Several weeks later after the attack:

James awoke to the pain covering the upper part of his body.

Everything felt bruised and swollen. His mouth and neck ached from the

breathing tube down his throat. He was unable to move his arms as they

were covered in a cast. His legs though, his legs he could no longer feel.

'I'm sorry James, I'm so sorry.' An old familiar voice called out.'

'Will?' He tried to say but was unable to.'

'Don't try to talk James, just think what you want to say.'

'Will come close so I can see you.'

Will pulled a chair next to the bed and hovered his face over James. 'I'm

here James.'

'You look good Will.' James sent in an attempt to relax Will.

'I wish I could say the same for you old friend. I'm so sorry James.'

'Will, I'm not at a hospital am I.'

'No James, your are the firm's medical facility where I've been a nurse

these past 16 years.'

'What happened to me?'

'You were in a car accident, the only thing that has happened that was an

accident. Oh James I'm so sorry.'

'Will, what else has happened?' James now dreading whatever Will was sorry


'James, Logan is dead.'

James began crying. He wanted to scream in agony but couldn't. Instead he

starred choking and alarms went off.'

Doctors rushed in, pulling Will away.

'What did you do?' one of them yelled at Will.

'He needs to know the truth!' Will insisted.

'You fool, he's in no condition for the truth. The truth will do him no

good if he's dead.'

'He might want to be when he finds out.' The other doctor said sadly before

giving James a sedative.

One week later:

When James awoke for the second time, the tubes were removed and he was

breathing on his own. He still couldn't feel his legs and he still felt

battered and bruised. A different nurse would come by to take readings but

wouldn't engage James in conversation. A sense of dread permeated the

room. Something was being withheld from him and it was more serious then

Logan's death. That only left his sons.

James pressed the panic button, summoning the nurse.

'Can I help you Mr. Morgan?'

'My sons?' James said in a weak raspy voice.

The nurse responded by going pale, shaking his head no and backing out of

the room.

'James would have none of it and showing a strength h had never shown

before slammed the door, trapping the nurse inside.

'Mr. Morgan I can't tell you. Please let me go.'

'Then find some one who can!' James sent before allowing the door to open.

James was exhausted by what he did but impressed. He had been able to move

small things small distances as he had when he shorted out the computer but

he had never been able to slam a door before. He tried waiting for a reply

to his request but fell asleep a short time later.

'Wake up James. That's it.' A kind and gentle voice spoke to him.

James opened his eyes to see Thomas next to him with a kind but sorrowful

look on his face. 'Thomas, please tell me what has happened. I know it

must be horrible but I need to know about my sons.'

'James I know others have told you but let me add my insufficient apologies

for what happened. Jason has lost his mind. He has lost his mind and he

has taken over. A dangerous combination in any event. When Jason was

denied see you after the incident with Mr. Abdi, he had the council killed.

To prevent any of the other clans from taking advantage of the chaos Jason

order his men to capture all involved including your children. The methods

used by Jason are like using a bomb to get a peanut. Your children were

hurt in the process but not killed.'

'And Logan?'

Thomas sighed before continuing. 'Jason took advantage of the situation to

kill Logan. He could not control his jealousy of the man. I'm sorry


'I'm sorry as well. What about my sons.'

'Chris and Landon suffered minor wounds but Nathan suffered major wounds

and blood loss. Jason took responsibility for what happened and donated

his blood to him.'

'Oh no!' James thought.

Thomas lifted up his eyebrows on James's response, 'So you know!'

'Yes, the twins while having some of my gifts are more like their mother

and uncle.'

'They're not brides are they.'

'No, only Nathan is not a full bride. For some reason Landon is but not

Nathan. I guess that was why I wasn't surprised when they fell in love

with each other.'

'So you can guess what happened to Nathan.'

'Yes but tell me anyway.'

'His eyes first turned blue like expected but as Jason fed him more, his

eyes started turning violet and finally red. Your son is now a vampire.

Landon is at his wits end. The change has put a barrier between them, one

that has never happened before. He ranges from screaming and deep

silences. The only person he will allow near him is Chris.'

After a deep moment James spoke. 'You said he brought in all involved.'

'Yes, he has brought in Devon, Chris's friends David and Josh, and Andrew.'


'Yes your old legal secretary.'

'I know who he is but why was he brought in.'

'Jason accuses him of having romantic feelings for you and so...'

'He really has lost his mind.' James concluded.

'Yes and everyone is powerless to stop him, but you.'

'What can I do.'

'Jason blames himself for your accident. He loves you James, too much, it

makes him do crazy things. Only you can stop the war that is about to

occur between the clans. Only you can have him see reason.'

James took a deep breath and then replied; 'Take me to him.'

Soon after making his request, nurses lifted him out of bed and put him

into a wheelchair. James still could not feel his legs and while no one

had explained why, James assumed his back had been damaged and he was now a

cripple. During the time it took to reach Jason, James thought about how

he could make Jason see reason. The only hold he had on Jason was Jason's

love for him. How could he get Jason to let him go if it was Jason's only

desire to spend eternity with him.

He was wheeled into a cavernous dark room. Three pillars of light came

down from the invisible ceiling. Two shown on separate throne like chairs

while the third and larger one lit up the middle of the room. While James

couldn't see anyone in the darkness, the perimeter of the room was lined

with red glows. The nurse brought James to the middle and left him there.

James looked around the room at the red eyes staring at him. He could hear

their whispering and feel their emotions. The clans seemed to be divided

into three camps. They where the sycophants who hope that their brown

nosing would be to their advantage. The second group was made up of

loyalists who looked at James as a near idol. The last group was nervous.

They did not oppose Jason but did not like what he was doing as well. They

looked at James as if he were their only hope. James could sense Thomas

and Will in that group.

There was a sudden hush of all the murmuring and James could feel a

presence behind him.

'James, how can I gain your forgiveness?' Jason said from behind into

James's ear.

James did not prepare himself for the effect Jason's voice would have on

him. The rich timber of his voice nearly made him swoon. He had forgotten

about the effect Jason had had on him before they separated. After the

agreement had been made with the clans 16 years ago, Jason was given three

weeks to spend with James before they had to be apart until James's death.

James had started those three weeks just think of Jason as a friend. They

ended with James wanting Jason, wanting to spend eternity with him. Thomas

had explained it to him that for empaths, love is a contagion. If a person

loves you deeply and you like the person, that just liking changes for the

empath. Not a normal response for sure but it happened. Jason's happiness

became James's and visa versa. Jason went from being dark brooding man

with a short temper to almost a kid who had both a romantic crush and a

hero fascination all wrapped into one. For James it was having a soul

mate. Being with Jason made him happy, even more so because he could feel

how happy Jason was around him. Now with Jason so near, those old feelings

were coming back.

He remembered those days very well. They took many long walks at night

just to be around each other. Very few words were spoken aloud but

communication between their minds was constant. AS the last days of the

three weeks approached, James could feel Jason becoming anxious, worried

that their time was now so short. For some one as old as Jason, time had

never been a real issue but now, for the first time Jason was feeling what

mortality was like and just like Michael, it scared him. James began to

remember that last night 16 years ago.

'James do you love me?' Jason finally dared to ask on the final night as

they walked in the park.

'Yes Jason, I'm coming to love you.'

'Then don't leave me, please.'

'Jason, it's just what needs to be done.'

'But I won't even be allowed to see you.' Jason said with frustration as

he sat down on a park bench.

'I know... I'm not saying it will be easy but it's the best way to protect

my family.'

'Won't you miss me?'

'Yes, Jason I will.' James said as he joined Jason on the bench, putting a

hand around Jason's slumped shoulders.

'I'll miss you too, A LOT.' Jason emphasized while turning his face to

look into James's eyes.

James knew he needed to do something to show Jason that he loved him.

Jason was still very insecure about his place in James's heart, in part

because this was their last day but mainly because of James's relationship

with Logan. James moved closer to Jason so their bodies were pressed side

by side. He tilted his head just slightly, showing that he knew and felt

sorry for the pain Jason was feeling just before he kissed him on the


'Jason I love you. Even while we will be apart I will continue to love

you. Just remember that and everything will be ok.'

'Can I love you then? Can I make love to you then? Can I at least be

Logan's equal?' Jason said as he put a warm hand on James's left arm. He

had been keeping himself well fed just in case he got a chance to touch


'What do you want?' James finally asked, almost willing to accept anything

Jason wanted.

'I... I just want to give you a blood kiss, just like what Logan did. I

want the same bond he has with you.'

'All right.' James agreed, not knowing THIS was his fatal error. The

blood kiss gave Jason an incomplete access to James's mind. From it Jason

found out that James loved Logan but not that it was as a father figure.

It also allowed Jason to learn about Devon and Andrew. No matter how much

Jason could feel that James loved him, he couldn't handle James having

anything close to love for other's. Also, with others allowed to see James

while he couldn't, jealousy was the natural response but for the moment it

was an act of love.

It had just started as a kiss but soon they were both naked as Jason kissed

other parts of James's body. He gave special attention to the nipples and

belly button, as he would swirl his tongue around in those places. James

was a passive participant in this act as that is what he sensed Jason

wanted. Jason wanted this act of love to be his gift to James but even as

James remained still, Jason had a good hard on and was leaving a snail

trail of precum as he moved down James's body. James closed his eyes and

let his finger move through Jason's short back hair as Jason began to suck

on his balls.

Jason looked up and him and took the hand and started to suck on each of

the fingers before he placed them back on James's chest, 'Let me do

everything love.' He whispered before going back to James's dick.

'I just want you to know I feel the same way.' James replied.

'I know love, I know.' Jason replied. The true reason though was Jason

was afraid that if James made love to him, it would just be that much

harder for Jason to say goodbye. Also, by giving love, Jason hoped James

would become more bound to him. He still didn't understand the two

directional nature of love, that one can be loved and loving at the same

time and have the whole greater then just the sum of its parts.

James accepted Jason's wish and allowed him to suck him off. After which,

they shared another kiss, a cum kiss.

'Now I have you inside me.' Jason said when their lips parted. It was

also then that they heard the bell strike five.

'It'll be dawn soon.' James said, ruining Jason's moment

'I would risk the dawn just to stay by your side just a little longer.'

'Jason, you must never do that.' James said before he gave Jason one last

parting kiss. 'I'll always love you Jason, it's only a question of time.'

Jason didn't reply, he was in too much pain to say another word. The

person that in a short time had become the center of his life would be

separated from him for many decades and it torn at his heart that he

wouldn't be allowed to see him.

'I'll write you this afternoon.' James said as he began dressing.

'I will too.' Jason said as he began walking away. James was right dawn

was on the horizon but for Jason it was the setting of the sun.

'I should have never kept him away.' James finally admitted to himself as

he finished his reflection the past.

'Jason, we need to talk.' James exhaled.

'Whatever you want baby.' Jason said happily as he knelt at James's feet.

'Jason...' James tried to start but found it too hard.

'I know, you're worried about the kids. I brought them here. Come on

boys... greet your father.

The boys came around from behind and James was shocked by what he saw.

Landon had a few bruises and cuts on his face but it was his emotional

state that disturbed James the most. Landon was alone for the first time

in his life. Whatever the change had done to Nathan had cut Landon off.

'Daddy!' The seventeen year old shouted when he saw his father before

hugging him.

James ignored the pain felt by his son's weight on his battered body and

tried to comfort him.

Nathan watched with a rejected look. 'Father, I'm sorry.' He managed to


'No, Nathan, I'm sorry.' James replied

'It can be all right!' Jason said excitedly, totally unaffected by the

scene. 'All they have to do is marry each other and they will be like new.

We can have a joint wedding, won't that be great!'

'Is it true?' James sent out in the direction of Thomas.

'Yes.' Thomas sent out from the darkness.

'Landon I...I don't want you to be unhappy. I...' James stuttered,

stopping himself from saying how much he disapproved of Nathan's and

Landon's sexual relationship. 'I wanted you to experience more of life

before this had to happen but I can't change what has happened. Landon, if

it is what both of you want, both of you may marry.'

'I don't want to be a disappointment.' Landon sniffled.

'You both will always have my love. Now go to your brother.'

Landon slid of his father's lap and went to Nathan. He approached him like

a mouse does to a snake, nervous and apprehensive but eventually the two

embraced and a weak smile returned to both of their faces.

James then turned his attention to Chris. Chris looked and felt angry,

more then angry. Chris was furious with Jason for what he did. 'What can

I do to take away his pain?' James thought.


'Look what they've done to you dad!' Chris shouted from his disheveled

state. His face was covered in dirt and his hair messed up shooting out

from his head at odd angles. He was still wearing the cloths from the day

of the attack and there was madness in his wide opened eyes.

'In a weak attempt to lighten the mood James replied, 'Look! I don't have

to look I can feel it but that does not matter right now. What can I do

Chris to make lessen the pain?'

'There's nothing you can do dad unless you can reverse time. He's taken

everything away, everything!' He killed Logan. He turned Nathan into a

vampire. He's left you a cripple. What else can go wrong!'

James sensed more then he knew that something else had indeed gone wrong

and he turned a glare at Jason. 'What have you done to hurt my son.' He

said coldly.

Jason was stunned for a moment but finally said. 'Well I... I... I didn't

want Chris to feel left out with all the weddings going on so I brought in

a pair of husbands for him as well.'

'He took David and Josh! He took them and he...' Chris shouted.

'Jason, you took my son's friends and made them vampires!'

'They wanted to be vampires!' Jason defended himself. 'I heard it myself,

they loved your son and wanted to be his husbands.'

James began to remember that night Logan went to see Josh and David and

their desire to be Chris's immortal spouses.'Chris you still love them.

You don't have to be separated from them.'

'No! I will never marry a vampire! I will never forgive them!'

'What can I do Chris! What do you want me to do!'

'Leave here! Both of us leave here and never see any of them again!'

James felt very sad at that moment. His son was filled with hate, a hate

that will poison his life and James will not be there to heal it. 'Jason,

will the clans agree to let my son go?'

'He would be happier here,' Jason insisted. 'I know he's upset but we can

shower him with love and...'

'Jason, I want you to let my son go. Make it my wedding present.'

'Dad Nooooo! Chris screamed.

'Really, you will really marry me!' Jason replied excitedly.

'Yes Jason I will but you must let my son go.'

'...Ok he's free. After the wedding my men will escort him out.'

'Dad you mustn't!'

'Chris, it is the only thing I can do to stop the madness and save you.

Please remember that I love you.'

'You bastard!' Chris screamed as he rushed at Jason but went frozen


The audience was stunned but what they saw. There was Chris in mid stride,

only the tip of his left foot touching the ground, looking like a statue.

Jason looked shocked Chris's attempt and had moved to protect himself.

James, James sat calmly, his eyes a blaze of blue fire, holding both Jason

and Chris in position. He finally came in to his full power and he used it

to stop further bloodshed. He released Chris first. He slumped to the

floor, passed out. He then slowly released Jason, ready to slap on control

if Jason made a move to Chris. But Jason didn't do that. He instead went

to James and kissed him on the forehead, his face aglow with pride and joy.

'I told you he was special.' He said to the on lookers. 'I told you so.'

'James, why didn't you tell us?' Thomas asked.

'I didn't know that what I did was special.'

'James, you are special. You are very special. You are a descendent of

the first.'

'I don't understand?'

'Then I will tell you. There was a time where there were no brides or

vampires just humans and the Others. What the Others were we do not know.

All we do know is that they were scientifically advanced, nocturnal, and

asexual. They lived on what is today Antarctica, never leaving their land.

They seemed to have decided that they would leave the rest of the world for

the humans and agreed not to interfere in their affairs. They were then

surprised and unprepared when a raft holding a male infant landed on their

shores. How the infant arrived there and what happened to his parents we

don't know but when the Others found the child, he was starved,

frostbitten, and dying. He was also the first recognized telepath in the

history of man. The Other's took pity on the child and took him in. In

the process of healing the child, they changed him. The Others were blood

feeders so they made the child the same. They also made the child

nocturnal as they were only awake during the night. They gave the child

greater physical strength and increased his natural telepathic powers. The

boy and his ability to learn fascinated them. Learning had been a foreign

concept before the child came into their lives. As asexual creatures, they

were born full grown and will all the knowledge that their parent had.

They found the act of teaching charming and they all wanted to spend time

with him. As the boy became a man, the Other's began to fear their boys

death so they gave the boy became concerned that their boy would one day

die so they granted him immortality. The man lived with them for several

happy centuries but over time he became depressed and lonely. At first he

wouldn't tell the Other's the reason's for his unhappiness but eventually

he told them that he wanted a mate.

'While the Other's were asexual, they did form special bonds with each

other that could be called a mate. As a result, they understood what he

was feeling and so began a great project to find a mate for their boy.

They did not know that it would also bring their downfall. They built a

boat for the man and sent him on his way. He explored Africa, Asia, South

America, and Europe always looking for a man to live his life with. I say

man because that is what he thought he was looking for. Being raised by

asexual beings, and have never seen a woman before, he thought that men and

women were separate species. He was in Egypt when he found what he was

looking for. He was on his boat traveling the Nile Delta when he saw a man

who stole his heart at once. The man was working in a small boat casting

his net for sardines. He was so in rapture with the man, watching the

muscles of his back flex and flow with the throwing of the net that he did

not notice the on coming boat. When the boats collided the man was thrown

overboard and fell into the water. Having lived in the Antarctica,

swimming was not one of the skills he had developed. It probably from this

that vampires get the reputation of not being able to cross flowing water.

The man screamed for help and it was the fisherman who saved him.'

'Look at what I caught in my net, a fish that can't swim.' The fisherman


'The man just stared into the man's hazel eyes, wanting to freeze this

moment forever. He ran his fingertips along the side of his back but then

did something he had no control of, he bit him.'

'After the rush he received from the act, guilt filled him. The man he had

just fallen in love with was now dying on his boat. He had to do something

so he took him to the Other's.'

'The boat had an emergency vehicle meant to return the occupant to the

south pole in case of emergency. The man put the fisherman into it and

sent him off before he began his relatively slower journey back home.'

'The Other's were confused at first when they saw the fisherman in the

vehicle but took him in anyway and healed him. When the man returned home

he rushed to find out if the fisherman was ok. He found him in good health

and actually happy to see him. The Other's explained to their boy that

they had learned a lot about relationships between humans. They never

understood the concept of male and female but did understand the idea that

a bonded couple must compliment each other like two pieces of a puzzle.

'Using what they had learned and done to their boy, the Other's changed the

fisherman into the corresponding part. Where the boy was a telepath, the

fisherman was now an empath. Where their boy fed off blood, the fisherman

was the perfect provider of it. Where he could control minds, the

fisherman could control physical objects. They also adjusted their mind so

that their emitted physic waves would produce feeling of love and comfort.

The only change that needed to be done was to make a reason for them to

depend on each other, a sacrifice to bind them to each other. The

fisherman would depend on the man for health and long life. The man would

depend on the fisherman for his strength and the ability to live in

daylight. As a way of showing difference between them, the Other's gave

the man red eyes and the fisherman blue but when they committed the bonding

ceremony their eyes turned green.

For a few weeks all was well but then the Other's began dying. The boat

must have brought some illness back with it and the Other's, isolated in

Antarctica for thousands of years, had no immunity to it. Within a month's

time all of the Other's were dead but not before they did three final

things. First, hey gifted their boy with the ability to reproduce by

taking and giving blood. Second, the sent out a virus of their own. This

one sent fragments of the DNA they had put in the fisherman out into the

general human population. Over time and with luck, the genes would be

reunited and new brides would be born. These brides would have all the

same talents of the fisherman but without telekinesis. Only a trueborn son

of the fisherman would have such talent. The last thing they did was send

them away before they all died. They didn't want their boy to see them all

dead. The departure was hard for the man but he faced it with courage.'

As the boat left, the fisherman turned to his partner and said, 'I don't

even know your name.'

'They called me Vox. It means 'Theirs'.'

'What should I be called?'

'Tor, it means 'Ours'.'

Thomas finished his story and looked at James. 'That is the legend we tell

ourselves about how we and the brides came to be. What I don't understand,

what we did not believe was that a descendent of the fisherman existed.'

'Then how do you know I am one?'

'You are an empath and a telekinetic, there never has been that

combination, EVER.'

'And Jason?'

'Yes Jason was changed by one of the sons of Vox. He is a first generation

son. He is genetically the closes match to the original. It explains a


'Like why he fell in love with me.'

'Yes, you two are the perfect match, the ideal match.'

'I beg to differ.'

'It has nothing to do with personality in you case. It is a little sad but

what attracts the two of you is not how you act but how you feel and think.

The best analogy is that you tickle each other's minds.'

'I know he tickles mine.' Jason finally piped in. 'I knew he was perfect

when I first met him.'

'Jason please stop.' James begged.

'What's wrong? I'm only telling you how much I love you.'

'I know and each time you say it or think it I feel it. It makes it so

hard to hate you.'

'But I love you...Do you love me? Jason said nervously.

'Jason I love you but I hate what you do, what you have done.'


'Jason, things need to change. You have to accept you can't have


'You won't marry me?' Jason said with a hurt expression on his face.

James struggled to answer. Jason WAS his other half. Not even Logan had

the same effect on him. He just needed Jason to learn that a person can

love more then one without it conflicting with his true love and that is

what Jason was James admitted. Jason would love him no matter what and

that was the key. 'Jason I... I... will marry you.' James finally said


The preparations were quick. The room was flooded with light and James

could now see that everyone was already dressed for the wedding. Jason

tried to convince James to change cloths but James refused saying that in

his physical condition it would be too uncomfortable. Jason offered to

heal him with his blood but Thomas stepped in and said to save it for the

ceremony. This raised James's curiosity and he began asking Thomas

questions about it.

The first ceremony was for Nathan and Landon. There were no vows spoken it

was to be all said silently between the ones involved. The two of them sat

on cushions and faced each other. A sheathed knife lay between them.

After staring into each other's glowing eyes, Nathan picked up and drew the

knife and made a small cut on his neck. He wrapped an arm around Landon's

neck and but his mouth against the bleeding cut. After Landon had started

feeding, Nathan hesitated for a moment but then extended his fangs and bit

into Landon neck. They remained like that, mouths clinging to each other's

necks for several minutes, James asking questions of Thomas the whole time.

'How long will they remain like that?'

'Until they complete the bond. The vampire has the power to start or end

it but the bride controls the completion of it.'

'So does a vampire ever end it without it being completed?'

'It was rare but it did happen and would result in the brides death.'


'Because it is the ultimate in rejection. A vampire who has to give up on

the bond can NEVER try to bond with that person again. A vampire who gives

up on a bride is filled with so much rage and anger that they nearly always

kill the bride.'

'Nearly always?'

'Well the onlookers will sometimes try to stop the spurned lover but that

usually results in more deaths.'

'I see.'

'James, don't do it. Don't reject Jason. He's insane but he loves you too


'I wont, I'll hold him with love.'

'I hope you know what you're doing for all our sake.' Thomas said before

turning his attention back to the twins. 'Look, their eyes are changing.'

The eyes of the twins went first purple then brown and finally green. They

released their embrace and stood holding hands. Nathan picked up the

sheath and stuck it in Landon's belt as Landon put the blade in

Nathan's. The two walked to their father and kissed him on each cheek,

thanking his for giving his blessing.

There was a short break as the room was prepared for the second ceremony,

one of the cushions was replaced with on that had back support and a new

knife was laid out. James saw Chris in a heated argument with David and


'How can you ask me to marry you both. Look at what they did to my


'Chris we love you and you love us, forget about the vampirism deal, if

love is the only issue, as it should be, why can't you marry us.' David

said in an attempt to convince him.'

'Chris, everyone is getting married, Landon, Nathan, your dad...' Josh

spoke up.

'Leave dad out of this!' Chris shouted. 'He has no choice.'

'Do you really believe that or is that you want to believe?'

'David I can't live in this world, I can't'

'You'll be all alone. Your father wont be able to see you.' David said

before he could stop himself.

'That's enough!' James shouted. 'What do the three of you think you're

doing. If this is about love neither of you are acting the part well.

David. Josh, if you love my son you WILL leave him alone. Chris if you

love them you WILL not close your heart to their love because of what's



'Shhh, Chris it going to be ok. You're strong. You'll survive. Just

remember that people love you. I love you. Your brothers love you. David

and Josh love you. If things get too hard just remember that.'

'Dad you're talking like you're leaving me.'

'I'm not leaving you Chris but I don't know when we will meet again.'

'Dad, please don't go.'

'I'm...'James was about to say sorry but as he looked back on his life he

had been saying it too much. 'Son, I promise I will see you again.'

'Dad, please no...' Chris sobbed

'Take care of him.' James said to David and Josh.

'Don't worry Mr. Morgan, even if he doesn't want us there we will watch him

from the shadows.'

'That's all I can ask.'

The time of the ceremony had arrived. James was lifted by two men he

recognized at once, Devon and Andrew. Andrew had been his legal secretary

back at the firm. He never knew that he had a crush on him. Now it seemed

it had lead to trouble. The two of them had vacant expressions on their


'Thomas what is wrong with them.'

'Jason has taken away their will. He wanted them to be wedding gifts to

you. A show that he isn't jealous of your relationships.'

'What about Logan.'

'Well Logan, Logan was a true rival to Jason and yes he was jealous.'

'But normal people don't pose a threat.'


'Thomas promise me that you will cure them and let them go.'

'James, I fear that your up to something but yes I will do what you ask.'

'Thanks Thomas. I've never told you or Will this but I always hoped that

my relationship with Jason would become like yours and Will's. You two

love and trust and support each other.'

'I could never had done so without you James. Will would always tell me

how you helped him recover from his sister's death. Don't worry James, if

something happens we will take care of the twins.'

'Thanks for understanding.'

James was seated in the chair across from Jason who had a large grin on his

face. Once they were situated the ceremony began. The two of them stared

into each other's eyes. After a few minutes the glows appeared. First as

tiny dots in the middle of their eyes but soon all encompassing. Jason

sent out his love to James. For the first stage to be completed James had

to accept that love and return it. There was no question that James loved

Jason the only thing that held him back was accepting Jason's love. That

too was no real contest and the first stage was completed. Jason drew the

knife, made the cut and drew James to it. James began feeding, feeling

returned to his legs and the swelling around his body began to lessen. He

twitched when he felt Jason's teeth break the skin but an odd calm then

took over.

'Its in your hands now James.' Jason sent.

'What do I do?'

'We embrace, when your ready for us to be husbands you let go.'

'All right.'

Their minds met and embraced and James held Jason and continued to hold


After the first 30 minutes the whispering began. By the first hour those

whispers were now fully blown arguments. Thomas finally realized what

James was doing before anyone else. James was going to defuse the

situation by holding Jason and leaving the ceremony incomplete. Jason

could end it at anytime but Thomas knew he would never do that. He was

with James and that was all he wanted. No, the ceremony would never end.

The two of them would remain embraced until James died of old age for

Jason's blood would keep him alive but not young unless the ceremony was


By the third hour fighting had started between the sycophants and the

loyalists. The sycophants wanted James killed to free Jason. The

loyalists were divided between killing James and protecting him. Thomas

knew that if he didn't act soon, the weaker elements would unite and kill

both James and Jason. They needed to be hidden.



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