I knew nothing about glory holes and just a little about toilets. I had my first car and lived in Edinburgh and enjoyed straight, ordinary cottaging. Then someone told me about a toilet near some links in Edinburgh centre which was part of the changing rooms for a bowling green and the partition walls in the cubicles has been cut to form a glory hole on either side of three cubicles. I though it would be worth investigating and found it to be very busy. In fact so much so that getting a seat at peak times could be difficult especially if some ageing geriatric decided to take up residence in the middle cubicle. This is an occupational hazard known to all glory hole visitors.

I will not waste too much time over my encounters, good or bad but tell the story of my favourite one.

It was late one Saturday morning and the toilet had still not picked up for the day. I sat discreetly in my car keeping an eye on the entrance. I saw a young guy walking towards the door. Now this was no ordinary young guy. I had been trying to pick him up in the toilets in town for quite some time as I liked guys younger than me. He was slim, blonde, not camp at all and extremely pretty. Sadly, he liked guys his own age and, though I was not much older, he had made it clear that I was not going to get my hands on his body.

He looked like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and I watched to see if he was just heading home or was actually going to pay a visit. He walked in.

I shot out of the car and ran to the door. He was in the middle cubicle. I went in next to him and decided to play it cool so just unzipped, pulled down my jeans and pants and sat quietly. The hole was a round one and sizeable enough for most cocks. There were a number of smaller holes at eye level and I decided to cover most of these leaving just a couple slightly lower. I gently massaged my cock and looked through. No response. Had he recognised me?

He was sitting on the pan, corded jeans at his ankles and a lovely small pair of grey briefs down there too. His hands discreetly covered his private area. I could feel my cock rising so decided to let it. Gently with a mind of its own, my 7 inch uncut cock rose through my hands and I gently stroked it. I could see him look. He then stood as if to leave and turned his back to me.

“Damn,” I thought, “He's going.”

I sat back, trying not to look too anxious, when suddenly his cock came through the hole. There is nothing so exciting as watching a stiff cock slide towards you through a glory hole. This cock was especially inviting because I shouldn't have been having it at all. It was just under 6 inches with a little bunch of foreskin on the tip which parted as the cock came through. It had that really light feel that young cocks have, even when they are hard – and this one was. I devoured it. My mouth was over it so quickly and I slurped and licked. I pulled the skin back to expose the pink head and licked and licked. I could make out his blonde pubic hairs at the base. Boy was I turned on.

He pulled back and tapped the hole to invite me and I stuck my cock through for him. He sucked my 7 inches with great enthusiasm and had me close to giving him my full load. Then he withdrew his mouth leaving me suspended. I pulled out and looked through to see his bare arse as his cock was pushed to someone in the opposite cubicle. Then their 8 inch monster came through and I had the pleasure of watching the boy of my dreams sucking a large cock and taking a massive load of cum on his face. He let it dribble down his face and made no attempt to remove it, before tapping the hole on my side and I knew what he wanted.

I pushed my cock through again and he started to suck and wank at the same time. It took me less than two minutes before I felt the cum boil up from my balls. It spurted load after load and I knew he was getting the covering of a lifetime. When the orgasm subsided, I sank back on the toilet seat and looked through. He was stripped to the waist. His hairless chest had cum dripping down off his face on to his nipples and belly. His cock was in his hand and he was wanking with his eyes shut. When he came, four healthy spurts shot up to mingle with my cum and that of the guy earlier

That picture stayed in my mind and gave me subject matter for a few wanking sessions for some time to come.



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