I had often wondered when you hear of couples doing all sort of depraved sexual things together or with others, how they ever get to the point that they both know what they want and both enjoy doing it. I mean you hardly take a girl out on a date and say 'Ever fancy being gang-banged?'

I assumed that it evolves out of wanting more excitement, and one partner egging the other on and then once they do something, say dogging, they want more. Then one thing leads to another and before long they are in a swingers club and she is being gang banged.

The truth is, of course, that boyfriend or husband is usually the one fantasising about it with no hope whatsoever of it ever becoming a reality. Many of the husbands and boyfriends reading this right now will identify with this.

Well I was one of those husbands but the beginning of the slide into depravity was more innocent.

Debbie was attractive at school and she knew it. She was what we boys called a 'prick teaser.' Debbie thought nothing of pushing the school regulation skirt length higher and higher until head teacher was impelled to warn her. I think they enjoyed seeing her 'performances' and only interjected when it became too obvious that her skirts were becoming pelmets.

Funnily Debbie was just a prick teaser and not a slut. She wasn't giving out. There was a exhibitionist in her and she would push her exposure to the boys quite far. Happy to let her little panties be seen when she bent down in the school yard, happy that her pert nipples were clearly showing through her tight blouse on a hot day.

Debbie was also good at exams. She wasn't that clever but had a great memory and so after school I found us both a university together. By that time I had already known her three years or so but not really to talk to. I had just passed the time of day and that's about it.

By now I was a pretty regular 18 year old. Slim but not skinny and tall but not high. I did some swimming and my hair, affected by chlorine over the years was a wiry blonde with curls. I had some freckles and a surprising bush of red pubes and light chest hair which looked odd when I was naked. I joined a drama club and there was Debbie, showing off on stage.

She just loved the lead, especially a romantic lead and was always happy to peel off her clothes in aid of the plot. Never naked mind you, just tantalising with a peek here and there.

Debbie was quite curvy and, like me, a blonde. Her longish hair almost reached her shoulders and she kept flicking it back rather sexily when she spoke. Her breasts looked bigger than they actually were, something about 36' but they just seemed huge on her frame. Her bottom was not the usual pear shape and was much more pert and almost boyish.

I was dreaming about here when I realised she was right in front of me.

'We know each other don't we?' she said. 'Sam isn't it?'

Her hand was out and I shook it.

'Yes it is.'

'What did you think of my speech?'

She had been playing the part of some Cleopatra-type ancient queen. I, of course, was just a guard.

'I don't know how you remember all the words,' I said.

'Neither do I. I just seem to have a good memory for these things. Fancy going for coffee afterwards?'

Did I ever!!

That was it. After ignoring each other for 3 or 4 years, we hit it off like a house on fire and within 3 months, we were an item. Still no sex though, just an item.

The times I called to her shared flat to find her padding around in underwear. When you consider how much she exposed, she never did show the parts I really wanted to see. I got to serious kissing but that was it.

Well it took 6 months and one night after we had been to the movies and we had her flat to ourselves she just said, 'I think we should sleep together!'

The big surprise was that she was a virgin. A 19 year old virgin. The sex was good. I was horny and it was a great occasion but I need to be honest in that as a participating sport it was great but it wouldn't have been much of a spectator sport. We kissed, we stripped we had some preamble then 30 minutes later, I had fucked her and we had both cum. I think it was probably the sort of sex many couples out there can identify with. It was good, we reached where we wanted to be but it was vanilla!

Right, so that's the story painted and I need to move on to something a little raunchier now or I'm going to lose my reader aren't I?

The following year we managed a small flat together and the simple sex continued. Debbie still dressed sexily, and still flaunted but I now knew there was nothing in it, she just liked to show herself off. Somewhere about half way through the year, we were out one night and I went to the bar, leaving Debbie at the table. The place was packed and it took about 15 minutes to get the drinks. When I headed back Debbie was being chatted to by a guy of about 24 who looked like a workman, cleaned up for a night out. She was enjoying the attention and I could see him looking at her erect nipples which clearly showed through her top.

I stood still, part hidden by the crowd and realised I was finding it erotic. Debbie was doing nothing wrong. The guy had talked to her and she in her effervescent way was chatting back. His intentions were more single minded than hers, I'm sure but I felt a surge of blood to my cock.

I quickly walked over and laid the drinks down.

'Thanks Sam,' said Debbie, 'Ralph here was just telling me all about his job.'

The guy looked at me with a puzzled expression. He obviously though she was alone. I stayed cheery and upbeat and said a brief 'Hi.'

'Sam's my boyfriend,' she said innocently and Ralph's disappointment was obvious.

He didn't stay long.

I chatted to Debbie about it. 'I think he thought he was on to a winner and was going to get in your pants.'

'Don't be dirty,' said Debbie but I could see the penny had dropped and she realised she had been leading him on unknowingly.

My next solo wank fantasised about what could have happened and I came with a force I hadn't experienced for some time.

The second time it happened was almost the same. We were at a fancy dress party and I had gone as Batman. Debbie being Debbie was a milkmaid complete with the little short skirt and chequered blouse, fake freckles and pigtails. There were around 70 people there and my great costume idea had been copied by two guys who had gone as Batman and Robin and to make matters worse they had obviously hired from the same shop as me as Batman looked like my twin brother.

The girls all got together as girls do and we guys headed for the kitchen to be closer to the beer. I realised that I hadn't seen Debbie for a while so went looking for her to find her dancing with the other Batman. The noise in the place was incredible to there was little talking but I wondered if she knew it was him or not. It was quite dark, a few red light bulbs creating the required party 'ambience.' I stood quietly over beside some heavy curtains so that I could watch and saw Debbie giggling with enjoyment as she danced. At the end of the music as the next track slid flawlessly in the guy took her hand and led her over to a corner. I could still see quite clearly as some brighter light was leaking from the kitchen.

They were trying to talk but it was pointless and I saw him lean forward and kiss her gently on the lips. Debbie, smiled and grabbed his head kissing him fully on the lips and, as they kissed, I saw his hand on her breast. As they sunk more deeply into the corner I saw his gloved hand slide up her skirt. She didn't resist and though I doubted he could feel much with gloves on I assumed he was stroking her cunt. This was all very discreetly done so Debbie seemed to be enjoying it.

I decided enough was enough so walked across and stood behind him as he had her pinned to the wall. Debbie's eyes opened and she saw me. I winked and she recoiled as though someone had hit her with a cattle prod.

'Sam?' she said.

'Yes dear, who's your friend?'

The guy looked at me, then Debbie and he realised instantly what had happened.

'Oh sorry mate, mistaken identity.'

Debbie was mortified and as it was getting on, she asked to leave. Once we got home she apologised and I told her not to worry. We kissed and stripped off to have sex. She kept apologising until I told her, initially that I found it quite funny. As we started to fuck, and she was beginning to breath heavily I quietly spoke.

'I wonder how far he would have managed to go Debbie? Just think, a stranger's finger in your cunt, fingering you while I watched. Was his cock hard? Did you feel it?'

'Christ, I'm cumming,' she screamed as I matched her and I emptied my spunk into the condom.

We lay for some time.

'Didn't it bother you, Sam?'

'I'm sorry to say this Debbie but guys getting off watching you really turn me on and the fact that a stranger actually had his hand up there turns me on too.'

'Why, don't you love me?'

'Of course I do but I remember at school when you used to flaunt yourself to the guys, I loved watching them being horny watching you. All that testosterone somehow excited me and now you're mine, I realised tonight, and in the pub a few weeks ago that the fact that you and I are a couple, it turns me on more than ever.

She admitted that night, she missed the flaunting Debbie she used to be. She told me she used to fantasise about her control over the boys at school and dreamed about them all wanting to seduce her while she could turn them on or off as she wished. She said she would masturbate with these images.

'Maybe we could still play that game again?' I said. 'We go to another club and act separate for a little while to see what happens. You can get turned on by being chatted up and then we'll come home and fuck.'

She said nothing much about it and I left the idea in the air.

Around 3 weeks later we were going out on a Saturday night when she said, 'Fancy trying that new bar across town?The DJ's supposed to be great.'

'Ok, but as long as you dress up sexily for it.'

She looked at me and smiled before disappearing and coming back in looking awesome. Her low cut top accentuated her breasts which looked as though they were struggling to escape. Her legs looked long and sexy from her short skirt which flared out with some kind of starched underskirt.

'Will I do?'

'Fuck yes,' I replied.

As we walked down the road to the bar I asked her, 'Do you want to play the game we suggested a few weeks ago?'

'Maybe for 30 minutes or so,' she suggested.

She bought her drink and stood looking as though she had a date who was late. I watched her. It took no more than 5 minutes before a guy of around 35 walked up to her and talked. She chatted back but he moved on so I suppose she must have said she was waiting for someone. The next were a couple of 18 year old guys. They stood either side of her and were getting an eyeful of her breasts. One kissed her on the cheek and she coyly smiled. The other did the same. They chatted some more and then I saw her shake her head. They shrugged their shoulders and walked off.

I went over to talk to her.

She said, 'The first guy was quite nice but a bit drunk and the second two asked if I wanted a threesome.'

My cock was hard already.

We gave it another 30 minutes and she got as far as sitting with a 28 year old guy who bought her a drink and I saw his hand on her leg, squeezing it. He sat back at one point and nodded to his crotch and I saw a clear hard on there. Debbie again quietly declined and he went off.

When we got home we fucked like rabbits and this time Debbie was into all the fantasy about what might have happened.

'Oh Sam I get so excited knowing these guys want me and can't have me.'

That's when I realised my brain was heading towards a different agenda. I wanted them to have her!

Debbie was into the fantasy of teasing guys and though it wasn't on our weekly agenda, we did do it every few weeks usually for about an hour or so and then we would meet up and go somewhere else to talk about it and have a drink together.

The change happened quite quickly one evening. It was a Friday and we chose a bar we hadn't tried before. It wasn't rough but equally wasn't exactly a cocktail bar either. Debbie was approached quite quickly by a guy of around 34 or so. He was with some other guys but peeled off to speak to her. He was not quite her type in the sense that he was 'a bit of rough,' but was a stunningly good looking guy. He was about 5 feet 10 inches, well built but not too muscled. His hair was very short, almost shaved and he had a tattoo on each arm. His eyes were piercingly blue and his teeth amazingly white. His jeans profiled that he was a well endowed guy.

Debbie spoke to him for some time and they were laughing. He bought her a drink and she was flirting like mad. We reached our timed deadline for going. Usually she would quietly decline him and head out the door and I would follow but he was being quite persuasive. Debbie was insistent and stood to leave. I saw him write his phone number down for her and as she went out, I followed her. Once safely down the street, I caught up with her and we stood and chatted to catch up on what had been said.

'Trying to move in once you thought I had gone then!' said the voice.

I looked around to find the guy standing behind me.

'I saw you looking at her so I assumed you fancied your chances once she left,' he continued.

I was about to explain when suddenly Debbie spoke.

'Actually I was looking at him too,' she said. 'You are both handsome guys and I should be flattered you are both interested in me. I wouldn't know which to choose.'

The guy softened. 'Well you're a good looking girl too and I was just worried he might have had something else in mind so I came to see you were ok.'

'Actually I met this guy last week. His name's Sam and we had a casual arrangement to meet tonight and perhaps go back to my place but you and I got talking. Dan, this is Sam and Sam, this is Dan.'

We stood looking at each other and shook hands lamely. He was a good looking guy by any standards and I could see that Debbie had the hots for him but we were in an awkward situation.

'So there's no hard feelings, why don't you both come back to my place and have a drink,' said Debbie.

My mind was racing. What about pictures, after-shave and other manly traces of my existence.

Debbie was in full flow. 'I live with my brother but he's away for the weekend so it will be nice to have the attention of two gentlemen for a chat.'

The word chat was said rather suggestively and my mind was racing. Surely she wasn't actually going to let him.....fuck her? My cock was brick hard and my heart was pounding with both fear and expectation. This was dangerous. This was dirty!

'I will if he will,' said Dan.

'Ok,' I said meekly.

The walk back was slightly embarrassing with small talk and me trying really hard to be a stranger. I had never seen Debbie like this, in control and horny for a stranger. It slightly unnerved and excited me at the same time. I hung slightly back so I could watch her with him. My cock was so hard. I felt like an excited teenager.

Thankfully Dan went to the toilet when we got in and we had a frantic 5 minutes while he was in there (washing himself?) hiding anything that might give us away. We slept together but I kept my belongings in the other room as Debbie took up too much space so the room looked like it was hers.

When he came out, I dashed in and did wash myself, just in case. When I came out Debbie had poured beers for us and then tripped off to 'get comfortable.'

She returned 10 minutes later looking stunning. Her hair looked so shiny, her skin glowed and she was wearing little slip-over dress in white with her bra and pants just visible through the fabric.

Dan wolf whistled when she came in.

'I'm kind of new to this,' said Debbie, 'So who's going to kiss me first?'

Dan stood up and walked over to her. His strong workman's hands looked enormous as he held her shoulders and kissed her gently on the cheek, then slowly worked around to her lips. He had taken his jacket off and stood in white t-shirt tucked into Levi's. His bottom was firm and tight within his jeans. My cock was rock solid and tight within mine.

His hand cupped her right breast and he gently squeezed them upwards and kissed the exposed top which had oozed out of her bra.

'You just watching or joining mate?' he said, jolting me back to life.

I decided to push this further and more quickly in case it didn't go all the way so I pulled off my polo shirt, unbuckled my jeans and slipped off my shoes and socks quickly standing in my tight grey boxers, my 7 inches sticking obscenely tenting outwards within them. I walked over and stood behind Debbie and prodded her buttocks with my cock.

'My, my we do have an excited guy here don't we?' she said, gripping my hard cock.

She started to pull up the guy's t-shirt and revealed a quite if not overly hairy chest, a small tattoo of an eagle on his right shoulder. Once that was off and as I kissed her neck, she deftly unbuckled and unclipped his jeans letting them drop. He was wearing not-so-sexy, ice blue cotton boxers and his cock was hanging heavily and menacingly down his leg, looking much like the business end of a hose pipe.

Debbie gripped it as Dan kicked off his jeans. He now stood in socks and shorts. She dropped to her knees suddenly, leaving Dan and I looking uncomfortably at each other. She slid both pairs of underwear down and my cock, always liked a coiled spring whacked up and hit her chin. I looked down and Dan's though not fully hard, was already around 8 inches but thick, very thick. His pink piss slit peeked out from foreskin like a flower pushing the petals aside and a little drip of pre-cum sat at the head. Debbie's tongue dashed out as she held it, and licked the clear liquid before a third of his cock disappeared into her mouth. She had one hand on my cock, her mouth around his cock and her other hand on his heavy balls. As she sucked I heard her gag. She slid her mouth back and the big cock had now become a monster. It stood straight out at just short of 10 inches but the real shock was the girth. This was a thick cock by any standard.

Debbie took my cock in her mouth and expertly sucked my upward curving manhood almost until I blew in her mouth. I had to quickly withdraw it. Debbie stood up and pulled her top off, asking Dan to unclip her bra as she dropped her pants. We both stripped naked in time with her and I felt slightly inadequate next to this real man. He took her in his arms, or rather enveloped her as his lips crushed down on her and his hands explored her, moving from her neck to her breasts and then finally finding her wet cunt lips. I watched in awe as his fingers invaded her cunt and Debbie just swooned in his arms. I tried to play my part, standing behind her kissing the nape of her neck but found myself kissing the back of a hairy hand as he returned to her neck ready to lift her into the bedroom.

He carried her and laid her on the bed, her legs dangling off the base. He knelt between her legs and buried his face between them, I saw his tongue disappear into the slit between her neatly trimmed bush. I climbed on the bed and offered my cock to Debbie and she took it as she whimpered to Dan's invasion of her intimate spot. The slurping sound was erotic coupled with Debbie's whimpering, her buttocks rising to meet his mouth and she started her climb to orgasm.

Dan lay flat on her and kissed his way up her body as I watched. The shock was when he reached her mouth. Just as I went to pull my cock out, her gripped it, pulled it out and slid it into his own mouth, sucking with a force I had never experienced. He then offered my cock back to Debbie and took turn around with her at sucking. Once more I had to beg him to stop before I shot my load.

He rolled on to his back and said, 'Now you two can do it!'

Debbie quickly went down on his big cock and I suddenly found a desire to join her. When she pushed it in my direction and my mouth hungrily engulfed it the feeling of another man's cock in my mouth was unbelievable. It was so hard, so living and so dirty!. I could taste his precum, drooling out of it and I didn't care. When I relinquished it to Debbie, I found my mouth drifting down between his legs and licking his hairy balls.

'Yes that's it lick me, suck me you cock hungry whores!' he said.

The words shocked me then I realised that at that moment, I was. I wanted to taste the cock that was going to fuck my Debbie, I wanted to feel its hardness and if I thought I could have, I would have liked to feel it enter me too. However, contrary to popular erotic writing, surely this virgin bottom would never take 10 inches in one go! These oral gymnastics went on for about 10 minutes before Debbie begged him to fuck her. I jumped to the bedside cabinet and ripped open the condom handing it to him. Just watching him trying to stretch it over his cock was mouth watering.

Debbie lay on the bed, her legs wide. He asked me to lie on top of her in a 69 position and, while she sucked my cock I started to lick her little nub. As I slurped away I was aware of Dan climbing on to the bed and his cock heading in my direction. As I licked, he pushed it past my lips and started his entry into Debbie, my tongue feeling the hardness of his cock pass me. The taste of the latex was strangely erotic and the rubber left a slightly numb feeling on my tongue. Debbie was gasping above me but she was so horny and so wet that his cock met little resistance as it slid into her, despite its size. As he started to fuck in earnest I had to move out but he rolled Debbie on to her side, her lags wrapped around his hips opening my view of his cock fucking her. I was able to slide in behind her and resume licking as he fucked her. I cupped his balls as he fucked and was able to lick them, my lips straying towards his arse where his musky masculinity was noticeable.

I stroked my own cock, no desire to take part. Watching this spectacle close at hand was enough to get me harder than I could ever remember. Debbie howled as she reached an orgasm, her sharp nails leaving red weals on his back. I hoped he didn't need to hide the evidence from anyone. He had her legs wide in the air now and I was standing behind him watching him pull almost fully out before slamming back into Debbie's stretched cunt. I was desperate to cum. I would have great pleasure in fucking Debbie after he left, at my own pace.

He pulled out of Debbie and looked at me, gripping me behind the neck and pushing me on to the bed beside her. He climbed back on the bed and ripped the condom off, arching his back as a spray of cum shot with such force it almost hurt. Both Debbie and I were sprayed across the face and neck and my own cock begged for release. When I announced my impending orgasm, Dan bent down and put his mouth over my cock, pushing my hand away and sucking hard. I fired into his mouth instantly and he drank every drop before licking his own cum off Debbie's face.

My shocked expression made him laugh. 'A few years at swingers parties loosens inhibitions, he said.

For a first threesome, this guy was awesome, taking me to a place I never thought I could go, or would want to go. His complete relaxation about all aspects of sex found a bisexual side in me I hadn't fully realised existed but from that night onwards I looked at guys differently.

'Ok, so are you husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend?' he asked.

I tried to bluff but he just continued. 'I hope I fulfilled your fantasy.'

I smiled and nodded.

'Good, 'cos that was fucking great!'

Debbie was willing to let me fuck her again after Dan went. She and I were so randy that we fucked for over an hour after he left.

The meeting with Dan temporarily satiated our need for sex outside our relationship so when a call came from him about 3 weeks later, asking for another meet, we didn't agree immediately.

'I thought you might have called before now,' he asked.

'We weren't sure if we wanted or needed to do it again,' I answered honestly.

'I want us to fuck,' he said.

'Debbie?' I asked.

'No, each other.'

'I need to think about that one,' I replied.

I put it to Debbie, who was quite unconcerned.

'I can't imagine you taking his dick up your arse,' she said. 'It took me all my time but it would be fun to watch you try.'

We met. It was one thing being the voyeur and watching my girlfriend being fucked, it was another having that role reversed and worse still, in a homosexual encounter. I went ahead because one minute it disgusted me and the next I had a steaming erection at the prospect. I drank probably a bit too much before we met. I took a Viagra, something I had never needed before and when we all came back from the pub, the session went exactly as it had the time before right up to Debbie getting fucked royally by Dan.

This time, halfway through fucking and with me relaxing and watching while wanking my cock, he told me to lubricate and fuck him. The sensation of sticking my fingers up another man's arse was odd. I could feel hairs dragging at my fingers as I slid them in. I was concerned about cleanliness but he seemed spotlessly clean. With Debbie's help, I had spent some time with a lot of soapy water at my own rear end, just in case I did manage to take cock.

I pulled on a condom and started to push against his rectum. Initially I kept sliding out and, if it hadn't been for the Viagra, I probably would have drooped. Suddenly my cock slid into him. All the way into him in fact. He gasped with a sharp intake of breath and I assumed I should have been more careful but I was in. The sensation was unlike that of fucking a woman's cunt. The grip was tighter and almost like a suction pump gripping me on all sides. My cock immediately went to full mast and I began to fuck while holding Dan's hips. He let my thrusts, push him into Debbie and he grunted in tandem with her as my actions were actually fucking both of them.

I began to get into the rhythm and was really hammering away at him. During this and with some fingering administration to Debbie's clit, Debbie came. At that point I was close to boiling point and announced I was going to cum.

'No you fucking don't,' said Dan, pulling himself off my cock. 'Your need to feel a cock in you too.'

I was dreading this. Even with the Viagra, I started to droop to a semi-hard state while Dan rolled me over and had me lying on my side with my knees pulled up slightly towards my chest. Debbie looked on enthusiastically, lightly fingering herself as he watched. He lubed me with two fingers and that hurt. He spent some time, however and it gradually eased somewhat. I was told to open by anus as though I was about to push out but instead to relax and allow the fingers to invade me. It took around 15 minutes before he said he was going to try.

Debbie, God bless her, tried to help by scooting around to take my soft cock in her mouth and suck it gently.

Dan stretched the condom on and lubed his cock. First he pressed gently against my hole, and out. Each time he pushed slightly more until with a little plop, and a rather girly squeal from me, the head popped in. He stayed like that for around 5 minutes just pushing slightly and then back. When I asked how long he would stay with just the head in, Dan announce that over half his cock was now inside me. I couldn't believe it. My hands strayed around and felt, and sure enough, around 4 inches of thick cock were up my hole. The passiveness of the situation appealed to me. A burly guy, impaling me on his hunk of manhood.

I realised my cock was fully hard in Debbie's mouth. She assumed she had done her job but at that moment, Dan's cock had done it. I was impaled for over 20 minutes before he announced I had all his cock inside me and he actually started to fuck me. I can't say it didn't hurt because it did but the pain was weird in that it was sexually stimulating and eventually I crawled on to all fours and let him really impale me. He held my hips and fucked with firm strokes, banging against my cheeks as he did so. Debbie had returned to cock sucking and lay under me, her fingers between her own legs frigging quietly as this monster cock hammered by virginal hole.

Dan started to cum. I felt his cock go rigid and the sperm forcing up his cock with a rippling sensation on it's way to be arrested in the teat of the condom. An odd sensation gripped the tip of my cock and Debbie started gagging. I realised I had cum in her mouth, poor girl! The quantity seemed to be far greater than she was used to as she slid out, spluttering and coughing, spunk pouring out of her mouth.

She laughed afterwards and I apologised.

Debbie went off to clean up and Dan asked me what I thought of it.

'Strangely exciting,' I said.

'A one off?' queried Dan.

I didn't answer.

'It won't be,' he said. 'That's why I'm no longer married, I needed cock too much.'

Of course I told him I was different. This was my first homosexual experience.

Somewhere deep inside, I knew it wouldn't be the last.



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