The County of Ayrshire, just 30 minutes drive from Glasgow, and used as a summer resort for day trips from that big city, had more than its fare share of glory holes. I mentioned a busy one in part 2 but everyone knew this Park. This toilet stood on a busy roundabout just outside the centre of Ayr town itself and people came from far and wide to drink at the fountain. It was brick built and had the magical three cubicles, with the required holes between.

I have enjoyed many an afternoon dipping in and out playing or just hanging around. I once managed eight loads of cum on my face in quick succession without cleaning off in between, so quick was the next person in and ready to get serviced. My story from here though is much simpler and does not involve an orgy of dicks.

I had cleared an afternoon to enjoy the pleasures of Dam Park and arrived around lunch time. My job, as did that of my partner, involved a bit of travelling around the North of the U.K. As I pulled into the car park, I was horrified to see my partner's car in the car park. We were 70 miles from home and I was not aware he was even in the area or that he did any cottaging at all. He was much younger than me and really only had been driving for about 2 years.

I parked discreetly at the back of the car park and walked up to face him. All three cubicles were engaged. I waited, ready to give him a shock when he came out. I had guessed that he was in the middle cubicle. The guy in the end came out and left so I went in, sat down and looked through. He was slurping on a very large piece of meat. I would figure it was around 9 inches long and very impressive. I kept my features back from the hole. He stood up and stuck his cock through to me. He was quite well blessed himself and usually preferred to be active. His 8 inch cock came through and I looked at it. I realised my cock was rigid to I dropped my suit trousers and sucked his dick. He was groaning quite loudly with no thought for the public position we were in. I had not realised that my sweet little boy was a slut.

He tapped for me to push mine through. I hoped that in his heat he would not recognise me. I suppose an anonymous cock is just that because he gave me greater head than he ever did at home. By this time I was really getting into it. He withdrew and left my cock sticking up. I looked through a saw him back his arse to a waiting 9 inch cock. Surely not! He pushed and pushed, gently withdrawing and spitting on his fingers to lubricate. Then I noticed the guy on the other side was lubricating his cock with jelly. The look on my partner's face as the full length of the 9 incher sunk in was ecstatic. He was riding in and out and I heard the grunt as the guy on the other side dumped his cum into him. These were the pre AIDS days, but this was still something not to be encouraged.

He pulled off and I saw the depleting monster pull back. Then he just turned around and backed his hole to face me. I looked at it and saw the cum oozing out creamily. I only thought for one minute before sinking my 7 inches into him. I rode in the slippy goo and shot within about 2 minutes, depositing the contents of my heavy balls into him.

He pulled out and stuck his cock through so I sucked him off and took his load on my face (one of my favourite glory hole pastimes).

While he was cleaning himself, I quickly left and waited in the car until he drove away.

I never did tell him and shortly after, we were able to come to terms with the fact that we were both sluts and had some wonderful shared experiences both in toilets and at home. One more is coming up later in this series.

The Park toilets are long gone but the pleasure they brought to the residents and visitors to a small county town were many



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