We drove into town, park diagonally again on the main street. I walked up on the sidewalk, opening the door to the parts store. I looked around, hearing the clang of another bell over my head. It wasn't big, but there was a lot of stuff in here. I loved parts stores, especially old ones, and this one took my heart. You could smell dried old oil, probably on the old wooden floor beneath my feet, the smell of old cardboard, parts that were sitting in boxes for years and years.

I walked up to the back counter, there a few stools there. I sat on one, Steve coming up behind me, standing there. This wasn't his kind of place, that was for sure. He was obviously uncomfortable and out of his element. I smiled to myself, knowing I could handle this, when another old man appeared out of the back, walking up to the counter. Was this town really only run by old folks?

"Can I help you boys?" The old man asked, looking over the top of his glasses at us.

"Yes, sir. I need parts for a carb. It's a flat head six. It's got a bad float and needs a rebuild."

He looked at me over the top of his glasses, staring down his nose at me. "Not gonna do something stupid to it, like try and change it out for a Holley 4 barrel or some dip shit thing like that, are you?"

"No, sir." I said, clasping my hands together, resting them on the counter, looking him square on. "It keeps sputtering and dying. Just need to fix it, so the old man can into town every once in a while to get his supplies."

"Who's the old man?"

"Dean Compton." Steve spoke up, flatly. Clearly he didn't like this old mans tone at all.

"Dean Compton? You related to him?"

"Yeah," Steve said, leaning on the counter. "He's my uncle."

The old man smirked, for a moment, then turned and walked down an aisle of parts behind the counter. "That old Ford has seen better days, that's for sure. Old Dean got really drunk some time back, drove that old truck of his right into that pond on the property. I remember there was a dead bass on the floor board when they pulled it out. We all laughed about that for days around here, dead fish." He returned to the counter, setting a small box on it. "Might need a little more than just this, you know." The old man was leary over Steve's scoul. "I don't think it's been gone through since it went swimming."

"We'll start here." I said flatly, rising from my stool. "How much do we owe you?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all, considering all the things old Dean's done for me over the years." He rested himself on the counter, still looking over his glasses at me. "You know how to work on it?"

"Yes, sir. I do." My hand on the box.

"If you get it running, have old Dean stop by. Tell him I'm still interested in buying that old heap."

"I will, sir." I said, picking up the box. "I thank you very much."

"You're very welcome, young man. I'm glad to see old Dean has good relatives out there with him. You take care, now." We walked out the door.

"Goddam old fool." Steve muttered under his breath.

"What's wrong?" I asked, putting a hand on Steve's arm.

"That old fuck was talking about when Benny died." Steve turned and looked back at the store. "I should go back in there and set him straight."

"You'll do no such thing." I said, standing in his way. "Dean lives here, we don't. If he wants something set right, he'll do it himself. You know that."

"Aw, you're right." Steve turned away from me.

"Besides, our first real day together, alone. You want to beat the shit out some old fart? I don't have money for bail. Huh? HUH?"

Steve turned and looked at me, smiling. "When did you get so fucking smart, little man? Keeping me out of trouble, screwing my brains out, fixing old trucks? You never cease to amaze me."

I wiggle my eyebrows at him. "How else can I keep you?" I turned and walked over to the truck and got in. Steve got in and started ther truck. We drove back out to Dean's. We walked up to the barn, opened the door. Dean was under the hood again.

"Did you fix it?" I asked, knowing full well the answer.

"Did I fix it. I don't know about you, pretty boy."

"So, what are you doing in there, then?" I asked, Steve standing behind me as Dean climbed back out.

"Tinkerin! Old men are suppose to tinker with old things. What the hell do you think I'm doin?"

"Fucking something up that's an easy fix." Dean's eyes went wide at my statement. "Now, I have two questions for you." I held up two fingers. "One, do you want me to fix it naked? Two, do you want to fix it clothed? Either way, its gonna get fixed. And will stay fixed, if you don't tinker with it."

Dean looked at Steve, Steve looked at Dean, both were shocked by my mouth. I stared at both of them. Waiting!

Still Waiting!

Dean stepped up to me. "I'm sorry, pretty boy. I didn't think you took this seriously." Still...Waiting!!! I decided to take matters into my own hands. I stripped off my shirt, tossing it on the bumper of the old truck. I kicked off my shoes, then unbottoned my pants, dropping them to the floor. Dean cleared his throat, "Naked would be just fine." As he looked me up and down. "I promise, I won't tinker with her anymore, either." I turned on my heel, climbing up into the engine compartment.

Steve and Dean stood there, jaws hanging open, watching me and all of the equipment I carried go to work on the old truck. I had the carb out, climbed down and walked over to an old bench, and began to work on the carb. They milled around the barn, looking over my shoulder at my progress, also checking me out as well. Finally, in under an hour I had it rebuilt and put it back in place. I added a little gas to the bowl and asked Dean to start her up. He did, stepping on the starter, she fired right up. A couple of adjustments and the old truck was purring like it was brand new. Dean got out, walked around the front, putting his arm around me. He gave me a kiss on my temple.

"She hasn't sounded like this for years. You did really good, boy. I don't know what to say, but thank you."

"You are very welcome. It was the least I could do, after what you've done for us." I replied, gathering my clothes, slipping them back on. I looked at Steve who was looking at me with new eyes. He walked over and hugged me tight.

"I love you so much. This was just awesome. Thank you so much." He kissed my forehead, then hugged me tighter.

"You're welcome, sweetie. Glad I could help. Are we going home now?"

"Yes, we are. I have a promise to keep to you." My eyes lite up, knowing that my ass was going to get plowed again, it made my heart race.

Steve turned to Dean. "We've got to go, old man." Dean's eyes watered. He reached out and hugged Steve.

"I know. You boys have things to do." Dean let Steve go, and shut the truck off. He sat there for a minute, then started it again. I smiled as she purred again. He shook all over with excitement. He shut it down, got out and walked up to me. He took my face in his hands and leaned in and kissed me, hard. His beard scratched. I wasn't used to hair on the face. I smiled. "You, pretty boy, are a true marvel and a wonder of this world. I can't begin to thank you enough for all that you have done. You have made this old man, the happiest one on this world." I smiled wide.

We all walked out of the barn and down to the truck. We got in, Dean stood at my door. He put a hand on my thigh, squeezed it a couple of times. "Now, listen." He said, shaking a finger at me. "If you get tired of his shit, get your butt back up here. I've got plenty to do around here to keep you naked and busy." He winked, then gave me a big hug. He reached out a hand toward Steve, who took it, squeezing it. Dean, looked over, still holding me. "Love you, Stevie-boy."

"Love you too, old man. We'll be back soon, I promise. As soon as I get a break from the job." Steve started the truck. He knew it would take forever to leave if he didn't. Dean let me go, and backed up. I shut the door. Steve backed around in the driveway, and pulled out. I leaned out the window, waving.

"Call if you have any problems with the truck! I'll come right back!" Dean waved at us.

The main road off the mountain. We drove to the next big town. Steve pulled in and got gas. I went in and used the bathroom, came back out and got in the truck. We drove down the mountain, passing one town after another. I slumped in the seat against the door, falling asleep. I wasn't sure how much time had gone by, when I felt the truck come to a stop, and then shut off. Steve put his hand on my shoulder, shaking me slightly.

"We're home, little man."

I opened my eyes, looked at the house, in the dark. There wasn't a lot I could see of it in the dark. I opened the truck door and climbed out. I shut the door, still staring at the house. I walked to the bed and grabbed my bag, lifting it out of the bed. I watched Steve come around me, walking toward the front door. He fumbled with a few keys, finding the right one. I followed him in the dark, not knowing what was there. He found the lock, inserted the key and opened the door. He turned on the light in the front entry. I walked in behind him. My mouth fell open. There were patch marks all over the walls, the walls were dull, there was no carpeting to speak of, except runners every now and then. The hallway went to the left and I could see doors. I looked to the right and then was an open dining room, kitchen attached, which didn't look like much. The living room was beyond that. I set my bag down, but really wanted to run, to scream in horror at what I was seeing. It looked like a war zone to put it mildly. Lots of things had been started, but nothing finished. I kept looking around at the disaster.

"It doesn't look like much, but this is home."

"It's fine." I turned and looked at him, lying through my teeth. "It's wonderful." My first home, away from home, on my own, with my dream man, and it was a wreck. I hoped this wasn't how life was going to be together.

"Let me show you the bedroom." I followed him down the dark hallway, turning the corner, into the bedroom. Now, this wasn't bad. "I spend most of my time in here." Steve said.

The bed was queen sized, lots of pillows, overstuffed mattress, by the looks of it. It looked very comfortable and inviting. I was relieved, a little. Steve crossed the room and turned on a light. It was the bathroom. I walked in, looking at the tiny shower. It looked like he could barely fit in it. The head would hit about at my throat.

Steve walked to me and put his arms around me gently. "I know this is probably not what you're used to," the understatement of the year, "but, it's all I have. I'm sorry, I should have talked to you about this before we came. It might have influenced your decision." He hung his head down.

"Now, you listen to me. You have nothing to be sorry for. I think this is wonderful, and I think it's wonderful that you want me here with you to share it. You're right, it's not what I expected, I had my hopes up too high, expecting you to live in some grand palace, being the god that you are, but, that's my fault, my problem. I'm happy as long as I'm with you, and you're happy."

"Wow, Kevin. You are really deep for your age. I love you. Are you hungry?"

"No, not really."

"You're tired. It's been a busy few days, hasn't it?"

"Yes, it has."

"Okay. Let's go to bed. I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted."

I smiled at him. I knew sex was out of the question now. Probably a good thing. I started to strip, putting my clothes in a pile. Steve walked out to lock the front door, and get the bags. He walked back in, with me turning back the covers on the bed. He stopped, dropping the bags on the floor. He gulpped.

"What?" It wasn't like he had never seen me naked before. I had been more naked with him over the past couple of days than I had been clothed.

"It just hit me. I have a promise to keep, don't I?"

I smiled, remembering it as well. "Yes you do. Well, I'll make you keep it in the morning. You're going to fuck my brains out all day tomorrow. Which side of the bed is yours?"

Steve pointed to the side closest to the bathroom. I should have guessed, with the alarm clock sitting on the night stand. "Are you just going to stand there all night? Come and get in bed with me. I'm scared of the dark, you know." Giving him my best little boy face. He licked his lips, and turned off the light. He crossed the room, stripping his clothes, kicking off his shoes. He dropped his pants, and almost fell on the bed. He lay there, next to me, kissing my neck. The spot that always sends me flying.

"I want to fuck so bad, but I'm so tired."

"Easy, sweetie, rest easy. I'll have you fucking me in the morning, don't worry. We can spend the whole day in bed, screaming and moaning, cumming all over the place. Right now, you need to sleep." I touched his face, gently stroking his cheek. "I love you, so much."

"I love you more." He whsipered in my ear. Steve became like a rock, just dead weight, laying on me. I settled back, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Sunlight filled the window over the bed. Steve was lying on his side, away from me. His beautiful ass, pointed in my direction, was postcard perfect. I looked around the room. There wasn't a lot here. One dresser, kind of small, one night stand, on his side, the bed with only a headboard and it wasn't even attached. I got up and went to my bag. I pulled out my toothbrush and went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, fluffed my hair, and took a leak.

I looked down at my sleeping beauty, resting peacefully there on his side. I walked out of the room, down the hallway. I stopped and looked in the other bedrooms of the house. There was furniture stacked up in one, the other was empty. There was a bathroom in the hallway, which didn't look too bad. I walked into the kitchen, opened a few cupboard doors. There was nothing in them at all. Didn't he ask if I was hungry last night? I opened the fridge. Some orange juice, half full pitcher of water, an old lemon, that was done, and an old block of cheese, that was done too. I walked into the living room. A small TV in the corner, with rabbit ears, books in the bookcase, that was promising, I would look over those later, a turntable and a few records. The clues were mounting up. It looked like I was going to be alone, a lot. He was never here. I opened the door to the garage. Washer and dryer, ok. Hot water heater, check, so not quite the Flintstones, but close enough. I saw light flickering, something shiny on the walls beside me. I turned from the garage door, looking toward the back of the house. I crossed the living room, pulled back the curtain, and there was the jewel. I felt saved. A pool. An inground pool, complete with a cement deck all around it. Granted it wasn't very big, but it was a pool. My heart raced. I looked out to my left, there was exercise equipment and lounge chairs. No wonder my beauty had a tan to die for. I nodded my head in silence.

I turned and walked back through the house, into the bedroom. There was no body on the bed. I heard running water in the bathroom. Whew. I came around and lay down on the other side, putting my hands behind my head, crossing my legs at the ankles.

"Well, don't you look scrumptuous." Steve said, leaning in the bathroom doorway. "I woke up and you weren't here. I saw your bag was still here, so I knew you couldn't be too far."

"I was looking at the house."

"Oh." Steve as he climbed on the bed, hovering over me. "And?"

"And, what?"

"Something's on your mind, little man. I've seen that look before. What is it?"

"I've come to the conclusion, you're not home much, are you?"

"So, you're a detective now. Okay, I'll play, what brings you to that conclusion, professor?"

"Little to no furniture, no food in the house, not too many things lying around, no pictures on the walls."

"You're good. That obvious, huh?" Steve lay on his stomach, his face was at my midchest. His left hand was cradling his chin, his right index finger, circling around my navel, slightly tickling me. He watched my stomach quiver. "Well, you're right. I'm not home much, if at all. I work, usually stay on the job site, sleep in the truck, come home, for a day or so, then back at it. It's gonna be different now, though. I've got somebody to come home to now. Now, can I fuck your brains out?"

"I think we should figure a few things out real quick first. I've got to look for a job, think about school. Get..."

"Whoa, hold on there, little man. I appreciate what you're saying, but you don't need to go out and find a job, until your ready. I make enough for both of us. As for school, if you want to go to school, that's great, but, let's give us some time first, doesn't that sound good? I want us to build our relationship, not just come home, bang together, talk for a little while then go to bed. No, I want us to really be together, you know? I know what you think, you know what I think, that kind of together."

I smiled at him, twirled my fingers through his hair. "Yeah, I know what you want."

"Great. Now can I fuck your brains out?"

I slapped my hands down on the mattress. "Oh, alright, yes, you can fuck my brains out."

Steve lept on me, wrapping one arm around me, pulling me to him, dragging me across the smooth sheet. I put my arms around his neck, pulling him tighter to me. He slid a hand down my back and entered my hole with a finger, making me moan in his mouth. I was so hard at this moment. We were actually going to fuck on a real bed, I was so excited. I was going to try things with him that were new that I had been dreaming of. I ran my hand down his back, was reaching...doorbell, was that actually...doorbell...what the hell?...doorbell...Steve got up, grabbed a towel from the bathroom, muttering, and walked out.

I heard the front door and voices, they sounded definitely female. I rolled over on my side, tapping the sheet with my fingertips. I heard Steve almost shout, "Wait" I had a hand propping up my head, when she came bursting in. Her eyes wide, like she had never seen anyone naked before, well, maybe she had, but with a hardon? A leaking, raging, hardon?

"I'm soo sorry." She she holding out her hands in front of her. Apparently she hadn't. She tried to block her eyes, but that didn't work too well for her. Yep, I was right, she hadn't seen anything like this before. I got up off the mattress, walked on my knees to the foot of the bed, putting my hands on my hips, waiting for some introduction at least. Steve was covering his mouth, trying not to laugh.

"Evie, this is Kevin. Kevin, this is Evie, our next door neighbor. Evie, Kevin has come to live with me." She walked toward the bed, trying to cover her eyes with one hand, reaching out with the other. I bent outward a little, to catch her hand, thinking she might mistakenly grab my hardon.

"Pleasure to meet you Evie. We arrived late last night..."

"I know, at precisely 11:40 p.m."

"Uh, huh, and well we haven't really slept well the past few days, so..."

"Oh, I have some medication that will help you sleep, it's perscription, but I don't think my doctor would mind if I gave you a couple."

"Uh huh, so we were kind of catching up on some lost sleep if you know what I mean."

"You know, you can never really catch up on sleep, it's really what your body only needs to maintain all of its regular cycles and balances. Once you've had enough, you just, pop, wake up."

My God, she was talking a mile a minute, and she was looking me straight in the eye, naked or not, hardon or not. I really don't think she cared one way or another. Thankfully my hardon was gone. I got off my knees and sat at the end of the bed, just looking at her, listening to her babble, blah, blah, blah. My head was starting to hurt. I leaned past her, Steve was still in the doorway, arms folded, just watching what was going on.

"Do we have any asprin, sweetie?" Steve answered by moving toward the bathroom.

"Yes, I have asprin at home, several different brands, but you don't have to call me sweetie, Kevin, I mean we just met, and well, even though I think your very nice, and also, well, very cute..."

"No, Evie, I was talking to Steve." Steve handed me a few asprin, and a glass of water. I stood up, swallowing them, and chasing them with the water.

"You really should drink all of the water, you know, Kevin, it dissolves the asprin quicker, speeding the medicine to where it is that you hurt. By the way, where is it that you hurt? Is it your back, or your knees? I noticed you were walking on your knees when I came in...'

"Evie, you know, it was very nice to meet you this morning. I hope I will get to meet all of the neighbors as time goes by..." I said, as I took her arm, leading her out of the room, down the hallway. "But, you know, I'm really not feeling all that well, I think I'm going to go back to bed now." I opened the door, guiding her out. "I'll be seeing you again sometime, when I'm feeling better." I slowly closed the door, with her standing on the porch like she had something to say still, which I didn't doubt. I turned and walked back down the hall, turning to the bedroom, Steve was sitting on the edge of the bed. I walked and sat next to him.

"I'm so sorry. Great first impression on one of the neighbors, huh?" I said softly. Steve put his arm around my shoulders.

"It's my fault, really. I should have stopped her. She's one those busybodies, that just can't shut up. Sometimes, I think she watches me through the fence when I'm in the pool. It's kind of creepy, you know?"

"Oh, yeah, and that's another thing. You have a pool. You didn't tell me you had a pool."

"Nice, huh? Guess I should have said something. I was thinking about getting a hot tub, but I don't know..."

"Wait, what? A hot tub?"

"Yeah. You know what a hot tub is, right?"

"Yeah, I do. But,..."

"I know, there's a lot of other things that need to be done around here first. Like..."


"Like, fucking your brains out." I laughed out loud, then stood up, turned and faced him. I put my hands on his shoulders, leaned down and kissed him.

"Yes, now you can fuck my brains out." With that he reached out and grabbed my soft dick, picked it up, and swallowed it whole. It was the first time I had been soft in his mouth. He sucked it, making it hard in no time. It felt so good. His hands were working my butt cheeks, pulling them, kneading them. He ran a finger inside my hole, making me moan again. I put my hands on the top of his head. His mouth was sliding up and down on me, his finger twisting and turning. I was going to cum soon.

Steve pulled off, took me by the hand and pulled me up on the bed. He scooted back an lay back diagonally. I looked down at him. He smiled. "Turn around. Put your butt up here in my face." I grinned, turning quickly, straddling my legs over his chest. He reached up and around my, grabbing my hips, pulling my butt down toward his waiting face. His tongue flicked in and out of my hole, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure through me. I began to moan each time he entered me. I slowly came down to rest almost on top of him, as I stared at his large hard length. I gently took it in one hand, standing it a little, licking at his head. He spread his legs further open in response. I smiled, then licked him again.

He began a furious onslaught to my hole, pushing his tongue as deep as he could, forcing his nose against the top of my tiny crack. I swear I thought I felt teeth, biting me, as I moaned on his cock. I started to rock my hips back and forth, sliding my hard cock against his upper chest, dragging my balls back and forth, hitting his chin. He pulled back, taking a deep breath.

"Kevin,...Kevin." He whispered, sounding out of breath. "Turn around and sit on me. I have to have you, now." Music to my ears. I let him go, swinging a leg over him. I scooted down and straddled him again. He grabbed himself and started to lift his cock to touch my hole, but I pulled his hand away, looking down at him. I fell down to him, throwing my tongue deep into his open mouth. We fought each other furiously, pushing and twirling around. I slowly pulled back, looking into his eyes.

"I love the taste of my butt in your mouth." I said softly, as he stroked my hair with one hand. I reached my hand around and took him, guiding him to my hole, which was so wet. I held him as I pushed down on him. We both moaned loudly. I didn't give him or myself time to adjust as I sat on him fully, giving just enough time to move my hand out of the way.

"I love you so fucking much." Steve whispered while he tweeked my nipples. I smiled down at him, lifting my arms up, and locking my hands behind my head. I started to rock my hips back and forth, slowly. I closed my eyes, settling into a rhythm, feeling him filling me up inside, I had wanted it so bed, needed it so, and now I had it, I wanted it to last and last. "You are so damn beautiful." Steve said softly, "So sexy like that. Fuck, I want you so bad."

I kept rocking, sending him and out of me, only a little at a time, most of length, buried deep in me. I kept my eyes closed, breathing hard, moaning softly, tilting my head back a little. I arched my back a little, felling him standing up a little more inside me, it was almost a perfect feeling. I parted my lips, slowly, softly, licking them. I knew he was watching me. I could feel it. I wanted to drive him crazy, to keep him like this always.

"You have me." I whispered. "Always and forever, baby. I always want your cock in me. Yes, like that, yes." I lowered my arms, leaning back a little, resting my hands on his muscular thighs. He moaned as I had stood his cock up even straighter in me. I lifted myself up a little, giving him a little room. "Now, fuck me, hard. Pound my ass deep."

He needed no other prompting and started to pump in me, deep, forceful, almost brutally. My head went back, I was in a continuous moan as he was bouncing against me. His hands had grabbed sides at my ribs, he squeezed his hands to hold on to me tight. He was pounding my spot over and over, sending more waves through me. My hands gripped his thighs tighter as I erupted, harder than I had up to this point. I clamped on him, and he pounded through it. I could barely get my breath, and then I heard him almost scream with a loud moan, feeling his cock throbbing inside of me. His thrusting slowed a little, but he was still hitting my spot. I couldn't help it, but I shot out again.

I moaned louder and louder with each pulse of my cock. My balls had tightened up to me. I was seeing only white now, not like at the pond, it was different somehow, intense yes, but different. I tilted my head forward, moving my arms back around. I placed my fingers on his firm abs. I opened my eyes, slowly and looked down at him. He was drenched in cum. It was all over his chest and chin.

"Did I do that?" I asked, out of breath.

"You sure as fuck did." He answered, moving fingers to swirl it around, tilting his head down. "You shot so hard, I thought it was gonna hit the ceiling."


"Don't say, sorry. That was fucking incredible! I loved it." He scooped some up with his fingertips and brought them to his lips. He looked at me as he rubbed it all over his lips. I felt a hunger pang deep inside of me. I fell on his mouth again, tasting my own fluid on him. Fuck, I loved sex! I loved sex with him! The taste of myself and him mixed together was awesome. I pulled back, rocked my hips a little, sliding him out of me. I quickly lowered myself and went after the load that was all over him.

I licked it all off, using my tongue and fingers to scoop it in, as he ran his hands through my hair, I swallowed every bit of it. I slid up him, laying on him, bringing my elbows over his shoulders, resting them on the mattress. I tilted my head back, and licked my fingertips, while he watched me.

"You are a little machine, aren't you?" He asked softly.

"Yep." I replied as I licked the last fingertip clean. "Ahh, love that taste."

He laughed and grabbed me, rolling me over onto my back, then started tickling me. I was trying to fight him off, laughing, but he was so powerful. His fingers were digging into me, out softened cocks, slapping against each other. I was so loving just being with him. I stopped fighting, and wrapped my legs and arms around him, pulling him into me. He kissed me very, very passionately, sending his tongue deep into my mouth, pushing mine out of the way. His mouth opened so wide, I thought he might actually suck me in.

He pulled back slowly, my head coming up off the sheet, following him. He pulled back all the way, just staring into my eyes. He slowly let me go, got up off the bed, just looking at me, spread out. I pulled one arm up, folding it under my head.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life." He said softly.

"I doubt that." I said, trying to look sexy for him, as well as tease him.

"Come on, let's go."

"Go? Go where?" I asked, lifting myself up on my elbows.

"We're going to get cleaned up and go shopping. I have another promise to keep."

I looked at him, confused. "I thought you were going to fuck my brains out all day long?"

He smiled, then pulled me up off the bed, dragging me into the bathroom.



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