Robert became concerned when they missed the first turn. He started to get

real up tight when they got on the highway heading east.

'Where are we going? The hospital is back that way.'

'Don't worry sir, we're taking care of your grandfather,' said the blond

paramedic who had joined him in back.

'But you're going the wrong way!'

'Your grandfather is very sick, we need to take him somewhere special.'

'Where then?'

'Well that's a secret.' The blond man told him as he took out a syringe and

delivered it to Robert.'

'What the...'

'Night-night.' The blond man smiled as Robert fell into unconsciousness.

Logan had jumped out of bed when Sam called telling him that both Robert

and his grandfather were missing. He ignored Philips continual pleas to

calm down. It was not until he started looking for his car keys that he

stopped enough for Philip to gain his attention.

'Looking for these?' Philip said as he dangled the keys with two fingers.

'Yes, I need those,' Logan replied.

'No, not until you listen to what I have to say.' He demanded as he put the

keys into his pocket.

'All right but please hurry.'

'Your father and son are not in danger.'

'Then what happened to them?'

'They finally came for your father.'

'They? You mean vampires.'


'And my son?'

'They took him to be your family's witness and for something else.'


'You know that you were named after a man named Logan Worth?'

'Yes, father told me he was like an uncle to him.'

'He also loved your grandfather but that's not really the point. The point

is he has a brother, a real brother named Chad.'


'Logan and Chad were really close, it was Logan who made Chad a vampire.

When Logan fell in love with James, your grandfather, Chad was very happy

for him but when he died...'

'He wants revenge against my family, does he?'

'No, he wants to replace his brother as protector of your family.'

'He does, but what does that have to do with Robert?'

'To rebuild the bridge between the Morgan's and the Worth's and to end the

blood feuds between the clans, Chad was given the right to court your son.'

'But what if Robert does not love him?'

'Trust me, Robert will fall in love with Chad.'

'Why do you say that?'

'Because they're made for each other.' Philip laughed.

'I don't see what's so funny.'

'It's not that. It's just that I know both Robert and Chad very well.

Robert is the responsible type that loves being seduced while Chad likes

being taken cared of but protective of those he loves. You are taking two

people who love to suffocate and be suffocated by the ones they love and

you have a perfect match. Those two will solve a lot of problems for us.'

'And the guy Sam is seeing?'

'Oh that's part of the deal as well, Michael was Logan's old lover. To

bring peace with them he was given the chance to court Sam.'

'And what do the Vox clan get.'

'Well I would think that was obvious, I get you.'

'I feel like my family is being horse traded.'

'James felt the same way but his attempt to limit it caused the disaster

with Jason. We have to be what we are just as you do. Don't think of us

as both male. We are but we are something more. Just as God intended man

to take a spouse, we are intended to be together. We're not meant to be


'I love you Philip.'

'And I love you and will do so for eternity.'

The room that Robert woke up in was so dark he was unsure that his eyes

were really open. It was the appearance to two red lights and a warm hand

on his bare chest that ensured him he was awake.

'You're finally awake.' Chad's voice spoke from the red eyes.

'Chad, what's up with your eyes.'

'There a sign of my love for your baby,' he said as he rolled his naked and

hard body on to Robert.

'Ummm, Chad I'm not gay.'

'That's ok, I'm not straight, makes us a perfect pair.'

'Not really.'

'You seemed to have liked it back in San Jose.'

'I did! ... I mean I...'

'Yes, just say it.'

'I... I like you.'

'I know, great isn't it.' Chad said in a charming voice before he began

some serious necking.

'I just don't understand why?'

Chad stopped mid kiss and grabbed Robert's face with both hands. 'Because

you're special, very special, especially to me.'

'I still don't understand.'

'You know how most men are attracted to women.'

'Yeah, I was one of them, least I was a week ago.'

'Well imagine that we are a pair of mosquitoes, one male and the other

female, and we have only 24 hours to find a mate. That sort of passion and

urgency is what we have for each other.'

'I feel it but I still don't know why.'

'Robert, I'm what's called a vampire.'

'No you're not. You might of sucked my cock dry a few times but that does

not make you a vampire.' Robert laughed nervously.

'Look at me!' Chad insisted, moving his face closer to Robert's so the red

light of his eyes lit up the fangs of his teeth.

'Aaaa!' Robert screamed. He tried to crawl away but Chad's body held him

in place.

'Robert calm down, I wont hurt you.'

Robert continued to struggle for what seemed like hours but Chad patiently

held him in place until he was worn out.

'Robert, I wont hurt you, I love you.'

'You can't fall in love that quickly. We just met.'

'Then explain how I feel about you or better yet how you feel about me.'


'You might say that it's just an infatuation but that's how relationships

start. You have to like the person before you can love them and I liked

you the moment I saw you.'

'But why me?'

'I'll show you.' And with that Chad gave Robert the blood kiss, feeding

Robert and forming a bond with him. Robert accepted the kiss and felt the

uncertainty around his feelings for Chad disappear. Chad was now an open

book to him. Here was a man who was a lot of big talk and big reputation

but was really a puppy at heart. His bravado was an attempt to hide his

insecurity. He was tired of the fake relationships and false promises of a

vampires life and wanted to be able to let down his guard once in a while.

He loved Robert but more, he wanted to be loved. It was that part that

pulled at Robert the most. Here was some one Robert could give as much

love as he wanted and never be rejected. Here was some one he could care

for, who wanted to be cared for. He was also someone that could put Robert

in his place if he became insufferable, not like his relationship with

Virginia. When the kiss ended he knew that this was not the man, not the

vampire, but the person he wanted to devote his love to.

Chad released the kiss and examined his now blue eye handy work.

'Why are you staring at me?' Robert asked when he finally caught his


'Your eyes, I'm trying to imagine what they'd look like if they were


'Well I guess you'll just have to deal with my dull brown eyes for now.'

'You mean blue.'

'No, my eyes are brown.'

'Not any more beloved, they're blue.'

'No Shit, that must have been some kiss.' Robert said as he shot up.

Chad reached out into the darkness and returned with a mirror in his hand

and showed Robert his new reflection. Robert took the offered mirror and

was amazed by the blue glow of his eyes.

'What does it mean?'

'It means you're a bride... I mean groom, only the old folks still refer to

your family as brides.'

'You mean that I'm to get married.'

'Yep, and to me... if you want me that is.'

'I know of no other person I want between my legs.'

'Goodie, I'll tell dad that you're a keeper.' Chad said with a goofy


'Your dad?'

'Well, the head of my clan, the dad of all us Worth's.'

A suspicion suddenly fell on Robert.

'Speaking of dad, is Philip a vampire?'


'So he and dad have been... have been fucking around.'

'No, they only started sleeping together last month and as far as I know

they haven't fucked yet.'

'Don't tell me the details please.'

'Hey your father's hot.'

'It doesn't matter, no kid can think of their father as sexual beings

without being grossed out. I think it helps prevent inbreeding. That's

unless you have an incest fetish'

Chad fell backwards in hysterical laughter.

'I wasn't that funny.' Robert complained

'Wait until you meet your great uncles Nathan and Landon, then you'll

understand but don't repeat what you just said to them or I'll have to come

to your rescue.'

Chris had been afraid when they came for him but, when he saw that it was

his brothers, all fear left him. It was as if one the pieces that had been

missing in his life returned. He was not yet complete but he was a more

whole person. After Robert had been laid down, Landon held his hand during

the entire ride reestablishing the bond they shared, that all Morgan men


'We missed you brother.'

'I did to. How are you and Nathan.'

'We are happy, all we missed was you and dad. It's a little boring just

playing pranks on each other.'

'You two are still like kids.'

'Yeah, being able to live as long as we can, you tend to have an extended

childhood... They are still waiting for you.'

'I don't know if they will want me. I'm not the same person I was back

then. So much has happened over the last 50 years.'

'Yes, you can say that is our disadvantage, we don't age so we don't change

as much. You...You've faced old age, pain and sorrow. I see it on your

face and feel it in your heart. I wish you all had time to get to know

each other again but we're out of time. You're dying and only by marrying

can we save your life.'

'I don't want to disappoint them.'

'You wont, now go to sleep.'

When Chris awoke, he was in the room where he last saw his father. The

three rays of light and the two stone thrones were all the same as were the

red eyes that circled the room. A man in a dark suit entered the central

light. The man looked middle aged but the deep red of his eyes showed him

to be ancient.

'Tonight we make amends, to the Morgan family for what was done here and to

the Worth clan for what was done to them. Just as two generations were wed

the last time, so two are today.' The man said with deep formality.

Chris watched as he saw his grandson Robert approach one of the thrones and

the man who looked so much like his uncle Logan the other. When both were

in position, the man continued.

'To replace the one who was lost and to restore the link between family and

clan do you Robert Morgan of Family Morgan accept Chad Worth of Clan


'I do.'

'And do you Chad Worth of Clan Worth accept Robert Morgan of Family Morgan

and the peace between your clan and Clan Vox.'

'I do.'

'Then I declare the two of you bonded and to be wed when the time comes for

Robert to leave his world and enter ours.'

With the ceremony ended the two men embraced and walked back into the


'Bring forth Chris Morgan of Family Morgan.' The man in the dark suit

summoned once the room had quieted again.

Landon began to wheel Chris to the light but Chris begged him to let him

walk. Chris was able to stand up but when he took his first step he almost

tumbled. It was only by the fast reflexes of Nathan and Landon that

stopped him from falling.

'Help me walk.' Chris pleaded with his brothers. The two men nodded and

with one of them on each side Chris made it to the light.

'Chris Morgan of Family Morgan, what happened those many years ago was

unforgivable. All we can do is offer a chance for love and a lessening of

the pain.' The man stopped, waiting for Chris to reply to which Chris

nodded his head. To which end we are offering you a choice. We have it in

our ability to veil over the years that passed after you first left this

place. It will not erase your memory but you would have to concentrate to

recall any of it and when you do it would be like remembering a dream.'

'Will it cost me my feelings for my children and grandchildren.' Chris

asked after thinking for a moment.

'Yes, I'm sorry to say that it will put a fog on those memories as well but

it will also lessen your anger and hate so you CAN love again.'

Chris thought about it some more then finally answered. 'All right, I

accept your offer, how does it work.'

'It will be done while you go through the marriage ceremony. When it is

finished you will be both physically and mentally as you were those many

years ago.'

'All right, I'm ready.'

Chris was led to a solid table who's top was covered with tiny holes like a

cheese grater. Once he was strapped down, two men in white robes

approached and hovered over him. Chris stared into their faces and saw the

faces of love. Josh and David kissed Chris on the forehead before drawing

a pair of knives. Chris felt the knives as they made shallow cuts on his

body. When they were done, the table began to lower into the hidden vat of

blood. The small holes in the table let the blood flow over Chris's body

and submerge it. Time passed for several hours but eventually the table

began to rise again. The body was covered in a sticky syrup of blood,

preventing anyone from seeing what was underneath. David and Josh untied

Chris and guided him to a side room. When he reemerged, he looked like the

man he had once been. His body was washed and his head shaven. His skin

had gone from a sickly spotted pale to a white but health sheen. He was

not as built as he once was but the paunch was gone. Still weak David and

Josh lead him to one of three cushions in the center of the room.

Since three people were involved the process was a little different. David

would feed off Josh, Chris would feed off David and Josh would feed off of

Chris. This way the blood of all three would be mixed. Also, because it

would take time for all three bloods to mix, the ceremony took longer then

it did with Nathan and Landon but the ceremony did end. The three of them

stood up, eyes giving off a green glow.

Robert said goodbye to his grandfather. It was a little disconcerting for

both of them Robert had problems just recognizing Chris while Chris had to

work hard just to remember him. Afterwards Chad came and told Robert it

was time they started back.

Chris's wedding night was a gentle affair. The three of them went to the

top of the building and watched the sunset together. They then went to

bed, Chris resting between them.

'When are we going to consummate our marriage?' Chris whispered to the two

of them.

'Well, we are hoping to get you back in shape before we being any bed

aerobics.' David said as he stroked Chris's face.'

'It's weird, I feel like I've never been away from you two but when I think

about it I know that we've been apart for a long time.'

'It was worth the wait.' Josh smiled as he cuddled against Chris's back.

'Y'all will have to tell me what you've been up to these past 50 years.'

'Well for one thing we've missed that Texas twang of yours.' Josh said

while tickling Chris.'

'Ha, stop it. I'm still fragile.'

'And we plan to fix that. Starting tomorrow your in boot camp mister.'

David insisted as he joined in the tickling.

Chris's pale face took on a red flush from their assault. He ability to

hold back the laughter broke and for the first time since his father's

disappearance he was whole.

Deep in the Arizonian desert two ancient men were buried together but not

dead. They clung to each other, each with an expression of contentment.

They had been like this for several decades, the only movement they would

be for one of the to bite the neck of the other only later to give the man

bitten a kiss. They had remained happy with their world just limited to

each other but times were changing. One of them was slowly dying. The

other, at first did not notice this but it was becoming an increasing


'James, you're dying, let me save you.' Jason begged.

'I can't not until my family is safe?'


'Jason, have you been unhappy here.'


'Then let us remain here until the end.'

'Alright beloved.'

And so they remained for several more years until the night of Chris's


'Jason...' James was barely able to send.

'Yes my love?'

'He's finally happy.'

'I'm glad.'



'I release the embrace and claim you as my husband.'

At a seismic reading station a tremor was picked up. By its size they first

thought it might be an earthquake but when analyzed it looked more like a

massive explosion. Park rangers were sent out to find what had happened, a

wedding cake for the happy, hungry couple.

David let Chris sleep in, just this one time before waking him up for

physical therapy. After waking him up Chris was bath, cleaned up and

dressed in a pair of loose swim trunks, a Speedo at this point in time with

his emaciated body would not be a good moral booster at this time. David

took him to a private exercise room to give him a full stretch out. David

lay Chris down on his back and began warming up his legs. After a good rub

that some times included Chris's balls, David began guiding Chris through

several stretches. First he did some neck exercises followed by having him

touch his toes. David then did something he always wanted to do. With

Chris on his back, David grabbed Chris's legs and lifted them over his


'Are you stretching my legs or practicing your moves.' Chris laughed.

'A little of both. Boy I can't wait to fuck you. I've wanted that tight

bubble butt of yours since I hit puberty.'

'That is a long time!'

'Yeah, I get blue balls just having you like this.'

'Just out of curiosity is Josh also your bottom?'

'No! You would think that he would be one though. He's more of a passive



'But can you blame him, he has that eight inch rod of his but I think he

will want you to fuck him.'

'So it is like our wedding, you fuck me, I fuck Josh, and Josh fucks you.'

'Hey, no one can say we're not versatile.'

'That's for sure.'

After a few more exercises Josh came by and took Chris to the pool for some

low impact water aerobics. This was followed by lunch and a two hour nap

with Chris again snuggled between his two lovers. When they woke up David

did a shorter set of stretches and put Chris through a few reps of very

light weight lifting. They then went to the sauna, showered and had dinner

together. Lastly, before going to bed Josh gave Chris a back massage to

get rid of any lactic acid in his muscles before tucking into bed. Chris,

worn out by the days activates fell quickly asleep and only awoke when

David and Josh joined him a few hours later.

'Time for your midnight snack.' David said softly before giving Chris a

blood kiss, which was followed by another from Josh. 'Tomorrow you will

need to be stronger so drink up.' David encouraged.

So began the many months of physical and emotional therapy that restored

Chris to his old self.

When they did not hear from the rangers they sent out the police became

concerned and began their own investigation. When they arrived at the

explosion site the next morning what they found shocked them. On the flat

desert plain was a hole 12 feet deep and 45 feet across. In the middle of

the hole was a closed coffin.

'How did this happen! Did some on set off a bomb? One of the officers


'It might be a threat. That's what the coffin might be, a warning.

'It might also be a bomb.'

'We better call the FBI then.'

Chance was just returning home from college. He had made the long drive

from Los Angles and was heading back to home to the family ranch in

Arizona. He was almost home when he saw two raggedly looking men stumbling

down the road. He stopped his jeep a few yards ahead of the men and ran up

to them.

'Are y'all all right?'

'My hus... my friend is sick,' the taller of the two men said.

Chance could see that both looked pretty bad but that the one who spoke was

actually hold up the other.

'Lay him down, I'm not yet a doctor but I just finished the third year of

med school.'

The man laid his load down on the ground and allowed Chance to examine him.

After making a few checks, Chance began listing his finding as he continued

examining. His heart rate is high, around 150 beats per minute. He is

also breathing heavily. Its like his body is not getting enough oxygen.'

He then noticed the red blood stains around the rags he was wearing. 'Was

he stabbed or something, there's a lot of blood here.' Chance asked just as

he was about to turn to face the tall man but was stopped when his patient

grabbed him and pushed him forward on top of him.

'Jason no! No more killing.' The dying man shouted.

Chance tried to escape the man's grip but found that the frail man was

actually strong.

'I need to feed you, they're just food.'

'No they're not.' James insisted.

'What's going on here!' Chance shouted as he continued to struggle.

'Shhh, don't look!' James insisted as he held Chance protectively.

'James I wont kill him, I'll... I'll only take a little. Just enough to

keep you going.'




Jason finally relented but not before giving a final scream of frustration

that sent shivers down Chance's back. When Jason regained control of

himself, James let Chance go.

'What are you?' Chance asked once he got back on to his feet.

Jason just glared at Chance but James began explaining.

When James finished his tale Chance looked excited. 'You all are

telepaths, I know about you, I'm one too.'

'You suck blood?' Jason said sarcastically.

'No but some of us do,' Chance said before returning his attention back to

James. 'I'm sort of an empathy myself, not as strong as you are but pretty

good. That's why I'm going to med school, I can use my gift to heal


'Well, is there anything you can do for my husband?'

'I don't know, I need to touch him.'

James nodded his head and Chance began his attempt to heal. His eyes and

hands took on a gray glow and when they made contact with James, his eyes

went green.

'Oh god you're beautiful.' Chance hissed while Jason clenched his jaw. 'I

can fix the tissue damage but he'll need blood, lots of it.'

'Is that an offer?' Jason smiled

'Yes, I want...'

'You want to be a part of him,' Jason finished.

'Yes,' Chance said uncomfortably.

'I could drain you till you die.'

'James won't let you and it's a risk I'm willing to take.'


'I'll tell you after James is healed. Now bit me.'

'Now that's what I like to hear from my victims, an assertive attitude.'

James had passed out when Jason finished feeding him. He had forced

himself to remain conscious just long enough to make Jason promise not to

kill Chance. Jason had grumbled about it but agreed. The pale skin

redhead had an adorable face and personality that just screamed cute. He

reminded James so much of his kids so he hit a soft spot in his heart. He

could also tell that he had hit a soft spot in Chance's heart as well.

James felt a hunger in Chance, a desire to be loved. This desire had led

him to promiscuity and failed relationships due to his yearning to be loved

by everyone. James was between being another in a long line of crushes and

being finally the one and only that Chance so much desired. So while James

slept he dreamt of comforting the unhappy young man.

After the feeding Jason dragged both bodies into the jeep, pulling down the

back seats so that both could lay down comfortably. Not knowing where to

go and what to do with Chance, Jason just ran the engine to keep the car

cool. He had to control his temper when Chance rolled over on top of

James, resting his head on top of James's chest. Jason started getting

real angry when Chance began purring like a happy cat. When he turned

around and saw James's arms around Chance, cradling his head and waist, it

was too much. He blared the car horn, waking up Chance but not James.

'Get off my husband!' Jason shouted at the still drowsy Chance.

'I'm sorry. I better join you in the front.'

'I think that's a good idea.'

Chance joined Jason up front but leaned his body against the door as if

afraid to touch Jason.

'I wont bite you, at least not anytime soon.' Jason said assuredly.

'All right,' Chance said, still nervous.'

'Well, how is James.'

'He's doing better but he needs to eat more, he need to be fed , he...'

'He needs more blood is what you're trying to say.'


'Well I can't take anymore from you so you better tell me about these

friends of yours.'

Chance began his story about how he was found by Gencorp, one of the

largest medical research companies in the world. It was run by Travis

Gannon and Kip Vasser. Kip had the finical know how and built the company.

Thomas, Thomas was something else. He was the strongest telepath know.

Together they had formed the company to research telepathic and empathic

talents and to find does who have it. Chance had been one of those

discoveries. Not uniquely strong in either talent, he was special in that

he had both. It was the company that paid for his schooling and would be

the place of his future employment. The company knew of the existence of

the vampires and had brought a few of them into the company but Chance

confessed, the company viewed the vampire clans as future rivals not


'Then you might be leading us into a trap.' Jason said blankly as he


'It might be a trap in the end but it's your best chance for help. Now

tell me about you and James, I know you're a vampire but I don't know what

James is other then very special.'

'He is very special, to me and it seems to anyone he meets.'

'What is he?'

'You've said that you've met vampires before. Have any of them told you

the legend of how vampires were born.'


'Do you know of the vampire brides?'

'Yes, you mean...'

'Yes James is not just a bride but a true bride, a descendent of the


'No shit!'

'As you said, James is very special.'

'Then I have to take you in.'

'Do you think tat you could make me!'

'Hey, I might not be any match for Mr. Gannon but I can take out any

vampire I ever met.'

'Even a Vox.'

'You're a Vox. Shit, it all make sense now. You are Jason Vox, and your

husband is James Morgan. You two are famous. Mr. Gannon would do anything

to get his hands on the two of you, especially James.'

'Why James.'

'Because as vampires know, the ratio of empaths to telepaths is around

1:350 and most of those empaths are weak. I have only a fraction of the

empathic talent that James does and I'm viewed as strong.'

'There something else you're not telling me.'

'Yes, just like vampires, telepaths are attracted to empaths. The stronger

the telepath, the stronger the attraction. If Travis Gannon were to ever

meet James I'm afraid he will try to take him away from you Jason.'

'Then we better make sure he never finds out.'

Chance just nodded his head, he didn't mention that Travis had tracked down

one of James's decedents and was now looking for him.

'So tell me about GenCorp.'

'Well, my brother already works for them, he's the personal guard for the

CEO's son.'

'Sounds important but boring.'

'Trust me its not. Gordon Vasser is the strongest telepath after

Mr. Gannon and some say he will grow up to be stronger.'

'Sounds dangerous for a little kid to have all that power.'

'It is, the kid is a brat and uses his powers to get his way. My brother

has the unfortunate honor of being his favorite.'

'Is he ok.'

'He tells me he is but I'm still concerned, Even I can see the makeup he's

wearing to hide the bruises on the vid-phone.'

'I'm sorry.'

'Its ok, lots of people are looking out for him.'

'So where are we going?'

'To a ranch owned by the company. It's sort of a retreat/training center.

They have medical equipment that we can use.'

'How will you explain us to the others.'

'I'll say that you two are recruits I found. Look don't get mad at me but

the two of you need new lives. From what I've heard a whole religion has

been built around you and James.'

'Like what?'

'Well James is now a messenger from God who came down to save the world

from you, the devil in the flesh.'

'Glad I gained such a rep.'

'There's more, they now say that the return of either of you will mark the

coming of the end of the world.'

'I guess its true, you can never go back home.' Jason said resigned to his

new life.



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