Monday was a big day for Chris. He would see his friends again. It had

been a rare occurrence for the three of them not to be apart more then two

days. They had even taken to going on each other's family vacations.

Chris was concerned on how it would feel to be in the group now that his

gift was returned. He walked over to their usual meeting spot to see the

two of them waiting for him. Chris was a little concerned when he first

saw them. They looked paler then normal, like they had the last time he

had seen them but they seemed so happy to see them he didn't give it a

second thought.

It then hit him that something WAS different. He could feel them inside

him. He could feel how much they loved him and wanted to be accepted by

him. It was too much for him and he began to cry. His friends gathered

around him, forming a circle, protection Chris from embarrassment and to

hide their own tears.

'We are finally one.' David thought joyfully.

It took Devon several days to build up the courage but he finally called

James Thursday night.

'Hello Morgan residence.' Landon answered the phone.

'Uhm hello Landon this is Rev. Abdi, is your father home?'

'Sure rev.' Landon said impertinently. 'Dad telephone.' Is what Landon

shouted out but what he sent to his brother was; 'Date alert!'

James shook his head and took the phone from his son while the two other

boys gathered around. They were not going to let their father escape

easily.' 'Hello Reverend.'

'Mr. Morgan, I was just calling about the bible study class we talked about

last Sunday and was... was uhmm... was wondering if we could get together

to talk about it tomorrow night.'

James's first response was to say that his son had a football game that

night but Chris entered his mind and said; 'Don't you dare use me as an


'But I want to go to your game.' James sent back.

'You're not going this time and that's final.' Chris insisted.

'Mr. Morgan?' James heard the reverend asked nervously on the phone.

'Oh sorry, my sons were goofing off and I got distracted. Sure, Friday

would be fine.'

'That... That would be great. I guess I'll pick you up at seven.'

'See you then.'



When James hung up the phone he saw the grins on his kids' faces. 'Good

grief he really does have a crush on me.' James exhaled. 'He sounded like

a nervous teen asking some one out on a date for the first time, afraid

that he would be rejected.'

'I'm sure you will be gentle with him.' Chris said.

'Look at it this way you'll get to date a 28 year old virgin.' Nathan


'This might surprise the two of you but I only had sex once, before meeting

your mother. I was a virgin until I was 21.'

'Dang dad. You really are old fashion.' Landon joked.

'I guess I am but you three make up for it.'

'Don't you mean us two.' Nathan said indicating his twin.

'No I mean you three.'

'Dad!' Chris shouted in embarrassment.

'My bro is finally a man.' Nathan said with fake weepiness.

'I'll show you how much of a man I am you two tennis nerds.' Chris said

before tackling Nat.

The date as it was now referred to was now a family affair. After Chris

and the twins had proven their manhood at the cost of one broken vase, the

three of them escorted their father to his room to prep him. They walked

into the large walk in closet that had its own dressing area and began

pulling cloths off the rack. The first outfit they had dad try out was the

gayest thing they could find. It was a pair of lime green running shorts

and a once white tank top that had turned a light pink back when he kids

tried to impress their dad by doing the laundry and mixed up the whites

with a red sweatshirt. James knew the outfit was ridicules but allowed the

kids to have their fun. They topped off the outfit with one of the twins

tennis headbands.

'I look like some bad actor out of a 70's movie.' James commented when he

finished dressing.

'Well its only a few more decades before the seventies return, you'll just

be ahead of your time.'

'I don't think that 1970's fashion will make a come back in 2070 son. I

was born in 1994 and the country was still hung over from it. That plus

the men's hair had more body then their bodies had.'

'Yeah, I also think this outfit would scare the reverend more then it would


'Well how about the tux.'

'That would make him look like an eccentric Brit with the coattails and

all. But I've never seen dad in it.'

'Would you like to see me in it.'

'Yeah, I think it would look cool.'

James then took down the formal outfit that he had worn only once before.

It had been given to him to wear during the betrothal ceremony. He was

surprised that it still fit as well as when he first wore it. The only

differences he could see in the mirror was that there were a few more

wrinkles around the corner of his eyes and that he had some gray hair at

his temples.

'Wow dad you look awesome.' Landon said a little over whelmed.

'Straight men would want to suck you if you wore that!' Nathan added.


'Oops, sorry dad.'

'You do look great dad.' Chris said earnestly.

'What's the pin on the lapel.'

'Oh,' James remembered, 'That the clan pin of the man I'm betrothed to.

The V in the middle stands for the Vox clan.'

'What's he like?' Landon asked.

'Jason Vox, He's a strong willed, stubborn man but very caring of those

he's close to. For him it was love at first sight when it came to me.'

'Do you love him?' Chris begged to know.

'I do.'

'Then why have we not met him?' said Nathan.

'Because of the agreement. Jason can't come near me until the day of the


'So dad you are lonely.'

'Yes sons I am. I did nothing about it because I knew that in the end I

would be with Jason. I had come to accept being alone until that day like

a wife whose husband is away during war. I knew Jason would be alone so I

felt I should be as well.'

'Dad your not married yet and you have a long life ahead of you. From what

you have told me, vampires have lived for centuries without the brides.

You can not give up on your life because of it.' Chris said while

embracing his father.

'I know son, thank you.'

'Well let's not get all gloom and doom right now, we still have to get you

ready for tomorrow.' Nathan said in an attempt to lighten the mood.

The next set of outfits the kids brought out were a series of dress pants

and shirts ranging from ash gray to yellow brown, pin strip to solids

(sorry no plaid here). The final outfit was made up of ash black pants and

coat, black shoes and socks, a black leather belt with a small silver

buckle, a bright indigo shirt, and a solid red silk tie. The dark suit

gave James a mature look while the blue shirt, a cotton/ lycra mix that

made it form fitting while not skin tight, showed off his physique. The red

tie added color to James's face while the thin belt just made his narrow

waist more obvious. The narrow pointed toe shoes where Nathan's idea.

'Hey they make your feet look larger and you know what they say about men

with big feet'

'When they went looking for a cologne they found a sign of their father's

lack of dates, he had none. All he had were a few aftershaves that the

twins found unacceptable. They also decided that none of the cologne they

had were right for him as they were targeted to teenagers. They couldn't

imagine their 48-year-old father walking around wearing cologne labeled

'teen sweat' or 'new sport' and they wanted something better then old spice

or another brand that one could find at a drug store so Nathan, the family

snob, was given the job of finding one after school. They also wanted dad

to get a make over but James refused saying that it would look too obvious

that he was trying to impress Devon and that might make him uncomfortable.

The next item on the list was seeing if dad still knew how to dance, not

because anyone thought that they would go out dancing but it was an excuse

to pick on their old man. And while his dancing was conservative by today's

standards the boys were impressed by how smooth dad was. By the time each

had a chance to dance with dad in the different styles except country, dad

was willing but none of the boys would partake of that. Being raised in

California the boys tried not to mention their father's Texan roots least

it rub off them.

After school the next day all the boys except Chris who had to stay for the

football game raced home. On the way Nathan, with one of his gal pals

stopped by an exclusive men's store that catered to gay men to pick up the

cologne. As Nathan thought, 'Why go to a regular store, those colognes are

meant to attract women. The reason he included his friend was he trusted

her nose and taste better then any of the male friends he had on the tennis

team. While there he saw several things he would want to look into later

for himself but focused only on the mission at hand. The cologne they

finally picked was 'Gentleman's Attraction' which one of the male sales

clerks applied on himself for Nathan to test. Nathan had to control

himself from kissing the offered throat; the cologne was defiantly sexy and

the clerk wasn't half bad himself. After paying the $185 for the bottle on

the family card, Nathan hurried to drop of his friend and drive home. When

he arrived he found Landon preparing a ham sandwich for dad. As they had

read in some woman's magazine, eating a light snack before a first date

takes away the stress of having to eat quickly and allows the person to

enjoy the other person's company more.

'Dad upstairs?'

'Yeah, what did you get dad?'

'Gentleman's Attraction.'

'Yeah, that sounds like dad, mature but alluring but it also sounds gay.'

'It is, I got it at that men's store that caters to the rich gay crowd.'

'Wow then I expect that it wasn't cheap.'

'It was moderate in price for what they had there.' Nathan defended

'Which means it was still expensive.'

'Hey if things work out dad will thank me.'

'You hope.'

'But hey, I saw something we might like, when we're older of course. We

have to be over 21 for some of what they have.'

'Like what?'

'Well, they have private dressing rooms.'

'So do most places.'

'Not ones that come with their own private underwear models.'

'Wow, are they cute.'

'Well I never saw them but the front area clerks were all cute.'

'I bet Kelly had to wipe up your drool.'

'No she didn't, they had people to do that for her there.'

'Get real.'

'Yeah I'm just joking, but I bet they would if you tipped them to.'

'How degrading'

'Hey it's the high life. One day you might live it. Of course you'll

probably have to marry into it.'

'Why you!' Landon now peeved said as he threw a sliced tomato at his


'Hey no food fighting.' Their dad's voice could be heard as he entered the


'Hi dad.' The two said innocently.

'Yeah right 'hi dad'.' James joked. 'So how was school?'

'I got the 12th highest grade on my science test!' Nathan said an

enthusiasm that disguised the reality of the statement.

'And how many people are in that class.' James asked without missing a


'Well... 14, but at least I didn't get the lowest score.'

'That's an improvement for him dad.' Landon said in a false show of


'Be kind to your brother now Landon. Nathan I think we need to look in

getting you a tutor.'

'Well if you think so...' Nathan said glumly. 'Hey I know this guy at

Berkley that's a wiz at science.'

'No guys Nathan unless their over 70 and even then I don't know if they be

safe from you. I was thinking about Mary Philip, Josh's foster mom. She

taught high school science before she retired.'

'But she'll be no fun, I'd even have to be nice to her or Chris would kill


'I think that's the point, good thinking dad.' Landon laughed.

'Be careful what you say Landon, what comes around goes around.'


After finishing the sandwich, the boys escorted their father to the

bathroom where they made him shower three times before he passed

inspection. They watched as he shaved and brush his teeth. Inspected him

nose for any visible nose hairs and even wanted to pull out a few stray

gray hairs that didn't match up with what they felt was his overall look

but James wouldn't let them. Before getting dressed, James was handed the

bottle of cologne and laughed when he saw the name.

'It sounds like it's for over the hill rich gay men.' He laughed but put it

on anyway and was surprised by its subtle smell.

He was just putting on the tie when the doorbell rang.

'I'll get it.' Landon shouted.

James hurried up and finished dressing before making his way down stairs

but before he reached it, he was intercepted by Nathan who gave him a final


After pretending to fix his father's tie Nathan gave his father a hug and

sent him on his way.

'Good grief I feel like I'm being mothered by three different people.'

James thought to himself as he walked down where he was met by Devon.'

'Wow, you look great! I mean... I hope I didn't rush from work to get


'No, it was no problem at all.' James said letting Devon's first comment

go without notice. He didn't want he reverend to feel too uncomfortable.

'You look pretty smart yourself.'

'Oh this, its nothing, just a TJ Max sales special.' Devon blushed. He was

dressed in black pants, an olive green shirt that brought out his eyes, and

a black tie.

'Don't put yourself down, it looks great all the same.'

'Thanks... Well I guess we better get going. It was good to see you


'Be good kids.' James shouted out as Devon and he left.

During the drive to the restaurant James could see that Devon was nervous.

He still refused to use his gifts on non-family members but he didn't need

them in this case. Devon got more uptight when they drove pass the

football stadium.

'Oh no I forgot, you son has a football game tonight. I must of made you

miss it, I'm sorry. Do you want to do this another time Mr. Morgan.'

'Don't worry about it reverend, the boys were happy to get me out of the

house I think they're up to something but you have to give them a chance

sometime. And please call me James, Mr. Morgan is just to formal.'

'Yes sorry, I guess I'm just a little nervous that's all. Please call me

Devon, I get enough Rev. Abdi at church.'

'Sure thing Devon.' James's said compassionately and which seemed to relax

the minister.

They drove for several minutes they arrived at a small Italian restaurant.

It was a family run place and they were the only customers. James ordered

the eggplant while Devon had the pasta with meatballs. The meal was good

and in the darkness of the candle lit room it added to a sense of privacy

that James surmised is what Devon wanted.

'I know that this is not what your use to being a lawyer and all.' Devon


'Devon why are you so hard on yourself.'

'I don't know... Well I do know but...'

'Its ok Devon you don't have to tell me. Only if you think it would make

you feel better should you.' James said and for the first tiem he broke his

restriction on using his gift on others. He gave Devon a sense of serenity

that allowed him to relax.'

'I...I wasn't always a minister you know.' Devon finally spoke,'

'What were you?'

'A banker, but I felt that it was empty and I... I... Can we go somewhere

else more private?'

'Sure, anywhere you want.'

They left the restaurant and drove to the church. Devon took James over to

a small building on the side of the church that acted as a 24-hour prayer


'I know you must be thinking this is not private but you'd be surprised how

few people use this place during the day and that no one uses it at night.

I guess its also a good place for me to talk as I'm about to give a

confession.' Devon said as they both sat in one of the pews. I joined the

ministry not just because I wanted to help others. I also did it because I

wanted to save myself. I felt... I believed that by becoming a minister

that it would protect me from my own wanton desire, that God would help me

no longer feel the attractions I do but I guess I wasn't worthy enough or

pure enough.'

James wrapped an arm around Devon and held him. 'Devon, its not your fault

nor is it God's fault. You are who you are and I believe that neither I

nor God have a problem with that.'

'But I like MEN!' Devon wailed.

'Do you think I've not guessed that already? Devon, do you see me running

away from you.'

'No' Devon replied meekly.

'What can I do to help you?'

Devon hesitated for then moved in on James as if he were about to kiss him

but stopped just short.

'What to do this somewhere else?'

'That would be great.' Devon said relieved.

James decided it would be best for them to go to Devon's apartment, as his

kids would snoop around the while time for clues of romance. The apartment

was about 12 min. from church and was an old house that had been divided

into six parts. The two of them climbed the rickety stairs to the second

floor. James could see Devon cringe with each step as if it were sending

out an alarm to all the neighbors that Devon Abdi was sneaking a man into

his apartment. A thought that turned out not to be unfounded. When they

reached the top step there was a loud creeeeaaaak, and one of the apartment

doors opened. Out came a short elderly woman with a broom, thick plastic

rim glasses and a hair net.

'Is that you Mr. Abdi.'

'Yes Ms. Stevenson.'

'What are you doing out this late at night, planting bombs I suspect.'

'No, Ms. Stevenson. Uhm, this is one of my parishioners at church,

Mr. Morgan.'

'And what do you do Mr. Morgan.'

'I'm a lawyer.'

'Is Mr. Abdi being deported?'

'No, Mr. Abdi had nowhere to be deported to, he was born in the U.S. as

were his parents.'

'Oh what a shame. Not to say he's not a nice guy and all. He takes down

my garbage and feeds my cats when I'm away. My stupid son had to marry a

woman who's allergic to cats and who passed it to my grandchildren. How

inconsiderate of him not thinking of his poor mother who seat and toiled

for him, I put my...' She continued to ramble on.

'Goodnight Ms. Stevenson.' Devon finally said, hoping to end this

embarrassing scene.'

'Mr. Morgan, you know he is an Arab.'

'Goodnight Ms. Stevenson!' Devon insisted as he unlocked the door to his


'Good night Ms. Stevenson.' James said with the best lawyer smile he could

come up with.

Devon quickly darted into his apartment while James followed after, closing

the door. Devon was now leaning against the entry hall wall with an

exasperated look on his face. James was about to speak but Devon put a

finger to his lips. The silence was broken when they heard a bump on the


'Good night Ms. Stevenson!' Devon shouted.

There was no verbal reply but a few seconds later they heard a door slam.

'Why me?' Devon moaned. 'I'm not even an Arab, I'm Persian.' He said

before slumping onto the floor.

'Don't take it too hard, from what I've just seen she must do it to


'Yeah, his son comes by a few times when she can't find anyone to yell at.

Poor man. He even offered to reimburse me for his mother.'

'He offered to pay you!'

Devon nodded yes. 'It wasn't a direst cash payment but her son owns the

property so he offered to cut my rent for all the trouble she causes.

Supposedly this apartment had gone through 7 tenants in three years before

I came. I think he's just glade that someone lives next to her so she can

yell at someone other the himself.'

'I have clients like that, makes me afraid of getting old.'

'How old are you?'

'Oh, 48.'

'You don't look it.'

'I guess I'm well preserved.' James smiled before offering Devon a hand up.

James was tempted to now ask if they should continue where they left off

but felt that might be too forward. 'Want to relax.'

'That would be good.'

'The two of them slumped on to the couch with Devon looking deep in

thought. James waited a few moments and then decided he needed to make the

first move. He wrapped an arm around Devon's shoulder. Devon responded by

collapsing on to James, resting his head in James's lap.'

'Thank you for touching me.'

'Your welcome but I don't understand I've seen you hug many people at


'This is different for two reasons. First, at church I'm the one who

always has to initiate contact. Second, you're the first person whom I

wanted to touch me who has. Can I kiss you?'

'Can I kiss you?' James returned.

'Please!' Devon said in a desperate tone.'

James lifted Devon up from his lap and pulled his body so that he could

feel the heat coming of his body. He embraced him and nuzzled his cheek

against the ruff stubble of Devon's. Devon began to purr like a cat but

was soon interrupted by hiccups caused by his excitement. James pulled

back and got a good look at Devon. He was caught between the joy and

embarrassment of the situation.

'Wow, that's a first, I never given a person the hiccups before.'

'I can't stop them.' Devon almost laughed.

'I think I can.' And with that James began kissing Devon. He first kissed

him on the forehead, then each cheek, and followed by to kisses on the

Adam's apple. Those two kisses gave Devon a start because James would lick

the spot at the end of each kiss. This put an end to Devon's hiccups but

triggered another response, a lower response.'

Devon lay back on the couch and stretched his arms out. 'Take me please.'

James smiled and climbed on top of Devon. 'Not on a first date.'

'Will you spend the night with me then?'

'What would you neighbor think if she sees me coming out of your apartment

in the morning.'


'Will you spend the night with me instead?'


'Come over to my house, I don't have too many nosey neighbors.'

'But you kids?'

'They'll be thrilled to see you.'

'You mean they know?'

'I don't want to worry you but yes, they were the ones who told me that you

had a crush on me.'

'Am I that obvious?'

'No, it's just that my kids tend to be more observant then most. That, and

they were looking for someone to match me up with.'

'They sound like my sisters.'

'Yeah, family can be like that at times. So, are you up for it?'

'I'm already up if you know what I mean.'

'So put on a baggy coat and lets get going.'

They quickly left the apartment without being intercepted by Ms. Stevenson

and drove off. They didn't notice the red light coming from her peephole.

Nor did James feel the rage coming from it.

After parking the car, James sent out a signal to the kids to go to their

rooms. While Devon knew that the kids knew, James didn't wasn't to add any

more worries to the man. James took him upstairs and led him to Will's old

room. Will had finally gotten the courage and tired of the isolation that

he asked Thomas to take him, to make him a vampire. James missed Will a

lot and so did the kids and as a result they avoided talking about him.

They undressed each other, giving kissing between article of clothing, but

kept their underwear on. James could see that Devon had a monster under

his briefs as his pole snaked a third of the way around the ban of his

underwear, a good ten inches.

'Good grief, what are you feeding that thing.' James laughed at Devon's


'Oh, he's only been hand fed his entire life.' Devon returned the joke

before slipping into the sheets.

The two of them faces each other and entwined their bodies together. The

thick mat of black hair that covered Devon's chest was almost a blanket in

of itself as it trapped the heat coming off both their bodies.

'I never believed that I would hold another man in my arms and never

thought it would be you James.'

'You're just starved for affection and love, the same as me.'

'What? But I thought you were completely happy.'

'No one is ever completely happy and if they are, they soon become unhappy

due to the fear of loosing it.'

'I've never been so happy in my life. I never felt so complete. I've

denied my feelings for so long.' Devon whispered and he held tighter to

James. 'Tell me what its all about?'


'Being gay and all.'

'I for sure don't know.'


'Devon, how many people do you think I've have had sex with?'

'Well I guessed that...'

'That because many gay men are promiscuous that I must of slept with

hundreds of men and have had dozens of relationships?'


'Devon, I have only have had sex with three people, three, and two of them

were women, including my wife.'

'Then how many times have you have sex with that one man.'

'Well, only once.'

'So are you gay or not?' Devon said a little defensively.

'Devon, I have sex with the people I love be it male and female, and only

with one person at a time. James said calmly.

'Its just so confusing. Why do I have to feel this way.'

'You don't have to feel anything. You feel what you feel, that's all. Its

how you respond to those feelings that matter.'

Devon wanted to say 'I just want to be loved.' But he felt that he was

starting to sound a little whiney. So instead he said what he felt. 'I love

you James.'


'Because when I look at you I see the person I want to live with. When you

look at me I see the person I want to be. When I talk to you I feel I'm

understood. When you talk to me, I feel loved. I want to be your friend,

your helper, companion, and lover. I want to be a part of you. I want you

to teach me what love is.'

'You're forgetting some things' James said when Devon finished.


'What you'll be giving me. You'll be giving me someone to love and be

loved by. You'll be teaching me what love is. You'll be giving me someone

to be my friend, helper, companion, and lover. You'll be giving me someone

to be a part of. Relationships aren't one way streets, what I give to you,

you'll be giving to me.'

'I love you.'

'Shhh, lets take it slow. Let find out together what our love is first.'

'Together.' Devon returned, liking the sound of it.



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