The Lake District in the North West of England was the proud host for a number of glory holes from Carlisle in the Northern part to Kendal in the Southern part. Many a happy day was spent in each of the venues. Two events stay clearly in my mind.

On the West Coast were two towns of Workington and Whitehaven. Workington had two amazing toilets, one in the centre and one in a nearby park. On one visit there, just I was getting heavily involved with an attractive young lad, when the attendant felt it was time to clean the place and announced loudly that (even tough it was lunch time and the busiest time of day) he was going to close for cleaning. I left the toilet, a little disappointed at being interrupted having only just had a brief grip at the rather large 18 year old cock which had been presented to me.

As I walked slowly back to my car, I noticed the young lad moving in such a fashion as to suggest that following him might be to my advantage. As he was the local, I felt I should bow to his superior local knowledge. I followed him into a completely empty park nearby and after a few minutes, our destination appeared like an oasis on the horizon – a small toilet block.

He entered ahead of me and I followed to find a very small toilet with two cubicles made of that thin plywood material which is so loved by glory hole manufacturers. He went into one of the cubicles. The other door was closed but still appeared to be empty and as I went to open it, the young lad opened his door and asked me to come in. I was so horny, and the park was so empty, I considered the risks for all of 2 seconds before joining him.

Within seconds his jeans were at his ankles, followed by his briefs. This slim Adonis was already erect and his 6.5 inch uncut cock was curving upwards and pointing towards my mouth. I dropped my suit trousers and knelt before him, taking the cock in my mouth and the young lad groaned with pleasure. It was a small cubicle and to give me access to his chest area for some nipple sucking, I stood up slightly but was bent over with my buttocks resting against the wall behind. I was suddenly shocked to find a cock pushing against my hole. I stopped and turned round shocked to find an enormous glory hole and a matching enormous cock sticking through it. This thing was big. It looked to be around 10 inches and thick. Judging by the hands, the owner was not going to be as young as my friend but, confronted by this monster I didn't care. The young lad looked on a little bemused as I knelt down and took it in my mouth. It had that wonderful faint taste of soap and musky man. The young lad moved towards me and offered his cock too and I struggled to accept both.

I stood up and directed the young lad's cock to the hole as an offering to our neighbour. From the sounds, the offering was welcomed. I stood behind the young lad and decided to stick my stiff cock between his legs and fuck it in and out. He loved it! He threw himself back towards me as I pushed him towards the hole and the hungry mouth.

I pulled the young lad back and sucked him again myself with the other guy watching. He looked to be about 40 but wasn't that bad looking: as though I cared at this stage anyway. The young lad the bent down to suck me with his arse to the hole and I heard the slurp as the older guy licked his arse. The young lad was sucking me very close to the edge and I might have cum there and then if I hadn't realised the older guy was already half way in him bareback. I put my hand down and felt the massive cock already well into the young lad's hole with just spit for lubrication. No mean feat for the uninitiated.

I took the young lad's cock in my mouth and my cock in my hand and started to suck. I was very quickly rewarded with a thin jet of teenage sperm part in and part out of my mouth. There is nothing quite like that pulsing feeling as an erect young cock ejects into your mouth and you feel each jet fire from the balls. I heard the groan from behind and put my hand round as the older guy was pulling out with cum spurting everywhere, both from inside the young lad and still from the tip of his cock. My load went off immediately.

We did our quick thanks and dressed in usual embarrassed fashion to leave.

I thought that this would be the pinnacle of sex in this area and on my next visit I was proven to be right when both toilets were closed. I was disappointed and headed down to the next town of Whitehaven where I had a mid-afternoon appointment. As it was almost lunch time, I pulled into a small car park and bought some sandwiches, keeping an eye on the town centre toilet. This was a quiet affair with three cubicles and three urinals. The cubicles were floor to ceiling tiles with a small spy hole between two and also to the main toilet area. After lunch I wandered in and found the middle cubicle engaged. There was someone wanking next door but I could see little through the small hole.

I sat down to content myself with a wank when I noticed an eye at the door looking in. I unlocked the door and this stunning 21 year old apparition was standing outside. He was wearing blue overalls covered in paint and squeezing the front of them. He somehow didn't look like a painter. He told me to follow him outside. Somehow, it seemed like a good idea. When outside, he said he had a place to go and we quickly drove to a small street of terraced houses nearby.

Once inside, he explained that he could not be out for more than 30 minutes. He was newly married and he had taken a few days off to decorate their home. His wife was at work and was so in love, she telephoned every hour. He asked if I could fuck him on their bed – it seemed really important to him (and it certainly wasn't turning me off). We went to a very frilly feminine room with a double bed, make-up on the dresser and photos of his wife with and without him, including the wedding pictures. He asked me to hurry and we stripped.

We had some preamble as I sucked him and he sucked me but he reached for some condoms very quickly and rubbed some jelly from the bedside drawer on his hole.

“Please fuck me now,” he said with one eye on the clock.

I obliged and my cock entered after an initial struggle. He faced the bedside table as I plunged in and out. The phone rang and I jumped.

“Please keep going regardless,” he begged.

I did and he answered the phone. It was obviously his wife and when I stopped he shook his head and signalled that I should continue. I began to see what he wanted so, while he talked about how his day had been and told her how much he loved her, I held his hips and fucked him ruthlessly.

I held his cock as I did so and he ejected a stream of cum that shot straight across the room. I emptied myself into him as he said his fond farewells to her and once more said how much he loved her.

He tried to pretend that it was annoying she had telephoned at that moment but not for one second was I fooled. This guy wanted to be deflowered while he told his wife he loved her. I don't know why it turned him on – but it certainly did me.



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