My partner and I were invited to stay with a gay friend near Epsom in Surrey. The real reason was that it was a guy we had met on holiday and he fancied a long weekend of sex. Sex, we fancied but not for the whole weekend.

On the Saturday he said he had some things to attend to so we said we would do some shopping. In the course of earlier conversation he had mentioned that there was a toilet on the edge of the Epsom race course with a glory hole but as there were not any races that weekend, it would be quiet.

We were certainly going to do some reconnaissance and headed there in the early afternoon. He was right about one thing. There were a few people walking around in the Spring air but the whole area was desolate.

We parked the car in a car park and headed in to the toilet. The layout was a urinal for about four and three cubicles. There was a small hole between cubicle one and two and a cock size hole between two and three. We decided that one of us would take the middle and the other could watch the action. We could then swop with the same guy or wait and swop at the end of the session for the next guy – if there were any around.

Well we were patient and, though people came and went there was little activity. We had just made up our mind to go when we heard approaching voices. It sounded like a family. From my cubicle (I had drawn the short straw so had the small hole), there was another small hole in the door which almost looked straight outside. A very attractive guy in his mid-twenties stood outside with a young wife and a small boy of about 5. From the conversation, it was obvious that wife was going into the ladies toilet and “Daddy” was taking son to the gents toilet.

Daddy was about 5 feet 9 inches, average build, blonde hair and drop dead gorgeous. He walked in and took the little boy into the end cubicle with the hole. For some reason little boys prefer to pee in a toilet pan rather than a urinal. I heard the little boy finish and then his father say, “Wait outside with Mummy and I'll be right out.” The assumption was that Daddy was going to have a crap.

“Oh well,” I thought, “We'll wait until they all go and then leave.”

I looked through the hole to attract my partner's attention just as I saw seven inches of uncut cock slide through from the other side. I couldn't believe it! My other half was down on him in seconds, giving me an excellent view as he sucked the cock. He then put his own eight inches through. The slurping and groaning from “Daddy” were quite noisy considering he had a wife and child just a few feet away. This went on for about three or four minutes then I heard a child's voice say “Are you going to be long Daddy?”

At that, my partner whispered something at the glory hole, pulled up his pants, left and knocked on my door. I opened and he told me to swop. The little boy stood and looked at us. Little did he know that Daddy was having a whale of a time.

I slipped in and bolted the door. The seven inches came straight through. The little boy was talking to him, saying that Mummy was asking him to hurry and I was blowing him. He wasn't finished though.

He tapped the hole for my cock and I stuck it through. I could feel him stretch a condom on it and realised he wanted fucked. He sucked my cock with the condom on and then I felt his hole press against me. Considering the lack of lubrication and his heterosexual status, my cock disappeared rather quickly. I started to fuck him in long strokes. The wall was banging, the little boy was carrying out a simple everyday conversation which seemed to involve being taken to Macdonalds and I was fucking his Dad. I could stand it and with a louder groan than perhaps I should, I deposited my load into him.

I pulled out and his cock was through in a flash. I dropped down and sucked him. He shot a jet of thin cum within ten seconds. Most managed my mouth. I heard my partner cumming next door and his wife call from the front door to say she was walking on and he could catch up.

He was gone in a flash, leaving the pair of us drained, out of breath and in total disbelief. We don't believe the guy had planned a thing. I honestly think that the first he realised he was going to have sex was when he saw the hole and my partner's soft cock between his legs through it.

I was left with mixed feelings about the child being in such close proximity but also highly aroused at the complete “straightness” of the whole situation.

We still had a good weekend and kept a little back for our friend.



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