Just North of Fife was the medium size town (called a City) of Perth. It was a busy destination for tourists and business people alike and it obviously had an eager hole borer as almost every toilet in town had substantial holes between walls. Most toilets in the area were unusual for the U.K. in that the walls and doors were metal and were about one foot off the ground. If you stood up, you could see over the top so protection from prying eyes outside was somewhat limited.

There were holes in the toilets on the main road North and also in the railway station but the daddy of them all was Canal Street. This toilet in the middle of the town had about six cubicles and all bar one or two had holes. Frequently if you walked in quickly you would catch three of four visible heads facing the wall with a satisfied look on their faces, only to jump down quickly when they saw someone walk in. Sometimes, the older guys would stand guard at the door and warn those indulging, if someone was approaching. It would not be the first time I had walked in and find heads at every cubicle while their cocks were being serviced. When this toilet closed, one of the old regular queens laid a wreath at the door. It was purported that they bricked a few regulars in as they wouldn't leave but somehow I don't think that was true.

My story, however, took place at the other toilet with the standard three cubicles and two holes. This one on the main route out of the town and was usually quite quiet but when you did meet someone, you were normally guaranteed some peace to enjoy them. One quiet day in November, rain falling outside and virtually no pedestrians at all. I had waited for some time and there was no traffic at all. I sat in the car to keep warm and saw a shape hurry in. I had no time to work out what it was but decided to follow.

The guy had, surprisingly, taken the end cubicle. I took the middle. I sat – he sat. I looked – he looked. Nothing much was happening but then someone else came in next to me so we all sat like good little boys. The new guy seemed quite young, at least 20 ish and so did the other. When the third guy came in, the initial guy suddenly became interested and watched me intently while wanking. He resisted all invitations to show me his cock but kept pointing to the other guy. I diverted my attention to him and he was certainly more interested. He sat with his Levis at his ankles and a brilliant white pair of Jockeys around his thighs. His cock was about seven inches uncut and he was wanking quite happily. He offered it to me.

I readily gobbled it, pulling back the skin to expose his pink head and licking around it. He was loudly groaning which echoed around the empty toilet. The guy on the other side was wanking like mad and when the third guy sat down, his cock came through for the same treatment. This one was a monster. It was at least nine inches, uncut with a clump of bright red hair and heavy pink balls. The skin peeled back of its own accord as the cock came through and I pounced on it. I tried to swallow the whole cock but could not. As I bent to suck, I was aware of a finger at the other side touching my rear end so I pushed backwards and was rewarded with a finger being pushed gently up my hole.

The finger withdrew on one side and the cock on the other. Now I was curious. Then I heard some rustling and the guys on both sides seemed to be stripping. The cubicle door opened and the first guy stepped out into the toilet area. I opened my door and there was this magnificent 20 year old, 6 feet tall with straw red hair, hairless body, freckles and wonderful nine inch cock surrounded by bright red hair. He had nothing on but his boots and Jockeys which were round his ankles. The second door opened and another guy, probably 19 or 20 stood there. He was about 5 feet 9 inches, slim, short dark hair, small patch of chest hair and a nice dark bush out of which protruded seven inches of erect meat. He too was in boots and a small black Jock strap round his thighs. They were obviously together.

I quickly joined them and stripped to a similar state. We were taking quite a risk though we would hear someone come in from quite some distance and could slip back into the cubicles if we had to. I bent down to suck the red haired guy. His cock was a pleasure just to hold. It was heavy and stuck straight out and slightly downward with the weight of its size. His friend was at my back, rubbing his meat up and down on my crack and wanking my cock with his free hands. He stopped and I felt lubrication being applied to me. This was a bit of a shock as a) I am usually top and b) I did not go in for toilet fucking. I was too far gone to really care a the stage and the comforting sound of a condom being pulled over hard meat reassured me that this might be fun.

I continued to suck and the head of his cock started the long slow journey into my back passage. In and out then again, until all of his seven inches were inside me. He fucked me quite rapidly then stopped, I presume before cumming. His friend went round behind me to watch the act at close quarters and as the smaller dark guy shagged me, he knelt down to watch closely, holding his friend's cock, cupping his balls, holding my balls and stroking my stiff organ. It was almost like a medical examination if I hadn't felt so bloody marvellous. The dark guy pulled his cock out and then lubricated his own hole. I assumed he wanted me to fuck him until his friend went over to him, lifted one of his legs up to the toilet and inserted his large cock in one swoop giving me a perfect view as it rammed home. I stood back against the wall and watched in wonder at these two lovers getting obvious excitement as showing me their most personal of actions. I watched in wonder as this slight looking guy took the enormous pole of meat so easily. I too knelt down and went up close to the action. With one leg raised, I had access to both sets of balls as they bounced and the enormous beast stretched the dark guys anal passage. I was just an inch or two away, watching all the action.

“Better him than me,” I thought.

As though reading my thoughts, he pulled out, reached over into his jeans, and stretched a standard condom over the length of his monster. It was quite a stretch. He lubricated and turned me round into the position his friend was in just a moment previously. Though I felt sure I would never manage, the head started its way up. He took it easy and I was thankful that his friend had cleared the way. I held my hand under and stroked the monster as it entered, then pulled back, then in again. I took the whole piece of meat all the way. I was in heaven.

He bent me double and started to fuck with a vengeance. Holding my hips he pummelled me as I groaned, my own cock absolutely rigid and his friend, still covered in his condom, stroking his meat while watching us. He gave a grunt and I felt his cock pulsing in me, one, two, three, four times as he pushed for final time. I felt the liquid fill the latex sac. He withdrew quickly, pulled off the condom which I took from him. It had a considerable quantity inside, certainly more than I would produce. As I fingered the full condom, I felt my rear being invaded again and looked round to see his partner re-enter me. This was going to be a quick one I was sure. The cock went in with one thrust and was like a pole of iron. I grabbed my cock quickly and decided to try and keep pace. Within two minutes the pulsing started and He shot his load with three thrusts inside me. I hadn't managed to cum as he withdrew. I felt a little awkward and decided to save my orgasm for the quiet moments after they left. I made a point of grabbing his condom too and retreated to my cubicle while they quickly dressed and left.

I stayed semi-naked and held the two full condoms up to look at the warm liquid, heat rising slightly off the latex sides. I sat back on the toilet, poured the contents of one condom into the other till the rubber tube was about one third full, then sat back and gently dribbled the warm seed over my cock and balls as I wanked myself. The feeling was wonderful and my own seed soon shot off to mix with it.

I sat their covered in cum, my heart thumping with a mixture of exhilaration and fear at what I had just done. I quickly mopped up and left looking back at the damp streets of Perth and knowing one day, I might be able to tell the tale.



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