanted to have her. I pulled off and he entered her like a randy animal, fucking like a mad thing. He knew what to do as the poor girl was quickly back to orgasm and started to whimper. Jason and I stood to the side and wanked. I was cumming and decided to give them both a coating.

I aimed at both their faces and fired. My cum shot over her face, hit his chin and dolloped over her tits. Jason ran round, cock in hand, and did exactly the same. The poor guy was awash with cum. She screamed in orgasm and as she calmed down, he pulled out ripped off his condom and deposited his own load all over her body

She was a mess. Two teenage lads and one twenty year old had deposited maximum sperm loads over her. The boyfriend pulled off his t-shirt and gave her it to wipe. Thankfully he still had a shirt.

We went quiet again and started to dress, letting them walk out first in case there was another car in the car park. There wasn't.

They had gone by the time Jason and I reached the car park. It was a pity as I really fancied the guy.

Two days later I received a call from him. "Do you guys do that sort of thing much?"

"When I said we were begining to, he then said, "Fancy another member?"

Life was getting interesting.



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