John was led out of the elevator into the courtyard and down into

what looked like a subway station.

'Did you ever read the book Willy Wonka and the Glass Elevator?'

Louis asked me.

'Yeah I did as a little kid.' John replied.

'Well that is how this subway works. It goes up, down, left, right,

arches, and curves to transport someone to the different buildings above

and below ground. When you receive your id, you'll be granted access to

the different parts of the community, the central office, and the hospital.

Since you're not a researcher, you'll not have access to those parts of the


John watched as he put his picture id into a slot by the rail line.

Out of the ceiling a large sphere shot down and joined with the rail line.

A door then opened into what looked like a six passenger car.

'Head on in.' Louis said, moving out of the way.

John walked into the sphere that was lined with seats with drop down

harnesses. He sat down in one of the forward viewing chairs and lowered the

harness. Louis then came in, sat next to me and lowered his. He then took

his card and swiped it against a slot in the harness and entered a code in

the panel.

'Warn me if you start feeling sick, these things can be a wild ride.'

He said with a wicked grin.

Before he could reply the car began to move. Instead of moving

forward like John was expecting. The car dropped straight down a lit shaft

for what felt like 50 meters. He suddenly had the need to pee badly and

was sure the color of his face had paled a shade or two. John turned his

head to see Louis who was laughing his head off. The sphere continued its

convoluted journey dropping here and turning there until it started to slow

down to a stop. Louis's harness automatically rose up but mine would not

move, leaving me trapped.

'Travis would pay me to leave you in this predicament for him to find

you but he would probably punish me in the end so I guess I'll let you go.'

He said in a manner that proved he was getting a perverse pleasure from

seeing me like this. He took out his card again and swiped it against my

harness bar causing it to release me.

All these comments about Travis liking me had finally driven John to

ask the question, 'Why did Travis pick me?' I asked Louis

'Ah, that's a complicated question and I'm not sure if I should be

the one to answer it. Lets just say that Travis thinks you have something

that he's been looking for, for a long long time.'

'What is that something?' John asked.

'If you have to ask that then you don't need to know yet.'

'You're being impossible.'

'And you're being impatient. Good things come to those that wait.

If you have what Travis is looking for then you'll not need to know what it


'I'll take your word for it.' John said a bit miffed.

'Always follow your doctor's instructions, is what I tell my

patients.' He said kind-heartedly.

As they entered the hospital building John noticed that the air vents

were made out of a transparent material.

'The material is nonporous and therefore prevents bacteria from

growing on it. We decided not to cover it up so that we could be sure that

they were clean and moisture free.

'It's like living in the Alps here, you're always thirsty since the

air is so dry.' Louis explained.

He continued to talk about the different rooms and features of the

hospital, which made most premier hospitals, look dingy by comparison. He

led John to one examination room and told me to remove my cloths while he

prepared the tests.

Louis entered the control room and was met by a lab tech.

'So are we doing a full work up on the new guy?'

'Yes.' Louis replied 'Except for the augmentations. Dr. Gannon does

not want him altered. Just a normal physical, DNA Scan, and implant.'

'Oh but I like it when the new guys get their anal-prostate duct and

this guy is married too.'

'Walter! If I find that you put in the duct against my orders I'll

make sure that Dr. Gannon finds out personally.'

'No need to threaten me, I was only joking.' Walter said sheepishly.

'I only thought that since he is married that Dr. Gannon would want the


'No, Dr. Gannon wants this one to be special. No ducts!'

'You're the boss.'

Having finished the debate with his lab tech, Louis turned on the

intercom to the exam room John was in. 'John you can lay on the exam table

now.' He said before turning the intercom off.

Walter during this time began to speak into a dictation microphone.

'Today is July 12th 2013, the subject is John Keller, 28 years old white

male, brown hair, blue eyes.' Louis looked at the data from the exam table

before continuing. 'He is 6'2' tall, weight at 178 pounds, heart rate at

78 bpm. Blood pressure at 110 over 70. No identifiable marks. Body fat at

4%, dick at 4 inches soft. That last comment got a glare from Louis who

was preparing the blood samples. 'Hey, you know the boss would want that

info. You know I'm right.' Walter defended himself.

'Just hurry up and finish.' Louis hissed.

Walter pushed a different button causing a large machine to be

lowered above John's head. 'Scan shows nil on the TP and TK levels.'

Walter reported before pushing another button. On the E

level... 12.8!!!!!' Walter shouted in surprise. He turned off the

microphone and began hitting Louis who was grinning. 'Why did you not tell

me you were bringing an E here.

'You never asked,' Louis said smugly.

'So he's the one.' Walter said with awe.

'Possibly, the scanner only measures potential, it only measures

total output not the strength of it. Without the ability to focus, he

won't be able to do too much.'

'But still he is the highest we've ever had.'

'And the only one found outside of Gen-Corp, makes you think.' Louis


They quickly concluded their tests and allowed John to redress.

Louis sent a cryptic e-mail to Travis with the results and then replaced

the data on the computer with a prepared false file. Before leaving Walter

to take care of the next patient he took out a small electrocution device

and jabbed it into Walter neck. Walter convulsed for a few seconds before

Louis removed the device and pocketed it. The device would remove Walter's

short-term memory but otherwise not harm him. Louis then went to the exam

room where John was finished dressing. 'Well how about some lunch before

Henry comes to help you pick your secretary.'

At lunch they were met by Henry, who told John that after they

selected my secretary, they were to go to the gym to catch up with Travis.

John told him he did not think he could workout in my business suit but

Henry told me not to worry that they could pick something up at the gym.

John said his goodbyes to Louis and went off with Henry.

They decided to walk to the central office building instead of taking

the rail cars. John did not think that he could take it on a full

stomach. The massive reception area was made out of dark granite with a

backdrop of a 9-story waterfall that stretched from end to end. Lined out

in front of the reception desk were around 25 men wearing only tee shirts

tucked into white boxers. They all stood at attention as if they were in

the military. The only sound besides that of rushing water was that of a

screaming boy who was being dragged away by an adult in a suit.

'I want my puppy!' The boy screamed over and over again. And while

the full sized adult male should have been able to lift up the 4-year-old

boy, he seemed to be loosing a tug of war with him.

'Let me go!' The boy shouted at the man holding him who then fell

unconscious. The boy then ran down the stairs but was met by several men

in uniform.

John was stunned in what he was seeing, Four guards against one

little boy but Henry seemed nervous as he began to tug at my sleeve

indicating that it would be better if we left and quickly.

As they were heading for the doors the boy gave a sudden scream and

everything went white for a second. When I could see again only the boy

and myself were still standing. Alarms were now blaring and I could here

shouts coming from the upper stairs. The boy looked at John with a stunned

look as if surprised he was still up. He then quickly ran over to one of

the men in white and began kicking him.

'You can't leave me!' he kept shouting at the man who remained

knocked out. John felt like he needed to do something so he ran up to the

boy and picked him up, moving him away from the man he was kicking. The

boy kept on hitting John causing his vision to be filled with white

flashes. John's head started hurting and he felt light headed but was able

to keep the boy away from the man.

Eventually he stopped hitting John and only cried against his

shoulder, whimpering, 'I want my puppy back,' repetitively.

John put his hand behind the boy's head to try to comfort him. He did not

tell him that everything would be ok since John did not know what was

really happening. After all the white flashes stopped, guards started

coming down the stairs and out of one of the elevators came a middle aged

man, the oldest John seen since coming here, dressed in a business suit

approach them.

'You can put my son down now.' He said in a weary voice.

John found that more difficult then he did picking him up, he seemed

to not to want to let go. The best John was able to do was get him back

down on the ground but not free of his left leg that he clung to with both

arms and legs.

'Gordon, you will come here right NOW!' The angry father ordered.

The boy then slowly released my leg and walked back to his father

dejectedly. 'I want my puppy back.' He whispered to his father.

'You can't have him back.' His father told him as a matter of fact.

'You've nearly killed him several times already even when you were warned.'

'I won't this time.' The boy pleaded.

'No son, don't make promises you can't keep.' The father now said


'Can I have him then.' The boy said now pointing at me.

The father started looking at me curiously but in the end said; 'No

son, this is Dr. Gannon's toy. If you behave for the next two weeks I'll

get you a new toy.'

'But I want him!' The demanded.

'Would you like to see your mother and the babies inside her.' He

said with a sigh.

'Yes, I like the babies. I talk to them but they don't understand

yet. Do you think they'll like me?' The boy went off at a thousand words

a minute.

The father handed off his son to one of the guards before returning

his attention to John. 'Thank you for stopping my son. That poor man has

received a bad deal. You just make sure you're careful those who earn my

son's attention tend to need to visit the hospital often. If you could

also do me a favor, please select that poor fellow as your aid. If not, he

will remain in this building and I do not think that would be in his best

interest right now, good day Mr. Keller.' He tipped his head and headed

back to the elevators.

John turned his attention to Henry who was still on the floor but now

awake. He moaned and rubbed his head as he and the other people who were

knocked out started getting up. John grabbed his arm and helped him up.

'I see you made it though ok.' Henry said still groggy.

'Yeah I guess so, I have a splitting headache but that's about it.

Not like the poor guy he was kicking.'

'Poor bastard, worst job a person can get, being that demon's pet.'

Henry said in frustration.

'Gordon?' John asked

'Yeah, the CEO's son.'

'So that is who the father was. How can he let other men be his

son's pet and how can a boy treat another person like that and why did

everyone pass out.' John said a little angrily.'

'Hey don't get mad at me, I'm just the secretary.'

John was still mad but decided to check on the poor man that the boy

had beating on. He had short red hair, about 6'2' in height and pale

pinkish skin. He was moaning something that I could not hear until John

got closer.'

'Please don't send me back. Please don't send me back. I'll be good.

Please don't send me back.

John picked the poor man up who then opened his eyes. His eyes were

a unnatural deep forest green and were watery with tears. John felt a lot

of pain coming from him, pain and fear. He told him not to worry, that

they would take him away from here. John 6motioned to Henry, who was

behind him, to help him lift the red hair man up and take him to the


'Back at the hospital we were met by several staff personnel who took

the red haired man to a operation room. A doctor approached them to ask

what happened. Henry and John tried to explain what happened but Henry

talked about a lot of stuff I did not understand like 'mind strike' and

'mind blast' John felt like he was in a bad science fiction movie with the

terms they was using. The doctor led to an observation room and saw the

procedure. The red haired man was lying on his back in a raised tank of

blue liquid with his head sticking out at an end. There were also three

people in medical uniforms. One in the middle with both his hands on the

sides of the injured man's head while the two men beside him had one hand

on each shoulder of the middle one. John saw the three men's eyes starting

to glow blue. John then felt a sudden rush, a blinding light and then


Will rushed to the hospital as soon as Henry phoned him the news.

Poor Jacob, poor loyal Jacob. Jacob Patrick was once one of his best

guards until he ran into Gordon. Gordon, a boy desperate for attention

went after anyone with any E talent like a leech to blood. Jacob could of

asked not to serve as Gordon's personal guard but he was so stupidly loyal.

As if that boy needed protection, he could take out a whole squad of normal

TP's and TK's with a thought. Jacob had some protection due to his E

talent but that only seemed to make Gordon do worse things to him in order

to get his father's attention. Only after several emergency trips to the

hospital was Will able to convince the CEO that his son should not have the

same guard at all times and was able to order Jacob back to the labor pool.

But now it seemed that Gordon was not so willing to give up what he viewed

was his and had attack Jacob again. By some miracle or curse John had been

there to stop him from doing serious harm but now Gordon wanted John. When

Travis finds out that Gordon asked his father for John, he will hit the


When Will reached Jacob's bed, he saw that he was out of the tank and in


'How are you doing trooper?' He said, trying to be cheerful for the

young man.

'I can't go back, sir, I tried but I can't go back there again.'

Jacob pleaded

'Don't worry, you won't be going back there again.' Will said calmly

but with tears in his eyes.

'But what will I do? I missed the selection.'

'No you didn't and guess what... you were selected.' He said ruffling

the man's red hair.

Jacob responded to the head rub with a relaxed sigh before falling

back asleep.

Yep Jacob is definitely an animorph, Will thought to himself. He has

a pack mentality through and through. He is loyal, loving, and only wants

the same in return.

Many of the guards underwent the animorph process, it increased a

pack mentality which raised loyalty and the ability to work as a team. It

also helped solve some of the TE/TK problem many of the stronger guards

such as Jacob had. Will once thought of undergoing the process but decided

that a pack mentality would affect his creative thinking, which he felt was

more important as head of security. No, Jacob would be a loyal guard for

John and his family especially if John's E talent was as strong as the

report read.

Will's next stop was to check on John, who fell unconscious during

the healing. Not an uncommon occurrence for an untrained E talent. Will

felt sorry for John. Here was a man born and raised outside the

corporation not knowing a thing about the world he was now entering.

Travis wanted to shelter John for as long as possible to make it as he put

it 'a journey of self discovery'. That was all and good but if you will

not give him a map at least give him a compass Will had told Travis but

Travis was adamant, John had to find out on his own. When he arrived at

the room, Will saw Henry with John, who was now awake.

'When the doctors allow it, forget the gym, just get the two of them

back home.' Will whispered in Henry's ear. Henry just nodded and proceeded

to look for the doctor.

Travis could tell when John was on his way home. The taste of

emotions was sweet nectar to him. It had taken him months to locate John

after passing him on the street back in Boston. For the first time since

his powers had fully developed, he could feel again and he never wanted to

loose it again. He followed the trail of emotions until he figured out who

the person was right before the train he was on took off. The loss of

feelings was so devastating to him he committed himself to finding that man

again. He bought an apartment located on the same street and waited for

the man to return. After three months at his vigil there, the man did

return and this time Travis was ready. He had Will and his men follow him

until they discovered where John lived and worked. Travis then began to

hatched his plan to bring John into his family. Travis was an Alpha, the

strongest in both TP, telepathic, and TK, telekinetic, talent. This made

him the strongest person in the company. It also made him the most

isolated. When a TP and TK reaches his full potential part of their

emotions die. The stronger the talent, the more their emotional self

disappears. Travis, being the only Alpha, was the strongest and therefore

lost nearly all of his emotions except for anger. When he was not cool and

calculating, he was in furious rampages. Empaths, E talent, were the ones

who could restore the emotions of the T's. The problem for Travis was

there was no one strong enough. The rankings of power were based on a

power of ten for T's. A delta was 10 times stronger then a gamma and a

beta was 100 times stronger then the same gamma, which, was the average

level of talent. Travis was 1000 times more powerful then the average T.

Empaths could reawaken the emotions only of one of ten power or less except

for Alphas. Alphas required an Empath of equal power for there to be any

return of emotions and until John, there had never been one. That is why

Empaths of equal power to Alpha's were referred to as Omega's due to their

religious significance. It represented the perfect combination of the two

areas of talent.

Oh he wanted John to love him badly. He wanted him by his side for the

rest of their lives. It took all the control he had not to jump him and

make love to him. He was furious when he learned that Kip Vassar's son had

asked for John to become his new pet. While Kip was essentially his boss

Kip knew better then to mess with him. It was Gordon who had yet to learn

his limits. Gordon would one day be a threat to him when he came in full

to his powers. His only hope for peace between them was for John to have a

son who also was an Omega and for that son and Gordon to fall in love.

Otherwise, Travis feared for John. That lead to another problem, when to

bring up the issue of augmentation.

Jacob and John arrived at the apartment in wheel chairs. Jacob was

still asleep but John had wanted to walk back but Will would not allow him.

Before they had a chance to knock on the door, the doors were busted opened

by a concerned Travis.

'Is everyone alright, I was so worried!' Travis began checking

John's body for any injuries.

'Don't worry I'm alright.' John said cheerfully

'I just want to make sure your ok I've never had a... I've never been ..'

He stuttered

'In love before.' John realized.

It was weird having a grown man who had shown so much charm and

charisma back in Boston was like a little child...or nervous boyfriend John

realized. He had not yet come to grip with the fact that someone loved him

with such intensity and that the person was a man. It was affecting his

view on life. He had viewed homosexuality not as bad but just weird. But

what he was felling from Travis was not weird. It was the emotions of a

person following his heart. The problem for him now was how to respond to

this love given freely. John knew Travis wanted him to love him in all

ways possible but John was still married. He still wanted a family. He

still loved Sara. Either way he would hurt someone. Travis had stopped

examining me and was staring into my eyes, tears running down his eyes.

'I'm sorry,' he cried.

For some reason John knew that Travis knew what he was thinking

about. 'Don't be.' John said while wiping away Travis's tears. 'You're a

wonderful loving person. You deserve better then me.'

'I only need you.' He whispered while nuzzling against John's neck.

'If I love... it is only because of you.'

John's body began to shake; He was being filled by Travis's love and

desire. John was his only source of love he could feel and return. John

could not stop himself, He wrapped his arms around his neck and whispered

in his ear; 'I love you.'

John was lifted out of the chair and embraced into a bear hug.

Travis kept shouting 'Yes, yes, yes!'

He let loose the hug but kept hold of John's hand as he pulled him

along. He kissed Henry, Chris and Will, telling them each that John loved

him. Tears were running down everyone's eyes except for Jacob who was

surprisingly still asleep. Travis pulled John into another mighty squeeze.

He then pulled John back at arms lengths as if he were trying to burn the

moment in his mind. His lips were trembling. John knew what he wanted to

do. He raised my head and pulled closer to the taller man inviting him to

do what he wanted. He needed no more of an invitation.

He bent his head to meet John's, their lips open. The experience was

near indescribable. John had never had a kiss like this. The taste of his

mouth was an earthy sweetness that tingled my tongue and lips. Travis's

own tongue was a fleshly hot mass sending shiver down John's back when it

touched the roof of his mouth. Travis pulled John in closer by griping the

back of my head. Something weird was happening. When John's tongue

explored Travis's mouth it was like all of his saliva glands were

constantly shooting off. When it would touch John's tongue or drip into

his mouth he felt himself becoming more enraptured, more lustful. His cock

was beginning to stir and he found myself not wanting to ever let go.

Travis was even more into it. He was basically shouting into my mouth

in joy and I could feel his hard on pressed against my abdomen. It was

only when we finally released did I see the full change in Travis.

His body was soaked in what looked like sweat. His eyes had taken on

an all encompassing gray glow and his body looked more built then it was

before. He waited until he had caught his breath before speaking.

'We need to slow down. You're not ready yet and if I were to

progress it would hurt you.' Travis said seriously

'How do I become ready?' He asked concerned.

'Time, all it will take now is time. You need to learn about

yourself before we commit to each other. You need time to grow in your

amazing gift. When the time comes when we kiss and your eyes glow blue,

then we will be ready for our life together.'

'Alright.' John said before letting go of him.

Dinner was simple and quick, everyone seemed tired and worn out.

During the meal everyone except Jacob looked at me as if John would drop

dead at any moment.

'What's wrong?' I asked the general group.

'That kiss, did you notice anything shooting out of Travis's mouth?'

Will asked.

'Yes, I thought that it was just his saliva glands going off, why?'

'John, I have to tell you the truth. I'm what is called a T here.'

Travis said sadly.

'What's that?' John asked now confused.

'It means I have telepathic and telekinetic talents. It is why I'm

so attracted to you.'

'How?' John said surprisingly calm. For some reason He knew that

Travis was telling the truth.

'John, you're an empath.'

'What does that mean?' He said concerned.

'Telepaths work with thoughts, empaths work with emotions. You can

feel emotions other people are trying to hide. You know when they are

lying to you. You know their motives. You also have the ability to give

people emotions. In my case it was love.'

'Same for me.' John replied.

Travis smiled back at me. 'Telepaths in general are separated from

their emotions, it is our great tragedy. But when a telepath comes in

contact with an empath, those emotions are brought back. As a result, the

attraction between telepaths and empaths are great as love feeds love. The

problem I faced was that I was too strong for any empathy. Only you have

been able to reunite me with my feelings. The story of there being one

true love was correct in my case. You are the only person I can ever love

and I'm glade it is you. When we kissed, the bond was released; it was the

fluid that entered your mouth. The bond is what triggered the change in my

eyes. In time it will trigger the change in yours but it will be painful.

Your body did not undergo the change that we all underwent during puberty.

In a matter of weeks your body will change in way that took us years. I

don't want you to suffer but I would be lying to say you wouldn't. Jacob

here has some E talent and will be able to guide you in the process. I

will try to always be available also.'

'When will I expect to see a change?' John asked.

'By tomorrow morning. Don't try to get out of bed. Its best if you

stay comfortable and around only a few people. You don't want to be

overwhelmed by other peoples' emotions. I'll be next door to you and so

will Jacob. Will, Henry, Chris and Louis will be on the second floor.

Louis will check on you from time to time. I think we better go to bed

now. Travis insisted

Everyone helped clear the table except for Jacob and John. John tried

to help but Travis would not hear of it. John felt like the wife who just

told her husband that she was pregnant. Jacob on the other hand seemed

still lost in his own world. Travis wanted to carry John up to my room,

something that he was sure he would enjoy, but John wanted to show that he

was still a capable person and so tried to stand up on his own. John felt

the blood leave his head and became dizzy and it was only the combination

of Jacob catching him and the table that he did not fall down.

'Are you sure you don't want me to carry you up stairs dear?' Travis


'Just for calling me 'dear' no. I know you just was an excuse to

take advantage of me.' John joked.

'Its 'mutual' advantage dear, 'mutual'. He laughed back.

In the end John compromised and allowed Jacob and Travis to support

him on either side. He was guided into the bathroom and stripped of

clothing and placed in a tub filled with water.

'Your penis is even more alluring in person then on video.' Travis

whispered in my ear.

'You had me recorded during my exam.' John asked.

'You can't blame me for wanting to see your package.' He said as he

gripped it and gave it a few tugs.

'I thought you wanted to wait,' John said.

'I do, I'm just inspecting it to see that its ok.' Travis laughed

'Oh sure.' John laughed, knowing he was joking. Jacob also smiled as

he watched the interplay.

He got out of the tub with their help. John could not believe how

weak he felt. He felt that he was loosing my manly image by needing help

to get out of a tub. John thought that he would not have to worry about

that until he was in his 80's. John dressed himself into a pair of gray

boxers and shirt and was carried by Travis on to the bed. For about a half

an hour he laid in bed next to me, rubbing my stomach to sooth me to sleep.

I was half asleep when I felt him kiss me good night.

During the night John slept fitfully, something was wrong and it was

coming from Jacob's room. He called out to Jacob to ask him if he was all

right but found that he had lost his voice. It seemed though that he did

not need it since the door to Jacob's room opened and Jacob came in.

'I've never slept by myself before.' He heard Jacob say without


John sensed that Jacob was scared and lonely. He saw images of him

growing up always being around other people. Jacob was a true social

creature, he did not know how to deal with being alone. John patted the

spot next to me on the bed. He seemed to understand and quietly got under

the covers.

'I love you.' John heard Jacob say in my mind. 'Thank you for

choosing me.'

John turned around to face him and could see tears in his eyes. John

also realized that Jacob was completely naked under the sheets.

'Going commando.' John thought.

'Yep,' Jacob returned with a happy emotion.

'Goodnight Jacob.' He thought with an image of a smile.

Jacob smiled back and it was then that he reached for me with both

arms and legs. It was like the time with Gordon only this time it was a

grown young man.

'Oh well,' John thought, not even trying to untangle myself.

'Me happy.' Jacob replied.

Before falling asleep, John remembered he had forgot to call my wife.

It would be the last time he would remember for the next six weeks.



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