A real favourite glory hole was in the town of Kirkcaldy. This smallish coastal town had about 7 gay toilets but there was one set back from the harbour area which was an old brick built one created for the workers in the local linoleum factory to use on their way home.

It had just two cubicles with floor to ceiling tiled brick walls and floor to ceiling doors. Some enterprising person had picked a rather large hole in the brickwork at the door end of the cubicle. This meant that if you were sitting on the toilet, the person next door could not see you. You had to stand and walk forward for action.

Again, this toilet had provided many happy hours of entertainment and again I will recall the one story that sticks in my mind. I won't tell the story of sucking off the policeman in uniform and many of the other exciting little tit bits but this one was exciting at the time.

I was quietly sitting minding my own business when I was aware of someone coming in next door. After waiting for a polite moment or two I stood up and had a look through to see a lad in his late teens standing there doing the same. He was rubbing the front of his trousers and showing a sizeable bulge so I did likewise. He unzipped and dropped his trousers then pulled down his briefs to expose a very stiff uncut 7 inch cock. He was acting slightly erratically but put his organ through for me to pounce on and slurp. He tapped for me to return the favour, which I did.

There was quite a bit of activity at the other side. I could feel him suck me softly and lick my tip. Then he seemed to be a little more active and sucked me slightly differently. I didn't care. I was enjoying the action. I pulled back and tapped for him to put his through. It seemed to be smaller than I remembered but I started sucking anyway. It was certainly as hard as I recalled. I pulled back to look at the cock and balls of this young lad and as I did, I noticed something moving between his legs. It looked like a cock head pushing in and out. More than that, it looked like the head of the cock I had originally sucked. There were two people in the cubicle!!

I put my cock back through and felt two sets of hands. One set on my balls and the other wanking me. I was in heaven. The two guys were definitely together and I suspected they were a couple looking for an emotionally safe threesome. When the smaller of the two cocks came through for a second time, I noticed that the smaller lad had stripped and was now naked. His friend was similarly naked behind him. They were both very attractive teenagers. The smaller of the two put his cock through and bent slightly forward and from my vantage position I saw the first guy's big cock being pushed towards his hole. He was going to fuck him. As I sucked, the big cock gently pushed into him until all of it had gone inside. He started to fuck while I sucked.

After a few minutes, it was obvious that he had cum inside him. The big dick slipped out and the cum dripped off the end and landed on the floor. The young guy then turned round and offered his slippy hole to me. I parted his cheeks and looked into it. The cum was oozing slowly out. What an erotic site! I dug into my wallet and quickly pulled on a condom and my cock slid in helped by the copious amount of cum up his hole.

I fucked him like a wild thing and shot my load quite quickly. The young lad slid off my cock and slipped off the full condom. He then poured the contents on to his erect cock and wanked himself, shooting three or four jets at the hole in the wall where it struck and trickled down the tiles.

They quickly dressed and left and when I went out, I saw them sitting outside in an old car. They both nodded and thanked me. Stunning looking lads and a memorable experience.



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