My Mom was getting out of the car as I walked across the street toward her. She smiled wide at me as she pulled my sister out of the seat. My sister squealed loudly seeing me and held her little arms out for me to take her.

I walked up, Mom threw an arm around my neck, as I bent down wrapping mine around her her, squeezing the two of them. I was so happy to see them. Mom kissed me on the cheek. I took my little sister from her, holding her up over my head and rolling her side to side a little, making her laugh. I pulled her back down and hugged her tight. She giggled as she squeezed my neck with her little arms.

"You look really good, honey." Mom said patting me on the shoulder.

"So do you, Mom. I missed you." She blushed a little.

"We've missed you, too." She turned and looked at the house, then back at me. "Is that your new house?"

"Yeah, that's it. Come on, I'll show you inside."

We walked together up the walk to the door, I was still carrying my sister. I opened the door, and pushed it open, letting Mom go first. She walked in, scanning around the entry, looking toward the dining room. She looked down at the floor for a moment. She turned back to me, smiling.

"Smells like fresh paint. Very clean." I grinned. I knew she didn't like it, but she would never say anything. "Have you guys been painting recently?"

"Just finished it, actually." I walked by her, closing the door. "Can I get you something to drink? I have iced tea."

"That would be nice."

"I have some juice for Holly." I turned and looked at my sister, as we were eye to eye. "Would you like some juice?" She nodded with a grin. "Okay, come on. Let's get you some juice."

We walked into the open kitchen. I set Holly on the counter, Mom stepped up in front of her to keep her in place while I opened the fridge. I looked back as Mom was looking over me into the fridge. I grinned wide, and stood.

"Okay. I'll watch her, you can take a look." I knew she was dying to look in the fridge to scrutinize what was in there. I opened the cabinet and pulled out two tall glasses and a little plactic cup for Holly. My Mom was standing there looking at me. "It's okay, Mom, really. I know you want to."

She rolled her eyes and then walked to the door. She looked inside and moved a few things to see better. She pulled out the pitcher of tea and the jug of juice. She put them on the counter, then closed the door. She poured into the glasses.

"Well, at least you guys aren't going hungry." She said softly. I laughed. She leaned her head against my chest. "I was so worried."

"You don't have to worry. Steve worries more than you do. He kept saying that he had a promise to keep to you." I said, patting her back gently.

"To take care of you." She said even softer. She pulled away, looking up into my face. "I have some of your things in the trunk of the car. I thought you might need. You only took what you had at the cabin."

"I know. I was going to see when I could get the rest of my stuff from the house. We've been so busy, and Steve works so much. I'm not sure when I can get there."

"We'll worry about that later. Looks like you have most of everything you need here already." She sipped her tea, looking into the living room. "Is that furniture new. It looks really new."

"It is. Steve bought it our first day here. I actually picked it out. I didn't know he was doing it until they actually brought it to the house. I was trying it out at the store where we bought the paint." I watched her walk in the room, she ran her hand over the fabric, then looked back at me.

"He did? He bought this on your first day here?"

I got excited all over again, like when they brought it in. I scooped up Holly, carrying her into the living room. I plopped Holly on the couch. She kicked her little feet on one of the cushions, then lay down, being cute.

"Holly likes it. Do you like it, mom?"

"Oh, honey. Why, it's beautiful." She sat down next to Holly's feet. "You have good taste." To me, she just didn't sound excited. It was a little bit of a let down.

"Really? You think so?"

"Yes, I do." She said softly. I came around and sat down on the other side of Holly. She spun on the cushion and climbed up in my lap.

"Mom, what's wrong? You're so quiet."

"I just missed you so much. And now, I look around, you have your own house, your own things, you're just so grown up." I saw a tear run down her cheek. I reached out a hand and took hers. I scooted myself and Holly toward her.

"Come on. Let me show you the rest of the house."

We got up and walked down the hall. I showed her all the rooms, telling her about the dining room set, another total surprise to me. I explained that I wasn't sure about the spare bedrooms, what Steve had planned, then I showed her the master bedroom. She could only cup her hands together in front of her. I turned and looked at her. She smiled briefly at me.

"Looks comfortable." She said softly.

I smiled, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, touching my chin to the top of her head. "It is." I whispered. I cleared my throat, saying louder. "He takes good care of me, Mom. He really does. You shouldn't worry."

"A mother always worries, sweetie. It's what we do." She pulled away and looked in the bathroom. She turned back to me. "Why don't we go back into the living room. I'd like to talk to you for a minute." Uh oh, that tone. She always used it when I'm in trouble. I followed her back into the living room. We sat on the couch.

"Let me begin by saying that I'm happy for you, Kevin. I really am. I can see that you boys are doing well here. I'm going to give you something, now that you're old enough. I was going to give it to you when you wanted to go back to school." She said, and then rose up and walked over to the kitchen counter. She got into her purse, and then returned. She handed me a little book. I took it, turning it over. It had an embossed crest on the cover. I recognized it as a bank book. I rested it on my leg, using only one hand to open it, the other holding Holly. It had my name written in it. I flipped a couple of pages, seeing numbers written down on some of the lines. My eyes went wide when I saw the amount. I looked up at my Mother.

"What is this?" I asked, as I gulped.

"It's an account that was set up for you by your fathers parents. Even though he was never in your life, his parents, your grandparents wanted to provide for you in some way. I haven't touched it, but have gone to the bank several times over the years. They would update the book when I was there."

"Why did I never meet them?" I asked softly.

"They lived back east. You know that it would have been difficult to go back there. I never saw them after your father left, but they stayed in touch with me until they both passed away. The money from the sale of their house was put in there as well, it was in their will. They made me promise to give it to you when I thought the time was right. And, I think the time is right."

Tears were dropping from my eyes. Hundreds of thoughts were running through my mind at the same time. I could afford to go to college, help Steve, not be a burden...I looked up at my Mom. Her hand touched the back of mine.

"Mom, I can't take this." I said softly. "You need it more than I do."

"Sweetie, we have enough. This is yours, and only yours." She slid a little closer to me. "I checked, there's a branch here in town. You can access the account anytime you want."

"When did they die?" I asked, looking down at the closed book.

"Well, your grandfather died a few years ago, and your grandmother was just a year ago."

"I wished I'd known them."

"I sent them pictures of you from time to time, would write them letters telling them about you and your progress in school. I can give you some of the letters to read, if you want."

"Where did they live?"

"They lived in Virginia. They were very, very nice people."

"My father is from Virginia." I whispered. He had always been a mystery to me. My Mother didn't talk much about him, only giving me bits and pieces now and then. "Do you think he will ever come back?"

"I don't know, Kevin." She said, looking down at her hands. "I hope one day, you'll be able to meet him. To get to know him."

I leaned back into the couch. Holly had slipped into a restful sleep in my arm. I smiled down at her, then slipped her carefully down on the cushion. She was so pretty when she slept. She had slept with me a few times when she was teething. She always curled up in my arms. I missed it. I turned and looked at my Mom. I set the book on the coffee table before me. I hugged her gently.

"I guess I should be thankful, huh?" I asked, looking at the book. She just sat there. "It just doesn't feel right."

"You should accept it, and not worry about it. They did this for you, not for your father, but because of your father."

"Well." I put my hands on my knees. I turned and smiled at her. "You know, I forgot to show the best part of the house." I stood up, holding out my hand. "Come on." She looked up and then took my hand. I walked her out to the back yard, showing her the pool. She gasped when she walked out the patio door and saw it. The flower beds that I weeded out the other day were doing better, and the flowers were blooming and taking off like they should. It was really pretty. I was happy. I looked at my Mom, who was smiling.

"Look at that, will you? It's so pretty with all the flowers around it. You have your own little garden." She put a hand on my shoulder.

"Yes." I sighed. "In a few days, I want to get into the front yard and make it look good as well."

"Oh, honey. This is really nice."

"It is, isn't it?" I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me. She put a hand to her mouth. "I think some patio furniture would be nice around here. It's kind of blank, don't you think?"

"It does seem like a lot of concrete." She said softly as looked around. I laughed.

"Are you hungry, mom?"

"A little. I have to feed Holly when she wakes up."

"I have just the thing." I turned her and we walked into the house together. I shut the door quietly not to wake Holly up. Mom came over and sat at one of the bar stools. She watched me work in the kitchen, pulling stuff out of the fridge and start to get a little lunch prepared for her and Holly. I had had this going in my mind since Steve and I went grocery shopping. It was all coming into plan, laying it out. I walked it around the counter and set it up on the dining room table. Mom was smiling at me. I looked at her with a puzzled look.

"I was just thinking how proud I am of you." I smiled at her in reply. "I watch you going around the kitchen, and it makes me happy."

I lean across the counter and kis her on the forehead. "I owe it all to you." I smile at her, and she beams. I reach out for her, pulling her off the stool, walking her around the counter. We go into the dining room, and I seat her. I pour her more tea and she spreads a napkin across her lap. We laugh together and talk over a simple lunch of cold cuts and a tossed green salad. I miss her so much as I look at her, talking and laughing.

We stop as I catch sight of Holly toddling toward me, smiling, rubbing one eye. I scoot my chair back and hold out my arms toward her. She smiles and staggers a little faster toward me. I pick her up and put her in my lap. I start to pull a few things off my plate and give them to her. Mom smiles at the two of us. I look over at the stove to the clock, it's almost two.

God, I wish Steve was here. He is missing so much.

"Let me help clean up." Mom says as she is noticing that Holly isn't taking anything from me.

"Mom, it's alright, I'll get it." I stop in my seat, as she gives me that look that all mom's are famous for. I hold Holly in my lap, both of us probably looking like deer in headlights. I watch as Mom gets up and in a minute or so, the table is cleared and wiped down.

"Now, let me change her," Mom says, taking Holly from me, "then we need to go somewhere together."

"Where?" I ask.

"You'll see." She turns and walks to the couch. She returns a few minutes later, with a really happy Holly, reaching out for me. "Ready to go?" I nod, in apprehension. We walk to the front door, purse, diaper bag, small one, and me. We close up the house, locking the front door, but, oh damn, I don't even have a key! Oh well, I'll figure it out later. We walk to the car and get in. We set off, not knowing where we are going.

We pull up to a store, and mom shuts off the car. We all pile out and walk in. I look around, seeing miles and miles of carpet. Mom walks up to a salesman, as Holly and I are looking and feeling samples. I find one that I really like, as the saleman approaches. He introduces himeself as 'Sam'. I shake his hand and ask him about the sample. He smiles and says that's one of the best and that I have good taste. I look at Mom and wiggle my eyebrows hearing this. He tells me all about it, but he might as well have been speaking Greek. I had no idea what he was saying. Oh, here goes another deer/headlight look. He smiles again and throws everything into lay terms. Okay, now I got it. He asks for dimensions, and I have no idea. He smiles, again, and says that he can have someone come to the house and measure everything out for me. I see Mom writing something on a little notepad she keeps in her purse. She tears out the paper and hands it over to Sam. He reads the writing on it, and nods.

"Tomorrow, say about one?" He asks me.

"For what?" Deer/headlight, duh?


"Oh." I laugh. "One would be fine. I'll be home." He smiles, then shakes my hand. I turn and start to feel the sample again. Mom walks over, out of earshot from me. She opens her purse, giving him some more paper, it looks like. I shake my head a little, still rubbing the sample with Holly. She's giggling. I tickle her a little, she laughs and hugs me, making me smile wide.

Mom walks back over to us. "Do you want to look some more, honey?"

"No, I think I found what I was looking for. You know, I've been thinking about new carpet since I walked in that front door."

"It needs it, that's for sure." She says, then steps closer to me. "Are you going to tell Steve?"

"Think I should?"

"Heavens no! He surprised you with the furniture. I think you should surprise him with the carpet." She had a devilish look on her face. "Think he'll like it?"

I winced. "I don't know. He obviously trusts me with my decisions. I mean, look at the couch and the tables. He picked out the dining room set, I think, but I don't know that for sure."

"Well, I trust your judgement. You do have good taste. It really shows."

"You think so?" I asked, leaning toward her.

"Yes, honey, I do." She kissed me on the cheek. "Now, it's getting late. We should get back to your house."

We pulled up in front of the house, seeing Steve's truck in the driveway. My heart raced. I opened up my door and pulled Holly out, waiting for mom to join me, then we walked up to the front door. As I reached for the knob, the door flew open and Steve was standing there, wide eyed and looked actually scared.

"I couldn't find you." Steve said quickly. "You didn't leave a note or anything."

"I'm sorry, I didn't think you were going to be home early." I replied, slightly irritated by his tone.

"The door was locked."

"Well, yeah, didn't want to leave it open."

He threw an arm around me, pulling myself and Holly to him. "It just scared me, that's all." He looked past me to my Mother, smiling at her. "Hi, how are you?" He asked, letting us go and stepping to her, giving her a hug.

"I'm fine, honey. It's my fault. I rushed him out the door to go to town. Didn't mean to scare you." She said, patting his big shoulders. She watched the dust flying into the air from her patting. "My, you do get dirty in your job, don't you?"

He pulled away, chuckling. "Yeah, I do. I had just walked in a minute before you got here." Steve looked at me. "Kevin makes me clean up as soon as I walk in. He won't let me touch him or anything."

"That's right, you dirty brute." I smiled at him, trying to keep Holly away from him, as she was reaching out to him. Steve took her little hands and kissed them, making her kick in my arms that much more. "Why don't you go and shower, while I get dinner going."

Steve smiled, then took me by surprise, leaning over and kissing me softly. He pulled back, making my heart leap, and my pants start to bulge. "Yes, sir." He said softly. We all walked in, Steve heading for the bathroom, Mom, Holly, and I into the kitchen. I set Holly on the counter, next to Mom, and I get busy. I clean up the dishes in the sink really fast, and set about doing some prep work for the salad. Mom offers to help, but I tell her, "No, you're a guest. You can watch." I smile at her, and she settles back on the stool. I have actually helped her at home hundreds of times growing up, prepping meals, she actually did the cooking. Now, it was my turn, and I felt good about it.

I went out back and put the coals in the hibatchi and lit them off. I knew it would take a few minutes for them and went back into the house, seeing Steve out of the shower, at the counter talking with Mom and holding a happy little Holly. Steve was tickling her, making her laugh and giggle. I smiled at them. He was so good with her. I walked up and put an arm around his waist. He kissed me again. I was so warmed by the show of open affection from him. My Mom was smiling.

"So, what's for dinner?" Steve asked. "I smell the coals."

"Chicken, tossed salad, and the fruit salad I made. Would you like anything else to go with it?"

"No, that sounds really good." He smiles at me. Steve looked over at my Mother. "He's a really good cook, you know. Not as good as you..." Steve kidded, making me poke him in the ribs at the comment. He jumps a little, laughing. "Only kidding, only kidding."

"You two." My Mom says, shaking her head.

"He's terrible, isn't he?" I ask my Mom. She smiles back. "He's always teasing me." I complain.

"It's all in good fun, baby." Steve says, kissing me again on the cheek. "You're just so easy." He laughs, as I poke him again.

"Jerk." I say, softly. Then go back to finishing the prep. I pull out the chicken and take it outside, putting it on the little grills, making it sizzle. I go back inside and start putting the table together. They are talking between each other and then both walk toward the front door.

"We're going out front, honey." Mom says, as I'm looking at them. "Steve's going to bring your things in from the car." I watch as they walk out front together. I finish the table, and go back outside to check on the chicken.

Steve is carrying in a couple of bags and a good sized box. He turns and walks down the hall going out of sight. I start to go after him, but Mom stops me. "He wants to do this." She says quietly. I shrug my shoulders and go back to what I'm doing. There are two more trips like the first, and then the front door is closed. Dinner is done, and I bring it to the table. We gather and sit together, and talk over dinner. Mom compliments me over my new found culinary skills, but I think to myself, how hard is it to bar-b-que? I take the compliment from her, as Steve holds my hand on top of the table, rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand. The way he is looking at me is making my heart melt and my throat tight.

Mom gets up, saying its getting late and it's about an hours drive to get back home. My heart drops, as I know she really needs to get going. We all walk out out front to her car. I'm carrying Holly, Steve has an arm around Mom's shoulder, and I know she is enjoying that. She hugs Steve tight when we reach the car, he returns the hug. She looks at me, as I'm kissing Holly and putting her in the car. I turn and look at her, tears are welling in her eyes. She hugs me really tight, I wrap my arms around her, squeezing her as well.

"I love you, honey." She says softly, then pulls back, taking my face in her hands. "I know you are being taken good care of. I won't worry anymore. You do need to come visit me though, from time to time." She looked over at Steve. "Both of you."

"Yes, ma'am." Steve says. "You can be sure of that."

She looks back at me, still holding my face. "Thank you for today, it was very nice."

"Thanks for coming, Mom. It was a good day. I really miss you."

"I know, honey, so do I." She kisses my cheek. "But you have something special here." She looks over at Steve, smiling. "And with this really good looking guy, I wouldn't leave either." She hugs me again, then lets me go and gets in the car. She starts it and pulls away. Steve and I wave as we watch her leave.

"I've got to go clean the kitchen." I say softly, letting a tear stream down my face.

"Come on, little man, I'll give you a hand." He says, as he guides me toward the house. He puts an arm around my shoulder as we walk up the sidewalk, then go in. He gooses me, making me jump, as he closes the door. He chuckles, following me into the kitchen. We start cleaning and putting things away. Steve rubs a hand over my butt every now and then, making me grow in my pants, driving me crazy. Once the kitchen is done, he grabs me and spins me at the sink to face him. We stare into each others eyes for a long minute, then he grabs me again, pulling me into him.

The kiss is powerful and deep. His arms around me, taking my breath away, his hands working up and down my back. I melt under him and his attack, loving every second of it, running my hands up his muscular back. He is bashing my mouth with his tongue going so deep, pushing mine out of the way and filling my mouth. I begin to moan, as I am so hard now in my pants. He's rubbing his own stiffness against mine, putting one of his legs in between mine. I start sliding up and down on him, making him pull me tighter to him.

Steve breaks the kiss and moves to my ear and neck, chewing on them, then slides a hand up inside my shirt, lifting it up to expose more of my stomach. He keeps lifting it, and now I'm groaning. I've got to get out of these pants! I kick off my shoes, and he reads my mind, as one hands reaches down and pulls at my pants, popping them open. He reaches in and grabs my leaking length and pulls it out, slowly but firmly stroking it, ticking my tip, rubbing precum all over my head. I reach up with both hands and run my fingers through his hair, grabbing it, holding him to my neck. He pulls back a little.

"Oh, God, I want to fuck me so bad." I whisper.

"In a little while." He replies. "First, I want you in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth." He says and tongues my neck. I moan from his tongue and stroking. I let his hair go, as he slides down me, lifting my shirt even further above my nipples. He tweeks one, sending me further into the clouds. He gets to his knees and without hesitation, he swallows my length, slowly almost to the base. Oh My God!, what a feeling. It's like we haven't done this forever. I watch as he slides up and down on me, sliding my pants down. I work them off with my legs, as he uses one hand to help me out of them. He tosses them aside on the floor, spreading me out, while he pulls on my balls. I am moaning under his suction and pulling, and then I feel it again, that incredible feeling from my toes, going up the back of legs. I grab his hair again, and he moves faster on me, knowing. I cut loose in his mouth, and he is pulling on me more with tight suction, drawing everything out of me. I love this so much, but I want something else now. I want him to fill me up inside. He slowly pulls off as I am not shooting anymore. He rises to his feet and kisses me again, softly.

He backs away from me, and unbuttons his pants slowly, like a strip tease. I watch as his thick cock comes into view, making my heart race. He drops his pants just a little, so they are hanging on his butt a little. He pulls out his balls and they are pushed up, making his cock point toward the ceiling. The tip is shining from the clear liquid that is coming out. I want it, and move toward him, but he stops me, giving me a devilish grin.

"Where would you like me to give this to you at?" He says softly, my heart is pounding so hard, my mind is racing. I walk around him, stripping my shirt off, dropping it on my pants. He is following me with his eyes. I walk around the counter and go into the living room. I drape myself over the back of the love seat, putting one foot up on the back, the other on the floor. He watches me finger my ass, while I'm watching him, his cock dripping on the floor. "You are so fucking sexy, you know that?" I smile and wiggle my eyebrows, as he drops his pants and steps out of them. He rips his shirt off over his head, tossing it and then comes over to me, getting behind me, going to his knees. He watches me finger myself, then moves in and tongues my hole along with my fingers. I use two fingers to open myself up a little, and then he dives in, pushing my fingers out of the way, going deep with his tongue. I moaned loudly as he went in, resting my hands now on the back of the love seat, Steve spreading my butt wider with his hands. He put tight suction over my hole, driving my totally crazy. God, I loved it! He slowly pulled away, and stood behind me.

"You really want it, don't you?" He whispered, pressing himself to my hole, rubbing his tip over it, rubbing my back with his hands.

"Yes." I moaned. "I want it, your big cock in me, yes." I waited, feeling him rubbing me, teasing me. "Give it to me." I begged. "Please, give it to me."

I felt him press in a little, spreading my opening. Yes, oh yes, I thought. He pulled out, leaving me nothing. Then I felt it again, a little pressure on me. Oh, thank you! I thought, please, oh please slide it in. He didn't move, just pressed a little. I reached back behind me with one hand and looked over my shoulder. He was still rubbing his hands over my back. Why was he waiting? I could see the devil grin again, teasing me even more. I was about to explode. I was getting hard again from the teasing. Just fuck me, I thought, please, just fuck me! And then he slid into me. I moaned so loudly, being filled, I pushed back against him, forcing him in all the way.

"You do want it, don't you?"

"I have to have it." I moaned. "I want all of you in me. Pound me, fill me up."

"Oh, you are so tight." Steve moaned. "You like it?"

I was breathing heavy. "No." I exhaled, making Steve stand still. "I love it!" I said loudly, reaching back, touching his chest. "Fuck me. Make me scream." I moaned out as Steve slowly slid almost all the way out of me. He slid back in, very slowly, driving me crazyier still. I just couldn't get enough of his cock in me. He went in and out so slow, rubbing his hands over my back and shoulders.

"I'm gonna make this last a long time." He whispered. "I want you to beg me to cum in your ass. I want to make you sweat. Then I want to do it all over again."

"Oh, God!" I was so excited, panting. "Oh, yes, yes. Fuck me, baby, please fuck me."

"Not yet." Steve said, sliding all the way in me very slowly, making me groan loudly.

"Yes, yes." I moaned out. "Please, Steve, please fuck me. I want to feel you cum in me." I moaned again as he slid out slowly almost to the end of his cock.

"Yeah?" He slowly slid back in me. "Yeah? You love it? You want this?"

"Yes, oh, yes." I moaned. "Don't make me beg. Give it to me." And then give it to me, he did. He thrust back up into me, and then started a rhythm setting me on the edge, making my toes curl, going deep into me, then pulling almost all the way out. I was so hard at this point as he pounded me and my spot. I was trying to hang onto the back of the love seat, but with his force of pounding it was difficult. And then, the thing that I was afraid of, the thing I didn't want to happen, happened. I came all over the back of the new love seat, shooting all over the cushions, and the top of the back, all without touching myself. I clamped on Steve, but this drove him more, thrusting through my clamped muscle, pounding me further, until I heard him gasp and moan, he shot deep inside me. I could feel the pulses from his thick cock. I moaned more, as he kept hitting my spot over and over again in this position. I screamed out for more, but he was done. He slowly pulled out of me, and I lay down on the back of the love seat, my ass in the air, my leg still on the arm of the love seat. I felt his mouth at my hole, his tongue licking me, making me moan again.

He took my balls and sucked them one at a time from behind, then pulled my dick down and licked at it's underside. His tongue was absolute magic on me. I reached back and put one hand into his hair, grasping it. I looked back over my shoulder at him. We made eye contact as he ate my ass. I smiled so big at him.

"Oh, yeah." I hissed out. "Eat my ass. Yeah. I need you to fuck me again, baby. Yeah, can you do that? Can you fuck me again?" Without saying a work, he stood up , scooping me up in his arms. He carried me into the dining room and lay me on the table, putting me on my back. He lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders, pushing his tip to my hole and then slid in. I moaned loudly as he entered and buried himself fully into me. His hands sliding up my sides, tweeking my nipples, and then back down to my stomach, as he was sliding in and out of me.

"You like that?" He asked softly. I nod as I moan. "You like being fucked, don't you?"

"Oh, yes." I moan at him, lifting my head off the table. "Yes." I grit my teeth, wanting it more. "Fuck me hard. Pound my ass."

"So demanding, little man." Steve said as he stopped his motion. "Maybe I should just stay like this for a while. Whatda think?"

"No, I mean yes." I lay me head back on the table.

"Which is it, then?" Steve asked softly.

I was confused why he was teasing me. He was fucking me, but he wasn't. I was going crazy. I took matters on my own. I started moving my hips, grinding against him, making myself slide up and down on him, but not very far. It wasn't the same as him doing it. I knew he could see my frustration. He grabbed my sides tighter, making me stop, and then he took over. Thank you! Sliding in and out, deeper and deeper. He started going faster in and out of me. Yeah, that's right, that's the way I want it! He kept going, beads of sweat were on his chest now and forehead. I was sticking to the surface of the table with the sweat building up on me. I was breathing hard and moaning as he was panting and grunting. I was hard again, him rubbing against my spot. God, I love it.

He threw his head back and moaned deeply. I could feel the throbbing against my hole, him shooting in me, filling me again. He kept pumping in me as he moaned. I couldn't feel the pulsing anymore, just him inside me, filling my hole, my walls. I wished it could stay like this all the time. Slowly he stopped, looking down at me, rubbing my chest with one of his strong hands. I smiled up at him. He smiled back.

"I think it's bed time." He said softly.

I got excited a little. "Really? We're going to bed? Are we going to do it again?"

He smiled wide as he pulled out of me. "You little machine. You are unbelievable, you know?" She leaned down on me, kissing my chest and neck. "No, I mean it's bed time. You know, sleep?"

I looked disappointed, he saw it. He spun me on the table and scooped me up again. "We need to lock the door." I said, putting my arms around his neck, laying my head against his chest. He carried me down the hall, turning into the bedroom. He carried me over to the bed, and lay me down on his side. He touched my cheek with his fingers.

"I'll go do it, and be right back." He smiled as he half turned, still looking at me. "Better be looking sexy when I get back." My heart raced. He walked back out of the room.




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