During the bad old days in Northern Ireland I was given the job of looking after the place for my company. After initial apprehension, I discovered a whole new way of life. With the constant security threats and the danger of being out an about at night there was virtually no gay life at all on the surface. More guys seemed to marry and more guys seemed to be looking for instant relief. There was a whole world of randy married guys out there just waiting for me.

To satisfy their needs, there were a number of glory holes in Bangor, Belfast, Cookstown, Londonderry, Coleraine and Omagh. The Belfast ones were quickly closed down but the rural ones stayed active. I have a number of stories to tell but as before I will only relate the ones with which are a bit different.

Enniskillen: This is not really a glory hole story at al.l but the story is so erotic and left me with thumping heart through excitement and fear that it is worth retelling here. The toilet in question was in the town centre and had a small hole between two cubicles and one out to the urinals too. What seemed to happen is that after a bit of exposure, the guy in the next cubicle would stand on the seat and look over, ducking down if anyone came in. Guys seemed to have no fear of joining their neighbour if they wanted. This seemed a bit risky to me and was something I avoided. With only two cubicles, it was only too easy to get trapped with a queue outside waiting to use the toilet.

On one fair day I had popped in and waited only a few minutes before I had a neighbour. I could make out very little about age or features through the hole, so was playing hard to get. I was suddenly aware that I was being watched and looked up to see an absolute Adonis. This young lad looked to be around 18, with soft but curly blonde hair, cut short. He was just beautiful. He asked if I had somewhere to go but I didn't.

“That's o.k.” he said, “Just come with me to the nurse's area at the hospital.”

He was obviously a student nurse so he joined me in the car and we drove in my car to the local hospital. We parked in the car park and he led me straight through the front door of the hospital, past reception and along a corridor. There were many doors but we stopped at one and entered. The room had coats on hooks around the wall, a sink, some seating and an examination couch. There were also a few lockers.

“Here we are,” he said, “We'll be safe here.”

I questioned him about the room but he informed me it was used by on-duty nurses who came nowhere near in the middle of a shift. He was very positive and I assumed his inside knowledge would make it o.k.

We locked the door and started. He was really beautiful. Slim, attractive, and wearing natural cotton trousers. He started to strip me like a hungry beast and soon had me completely naked. He sucked my 7 inch cock as if he had never had sex before. He licked by balls then turned me around and started to rim me over the examination couch. He ripped his own clothes off and was standing in a pair of tight boxers with a straining erection. The shorts were pulled off and I bent to take his cock in my mouth. It was six inches, uncut and so hard I thought it was going to blow immediately. For a young lad he was very dominant. As someone who is used to taking the lead, it was quite erotic. He reached into a cupboard with some supplies in it and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. He opened a condom from his duffel bag and stretched it on his cock. I am not passive but was far too far gone to care.

He bent me back over the bed and lubed me generously with KY. I felt his cock enter. Slowly he pushed the head then thrust it in to the hilt. As he fucked me his hand reached round to grip my cock. With an almighty grunt, his cock pushed into me and I felt it pulse as I came over the bed. I collapsed in a heap.

As we tidied up, I asked him what time he started his shift.

“What shift” he asked?

“Here,” Said I.

“I don't work here, I work in an office in town.” “I've got nothing to do with the hospital but a male nurse once brought me here and it seemed as good a place as any.”

My knees turned to water as I dressed quickly and virtually ran out of the building. My partner seemed quite unconcerned as he followed slowly behind. Ah the innocence of youth!

Omagh: I had found a small toilet here with a hole between two cubicles and had enjoyed much fun with some straight looking guys. One day, further down from this toilet, I noticed one down some steps at the side of the river. On venturing down I found three cubicles with one small hole between two and three but an enormous hole between one and two. For the size of the hole, this was not a very active toilet. This toilet has probably long since gone as it was in the path of the appalling Omagh bombing some years later.

The point about this toilet is that to enter and go downstairs took about 1-2 minutes during which time any activity of a risky nature could be stopped in plenty time.

I sat there one early lunch time with little happening when I heard steps coming downstairs. There were two sets and both sounded young. Through a little hole in the door, I watched two older schoolboys (of legal age by today's standards), enter the toilet and both go into the cubicle next to me with the smaller hole. I thought they were about to have some lunch time sex but instead, they lit up a cigarette each and I had a feeling it was not tobacco. They quietly chatted and I quietly sat.

After about 10 minutes, they seemed to be a lot more relaxed and were giggling. The one sitting on the seat saw the hole and looked through at me. I sat, pants at my ankles and cock softly lying between my legs. The lad whispered more loudly than he probably intended, that his pal should look through at my cock too. This he did.

I tried really hard but my cock started to rise at the thought of these young lads looking at me. The first lad commented on it to his mate, again in a loud whisper. Then he said something else and they both went out. I didn't hear them climb the stairs and I was a bit nervous but I looked through the hole in the door and saw one of them standing by the entrance while the other stood at the urinal. I could not see what he was doing but his friend was giggling at him. I gently opened the cubicle door a little and saw the smaller of the two wanking his cock at the urinal. I opened the door fully and stood with my pants at my ankles and my 7 inches in hand.

The lad at the urinals was about 5 feet 8 inches with dark short hair and was slim. He had a school blazer and grey trousers which were undone showing a pair of traditional white “Y” fronts. The cock was about 5 inches uncut. He boldly walked across and took my cock in his hand. He said quietly to me – “Strip naked, please.”

I was unsure in case they were up to something but he went in next door to me and I heard his clothes being removed. I decided to follow. Soon I was naked except for my shoes and socks and he came out naked too. His slim, pale body looked small against mine and he was completely hairless except for the patch of hair on top of his cock. His friend was wanking by the door and soon came over to join us. He stayed dressed but dropped his school trousers. His underwear was a pair of baggy boxers (obviously a Christmas present from Mum) with a Paisley pattern over them. Unsexy, except for a sizeable uncut 7.5 inch cock sticking out of the front of them. I knelt down and took both cocks in my mouth. Their different sizes made this a little difficult at first but I was soon in my stride. I stood and licked the nipples of the smaller guy. His friend was an inch or so taller and had a little wisp in reddish hair on his chest. His pubic hair was a red blonde and his hair slightly darker but with a definite red tinge through it. I bent to suck the younger guy and was soon slurping on his cock when we heard steps.

I dived into my cubicle, the other naked lad into his and the third pulled up his pants and ran to the urinal. I noticed that my friend stayed naked so I did so too. There was silence. This continued and I ventured a glance through the hole to see the older lad with his pants back down, beckoning me to open the door. I did. He was standing with a guy about my age. This guy had his pants down and was sporting at least eight inches of cut meat. The young lad knelt down to suck it. When both of us walked out naked, the other guy did a double take but was obviously up for it. We ended in a group of four. The older guy kept turning round on us. I noticed his wedding ring so he was obviously wishing to take full advantage of the situation. He went into his pocket and took out a handful of condoms, giving one to each of us.

I have a thing for condoms so took all three. I ripped open the first and stretched it over the larger boy's cock. The second on the young lad, and then finally my own. The older guy bent over the sink and braced himself. I took first shot while the lads wanked and watched. I slid in surprisingly easily considering I did not have lubrication and started to fuck him while holding his hips. The younger lad went round to the front and started to suck him while the older boy was riding his cock up and down my own crack. I came. Spurt after spurt shot into the guys arse. I pulled out and the older guy was up him immediately and without any warning. He fucked him pretty violently. His cock thrusting in and out and he came within two minutes. His friend was up and around almost as soon as he came out and the guy then took the smallest last. While the boy was fucking him, I grabbed the guys cock and started to wank. With a perfect piece of timing the lad screamed out his orgasm as the guy shot a load of spunk that almost cleared the entire length of the toilet.

With that nervousness all people have in dangerous situations and after cumming, we all gave our thanks and slunk into our various corners to dress. By the time I left there was no one there. I picked up the three spent condoms to destroy the evidence, thought better of it and tied a knot in each for further pleasure later that day.

The Terrorist in Antrim: Not quite what it says but this was also an erotic event. The toilet here had a tiny hole between each of three cubicles and sex was had by kneeling down or my going into the cubicle next door. Considering that the toilet had an attendant this was a daring thing to do but then this country was full of desperate and randy men.

I knew there was someone next to me and realised he was probably in his late twenties but I could not make out anything else. Some note passing had ended in me saying I was staying in a nearby hotel and him saying he wanted to come back. We arranged to meet outside in the busy car park.

When I left the building there were not a suitable candidate to be seen. I was suddenly approached by one of the scariest people I had seen. This guy was short to medium height, built like the very brick shit house he had just left, his hair was cropped short, he had one gold earring but most frightening of all were the tattoos. “U.D.A.” on one arm and the “hand” emblem of the Unionists. The U.D.A. were the Ulster Volunteer Force, the I.R.A.'s enemies but equally violent. Small talk was difficult but in a thick Northern Irish accent he said, “You said you would fuck me.”

“You,” I half squealed!

“Let's go,” He said.

Now let me say quite clearly, I am not into heavy, meaty terrorists but felt that this was not the time to tell him since the lump in his pants was definitely the main driving force. My hotel was a rather grand affair and this guy, entering with someone in a suit, looked very suspect, but no one stopped us (probably too frightened). On the way to the hotel in the car, I had managed to find out that he was indeed the sort of guy you didn't tell your mother was a Catholic.

We got to the room and this great big guy was like a virgin schoolboy. He was nervous and didn't know what to do. He was randy but I got the distinct impression that this was not something he discussed with his mates over a pint. I took control as I love virginity. I stripped him and his body was very hairy. His pants were definitely part of a three pack bought by his mother in law. I stripped myself as he was obviously not going to. His cock was only about 5 inches and uncut (poor soul) but it was as stiff as hell. I made him take a shower with me and soaped him all over. I bent him over and soaped his arse and fingered his hole. This was definitely an area that had been out of bounds up to this moment. It was obvious that it was an area he enjoyed having played with. I rinsed and dried him and we headed for the bed.

I completely dominated him, sitting astride him and sticking my cock in his mouth. He was very unsure but really didn't have much choice. I face fucked him while gripping his cock with my other hand. He groaned like Hell.

I then turned him over.

I had some KY handy and slipped a condom on my cock. He thought initially that I was just slipping my finger in and out and he was loving it. I then started to push my cock in and he looked round with a worried look on his face. I pushed him down and pressed my cock head home. After a few false starts, my cock was all the way up. I fucked him with all my might. I pulled him up doggy fashion and held his hips and fucked and fucked. He grabbed his cock and jetted a load of spunk over the bedcovers as I shot my load into him. We collapsed on the bed.

This shy little voice then said, “I need to go now as I left the wife shopping when I picked you up.”

I ran him back to the centre and watched him go and meet the wife and two kids. Not my type perhaps but one Hell of a horny session.

Cookstown: This toilet had a few holes all cock sized and could be either great or dead. I was sitting quietly one quiet afternoon when a guy in his late twenties came in next to me. He was quite plain looking but attractive in country boy sort of way. You know, wiry, longish curly hair, plain clothes, corded trousers and very ordinary underwear. He showed me his six inches with a longish foreskin and I showed him mine. Instead of putting it through, he pulled up his trousers and left.

“Oh well,” I thought, “His loss.”

Next my door was pushed open (no locks) and he just stood and watched me sitting with my cock in hand.

“Are you staying locally.” He asked?

“Yes,” said I, “Local hotel.” I gave his the name.

“Can I come round later?”

“If you want,” I replied, slightly uninterested.

“You wear pyjamas,” he asked?

“No,” was my response.

“Don't worry,” he said, “Leave it to me.”

With that he was gone. He had my name but left me wondering what I was “leaving to him.”

The time for the meeting came and went and I was getting ready to go for dinner when reception telephoned to say there was someone to see me. I asked them to send him up.

He arrived with a large carrier bag and threw his arms around my neck to start kissing me. I was getting nicely warmed up when he stopped, opened the bag and pulled out the ugliest pair of granddad pyjamas I had seen in my life. You know the candy striped ones with a large cord round the trouser waist.

“Top or bottom,” He asked?

I presumed his question was about the pyjamas so in a stunned response I requested the top. He threw me the top and went into the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later wearing nothing but the bottoms. I quickly stripped and put on the top and kept a pair of briefs on. His cock was tenting out of the front and I suddenly found myself getting aroused by this stupid fetish.

I decided to take control and threw him on the bed. Assuming the pyjamas to be the thing turning him on, I started to rub his cock through them. He was rigid. I lifted myself up till I was straddling his chest and stuck my cock in his mouth. He sucked and sucked. I then slipped round to a 69 position and pulled his cock out. The foreskin was about an inch in length at the end of his cock and made for great sucking through his pyjama fronts. By this time I was really getting turned on when the dominance changed again. He flipped me over and proceeded to stick his cock up me. I managed to stop him just long enough to slip a condom on before he was urgently entering me again. Still in my pyjama top with his condom clad cock sticking obscenely out of his pyjama fronts he started to fuck me in earnest. He held my hips and shagged me until he fired his load into my hole. I erupted all over the pyjama tops which seemed to me exactly what he wanted.

I was thanked, he dressed and he left. That is the only time in my life I have encountered a pyjama fetishist.

Portrush: This beautiful town is a holiday resort on the Antrim coastline near to the Giant's Causeway. Very busy in Summer with day trippers and sometimes other Irish families on holiday. Not much in the way of glory holes but sometimes the toilets could be interesting with bored young holidaymakers. One toilet was usually quiet but had around six cubicles. The last one had a small hole in the door which looked along the urinals. When I was bored it served for some entertainment during lunch time as unsuspecting tourists came in to unwittingly expose themselves for my pleasure. This story, however, has nothing to do with any of that.

One early morning in late Spring, the resort was still quite quiet and I had a customer to see at 9.30 am. Arriving in town at 8.45 am, for some reason I parked up and went into the toilet. There was not a living soul in sight. I went into my favourite cubicle and sat to entertain myself stroking on my dick. I was suddenly aware of a shuffling sound somewhere. Kneeling down, I looked up the row of cubicles and at the far end, I could see a pair of feet – young feet. There was little movement, just the occasional shuffle. I left my cubicle and went up to the cubicle next to the feet and made a big thing about going into the cubicle. I sat down, dropped my pants and waited. Nothing!

I started wanking myself. Nothing! I waited and then pulled up my pants and went out into the main part of the toilet. I noticed the door to the cubicle was unlocked. I gently pushed it open and there, sitting on the toilet seat with his trousers fully up and clipped tightly shut was a stunning 19 year old who was not only drunk, but had obviously been in the toilet all night. Heavens knows how drunk he had been when he arrived as he was still extremely drunk now.

I walked in and asked him if he was o.k. I tried to lift him but he put his arms around me and slightly slumped. Something in his subconscious must have told him that I was the guy who had been wanking next door as he put his hand on the front of my suit trousers and squeezed clumsily. I reciprocated and, drunk or not, his cock was semi hard. He was in no state to fight me so I quickly unclipped his jeans and let them fall. I pulled down his briefs and revealed a comfortably sized uncut 7 inch cock, sloping downwards in a semi-hard state. I sat him down, dropped my suit trousers and briefs and pushed my stiff cock in his face. He looked at it and squeezed it a little. I wanted a bit more than that so pushed it to his mouth. He slightly turned away then suddenly opened his mouth taking the cock in. He bit a little so I told him what to do and he was soon sucking like a trooper. His eyes were half shut and I was not sure if it was ecstasy or his drunken state. I pulled out, knelt down between his legs and sucked his cock. It smelt slightly of urine but it was not unpleasant and I was soon sucking happily away. It rose to full mast and he lay back on the toilet seat to allow better access. I unbuttoned his shirt and revealed an almost hairless chest. He was now groaning quite loudly so I was glad it was so quiet outside. Without any warning, my mouth filled with cum. The first shot was thin and hit the back of my throat, the second also went in as I tried to withdraw his cock and the third hit me full on the face. He slumped back. I stood up, cum dripping out of my mouth and took my cock in hand. I started to pump my cock and gave him the contents of my full balls straight over his sweet little chest.

I started to mop him and myself up and noticed he had fallen back to sleep. That is how I left him. I wondered if he would think he had had a dream or if he really knew what happened. Either way I just made it to my appointment in time and when I checked the place out at lunch time, he had gone.



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