This is a romp through the 60's and 70's when glory holes were everywhere and sex was there for the having. Straight guys, bi-guys and gay guys who just wanted uncomplicated and anonymous sex. These stories are short (just like glory hole sex) and take place in the Northern half of the U.K. and Ireland where the teller travelled on business for many years. The stories are more or less true as are the venues. Enjoy.

Ayrshire, some thirty or so miles from the large city of Glasgow had traditionally been a popular spot for day trips for people from that city. The town of Prestwick, a popular retiral town, just one or so miles from the larger town of Ayr. It was on the West coast and had some stunning beaches including a gay one just a few miles up the coast.

As with many seaside resorts, the toilets could be very interesting in season and one or two even had glory holes. One stuck out amongst the rest and this was right in the middle of town. In traditional glory hole fashion it had three cubicles and the hole between one and two was adequate but the hole between two and three was almost big enough to crawl through. This could be slightly embarrassing for unsuspecting tourists in need of urgent relief who were often sitting down and happily relieving themselves before they saw someone almost alongside them. This could sometimes also be interesting.

Stuck with some time on my hands I figured an early visit (late morning) might not be fruitful but at least I would get in before the lunch time rush and before some pensioner who had all the time in the world to sit in the middle cubicle and hope.

I was in for just a few minutes when I heard voices coming into the toilet. It sounded like a young lad and an older man and from the conversation, the young lad was coming into the cubicle. He came in, pulled down his cotton trousers and pants and sat down. I heard him piss and then there was a slight gasp as he saw the hole and a naked pair of legs next to him. He sat forward to look up at my face then, when he saw me looking, sat bolt upright with his hands between his legs. I was sitting in similar fashion.

Nothing was happening so I let my hands stroke my cock just a little until is started to rise gently and I made sure he could see the tip through my fingers. He slowly pulled his hands back to reveal a very stiff uncut six inch cock with a small dark curly patch of hair above and very few elsewhere. I stood up to reveal my seven inches in its glory and he bent forward to get a good look. I pushed it to the hole and let my cock and balls suspend there. I felt a gentle touch on the tip and then on my balls. He very softly stroked it, almost as though he were examining it. I had a very strong feeling that this was the first erect cock he had seen other than his own. He pulled the foreskin back gently then cupped my balls and softly wanked me. It was heaven.

Suddenly I heard a man's voice say, “Are you going to be much longer John, your Mum and I are waiting outside.”

“Won't be long Dad,” he replied.

I pulled back and got him to stand up and I put his stiff cock in my mouth. It was absolutely rigid with that soft, light hollow feel that only a teen cock has. I sucked as he continued to talk to his Dad about where they were going for lunch. I found this highly erotic, sucking off some guy's son while he carried on a normal conversation with his father.

He pulled out and bent down to say, “Don't go away.”

With that he pulled up his pants and left quickly. Oh the innocence of youth to think that when he returned the empty cubicle would still be waiting and empty. I knew how my luck normally ran and, true to form, an old coughing man entered the cubicle pulled down his pants and started to flop around with his cock. I ignored him. Sadly this does not always work. After fifteen minutes of playing with himself and being ignored, he finally left.

Surprise but who should follow him in but my little angel. His pants were down in a flash and, with a quick, cursory look to ensure it was me, his cock came straight through with his sweet little balls hanging below. I was aware that I had company on the opposite side and someone who had obviously seen the lad coming in had decided that watching was almost as good as having. I ensured he got a good show as I slurped on the lad's meat, licked his balls and then turned him round. I made him bend with his two round buttocks to the hole and he bent over like an expert. Wonderfully, his bottom smelt of soap and nothing else. My tongue delved into his rosebud and started to lick. I was getting encouragement in a whisper from behind and a suggestion to fuck him. I felt that this was perhaps too much for his first outing. I rimmed and managed to push my tongue well into his hole while holding the lad's balls between his legs. He was breathing very heavily.

He was keen to have my cock through again and this time his sucking was of a much higher standard. He licked my knobhead, my balls and even put his hands between my legs to find my hole where his finger was pushed. Now the thought of this little virgin fucking me did cross my mind but true life is not like the erotic story and I decided against it. I bent down again and took his cock in my mouth, wanking and sucking at the same time. It pulsed just once and a jet of thin cum shot out with a force I have rarely experienced. Four powerful jets hit me full on the face and mouth followed by two smaller ones, which I caught on my hands and lips.

The lad was out of the toilet like greased lighting. I sat back with the cum dripping down on to my front. My shirt was open. The guy on the other side was putting his tongue to the hole so I dripped some of the lad's cum onto his tongue and he eagerly licked it up. His cock then came through and I knew he urgently needed release. I wanked him in similar fashion and was rewarded with three strong jets of thick cum on my face.

When he left, I sat back and let the cum run down my face and on to my chest. I took my cock in my hand and enjoyed the luxury of slowly wanking myself with the mixed cum on my hands and cock until I came on my own belly to mingle with that of the older guy and young lad.

I mopped up as best I could and left. I had many more experiences in that toilet but nothing will match that feeling of sucking a lad's cock while he talks quite normally to his Dad.

Like most or all of the toilets in this story, the glory hole has long gone and only the memories remain.



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