Chapter 9

This story is quite a cute one and just shows how sometimes luck can slap you in the face.

A warm Summer day in the town of Dunfermline about 12 miles from Edinburgh. Yes, contrary to popular belief, there are warm Summer days! I was in town on business and had an appointment to see a customer. The town was busy so I parked in one of the larger car parks just short of the town centre. As I left the car park, I spotted an older gay guy I knew walking towards me. This guy had an attraction to “chickens” as we called the younger lads. Whether he would be a paedophile by today's standards I don't know. It just didn't seem to be a problem in those days somehow and I don't think he pursued children anyway. However, I mustn't digress.

Somehow, though I looked up and prepared to nod to him, he didn't see me so I walked on. It was blisteringly hot and my suit was uncomfortably warm. As I passed him, I noticed a young teenager walking behind him. He was extremely attractive and was acting slightly odd because, when the guy I knew stopped to do something, so did the lad. I was a little early for my appointment so realising that the predator was being hunted by the prey, decided to turn around and follow. They both headed back into the car park at which point the older guy climbed into his car and drove away.

“Ah” thought I, “A randy lad and no older guy to help him. Opportunity knocks!”

I took a few moments to look around ensuring no one was watching me and turned back to……nothing! He had disappeared!

“Shit,” I thought.

The only possible answer was the nearby entrance to Pittencreiff Park which was a beautiful park and glen in the middle of town. It also had a few interesting toilets. By now I was running late for my appointment. I decided to run to my appointment, get it over with quickly and head into the park.

As luck would have it, the person I had to see was busy and had prepared everything I had to discuss so the deal was struck in 15 minutes. I dashed back to the car, left my briefcase, took off my jacket and tie and headed for the park. A search of the toilets revealed nothing. I looked everywhere even a second toilet block but still found nothing.

As I gave up and headed back to the car, just near the entrance was the teenage vision of beauty lying on the grass looking around him. I sat nearby. Never having been much of a hunter, I presumed that having seen him in action earlier, all I had to do was sit down and look sweetly at him and he would come over and that would be it.

Well I sat, and he sat, and I sat. I looked at him and he looked back. I can't begin to tell you how long this went on but I presume close to an hour. I realised that I was going to have to develop quick hunting techniques or I was going to lose this lad. I ventured over and introduced myself.

“Mind if I join you,” I said?

“No problem,” he replied.

Well we talked about the weather, football, life in the town, me – everything.

Two hours had passed and no remote suggestion of sex. I was beginning to get bored.

I thought, “OK it's bull by the horns time.”

“Did you know the guy you were following earlier?”

“What guy?”

“The guy you were following when I saw you a couple of hours ago.”

“I wasn't following anyone.”

“Don't be shy.” “As he was gay I presume you were hoping to get him to wank you or even more.” “Are you gay too?”


“But you were following this guy.”

“No, I just arrived in town before you sat beside me.”

“And you aren't looking for a nice man.”

“No I wasn't.”

“Shit, I'm really sorry.”

It was then I realised that stunningly attractive though this lad was, it wasn't the one I saw earlier. I had sat down beside a completely innocent teenager and proceeded to seduce him. He looked at me with a smile.

“Don't go, I might be interested.”

“But you said…….”

“No I have never done anything with anyone but I think I might be interested.”

I couldn't believe this. Here was a lad of probably 16 or 17 and a complete virgin, saying he wanted me to have sex with him. The real problem was that by now, my afternoon had gone and I had to get home – and so did he.

I made a date for the following day when I knew I could drive him to my flat about 40 minutes away and said my goodbyes.

As I waited the following day, I half expected his parents to come round the corner with him but he came alone.

We drove back to my flat as he asked me 100 questions about what we should do and would he like it.

We got to the flat and entered. He shocked me by grabbing me behind the door and kissing me on the lips. That was a surprise. I gently removed his t-shirt to reveal a nicely formed and hairless chest. His two nipples were large and brown, standing on end as I stroked his chest. I pulled off my shirt and seemed like a giant to him. I pressed the front of his trousers to feel a stiff rod pushing to escape. It wasn't the only one.

I unzipped his jeans and let them fall. He stood there in just his “Mummy bought these for Christmas” blue briefs with an obscene erection forcing its way out. I pulled them down. I would like to say he had 12 inches of throbbing meat but that would be lying. His cock sprung out. It was about 6 inches and ended with an upward angle of 45 degrees. The foreskin had slipped slightly back to reveal the tip of a pink glans. The slit was leaking clear liquid in drops. I bent down and popped the whole cock in my mouth while caressing his balls. His pubic hair was clustered round the top of his cock with a few hairs on his balls. As I sucked, he gasped. I think it came as a shock to find a man sucking on his cock. I led him to the bedroom and finished his stripping so that he was lying completely naked on the bed. I slipped my trousers off and then revealed my cock to him. My 7 inches impressed him and as I stood at the side of the bed, he leaned over and examined my cock and balls. Tentatively, his lips touched the tip, then his tongue. Within a few minutes and with a little training he was sucking ever so gently up and down.

I withdrew my cock and lay on the bed beside him caressing his smooth pale body. His cock strained upwards and jumped every time I got near to it. Whether by natural instinct or desire, his fingers cupped my balls and then slipped further round and I found the tip of his index finger pressing my hole.

“Is that ok,” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied.

Though I am always top, I enjoyed the perversion of this slight and timid young man playing a slightly active role. He became bolder so to help him, I turned over to offer him my rear. He seemed to enjoy the stroking and fingering, then pushing his hands round to cup my balls from the rear. He started to hump my rear and I found myself asking him if he wanted to go further. I had only been fucked twice in my life but for some reason, the thought of this tender body on top of my larger frame excited me.

I found some lubricant and put it on both his cock head and my hole. Condoms were still not a necessity. His cock slipped in and was surprisingly painless. He grabbed my hips with both hands and then started to really thrust. His small balls were pummelling against my buttocks. I raised myself onto all fours and he really got going. It didn't last long and I felt the warm squirt of his cum pumping into my arse as his animal-like screams told me he was having the orgasm of his life. He pulled out and lay back.

“Want me to cum now,” I asked?

“No, give me a minute, I want to cum again,” he replied.

Within the space of five minutes, I had persuaded him to quickly clean the lubricant off his cock and position himself at my head facing my feet. His balls resting lightly on my forehead and his cock rising back up to full strength. He started to stroke as I took my own cock in hand. When he came, I wished I had seen the initial one as the copious volume of thin light milky cum sprayed on my face, mouth, chin and chest. I figured there was about 5 or 6 jets as I shot my supply straight up the full length of my body and hit him with a shock on his chest where it trickled back down to his cock.

The whole session had taken about 40 minutes but it had been exciting and intense. As we regained our breath, he had no guilt whatsoever. We lay and talked and he asked if we could do it again – which we did.

However at the end of that session, he announced he was going to Aberdeen University in the Autumn. I kept his number and had an interesting meet with him during the following Winter. I called him to say I was staying in a hotel in Aberdeen, did he want to meet. He was a little vague but eventually asked me to meet him near the Halls of Residence in a pub. When I got there, he was sitting with another guy and two girls. He introduced them and one of the girls was his girlfriend. He sat close to her holding hands and she was obviously in love with him.

I went up for a round of drinks and he followed me and said he felt he owed me an explanation and asked me to go along with whatever he said. Returning to the table, he kissed his girlfriend and said he had to give me something from his room at the Halls and I was going to be leaving soon so could they all wait and he would be 15 minutes. We left and walked the short distance to the Halls where he took me to his small room. As soon as we were inside, he pulled down his trousers and unbuttoned mine. His cock was as rigid as I remembered it.

“Suck me off,” he begged.

Now I am not much of a fan for swallowing cum though I don't mind someone cumming in my mouth, but I dropped quickly to my knees and started to suck his beautiful prick. I fingered his hole and cupped his balls as the cock pushed rigidly into my mouth. The skin slid back an forth and within about 6 or 7 minutes, I felt that familiar pumping within it. I was not prepared for the fountain that hit me. This was what the fresh first-time load must have been like when he fucked me. It was difficult to count but there were at least 8 jets and the liquid was so thin that retaining it in my mouth was not an option. It squirted straight down my throat, over my tongue and when I tried to pull back, all over my face. Even when I thought it had finished and started to withdraw, two more squirts hit me on the face and ran thinly down my cheek. My load took seconds as you might expect. The taste was surprisingly sweet and without that thick creamy texture that often makes me gag, went over my throat as though I did this for a living.

It had been quick but it had been more that I dared expect. We mopped up and as we left the quarters, his girlfriend was climbing the stairs looking for him. I had a rush of jealousy but at least I had had my quota and as I left and she went into the room, I had a feeling she would be getting the balance.

I didn't ever see him again despite a couple of telephone calls. In the last one he was talking of getting engaged. I wondered if I was going to be his only male experience. Somehow I doubted it.

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