After breakfast, Steve and my mom were cleaning up, while I was getting my sister washed and dressed. She wiggled like a little worm, wanting to play with Steve again. It took a little time to get her to settle down. She toddled over and wrapped her arms around one of his legs. He smiled down at her, she was doing her best to flirt with him. I smiled watching them together. Steve looked over his shoulder at me, giving me a look of total love, I melted. He waved his head, motioning me over.

He dried his hands with a towel, bent down, and scooped up my sister, holding her in one arm. She smiling really big, putting a little hand on his shoulder, watching me walk up. I put a fingertip to her ribs, as I stepped up, making her giggle. Steve leaned close to me.

"You need to get your stuff ready to go." He whispered. I looked at him, my eyes widened at his words. He turned away from me, as my mother had put a hand on one of Steve's shoulders. He looked down at her.

"Already?" She asked, softly.

He faced her squarely, still holding my sister in his arm. "I'm afraid so. It's a long drive, and I have to be on a job day after tomorrow." She looked down at the floor, and then slowly brought her gaze up toward me.

"Well, alright, then." Her voice quivered, and faultered. "I thought you would be here a little longer."

"There's some things I need to do down at the dome before we leave." He said softly to her. 'before we leave', I loved the sound of that. My chest filled with air, and pride, my heart pounding hard. "I have to make sure everything is secure under the deck. It may be some time before we get back up here."

'We!', the sound of that, 'we', it was making my head spin. I was so happy, so excited! I was actually part of 'WE'!

I looked at my mother, her eyes were starting to tear up. I deflated instantly. It was like her heart was cut out of her chest, and mine was breaking. She put her other hand on my shoulder while still touching his. My sister was bouncing on Steve's arm, trying to get him to move.

"I understand." She said softly and simply, looking back and forth between us. "Would you like some help with your things, honey?" I smiled at her, looking over at my bag on the floor next to the wall.

"No, mom, thanks." I replied softly. "It'll only take a few minutes." I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, turned and walked over to my bag.

"Steve," she said softly, "would you write down your address and phone number for me? In case I need to get ahold of you and Kevin."

"I'd be happy to." He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed. "You can call him anytime you like. I'll make sure he let's you know what's going on." Steve looked over in my direction, then back at her. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of him."

She wrapped her arms around his free arm, hugging his shoulder. "I know you will." She let him go, opened a drawer, pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil, placing it on the counter. Steve wrote down the information, sliding it in her direction. She read it, then smiled, looking up at him. "It's not that far from where we live. I didn't realize..."

He smiled and bounced my sister on his arm, making her giggle. "Come by anytime you like."

"Well, and likewise. You're family now. You're more than welcome." He gave her another kiss.

My bag was packed, and closed up. Steve hugged my mom, then handed my sister to her. He walked over to my stepfather, shook his hand, saying thank you. My stepfather got up out of the chair, looking confused, as usual.

I walked over to my mom, stopping in front of her. Steve grabbed my bag and went to the door, and waited. I looked my mom in her teary eyes, wiping them away. My sister, reaching for me. I hugged them both, fighting back tears, myself.

"It's going to be okay." I whispered. "I promise."

"I know, honey, I know." She sobbed. "Call me when you can, okay?"

"I will." I answered, pulling away. "Bye, squirt. I love you." I tipped my head toward her, she tipped her head, touching mine. I turned and walked toward my stepfather. I held out my arms. We had never been really close, but he hugged me anyway. It was a dry hug, not very tight. I didn't expect anything else from him. I turned and saw Steve standing at the door, looking at me, so beautiful, so sexy. I walked over to him, and went to take my bag from him.

"I've got it." He whispered, opening the door and stepped through. I looked back toward my mom, tears streaming down her face. I smiled at her, she smiled back as I walked out the door. I followed Steve up the steps to the road. He put my bag in the bed, and climbed in the truck. I opened the passenger side and climbed in, looking back at the cabin. "You sure you want to do this? It's not too late." He said softly. I turned and looked him, closing the door.

"I want this more than anything else in the world. I'm ready." Steve started the truck, pulled around the car, and drove toward the dome site. It was a couple of minutes and already things were different within me. I had a completely different new outlook. I was on my own, I should have been terrified, but I wasn't. My palms weren't even sweaty. Steve parked the truck on the road. We got out and walked down the trail, me following him. We underneath the deck. Steve started to put his things into the locker that was there. I helped gather up his clothes, placing them in his duffle bag. We both looked around to see that we didn't miss anything. Steve placed a padlock on the door of the locker, securing it. He went to pick up his duffle bag, but I stopped him. I kissed him, then picked it up. "You carried mine, I want to carry yours."

"Alright, little man." He smiled softly into my eyes. "I love you."

"I love you more." I replied. We turned and walked out from underneath the deck and back up the trail. I put Steve's bag in the bed and climbed back into the truck as Steve started it up again. We drove down the road, then he turned and drove into Larry's place.

Larry's place was a dump, an old mobile home that had seen its day come and go, there was some junk laying around in the yard, both front and back. Then I saw him as Steve came to a stop. He left the engine running, set the brake, and got out. He walked over to stop Larry from coming any closer. Larry kept trying to look around Steve to see me. A minute later, Steve returned to the truck, got in, and we pulled out of the place. I was relieved to be going. We reached the paved road finally, turning down the hill, going toward town. We didn't speak until we reached town. I was getting a little nervous from the silence.

Steve pulled up in front of the general store, parking in one of the diagonal spaces. He shut the truck off, then looked over at me. I knew what I had to do. I didn't want to, but I had given my word.

"I'll be right back." I said softly, as I climbed out of the truck. I walked into the store. The bell above the door clanged as I came through. I walked around a minute, and finally found Mr. Adson. His face lit up when he saw me. I reached out my hand, he took it with both of his, shaking it warmly. I explained that I was leaving and going back home, to my new home, and felt that it was only right to let him know, as I said I would. He thanked me very much. I asked him for one of his business cards, which he gladly handed over to me. I said I would like to stay in contact with him, if that was alright. He teared a little and said it would make him very happy. I went to shake his hand, but he gave a big hug instead. I loved that old man. I teared up as I walked out the door, and got back into the truck.

Steve smiled and pulled out of the space, he turned the truck around and drove out of town, down that familiar road, turning onto the long gravel driveway. We came to stop, just where we had yesterday. I was excited to see Dean again. I jumped up on the front porch and looked in the window, he wasn't there. I turned around and looked at Steve.

"Come on, he's up at the barn."

"Won't he be coming down?"

"No. He knows my truck. He'll be thinking that I'll be coming up to find him."

I followed Steve up the trail, going up the hill. The trees and the brush broke open to a large clearing. The barn was absolutely beautiful, rustic in appearance, but refined, like in a picture. There was a fence that came back off the end and went into the trees on the far side. There was a mule standing there, looking over the fence at us.

"That's Milly. She was born the same year I was. Dean says she's my sister. Be careful of her though, sometimes she bites, when you have your back to her." I nodded as we walked acroos the clearing toward the barn. Steve stopped me with a hand. He leaned close. "I want you to do something for me." I nodded my head. "Dean's in the barn, I know it. I want to go in alone. He'll see you, and think that I've done something stupid. Watch him get all pissed off. Ask him for coffee or something, then I'll surprise him."

"That's really mean." I whispered, my hands on my hips.

Steve smiled, cocking his to one side. "I know, but it's good for his blood pressure, keeps him worked up." Steve looked over at the barn and back at me. "Will you do it?"

I grinned. "Yeah."

"See, you're an asshole, just like me. Go get him."

I walked around to the front of the barn, opening up a small door. I stepped in, looking around. It was amazing, all of the beams and timbers. There was a loft on side, old tools hanging here and there, and parked in the corner was an old truck, the hood was up and I could see that was Dean was working on the motor.

"Dean?" I called out. He spun his head around, backing out. He looked surprised to see me. He dropped his wrench on the wooden floor and came walking toward me.

"Pretty boy!" He called out, then his expression changed. "You're here, alone." He looked past me toward the door. "Steve. Did he hurt you, boy? Are you alright?" He asked as he took me in his arms, pulling into a tight hug.

"Have any coffee?" I asked as I put my arms around him.

"Why, of course I do." He answered as he pulled away. "Come on, lets go down to the house. You tell me all about it. Why, if he's done something to you, I'm gonna kick his sorry tight ass." Dean was ranting as we walked out of the door. He closed it behind us, turned, wrapped an arm around me as we started to cross the clearing. Dean jumped when he felt something goose his jeans. He let go and spun around, looking at Steve.

"Stevie-boy! You gave me quite a start! I was hoping it was Kevin pinchin my ass, but I could see both of his hands." Dean shook his head, then threw out his arms around Steve's waist. "What do you mean scaring me like that. Give an old man a heart attack, doing that, you know! Damn!" Dean turned and looked back at me, his arm wrapped around Steve's waist. "What are two up to? Wait, now...let me guess, you're goin back home."

I tucked my fingers in my front pockets and looked down at the ground. I could feel Dean's eyes on me.

"You look good enough to eat in them sailors jeans, pretty boy. Yep, good enough to eat. Let me have a look at you, turn around for me." I did as he asked. "Mmm, mmm. Been a long time since I seen a sailor. Gives me a hardon just thinkin about it."

"Dirty old man." Steve said.

"Damn right, I am. Been all worked up since you two were goin at in the pond yesterday. Have to get the truck running so I can go to town and get a piece of ass."

"Jesus!" Steve said, as I was smiling. "What piece of ass could an old fuck like you get? Another old fuck?"

"Well, for your information, yes. There's one or two. They're not as pretty as you two, but an ass is an ass, as they say." Steve shook his head. "I'll bet you anything, I can get any ass I wanted." Dean was eyeing me, then winked.

"No you couldn't."

"What do you want to bet, smartass?"

"I'll bet you a weeks worth of work that you can't get anyone to give you ass, let alone show it." Dean stuck out his hand. Steve took it and shook.

Dean turned and looked at me, smiling back at both of them. They were so funny together. I loved it here. "Kevin, would you do an old man a really big favor?"

"Name it." I said.

"Would you show your cute little ass?" I looked at Dean, who winked at me. I looked at Steve who had a terrified look on his. I turned around, looked over my shoulder, undid my pants, and let them fall.

Dean howled at the sky. I heard Steve gasp as I reached back, bending over, grabbed both cheeks, spreading them wide open to reveal my little hole. Dean was laughing so hard, he had to hold onto Steve to keep from falling down.

"See, Stevie-boy? The old man's still got it. And look!" Dean said, pointing at me. "You can see his balls, too." Dean stopped laughing, and paused for a moment. "My, God! You're a beautiful little piece of work, Kevin. I could eat that all day long. Man alive, I could." I reached down and picked up my pants, pulling them up, tucking myself back in.

"You are a lucky, lucky man, Stevie. Boy, lucky in deed. Well, when are you boys leaving?"

"Pretty soon, before I get tricked into another loosing bet."

"Such a sore loser. Tsk, tsk, Stevie." Dean stroked his beard. "Wanna go double or nothin?"

Steve rolled his eyes. "What?'

"Well, if you want to win that weeks worth of work back, and call it even. You gotta do something for it."

"I suppose you want to let me have you touch or blow Kevin."

"Naw, he's family now. Wouldn't dream of touchin him. But, what I'd like to do is watch you two, again." My eyes went wide. "You were too far out in the pond to see real good. I want to see a little closer." Dean elbowed Steve in the ribs. "I watched once before, remember, that neighbor boy you had here?" Dean looked at me. "Steve had a friend from down the road stay here, once. They were screwing around in the barn, jerkin each other, and I caught'em. They let me watch when they finally got around to sucking each other off. Remember?"

"I remember." Steve said, quietly.

"I see him every once in a while."

"Do you now?"

Dean laughed. "Yeah, he's one of the ones that gives me ass every now and again." Steve's eyes went wide. "He's all pudgey and not very pretty, but ass is ass. So, what do you say? Let me watch you two, again?" Dean looked over at me, I was getting hard at the thought of having Steve again so soon, and someone watching.

"Come on." Steve gave in, probably because he was as horny as I was. "I suppose you want it in the barn, too."

"Oh, yeah. Up in the loft, there fresh straw up there. Mmm, mmm." Dean said, walking toward the barn, rubbing his hands together. We followed, Steve rubbing my little butt as we walked. He leaned over into my ear.

"I want you to fuck me again. We're going to save your ass till we get home. Just like last night, my little machine."

"Anything for you. And, anything for him." Steve wrapped an arm around my shoulders as we walked up to the door. We stepped in, Steve closed the door behind us. Dean walked over to the ladder going up to the loft, and went up. He settled down near the large opening at the front wall. Steve went up, I was right behind him, nibbling at his ass as we climbed.

We reached the loft, Steve took me by the hand and led me over near Dean, but not close to him, the sunlight was bathing the straw as Steve settled down on it. I slowly went down on top of him, and began to kiss him passionately, like we were alone, my hands going everywhere on his body. Steve wrapped his arms around me, kissing me back, sliding his hands up and down my back, down to my ass, grabbing a handful every now and then. I was so hard, bursting in my jeans. I could feel Steve hard, as we ground our cocks against each other.

Steve reached down and pulled off my shirt, tossing it aside, then went for my jeans. I kicked off my shoes, Steve rolling me over in the straw, working my pants open. He pulled the flaps back and wiggled them down a little, exposing my hard length and then fell on it with his open mouth, swallowing me whole. His head bobbing up and down on me. I was so restrained with my pants still on me. I wanted to be out of them, spread my legs wide. I gently pushed Steve off. He pulled his shirt off, tossing it as well. I stood and dropped my jeans, stepping out of them. Steve was back on me again, as I stood, he was on his knees, sliding my cock in and out of his mouth, all the way to the base, cupping my balls with one hand. I tilted my head back, enjoying the insense pressure on me, spreading my legs a little further, letting my balls hang in his hand. He kneaded them how I liked it, then pulled on them. My fingers running through his soft hair. Fuck, he was getting me close. My breathing was getting deeper, and I was moaning. Steve went faster on me. I clenched his hair in my fingers as I erupted in his mouth, moaning loudly, like there was no one around for miles. He swallowed evey bit of my load, still kneading my balls, which were tighter now. He pulled off my still throbbing cock and switched his mouth to my balls, swallowing them both at once, squeezing them together. I moaned again, spreading my feet a little further.

Steve reached down and undid his own pants, pushing them down with one hand. He slowly let my balls go, turned and slid his pants off. I dropped to my knees, worked my way between his thighs and swallowed his standing cock. I grabbed him by the base, licking it up and down, my other hand sliding over his balls, then in between his cheeks, teasing his hole.

"Fuck, yes." Steve moaned. "Finger it, fuck." He took a deep breath as I slid a finger in, letting that deep breath out in a moan, like no other. "Another one, yes. Work it, yes, work it." He said out loud, arching his back. "Give me another one, baby, oh yeah" As I put in a third finger, twisting and turning my hand. "Fuck, yes. Give it to me. Oh, Kevin, give it to me." I slowly pulled out my hand. Steve rolled his hips up, offering his sweet crack and beautiful hole. I push my steel hard cock down at his hole and pushed in a little. Steve opened his eyes, looked up at me. He put his hands on my shoulders. "Fuck me like you've never fucked me before, Kevin. Give me your cock." I pushed, he moaned loudly. "All the way, bury your balls in me!" His hot fucking talk spun my head out of control. I plunged deeper, slapping my balls against his ass. I leaned upward a little, supporting the backs of his knees in my hands, arching my back, my feet dug into the straw until I found wood below, giving me support to free fly into him, and I did. I started to pound him hard after a few thrusts, I remembered last night. I started to copy that motion again, as I remembered it gave him such pleasure.

The sweat was beading up and running down both us. I was breathing harder now, and he was moaning so loud, driving me crazier, his head rolling from side to side as I pounded him. I was in total heaven. I shifted a little, getting a different bite in the floor, and then I hit his spot, sending him into a moaning and gasping frenzy, pounding harder, watching him intently, then he moaned long and shot all over himself, hitting his chin and chest. His ass clamped on me, and I threw my head back and moaned. The clamping pressure was so tight I could barely slide in and out of him, making me shoot with an intensity I hadn't felt. My balls bounced against him, and I felt them shift and draw up as I pumped string after string into him. His head was rolling side to side, gasping for breath, the clamping pressure eased and I pounded him again and again. I wanted to cum some more.

Steve lowered his legs, his eyes focused on me. "Pull out, baby, pull out." I stopped pounding and did what he asked. He reached down, still panting, and grabbed my length, and began pulling on its wetness. I moaned and soon, as his stroking got faster, I was shooting yet again, all over his chest and stomach. I was breathing hard, Steve was relaxing a little in his. I pulled away, spread Steve's legs a little more and fell on his stomach with my tongue, licking up our juices, bringing it to him, dropping some in his mouth, swallowing some myself, then moving up his chest, repeating over and over, until it was all gone. I lay beside him, he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in, kissing me passionately. The only regret I had at that moment was he didn't take my ass.

"Holy Jesus." Came the voice from the window opening. How had I forgotten Dean? I rolled over a bit, looking over my shoulder toward him. Steve raised up on an elbow, looking with me. Dean was there, on his knees, leaning against the wall. His hand was wrapped around his own dick, his pants were still up, but open. He was semi hard. I could see the tip was shiny. It was obvious he had shot his load as well.

Steve smiled at him. "So, old man, are we even?"

Dean smiled big at us. "I have never seen anything as spectacular as that. Wow."

I looked back up at Steve, I pulled him to me, kissing him again. "What did you think?"

"I think you are one little sex monster. I think I'm in trouble for sure." I smiled up at him.

"Just remember, you created me." I said, as I ran a fingertip down the center of his chest.

"Something that I will never, ever regret." He leaned into me, kissing me passionately again, I pulled him down on my, rolling him onto in the straw. My hands were sliding all over Steve's body. He pulled back a little, wanting air, but I wanted more of him. I worked my legs around him, wrapping them around him, locking them. I could feel his cock against my ass, pushing a little, sliding up and down my crack. I was moaning in his mouth.

"I'll be down below working on the truck, if you two ever decide to give it up." Dean said, as he walked past us, buttoning up his jeans. We pulled apart, Steve taking in air.

"I'm about to give it up....again." I said, moaning. His cock sliding up and down in the crack of my ass, over my opening, which wasn't so sore anymore, thinking about what was coming.

"I think you've already done that, Kevin." Dean said. "You boys, have fun. I'll be down here."

Steve was kissing me so intensely, I loved it so much. I lifted my legs higher, giving him all of me. He pushed his tip at my hole. I moaned as he entered me, so slowly, being gentle. I wanted, desired, him to be forceful, brutal. I wanted him to take me with force. I tried to push against him, like I had done in the truck, but he pulled back with my push.

"Easy, little man, easy. You want to snap my cock in half? Remember, we were suppose to wait til we got home."

My arms were around his neck, our faces almost nose to nose. "I don't want to wait. I can't wait. Your cock needs to be in my ass. I need it ssoooo much." I felt his tip barely in me. "I have to have it. Please, I have to have it."

"You are fucking amazing, you know that?" He smiled into my eyes, kissing me gently. I felt him slide in a little more. I moaned in his mouth with the pressure. I knew he loved that, and I was right. He went to work, sliding the rest of the way in, burying his long, thick length inside of me, where I knew it belonged.

He slowly pumped me, being careful, going slow. I wanted, needed more. The pounding, I had to have the pounding. I lifted my legs, rocking my hip, throwing him up with me. His arms locked down on each side of me into the straw. I smiled that devilish grin.

"Fuck me to death." I said, and he did, pounding his sore cock into my tight hole, making me scream and moan, in and out he went, pounding my spot until I couldn't control it any more and let go, blasting cum all over my face and chest. It ignited him further, seeing that. He pounded me harder and harder, until he threw his head back and screamed and moaned at the roof above, letting himself go, shooting deep inside of me, pulse after pulse he let go, sweat dripping off his nose and chin onto me, fuck it was so hot. I couldn't get enough! My only thought was, when I was going to do this again with this hot, hard man.

He slowly collapsed on me, breathing hard still. His full weight on me, I loved every second of it, my hands moving all across his powerful back rubbing, kneading his muscle. His arms were wrapped around me. I could feel him slowing his movements. He pulled out of me, oh so slowly, driving my ass crazy again, wanting him back in there. It was such an empty feeling without him in there. He rolled on his side, catching his breath, rubbing his fingers up and down my chest and belly. I looked over at him, his eyes were getting heavy. He obviously hadn't slept well last night, while I slept like a rock. I watched him drift off, soon he was sound asleep. I turned my head, looking out the large door of the barn loft. The sky was blue, I could see the tree through the opening, birds flying by now and again. I looked back to my left, the man of my life, the man of my dreams, my very existence, lying beside me. I couldn't be happier. I heard a sound, below me, a wrench dropping to the wooden floor, the pinging sound of metal on wood. Then muttered cursing. I smiled to myself, and got up.

I walked over to the ladder, swung around on it, and climbed down. I walked across the old planks and leaned against the front of the old truck. Its metal was warm against my naked skin. Dean, turned his head, looking back at me, smiling for a moment, then went back to what he was doing.

"Don't suppose that, among your other talents, you're some kind of mechanic?"

"Well, three years of auto shop in school. I don't know if I'm a mechanic or not..."

Dean spun his head around, looking me in the eye. "Close enough for me. If you can make this old bitch run, I will be eternally grateful."

"Well, let me have a look." I said climbing up next to him. He back off, climbing down. Staring at my naked ass in front of his face. He tilted his head a little, looking past my ass to my hanging balls, and the length of my cock, dangling on the other side.

"Better than the guys at the shop in town, I'd say." Dean smirked.

I turned, smiling at him. "Dirty old man." He reached up and patted a cheek of my ass.

"You're right, pretty boy, you're right. You can climb up into that engine naked anytime you like. I'll just stand back here and watch, if that's okay?"

"Does it run at all?" I asked looking down into the compartment.

"Yeah, it runs, just won't stay running. Sputters and dies. Kinda like me having sex." Dean chuckled.

I shook my head at his comment. "It's you carberator. The float is bad and keeps sticking."

"Ya don't say?" Dean said, still staring at me from behind. I backed out of the engine compartment, turned to look at him. I saw a rag on the bumper, picked it up and started to wipe my hands off. Dean was looking me up and down, almost licking his lips. "Been a long time since something as beautiful was here. Stevie is a very lucky man. If I was fourty years younger, I would be all over you."

I smiled at him. I loved his old weathered and leathered face. I stepped close to him and wrapped my arms around him. He hugged me back, tight. "I love being here." I whispered in his ear.

"And I love having you here. Both of you." He shook his head as he pulled away from me. "You're just like Stevie-boy, can't keep your clothes on." Dean smiled wider. "Benny was the same way, always naked. Hell, the only he put anything on was when a neighbor or the mailman came up the road, and the mailman was questionable. But, seriously, I'm glad you feel comfortable here, walking around naked. I always like that, especially Stevie."

"You love him, don't you?"

"Of course I love him, he's family."

"No, you love him."

Dean folded his arms over his chest. He reached up and stoked his beard a couple of times. "Yes, I do. Do you know why?"

"Because he looks like Benny?" Dean laughed softly, then shook his head.

"Not because he looks like Benny, he's a carbon copy of Benny. Right down to his toenails. There is no difference between them. Their voices are identical, their bodies, hell, even the way his hair lays on his head. It's just like Benny was alive again, living inside of Steve." Dean stepped forward, grabbing by the upper arms, gently but firmly. "Don't loose him. Don't ever loose him. He is special, beyond your dreams. I know, I helped raise him. You're lucky. It would be hard to find another man like him." Dean let me go. He stepped back, looking at the truck again. "So, what do I have to do about her?"

"Well, get the carb rebuilt. It's a pretty easy fix, with an old one barrel like this. It's just getting into town to get it done. Or, getting the parts out here." I turned and looked at him. "I could do it, if there was time."

"How much time do you need?"

"A couple of hours to do the rebuild, clean everything up. Yeah, a couple of hours. It's easy really, it's an old flat head six. No big deal. If we can find the parts. Any parts stores near here?"

"Yep, in town. A block from the general store on the main street."

"I'll go wake Steve. We can go..." I started.

"No, don't wake him."

"But, you need the parts."

"It's not important. Him sleeping is better, especially after what he's done."

"No. I'll go wake him." I turned and walked to the ladder.

"Kevin. Really, it's not that important."

"Of course it is. You need to get around, I can do it, we just need to go. No problem."

Dean relented, letting me go up that ladder. I knelt next to Steve, moved his hair out of his eyes, bent down and kissed his cheek. He stirred slightly. I had never tried to wake him before. I bent down and kissed him again. He stirred a little, mumbling something in his sleep. I bent over his ear.

"What? What did you say?" I whispered into his ear.

" careful...very careful...don't hurt." I smiled, then changed tactics. I took Steve by the shoulder, shaking him gently.

" need to wake up." I saw his eyes flutter, then slowly open. He inhaled heavy, then looked more awake. He smiled up at me. He reached his hand up and stroked my cheek.

"I love you, beautiful."

"I love you more." I replied. "Sweetie, we need to go into town for Dean." I whispered. Steve sat bolt upright, looking around, not knowing where he was.

"Dean? Is he alright?" Steve asked, frantic, grabbing me.

"He's fine, really. We need to go into town for him, I need parts to fix his truck. I need to do it before we go home, okay?"

Steve was snapping into reality. "Yeah, okay. Okay, we need to go to town. You need Parts? What are you talking about?"

"For the truck. Deans truck. I need parts to fix the carb." Steve looked at me confused.

"You know how to do that?" He was so beautiful when he cocked his head like that.

I smiled wide. "Yes, baby, I do. Now, come on and get dressed. We've got to go before they close up."



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