Chris was released never knowing what happened to his father. He

attended the fake funerals of his father, brothers, David, and Josh always

showing a scowl on his face. The attack on the house was covered up. It

was explained away by calling it a major bank robbery gone wrong where the

robbers had tired to hide out at Chris's and Josh's home. Chris was now a

total orphan. His grandparents were all dead and except for Will and his

brothers he had no family. James's law firm set up a trust for Chris but

as soon as he turned 18 he took over it. His relationship with Karen

became more intense but not more loving. By the time they graduated from

college they were married and had two kids, a girl named Melanie and a boy

Chris insisted be named Logan. Chris got a job right out from college but

his mood swings ended with him being fired. By the fifth year of the

marriage the love was gone. The only thing holding it together was Chris's

love of the children and Karen excusing his behavior on the loss of his

family and friends. Chris was never able to hold down a job for more then

three months and eventually gave up trying. The life insurance money he

received removed any real need to work. That only left the desire to form

a sense of self worth that Chris lacked. In the end, Chris's desire to be

loved led him to hustling, which led to the end of the marriage. Karen

caught him kissing another man on a street corner in an infamous part of

town. When she filed for divorce she wanted sole custody of the kids who

were now 7, Tara, and 5, Logan. This seemed to stir Chris out of his

stupor and he fought a loosing battle to keep his kids but what chance

could an unemployed gay hustler have regardless of how much money he has in

keeping his kids. The saying goodbye to the children replaced the loss of

his father as the most painful moment in his life and his lifestyle

reflected that. When Devon and Andrew finally found him he was a drunken

bum living on the street no longer able to sell himself. Devon and Andrew

after being released had become lovers. Devon had resigned his ministry

and was now a psychologist. It was when Andrew showed him a news article

stating that Chris Morgan had been arrested for public drunkenness that

they decided they had to act. They picked him up from the jail and paid

his bail. They later found out that Chris could of paid the bail himself

but just didn't care enough to do so. When they went to pick up his

personal effects they were made up of a book of stamps, envelops, and

address book, a checkbook, and two old photos of his kids. While Chris was

allowed to sober up in the guest bedroom Andrew went through the bank

records. It seemed that besides a 100 dollar check that he would cash once

a week, the only other checks written down were his child support to the

kids and checks for birthdays and Christmas. They cleaned Chris up and

worked to get his life back together. Chris was now in his mid fifties

while both Andrew and Devon were in their early eighties. Both his

children were married, Logan in the San Diego area while Tara had married a

man in Boston. Chris, while still filled with anger, tempered himself by

taking care of the elderly couple. When Andrew died, Devon was 94 years

old and near bed ridden. He knew his time was limited and feared that

Chris would go over the deep end again after his death. He needed to find

a new purpose for Chris before that time.

Dr. Logan Morgan was a happy man. He had it all. A loving wife, three

great kids, a successful medical practice with a partner who was his best

friend. He had everything he could want. Well almost. There is always an

almost. It is part of the American identity, always striving for more,

always climbing the hill to see what is on the other side. For Logan it

was three things.

The first was a petty little thing, he hated his name. How could his

father of named him Logan when his last name would be Morgan. No kid

should have names that rhyme. It is the same as putting a sign saying

'please kick me'. That is why all who knew him called him Log with a long


The second thing had to deal with was Philip, not Phil or Philly but

Philip, his partner at his clinic. They had met in medical school and had

really hit it off. Both were studying internal medicine and had met during

their ER rotation. They became best friends during those six weeks of

hell. After the rotation they kept in touch by becoming workout partners,

tennis pals, and drinking buddies. Philip was his best man when he married

and godfather to all his kids. They even bought houses next door to each

other and tore down their backyard fences so the kids could play in each

other's yards. The only problem that Logan faced with Philip was questions

about how he felt about him. There were no questions that Philip was gay,

he told Logan back when he was in medical school. The thing that bothered

Logan was he never saw Philip date. As far as he and his wife were aware

of Logan WAS the only man in his life. Jessica use to joke that Logan

really married two people by the way Philip would look out for him. Logan

was just concerned that Philip was wasting his life pining for him.

Whenever he would ask Philip about dating he would just smile and say he

didn't need to.

The third and finally issue Logan faced was his father. He would move

between anger and sadness when thinking about his dad. His mother would

get angry if he mentioned or asked about him but Philip always showed

sympathy. He would always try to get Logan to see things from his father's

viewpoint, how loosing his father, two brothers, and best friends broke the

man. Logan could see that and how he could of ended up the same way but he

still could not get over his abandonment issues. He knew how close he was

to his own children and they were just reminders of how close he had been

to his father.

The day was like any other; he woke up at 6:00, left for work by 6:45,

right after waking his youngest child up for school. The other two were

already in college. He made his rounds at two hospitals and a nursing home

and then went to the clinic he shared with Philip. By 3:00 he was done

there and did his final hospital visits. He arrived home by 5:30 and that

is when things changed.

There was a letter waiting for him mixed in with the bills and junk mail

from a man named Devon Abdi. He opened it and read it.

'Dear Mr. Morgan,

You don't know me but I was a minister to your father and grandfather. I'm

writing to ask, more like begging you to see your father. He still is the

broken man that you probably remember but I've been able to glue a few

pieces back together. The reason I'm asking this is that I'm dying. Soon

your father will have no one to look out for him. Now that you're a grow

mature man I hope you can see past your justified anger and take pity on an

old man. He's messed up but he still loves you; don't close your heart to

that love.

God's peace be

with you,

Devon Abdi

After reading the letter he looked back at the envelope and found a return

address. He sat still for a few moments, and didn't even respond when

Jessica first called him to dinner. It was his daughter pulling him up

from the Chair that shook him out of his daze. During dinner he was

despondent only giving short answers to questions. After dinner he picked

up the letter and said he was going over to Philips house. He did not

realize the pain he caused his wife by not talking to her about what was

bothering him.

'Hey Log, what's up?' Philip said when he opened the door.'

'I received a letter today.'

'Well don't stand out there like a lost puppy come on in.' Philip said as

he stepped out of the way.

The two of them sat in separate black leather chairs in the living room.

'So who's the letter from.'

'Its from a Devon Abdi, he says he's taking care of my father but that he's

dying, he wants me to take over.'

'Hmmm, how do you feel about that.'

'I don't know how to feel. This is the first word I've heard from him in

20 years. The last was a letter when I graduated from medical school. I

don't know if I'm to feel happy or mad.'

'I think it's expected that you would feel both. Have you talked to



'Well that should be the first thing you should do. Women don't like being

left out.'

'Are you saying this from personal experience.'

'No, I've just seen enough patients who tried hiding their illness from

their spouses to know that it never works out regardless of the


'I know, I'll try to make it up to her.'

Philip got out of his chair, pulled Logan up and pushed him onto the sofa

and fell on top of him. 'Would you like to explain why you went to me and

not your wife.'


'Are you finally going to tell me how you feel about me or am I going to

have to suck it out of you.' He laughed as he played with Logan's belt.

'Phil! I'm married.'

'Just for that I think I will suck it out of you.' He unzipped Logan's


'Philip no!'

'Then tell me how you feel about me.' Philip laughed as he got up, sat on

Logan midsection and rubbed his ass across his crotch.

'I think you're being fucking annoying right now!'

'And?' Philip said as he leaned over Logan, just inches from their lips

from touching.

'Oh god!'

'I'm glad you think I'm divine but that's not what I'm looking for.'

'I love you, alright!'

'That's what I've been looking for. Took you long enough.' He smiled just

as he kissed him on the forehead.

Two hours latter:

'Uhm, Philip, are you going to get off me?'

'Oh come on, I just got you where I always wanted you.'

Philip had spent the last two hours on top of Logan wiggling about and

kissing him everywhere but on the lips.



'Why do you love me? I must of left you hanging for years.'

'Trust me, I was willing to wait forever to hear those words.'

'What about Jessica?'

'She knows.'


'Well think about it Log, we spend so much time together, you insisted that

we live next door to each other, she knows I'm gay, and she sees how we

look at each other even though you've been playing lets-pretend for the

past 25 years.'

'How long has she known?'

'Well we had a talk about it around 20 years ago and reached an agreement

to share you.'

'Twenty years!'

'Yeah, she was starting to worry that you'd never admit how you feel.'

'But I'm married to Jessica.'

'Yes you are and hopefully nothing will change that. I'm not saying we

should start sleeping together. I just want us to be able to admit that we

love each other and be comfortable with it. Jessica gets your body but we

both will share your heart till death do you part.'

By the end of the night Philip had convinced Logan to go see his father but

Logan insisted that Philip come with him. Logan theorized that if he had

Philip next to him, he was less likely to loose his temper. As they said

good-bye for the night Logan went on his instincts and pulled Philip into a


'I didn't want to leave without giving you a goodbye kiss.'

'Mmm, I can get use to this.' Philip grinned as their lips touched for the

first time

Logan walked into his house to find it quiet. It was already 11:00 and the

family was usually asleep by this time. He took the hall door to the

master bathroom, showered and slipped into bed.

'Did you tell him that you love him?' His wife's voice surprised him.'


'Don't worry dear, you can tell me. You need to tell me if our marriage

means anything at all.'

'Yes.' Logan whispered


'That's what he said!'

'Well you'd have to be blind or you not to see how he feels about you.'


'Oh come on dear don't get upset, I want you to be happy and if that

includes Philip so be it. Its not like I can separate the two of you.'

'We are pretty glued to the hip aren't we?'

'Yeah you two are.'

'No dear, I was talking about all three of us.' Logan said before kissing

his wife goodnight.

Logan tired to convince Jessica to come with them to San Jose but she

refused. She told Logan to treat it like a honeymoon. Logan was still

confused as to why his wife was so understanding about this but her only

reply was to kiss him and send him on his way.

The ride by bullet train (built in 2037) took them from San Diego to San

Francisco in two and a half hours. They rented a car and made the drive to

San Jose. The house was a small two-story townhouse in a middle-income

neighborhood. It took Philip 20 min. to talk Logan out of the car but

eventually the two walked to the door.

'Hello?' A very old man answered the door.

'Uhm, Mr. Abdi?'

'Yes, oh you must be Logan, come on in. Your father is out buying

groceries but will be back soon. He is a kind man, filled with anger but a

good man. I'm sorry for your loss.'

'I always feared he abandoned us.' Logan said as he accepted a kitchen seat

from Devon.

'He did abandon you but that was because he abandoned himself first. He

could never deal with the pain.'

'We still loved him.'

'And he loved all of you as well.'

'Then why?'

Devon hesitated and tried to change the topic. 'Whose your friend.'

'Oh, I'm sorry this is Philip Vox.'

Devon's and Philips faces both went pale.

'Vox?' Devon whispered, his heart almost ripped from his body.

'What's wrong.' Two voices said at once.

Logan turned around and saw a man in his mid-60's, carrying a bag of

groceries. He was two inches shorter, gaunt, and had white hair instead of

brown but Logan could see the family resemblance and so could the man.



Chris dropped the groceries and ran to his son who met him half way.

'I'll never let you go again.' Logan cried.

'...' Chris was speechless

The two of them were so involved they did not notice Philip make an exit.

They did not notice anything until Devon collapsed on the floor.

He was still alive when the ambulance arrived but when Logan and Chris

arrived at the hospital they were told he died in transit. Chris took the

news very hard and had to be carried out by Logan. As they drove home

Logan could here his father mumbling about Devon being taken.

'They took him... They won't let us die... They're taking us one by one.

I got to hide... I can't let them find me.'

It was the delirium that him mother would tell him about how Chris believed

vampires were after his family. 'Dad its ok, no one is after you.' Logan

said in an attempt to calm his father but all it did was quiet his


They arrived back at the home and Philip was still missing. Logan got

Chris into bed and then started making phone calls. He first tried

Philip's cell phone but got no reply. He called Jessica to see if Philip

had called but she told him no. After leaving a message on Philip's

machine, Logan went back to his father's bedroom and sat down beside him.

'How are you doing dad.'

'Better, thank you, who was that other person who was here when I arrived?'

'Oh that was Philip. I have no idea where he ran off to.'

'Is he a friend?'

'Yeah, I guess you can say he's my best friend, we met in med school and

set up a clinic together.'

'How's Jessica?'

'She's great, a little worried that our youngest starts college next year

but doing really well.'

'Son there's something I've needed to tell you for a long time.'

'What is it dad?'

'I know your mother thinks I'm crazy but there are vampires out there and

they are after our family.'

'Dad I think you need your rest.'

'Listen to me Logan!' Chris shouted in anger.

'I think I'll go find a hotel for the night.' Logan said in an attempt to

ignore his father's ranting.'

'Logan, please don't go.' Chris said in a much calmer voice.

Logan stopped by the doorway and turned to face his father.

'Logan please look into my eyes and see the truth.' Chris begged.

Chris looked and saw the whites of his father's eyes take on a faint blue

glow. 'What is going on?'

'Its our legacy son, the curse we all carry.'

His father began explaining the history of the family and how it was

connected to the vampires. Logan listened in silence until his father

motioned a name, Jason Vox.


'Yes Jason Vox, he was the one who destroyed our family... What's wrong?'

'Nothing dad, nothing.'

'Cough... Don't ever try to lie to an empath son. We can't read your mind

but we always know when you're being dishonest.'

'I'll remember that.'

'So tell me what surprised you.'

'Me.' Philip's voice said from the doorway.

Logan saw a drawer fly out of a dresser from the far side of the room. A

flash of metal shot out from the drawer and into Chris's hand, it was a


'Dad, don't shoot!' Logan shouted as he placed himself between the gun and


'Son, get out of the way! He's one of them!'

'Dad, don't shoot!'

'Don't worry Logan he can't hurt me, at least not physically.' Philip said

as he put a hand on Logan shoulder. 'Lower the gun Mr. Morgan, you know it

won't do any good.'

Chris threw the gun on the ground and began to cry. 'Please leave my son

alone. Don't hurt him.'

'I would never hurt your son, I love him.'

'That's what Jason Vox believed and look at what he did to our family.'

'Philip?' Logan questioned.

'Yes Logan your father is right. Jason Vox nearly destroyed your family

and I am of the same clan as he is. I am a vampire.'

'But the sun, you walk in broad daylight.'

'Since I met you in college I've been drinking blood I obtained from a

blood bank. It leaves me weaker and I age like a normal person but I can

walk in daylight. It's the sacrifice I was willing to make to be with


'How can this be?'

'I know it must be hard for you and I can understand if you are angry with

me but understand that I love you.'

Logan could feel the pain Philip was emitting and his love for him overtook

his confusion. 'And I love you.' He whispered.

'Logan I should of told you the truth years ago, I should have told you

when you said you loved me. Good grief, I even told Jessica years ago. I

guess I was just too afraid of being rejected.'

'Why did you tell her.'

'Because I wanted her to understand what you meant to me and how I wasn't a

threat to her. She understood that you and I would not become a true

couple until after she died. She was happy that there would be someone for

you after she was gone.'

'Son don't trust him, they're monsters.'

'Dad I can't hate him!'

'Logan your father is right, we are monsters and what we did to your family

was unforgivable, but your family is our salvation.'

Seeing how much his son love the man Chris resorted to begging. 'Please

don't harm my son. Please leave him alone.'

Logan was shocked to see red tears running down Philips's face as he walked

over to his father and hugged him.

'Chris we have never forgiven ourselves for what we did to you. The

sacrifice your father made has changed us. We only feed off donor blood

most of the time now. Only once in ten years do we now feed of a victim

and that is only to prevent old age. The room where the bonding ceremony

took place is now held as a holy shrine.'

'But where is my father?' Chris begged.

'I'm sorry to say we don't know. Legends have risen that James and Jason

reached transcendence but that is a lie that was spread to add mystic to

the cult around your father. The truth, the sad truth is that the bodies

were stolen and we have no idea where they are. The Vox clan killed the

clan that took the bodies but we were unable to find where they hid them.'

'It hurts so much.'

'I know it does, it must hurt even more for you since you came to believe

that no one loves you. You're so wrong in this, they love you and are

waiting for you still.'

'I miss them.' Chris confessed.

'Shhh, it wont be much longer, go to sleep now.' Philip hushed as he put

Chris to sleep.

'My father is still in such pain.' Logan said sadly.

'Yes he is, but it will end one day and you can help.'

'What can I do?'

'Help him feel loved again, rebuild his self confidence.'

'Who is it he misses.'

'His two best friends David and Josh.'

'I remember, mom said they died back when... They didn't die did they?'

'No they didn't, Jason, my brother turned them into vampires.'

'Jason is your brother!'

'Well sort of, we were changed by the same vampire.'

'This is too much.'

'I know, when I first became a vampire it was almost too much for me as


'What does this mean for us?'

'It's your choice and only your choice let me be clear but I hope that one

day I will marry you.'

'When!' Logan said caught up in Philip's passion.

'Oh eager are we!' Philip smiled as he wrapped his hands around Logan

rear, pulling him toward him. 'It will not be for some time. By the

agreement your grandfather started the bonding ceremony occurs when you

reach your deathbed. James, in his wisdom felt that his decedents needed a

chance to live their own normal lives before entering our world.

A thought occurred to Logan. 'What of my two sons.'

'Well I think I should let them tell you but they are going through similar

experiences as we went through in college more or less.'

'More or less?'

'I'll let them tell you when their ready but right now its feeding time.'

'Feeding?' Logan gulped.

'Oh, sorry I meant feeding you not me.'

'So what are we having.'

'Philip a la cart.' Philip smiled as he tilt his neck to one side.

'I think I was right to be nervous. I didn't know I was already a


'Your not nor will you become one. It's one of the things that make your

family special. It will though keep you healthy and after we marry keep

you young.'

'Uh, ok so what do I do.'

'Go into the next bedroom and I'll be there in a second.'

Logan went into the room and rested on the quilt-covered bed. The walls of

the room was covered with pictures of a younger Devon and his partner

Andrew. There was one picture that caught his eye that did not have the

couple in it. It had three young men and a more mature adult. He could

recognize one of the men as his father, the other two, who looked like

twins Logan correctly guessed were his father's brothers. That could only

mean that the older figure in the picture was his grandfather. The man had

an expression that bespoke of the kindness he was famous for and the manner

by which the kids seemed focused on him with looks of love. His attention

was finally broken by Philip entering the room in his underwear.

'Lets pull down that quilt. This can get a little messy' Philip smiled as

he lifted Logan off the bed.

The quilt and pillows were taken off the bed and Philip laid out a bath

towel across the bed. He then undressed Logan, kissing him between

articles of clothing. He then lowered Logan on the bed, hi head on the


'Are you ready?'

Logan nodded his head.

Philip's face took on a expression of sharp pain for a second but then a

closed smile as he moved in for the kiss. Logan tasted the salty blood

entering his mouth and the rush of energy that filled his body. As he was

being fed, Philip climbed on top of him and began to stroke him through his

briefs. Logan could feel them both hardening and the heat from Philips

dick burned against Logan's thigh. The room took on a red color but was

soon joined by a blue light that turned a third of the room purple. Logan

could not stop himself he wanted to touch Philips dick. He slipped his

hand under Philip and reached for it but was only able to touch the very

tip, tickling it.

'Oh gosh, stop that!' Philip laughed, spraying blood on Logan's face and

the towel under him.

'Really?' Logan smiled.

'Hell no, just let me get in a better position.' Philip returned.

Philip got up, made a large swallow and opened him mouth showing that it

was now healed. He then slipped off his white briefs revealing a hard

seven inch dick surrounded by trimmed black hair and smooth ping pong size

balls. A smear of pre-cum went down the underside of his dick giving it a

glistening sheen.

'Oh boy...' Logan laughed

'Yep it's a boy alright.' Philip beamed as he gave it a few slow stokes.

'Can yours come out and play.'

'Oh boy...' Logan repeated.

'I'll take that as a yes.' Philip said right before pulling down Logan's

own underwear to the flapping sound of Logan's penis slapping against his

stomach as it was freed. 'Time for me to feed.'

'Hey no biting!'

'Vampires don't bite, they suck and I'm going to suck the cream right out

of you.' He said as he went down on Logan

Logan woke up with Philip in his arms, a satisfied grin on his face. Logan

himself was happy, more then happy, the orgasm last night was not his

strongest but had been the most fulfilling he had ever experienced and the

warm comfort of having Philip in his arms only cemented his feeling for

him. He squeezed Philip closer to him and Philip nuzzled his unshaven face

against his chest in response. They remained like that for several minutes

until Logan heard coughing from the next room. He carefully disentangled

himself from Philip. Logan had to hold back a laugh as Philip replaced

hugging Logan with giving himself a self hug with the same silly grin on

his face. Philip always had a narcissistic streak in him. It made sense

now knowing that he was a vampire. Having to face old age for the first

time in centuries would make anyone hyper vigilant to changes in physical

appearance. Logan left the happy Philip and went to see his father.

His father was still in bed but awake coughing up a storm.

'Are you all right dad?' he asked.

Chris nodded his head but Logan could see blood on his lips.

'Dad, the blood!'

'Please son, don't worry.' He managed to wheeze out.

'Dad you're sick.'

'Son, I'm dying.'

'Can the vampires heal you!'

'I don't know.'

'I'm going to ask Philip. He would know.'

'Please son, don't.'

'Why!' Logan asked exasperated.

'If they know that I'm dying, they will come for me. I've not forgiven

them enough to want to go back to them.'

'Dad! I'm not going to let you die now that I've found you!'

'Son we can talk about this later.' Chris said while jerking his head to

the door.

'What's up.' Philips voice came from the entry.

'You're awake.' Logan said surprised.

'My teddy bear fell out of bed so I went looking for it, and here it is!'

Philip laughed before giving Logan a hug.

'You two sleep together?' Chris said sternly.

'Well, slept together is probably a better term since it was our first time

last night.'

'Don't get Clintonian with me.' Chris said.

'Dad, please stay calm.' Logan insisted.

'He's a Vox, how can you ask me to trust a Vox.'

'Dad how do you expect me to trust you with your past. I need you to trust

Philip and me.'

That hit home. 'All right son I'll try to be more forgiving.'

'Now lets have the doctor get a look at ya.' Philip said cheerfully.

'You heard everything?' Logan said surprised

'Ya, for a vampire you two were louder then a passing locomotive.'

'You don't need to examine me.' Chris protested.

'Yes I do for the only other doctor around is your son and he can't examine

you because of professional ethics so that leaves only me. Don't worry, I

won't bite.'

'Yet!' Both father and son finished together to a ball of laughter.'

The examine was long and involved a lot of touching, some of it

unnecessary. When Philip grabbed Chris's cock, Chris gave out a yelp.

'Just wanted to see how you stack up against your son.' Philip defended


When he was finished he put Chris back to sleep and took Logan down to the


'How bad is it.'

'Bad. His body is so worn down that the only thing holding it together is

mental duct tape. Only his will to live is keeping him alive. Before you

came that will was to take care of Mr. Abdi, now it is to spend as much

time as possible with you.

'What should we do?'

'I know he doesn't want to but he really needs to be taken in. He already

is on his deathbed.'

'If he goes away will I be able to see him again?'

Philip shook his head no. 'Not until after you are old and taken in and

married, hopefully to me.'

'I...I can't say goodbye to him again, at least not yet. And I don't

believe he is ready to say goodbye to me again as well.'

'You're right of course and no decision has to be made soon but in the next

three months he will most likely die.'

'I understand.'

'Logan, he is also to sick to move back to San Diego. I'll go back to

handle the clinic and let you stay here. Will you be alright?'

The idea of being away from his family and Philip for several months made

him feel isolated but he nodded his head yes.

Thinking what Logan might be feeling Philip came up with an idea. 'Well

the boys will be on summer break in two weeks. How about I talk Jessica in

letting them come up and join you here. Give them a chance to see their

grandfather as well.'

'Thanks Philip, for everything. You ARE my deepest friend.'

'And you are my most beloved.'

'I thought I was your teddy bear.' Logan laughed in an attempt to lighten

the mood.

'That too.'

In the first two weeks Logan had his father checked up on by several

experts. All of them told him that they could get rid of the virus but

that the damage had already been done. They were amazed that his father

was still alive. Short of putting his father into a plastic bubble for the

rest of his life, there was little they could do for him. One doctor

suggested that a bone marrow transplant might work but a match needed to be

found. Logan got himself tested but the results came back negative. What

the doctor said had the best chance was a blood sibling from the same

mother and father. Logan knew that is father had two twin brothers but did

not know how to contact them or if it was even possible. So the best that

Logan could do was get his father treated for the virus. He would, at

least, die free from that terrible plague. Since his father did not have

medical insurance, he called his wife to get permission to use the 'trip

fund' to help pay for the costs. It was only a cup in the bucket but at

least he wouldn't have to dip into the retirement account. After his

father's treatment that lasted a week, he had dad back at Mr. Abdi's home,

which was left to Chris in his will, set up some monitoring equipment, and

began his role as nurse Logan.



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