This story starts off talking about young boys but to save some time it does not involve sex with underage boys. It is, however, a rather odd story and I often worry how often in life the scenario actually happens.

My partner and I moved into the current house almost 17 years ago. It's close to city centre and is in a pedestrianised courtyard development. The mix of two and three bedroom terraced villas means that there are some young families and also a few single or retired people. All were friendly and welcoming.

One such lady had taken early retirement from a bank and she became quite friendly. One day I popped in to see her and found a couple of young boys playing around on her floor.

"My grandsons," she explained.

The boys looked to be aged about 5 and 6 and were full of the usual energy playing with toy cars on the floor as we talked. The older boy, Gary, was very attention seeking and kept coming over to show me his car and interrupting our conversation. He was a pretty little lad with short blonde hair and as he showed me the car he stared at me in an odd sort of way before running back to "drive" around on the carpet.

When I returned home, I told my partner about the encounter and said to him, "That lad is gay!"

"Don't be so bloody stupid," he said. "As far as I know Gaydar doesn't kick in at 6 and anyway most little boys are slightly effeminate at that age."

The odd thing was, he wasn't effeminate, just giving off the kind of Gaydar you normally get when looking across a bar. Obviously there was no sexual chemistry and I had no interest in him apart from curiosity.

The neighbour usually visited her daughter so the boys only came to her house infrequently. As such I was not aware of them until an almost identical situation arose around 2 years later. This time, the younger boy was out playing in the garden and Gary was in the house and answered the door. Again he ran off to get his grandmother and sat around as we spoke, showing off and involving himself in the conversation. This time, he was slightly effeminate, brushing his hair from his eyes as he talked.

A similar conversation happened with my partner when I returned home.

As Gary got older, I noticed by the time he was around 13/14 he would visit his grandmother separately from his brother as well as together but while his brother kicked a ball around, Gary would stay in the house. As his voice broke, the effeminacy became more apparent. He was an stunningly beautiful boy in a girly way and would always talk a little louder than he had to in an effort to attract attention. Not for one moment did I find him sexually attractive nor, to be honest, did he look as though he had any sexual interest in me.

The next benchmark in this story was when he was 16. His mother had divorced and met another guy who moved in with her. The new guy didn't like and felt "uncomfortable" with Gary and Gary ended up staying in his grandma's spare room much to her annoyance. This is when Gary really moved onwards and upwards. By now he was around 6 feet tall and started to dress more and more outlandishly. The hair was dyed a different colour every month and clothes became almost asexual.

Gary went to University and, I assume, discovered sex since his poor grandmother became demented with his late returning at night and weekends of going missing. Now slightly more streetwise, Gary's chats with me when I visited his mother were definitely more of the "I know what you are" type of conversations.

Gary was now 19 and one day his Gran, who must have guessed about me by this time, told me he had met a new boyfriend and was moving in to his flat. She was ecstatic!

Gary's love affair with his boyfriend, who seemed to be old enough to almost be his father, lasted 6 months and soon he was back at Gran's house. Now I did look at Gary in a slightly different light. He 'looked' sexual and smiled at us both is a sexual way when he passed. He was now a man, of course but in a girly sort of way!

My boyfriend though slim, preferred "men" and though he agreed that Gary was good looking responded to any comments about him with "you can shag him but I'm not."

I was knocking on to my late forties and considered myself lucky to be with a thirty-something boyfriend so to think that a 19 year old might be interested in anything but flirting was stupid anyway.

Gran was going off for a week and had tried everything to persuade her daughter or more likely daughter's new sleeping partner, to take him back, even for a week but to no avail. Gary wasn't the most organised person, so she said, and she feared he would flood the place or worse while she was away. Anyway she had to go so dragged me across to her house the night before she left.

"Now Steve here will be watching you. As you know his house overlooks ours so you need to behave while I'm away. Don't have any parties, watch who you bring into my house and make sure you get up for work!"

The tirade went on and Gary and I smiled at each other as she did so until finally she ran out of rules.

Gary could quite easily enter the house by the rear door so me "watching his every move," was pretty academic. However by day 3 all was well and I hadn't even seen him. She had left on a Wednesday and I assumed would return the following one. Gary valued his new found job so was unlikely to have wild parties on a Wednesday or Thursday night anyway. I thought I should perhaps watch more carefully on Friday or Saturday though.

Friday seemed fine. The house was in darkness for the early part of the evening and when the lights went on it was only 10.00pm, very respectable for a 19 year old. We changed into dressing gowns, grabbed a glass of wine and settled down to watch a movie.

It was 10.30pm when all hell let loose. I could hear shouting outside and went to the door to find Gary shouting at some guy who was standing in his front garden. The guy looked a little younger than me and was busily trying to pull on his shoes and a jacket at the same time while Gary, shirt unbuttoned to his waist and belt open at the top of his trousers was busily telling him to "piss off." Gary was slightly drunk, not incapable but definitely had been drinking.

My partner and I went to his rescue like the heroes we were.

"Think you can fuck me just because I arranged to meet you – well you're wrong so fuck off!"

He was screaming a little too loudly for the neighbourhood and I was also concerned that the local curtain twitchers might think he was talking to me.

The guy, whilst not particularly attractive, was also not particularly threatening either and was off down the street.

"Calm down Gary, are you OK?"

"Yeh I'm fine. I arranged to meet the guy on Gaydar and he said he was athletic, slim and good looking. He was none of these but I thought I should at least offer him a drink even though I told him he wasn't my type. He took the invitation to mean something else and started to strip me. When he stuck his little cock in my face I blew up!"

"Are you OK," I asked again.

"A bit shaken," he said, "In case he comes back."

I looked at my partner and said to Gary, "Why not pop over to ours for an hour and we'll open a bottle of wine to calm your nerves."

He quickly grabbed the keys and followed us across to the house, plonking himself on the chair and quickly glugging the first glass offered. As I sat opposite I was aware that his shirt was still unbuttoned to his waist and his fly still open. I could see the turquoise band of his underwear at the top and a pink and pale green stripe of the lower fabric through his fly front. My partner didn't miss it either, looking at me and smirking.

Gary's body was slim, his ribcage noticeable and his pale skin was completely hairless. His longish blonde hair had also led to him having some freckles on his arms and across his shoulders.

At that moment my cock started to rise.

"God I don't need this," I thought. "The lad's just had a traumatic experience, I'm old enough to be his dad and my partner sitting beside me doesn't fancy him and on top of that I have a stiffy looking at his pants!"

Gary looked across at Dan, my partner and said, "Are you bottom or top?"

I thought Dan might have been embarrassed but he cooly said, "Both!"

"Nice dick," he said nodding in Dan's direction.

I looked and realised Dan's cock was visible as his dressing gown was slightly open. He closed his legs.

"I wouldn't have screamed if it had been you two in the house, "he said, the drink obviously calming him. "I love being fucked and was looking forward to it tonight. Been preparing all afternoon."

Now my cock was sticking straight out and Gary noticed it poking from my dressing gown.

"Wow now that IS big," he said as I tried in vain to make it tuck in between my legs.

He slid his jeans down and showed firstly a patch or red blonde hair and then his cock popped out. This was around 7 inches long, an impressive length, but was slim and uncut with a little rosette of foreskin on the top. It was solid and, as his slid his jeans and briefs down further, two heavy little balls sagged between his legs hanging low. He opened his legs and the ring of his arse was visible, a circle of darker skin around it suggested that Gary was used to taking cock.

I waited for Dan to blow his top but instead, he stood up and slid his gown off leaving him stark naked instantly.

"If you need it, who am I to deny you," he said.

Dan's slim body looked good. A little muscle where he needed it, his short dark hair with little tight curls and a patch of dark hair on his chest tracing down to his cock. Like me, he was also uncut and his cock matched Gary's in length but was slightly thicker and curved gently upwards as he stood there.

I followed his lead and we both stood in from of Gary naked. I was blessed with a thick cock, just under 8 inches long and was looking forward to the possibility of fucking someone who wouldn't scream blue murder at first entry.

Gary now stood stark naked in front of us, his youth apparent alongside our older bodies. It felt kind of weird that I was standing naked, about to fuck the little lad I saw playing with his toys all those years ago.

"Now Steve," I thought, "Let's not allow guilt stop you getting the shag of a lifetime."

I took his hand and led him upstairs with Dan following.

Gary was a horny, if slightly inexperienced, addition to our bed. He pounced on me kissing like a hungry animal, his hands stroking my cock and then dropping to his knees swallowing it until he gagged and then sucking as though trying to feed himself from the tip. Dan stood alongside and he grabbed his cock too, slurping us both at breakneck speed, running his tongue under our balls. He panted as though out of breath while doing it acting as though he had been without sex for ages.

I lifted him under the arms and put him across the bed, kneeling to take his long thin cock in my mouth. Dan positioned himself at his head and pushed his cock back in Gary's mouth.

I lifted Gary's legs and stuck my tongue in his arsehole. Boy was he sweet and clean. He HAD spent the day preparing and he groaned as I stuck my tongue as deeply in as I could trying to taste as much of this guy as I could. Dan had reached down from his position at the head and gripped Gary's cock working the stiff pole up and down his foreskin sliding back revealing a pink cock slit before it disappeared again behind the ripples of foreskin. Dan moved down to suck Gary's nipples, They weren't big, in fact they were just little brown dots but they seemed to be sensitive as he bucked around like a horse at a rodeo.

I remembered thinking, "This lad's going to be a wild fuck."

Gary rolled over and on to his knees kneeling to take Dan's cock in his mouth again and offering his two perfect hairless globes once more to my hungry tongue. I didn't need telling and once more buried my tongue as deep into him as I could, holding his hips to steady his constant movement.

This went on for about 5 minutes before Gary surprised me by saying, "Fuck Dan for me."

"Why?" I asked.

"I've never seen a man being fucked before," he said.

Dan didn't need telling. He might be versatile but he loved being fucked

I lubed him taking some condoms out for what was to come later, as I took it from the drawer. Dan knelt, raising his arse in the air for me and I fingered some lubricant into him. Gary watched from the side, idly stroking his cock. I decided to make a show of it so I rolled Dan on to his side so that he was facing Gary with me behind. I lifted his right leg and slowly entered him bareback with Gary getting an uninterrupted view as my cock slid effortlessly into Dan's hole.

"Fuck that's awesome," He said.

I started to fuck Dan with some vigour as Gary watched my every stroke and then took his hand to grip my cock as I slid in and out if Dan. I found it quite erotic being watched as I fucked my boyfriend and really got into it. It was the rapidly approaching orgasm that brought me back to earth.

I slid out as Gary rolled back on to his knees. That's when I noticed Gary had put a condom on his cock.

"Can I?" he asked.

He didn't really wait for the answer before his thin cock slid straight into Dan. Dan wasn't saying "no" to a bonus fuck. Thankfully Gary was so involved he didn't see me take my digital pics. I couldn't let this moment passed without being recorded for posterity or at least for some future wanking session!

As he fucked Dan, he told me he had never fucked a guy before. Being as camp as he was, I wasn't surprised that no had had considered letting him fuck them. There was something perverse about this 6 feet tall, thin camp guy, with pierced ears, multi coloured hair and an effeminate way, sticking his dick up my Dan's arse. Dan wasn't effeminate in any way and that made it all the more fascinating to watch.

I let him fuck for a good ten minutes but the main course was waiting to be served. I wanted Dan and I to screw his arse off!

I started to lubricate Gary while he was still fucking Dan. He easily took first one, then two fingers and soon I had three fingers happily sliding in his hole. He pulled out of Dan and rolled over on his knees almost doggy fashion but with his buttocks raised seductively in the air, his rosebud gaping open and ready as he looked over his shoulders at me.

"Ready?" I asked.

"You bet," he said.

I pulled on a condom and started to push at his hole and was amazed just how easily my cock slid in. Other than groans of pleasure there were no other sounds from Gary. I quickly got up to speed and was soon hammering at his hole with a vengeance. Gary was no virgin, that was sure.

As I fucked he stroked his cock, absolutely rigid in his hands.

"Do you fancy two cocks at once Gary?" I suggested.

This was something we had never done before but Gary's willing hole suggested it might be capable of taking a lot more than just my cock.

"Ok," was all he said as though I had asked if he wanted a cup of coffee.

We laid him on his side and Dan faced him as he tucked his legs around him. I lay behind and waited until Dan was well lubricated. I started the entry and then held it as Dan started to push at his hole too. It took a little squeezing and pushing and I had to keep slipping a couple of fingers in along with my cock to widen him. Eventually both out cocks were halfway up him. He was still moaning with pleasure.

If this had been Dan he would have been screaming in pain. We managed about three quarters of our cocks in and started to ride him gently to ensure one didn't pop out. The sensation of sliding against Dan's hard cock and Gary's love tunnel was awesome and I was not going to hold out much longer. Eventually I had to withdraw and leave Dan to fuck him properly from the rear while I pulled off my condom and went to stick my cock in his mouth. I so wanted to spray his face with cum.

As Dan announced he was going to cum, I gave Gary my load straight in his face. Dan groaned as he thrust up Gary's hole and Gary seemed to ejaculate without even touching his cock. The picture I took of his sweet face covered in my cum was something I was going to cherish for some time.

He stayed the night and we had another quick session in the morning.

"Thanks for looking out for me last night," he said after breakfast.

"I'm glad we did," I replied.

"Would you look out for me again sometime soon," he continued.

"As long at Gran doesn't catch you slipping in here we'd be happy to have you back."

We did have Gary back. Considering his age his appetite for wild and quite varied sex knew no bounds and a great time was had by all for almost a year before he found the man of his dreams. By that time the pair of us were almost burned out anyway as Gary turned out to have a considerable sexual appetite.

I kept thinking about the phrase, "Everything comes to he who waits," but considering I hadn't actually been waiting, this was a bonus!



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