House was still dark. I had to flip on lights to see anything. I had the coffee going in the perculator, it was starting to smell good, thanks mom for teaching me. I went into the garage and got Steve's laundry going. It saddened me that his scent was going to be gone out them in a few minutes, but thrilled me at the same time, because he would wear them again, and I could smell them after he peeled them off. Yum, yum!

I came back into the house, and went into the living room. I looked around at the room. Really, it was a mess. I really wasn't a big fan of the large rock wall in the center of the living room wall that held the fireplace. And that was something else that hit me. I didn't see any firewood around the house or in the garage. I had a quick fantasy about us making love in front of it with a fire this coming winter. Damn, my hardon was back. Nevermind that now, got too much to do.

I packed the living room into the back bedroom, the stereo, books, speakers, really just a bunch of loose stuff that was just laying around. I drug the couch out, putting it in the dining room, and the big chair, which was a monster. It kinda stunk like old dirty socks. I thought about putting it outside to air it out, maybe later.

I set up all of the painting items, laying out cloths on the floor, pulling switch plates, outlet covers, and then pulling down the curtains and blinds. The room was filling up with morning light. I stopped and got a cup of coffee. Reenergized, I started to open a paint can. STOP! I was still in jeans! I went to the bedroom and stripped, I grabbed my jogging shorts, went to slip them on, and saw the mark on me. I smiled, rubbing it gently. I went into the bathroom and checked it out in the mirror. It was almost shaped like his mouth. I loved it. I slipped the shorts on, thinking maybe he could mark the other side tonight when he got home. Damn, hard again!

I walked back into the kitchen, sipped more coffee, then went and got busy with the painting. The living room wasn't looking very good. I had to coat the walls over and over just to make it come out. Huh, what the hell? I was going through more and more paint. Finally, I was done with the ceiling. I went and poured more coffee. Now, I had to get rid of some. I walked down the hall to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked speckled in it. I leaned closer. I had tiny little paint spots all over me. Damn! I was hot looking in my shorts, but the paint spots were something else and had to go. Oh well, I'll do it later in the shower.

I was done in the bathroom and went back to it. I found the can of the trim paint. I grabbed a fine brush, noting the differences between the ones that he had bought and set about to work on all of the trim. I did the dining room first, then the hallway, going really slow, taking my time to do a really thorough job. I wanted him to be very happy with it. I had been on my knees, and started to get up, but got really dizzy. It must have been the paint fumes. Need some air.

I went to the front door and opened it. Then I went and opened every window of the house and the back slider. Thankfully there was a breeze this morning. The house filled with fresh air. I was feeling better. I went back and finished my trim work. The hallway looked really good and bright. The doors were something else. Had to do something about those, but what? Take care of that later I guess. I'll ask him when he gets home.

Dining room and hallway, done. I moved back to the living room. The paint was nowhere even close to being dry, so I had to be extra careful cutting in the trim. It was really time consuming. More coffee. Oh, shit! Laundry! I put the brush down and went to the garage. Transferred the clothes and turned on the dryer. Back to paint. It was almost another hour and I was finally done. I didn't like it. Those built in shelves were dull and dingy. They were on each side of the fireplace. Yep, like it or not, they had to be painted as well. I walked over and ran a hand on one shelf. The were dry and dull, feeling and looking. I pulled the adjustable shelves out of the cases, putting them out on the patio. I'd get to them later. I went to the cases and got started. I cut the corners in, then did the backs. I stood back and looked. It looked really goood. I kept going. Finally done. Maybe some touch up or two on some spots, but it was hot. The breeze had died.

I did the shelves out on the patio. The temperature was really up. I noticed the paint was setting up really fast. I kept going, leaning them out very carefully. Finally done, I went in and cleaned the brush and roller out in the sink. I washed up and went out and grabbed the laundry. I took it in and folded it on the bed and put it away in Steve's drawers. I made the bed and went back to check on the bookcases. They were a little soft to the touch, still sticky. Oh well, have to wait.

I turned around and looked at the house. It was a lot brighter. I was pleased. Now the furniture. I dragged the couch back, setting it in place. I went for the chair, walking past the open door. I heard someone clear their throat. I stopped in my tracks, slowly turning, totally forgetting that the door was wide open. I looked, wide eyed, there was a man standing there in the doorway in some kind of uniform.

"Hi." He said, looking me up and down. "Looking for Steven Crawford?"

I snapped back to reality, pulling myself together, looking at the big man, who was filling the doorway. "I'm sorry he's not here right now. Can I help you?"

"I really need an adult to talk to. We'll come back."

"Excuse me." I said, irritated. "I AM of age. What can I do for you?"

He looked me up and down. I suddenly became aware that I was hanging out of my shorts. I was more irritated than anything else, and I really didn't like the way he was looking at me. His leer reminded me of that Larry guy on the mountain.

"We have a delivery for him."

"What kind of delivery?"

"Furniture. He placed an order day before yesterday at the store. He needs to sign for it, being in good condition."

"I can sign for it." I blurted out. Oh, God! Could it be true? Did he really order the couch we looked at? My heart was beating a mile a minute. My palms got all sweaty. I wiped them on my shorts. I gained a little composure. "I'll have to move the old one to bring in the new one."

"We can take care of that for you. We're suppose to take an old couch and chair. Are they in the living room?"

"One is. The other one is right there." I said, pointing over my shoulder toward the dining room.

"Okay. We'll start bringing it in." He handed out some paperwork off a clipboard to me. I took it, looking it over, not believing my eyes. I looked up and the man was walking away, down the sidewalk. I watched him step out into the street. He started motioning his arm. In a minute I saw a large truck back up to the sidewalk and stop. The ramp was pulled out and dropped, the big door rolled up, and the men went into the back of the truck, carrying furniture, setting it on the lawn. My eyes must have been bugged out past the tip of my nose. I was interrupted by the phone ringing. I hopped over to it, pick it up. My heart beat out of my chest, hearing his voice.

"Oh, sweetie," I squealed. "yes, they're here now. What? I can barely hear you...oh okay. Really? You want them to take that too? Why? Why, didn't you tell me? Yes, I'm very surprised. Yes,, I will...I love you more, and I'll show you tonight just how much. Ok, bye." I hung up the phone and shook with excitement, throwing an arm into the air. "YYYESSS!" I turned around, two of the men were standing there, smiling at me. "Uh, I just got good news." I cleared my throat. "Uh, you guys are taking the old dresser too?"

"Yeah, we are. It goes to the second hand store. Where is it?"

"Uh, in the bedroom. I've got to go empty it. You can follow me if you want to." And he did, the creepy one. He made my skin crawl the way he looked at me. A dark alley type of guy, if there ever was one. I started to empty the drawers, putting Steve's things on the bed. Thank god I had made it earlier. I tried not to look at him, and started thinking I should put some more clothes on and get out of these shorts. I waited for him to leave the room and then dove into my bag. I dropped my shorts, pulled on a shirt over my head, then started to hop into a pair of jeans. I got myself totally covered up and then went out of the bedroom. They brought in the couch that I loved and a matching love seat, I smiled, then tables that matched, setting them up. I didn't like the placement, I wanted it to face the fireplace, but hey, I could do that. They walked out past me, then came back in, bringing in a really big table. They set it up in the dining room.

"Smells like fresh paint." The younger guy said, smiling at me. He seemed nice, and was rather good looking. I wiggled my eyebrows at him, thinking he could sweat on me anytime.

"Yeah, finished painting last night in here. The trim is still wet." He walked past me, smiling as we were alone in the room.

"I liked the shorts better." He whispered as he walked by, smiling. My mouth fell open. I watched them bring in six chairs, setting them up around the table, then they went back out, bringing in the new dresser. My god, it was huge! It's top was almost to my nipple line, and it was almost twice the width of the other one. I watched as they had to open doors to manuever it through and into the bedroom. A few minutes later they reemerged, carrying the other one. The younger guy was walking backward toward me. He looked good in his pants, I kinda got excited watching him, and then the letch came into view, what a turn off, instantly limp.

In a few minutes, they were loaded. I signed my name on the bottom of the form, handing back the clipboard to the letch guy. Made me shutter. He shook my hand, it was a limp shake and he had sweaty palms. Gross. The younger guy came up to me, thanking me, shaking my hand as well. Now, this was more like it. He really had a beautiful warm smile, sparkling eyes, and a firm handshake, and was sweaty from moving furniture. He was hot looking.

"I'd like to check to see if you like the furniture late perhaps, another day?"

"Uh, sure." I stammered, wondering if that was usual. I watched him and the other walk away down the sidewalk. They climbed into the big truck. I shut the door. I spun, shaking with excitement. I leaped into the living room, sitting on the couch, then laying on it, then trying the love seat. I squealed again, shaking myself.

I got up and rearranged the furniture, facing the couch toward the fireplace, putting the love seat at an angle to the couch, big table out in front, side tables to each side of the couch. If only I had some lamps, but, no. Hmmm. I went out and cut some flowers, arrainging them like my mother would in a vase I found in the kitchen. I set them on the side table between the couch and love seat. Not bad. I looked at the clock. It almost three.

Steve said he would be home about six when he called. I had some time, and I felt that I had earned a little break. I went back to the bedroom, stripping my clothes, I got back into my shorts, then I walked through the slider, checking the shelves, they were still a little tacky to the touch.

I left them alone and walked over to the pool. I touched the water with my toes. It was warm, but still inviting. The pool pump had come on a little earlier and I knew the water had circulated. I jumped in, sitting on the bottom for a minute, then I pushed up, breaking the surface. I lightly stroked across to the steps, pulled myself out, laying on them, half out of the water.

"Hello there." I jumped hearing the voice behind me. I spun around on the steps, looking. No one was there. I looked all around not seeing anyone. "Hello there. I hope I didn't scare you." I looked toward the direction of the voice. I saw fingers hanging off the back fence.

"Just a little bit." I answered.

"Hi. I'm Darrin."

"Hi, Darrin. I'm Kevin." I answered as I climbed out of the pool, walking toward him. I could see an eye looking through the fence in between boards.

"I know."

"You live here?" I asked pointing at the house over the fence.

"Yeah, with Billy." He paused. His eye disappeared for a moment and then returned. "You just moved in with Steve, didn't you?"

"Yes, I have." I cocked my head a little. I could tell he was looking me up and down. I looked down. With the nylon of my shorts wet, you could see the outlines of what I had in them. I looked back at the fence. "Do you guys have a pool?"

"No. I wish we did. No one has one here on the block."

"Then why don't you come over and have a swim?" I asked putting my hands on my hips. "I know Steve won't mind."

"I can't."

"Why not?" Asking, somewhat confused.

"Billy probably wouldn't like it."

"Well, ask him."

"He's not home yet."

"Oh." I replied, still confused. He had to get permission to come over? Okay, whatever. "Well, nice talking to you. You can come over anytime, if it's okay with Billy. I've got some work to finish up." I turned to start to walk away.

"We watched you guys last night. It was wonderful." I stopped dead in my tracks. They had watched us making love here at the pool. "Steve is very beautiful, but, I think you're gorgeous." I slowly turned around, looking at the fence. I walked toward it.

"What did you see?" I asked quietly.

"Everything, and it was really, really good. Billy got so excited, he kept me up most of the night." I didn't even know this guy and I was getting excited just about being watched. "We probably weren't the only ones, either." A chill went up my spine. "You know her, next door to you?" I nodded. "She was probably watching too, through the fence. She's in love with Steve, you know." He whispered through the fence, "She's probably watching us right now. Likes to be nosy, has nothing else to do." Oh, Jesus! Everyone watching us! Fuck, my life was already over, just as it was beginning here.

"Really." I said flatly, thinking I would have to do something about all of this. I mean, I love last night, us making love in the pool. I even dreamt about it last night, and now, fuck, everyone watching us? Guess I should put up a sign and start charging peep show rates. I was deflated and depressed. "Well, hope to talk to you again. I've got to get busy." I turned and started to walk away.

"Okay, well, bye." He sounded hurt. I stopped. I looked over my shoulder, feeling brave. "Hope you enjoyed watching last night. Tonight might even be better. You'll just have to wait and see." I walked back toward the house, through the slider. God, I was pissed. A neighborhood full of Peeping Toms. What the hell else could go wrong? The doorbell. UGH! The doorbell, again. I walked over and opened the door. I was surprised to see Mrs. Allen standing there, her hands clasped together, her tiny little smile. I was still dripping wet, and I knew I was hanging out of my shorts. If she noticed, she didn't show it.

"I'm sorry to bother you dear, but I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of things over at the house?"

"You know, Mrs. Allen, I would love to." I smiled wide at her, reaching a hand out toward her. "Please, won't you come in?" She took my hand and stepped inside looking around. "It's been a while since you were in here, hasn't it?"

"Yes, dear, it has. I hope I'm not bothering you."

"Oh, no, not at all. Actually I had just gotten out of the pool. I've been painting all day, and I needed a little break. You're just in time, actually."

She patted my cheek with a tiny, boney hand. "You're such a sweet boy. I noticed there was a large truck here earlier."

Oh, boy. Here we go, the first to get the news and the one that will send out the message probably.

"Yes, that's right. Steve ordered some new furniture. They delivered it. It was quite a surprise to me, too. He didn't tell me."

"Oh, he's such a scamp, that one. Never talks much at all, always keeps to himself. Well, I hate to impose, but if you could do something for me, I can meet you at the house."

I smiled. "I have a better idea. Why don't you go into the living room there, you can see the new furniture." Pointing the way for her, "Let me go change real quick, and I'll walk with you over to the house. We can make your husband really jealous." I winked at her. She smiled at me.

"Just like Steven, such a scamp. Trying to trick an old woman."

"You go try out that new couch and I'll be right back, alright?" She smiled and turned.

I trotted down the hallway, into the bedroom. I dropped my shorts, went into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and dried myself really quickly. I put back on the clothes I had on earlier and slipped on some shoes. I brushed out my hair and trotted back down the hallway, into the living room. "So, what do think of the new furniture?"

"It's very lovely, and very comfortable. Steven has very good taste."

"Really? Actually, I picked it out. I didn't know he was going to buy it, let alone change the furniture in the house."

"He must think the world of you, dear. He has a big heart, and I know it's been broken before. You can tell. But, one thing is for sure, he certainly cares about you. I can see it, the way he looks at you."

"Well." I didn't know what to say, I must have been blushing. "How about we go across the street? There's a couple of things I'd like to ask you." I held out my arm. She smiled, and took it. We walked slowly out of the house and across the street. She was telling me that she needed an old dead rose bush dug up in the backyard. I happily did it, as she did a favor for me in return. She wrote out a couple of recipes for me that she had cooked for Steve. She knew he liked them, as they had had him over for dinner a few times in return for him helping them. Soon, I had the dead rose out, and the ground turned over and ready for whatever she wanted to put there. I put the dead rose in the alley, outside the back gate. She handed me the cards with recipes, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I returned the kiss, making her blush, thanking her for making my day brighter. I walked back across the street. I knew it was getting late. I had to get dinner going for Steve. Please, please no more interruptions, please.

I pulled a few things out. I looked at the clock, it half past five. It was going to be close. I put a salad together, then set about making this chili mac and cheese my mom always made. I hoped I had enough time. I was almost done with it, when I heard the front door open. My heart raced, I knew it was him. In a few seconds, I felt hands on me, wrapping around my waist from behind. I could smell him, his manly sweat smell, that got me all worked up, I was getting hard in my jeans.

"Hello, love of my life," he kissed the back of my neck, "What's all this?" He sucked on my ear lobe, driving me crazy.

"It's your dinner, you dirty brute." I spun around in his arms, wrapping mine around his neck. He was covered in dirt. I loved it. I kissed him deeply. He pulled back a little. "Now, you go take a shower. I'll have this ready for you in a few minutes, and we can eat in the dining room, like civilized people."

"Oh, I see. We're aristocrats now. Well, how about I strip and you strip and we eat naked at the table?"

"That will be acceptable, sir, providing that you're clean first." I gave him my best butler voice.

"Well, in that case, I will retire to the baaathroom, and will clean myself of this field droll." He spoke in his best aristocratic voice. He slapped my butt as he walked away. "I don't know why you're in jeans. I smell fresh paint, I thought you'd be in your shorts or nothing at all." He said aloud as he walked down the hallway. I smiled as I returned to the stove top.

A few minutes later, he returned, clean, wearing a pair of tight shorts. My eyes bugged. I had never seen him in anything else. Fuck, he was sexy. All muscular, tanned, his blonde hair, and the bulge in his shorts. I was instantly hard, almost dropping the spoon I was holding.

"You alright?" He smiled as he walked around the counter into the kitchen. I nodded, looking him up and down. "Your mouth is open, little man." He said softly. I closed it and gulped.

"You said you liked me in mine, but I love you in yours. My God!" I said loudly. He looked down at himelf.

"I forgot I had these. I never have a chance to go through my drawers." He said, shrugging his shoulders. I stepped up near him, reaching out with one hand, stroking my fingers over his stomach and the light blonde hair disappearing into the band at his waist.

"You need to wear those more often." I gulped. He could see me bulging up in my jeans.

"I guess I do, if I get that kind of response from you." He leaned in and kissed my softly. "Wow, that smells really good. I'm starving to death. Is dinner ready?"

"Uh, yeah, it is." I snapped back to reality. I pulled out plates, and served it up, carrying it into the new dining room. I put him at the head of the table, then I set myself to his right. We sat, ate, and I told him about my day, everything, about my day. His eyes went wide a couple of times, over the furniture guys and what Darrin had said about last night.

He cleared his throat, looked at me, and then started slowly. "You have to watch Darrin. He's a little odd." He thought about it for a minute. "They're relationship is a little weird too, come to think of it. Billy keeps him pretty much locked up in the house. I don't know why."

"That's too bad. Yeah, I don't know either." I shrugged my shoulders. We were done with dinner at that point. I picked up the plates and walked them to the sink. I started cleaning up the kitchen, Steve got up and came up behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder. I smiled, leaning my head against his.

"You know, Kevin, really how much I love you?"

"I think I have a pretty good idea." I answered, turning off the water in the sink. I spun around in his arms, looking into those dreamy eyes. My heart melted. I put my arms around his neck, pulling him in. I kissed him deeply and passionately. I leaned back against the counter, pulling him closer to me. He squeezed my chest with powerful arms. I felt him starting to rise in his shorts between us. He rubbed himself against me, I loved it. We slowly pulled away from each other. "I have never in my life felt so loved by anyone. Look at what you've done for me." I whispered.

"What I've for us. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I want it to be like this for the rest of my life." He said as a tear dropped out of one eye. "You make me so happy, feel so loved. I've never had this before with anyone."

I wiped the tear away, wanting to cry myself, but held back. "You make it so easy." I said, then kissed him again. I pulled back, looking him in the eyes. "Now, I need to finish cleaning the kitchen. Then I have something to ask you."

"What?" He smiled. "Anything."

"Will you fuck my brains out on the new couch?"

He laughed, shaking his head. "Of course I will. You had to ask?" I wiggled my eyebrows at him. He hugged me tight.



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