My First Summer

Chapter 6

I stood there, just looking at Steve as he sat in the truck, his head tipped forward. I could feel the tear running down my cheek. I was so scared about everything that was happening to us. My feelings for him, his for me, time running out, everything was building up inside of me, I just wanted to scream and run away. But, run away to where? I was trapped, no where to go.

Steve reached out a hand and hooked his fingers into mine. He didn't look up at me. He squeezed my two fingers he had hooked lightly. I squeezed back after his, I reached my other hand up and touched the crown of his head, running my hand down toward his neck, my fingers enjoying touching his soft hair.

"I love it when you touch me, little man." Still looking down, "It makes me feel strong inside, gives me the strength I need." He lifted his head and looked at me. His eyes were red from the tears. "I know what I have to do, now. Thank you. You helped me make my decision." He smiled at me. I was confused, but my heart racing, at his words. I would follow him in any decision blindly, do whatever he said, blindly. I knew at that moment, no matter what happened, I was his and his alone. He had become my entire world, and nothing else mattered.

"What do you want to do?" I asked quietly.

He looked at me with narrowed eyes. I could see the tense look in his face, like I had never seen before. A true resolve and all of a sudden a purpose in his eyes, those beautiful eyes. I felt my throat tighten and my chest was really pounding, waiting, just waiting for him to tell me, to say something....

"First, I want you to get in the truck. Next, I want to get something to eat. We haven't eaten since last night. Third, I want you to see what's in the bag on the seat." His eyes more determined. "That would be now." He said flatly as he turned in his seat, behind the wheel. He put the key in the ignition and turned it, starting the truck. I turned and ran around the cab to the passenger side. I got in, slamming the door. The truck went into revese and he backed her out onto the road, then we started to drive forward, down the street. Near the edge of town was a diner. Steve pulled the truck into the little parking lot and stopped the truck.

We got out and started to walk toward the front of the diner. He looked down at my hands and stopped. "You forgot the bag!" he cried out. I was shocked and stopped in my tracks.

"I didn't know you wanted me to bring it in." I replied as I watched him walk back to the truck and get the bag. He grabbed it through the open window, then returned, handing it to me as we continued on our way into the café. The waitress smiled as she was pouring coffee for an older guy at the counter.

"Go ahead and sit anywhere you like. I'll be with you in a minute." Her hair was piled up really high, with a bright pink ribbon. I could see a pencil stuck in the stack on top of her head. Her apron was frilly and pink as well, matching the ribbon. We smiled and slid into a booth.

"You sure you boys won't sit here at the counter? She called out, looking us both up and down, especially Steve.

"No, thanks. We'll be fine here." Steve replied as she walked up to the edge of the table.

"What can I get you boys?"

"Coffee would be great, thanks."

I reached out and grabbed a menu at the end of the table. It was small and one sided, listing pretty much only breakfast and lunch items, and not that many choices. I wasn't that picky, and it seemed fine to me. I took a paper napkin out of the dispenser and wiped off a mustard stain to read the description of an item. She turned and walked away.

"I think she likes you." I said in a low voice, teasing Steve, trying to break some ice as we hadn't spoke to each other since our talk after the hardware store.

"Yeah, whatever. She's old enough to be my mom." Steve turned and looked in her direction, then back to me. "Want you to do me a favor."

"What's that?"

"Take the bag, go into the bathroom, and change into what's in here." He said, passing the bag over the table to me. I took it and started to look inside, but he stopped me. "Don't look, just go do, okay?"

I looked at him. He had an intense look in his eyes. "Sure. Right now?" I asked as the coffee arrived. She set the mugs on the table and began to pour from her glass pot.

"You boys know what you want?" She asked. Steve looked up at her, ordered waffles with sausage on the side. She flashed her glance at me, I asked for two eggs, bacon, and hash browns. She smiled and said it would be right up, as she walked away. I watched her lean into the kitchen window and talk to the cook. She wrote out a ticket and clipped it on the wheel above the window and then spun it.

"Are you gonna go?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, sure." I answered, sliding out of the booth, grabbing the bag, walked toward the bathroom. Once there, I opened the bag and looked in. There were a couple of pairs of jeans. I smiled to myself, kicking off my shoes. I pulled out the first pair, held them up and looked them over. I set them on the edge of the sink, started to undo my pants and slide them off, when the door opened. An old man came in, and his eyes opened wide, seeing me half naked.

"Everything alright there, boy?" He asked in a low voice.

I kept going with my changing, forgetting I wasn't wearing underwear. I looked down at myself and then up into his old, wrinkled face. "Yes, sir. Just changing real quick. Sorry if I'm taking up too much room."

"Naw, I'll just wait til you're done." As he stepped back out, the door closing. I pulled the new jeans off the sink and slid into them. They were a little tight. Hang Ten bib overalls. I had seen some of the guys in school wearing them and it made them look really good. I buttoned over the straps to the bib, and the side straps, then slipped my shoes back on. I took everything out of my pockets of my old jeans and shoved it into the pockets of the overalls. I looked in the mirror, but it was small and couldn't see much at all. I folded my jeans and placed them in the bag, grabbed the door and walked out past the old man. He walked in, looking over his shoulder. I knew the overalls were tight and revealed everything, even more than my old jeans, but I swear the waitress almost dropped the coffee pot when I walked by her. I could feel all eyes were on me as I approached the booth, set the bag on the table, and went to slide in on my side. Steve's eyes were bugged out, just looking at me.

"Holy..." He looked around to see eveyone in the café, then back to me, "You are fucking beautiful, little man. Wow. We've got to get you out of town before we see anyone else." I was blushing, looking at the hunger that was now in Steve's eyes. "You have no idea how bad I want you right now. I have half a mind to just throw you down right here on the table."

"So, you obviously like the jeans. Now, I see why you bought them for me. Thanks."

"No, little man, I like the whole package. The jeans just set it off, that's all." He finished as breakfast came. The waitress kept looking at me, down at my lap. I looked down myself, seeing everything bulging through the thin denim, my cock off to the right, laying flaccid, my head pronounced, my balls pushing upward, surrounding the seam below the buttons of the fly. I looked up at her and gave her a quick smile. The tip of her tongue shown through her tight lips. She almost overfilled the coffee mug. She quit pouring, then turned and walked away.

We started to eat, looking at each other every now and then over our plates. I was hungry for something else, but kept eating. Once we were done, we slid the plates to the center of the table. I added a little sugar to my coffee, stirring it slowly with my spoon, watching Steve. The waitress brought the cheque, setting it at the edge, looking at both of us. Steve put his hand on it, and slid it toward him, reaching into his pants pocket with the other hand, pulling out some cash. He thumbed out a few bills and set them on the table on the tag. He nodded his head to one side, indicating it was time to go. We slid out of the booth, I grabbed the bag, and we walked out the door.

Steve stopped at the tailgate of the truck, leaning, his hands on it. I walked up next to him. "What's wrong?" I asked in a low voice, not that anyone was around, but wanting it to be private between us.

"It's always going to be like this." He hissed through his teeth.

"Be like what?" I asked confused.

"People looking at you like that. Didn't it bother you?"

The realization hit me as to what he was talking about. I hadn't given it too much thought, but now that he mentioned it, I felt really good about it, about myself. I had never in my life really liked myself, my life, but now, it was like a whole new world opened up, all of a sudden. No, it didn't bother me. Hell, I was really enjoying it.

"It doesn't matter to me." A lie, then I lay a hand on his forearm, "It only matters to me what you think, what you see." I chuckled. "It's kinda your fault, you know. You suggested the haircut, you bought the overalls. And you still haven't told me what you think about them." I lifted my hand, and slowly turned round beside him. His head turned, looking me over.

"I so love your tiny little butt. And those make it stand out so much. Oh fuck, I want to just fuck your brains out right now." I stopped my spin, looking at him, biting my bottom lip, giving him my best little innocent boy look. "You are so fucking beautiful, Kevin. I am so lucky that I have you." He paused, starting to reach for me, but stopped, thinking that were eyes upon us. He stayed focused on me.

"There's something I want to tell you." I whispered. He tilted his head slightly to the right. "Earlier, after I got my haircut, and I came looking for you. This old man asked me if I wanted a job. You know the one you talked to you, the one you asked to watch for me."

"Mr. Adson. He runs the general store, that's where I got the jeans. He offered you a job?"

"Yeah. I told him I was out of school, was here on vacation. He said that the kids around here just take off and leave the area. I've never had anyone offer me a job before."

Steve laughed out loud. "I did. I offered to have you help me with the dome, remember?"

"Well, yeah, but I didn't think that was a real job, more like friends working together, you know, the buddy thing." Steve smirked at my comment.

"You know, you're pretty on the ball for being so young. You're right, it wasn't for pay. I'm glad it was for sex, though." He winked at me. "I don't have money to pay to have someone work for me. That's the kind of stuff Marty does."

"Pays for sex?!" Steve laughed again at my stupid question.

"You're too much, little man." Steve shook his head. "No, he's a carpenter. Has his own construction company. He pays guys to work for him."

Smack! The light bulb went on. I was so stupid. This really gorgeous guy was out there building things, paying guys to help him. What if he gave me a job. I could stay up here, be out on my own, maybe go to the junior college that was near here. My mind was racing, thousands of thoughts and possibilites. Then I noticed Steve looking at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, little man, stop what you're thinking right now." I felt like he was mind reading or something. "I know what's going through that brain of yours. It's expensive to live up here, and by yourself? I don't think Mr. Adson pays that much to let you survive on. Besides, where would you live? The cabin? How would you get into town? You don't have a car. There's a reason why the kids don't stay around here. There's no money to be made. Mostly older retired folks live here, vacationers, and so on. I have an idea, let's go talk to Mr. Adson and ask him how much he'll pay, then we can start to figure out how much you need to just survive here."

I was mad now. He was making sense, although I didn't want to hear it. I thought it would be embarrassing to talk to Mr. Adson, but Steve had pissed me off. I'd show him, I'd figure out a way to make it work.

"Alright, let's just go talk to him, you'll see." I turned and stalked over to the passenger door, threw it open and climbed in and slammed it closed. I was sitting there with my arms folded over my chest, heart pounding, teeth clenched, jaw straining. Steve climbed in and gently closed his door. He started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot of the café. He drove back down the road into the main part of town, then pulled into a parking space in front of Mr. Adson's store. I opened the door, got out and closed it, more gently now. Steve got out and we walked in together.

I had never been in here before, in all the years of coming up here. I knew that my mother had. I could see all kinds of merchandise all over the place, on shelves, some small tables in the middle of the open aisles. A couple of ladies were talking over some fabric to my left as we walked by, they didn't look up. I was looking to and fro for Mr. Adson. Finally I saw him in the back. I walked up, and he smiled at me.

"Well I see you're back. Found him, did you? Good, good. Now, what can I help you with?" He was so bubbly and warm, I just loved this old man.

"Well, Mr. Adson, it's about that job." His eyes lit up. "You see, sir, well I was wondering..."

"You wonder what it pays, do you? You wonder what it's like living here full time. Is that about right?"

I smile with relief. "Well, yes, sir."

He chuckled, making his apron bounce up and down. "It doesn't pay much. All I can afford is minimum wage. As you can see, there's not a lot of customers. In truth, it's down right boring here. It would be more of me having company around than anything else." He sighed, and looked down at the floor. "My wife died a few years back. She worked here with me. We would talk all day long. I miss just having conversations all day long. Oh, there would be things to do, clean, straighten, organize, that's about all."

I was almost in tears at his story, and almost said yes immediately. I stopped, feeling a hand on my shoulder. It was Steve. I slowly turned my head to look at him. I could see a tear in his eye.

"Mr. Adson," Steve stepped forward. "You realize that he was only up here on vacation, that his family will be leaving soon to go home."

"He said that, yes. I just thought he's a nice boy, and I don't know what made me offer it to him. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause a problem."

"There is no problem, Mr. Adson. He's just gotten out of school and hasn't figured out yet what he's going to do..."

"Excuse me!" I said loudly, stepping around Steve, to look into his face. "You don't know that." I turned and reached my hand to Mr. Adson. He took it, looking confused. "Mr. Adson, I want to thank you for talking to me. I will let you know in a day or so what is going to happen. Will that be alright?"

Mr. Adson clasped his other hand over mine, squeezing them together. "Yes, yes. That will be just fine. Thank you so much for coming in to see me, you've made an old man very happy."

We turned and walked out of the store, got out to the front sidewalk in front of the truck. I stood there, trying to collect myself, my thoughts, my feelings. I looked at Steve. He had a this look of 'I told you so' written all over his face. I was getting angry again. The sound of a horn snapped me out of it. I looked out into the street. A truck was stopped behind Steve's truck, it was Marty. He was leaning across the seat, rolling down the passenger window.

"Hey, Kevin!" I smiled as he called to me. I stepped off the sidewalk and walked toward his truck. "Man, you look sexy in those little overalls. Do me a favor and turn around for me." I smiled and did what he requested. He whistled lightly. "Very sexy. What are you doing today?"

Steve stepped up to the passenger door, blocking me. "We are getting a few things, like I told you earlier, then we're going back up the hill. Why do you ask?"

"No reason. I've really got nothing to do today, was just wondering." Marty answered leaning back in his seat, to try and look at me. Steve moved a little to block him, again. "You know, Steve, if I didn't know any better, I would say you're trying to hide him."

"Well, Marty, you're right." Steve said, looking over his shoulder at me. He turned back and stuck his head inside the cab of Marty's truck. He said something to Marty very quietly, so I couldn't hear it. I strained forward, but Steve put out a hand to my chest, stopping me. He pulled back out of the truck and dropped his hand.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later Steve, and Kevin, I hope to see you later too." With that, the truck started down the street. My mouth was open, watching Steve, then the taillights of Marty's truck. My heart sank, it was like someone had pulled the rug out from under me.

"What the hell?" I asked loudly, getting mad again. Steve looked at me, smiling out of the corner of his mouth.

"I just saved your little butt, that's what." Steve just shook his head. "I've known Marty for a long time. He'd take you out in the woods somewhere, screw you within an inch of your life, and then probably leave you there. Oh yeah, sounds like a lot of fun to me." He turned and watched the taillights disappear.

"How do you know?" I asked loudly.

"Because, he did it to me." Steve replied softly, then walked back to the truck and got in. I was in shock, just staring down the empty road. I gathered myself together, feeling stupid again, my anger was replaced with a warm feeling, this man had probably saved me, I felt safe all of a sudden, and then like an asshole for yelling at him. My day was spiraling down, all engines on fire, wings in flames. What an idiot! I walked over to the truck, and got in. Steve slid his hand across the seat, touching mine. I wrapped my fingers around his, smiling without looking at him. I was so embarrassed with myself.

"I have an idea. I want you to meet someone." Steve spoke softly.


"An old friend, who's been up here forever. I think you'll like him." Steve said, looking at me. "If you want. Besides I need to ask him a few questions about the dome." I shrugged my shoulders in response. Steve started the truck and pulled out into the street. We drove back into the hills, down a gravel road, coming to a stop in front of what looked like an old mining shack. I opened the door and got out, looking around. It was heavenly.

There was a pond on the other side of the gravel road, a split rail fence that ran down the road a little way, some tall cat tails standing at the end of the pond, a pair of ducks were swimming around. I smiled at the peaceful picture. I turned and looked at the little shack as I walked around the truck. I didn't realize Steve was watching me the whole time.

The shack was really old looking, with a ragged front porch, slender logs holding up the front porch roof, old four pane windows, that were open, and the slat board front door. The siding of the old place ran from ground to the roof, old boards, side by side. There was no paint anywhere to be seen, just old weatherbaked wood. I loved it.

"Your friend lives here?" I asked Steve quietly. Steve nodded in reply. "Where do you think he is?"

"He's probably up at the barn." He pointed at the trail that went up through the trees and the brush. "It's up there. He'll be here pretty quick though." I looked puzzled. "He heard the truck. Doesn't get many visitors."

"You're right." Came a voice from the brush behind Steve. I jumped. Then he stepped out of the brush. He was old, and old looking, a longer white beard, white hair that was hanging on his shoulders, with an old beat up brimmed hat. Steve turned to face him, holding his arms out. The old man walked up to Steve, throwing his arms around Steve's waist, while Steve wrapped his around the old mans shoulders. "I don't get many visitors. How are you, Stevie-boy? You look really good to old eyes." They pulled apart, and then the old mans eyes fell on me. He looked me up and down, slowly stroking his beard. "My, my. And who do we have here?"

Steve turned, still having an arm around the old mans shoulders, the other arm, holding out, pointing in my direction. "Dean, this is Kevin. Kevin, this is Dean. A very old and dear friend." The old man pulled away from Steve and stepped toward me. I stretched out a hand. The old man stepped past it, putting his arms around my waist and lower back, pulling me into a tight hug. I returned the hug, but not as firm, slightly taken back by him. He pulled away after a minute.

"Stevie-boy, he's absolutely beautiful." The old man looking me up and down, then back at Steve. "I don't know if you deserve him or not." He paused for a moment, then laughed. "Better not leave him here."

"Dirty old man." Steve said, stepping forward, putting an arm around the old shoulders again. "I didn't bring him out here for you. Keep your hands to yourself. I came out here, because I need to ask you about some things I need for the dome."

The old man rolled his eyes, looking at me only. I smiled. "Is he still doing that?" He asked, looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders in answer. "My, my. And I suppose, he's got you helping him with it, doesn't he?" The old man asked, shaking his head. "A fool's errand. I tried to tell him, but he won't listen." The old man reached around the front of him and pinched Steve's waist, making him jump. I snickered at it. "But, if I had help that looked as good as this, I might build anything." He chuckled, then leaned in my direction. "Does he make you work in the nude?" I blushed in answer, making Dean laugh. "So, he does! I bet that is one good looking work site."

"Oh, stop." Steve squeezed Dean's shoulders together. "You're gonna make him really embarrassed."

Dean turned his head and looked at Steve. "You didn't tell him, did you?" Steve dipped his head down. "No, I didn't think so." Dean looked at me, and winked. "Steve, here, helped me build the barn." He chuckled again, then leaned forward again, "I watched him build in the nude." He whispered, then winked. "Loved watching that big old dick of his swinging around. Best time of my life, since Benny."

"Who's Benny?" I asked.

Dean pulled away from Steve, stepped up to me and took my arm, guiding me toward the front porch, I looked at Steve, who was smiling a warm smile, then followed us. Dean and I stepped up on the porch, he opened the door with his free hand and guided me in. He pointed at the chairs at the table in the center of the room, having me sit down, as he went over to the wood stove on the wall and put a hand out, feeling the heat from it. He opened a little door, grabbed a piece of wood out of a bucket, pushed around some glowing embers, and then pushed the wood in and closed the door. He turned and looked at Steve.

"Stevie-boy, would you get some water for coffee, please?" Steve smiled, grabbed the ancient looking metal coffee pot, walked back out the door, as Dean set himself in a chair, next to me. He put a hand on mine ontop of the old rough square table. "Benny. You want to know who Benny was." His eyes got a little misty as he looked into mine. "Benny was the great love of my life. We came up here almost fifty years ago. We came up here to get away from big city life, to live a life together." He moved his gaze to the far wall, as he was getting lost in thought and memory. "We really couldn't live together in the city, and in those days, well, it just wasn't right, or done. People were so judgemental and you could be killed for doing the things that we were doing."

"What things?" I asked quietly. His attention snapped back, and he just stared at me.

"Fuckin! That's what things." He smiled, as he made me jump. "So, we packed up and came up here. No one around for days. You could walk around naked, nobody cared, as long as you left them alone, they left us alone. We could fuck like rabbits all day long! It was great." Dean got up from the table as Steve walked back in with the old pot. Dean took it from him, added coffee and then put it on the stove. He came back and sat down. Steve joined us, sitting to my right. Dean just stared at Steve with a dreamy look. I kept going back and forth between them.

"You see, my pretty boy, Stevie there is the spitting image of my Benny. It haunts me. It's like Benny never left me when Stevie's here." Dean turned his gaze back to me, patted the back of my hand. "It makes my heart feel good that he has you. He's been empty for a long time." I looked puzzled. Dean saw it, "You mean he didn't tell you anything?" I shook my head, looking at Steve, then back to Dean. Dean just stared at Steve. "Benny was Stevies great-uncle, his grandma's brother. So, it kinda runs in the family, you know what I mean?" Dean said with a wink. I was trying not to be lost here.

"So, when you said you had him help you, and he was naked...?" I asked.

Dean was shocked, then laughed. "Did I touch him? Naw, never touched him, he's family." Dean leaned close to me. "But, I am a dirty old man. And, I love looking at a nice young body." He winked, then sat back. "Steve worked nude, because he wanted to, not that I asked him," Dean chuckled, "I didn't have to. You couldn't keep clothes on him. He was always flashing that big dick in everybodys direction."


"Yep. Hell, I'm surprised he's even got a shirt on right now."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, since the first night I saw him. So, I'm still a little confused. What happened to Benny?" I looked back and forth between the two.

"My Benny died. It's been six years now." Dean tapped the table top with index finger. "He's buried on the other side of the pond there, in a little clearing that he loved so much. We would sit over there and watch the sunset." Dean reached up and wiped an eye. He smiled. "But, my Stevie-boy returns to me. Not as often as I would like, but as often as he can. He's a good boy, are'nt you, Stevie?" Steve blushed. I looked at Steve, feeling warm inside and so much in love with him right at this moment. I smiled wide. "So, tell me. How did you two meet?" Dean asked.

I looked back into his wrinkled, weathered face. "It's a long story."

"Let me get us some coffee. I want to hear every detail." Dean said, as he rose, leaning close to me, wiggling his bushy eyebrows. "And remember, I'm a dirty old man, don't leave anything out."



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