"There's something odd about that guy!"

"What's odd about him?" I enquired of my inquisitive wife who was peeping out from behind the Venetian blinds in our rented house and looking across the street at our neighbour.

"That's another young woman going into the house with him. He thinks he's God's gift and these innocent young girls seem to agree," she said, still speaking with contempt.

I looked across and there was our neighbour, Larry, a six feet tall, well built, good looking guy ushering a young girl into his house. We're not talking kids here. She looked about 18 or 19 and extremely sweet, her blonde hair blowing in the breeze and her laugh just managing to carry across the street to us. She certainly didn't look like a girl being enticed into his "den" against her will.

"He must me at least.......," Terri hesitated and then pondered and said, "What age do you think he is?"

"Mmm, 31, 32 or thereabouts," I replied. "He is a good looking guy Terri and he is also a consenting adult."

"But he takes at least two or three girls in there a week and goodness know what...filth... he gets up to with them."

My cock had already started to rise as I tried to imagine what filth he might get up to with them and the thought of joining him on one of his escapades was definitely enticing to me though I doubted my sweet little Terri would see it that way.

His name was Larry and he had moved into the house across the street some 6 months previously after breaking up with his wife. He did some kind of electrical maintenance for the various colleges and government offices around town and obviously his well built physique appealed to the woman he met. I was in year four of a relationship with Terri, year two of our marriage and both of us were younger than Larry by some six years having rented a little semi detached bungalow to make our nest. Sex was good, and that's the reason we had decided to hitch up together but as the years had passed I realised that a relationship either needs to develop beyond sex or the sex needed to expand beyond the relationship.

In my quiet "wanking" moments I fantasised about everything. When I had time to myself, I found myself chatting online and becoming ever more experimental in mind if not in practice. My current thoughts were of Terri being screwed by another guy or guys while I watched and wanked and then entered her once they had finished, of myself and another guy doing the same to a complete stranger and then having sex with each other when she had gone. The thought of another man doing something to me had started to excite me. I had always looked at other men and found the male form attractive and as well as a special friend at school a guy at college had actually fucked me. I put it behind me shortly before I met Terri Why this was surfacing now, I had no idea but though I entertained the thought of being penetrated again, I would probably hit the roof if someone tried.

Larry attracted me. Larry looked "dirty-minded" and up for anything and when we spoke, he stripped Terri and I felt he also stripped me with his eyes.

"He's probably doing her right now," she said. "Tony Davidson are you listening to me!"

I jumped back into real time and adjusted my stiff cock.

"Yes dear, he'll be doing her right now!"

"Disgusting," she said. "Fancy a cup of tea?"

With that, Terri marched off to the kitchen and clattered about as I enviously looked over at the closed curtains on his bedroom window and wished I was there!

In my chatting moments, I had joined a swingers site with little chance of every swinging. I am young so had plenty of invitations but didn't really have the courage to two-time Terri. I tried to interest her in anything extra curricular and though she didn't refuse, she didn't show enthusiasm either. One really good looking guy had said he would love to come and "give us both one," but I couldn't even show her the e-mail.

One night, when Terri was asleep I clicked on the "Who's online nearby" button and was shocked to find someone "within half a mile." I clicked on "sexmachine_xxx" and read the description.

"33 year old athletic single bi-man. 6 feet 1 inch tall, well endowed looking for women/couples for energetic sex. Into most things and prepared to try anything - and I mean anything. Try me and you won't be disappointed!"

There was no picture but I sent an instant message requesting a chat. There was an immediate response and we started to and fro-ing. Once he realised I was married he started to ask for pics of her, preferably explicit. I hadn't any but asked if he had any. A picture of an enormous uncut cock came through.

"Imagine this sunk in her cunt," he said.

I explained she wasn't for playing but he just kept saying that every woman was "for playing" given the right circumstances. I wasn't sure that was right but played him along anyway. I sent a pic of me naked, taken in the bathroom mirror with my head not showing.

"Think you could take my cock then?" he asked.

"I'd need some practice," I said.

"Sure you've none of the wife?"

I debated before sending two pics. One of Terri's tits and another I took on my phone of her on the bed her lags apart, fingering her cunt. Her face wasn't visible as she was lying back.

"Tasty, I think I could get in there with no problem, leave my juicy load and you could lick it out after I left. Does that appeal?"

"Oh yes," said I.

The conversation went on in this fantastical vein for about an hour before he signed off with, "I'm sure I'll see you around."

I had a quick wank to get over the chat and went to bed.

The Sunday after all this, Terri and I were working in our little garden at the front on a rare British sunny, warm day. I saw Larry working in his garden and he looked up and waved across. We had spoken in the past so I waved back.

"Shit," said Terri, "He's coming across."

Larry approached with a warm friendly smile, his piercing blue eyes looking through both of us. He was wearing a pale blue Abercrombie and Fitch polo shirt and tight fitting Levis and looked completely relaxed and at ease.

"Hiya neighbours," he said with a joking tone.

He chatted easily and in a relaxed manner and the usually icy Terri was soon chatting back as though he was her best friend. After the usual talk about the rare sunshine and the local neighbourhood he turned to me.

"Do you like the house?"

"Yes," I replied.

"I looked at it before I took mine but I didn't like the tiles in the bathroom. That big black band of tiles around the bathroom was a bit too much even though it's very individual. I would say there are few bathrooms in this area which look like that don't you think? I'm sure I've seen some pictures of these tiles somewhere recently though."

As he said that he winked and a cold realisation of what he was saying crept over me. Surely he wasn't "sexmachine_xxx?" If he was he knew my innermost fantasies and had seen my cock and Terri's cunt and tits. My eyes strayed to the front of his jeans and the package looked as though it housed the monster I had looked at in the picture hidden deep in my computer.

"I'd love the pair of you to come across for drinks some night as I'm sure we have a lot in common."

"That would be so nice," purred Terri.

"We'll I'm off but it's nice to chat isn't it? I'm a great chatter," he said, winking at me as he left.

"Shit, shit, shit," I thought, my face reddening as he walked away.

"I thought he was a pervert?" I asked Terri as he walked away.

I was ignored as she said, "He looks so manly and handsome close up doesn't he?"

"How would I know?" I replied.

"Come on Tony, with your history don't tell me a man's cock doesn't hold some interest?"

That was below the belt. I had "confessed" my youthful thoughts to Terri some time before on a drunken evening and she had been fine, even explaining a crush she had had on a school friend and later, a teacher.

"Miaow," I said.

She gripped my arm and kissed me. "Might be interesting anyway," she said. "There's something about that man I can't put my finger on."

I thought, "Perhaps he's thinking the same about her."

We hadn't arranged anything and I assumed it had all been forgotten. I didn't visit the website much though I had checked in a couple of times briefly and had clicked out when I saw "sexmachine_xxx" was online.

When I next checked in there was a personal message from him saying "Have you any more pictures of your sexy wife and your lovely bathroom?"

That confirmed it, the guy was Larry!

"Tony, come here and look at this?"

Terri was calling and I went through to the front bedroom where she was behind the curtains in the dark looking over the road at Larry's house. It was around 10.30pm and the late summer sun had almost fully set. I looked in the direction she was pointing and could see Larry, stripped to the waist and a young woman, also stripped, kissing near the window of his house with the lights on in the background. His house was at an angle to ours so the window was to the side of the house rather than the street so I assumed they thought they had some privacy. They reckoned without Terri.

"For Christ's sake Terri, how long have you been spying on him?"

She ignored me as she said, "That girl went in with him over an hour ago and they're obviously going to....."

"Fuck?" I said bluntly.

"Don't be so dirty Tony Davidson," she retorted.

"He's going to stick his big cock inside her and fuck her brains out," I said, half jokingly.

"How do you know he has a big cock?" she asked, half joking.

I flushed before recovering to say," Even you commented on the lump in his jeans!"

"True," she said, still staring across the street.

I could just see him lift the woman in his arms. She was completely naked as he carried her out of sight and, I assumed to the bedroom.

"I can't see anything now," said Terri in a disappointed tone.

We went to bed and she was restless, eventually cuddling up to me and taking the initiative for sex. We ended up shagging like animals and she certainly was in heat. I assumed Larry was getting her wet and that interested me.

The next message read, "Had a great shag off a little tart yesterday and came on her tits. Bet your wife goes like a rocket when she's horny."

I answered simply, "She does and she did last night!"

He came back with, "I hope she liked my little show."

I realised the bugger had seen her at the window and had been performing for us.

It was two days later when I found a note behind the door inviting us for a few drinks and snacks the following Friday. Terri was jumping with glee. I assume she was flattered that this handsome hunk was coming on to her. I wasn't sure about the whole thing as I had no idea what his agenda was and I felt a little out of control.

On the Friday, Terri took a great deal of time not dressing up. She ended with the "just something I threw on" look. She wore tight jeans, showing her pert bum and a white t-shirt with a "v" neck which plunged just far enough to make her a little tartish. When we knocked at Larry's door, a pretty little thing answered. Close up she looked like she should still be at school but on closer examination mainly of her breasts, I managed to work out that she was 18 or 19.

"Larry's just getting some wine opened," she purred, "Come on through."

Larry was pouring some Sauvignon Blanc.

"White OK or would you rather have red?"

We both said we liked white and he handed two glasses. The young girl held out her hand.

"Tamsin," she said holding our her hand.

I introduced us and we stood around chatting.

"We've had a rather hectic afternoon, haven't we Tamsin?" said Larry with that grin again.

"Larry, quiet," said a blushing Tamsin.

"That's the trouble with the young, they have more energy than us older guys. She's knackered me!"

"Stop it Larry," said the blushing girl.

Oblivious, he carried on.

"Now the older women have a better pace and know all the extra things an old guy like me enjoys whereas the younger ones just want missionary position and nothing else. Maybe you could train her Terri?"

Terri blushed and said, "Most of us do what comes naturally and the rest comes with experience."

"Well said," remarked Larry, "But it's a lot harder to relax and do it naturally with a nine inch cock in you."

"Nine?" spluttered Terri.

"Yes nine," said Larry with a big grin. "Isn't it Tamsin?"

She quietly nodded.

"I've told Tamsin here if she's very good, I'll introduce her to my old school mate Don who has a thick ten inches and loves using it wherever he can. Don will do anything or anyone."

His emphasis, as he looked me in the eye was on the "anyone."

Terri was giggly by now. I couldn't believe how this woman who, only a few weeks ago had been commenting on Larry's disgusting sex life was now actively encouraging him to speak about it in detail. Tamsin, on the other hand, looked very embarrassed at having her secret fantasies discussed in front of strangers. Larry was oblivious.

"You have no trouble with my dick do you darling? I can bring her to orgasm at will," He commented.

"I need to get going soon," said Tamsin, trying to find way out.

Larry helped get her jacket and called a taxi.

When she had gone he said, "Why are the young things all coy about sex? She does the business in private but when it comes to talking about it she becomes a blushing virgin. You wouldn't think that just a couple of hours ago I was screwing her on this very sofa, would you?"

Terri laughed with him while I squirmed. I was still reeling from the fact that he and his mate had nineteen inches between them and I was sitting here with 6.5 inches on a good day!

"What's the biggest cock you've had Terri?" said Larry carrying on with his theme.

"I don't know," said Terri, "Possibly about seven inches."

"There's nothing better that a graded fuck. Little hubby here leads the way to get you going, then you take nine inches to stretch you and then ten inches to take you to heaven," he said.

"Oh I don't know that I would be keen on being in the middle of something like that," said Terri. "I love and respect Tony too much."

"And if Tony got his rocks off seeing this, would that change your mind?"

Terri smiled at me and quietly said, "I don't know."

The subject was quietly dropped and my thoughts were, "If this guy talks like this after having sex and cumming, I wouldn't like to see how pushy he would be when horny."

That night after we had gone to bed and I surmised Terri was asleep, her voice came out of the blue.

"Would you like to see me being manhandled by two older guys Tony?"

I knew the answer but replied with, "How would you feel since you would be the one being manhandled."

"I don't know either but when he said it today I got goosebumps and I have a funny feeling it would turn you on being in the room with two naked guys and me."

"You fancy sex with Larry don't you?" I asked.

"There's something really dirty about him," she said, emphasising the word 'dirty.' "What would you do if I said I wanted a hard shagging from him and his mate?"

"I don't know." I said, quite honestly.

I fancied seeing her being fucked by two older men, I fancied seeing two naked men, I even fancied the thought that I might be molested by two older men but I worried how I would feel about Terri once she was stretched and fucked by two near strangers. I had always been excited by men finding her attractive and even then, lying in bed in the dark, my heart was pounding with excitement in a way it hadn't done for years.

"My heart's pounding," said Terri, as though reading my mind.

"So's mine," I said. "Let's talk in the morning."

My cock didn't go down much during the night and Terri knew it as I felt her grip it a number of times as I drifted in and out of sleep.

In the morning Terri took the car and went shopping and I went out to tend to the garden, something I did and hated doing but I suppose Terri hated shopping so we were equal.

"Hi buddy!"

I jumped, not having heard Larry come up behind me.

"How's that sexy wife of yours?"

"Oh she's off shopping."

"I really got her attention with mentioned of two big cocks didn't I? I have a feeling I got your attention too, but then you've seen mine before haven't you?"

I spluttered and started on an excuse but he wasn't having it.

"Look mate, I was in the Merchant Navy and trust me a hole is a hole. Many of the guy's couldn't get enough of my cock and, to be honest, I miss a bit of male to male action. My old buddy Don and I would fool around on the boat but we both were well blessed so we needed an extra hand if we wanted any fucking as neither of us took it. You ever had a cock up you?"

I tried to quieten his loud voice with a "SSH."

"You have, haven't you? How big was it?"

"Quite big," I confessed. "It was a gay guy at college and he was a bit effeminate but he surprised me by having nearly eight inches and wanting to fuck me. We did it quite a few times."

"Any more?"

"Once or twice when I was away from home."

"What made you marry?"

"I fell in love!"

"Trouble is," said Larry, "The longing never goes away does it?"

"No," I replied honestly.

"Does she know?"

"Yes I told her, even about what I did and she was really fine about, even asking all the gory details. She told me about a crush she had on a teacher though she did nothing."

"She wants us to fuck her doesn't she? I know that look."

"I think she does," I replied.

"How about you, would you like to see her getting it and more to the point, what about you getting it in front of your wife?"

He looked me up and down.

"Don't answer," he said, "Your cock's brick hard in your shorts!"

He wandered off and shouted behind him, "Just tell me when!"

When Terri returned we packed away the groceries and took a chicken salad into the back garden to wash down with some beer. After we had eaten I told her about Larry's visit and a little about what he had said to me.

"They want to fuck you too?" she said with incredulity.

"So it seems," I said.

"This is sounding very dirty," she replied, popping open a second beer. "I told you he was dirty didn't I?"

I looked at her and she looked at me.

"Do you love me Tony?"

"Yes Terri."

"Do you want me fucked by two big guys with massive cocks?"

"I think I do."

"Do you want fucked by two guys with massive cocks?"

"I think I do."

"Then that's it 'cos so do I."

I said nothing to Larry at all but on the following Wednesday bumped into him as I walked back from the newsagents. He chatted about the warm weather.

"We'll do it!" I said quickly.

He looked at me almost surprised.

"I thought you might chicken out but can I tell you, I fancy the fuck out of the pair of you and you can guarantee a night to remember. Did I tell you that Don used to be a male model and has been in a number of fashion mags. He is one heck of a hunk so you're both in for a treat."

By the time I had reached his gate we had decided on Sunday, late afternoon at his place. He talked to me about hygiene.

"If I'm sticking this baby in your arse, you had better be clean so get douching boy."

He lacked a certain "je ne sais quoi."

Terri and I talked about little else for the rest of the week. My heart kept pounding every time I thought if her naked in front of two guys and also of a massive male member sliding into me. I started bathing and used a dildo we had to stretch my hole. OK I had used it a little bit before but Terri didn't know. Terri and I fucked like rabbits on Wednesday and Thursday nights and then decided to abstain so we would be extra horny.

It was Sunday!!

We made small talk at breakfast and both were feeling like school kids about to play truant. Terri spent ages washing and douching and I waited until the last hour before doing the same. I took forever but I didn't want to be embarrassed in the middle of this. I had bought some Viagra, just in case I was nervous and took 50mls before we both had a couple of drinks to relax us.

"How do I look," she said.

Terri stood before me looking like a schoolgirl just about to go off and play tennis. She was in a short white skirt and t-shirt, no bra, and her nipples were just visible through the fabric as were her white panties through the skirt.

"Wow, you are going for the lust vote aren't you?"

She smiled and said, "You don't look too bad yourself."

I had on a pair of denim short jeans and a striped t-shirt which showed what little muscle I had. At least my bum looked cute.

We missed Don's arrival. One minute there was no car and then there was a Land Rover Discovery in the driveway so he had obviously arrived. It was time to go! As we nervously walked hand in hand across the road we looked like two lambs heading for slaughter!

When the door opened, Larry dressed in tight fitting track suit bottoms and a t-shirt, led us through to the lounge. Any idea we had that Don would be some beer bellied brute was quickly dispelled when we saw this six feet apparition before us. His short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes immediately attracted me. I heard Terri draw a gasp when she set eyes on him. His athletic body was draped in a tight cotton shirt and his jeans were also cut beautifully not only showing a stunning arse but a promising front as well.

"Don," he said offering his hand to me.

"Hi this is Terri and I'm Tony. We sound like a singing duo don't we?" I said nervously as his firm grip took my hand.

"Your both as cute, young and sexy as Larry said," he continued.

Considering he looked only about ten years older than us and was in amazing shape, I took that as a definite compliment and my cock started rising, all my initial nerves easing. I could only think of these guys naked, fucking my Terri.

Don walked over to Terri and putting his arm around her waist, kissed her gently on the lips. Her eyes fluttered and I knew she was smitten. Larry joined him and put his hand straight up her skirt cupping her bottom with it. Both men were kissing her cheeks either side.

"Come here Tony," commanded Larry.

I walked across meekly and he put his hand behind my head and pulled me firmly towards his, his mouth covering mine and his tongue sliding inside me. I resisted slightly but he pulled all the more. I felt his hand grip my stiff bulge and squeeze my cock.

When he pulled his mouth off me he said, "You're both going to have an afternoon to remember even if it's not one you can tell your kids about when they come along."

He laughed and quickly stripped down to his tight briefs, the shape of his big erection clearly showing. Don had stripped Terri completely and she stood naked before him and he slid out of his jeans showing an even more obscene bulge in a pair of tight trunks. I slowly pulled mine off as Terri was led to the bedroom by Don. Both Larry and I followed on as Don pushed her to the bed and buried his mouth between her legs. Terri started to whimper a he licked her cunt. I could hear the slurping sounds as he dined on my wife. His strong hands stroked up and down her body, gently squeezing her breasts.

Larry again grabbed me and started to kiss me. He pushed my head down to his crotch and forced me to kiss the fabric covering his stiff cock. My own cock was brick hard and I knew I was going to comply, no matter what. He pulled the band of his briefs down releasing his massive cock which sprung out like freed animal and slapped my on the face. I steadied it with my hand and engulfed it with my mouth, savouring the musky taste of man from the foreskin clad beast before me. I was whimpering too and I tried, unsuccessfully to swallow its entire length. I gagged and had to pull it back out. Larry lifted me bodily and threw me on the bed alongside Terri.

By this time Don was lying naked on top of her kissing her lips and fingering her cunt. I was alongside and Larry dropped between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. The firm grip and expert sucking was ecstatic and I too, started to quietly whimper like a hungry puppy being fed. Don took my head and guided me towards Terri and I kissed her forcefully on the lips as we half turned while laying side by side. Don dropped back to lick her cunt while Larry sucked my cock and both of us were in heaven. The slurping and groaning sounds of sex were all around the room. Don climbed up on top of us and presented his cock to both of us. It was huge, way bigger than anything I have even seen on a porn movie. It slapped between up and we took a side of cock each. His foreskin slid back to expose a massive purple head with a leaking slit. I took it in my mouth as best I could and started to suck. Once again the taste was addictive.

Larry had lowered himself to be between Terri's legs and his long tongue slid straight into her slit. Moisture was evident all around her sex. I wasn't sure if it was saliva or her juices but the sound of Larry dining on it was hypnotic.

"Let us watch you fuck her," said Don. "It'll open her up and then we can all get a share.

I climbed off the bed and positioned Terri with her legs draped over the edge and down to the floor with me standing between them. I aligned my rigid cock to her and Larry took it in his hand and eased it into her, allowing his fingers to stroke me and even slide in along with me. I pushed against her and she grunted as my cock slid into her.

"Fuck me Tony," she said. "Open me up for these big dicks. I so want to be fucked by all of you."

I kissed her breasts cupping the right one in my hand and Don slapped his big cock on her face. It was so out of proportion to her small features that it looked slightly grotesque, in a sexy way! She tried, unsuccessfully, to suck him but the fucking I was giving her made it impossible for her mouth to get around it. Larry's fingers were on my hole. The cold feel of lubricant was being rubbed around my arse and the long forgotten sensations of a man's finger sliding into me began to return. Soon Larry had two fingers in me and was stroking in and out of my hole while I fucked Terri. I hoped I might be able to make an attempt at receiving his cock before the afternoon finished.

Terri called for me to slow slightly and I knew what I had to do to bring her to the edge, gently sliding in and out with a slight sideways movement. My cock tip teased her clitoris and she started to moan as here feelings rose. I stopped.

"Larry, your the next biggest, see what you can do," I said.

Larry pulled his fingers out of me and I stood up and to the side. He stretched a large condom on his cock and lubed it. I went down on my knees so that my face was alongside as I wanted to remember this. His cock slowly entered and I could see her cunt stretching as it went in.

"Slowly, please," gasped Terri.

He edged his cock into her and within four to five minutes I had the delightful view of another man's cock sliding in and out of my wife. It looked so big against her cunt and I wondered that she could accommodate it. He held her hips and really started to get going, pumping hard into her. Terri's little gasps of breath came every time he pushed downwards. Once again I felt a finger in my arse and this time it was Don's rough hands. I relaxed and succumbed to being the passive male in the room as he openly finger fucked me in front of Terri.

I pulled his finger out and stood up pointing his massive cock at my mouth and said, "Suck it!"

I leaned forward and gently eased his foreskin back, the pre-cum glistening on the end of his knob, and took as much as I could managed into my mouth, gripping the brute with both hands as I did so. His balls were quite hairy and large and I alternated with cupping them and gripping his dick as I sucked.

Terri moaned as she reached a climax and her nails dug into Larry' s back and she arched upwards off the bed, screaming the place down. Larry put his left hand over her mouth as he finished her off and then slid out.

"Come here you," he said to me.

He turned me around and spread some more lube on his cock.

"I want to fuck you straight after your wife," he said.

I bent over and said, "Please take it easy, I have no idea if I can manage that."

"You will," he said confidentially.

His cock head felt as though it would never get into me and as Don and Terri watched, his arm around her shoulder and his own monster cock sticking straight up between his legs, Larry's cut cock head popped in and hurt like Hell.

"Fuck, fuck fuck," I said. "Take it out!"

He stopped and waited, doing absolutely nothing as the fiery pain slowly subsided and a fullness in my rectum replaced it. He moved his cock gently around and with the odd gasp, I slowly got used to it. He kissed my shoulders, his hand found my stiff organ and stroked it and Don found some poppers and encouraged me to inhale them. He wiggled around at the back and slowly I felt better.

"OK, you can try to push it in further," I said.

"No point," said Larry.

"Why," I asked.

"It's up to the hilt, that's why," he replied. "And now you get fucked.

"Let me see," said Terri, her hand going between my legs and stroking Larry and he started to fuck me.

"Climb on your knees beside him," said Don.

Terri obliged so that we were like a couple of dogs on all fours, side my side. As Larry started to fuck me seriously, Don entered Terri.

"Oh my God, I'm being ripped apart," she squealed.

"Do you want me to take it out? "he asked.

"No fucking way," she said. "This is what I came for.

Soon we were alongside, both with big cocks in us, being hammered. She had it in her cunt, being entered doggy fashion, and I had it up my arse, all the way. The fucking went on for over fifteen minutes before my hole said it had had enough. Larry decently stopped immediately and I was pleased to see that my douching had been successful as he withdrew. Don pulled out of Terri at the same time.

"Do you want to try this?" he asked.

Someone said," Yes please," and I realised it was my voice.

He laid me sideways on the bed, facing Terri and went behind me, sliding his cock in from the rear but offering a perfect view to Terri and Larry. After an initial problem with the head of his cock, it then slid in with surprising ease and he started a rhythmical fucking action as my arse stretched to accommodate. Larry went back on Terri and started to fuck her in the missionary style. The debauched spectacle of a young guy and his pretty wife being molested together by two older men and their massive cocks was absolutely perverted and as I watched the perspiration dripping off Terri as she was royally fucked, I stroked my own cock which had been rigid since we arrived.

"I'm going to have to cum soon," I said.

Don slid him cock out of me and said, "Not before I soak the pair of you."

This was new to me. I had done it to Terri many times and she loved a hot cum bath but I had never thought of receiving it. Don pushed us roughly together and knelt upright on the bed. Larry joined him at the other side and I took my own cock in hand. Larry came first, a fountain of liquid spurting out and arcing across both of us. I wanted to say something but a shot of cum landed straight down my throat. I lifted my left hand but a second deluge came from Don, splattering across my face and Terri too. I couldn't stop my ejaculation if I tried and I shot as though I hadn't cum in weeks. I took the main force of all three climaxes including my own and Terri burst into giggles.

"Now you know what it feels like!"

I smiled as yet more cum trickled into my mouth and Terri grabbed a towel and started to dry my face. We all collapsed back on to the bed, exhausted.

"How's your arse, Tony?" asked Terri.

"Tender," I replied.

More laughter and as we slowly stood up to dress Larry said, "I think you two might enjoy one of my special parties."

"You mean you do MORE than this?" I said.

"Much, much more," said Larry.

I looked at Terri and she said, "You know Larry, you might be right."



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