The next day James arrived to see Jason spread out on the new sofa.

'Have a seat, its comfortable.' Jason perked up when James came into the


'I don't know where I would sit.' James laughed at the spread out Jason.

'You can sit on me I don't mind.'

'Na, just move your legs over.'

'Sure.' Jason said as he pulled his legs up allowing James to sit down only

to put back onto James's lap. 'Now I got you.'


'I like you.'

'I know but we can't get into that now we...' James was stopped by a knock

on the door.

'Jason can we have our meeting early?' Mr. Patterson spoke from the opened


'Uhmm sure.' Jason said before jumping off the couch.

'Mr. Morgan, Mr. Worth will be by in a few minutes to see you.'

Mr. Patterson said disapprovingly.

Once they were in Mr. Patterson office and the door closed Mr. Patterson

turned his attention on Mr. Vox.

'You're playing a dangerous game Mr. Vox. If you can't control your

passions you can't stay here.'

Jason put on a false face of embarrassment. 'I'm sorry sir, I'll try


'No I think that I need to separate the two of you. I just found out that

you arranged for him to live next door to you. Does he know this?'

Jason's silence was as clear an answer he could give.

'Jason, Jason, Jason... What are we going to do with you. You're one of

the strongest of our kind. Rescuing you was a major accomplishment for

yourself and us. I don't want you to throw this chance away.'

'Let him be my companion then.'

'You're both too young and you haven't gone without killing long enough


At that last comment Jason sprung on Patterson, knocking him to the ground.

'Do you think that I kill that which I love!'

'No but you will destroy him none the less. You have a hunger that you

haven't learned to control. You would love Mr. Morgan to death and then

you would drag his corpse into our cursed lives.'

'But I love him.'



'I'm going to have James examined. That's why I put him with Mr. Worth.

He's one of our best. We'll get to the bottom of your obsession and free

you from it.'

Back at James's office:

'Mr. Morgan.'

'Oh Mr. Worth its good to see you again.'

'Same here.' Logan said as he reached out his hand. When James took it

Logan was shocked by what he felt. A sense of peace filled him. The pain

that had been in his heart since Michael lessened. 'James what are you?'

'I don't know.' James replied, stunned also by the reaction before passing


James was carried into Logan's office. Going on a hunch Logan unbuttoned

his sleeves and rolled them up revealing the birth mark. Logan broke down

into tears on seeing it and rested his head on James's chest. Within

minutes the senior partners were in the room. They did not know if they

were to be happy or sad for Logan in finding the boy who was now a man that

had meant so much to Logan.

Catalani went up to Logan and placed his hand on his back. 'Logan is he

your boy?'

'Yes.' He whimpered.

'I'm happy for you Logan.'

'Thank you sir.' Logan looked up with red eyes, as he left them.

'We need to decided how to handle this.' Mr. Hill spoke up.

'What's wrong?' Madison piped in.

'I just finished talking with Mr. Patterson when this happened. Jason Vox

has laid a claim on him.'

'But Logan...' Catalani argued.

'Nothing has to be solved now but if a solution is not found only trouble

will come of this.'

'Why are our two strongest attracted to him like this.'

'We don't know yet but we need to find out and fast.'

Will had just put the children to bed for the afternoon nap when there was

a pounding on the door. When he answered it there was a disheveled Thomas

at his door.

'Will there was a situation at work. I need to know what you know about


'I'm not sure I know what you're talking about.'

'Yes you do!' Thomas sent Will mentally.

Will staggered back at the force in which Thomas had entered his mind.

'What are you?'

'I'm cursed, so is Jason and many of the people at work. We are blood

feeders, vampires.'

'But the sun. Your out in sunlight.'

'That is part of the curse but only affects us if we feed, feed on an

terrorized victim. The blood on an unwilling victim is our heroin. It

increases our strength, keeps us young, as well as put us into a high. It

is highly addictive. It also gives us our weaknesses. It makes us

allergic to sunlight and surprisingly garlic. But if we drink donor blood

or that of the willing we no longer burn in the sun but we do age. By

taking the blood of the willing, we are blessed and cursed with a mortal

death as we will die like any other person of old age.'

'Why does Jason want James.'

'I was hoping you could tell me.'

'James, well James is special. He's not like the other telepaths my sister

and I ran into. He's the only one I know who's not even aware of his

gifts. I'm not sure he's really is a T.'

'What do you think he is.'

'I suspect. I don't know for sure but I suspect that he is an E, and

empathy. That would explain how he can usually know when I'm lying or

hiding something from him but not know what it is. It would also explain

why I feel the way I do about him.'

'Which is?'

'I love him. He is like a giant sponge, taking away the pain of the people

near him, filtering it our and replacing it with joy.'

Thomas then changed the question. 'How do you feel about me.'

'I like you. I find you interesting. I guess vampires are telepaths too

and I've always had a weakness for other T's'

'You wouldn't mind me dating you.'

'What about Jason?'

'As I said before, we're not an item. I was hoping you and I could be


'You wouldn't bite me would you.'


'I mean its not like I wouldn't let you its just that...'

'Your not ready yet.' Thomas finished before drawing Will into a kiss.

James woke up on a bed in a room he did not recognize. A comforter was

drawn up to his neck that kept his body warm against the cold air of the

room. The walls were dark wood panel as with the heavy English furniture.

The floor wood and covered with thick red carpet. Sitting in a chair

across from the bed was Logan.

'Are you awake?' Logan whispered.

'Uhmm yes. What happened? Where am I?'

'You fainted so I brought you here to my place. You need to rest.'

James tried to remember what had happened but could only remember Logan

entering the office and then... 'I know you but I can't remember from


'Think back to your childhood.' Logan said excitedly as he moved closer to

James. 'Do you remember anything unusual. Do you remember riding the train

from Boston to New York.'

'Yes, my mother would ride it to visit my father, it was his funeral.'

'Do you remember a man on the train, covered in blood.'

'Yes, he looked so sad.'

'That was me. Your kindness saved me. You've been my motivation for

becoming a better person.'

'You were like my dad. My dad died in pain. I didn't want you to be in


'James, did you and your dad share thoughts.'

'Yes, it's the same between me and my son Chris.'

'I would like to meet him.'

'Logan, since that day on the train I had made you into my father. I told

myself that my father had not died but that he was on the train with us.'

'James, I used what happen to make you into the son I never had. All I did

was in an attempt to earn your love even though I never believed that I

would see you again.'

'Please hug me.'

'Glad to.'

Jason, when he learned that James had been sent away until everything was

cleared up went into a rampage and had to be put into the basement levels.

They kept him well fed but everyone was afraid to go near him incase he

attacked them. Even Thomas stayed away for the first few days. He had

known Jason for a long time and knew better then approach him when he was

like this. Thomas also had his hands full in the mutual seduction between

himself and Will but as soon as Jason had gained some control of himself he

made a trip to see him.

He went to the guarded elevator leading into the sublevels and passed

several checkpoints until he reached the cells. It was here that they kept

the vampires who were recovering from a feeding frenzy. Jason had been put

here as a precaution.

'Jason?' Thomas mentally sent out when he arrived at his cell.'

'So my wayward friend comes to me. Let me out.'

'I can't do that Jason, you know that.'

'Let me out.'


'Let me out!'

'Jason, I can't. Your not in control of yourself.'

'If you wont let me out tell me about James.'

'He's alright. He's recovering and their doing tests on him to see what


'What have they found out.'

'I don't know, they're not telling me for obvious reasons.'

'Well, what have YOU found out.'

'Ha, you know me too well. I went to see Will to find out what he knows.'

'And besides finding out that Will likes you what did you find out about

James.' Jason snickered.

'You know we've been seeing each other?'

'Its written all over your face so spill the beans.'

'He's an empath.'

'Does he know?'


'Are you sure that he's just an empath.'

'Well how many empaths do you know of.'

'You know what I'm taking about. Is he a vampire's bride.'

'The legends? If he is it will only lead to trouble. The brides are

suppose to have died out thousands of years ago. If one IS alive all the

clans would be after him.'

'I wouldn't let him be hurt.'

'I know Jason I know but there hasn't been a war between the clans in

nearly as long a time. It was the fighting between the clans over the

brides that nearly lead to our extinction.'

'He'll need to be protected.'

'Well between the firm and each of our clans we could put up a strong


'Will the clans let him be mine?'

'I don't know Jason, I don't know.'

James was going through a period of information overload. Finding out

about his own gifts and the existence of vampires turned his world upside

down. Besides Logan and the doctors, no one was allowed to see him. He

had received news that Chris was upset in not seeing his daddy and James

had asked that he be allowed to visit. While the firm wanted to keep him

isolated for his own protection they agreed that his son could join him.

Logan had been very protective of him and James knew that Logan was not

telling him the whole truth of what was going on. Logan insisted on

bathing him but James drew the line on being spoon fed. 'Logan I might be

weak right now but I can feed myself.'

'I like feeding you.'

'Yes I know, I only worry about what you want to feed me.'

'I wouldn't do THAT.' Logan weakly defended himself.


'I just worry about you is all. You're mortal.'

'So are you from what you have told me.'

'But I've lived for hundreds of years and I could...'

'You could always go back to your past.'


'Logan I don't want to live forever. I don't want to become a killer.'

'You would never kill James.' Logan whispered to himself. 'Well its time

for your bath.'

'Logan why do I think you insist I bath twice a day just so you can undress


'Well' Logan replied with a goofy smile

'Well lets get going.'

Logan picked James up from the bed and carried him into the bathroom.

What ever had happened to James when he had taken Logan's hand had shocked

his nervous system so that he couldn't control his muscles. Every movement

James tried to make had to be slow and deliberate. It gave Logan a full

chance to take advantage of him. Logan had his own children, children he

had created with his blood. Children who were grown men when he had

changed them. Physical closeness to the vampires he created was just part

of the culture. Since he view James as his child, he expressed his

affection physically.

He put James down on a chair he had put in the bathroom for this purpose.

'Logan you really don't need to do this.'

'But I want to. I want to be close to you'


'Shhh. Just let me do this.' Logan said as he put one hand on James's

lips and another on the back of his neck. The contact drained away any

resistance James had. A dreamy peaceful expression took both their faces

as their souls mingled. 'My James, what am I going to do with you.'

'Love me.' James mouthed.

Logan was more then happy to oblige. He pulled James in to a deep kiss.

'My baby I'm going to love you till the end of time.'

Logan slipped of James's bathrobe, lifted him up again a lowered him into

the steaming water. While James just stared at Logan's eyes Logan used a

wash cloth to clean James's body. He lifted up James's arms and tongue

attacked his pits. He could see James was getting excited, not just by his

increased breathing but also obvious muscle growth in his midsection.

After finishing with each pit, Logan let one arm to wash James's abs while

the other began pumping his dick.

I haven't had a chance yet to wash this part of your body. I think it will

need more personal attention.' Logan laughed as he shook his dick. He

wrapped his arm under James's butt, raising his dick out of the water while

he lowered his mouth over the head. James almost laughed as Logan's tongue

moved in circles around the sensitive skin.

'Oh yes!' James hissed.

'I knew you would like it.' Logan sent out. 'Want more?'


Logan stood up and proceeded to remove his own cloths. Where James was

smooth Logan's Chest was coved with salt and pepper hair that formed a

narrow trail down the middle of his abs. James felt his body levitated out

of the water till he was four feet above the ground. James gave Logan a

questioning look but Logan only gave him a devilish grin as he climb on top

of James into a 69 position. Logan felt overjoyed as all seven inches of

dick slipped into James's mouth.

'Oh he's hungry!' Logan laughed between sucks.

'Mmm!' was James's dick stuffed reply.

Both of them went at it with gusto. Logan's only complaint was that James

needed a good pubic shave around his dick and balls. His dick falling out

of James's mouth and his grunts warned Logan that James was about to shoot.

This was also the sign for Logan to take James all the way in, swirled his

tongue around the shaft and hummed. The pleasure sent James over the edge

and in one final grunt shot his load. Logan swallowed the salty cream as

it came out and increased his suction to squeeze what was left out of his


'Put it back in now.' Logan asked when he was sure that James was spent.

James took Logan's dick, rubbed it against his cheek a few times then put

it back into his mouth. Their bodies began rolling over each other,

suspending in air. The closer Logan approached climax the faster they spun

until they were a blur.

It was too much for James. He began to panic, the beat of his heart moving

at the rate of a scared rabbit. 'Stop, please stop!' He screamed in his

head and in a flash it did.

'I'm sorry James, I'm sorry, I lost control. I'm sorry. Logan wept as he

cradled James's body in his arms. Logan did not understand what caused

them to float in the air but he blamed himself. James tried to move his

lips but found that he couldn't. Logan rushed James back to the bed and

laid him down. He then rushed back to the bathroom and brought back a

towel and began to dry him.

'I went to far James. I forgot that you're still human. I...'

James was just able to whisper 'Its ok.'

Logan knew what he had to do to help James, he only did not think that

James was ready for it. But it was too late for that debate. Logan

extended his fangs and bit his tongue, drawing blood. 'James, I must kiss

you, it will be a little kiss and it will help strengthen you but it will

also link us. I didn't want to do this without us talking about it for a

good time but I hurt you just now and I have to fix it.'

James tried to nod his head to indicate he understood even thought he knew

he didn't but he was too weak. He was weakening. He was dying. He had to

live. He had to live for his children. He allowed Logan to kiss him. The

blood coated tongue entered his mouth, coating his own. James not only

took Logan's blood but also his breath. As Logan breathed out, James

breathed in and as Logan took a breath, James surrendered his. They were

linked now. James could feel the love Logan had for him that seemed to

pour out with his blood. His heart began to calm and his strength

returned. He was now able to raise an arm and put in on the back of

Logan's head, his sign of accepting the kiss.

After Logan was sure that James would recover, Logan released the kiss. He

pulled back resting a hand on James's face.

James looked up at Logan and stared at his red glowing eyes, red tears

dropping off his face. 'Don't be sad.' He was able to sigh.

'I am not sad James, at least not fully. Its your eyes, they glow.'

'I'm a vampire now.' James said resigned.

'No James, no.' Logan said calmly. 'Vampires' eyes glow red. Your eyes

are blue.'

'What does it mean?'

'You're a bride James, a vampire's bride.'

James tried to ask Logan questions about what he meant by vampire's bride

but Logan said that he would tell him in the morning since James needed

more time to recover. After he had put James asleep. Logan began making

phone calls.

That night, as Logan was checking on James as he slept, Logan saw two red

lights hovering over James's body. Afraid that he was in danger, Logan

leaped at the lights only to be knocked down to the floor. The owner of

the red lights then jumped on top of Logan and put him into a trapping bear


'I see you still jump at shadows Logan.' A familiar hissed. 'I leave you

alone for a few months and I find another in our bed.'

'Michael!' Logan shouted in shock.

'At least you still remember my name.' Michael laughed before releasing him

and helping him up. 'I also thought I taught you better, you know that you

would not stand a chance against a feeder.'

'You mean killer.' Logan snorted.

'Well yea I did not think I needed to mention that with you. Did you not

refer to yourself as a feeder when we first met.'

'I gave that up.' Logan defended himself.

'And look at yourself.' Michael retorted while plucking out one of Logan's

gray hairs. 'Your weak, old and dying.'

'All things die.' Logan murmured.

'We don't or at least we don't have to.'

'You didn't use to believe this.'

'Mortality changes one's perspective. I hoped that you would understand.

I hoped that you wouldn't leave me.'

'You left me. You went back to killing.'


'Michael, it was just old age. You weren't really dying.'

'I could feel death. I could see it coming. When you have lived for

hundreds of years without aging, you take notice to the smallest change

when age starts creeping on you. Besides, I thought you loved me.'

'I do.'

'You mean you still love me. Love must not mean very much to you since

your willing to separate yourself from me. You must not care for my pain

in allowing yourself to die and leave me alone. I love you Logan and I

wont let you die.'

Logan could see the pain in Michael was in so he drew him into an embrace,

allowing Michaels red tears to stain his shirt.

'I love you Logan. I...I just got scared. I saw us getting old and was

afraid that it would all end. I wanted us to live and love forever. I

hoped that if I began feeding again that you would do so for my sake and

thereby we could live forever. I was afraid that you would die and I would

be alone or that I would die and you would be alone. I was afraid of

making the crossing over by myself without you by my side.'

'It's ok Michael. It's ok.'

'I knew that you wanted me to stay away after I started killing again but,

when I heard the rumor that you had found a bride and the clan wanted

someone to investigate, I couldn't stay away.'

'Michael, he is a bride but his not mine. He is the boy I met on the

train. The boy who lead me to you. I love him Michael but he's not my

husband. You are.'

'Feed off of me Logan. Please just this once. Give me more years with


Logan relented and bit into the offered neck. Logan recognized the musky

taste of the blood Michael had taken from his victims. He once again

experienced the joy of fear saturated blood burning though his veins. He

felt the old elation resulting from being filled with power, with feeling

invincible. It took a great deal of self will for him to retract his teeth

from Michaels neck.

It effect of dinking so deeply put Logan into a drunken stupor and he had

to take Michael's proffered arm for support. Michael, who's face was now

pale but jubilant guided Logan to a mirror. 'Hurry Logan take a look at

yourself before it fades away!'

Logan looked at the mirror and saw a face he had not seen in twenty years.

His hair was now a dark rich black, the same short cut but fuller and

shinier. The crow's feet around his eyes were gone and the red glow from

those eyes easily lit his face. His chest was broader, his waist narrower,

his skin tighter and tanned. They only thing that took away Logan's joy at

seeing his old self was the gradual fading of his reflection until it was

gone. It then hit him of what he did.

'You tricked me!' He accused Michael. 'What have I done!'

'Logan I did what I had to do. I did it for you, your boy, and yes my own

selfish reasons.'

'What does James have to do with this!'

'He's in danger. You know that!' Michael accused. 'A vampire's bride, a

thing not seen in thousands of years. The clans will be fighting each

other to get him. That, or they will try to kill him to keep him from the

others. He will need you at your full strength and you'll need my help.'

'What's happening?' Logan asked dazed.

'The clans are already forming alliances. The American clans claim that

since was born and in their territory they have claim to him. The

Europeans, claiming seniority demand that he be handed over to them. The

Middle Eastern and Asian, and the other weaker, younger clans are not

saying anything but you know that they would rather see him dead then one

of the stronger clans get their hands on him. He's in danger Logan and you

can't help him if your mortal.'



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