That night John dreamt of wolves running in a pack in the forest.

One, whose hair was red stopped and moved towards me and for some reason

John knew it was Jacob. The wolf came up to him and licked my hand before

looking for the rest of his pack but they were gone. The wolf/Jacob began

howling in sorrow for something lost. John sat down next to him and patted

him on his side. The wolf then turned to face me with his green eyes as if

contemplating something before he started licking my face. John laughed

and Jacob yipped a few times before rolling onto his back and squiggling.

He wanted his belly rubbed John could tell and he gave him a good one.

Near the end of the rub, the wolf flipped over knocking John on his back

with Jacob over him. While a sane man would be afraid of having a giant

wolf's head over him, the silly grin on the dog was too much for John not

to laugh at. He then gave him a cleaning, licking every part of his face.

Afterwards he let John sit up and laid his head in his lap. John scratched

him behind the ears while we sat there until I awoke.

John awoke to the pain of a needle pricking to his arm. Dr. Wane was

hovering over him taking blood samples.

'How's the patient today. Can you talk?'

John tried to speak but found he still couldn't. 'No.' He thought

instead to see if the same trick work with Louis as it did Jacob.

'Well at least you can transmit your thoughts now. You won't be able

to eat solid food for a while so we will have to feed you though an IV. It

will leave you weak and when you start eating again you'll get the runs but

it is the only thing we can do for now.'

John felt a warm body beside him, and saw that Jacob was still

clinging to his arm.

'I see that Jacob has made you his pack. Good. He was a good guard

until he decided he could no longer handle the isolation and became an

animorph, he lost his independence in the process. He will depend on you

from now on but he will also be loyal to you to the end.' Louis said as he

patted Jacob on the head. Jacob opened his eyes and smiled before

snuggling closer to John. Well I'll leave you two alone now. Travis will

be by sometime at noon as will I, take care.

After Louis left Jacob jumped out of the bed and ran into the

bathroom. After hearing the toilet flush and the sink run, Jacob came back

with a razor, scissors, a pair of wet and dry towels, shaving cream, and an

ointment tube. He pulled the sheets off John since he couldn't do it

himself, and proceeded to remove the shirt John was wearing. He dampened

John's face with the cloth and started applying shaving cream. He then

furnished John an expertly given shave without a nick. After the shave, he

cleaned and dry John's face. He finished it off with a kiss on the nose

Then John saw in Jacob's facial expression and sensed with his

emotions he had a devilish plan up his sleeve. He grabbed both of John's

legs and pulled him further down the bed he then went back up to face him,

Gave John a wicked grin and started to move my arms so that were over my

head, exposing my arm pits.

'Oh no' I thought.

Jacob only smiled wider and shook his head yes. Out of eyesight,

Jacob leaned down and proceeded to give my armpits a through licking.

'Oh my g..' John thought, never receiving the type of lick and suck

that Jacob was doing. As soon as he was sure one arm was good and wet, he

went to the other and did the same to it. John felt a stir in his groin

and his dick rose up as if to see what was happening that was so


When he was done, he got out the shaving cream again and went forward

with lathering up each pit. This time John was sure that he would get

razor burn and he was right. But after wiping each arm clean, Jacob

brought out the jar of ointment, applied a dab to his middle and index

finger and proceeded to rub it in to each pit. The feeling of the cool

ointment and the small circular motions Jacob made sent the blood rushing

to John's head. Jacob's grin only got wider with each mental groan of

pleasure John made.

Hoping that he was done, Praying he was done John felt relieved when

Jacob began removing things from the head of the bed. But John's heart sank

when all he really did was move them to the end of the bed.

'NO!,' John screamed mentally as Jacob began to pull at his boxers.

In making fun of John's predicament, Jacob put his hand to his ear to

make out that he could not hear me. He kept that pose as if he were

expecting a reply. John kept sending out No's to him but he continued to

pretend he did not hear him. After a few second he shrugged his shoulders

as to signify that John had not told him to stop and proceeded to pulling

his boxers all the way down. When his dick was freed it bounced up against

his stomach.

Fear filled John as Jacob licked his lips and started to crawl on top

of him. He went as far as John's stomach where he ran his tongue along the

ridges of his abs. The electric feeling raised the hair on the back of

John's neck as Jacob's tongue twisted and turned along the grooves. John's

breathing started to deepen as his heart pickup pace. Jacob was a well

built man. Strong shoulders, smooth chiseled body, except from a small

line of hair between his pecks and a line of trimmed hair that lead from

his belly button to his prick.

It was then while he was on top of John that John noticed that his

dick was hairless. Was Jacob planning to do the same to him?

Jacob seemed to know what John was thinking since he gave him another

wicked grin and began to lick the area of his crotch, matting down the

hair. He was really getting into it. His hip gyrations rubbed his hard

dick against the side of John's right leg, leaving a snail trail of

pre-cum. This was an act of a man who had found happiness and wanted to

share it with the one he felt was responsible. Underlining it was a life

of isolation and the need for love, the surrendering of part of his

humanity to gain a sense of belonging, and the abuse he received from

Gordon. All he wanted was to be a giver and receiver of love and

affection. He wanted John to be the person to give it to him and John

wanted him to feel loved.

Tears were running down both our eyes as we came to understand how we

both felt. Jacob pulled himself up to John's face and kissed him and

nuzzled his nose. The kissing went on for some time and while John could

not do much other then opened his mouth to accept him, it was glorious.

John was beginning to understand what being an empath meant. In the act of

love it forms a loop with each person feeling what the other does. This

causes a build up of passion as love feeds love, increasing the desire of

each partner.

After the kiss, Jacob worked his way back down, teased the tip of my

dick with his tongue. He then went and got the shaving cream and began

spreading it around my crotch.

'Please Jacob don't.' John sent out.

Jacob just smiled and spoke vocally for the first time, 'Trust me.'

Shock by the sincerity in his voice I gave my head a little nod.

He took out the razor and began to make his sweeps. Sweep up, breath

in, sweep up breath out, was the pattern we both followed. When he was

done, there was only a patch left on top. He took the dry towel and

cleaned everything up. He then pick up the scissors and trimmed what was

left and John's balls. He then carefully shaved his sac, giving it a few

extra tugs near the end that caused John's cock to drool. He gave the area

a final wipe with the towel before he began the real show. Sitting his

butt on John's thighs he lifted my dick off John's stomach and pressed it

against his own hard prick. Wrapping both hands around the bundle he set

in motion a double jerk off.

'Aaaa, Aaaa, Aaaa, Aaaa,' Jacob gasped with each stroke.

John's mouth was agape but no sound was forthcoming. The sensations

were amazing both physically and emotionally. The heat from both their

dicks spread to John's stomach, creating a burning sensation. The ridge of

the head of his dick tickled as it moved up and down. John could not last

long. His balls began to rise and he could feel the pressure building. In

three large bursts, He let loose his load over himself. The sexual release

sent a tingle through out his body and left with a sense of unusual calm.

While John's breathing slowed, Jacob's picked up. His gasping was

quicker, shorter and louder. His once white skin had picked up a pink hue

and his eyes were like a green fire. He released both dicks and thrust his

hips forward, giving off a long moan. His cum squirted out and onto John's

chest. After release, he leaned forward and entered into a long kiss. At

the same time he used one of his hands to smear their cum together. He then

used his tongue to lick it up and feed it to John's mouth.

John felt at peace and with each drop of cum that entered his mouth

the feeling increased. His eyes became heavy and closed but Jacob

continued to feed me. Eventually he stopped, wrapped his arms around

John's neck and laid down on top of him. Before I fell asleep he whispered

one word in my ear; 'Tor' as if he were making a proclamation.

Kip Vassar saw a window of opportunity open when he had his daily

meeting with Travis Gannon. The gray glow in Travis's eyes could mean only

one thing, Travis's new toy was an omega. This could be dangerous or the

chance he had been waiting for. Travis was always smug about being the

strongest and bonding to an omega would make him more so on both counts.

But before the bonding is completed though, Travis would be vulnerable and

distracted as would be his men. All he would have to do is kill John. But

to do that, he needed to accelerate the development of his son, Gordon.

Lucky for him, the two could be done at the same time. If John were to die

before the bond was complete, the shock to Travis would shatter his mind.

Getting close to John would be the problem and Gordon was the solution.

John woke up to the touch of a person's hand caressing his check.

Jacob was still on top of me asleep but next to the bed was Travis. He had

a gentle smile on his face as he looked at me.

'I see that Jacob has made you his Tor.'

'I heard Jacob say that. What does it mean?'

'Jacob has a pack mentality and a pack needs a leader. That is the

Tor. And just like a person can't make people want to follow you, it is

the follower who picks who his Tor is. Jacob picked you. It is a great

responsibility he has given you. He will look to you for help. You will

be his example, his role model. If he hurts he will look to you to comfort

him. If he is scared he will look to you for courage. In return he will

give you his love and loyalty.

'How can I help him I know so little about this world.'

'Well in this case I think Jacob's sense of loyalty will be more in

tune to keeping you out of trouble and doing thing that are for your own

good like this morning's activities.'

'You know what happened?' John thought with a little embarrassment.

'Well I did not need to spy on you to know what happened, its written

all over both your bodies but I did anyway.' Travis grinned. 'He can be a

little devil when he sees something he wants can't he.'

'Yes.' John smiled

'He loves you very much you know.'

'I do to but I don't know why.'

'Its part of our nature in being T's'

'How so?'

'Well just as I told you last night, we T's are a very lonely bunch,

separated from our emotions most of the time. But, when we gather in large

groups, the small amounts of emotions we do feel build up on each other.

Makes our parties large and hedonistic. Another problem we have as T's is

that we either like someone or hate them. There is no middle ground.

First meetings are all important because our talents curse us with knowing

the nature of each other quickly. You have a good soul and everyone can

see it. In our culture of excess, you are the white rock in the middle of

a muddy pond. You have not feigned love like we have in a sad attempt to

experience it. Your nature is to love and I will do whatever I can to

insure that you keep your innocence.'

John finally asked the question that had been in the back of his

mind; 'What are we?'

Travis took a deep breath before answering; 'We don't know for sure.

All we do know is that our cells have two nuclei, two different centers of

DNA. One is our human DNA the other has a completely different code and

follows a different biology. It is from these different genes that we get

our talent. We don't call them gifts because it can be both a blessing and

a curse. We know that around 1000 years ago, this new DNA was introduced

into people's bodies. Most only received a tiny portion of it in the form

of Spanish influenza but a few received the full amount. In those people,

the random sequences of DNA in their human nucleus copied itself and

reorganized and reassembled into the new nucleus. These transposon DNA

sequences were believed to be junk DNA that were theorized to have been

from viruses. Now, they seemed to sequence into expressible genes such as

our eyes.

'Why have I seen no women here?'

'Well you know the stereotype that women are better

conversationalists then men, right?'


'Well there seems to be some biological proof for the reason why.

The portion of the brain used in conversation is larger in women and uses

both sides of the brain. In men, only one side of the brain is used. It

appears that the one side that men do not use is where our talents develop.

In women, their bodies try to develop the talent on both sides, which is

the equivalent of doubling the volume at a rock concert. They also run

into problems in that they can't block out other people's thoughts. The

result is stimulus over load. Their brains never rest and just like a

horse you keep running nonstop, they eventually die. We've developed a

drug to prevent the talent from developing but because they loose something

in the process, none have lived past the age of 32.

'Is that why all the men here are gay.'

'No, that has more to do with our pack mentality. We feel most

comfortable around each other and that sense of comfort leads to physical

attraction and the desire to become closer. Many of the men here are

bisexual or were once straight. The bisexual ones marry the few women we

have and from them we reproduce. Or, they bring in a 'normal' human man or

woman from the outside and the three together have a child.'

'How does that work?'

'We found out that our sperm bonds to normal sperm. By creating a

duct between the prostate and the anal cavity our sperm can join with

another person's when they ejaculate. If that person is having or soon

does have sex with a woman, the twin sperm will fertilize the egg. For

reasons we don't understand, after the second trimester, the woman's DNA

dies off and only the two males remain. I'm hoping one day that we could

have a baby or two.'

'Your such a romantic.' John teased.

'Of course Jacob here would not mind having a few nieces and nephews

to protect.' Travis laughed as he ruffled his hair.

Jacob woke up and smiled at Travis and gave me a peck on the cheek

before getting out of the bed. Travis admired his handy work, fondling

John's now hairless balls.

'Good work Jacob, I bet he protested the whole way.'

'Yep.' Jacob smiled. 'Look at my mark.' Jacob said while showing his

left arm to Travis. On his arm was what looked like a black tribal ban

tattoo with a strange mark in the center that looked half Asian half

Egyptian. Jacob then jumped over the bed and grabbed John's left arm.

'His is coming too.' Jacob said happily.

'Good, you can show it off to you old friends at the barracks, I bet

they'll all be jealous.' Travis encouraged.

'I also have the same mark like Jacob's.' John mentally thought.

'Not quite. Yours is larger and without the band. That marks you as

a Tor. Jacob's mark shows him to be the First of a Tor.'

'The First?'

'First lieutenant is probably a more complete description. It means

that the two of you are very close in spirit. It is a fairly rare

occurrence and earns the bearers prestige amongst the animorphs. Jacob

here can impress his friends with it.'

'Glad I could help.'

'He's a good man but can be silly at times.' Jacob said jokingly.

'He does not know what is for his own good.'

'I guess the pack will have to teach the Tor, wont they.' Travis


'I guess they will.' Jacob laughed, understanding the irony.

'Well right now I would like to do some teaching myself.' Travis said

while winking an eye. 'You can go visit your friends.'

'Alright.' Jacob said with a knowing smile.

'Then when you get back I think you can help me join the pack, I

think I'm due for a shave.' Travis ended this comment with a grope of

Jacob cock.

'Can do but I'm the First so your ass is mine.'

'How about we flip for it?'

'Deal' Jacob said before moving his bare ass back to his room.

'You might cause him to come back sooner then you want with those

comments.' John grinned.

'Oh no, his friends will want to celebrate with him over the new

mark, he wont be able to get back until tonight.' Travis replied

Travis began undressing, slowly removing each article of clothing

while swaying his hips as if he were trying to make a show of it. His body

was perfect. His shoulders where broad with the muscles defined in the

back. The back formed a perfect curve to his narrow waist. His tanned

body was muscled and broad but moderately thin. The black hairs that

dusted his chest added to him masculinity. His pecs were built but not in

a body builder sort of way. The hair from his chest narrowed to a thin

train that disappeared into his white briefs. His long narrow legs were

hairless and added to his slender appearance of his 6'4' frame. He could

basically be the perfect underwear model. He got in bed and helped John

turn his head to face him. The radiance from the gray glow of his eyes

made John light headed as he stared at them.

'I need to get you use to me.' Travis said. 'Being around me too

much can damage people but if we go slow, it will help with the change' He

then placed his hand on John's stomach and began massaging it. John could

feel the power in that hand entering him, giving him a warm feeling. His

skin began to itch but John was not able to scratch. The itching grew into

a burning. John could see his skin turn red and start to peel. The pain

was almost overwhelming. Before he blacked out from it, Travis released

his hand.'

'I'm sorry John that I hurt you.' Travis cried. 'Your body needs to

grow a new skin and if we waited for it to occur naturally it could take

years with many infections along the way. This way hurts like hell but you

will recover a lot faster.' John looked down at his body. It looked like

it had been in a fire, blackened to a hard crisp.

'The burnt skin will protect the new one now under it. In three days

we will be able to peel it off and I will be able to be around you without

hurting you.' Travis said before leaving, his face blotchy.

Gordon was upset, more then he usually was. He wanted to be a good

kid but he did not know what to do with his feelings. His father had told

him that he was very special. That he was the first Alpha who could feel

emotions on his own but Gordon knew from reading his father's mind that he

was a failure, incomplete. He needed someone to receive his emotions.

When he could not, all his anger, happiness, sadness, fear, joy, and

boldness all got meshed together. His emotions, once experienced never

left unless he gave them to some one else. That is what he had done to his

puppy, Jacob and it nearly killed him several times. He had killed several

of the guards who were assigned to him when he could not hold his emotions

in any longer. Jacob only survived because he had some E talent and his

good nature. The others had their brains fried due to the mental overload.

His father said that when he grew up he would be able to control himself

better but Gordon now had another reason to want to grow up. When he was

beating Jacob for leaving him, a man had been able to stop him. This same

man was also able to take away his pain, to stop his tears. The man was

able to withstand his mind burst and not die. Gordon wanted that man to be

his father, to have the bond that exists within families. But John Keller

was not a part of his family. That only left two other types of bonds, the

Tor bond to his pack and the bond between lovers. Gordon had learned that

John had already become a Tor to Jacob and that Jacob was the First.

Gordon could not stomach the idea of being below his former pet and

Dr. Gannon would never allow a 4 year old to be his lover's Tor. That only

left becoming John's lover and for that he would need to be an adult. But

first, he needed to decided if John could really help him or what had

happen was a fluke.

Using his father's override codes, he sneaked into Dr. Gannon's

apartment. It was a lot less flashy then his father's apartment that was

done in a Louis XIV style. Gordon preferred Dr. Gannon's fashion tastes,

there was a sense of peace to the rooms. Reaching John's room, he opened

the door to see a living burnt body.

'Who's there.' A thought went out.

'Its me.' Gordon said approaching the bed.

'The boy.' The burnt man thought. 'You really hurt Jacob you know.'

Gordon began balling in tears. 'I'm not a bad boy. I can't help it.

No one loves me.'

'Its all right.' John thought. 'I know you're not a bad person.'

Gordon climbed up on the bed and rested his head on John's chest, not

showing any concern or revulsion that he was burnt. Gordon felt all the

anger and hatred leave him when he did. 'Please tell Jacob I'm sorry.'

Apologizing for the first time in his life.

'See, that wasn't too hard.' John said while ignoring the pain the

child's weight was causing.

'I'm so lonely.' Gordon whispered.

'We all are at some point in our lives.'

'You make me feel better.'

'I seem to have that effect on the people here.' John thought


'Will you marry me.' Gordon asked. 'I'm going to be in charge of the

company one day.'

'Well you're going to have a lot of responsibility one day.' John

said supportively. 'You'll need a lot of help and by the time your in

charge I'll be a weak old man.'

'I wont let you get old.'

'Well may---be but still do you want all the grownups thinking I'm in

charge when your so much younger then me?'

'I don't care.' Gordon said but they both knew that he did. 'If I

were all grown up would you marry me?'

'I don't know about marrying you, I would have to see if you grow up

to be as cute as you are now. But we might go out on a date somewhere like

the movies.'

'I'll grow up quickly then.'

'Not too quickly, you don't want to miss life's important lessons.'

'I wish you were my daddy, then I could stay here with you.'

'I can't be you dad but I can be your friend.' John said, now feeling

a burning where the child had laid his head. 'Gordon are you an Alpha.'


Hearing the feared answer, John was not sure what to do.

'Gordon, does your father know that you are here?'


'I think that a good boy would let his father know where he is.'

'You don't think I'm a good boy?'

'No, you are, but you need to go and let your father know where you


'All right. Can I come again.'

'See you're learning, you can come again in a few days when I have my

skin back.'

'I'll be sure to be grown up then when I visit you and we can then go

out on our date.'


'Bye, I love you.'

'I love you to.' John said but was worried about how quickly the T's

used that word all the time.

As soon as John was sure that Gordon was out of the apartment he

triggered the medical emergency button.

Travis became furious when he heard the news and entered into John's

area of influence. John would not tell him what happened but he could

guess. The doctors reported that a third of John's lungs had been damaged

by a mental burn, a mental burn that could only be caused by an Alpha.

That only allowed for one person to have caused the damage, Gordon. The

security system for his building were deactivated using an override code, a

code that Kip Vassar had access to. The cameras for the surrounding areas

were also off. But the tell tale sign was that 30 min. before John set off

the alarm Gordon was seen leaving the central building and 15 min. after he

was seen entering it. Travis knew that he should not feel competitive with

a 4 year old but he did. Gordon was not only an Alpha but was stronger

then he was. Gordon also was able to express his own emotions without a

bond. While Gordon did not have control of them most of the time, Travis

was jealous of him. He called Kip Vassar and ordered him to keep his son

away from John or suffer the consequences. He tried to calm himself down

before seeing John but everyone in the room could see his anger.

'I'm sorry John, I should have been here.'

'Its not your fault.'

'It was Gordon's.'


'Yes it is his fault, he is a selfish monster.'

'He is a lonely person like another person I know.'

'But he hurt you.'

'No permanent harm done according to the doctors, my lungs were going

to regrow anyway like the skin.

'I won't leave you again.'

'Now that I won't mind.'

'Your too good for me.' Travis cried overwhelmed by John's kindness

and understanding

'No, were just good for each other.' John replied but when he said it

he was reminded by an old warning, 'nothing good lasts forever'.

Kip was happy with the way things were going. Gordon now was

completely fixated on John. Travis and his men were now pinned down in his

apartment afraid to leave John alone. Kip now had free reign over the

labs. He could proceed with phase 2 as soon as he told his son the bad


'Gordon I've some bad news.' Kip told his son who had been measuring

himself ever hour to see if he had grown. He had been doing this for the

last three days. Today, Gordon had been planning to visit John to see his

new skin.

'What's wrong father I'm busy.' Gordon said in a less then rude voice

then he had in the past.

'Dr. Gannon called saying that you can't go over to his apartment.'

Kip said while leaving the reason why out.

'But Mr. Keller said I could visit, he promised.'

'He did son but Dr. Gannon will not let him see you.'


'Do you need to ask why?

'Because he's jealous of me.' Gordon answered. It was something his

father told him about three times a day and reinforced by the dark looks

Dr. Gannon always gave him.

'But that's not fair, it's not my fault that he's jealous. Can't you

make him let me in.'

'You know that I'm CEO but since I'm weaker then Dr. Gannon I can't

make him do anything.'

'I wish I could.' Gordon replied, angry.

Kip was surprised by the amount of control Gordon showed with his

emotions now. By this time he would of expected his son to be lashing out

at anything that moved. It was too bad that Mr. Keller had to die. 'Son I

could give you that power.'


'I could accelerate your growth to make you a man. Then you would

have the mental and physical strength to order Travis to let you in.'

'I'll also be old enough to go on a date with Mr. Keller then.'

Gordon said eager. 'But I thought that we could only stay the same age,

not age faster.'

'That's true but my special team has found a way to do it.'

'I want to be grown up. I want John. I want John to love me.' He

said with a tone of seriousness that made him seem older.

'That you shall son.' Kip smiled. He was glade that his son was so

happy to do this but was worried about how his son would react to John's

death. 'Oh well,' Kip thought, I guess I will have to get him another

puppy,' thinking that would solve the problem. He would not know how wrong

he really was until it was too late.

A second bed was brought into John's room, Jacob and Travis would

first take turns sleeping in it until one day they decided that they might

as well share it. John got to watch Travis's initiation into the pack.

Both seemed to enjoy it and John found it amusing. He was not worried

about Jacob sleeping with Travis. Jacob was a bundle of joy, all he needed

was affection and the sense of being loved. While being loved usually

involved something physical with him, he was always considerate except when

he thought he knew better then others did on what was needed. Which, due

to his feelings that John was the nave one was most of the time. The

only time John complained about their 'activates' is when they got over

aggressive in their 'flip' to see who would be on top.

When John first heard them use the term he thought, naively on his

part, that they would flip a coin. It was not a coin they would flip but

each other. They would wrap arms and legs around each other while they

were laying on the bed and then roll around to see who would end up on top.

While Travis was the taller of the two, Jacob had more of a wrestler's

build. They probably weighed about equal so the 'flip' would become an

endurance contest. In the 'flip' in question, it had gotten so rough that

they both had fallen out of the bed but neither gave up a grip. They

continued rolling banging between the two beds until John heard a large

crack and the foot of his bed drop several inches. John shouted; 'stop!'

Both stopped with an abrupt suddenness, as they were surprised to hear his


'You got your voice back!' Travis said elated not noticing that he

was under Jacob.

'I win.' Jacob laughed.

'Not fair, interference!' Travis exclaimed now realizing his


'We stopped flipping and I ended on top, I win!' Jacob insisted

'Can't we have a redo?' Travis begged.

'No.' Jacob said as matter of fact.

'John, you're our Tor, can't you help me.'

'No.' John said in an imitation of Jacob's voice. 'The skin is

coming off tomorrow and I don't want him mad at me.'

'I'll beat you next time Jacob.' Travis grumbled.

'Next time I'll let you win.' Jacob replied. 'This time I need to

teach my Tor how to fuck you. Next time I'll teach you how to fuck him.'

'I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I'm making for you.' Travis

moaned to John as Jacob began telling him about lubricants.

The next day Travis and Jacob helped John walk to the bathroom to

take off the burnt skin. It was like removing the burnt portion of a

marshmallow a crispy layer followed by a pocket of air with the new skin

covered in goo. When all the skin was removed and John washed all the

slime off, John looked at himyself in the mirror. John was a bald, black

and white rendition of himself. It looked weird being surrounded by color

while your body looked like a character from a old classic movie. The only

color on John was the blue of his eyes. On his chest there was a black

mark where Gordon had laid his head. John could feel from Travis

conflicted emotions. He was happy to see me recovered but angry at Gordon

for the mark it had left.

Over the coming weeks John's strength, color, and hair returned and

it was not long before Jacob had his shaving kit out again. Jacob critique

of Travis's sexual prowess was pretty rough and only drove Travis to

fucking him harder, which John suspected was Jacob's objective. Travis now

slept in my bed most of the time but we did not engage into anything more

serious the heavy petting and kissing. Travis was still waiting for my

eyes to change before progressing into anything more serious. Life had

pick up a routine and its when thing are like that, that life decides to

break the routine in a big way.

Gordon was confused; he did not recognize his body anymore. He was

around 6'3'. His once straight platinum blond hair had darkened in to a

wavy dark blond. His muscles were built up and his body tanned and

slender. He looked like a smooth, blond, blue-eyed version of Dr. Gannon.

The most disturbing thing was the unknown hunger he felt. He wanted

something but did not know what it was all he knew was the last thing he

wanted was to see Mr. Keller. His father was there to great him when he

left the tank. He told him that he now had a brother and sister but

unfortunately the birth had killed his mother. Rage and pain filled

Gordon's heart and he knew of only one person who could help him,

Mr. Keller. Without another word he left his father and made his way to

the #3 building.

John had just opened my eyes to see that Travis was already awake

looking at his face with a smile. 'What are you smiling at?' I said with a

return smile.

'The bluest eyes I have ever seen.' Was his reply.

It took me a moment to get his meaning. John jumped out of bed and

looked into the mirror. His eyes were glowing blue.

'We can get married now.' Travis said excitedly.

On the word marriage John's heart dropped like a rock. Marriage, he

was already married. He had done something he thought he would never do,

something unforgivable, he had forgotten about his wife.

'John what's wrong.' Travis asked at seeing John's distress.

'Sara, I've forgotten about Sara. I've not even talked to her in six

weeks. I did not know what company I was working for until I saw the

plane. Sara does not know I'm here.' Travis tried to pull John into a hug

but he pulled away. 'What have I done?'

'We'll find her, don't worry, we'll fix this.' Travis said


'How, she might think I'm dead by now. Everyone I knew might think

I'm dead.'

'Call and see if she's still at your house.'

John took a few breaths and went into the study. Picking up the

phone he called the house. The only reply was a recorded message saying

the line was no longer in service. He tried her cell phone but got the

same reply. He tried to think of her parents' number but could not

remember. At a last ditch effort he called his old firm.

'Pulling, Goldberg, Travis and associates, how can I help you.'

Ms. Lowell's voice answered.

'Karen, its me John Keller, can you tell me where my wife is.'

'JOHN! Where have you been, you've been missing for six weeks we've

been worried about you!'

'It's a long story, can you help me.'

'Wait a minute I'll get Peter, he knows the most.' She said before

putting me on hold.

'Oh great Peter' John thought, he could spin enough yarn to make

sweaters for every person in New England.

'John where have you been, did you get lucky!' Peter answered the

phone in shock.

'Peter cut out the verbal fencing for once, do you know what happened

to my wife?'

'Yes, but I don't think your going to be happy about it.'

'Tell me.' John said with a sense of dread.

'Well, first you did not call home after you left so Sara called us

to see where you were. Mr. Pulling beat around the bush for a while before

admitting that he did not know where you were. Sara got all paranoid and

all thinking that you had abandoned her with a bun in the oven and all.'

'She's pregnant.'

'Yes but let me finish I can only tell one story at a time you know.'

'Go on.' I said finding his voice tedious.

'Well, she gets angry and flies to Dallas to find you but no one

knows where you are. She flies back here comes talking to me to ask what

was going on and all I told her was the truth.'

'Which was?'

'That some rich guy came in with a crush on you and swept you up.'


'Well isn't that the truth.'

'Peter if I could get my hands on you...'

'Promises, Promises, so how was he in bed?'

Jacob grabbed the phone then and shout, 'Fantastic!'

'I grabbed the phone back in time to hear Peter's squealing.'

'Oh yes I knew you had it in you, you go girl.'

'Peter why do you have to talk like this.'

'Well it's the only way I can show my pride, the stickers looked a

little tacky on my BMW.'

'Your impossible.'

'Deal. So when is the wedding.'

'Peter I'm already married.'

'Not anymore your not. Sara divorced your missing ass.'

'Where is she now?'

'Licking her wounds up in Vermont.'

Travis shook his head no before John had a chance to say he was

coming up.

'Why?' John asked him while covering up the phone.

Both Travis and Jacob pointed to their eyes.

Great John thought. 'Can you go Jacob?' He asked.

Jacob shook his head yes.

'Peter, I'm sending a friend up to go talk to Sara. I can't leave

right now, I'm in a bit of a situation.'

'Is he cute.'

'Very, but be careful, he plays to win.'

'Just my type, send him by and we'll work together to fix this whole


'Thanks Peter, bye.'

'No problem, if he IS cute I'll be thanking you in the end.'

'He's quite a character isn't he?' Travis laughed when John finally

got off the phone.

'You have no idea.' John said as he flopped into a chair and ran his

fingers through his very short hair.

Jacob was ready to leave within the hour. 'If he's as desperate as

he sounds, I'll have him eating out of my hand by morning.'

'Flip him a few times for me.' John added before he left.

The rest of the day proceeded sadly. Everyone could feel the absence

of Jacob. No one to ambush you when you opened the door. No one to walk

into the bathroom to start a conversation while you pee. No one who would

hug everyone in the room and then leave and reenter so he could hug

everyone again. The place was a lot quieter, emptier. It was the eye of a


Travis and John were just getting into bed when they heard the explosion.

Travis told John to stay here while he checked to see what happened. John

heard shouts and gunfire, and several more explosions. He could not remain

where he did not know what was happening. John started rushing for the door

when he felt a sudden sharp pain in his head. He got as far as the

stairway when he saw the bodies. Everyone was dead, Will, Chris, Louis,

Henry, ... Travis. Travis's body was torn through by one of the broken

wooden pillars. A tall naked blond man stood amidst the destruction. He

looked at John and smiled and started running up the stairs to him. The

pain in John's head would not leave and he felt himself weakening. Blood

was coming out of his ears, eyes and nose. He was dying. John leaned

against the rail post and slumped to the floor. The blond man was now next

to me strangely happy.

'Mr. Keller, I grew up. We can go on our date now!'

With those words, John now knew that the man before me was Gordon,

the little boy who was now a man but could not understand what he had just

done. 'I'm sorry Gordon, I wont be able to go with you, as you see, I'm

just too weak for you.'

'But you promised. My dad said that you wanted to go on the date but

that Mr. Gannon would not let you.'

'I'm so sorry Gordon. I'm so sorry.' Was John's only reply. Blame

was not important now. This poor confused boy was the one who would live

in suffering long after he died.

'You're hurt.' Gordon finally realized, seeing the blood. We can go

see Dr. Wane, he's the best doctor here. He'll fix you up and then we'll

be able to go on our date.'

'I so sorry.' Was all he could repeat, his life fading away.

'Don't die. You promised. I promised I'd keep you alive.' Gordon

said now crying.





At the same time of John's death there was a BMW that had just

crossed into Southern Vermont. The car had stopped. Inside were two

people. The driver was trying to console a red haired man who out of the

sudden began crying uncontrollably. Nothing the driver could do seemed to

help. Underneath the red heads shirt a tribal ban tattoo faded away. The

Tor was dead.

Those days at the ranch were some of the best in James's life. While

he was bed ridden most of the time as he recovered and regained his youth,

Chance and Jason started to really hit it off. Chance had overcome his

initial fear of Jason and James could see that Chance had developed a crush

on him, on both of them really. He was like a lost puppy that finally

found his boy. A night would not go by when he would not slip into one of

their beds. Chance would talk a lot about Gen Corp and the Tors and both

James and Jason knew that Chance would soon ask one of them to be his.

After a few months of recovery, James woke with a start. A member of

his family had just died. Nearly jumping out of bed pulled a few tubes

connected to his body, setting off alarms.

'James, what's wrong?' Jason said nonchalantly as he sucked on a

blood drip.

'One of my children is dead.'

'Not Chris.'

'No and neither of his brothers.'

'Your grandchildren?'

'I don't know any of them. Why would I know if they died?'

'Because they are still part of your family.'

'What should we do?'

'Well, you need more rest, you've gone from ancient to middle age so

it will be a few more weeks before you are the hot twenty something I fell

in love with.'

'So it was my body you fell in love with.' James joked.

'No my love,' Jason began to say as he walked over to James's bed,

the wires and tubes pulling on his skin, 'I love everything about you.' He

tried to bend over for a kiss but all the tubes held him back. 'God I hate


'Not for long!' Chance's cheerful voice came from the door.

'So you got the report!' Jason asked enthused.

'Yep, and as soon as Mr. Gannon gives his approval you two will be


'What is this? What have you gotten me into Jason.'

'Well,' Jason started while putting on a cute puppy face. 'You know

that we talked about having our own family?'

'Yes, how the Vox and Morgan children would be brothers.'

'Well, after talking to Chance about GenCorps fertility technology,

Chance convinced me that we can have a baby.'


'Well we would still need a segregate mother but the mother's DNA can

me removed, your DNA inserted, and my sperm fertilize it, producing our own


'But the risks, we don't know how our different DNA would match up.'

'That's what the tests were for. By computer simulation it is

believed that a happy health boy would be the product, with all of our

strengths and none of our weaknesses, He would need no blood from either

parent. James, while I have children who were created when I changed them

to vampires I want a child that I truly created and can raise with you.'

'It will be a lot of responsibly Jason, you can't use your gift to

solve the types of problems we will have with a child especially a gifted

child.' James said seriously as to bring the point home.

'Please!' Jason begged like a little child.

'Jason, give me some time to think about it.'

'All right.'

The next day, things went into chaos. People were running up and

down the passageways screaming at each other and while no one interrupted

James and Jason, they both could feel the danger creeping on them. In

reaching an unspoken agreement between each other they began turning off

the medical devices and removing tubes. When Chance finally came barging

in, both James and Jason were dressed in street cloths with Jason standing

behind James who was in a wheel chair.

'Gosh I guess you all heard!'

'No, we can tell that the shit is about the hit the fan and we don't

want to be here for it,' James said.

Chance looked worn and scared he must not of slept at all last night.

'I'll help the two of you out IF you agree to take me with me.'

'Sure, no problem, just tell us where to go.'

'All right! First put James back on the bed and then put on the

nurse outfit stored next to the sink.' Chance told Jason.

When all was ready, James was on the gurney with a sheet on top of

him and Jason was in a nurse outfit two sizes too small but covered up with

an oversized doctor's jacket.

'All right.' Chance said when he saw that they were both ready. 'We

are going to make our way to the evacuation vehicles and escape. James,

just stay still and moan. Jason, just act like my grunt and follow my


The two didn't say a word but sent that they understood.

'Good, now lets get out of here before things get too hot.'

Neither James nor even Jason was ready for the scene outside their

door. Bodies lay strung along the hallways, people in mid-stride

collapsing on the ground. The few people alive carried computers and

documents all in the same direction the party was heading. When they

reached the end of the hall the raging Arizonian heat and the dust stirred

up from helicopters blinded them. Chance guided them to one of several

parked RV's and helped Jason lift James in.

Once James was put into the back bedroom Jason joined Chance up

front. 'Want to tell me what the hell is happening?' Jason asked.

'I guess I should since I will need your help.' Chance said abashed.

'There was a coup at Gen-Corp. I don't know all the details but Travis

Gannon is near death's door while Kip Vassar is already there.'

'Do they know who killed him?'

'Yeah and that's the shocker, it was his own son Gordon Vassar. That

kid is supposed to be around four years old.'

'So why all the chaos out here?'

'Well according to what I've learned, Gordon has gone berserk, he

launched one of the bio-weapons we were developing for the government.'

'Aren't they supposed to be illegal?'

'Well I don't know how things worked back in your time but in our's

governments lie.' Chance said sarcastically.

'Well then nothing much has changed.' Jason agreed.

'That and the fact that the virus was not originally designed as a

weapon, at least not to kill people.'

'Then what was it's use.'

'It was to turn normal, ungifted people into T and E talents.'

'How noble.' Jason said sarcastically.

'Yeah, it only became an idea for a mass kill weapon when it was

discovered that most people can't handle the change in their brain

chemistry. Their brains hemorrhage or they go nuts. 80% of the population

will be affected. Of that 80 %, 10% will become gifted, 70% will die and

the rest will go insane.'

'What of the 20% that will not catch the illness?'

'We don't know, they have immune factors that keep them safe.

Vampires are one group that is safe as are your brides. The rest I guess

might be relatives of the other brides, half bloods, so to speak. Also,

anyone already gifted with E or T talent is safe.'

'Then why all the chaos back at the ranch/research station?'

'Because the government already knows what Vassar did. They will

want to capture all of us to show the American public, to hold someone

responsible. They will also want all our research to see if they can find

a cure.'

A thought just occurred to Jason. 'Your company is made up of

telepaths right.'


'And as far as the government is concerned y'all are the only group

of T and E's.'


'Then what will happen to us vampires when the government discovers

us in your files.'

'Oh Shit! Y'all would be the perfect scapegoats not only can the

government accuse you of being a secret organization but also label you as

monsters, the source of the contagion....'

'A group that must be hunted down to end the spread of the

dieses...'Jason said sullenly.

'I'm sorry Jason.'

'There was nothing you did or could of done to stop this.'

'But I made it worse.'


'Yesterday I mailed off James's and yours DNA samples so you could

have the baby you wanted. The government has already taken over our Dallas

headquarters, they'll get the samples and use them to...' Chance confessed

before stopping the RV in tears.'

Jason reached out and hugged the suffering boy. Jason knew what

Chance was going to say. Whatever child born from James and himself would

be used in government experiments. The odds of them ever seeing him were

close to nil. 'It will be ok Chance, you didn't know.

Chance looked up from is tear-stained face, and gave Jason a look of

desire. I want you to be my Tor.'

'Tor?' Jason said confused.

'Tor, my leader, the one who guides me but also the one whom I


'I thought it was the job of the leader to protect the weak.'

'Your job will be to guide me so I can help the weak.'

Jason though about it for a moment before continuing, 'What will this

mean for us sexually.'

'I would become a bed partner. It will be our mutual love for each

other that will bind us.'

'My heart belongs to James. He is the only person I want to sleep


'I understand and I know he feels the same about you.'

Jason gave Chance a look over and found the lad adorable. 5'6'

height, built Irish soccer lad of 21, built abs, built chest, delicious

white muscled legs that led to the ultimate bubble butt. 'Uhmmm, I think

we need to talk to James about this first.'

'All right, lets go.' Chance smiled as he hopped out of the chair.


'Yep, no time like the present.' Chance laughed as he lifted Jason

out of his chair.

Jason tried to walk in quietly but Chance pushed him on the bed

waking James with a jolt.

'What's going on?' James shouted.

'I need your help baby.' Jason laughed as he was assaulted by

Chance's tickling.

'I think I'll help Chance instead.' James said as he joined in.

After Jason was exhausted by the joint attack both James and Chance

crawled up against him. James proceeded to kiss Jason face while Chance

began removing clothing.

'So Chance told you he wants you to be his Tor?' James whispered

with some tongue action into Jason's ear.

'So he told you?'

'Of course, he knows who wear the pants in this relationship.'

'Oh really.' Jason said a little miffed.

'Yes, and before you say something you'll regret later let me remind

you that while you play a tough guy to the crowds, I know you are a little

scared boy inside.'

'And you're my daddy!' Jason smiled as he snuggled closer. 'So'

'So what?'

'So can I be Chance's Tor.'

'Yes he can my love but just remember your ass is still mine.'

'Hey I'm a top.'

'Jason.' James said seriously.

'Yes hun.' Jason replied guiltily.

'I know about the dildos you had Chance buy for you.'

'I was just experimenting.'

'Well we can experiment together after Chance gets finished with



'Yes love.'

'Chance hurry up and make me your Tor, I got some ass fucking to look

forward to.' Jason said excitedly.

Unfortunately for Jason, the ceremony was long and slow. It was also

the most erotic experience Jason had ever remembered. Chance's feathery

touch sent shivers down his body as he was massaged, shaved, and jacked

off. The taste of the mixed cum electrified his body and it was within

second's that his upper left arm began to itch and just like a Polaroid the

tattoo darkened into focus. It was to everyone's surprise that a devil's

head appear in the middle of it.

'That was amazing.' Jason finally said when he caught his breath.

'Now that you have a son, its time for us to consummate our

relationship.' James grinned over the happy scene.

'Give me a chance to refuel and I'll be ready to go.' Jason laughed

'No, I got you right where I want you. I want this to be long and

slow.' Said James.

'Oh gosh, your too much.'

'We'll see.'

As soon as Chance quietly excused himself, James began removing his

cloths. As soon as he was down to his boxers he walk to the foot of the

bed and began giving his toes a good tonguing.

'Oh James that feels so good.'

'I've wanted to take you since we had dinner together.' James


'I wanted to marry you since the job interview.'

By this time James had straddled Jason's leg and was rubbing his hard

on against his calf. 'Oh I want to lick your balls.'

'Then come and take them.' Jason dared.

'I'll take them but I plan on holding off the cuming for a while


'You make me so hot.'

'I plan to make it hotter.' James glowed as he took each of the

fresh shaven balls into his mouth.

'Suck those babies!' Jason hissed.

James was glad to oblige. He wrapped his tongue against the veined

cum sacks, giving little nips to them between licks.'

'Oh god, stop. Take my dick. I need you to touch it.'

'All in good time love, all in good time.' James said while staring

at the thick drops of precum oozing out of Jason's dick. James climbed

forward, his stomach receiving a smear of the precious white fluid. It was

now Jason's nipples that James centered his attention on. He tickled the

left tip with his tongue, sending Jason in to squeals of joy. He then took

the whole thing into his mouth and sucked on it like a baby to milk. James

would lift his head slightly so one could see the skin stretched by the

force of his hold. Jason buck like a tied steer and James serviced him,

spraying cum everywhere. James attack the arm pits, the collarbone, the

ears, and finally the belly button. Jason was a mass of submissive muscle

under James's touch.

'Suck me please suck me.'

'Anything to make my husband happy.' James relented. He snaked his

tongue down Jason's abs and into the trimmed hair around his cock. James

gave a few swirls around the base before turning his attention to the top.

Even after all the precum he had given off there was still a glistening

drop on the tip. James took a few seconds jut to stare at it. He then

extended his tongue and licked off the single drop. Just that small touch

sent shivers down Jason's body and allowed another drop to form. For the

next five minutes James would lick and Jason would squirm, leasing a fresh

drop for James to lick off.

'What are you doing to me!'

'Making you happy and seeing how many licks its take to get your to


'Not much more!'

'Then I better speed thing along.' And with that James took all 7

1/2 inches and used his right hand to pull Jason's balls. 'Give it to me

Jason. Give me your essence.'

'AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!' Jason screamed as he exploded in

James's mouth. The rumbling that started in his balls shot up his root and

reached release. A warmth overtook him as did an expression of contentment.

He had finally done it with the love of his life. He was whole.

'Speaking of holes!' James broke into Jason's reflective calm.

'Who's going to fill who's.'

'Your going to fill mine baby.'

'But I thought....' James asked confused

'That you're the bride.' Jason said.


'That's just tradition. I want you to own my ass. I want you inside

me, filling me up with your love. I want you to be a part of me. I want

you to cum inside me.'

'I will my love but just remember I want the same from you. I also

want you inside me, a part of me. I want us to be one person. I'll fuck

you but remember I also want you to fuck me.'


James slowly lifted Jason's legs over his head, exposing the pink

hole of his anus, quivering in excitement. James dropped on to his stomach

and began to lick the sensitive skin around the opening. James lapped up

the musky taste of shaving cream and male sent. He had never rimmed before

but he knew he must be doing something right since he could see Jason

getting hard again. With himself aroused and with the pucker pulsating as

if to invite him in, James push his tongue through the ringed muscle. It

was like kissing the tightest mouth he had ever had giving his tongue its

own jack off. Each time James pushed in, Jason would smash his ass into

James's face. After a while James had to take a break to catch his breath.

'Too much for you honey.'

'Yeah, that ass of yours is one hungry beast.'

'Well save the main course for latter, I could do with some finger

food right now.'

'Coming right up.'

James rolled Jason on his back and propped up on his elbows so his

butt was sticking up into the air. James was about to stick a finger in

when he remembered something.

'Uhm... Jason we have a problem.'

'What?' Jason said a little impatiently.

'We have no lube.'

'We don't need lube. Come on and finger fuck me.'

'Jason, when was the last time you were fucked.'

'Uhm a few centuries ago why.'

'Trust me Jason, you need lube.'

'I never used lube.'

'Well say goodbye to the 13th century and say hello to the 21st. We

need lube.' James joked.

'I got some!' Chance's voice came from behind the door followed by

the sound of doors and drawers being opened and shut. 'Here.' He said as

he tossed a tube to James. 'Its water base so you'll have to use more if

you take your time of it.'

Chance was about to leave when James felt a ting of pain from Jason.

'You want him here, don't you.'

'Yes.' Jason sent telepathically, 'He's like a best friend, brother

and son all wrapped up in to one. I didn't know becoming his Tor would do

this to me.'

'Chance!' James called out.

'Yes.' Chance said a little dejectedly.

'Do you want to be his moral support while we do this?'

'Would I!' Chance said excitedly. 'It's what I'm suppose to do for

my Tor.'

'Then get your butt over here and support away.'

'Yes!' Chance shouted as he jumped in the air and yanked off his

shorts in one move his dick flopping in the air.

'You're going to have to teach me how to do that when I'm back to my

prime.' James insisted

'Sure can do, it saves a lot of time for bedroom fun.' Chance


'I bet.'

'What do you want me to do?'

'Just go over to Jason and give him a kiss each time I stick a finger


'You bet. I love kissing that face of his.'

'Just remember who really owns that face. Now get going.'

'Yes Sir!' Chance saluted as he marched to Jason in a mocking


James squirted a dab of the clear lube on to the palm of his hand.

It wasn't oily like the stuff he knew that the twins had but had a cool

clean feel. He rubbed it over his left index finger till it was warm and

then began to tickle Jason's hole with it.

Jason began to tremble in a attempt to hold back the laughter.

Chance looked peeved and gave James a glare. 'Don't tease him, give him

what he wants!' He insisted

James nodded his head and in one quick motion inserted the whole

finger up Jason's ass.

Jason took in a sharp breath a held it, his face turning bright red

giving him a clown like look with the silly grin he had on his face.

James, not sure of what to do now looked to Chance who gave him an

exasperated look before giving his index finger a twirl.

'Oh.' James face lit up as he understood. He took the finger and

began moving it in small circles until he hit pay dirt.'

'AAAAAA! That's the spot keep it there.'

'Alright, I think I'll give your button a nice scratch for being a

good boy. Are you a good boy?'

'Yes oh yes I'm a good let me be a good boy.' Jason yelped.

James stopped for a moment and kissed Jason on the ear, 'I love you


'I love you to dear now can you please go back to pushing my button.'

Jason said eagerly.

'Always happy to oblige.' James went back and this time squeezed in

two fingers.

'Oh yeah, open me up, open me for your hard rod. Make me yours. Oh

god that feels so good.' Jason exhaled.

'Are you ready for me?'

'Yes, I want you in me.'

James lubed up his dick with the lube whose cool feel sent shivers up

his spine. James looked at Jason's worked hole as it beckoned to him.

James slipped in slowing adding an extra push to make it past the circular


'Hold it just hold it.' Jason begged.

James let the head just lay there just past the anal muscle.

'Ok, now put just a little in. that's it a little pull

back a little, ahhhh that right, you're rubbing against it perfectly. Now

faster...oh ya!'

James was moving at a quick pace, pushing to the root them pulling

out until only the tip remained inside before pushing back in. Their

hearts, mind s and bodies all moved as one to achieve the ultimate fuck.

It was not long until they both glistened with sweat.

After going at each other for what seemed like hours, James felt a cool

tongue run down his back.


'Is it ok if I join in?' He said with puppy eyes.

'Sure, you're family now!' Jason said from beneath James. 'That is

if it's ok with you.'

'You're his Tor, and his asking is so cute... why not.' James

laughed before pulling Chance into a hot kiss. They went after each

other's faces while James continued to fuck Jason. Eventually they chanced

positions so Jason was no his back, 69ing with Chance while James continued

to fuck.

The release of emotions was like a blinding light to James's empathic

talent and it consumed his mind. He no longer noticed his dick moving in

and out of Jason nor the moment when he took Chance's dick in his mouth nor

the finger Jason slipped up his ass. He was in a complete moment of love,

of being loved by men. These were not sexual acts. These were acts of

love. And it was with the purest joy that they released into each other at

the same time. 'I love you.' Escaped each of their lips as they fell


When they awoke each was different. Jason had the mark of a Tor on

his left arm. Chance now had the marks of a follower of a Tor on his

right. James, on his right arm had the faint blemish of a birthmark, a

birthmark that looked like the shape of California and the still healing

marks of Jason's bite. All three men were now marked. All three carried

the mark of each other's love. Jason could now accept James being loved

and loving more then one person just as he now did with Chance. They will

face many problems in the future but they will always be together. Neither

of them knew at the time that the prophecy was being fulfilled. James and

Jason had returned from the grave and so the days of Earth were now


This ends the first story of the parents. Now comes the story of

the lost children.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this first part of The Mark. It took

me only six weeks to write and I enjoyed every moment of it. I would

really appreciate it if you would e-mail me and tell me what you thought of

this story. If there are any characters you liked or disliked or any

situations you would like to see in the next book please don't hesitate to

write. I'm already in the process of writing the follow up book, which

will be titled 'The Tor'.



[email protected]


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