Around 2 A.M., the boys were all in Nathan's room discussing dad's date.

Nathan and Landon were both on the bed, still naked from their own

activities last night. Chris could see the cum stains on the blue sheets

of the bed as well as the dry crust on Landon's stomach. Chris was a lot

like his dad in finding it weird that his brother's were doing it but if it

made them happy he really didn't mind.

'So do you think dad is getting it on right now?' Nathan asked excitedly as

Landon played with Nathan's hair.

'No snooping' Chris insisted. Chris had surprised himself and the twins in

finding that he could block his brothers' talents. This revelation

occurred when the twins wanted to peek into Devon's mind to find out what

was happening but Chris would heard none of that.

'It's not fair, why does he have to be stronger then us.' Landon whined

'Because you both are tennis nerds.' Chris retorted.

'Hey we could beat you up with our rackets.' Nathan laughed.

'Not with my pads on and pads are a lot cheaper then those rackets of


'Your Texas heritage is showing again Chris.' Nathan laughed.

'So hicky what. Because I can't trust the two of you, I'll have to stay

awake all night to make sure you don't interrupt dad.'

'We wouldn't do that...'

'Eeeeee! Look at the window.' Landon screamed like a little girl.

Standing by the second story window was Logan, floating in mid air tapping

on the window.

The twins hurried and opened the window, letting Logan in.

'What does you father think he's doing?' Logan hissed

'What's the problem Logan.' Chris asked concerned.

'What is your father doing with that other man?'

'He's on a date, what does it look like.'

'Oh no!' Logan moaned.

'Logan what's happening, tell us.'

'Its Jason, Jason Vox. He... He just got permission to visit James in

person. I was going to tell him but Jason made me promise that I wouldn't.

He wanted it to be a surprise. It turned out that he was the one


'Oh no!' All three of them moaned]

'Logan, it's not dad's fault, we made him go on a date.' Nathan pleaded.

'We were worried that father was lonely, he has no one in his life on a

daily basis.' Landon continued

'Logan please, you can't let dad or Rev. Abdi get hurt for our mistake.'

Chris finished.

'It might be too late. Jason went looking for James tonight. He thought

that he would be at the football game but wasn't there but he quickly

caught up with them when they passed by in a car. He followed him to a

restaurant and a church before they stopped at an apartment. I don't know

what happened but what ever happened sent Jason into a rage. He killed an

old woman living next door before we could stop him. The police are

already involved and are looking for this Abdi fellow.'

'No, why did this have to happen?' Chris wailed

'I understand why you kids put him up to this. I've been concerned that

James was becoming depressed as well. Jason used my reports on it to

convince the guardian council to let him see James but not to see this...'

'Should we get dad?'

'No, let him sleep. In the morning tell him that I'm waiting in his

bedroom. My men are watching the house so there is little danger of Jason

coming here.'

James woke up disturbed, something was wrong in the house. The kids were

up but they were all stressed out and Logan was here. James soothed Devon

into a deeper sleep, put in a bath robe and made his way to his bedroom.

The room was dark but James could see his eyes by a desk chair.

'What's wrong Logan?'

'James you shouldn't have gone out on that date.'

'Logan, I'm still a free man I have the right to date if I want.'

'Not if you're betrothed to Jason you're not.'

'He knows?'

'He was there.'

'But I thought...'

'The council gave him this one chance to see you.'


'Its partly my fault. Just like your kids I was concerned that you were

too lonely and I put it in my reports. Jason used those reports to get the

right to visit you.'

'Take me to him.'

'I don't know if that would be a good idea.'

'Take me to him.' James insisted.

'He's at the firm.'


James hurried and left the house not knowing that it would be the last time

he would see it standing.

As soon as James was gone they moved in. Men dressed in black from head to

toe surrounded the house. There were a few screams and the men who had

been guarding the house began falling from trees. Logan knew that

something was wrong as soon as the first of his men fell but found himself

powerless to do anything. As long as it was daylight, he was trapped in

James's room.

'Nathan, Chris, Landon, run to your father's room as fast as possible!' He

sent out.

By the time they arrived, Logan knew that all of his men were dead. All

of his blood children were dead.

'Logan what's happening?' Chris shouted as he entered the room.

'We're under attack. I fear that Jason was just waiting for James to leave

but I never suspected he would risk an attack in broad daylight.'

'We're here, now what.' The twins said in unison.

'Shut and lock the door!' Logan yelled.

'What about Rev. Abdi!' Chris shouted.

'Damn, there's no time. Shut the door!'

The twins shut the door and locked it. Logan then did something that none

of the boys had known about, he went to the nightstand and pulled out the

top drawer. On the bottom panel was what looked like a remote panel.

Logan began pushing buttons and things began to change. A thick metal door

that came down from the ceiling now blocked the doorway. Alarms began to

blare and the brothers could see Logan talking into a microphone.

'Into the closet!' Logan shouted.

'Hey we just got out of the closet thank you very much.' Nathan tried to


'This is no time for funny business, get in there!' Logan insisted. By

this time they could hear banging on the wooden door that added a jump to

their step. When they opened the door they found that another room was now

opened, a room that looked like a barracks.

'Don't stop, get in.!' Logan shouted, over the now present banging of the

metal barrier.

Just as they all got in they heard a puncture sound as the mental barrier

was broken. Logan pushed a large red button by the entryway and a giant

block of stone came crashing through the ceiling , blocking the closet.'

'Wow, where did dad hide that?' Nathan exclaimed.

'You know the chimney on this side of the house.'


'Well that's it. It was a fake. It really is just a giant block of stone.

It should slow them down.'

'Won't it stop them?'

'No, they'll have to bring in equipment to break through but I suspect that

they all ready have the stuff here.'

'How could they know?'

'Because it was Jason and I who designed the security.'

'You mean dad's fianc is doing this.'

'Yeah, as a said before, he found out about your father's date and Jason is

the jealous type.'

'Then Rev. Abdi.'

'Is most likely dead or about to become Jason's plaything.'

'What can we do?'

'I called the firm but I doubt they'll be of much help. We can only hope

that the police figure out that they're out gunned and send in the marines.

Our best chance though is with your father. He might get Jason to see


'What will happen if he can't stop him.' Landon said while clinging to his


'Well I guess you'll just get married a lot sooner then we hoped.' Logan

finished. He didn't add that he would most likely be killed. Jason had

tried to hide it from James but Logan knew that Jason hated Logan for

sleeping with James and giving him his blood.

'Landon, come here.' Logan said with care and concern before embracing him.

I'll do everything I can to protect the three of you. Trust me. Your uncle

Logan can be pretty tough to beat.'

Logan had the boys set up sun lamps around the room and armed each of them

with nail guns.

'Now when I tell you to light the lamps DO IT! Don't worry about me. I

can handle a sun burn or two but the men out there must of gorged

themselves on blood in part to give them strength to kill off my men but I

also suspect that Jason wanted them well feed so they wouldn't attack you

three. The point of the matter is that a vampire is more vulnerable to sun

light right after he's been fed so the light will do more damage to them

then to me. Shoot them with the nail guns to hit their hearts but also to

break their protective armor so the lights can do their work. If we work

as a team we WILL make it through this.' Logan finished before thinking to

himself 'And I'll kill Jason as soon as I can get my hands on him!'

After everything was setup they waited and waited. What ever was happening

outside, they couldn't hear due to the thick walls of the building. Then

there was a sudden BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-PSSSS. The three booms came from the

stone wall but the psss, turned out to be Landon shooting off his gun out

of fear.

'Sorry.' Landon apologized when everyone turned toward him.

'Its all right Landon, they can't get in too quickly.' Logan said calmly.

'I wish one of you brought some asprin, we are all going to have headaches


The banging caused cracks to appear in the walls and ceiling. Soon the

room was polluted with particles of plaster shaken with each hit. The

children began using their shirttails as mask to help stop the coughing all

of them were now experiencing.

The booming went on for several minutes but then stopped suddenly when a

giant CLANG was heard, rattling everyone's ears.

'Why did they stop?' Nathan asked, his head throbbing.

'They must of hit the metal plate I hid in the middle of the stone. I

added it in secret just in case Jason used his knowledge to break in here.'

'How long will it delay them.'

'I don't know. It depends on how they decided to get through, they


At that moment a high-pitched screech was heard and the walls of the room

began to buckle.

'Oh no.' Logan thought before passing out, 'They dragged in a sonic drill.'

A sonic drill was a new invention. It was the closes thing to a science

fiction vaporizing gun. A laser would hit the target, reflect back to the

machine and tell it what the target was made of. The gun would then hit

the target with a sonic blast at a frequency specific for the material that

would cause the material to fall apart into dust, including metal. Another

effect was that anyone in its path would most likely pass out due to the

pitch of the gun. It was a great tool in hostage situations, as it would

allow the rescuers to break in and immobilize the hostage takers at the

same time. None of this knowledge was any use to Logan now as was down for

the count.

James was breaking several motor laws as he speed over to the firm. He

broke several more when he was suddenly filled with dread. His children

were in danger. Feeling that Jason must be behind it James was torn

between confronting Jason and running to his children. In the end his

children won through and he attempted to make a U-turn, it was then that

his breaks failed and his car was side swiped by an on coming truck.

Logan woke to find himself nailed to the floor. He was weak and growing

weaker due to the loss of blood and was unable to escape. A man in a black

protective suit pushed a button on a remote and the bedroom television

turned on., showing Jason's face

'Logan, I would like to thank you for watching James over the resent years.

I couldn't ask for a more devoted protector but times change. You let

James wander from me. My dear James... But we both know why you have to

die Logan. How could I be happy knowing what you mean to James. So friend

I'm sorry to say that this is the end. Good bye.'

With Jason's farewell, the man in black pulled away the black cloth that

had been pinned to the wall and allowed the light to pour in.

'I'm sorry James. I'll pray for...' Were Logan's last thoughts before he

burst into flames.



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