That second week was an enjoyable time for Logan and Chris. Chris was

able to learn what happened to his son after he had left his life and about

his grandchildren while Logan learned about his grandfather and two uncles.

When his grandsons arrived from college Chris was excited. They didn't

look the same being redhead and brunet but they had the same constant

cheerfulness that marked Nathan and Landon.

'Hey dad! Where's grandpa?' said the redheaded Sam.

'Yea tell him he owes us for over twenty birthdays!' Laughed Robert.

'Come here you two!' Logan said embracing his two sons in separate hugs

'He's upstairs waiting for you.'

'Great!' The two said together as they bounded up the stairs. 'Hi


'Oh I hope he can survive those two demons,' Logan said to himself as he

slowly walked up the stairs to join them.

When he got up there he saw the kids had already started a storm. While

one of them was asking questions, the other began the short history of his


'Don't wear him out,' Logan begged.

'Don't worry Logan, I think I can handle these two.'

'Wow! He called you by your full first name dad!' said Robert.

'He's my father, only he can call me that so don't get any idea's kids.'

'So tell me, do any of you have anyone special in your lives.' Chris said

to the two young men.

Logan gave his father a look that showed he suspected his father had an

agenda but the kids answered anyway.

'Well Robert is going to be a daddy!' Shouted Sam.

'Shut up jackass! At least I'm not getting fucked! Yikes, sorry did that

slip out.'

While Chris laughed at the news Logan's face went dark.

'Don't get mad at them, it does no good and they will need your support.'

Logan heard his father's voice in his head.

Logan took a few deep breathes before responding to the news. 'Ok, one at

a time, tell me what's going on.'

The two men looked at each other before Robert started. 'I met this girl

Virginia, we dated and things got serious with us, she's pregnant...'

Logan went up to his son and hugged him. 'There's something else wrong, is


'Yes, the baby was tested. He has down syndrome.'

Logan didn't say a word, he just continued to hug his son.

'I was certain that she would want an abortion but she surprised me in

wanting to have the baby. I was even more surprised when she said she

didn't want to marry me,' Robert said in a hurt voice.

'What involvement does she want from you?'

'Child support and to stay away.'

'Bitch.' Sam muttered.

'Sam, you're not helping.'

'Sorry... It's just not fair'

'Well I can call our lawyer and see about protecting your rights son if you

want me to.'

'No, dad don't. I think the child will have enough problems without

dealing with angry parents.'

'If you're sure. But I think he will need his father all the same.'

'I know dad...'

'Ok lets lighten the mood, I'm nearly 100% sure that Sam's sexual escapades

are good for a good laugh. Well?'

'Well... I don't know where to start...'

'I do, it started when you won that tennis match three months ago.' Robert

said still peeved at his brother.

Logan patted Robert on the back to quite him before speaking. 'Just start

from the beginning.'

'Well... I got along real well with coach Molino, he's the assistant coach

for the tennis team, only 27 himself. We would stay after practice and hit

a few balls and goof around. Well one day we were playing a pretty fast

game and I tripped and fell, knocking the wind out of me. Michael, that's

his first name, ran over to me to see if I was all right. When I couldn't

speak he knelt down and cradled me in his arms. Nothing, nothing in my

whole life ever felt so perfect as that moment. It was as if I was

experiencing the love felt when one is held in one's parent's arms combined

with that of a lover. I never felt so safe as I did in his arms as I began

to cry from the joy of it. He told me that he loved me. I was the plug

for the hole in his heart. He took me home that night and we made love...'

'I'm happy for you son.' Logan said when Sam finished.

'Thank you father. I was so nervous about telling you even though I know

that you and Philip are good friends.

'How is your relationship with him now.'

'It's great. We want to move in together but that would mean him finding a

new job. The university doesn't allow students and teachers to live as a

couple so Michael is looking into getting a job at one of the prestigious

clubs as a private tennis instructor. But its weird. He also wants me to

get married and have kids. When I told him about you and Philip, he became

very interested. He said he wanted a similar relationship with me but I

don't know if I want that. I love him too much.'

Logan could feel his son's pain but he also had suspicions, the same one

that he had when his father asked the boys if they were seeing anyone.

'This Michael is a vampire, isn't he?' He sent to his father.

'Most likely yes. As you now know, the feelings a bride and a vampire

share can be very intense.'

'I know, I miss Philip a great deal.'

'Why don't you go see him. You've been cooped up here for two weeks. Go

back home and show him how much you missed him.'

'Are you sure dad?'

'Yes son, we all need love to be happy and it would make me happy for you

to be.'

So it was settled, Logan flew back to San Diego leaving the brothers and a

day nurse to take care of Chris. During the flight back Logan had trouble

containing his excitement. His time away from Philip only increased his

desire for him. He was also riddled with guilt. Jessica was still his

wife and while she had been understanding about the relationship in the

past, he did not think she would be too happy with the idea of him spending

the night in another person's bed. Divorce was out of the question, he

still loved Jessica and to divorce her now would be a betrayal of the

agreement between Philip and her. Now though he faced failure. When he

had jacked off those two past weeks, it had been to Philip not Jessica.

How could he fulfill his duties as a husband if he couldn't make love to

his wife with sincerity. He needed to talk to someone. The problem was

that the person he wanted to talk to was not his wife but Philip.

Both of them were waiting for him at the airport and Logan had to fght his

urge to run up and kiss Philip. Instead he walked up to his wife and gave

her a soft kiss on the lips. He then gave Philip a bear hug while

whispering how he missed him.

Jessica could see that things had changed between Logan and Philip. She

saw it in the way they now looked at each other. 'I'm finally loosing

him,' she thought sadly. She knew this day would come, the day Logan would

finally wake up and admit how he felt about Philip. She knew that Logan

still loved her but now her and Philip's roles were reversed. She would

now be the best friend while Philip would be her husband's love. She would

not trap him in the marriage. She would let him go.

'Logan I want you to move in with Philip,' she said bluntly during the

drive back to the homes.

'Honey, I don't understand.'

'Logan you're in love and its no longer me that you are in love with.'

'Jessica I love you.'

'Liar,' she said with love and understanding. 'You love Philip and in a

way you always have. His opinions and love have always been the pillar

holding you up, not me.'

'But I still love you.'

'But not in the way a married couple should. Your heart is in his hands

not mine. I...I want you to be with the man you love.'

'And I don't want to lose you.'

'You will never lose me as a friend. Its time for you to be with the one

you love.'

'I...' Logan tried to start as they pulled up the driveway but Jessica put

a finger to his lips.

'Go to him Logan and be happy.'

Logan got out of the car and walked to Philip's front door, his face

flushed with sadness over what he had jus lost but excited over what he was

about to gain. Philip opened the door and Logan fell into his welcoming


With dad away, the boys will play.

After dad left, Sam called up Michael to see if he could come over.

Michael said that was fine but he was going to bring a friend as well.

This raised Sam's curiosity but raised Robert's suspicions.

'I don't want the three of you having group orgies while we are suppose to

watch grandpa.'

'Don't worry brother, Michael is bring his friend to met you not me.'


'Shh!, grandpa is sleeping.'

'What do you mean his friend wants to meet me?'

'Well, I talked about you to Michael and Michael talk to his friend about


'But I'm not gay.'

'Robert, look at our family history, grandpa was a hustler, dad has Philip,

and I'm sleeping with Michael. I'd say there is a little fairy in you just

waiting to come out or are you telling me that the bi-video I found in your

stash was a fraternity prank like when you gave me that one on midget


'Hey you watched it.'

'Only because you made me. I never felt so dirty in my life. But you

should give the other side a try, over 50% of men try it.'

'Yeah and only 3% stick to it.'

'That's because they lack good taste. Trust me brother I KNOW men who

would pay me to introduce them to you. You rank high in USC's most desired

straight guy by gay men.'

'Where do I rank?'

'Well after the new red shirt quarterback came, you dropped to number


'Whose number one?'

'Tyler, captain of the water polo team.'

'It would be him.'

'Hey, you might be cute, but he shows off a lot more skin then you do.

'What's his friend's name.'

'Chad Worth, Michael says he was the brother of a dear friend of his.'

'I hope he's not expecting much.'

Over the next two day's Chris developed a fever. Lacking an immune system

to fight it off, he was dependent on next generation anti-viral medications

to fight for him. While Sam cooked and cleaned, Robert took care of Chris,

feeding him, giving him sponge baths, and making sure Chris didn't feel

lonely. The nurse would complain that Robert wouldn't let her do her job

but Robert was insistent. Taking care of his grandfather was his way of

performing the duties he would never perform for his son. He was just

reading the news paper to him when the door opened. Chris look up and the

monitoring devices went off.'

'Uncle Logan... It can't be...' Chris managed to say while


Robert put down the newspaper and pushed the call button for the nurse.

'No grandpa dad's not here, its all right.' When the nurse entered she

told everyone to leave. When Robert got into the hall way he confronted

the man that had surprised his father.

'Who the hell are...' Robert was about to finish when he got a good look

at the man.

The stranger was a good 6'4', four inches taller then Robert was. He had

short brown hair, almost military in cut, a face coved with rough stubble

and gray eyes that stole Robert's soul.

'I'm sorry for scaring you grandfather, he must of mistaken me for someone

else. I'm Chad, Chad Worth,' He said while offering his hand, a and that

was well tanned, hairy and connected to a 17 inch bicep.

Robert took the hand and shook it while his heart began to flutter. He had

never felt such magnetism as he felt from this man. He was like a kid at

the feet of his favorite sport star, hero worshipping him. He was also

like a virgin wanting his man to be his first. The man who introduced

himself as Chad must of felt something similar since he used his thumb to

caress Robert's hand.

'And cupid strikes again!' Sam laughed as he broke the scene.

Robert let go of Chad's hand and gave off a long exhale.

'I want you,' Chad mouthed.

'I need to go to the bathroom, excuse me,' Robert blushed as he escaped the


Robert locked himself in the bathroom and sat himself on the toilet. He

pulled down his shorts and stared at his dick. It was soft but tingled.

Robert knew that if he touched it, it would shoot straight up. He didn't

know why was he responding like this but he had to touch himself. He

rolled his balls with his fingers stirring the cum inside them. His dick

began to rise over the mat of brown hair. Robert took his other hand and

began pumping his now hard pole, pre-cum lubricating it. It was then that

a voice entered his mind.

'Open the door,' it would say and repeat.

Robert almost sat up to open the door but stopped himself half way. He

could not overcome the fear of being seen like this nor the fear of who was

behind the door.

'It's ok, just enjoy yourself.' The voice told him when he hesitated.

Robert sat back down as his mind was filled with visions: Chad holding him,

Chad kissing him, Chad sucking on his nipples, Chad licking his ass, Chad

fucking his... 'Oh my god!' Robert shouted as an image of Chad fucking him

sent him over the edge, spraying his shirt with cum with 'Good job!'

ringing in Robert' head.

Only a knock on the door shocked Robert out of his post orgasmic calm.

'Robert are you all right?' His brother's voice spoke out.


'Well hurry up, lunch is ready.'

Robert pulled himself back together. He tried washing the cum off his

shirt but the tell tales dark marks and the light smell of sex made his

attempts useless. He opened the bathroom door slowly, making sure no one

was in the hall. Seeing the coast was clear Robert made a dash to the

bedroom. He thought he was going to make it when right he was going to

open the door, it opened for him, causing him to falling inside and into

the arms of the man that terrified him most.

'Hi.' Chad said in a sexy voice.

'Umm, hi' Robert replied nervously.

Chad sniffed around Robert's shirt. 'I like your smell.'


'I want you.'

'I ...'

'You want me.'


The two of them stared at each other for what seemed like hours until

Robert made the smallest move of his lips to Chad's. That was all Chad

needed. Chad grabbed Robert, spun him around pushing him down on the bed.

'I never thought it would be like this.' Chad said between kisses.

'Never like what?'

'Meeting you. My brother would tell me so much about James but the reality

is bigger then I imagined.'


'Oh never mind. Just let me get you out of those cloths.' Chad said as he

began unbuttoning Robert shirt.

The two were soon had both shirts on the bed and with dicks pressed

hard against their pants. Each moved nervously to make the first touch,

reaching but not making contact with the areas of interest; the nipples,

abs, arms, and face. Chad eventually made the first contact, running his

hand though Robert's soft brown hair. Robert exhaled as if a pressure

valve had been released before putting his mouth on Chad's left nipple,

licking it first softly then harder. Chad wrapped his arm around Roberts

neck push Robert's lips tighter to his body. A giant grin grew on Roberts

face as the brown hairs on Chad chest tickled his nose. A quick chuckle

led to a sharp nip of Robert's teeth and Chad yelped in shock and pleasure.

'Oh you're going to pay for that one.' Chad laughed as he pushed Robert

back onto the bed.

'I just hope I get my money's worth.' Robert returned while unbuckling his

pants. 'What the hell has gotten into me.' Robert thought as he continued

to undress and watch Chad do the same. 'I never was so eager for a fuck

before...FUCK, he might want to really fuck me!' Robert came to realize

but did nothing to slow down the dropping of his drawers.

Chad too was now fully undressed, his proud 8 inch prong aiming upward from

a nest of trimmed dark hair. A paper thin trail of hair lead up from that

prong , went up the middle of his pale six pack and grew into the top of a

T on his chest. He made a few muscle poses, showing off his arms before he

walked up to Robert, lifted up his legs and gave his ass a good slap.

'Time to find this snake a good hole to crawl in. Got to find it a home.'

Chad laughed.

It took a great deal of self-will for Robert to ask Chad to stop.

'Chad...Chad umh can we go slow, not that I don't want to find your pet a

home but this hole is still new.'

'Ha! Michael said you were a virgin.'

'I'm not a virgin, I've had sex many times.' Robert said in an attempt to

defend his pride.

'Not with me or any other man, so as far as I'm concerned that make you my

virgin bride.'

'Oh dear!' Robert thought to himself. This character was almost too much

but Robert had to admit he was enjoying it.

'Don't worry honey I'll treat you right. We'll go nice and slow.'

'Don't you ever call me honey!' Robert shouted as he threw his shirt at


'What's wrong dear!' Chad said with mocked sincerity.

'I'm not your honey, dear, lady or any other feminine name I'm a man!'

'Then that's what you are, MY MAN.'

'Wait a minute...' Robert was about to complain but that was when the

first finger entered him. 'O'

'Like it?'

'MmmMmm,' Was all Robert was able to produce. A wide eye closed mouth grin

formed on his face as a shock of pleasure and pain rushed through him.

'That's it, now I'm going to swirl it around till I find your button.'

Chad cooed.

'What button?' Robert thought but then something happened to cause his

dick to make a giant twitch. 'Oh boy.'

'I guess I found it! What me to hit it again?'


Chad eventually worked a second finger into Robert's hole, giving it a good

stretching. He then took them out and went back to his pants where he took

out a white tube. 'It'll feel cold for a second so don't be surprised.'

Chad warned as he squeezed some lube onto his fingers.

'He's really going to fuck me!' The shocked side of Robert thought. 'And

you're going to let him and enjoy it.' The excited part cheered.

A now cold finger began rubbing the lube around his pucker and inside him

causing the muscles of his ass to quiver. Once he was all lubed up Chad

leaned over and kissed him. He held the kiss as Robert felt a hand

position his dick to his pucker. He continued to hold it as the head began

to push into the tight opening. The pain was immense and Robert now knew

why Chad was holding the kiss. If Robert screamed the only place the sound

could go was Chad's mouth and scream he tried but no sound would come out.

Chad held Robert's tongue in place with his own and no matter how hard

Robert instincts were to move it he could not. All that Robert could hear

was a weak gurgling sound.

When Chad finally removed his mouth, all that was left was a burning

sensation and a strange fullness. 'I'm in man. Are you ready?

Robert took a few deep breaths, shook his ass a little to see how it might

feel for him to move inside him and finally said yes.

The strokes were at first slow, moving about four inches of Chad's dick

inside and out. After a few minutes of this Chad moved into deeper

strokes, putting about six inches in and out. Chad watched Robert's face

intently as he made each stroke, looking for signs of pain. While there

were signs of discomfort as Robert's eyes twitched each time Chad changed

direction of his thrusts there was also a half smile on his face and while

Robert could not see Chad's dick in action, he stared with great interest

down toward his ass at what was going on there.

'Ready for it all man!' Chad asked and Robert quickly nodded his head, his

eyes never leaving his ass. 'Hold this, it'll be more fun.' Chad added as

he took Robert's hand and placed it on his dick.

The thought of jacking off while being fucked hadn't occurred to Robert

until this moment. 'Hey, even more fun!' The wicked side of him laughed

with glee and he began stoking.

Chad was now giving his all, dick that is, as all eight were pushed inside

until his balls rested against Robert's ass. 'You're mine!' Chad

proclaimed before the real fun began.

Sam and Michael were eating sandwiches when banging coming from the ceiling

interrupted them.

'Sound like they're having fun.' Michael smiled.

'The moment I saw Chad I knew he'd get Robert.'

'He was definitely a man on a mission. Thanks again for the picture of

your brother. It's a little worn now but it did the trick.'


'He reminds Chad of a friend of a friend.'

'Really, any one I know?'

'No, both are dead.'


'Yeah, so am I. One of the friends was my lover. Chad is his brother.

I've been looking out for him since his death.'

'Wow, so Robert looks like Chad's brother's friend.'

'Yeah, sounds funny when you say it.'

'Who was the friend?'

'A guy named James who meant the world to Logan, my ex.'


'Yeah funny isn't it.'

'Wow, there are a lot of funny connections here.'

'I wouldn't mind a little connecting right now.' Michael said while

squeezing Sam's butt.'

Chris woke up with a start. It was night and the room was dark. It took

him awhile to realize what had happened. Robert had been in the room

talking to him when a stranger entered the room except that the stranger

had been very familiar, he had looked like his uncle Logan but uncle Logan

was dead. He pushed his panic button to call Robert but the man who

entered was a taller, more muscular version of Logan.

'Uncle Logan?'

'No Chris, I'm not your uncle Logan, I'm Chad, his younger brother.'

'You look so much like him.'

'I know and I apologize for scaring you.'

'How is this possible?'

'Easy, when my brother was turned into a vampire I was his first victim.

You see, I had always been a sickly child. Logan felt responsible for me.

He turned me so that we could always be together.'

'You must hate us.'

'No, I love your family. When Logan met your father, it was the happiest

moment of his life. More then when he met his lover Michael. Seeing the

darkness leave my brother, even for those short years was a gift I would

never begrudge him.'

'Why are you here?'

'To heal our hearts. You already know about Michael and Sam.'

'You mean...'

'Yes, the man that is courting your grandson Sam is Logan's former lover.'

'And you are after Robert.'

'Right you are!'

'Don't hurt him.'

'Why would I do that?'

'I know your type. You're willing to kill for love.'

'If you're saying I'm like that bastard Jason Vox...'

'No,' Chris said in an attempt to calm him. 'Both our families have

suffered much, please don't add to them.'

'Don't worry old man. I love Robert and I can make him more happy then any

other person.'

'Why are you telling me this?'

'Because its time for you to go. We've come for you.' Chad said while

drawing out a syringe, his eyes a red blaze.

The alarms went off sending an automated message to the nearest EMS

station. Robert and Sam ran to their grandfather's room and found him

alone and unconscious.

'What's wrong?' Sam shouted, confused by the blank screens.

'I don't know. All of the machines look dead.' Robert said while a loud

banging could be heard from the front door.

Robert was finally able to shake Chris awake but Chris looked dazed and

confused, his speech slurred. 'They're coming for me.' He kept repeating.

'Yes grandpa, the ambulance is already here. We'll get you to the hospital

as soon as possible.'

'No!' Chris shouted in a moment of clarity while gripping Robert's arm


Robert and Sam both stopped what they were doing and stared at their

grandfather. There was a look of total terror and madness in the man's

eyes. It was a look of a man staring into a fate he feared more then


The brother's stares were broken by the sudden entry of the EMS team. They

were two men, in their mid twenties dressed in white shirts and dark blue

pants that seemed standard issue. What was remarkable was how much the two

men looked alike. Both had medium length blond hair, green eyes, pug

noses, and swimmer builds. Robert was sure that if the two stood still

long enough for him to get a good look at them he would find out they were

twins. The two men worked quickly assessing Chris's conditions and

assuring him that everything was going to be all right. The madness that

had taken Chris slowly faded away to a serine calm. Tears were still

running down his eyes but they were no longer the tears of anger but of


'Don't worry Chris, everything is going to be alright.' One of the EMS

told the brother's grandfather while holding his hand.

'One two three, lift!' the other started as they moved him on to the


The brothers follow the identical men as they carried Chris down the stairs

and outside to the waiting ambulance.

'Can one of us ride with him?' Robert asked as they prepared his

grandfather for transport.

'Yes but only one, we need to hurry.'

'You go, you've spent more time with him. I'll go call dad. Be sure they

take him to University,' Sam said.

'Alright, I'll call you from the hospital.' Robert said as he hopped into

the ambulance.

Sam waited until the blare of the siren faded off in the distance before

calling dad. 'Hello, Dad?'

'Yes Sam, what time is it? Is something wrong?'

'Grandpa just left for the hospital.'

'Why, what happened?'

'The instruments went haywire and grandpa was unconscious and when he...'

That was weird the sound of the siren was getting louder.

'What was that last part, I couldn't hear it.'

'Wait a second dad, I think the ambulance is returning.'

But when the ambulance arrived Sam could see that it wasn't the same. A

heavy set man and what could be best described as a telephone pole, both

with black hair came out of the vehicle.'

'Where's the patient?' The thin one asked.

'Oh, another ambulance already picked him up.'

'What, are you sure! That's not supposed to happen. Only one ambulance is

to be called. IF someone thinks they can poach I'll have their EMS license

for this.' The fat man yelled.

'Which hospital was the patient going to.' The thin man asked calmly.

'University.' Sam replied.

'Well that's only fifteen minutes away. Wait here.' The thin man said as

he ran back to the ambulance, and quickly returned. 'I just call

University on the radio and they said that no ambulance is heading their

way. Are you sure that's where its headed?'

Sam was now getting worried. 'Yes I'm sure. Let me call my brother on his

cell phone. Dad I have to call you back.'

'All right son, just keep me informed. I'll fly in tomorrow.'

San whipped out his phone and dialed his brother. And waited for the pick

up that would never occur.



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