I heard the scretch of the alarm and the moan in the dark, then silence, my eyes were wide and I was very awake, very. I felt myself, yep, very awake. I rolled to my right, feeling his warmth next to me. I ran my hand up the side of his leg, over his hip, and up his chest, making him breath heavy.

"Fuck." He muttered in his pillow. "I don't want to get up."

I leaned in and kissed the back of his neck, then down in between his shoulder blades. He reached back behind me, wrapping one hand around my butt, pulling me into him. He moved a little, letting my stiffness in between his own cheeks, then he moved back and forth against, sliding his butt up and down me. Fuck, it was glorious, this time of the morning, in our warm bed, by ourselves. Oh, hell, yes!

The alarm scretched again. He fumbled with his hand again, leaving my butt, slapping it on the clock to silence it. He muttered something in his pillow, I couldn't make it out, and his movements stopped against me. He threw back the covers and rolled out to the edge of the bed.

"I want you in this bed, like this when I get home tonight." He leaned down to me in the dark, finding me, kissing my temple. "You are gonna fuck me until I pass out. Are you good with that?"

Was I good with that? Are you serious? Who in their right mind wouldn't be good with that! Of course I'm gonna do that! What the fuck?!

"If that's what you want, I'd be more than happy to do that for you." I put a hand to his back, rubbing his spine up and down. He got up and went into the bathroom, turning on the light. I squinted my eyes. He looked back over his shoulder.

"Sorry about the light, little man."

"It's okay."

"What are you going to do today?" He asked as he brushed his teeth, leaning in the doorway, naked, his massive cock pushed forward by his muscular thighs. I was in so much lust, my cock was leaking out all over the sheets.

"I don't know. Do some laundry, pull some weeds. I'll get some things done around here."

"We can do that stuff together you know." Steve said as he rinsed his mouth, then turned on the shower.

"I know. But, you work. It's the least I can do." I watched as he stepped in, closing the low glass door. The water running, seeing his arm every once in a while over the top of the shower door. Then the water shut off. The door opened and he grabbed the towel. He stepped out, drying himself, bathed in light from above the sink, he was perfect, absolutely perfect. He placed the towel back then walked into the room, touching my check as he walked by the bed. I smiled at him, following his every move. I watched him get dressed. He walked over to me sliding on the bed, he wrapped me in his muscular arms, lifting me off the mattress, kissing me deeply. My arms went around him tight, not wanting to let him go. He pulled me back, laying me back down.

"Remember what I said about tonight." He said, using a finger to point at me. I gave him my best boy look, sunk into the pillows, the sheet down on me, exposing my entire right side and leg. "Fuck, I wish I didn't need to go. If you get too bored, there some things you can use under the bathroom sink. I'll see you later tonight. I love you."

"I love you more." I said softly, as he turned off the bathroom light, then walked out of the room. I heard the front door open and close, then the truck start a minute later, listening to it pull out, I was alone. Totally alone. We really hadn't been apart but for maybe an hour, two at the most over the past several days. I was a little scared and feeling very lonely all of a sudden. I settled back in the pillows, but my raging hardon was screaming at me. I tried to ignore it, but it was aching from being so tight.

"Oh, alright!" I said aloud, throwing back the covers. I adjusted myself, in the pillows, getting flat on my back, legs spread wide, I grabbed myself and began to pull, slowly at first, dry, letting my fingers almost tickle the skin. I felt good, but it wasn't right. Then his words echoed in my head. What did he mean, if I got bored? I swung my legs off the bed and walked my stiffness into the bathroom, turning back on the light. I knelt down and looked under the sink in the cabinet. My eyes went wide.

I reached in and grabbed, not one, but three soft flexible dicks. I put them up on the counter. One was really black and long, not too thick, another was thicker, and not as long as the first, but the third was the one. It was long and thick, and it had a set of balls at the end of it. It was almost skin colored. I put the other two back like I had found them.

I picked the new found toy and put it along side mine, measuring it against mine. I was impressed with it. It was bigger than mine, thicker, and the length, but I had it beat by a good couple of inches. The important thing was that was almost the same size as Steve around, the balls were smaller, but hey, it was close enough. I smiled to myself in the mirror and turned leaping into the bed. I spread my legs out and began to insert it, twisting and pushing it in. Fuck, how good it was. I buried it in me all the way, moaning loudly as I did, but was having a hard time making it work like he did in me. I loved it, yes, but was getting disappointed, then I pulled it out, looking at it. There was something behind the balls, I turned it, looked at it, and then pulled it out. It was a suction cup. My heart raced.

I jumped off the bed again, my cock raging so bad, so hard, aching. I needed a smooth surface. What could I use? The counter was too narrow and had the sink right in the middle of, damn. It would be hot to watch myself in the mirror getting fucked on this thing, but not very comfortable. And then as I looked in the mirror, I saw it. The tile of the shower. The stall was tiled, but so was the outside wall, and the tiles were large. Bingo! I wetted the suction cup and applied it, pushing on the head, watching the cup flatten out. I let it go, and it stayed. I wiggled it, and it stayed. I pulled it, and it stayed. Then I paniced. Oh, fuck! How do I get it off the wall?! I can't let Steve see this, like this! Oh, God! What was I going to do? I paced the bathroom floor, thinking, thinking. I pulled on it again, nope. It was like it was laughing at me. I paced some more. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Great! My hardon was gone! My rages of hormones started to subside. I watched myself in the mirror for a minute. Well, can't go back to sleep now, what the fuck am I going to do? Pissed, I opened the shower door and turned on the water. The temperature came up, and I stepped in, closing the door. I took a long shower, washing myself very thoroughly, especially my butt. I wanted it be like a whistle when he came home to me, even though he wanted me to have his ass. I heard a thump outside the shower. I opened the door and looked around, and then looked down. The toy was on the floor, laying on its side. I started laughing hysterically, then closed the door. Oh, it was going to be a good day.

I shut the shower off and opened the door, grabbing the towel. I pulled it in. It was the towel he had used. It smelled like him, oh my...I was instantly hard again. I dried myself off, stepping out, closing the door. I smelled the towel again, deeply inhaling his aroma on it. Oh, fuck, I missed him already. Tears welled in my eyes. Come on, pull yourself together, come on. I looked down and saw the toy on the floor. I picked it up, licked the suction cup and tried to stick it to the wall again. It wouldn't stick. What the hell?

I slammed the suction cup on the counter. It stuck and wouldn't move, I had to slide it to the edge to get it off. What the hell? I wet it again, trying the tile again, nothing. Huh! I didn't get it. I lay it down on the counter, brushed my teeth and walked into the bedroom. I gathered my bag and carried it out to the garage. I added soap, and my clothes, then started up the washer. I walked back into the house, looking around all of the dark rooms. It wasn't even light out yet. UGH! Go back to bed!

An hour went by, and I rolled out of bed, walked into the bathroom and took a leak. I turned and looked in the mirror, pathetic, positively pathetic. I eyed the toy on the counter. I picked it up, licked the cup at the base and stuck it to the tile, pushing it on. Of course the fucker stuck! I was pissed. Then it hit me like a brick. The warmth of the water in the shower...duh! What a total moron! I flicked it, making it bounce and walked out. I walked out and put the laundry into the dryer, set the timer and started it. When I walked back into the house, the room was getting brighter. Daylight! Good! Can't go outside, my clothes are in the dryer. What the hell do I...I looked down at myself, I was hard again. Now, if only it stays on the wall...

I walked into the bathroom, watching myself in the mirror, I tried to slid it into me by backing onto it. It resisted. I opened up the bathroom cabinet. There was a green bottle. I opened it, sniffed at it. It was almost like a lavender scent. I tasted it a little. Not too bad, I didn't think it was poisonous. I turned and walked over, smearing a little bit on the toy, it got really slick. I set the bottle down, positioned myself, and slowly slid myself on it, watching myself in the mirror the whole time. God, it was good, being filled. I started to fuck against it, stroking my cock as well, tweeking my nipple with my free hand. I could lift a little, sending it against my spot, pounding myself, I let go of my own self, letting the toy do most of it for me. I was close, could feel it, rising up on my toes and the balls of my feet, I moaned so loud, shooting out all over the bathroom floor, watching it in the mirror made it even hotter, I had no idea, I grabbed my butt and spread it open even further, pounding myself against the toy, finding the magic spot again, building it up and up, and then, another loud moan, shooting more and more across the bathroom floor. I was breathing heavy, watching my cock drip, getting softer, hanging lower, fuck it was hot. I slowly pulled off the toy. The champion had finally won, I turned around and kissed its tip, patting the head. I took the towel down and wiped up all the cum off the floor, stood back up, looking myself in the mirror. I picked up a brush and started messing with my hair. I curled it under, smoothing it around, making it look good. I liked it, and for once I liked me. I shut the light off and went to check the laundry. It was almost done. I went through my bag and found a pair of shorts, jogging shorts. I slipped them on, and walked out, through the living room to the back door. I slid it open, not having been in the back yard yet.

I walked around, looking at the flower beds around the pool. Tons of weeds. Plants needed watering really bad. I got busy. I lost track of time, the sun was blazing down on me, my back felt burnt, and I was dripping with sweat. I stood, looking back, there were piles and piles of weeds on the deck. I walked around the pool, looking down the side of the house, there was a garbage can. I walked down and grabbed it, brought it back. I opened the lid and started putting the weeds in it. I saw a hose, and pulled it out, hosing the dirt from the weeds back into the beds. I looked over at the pool, it was dirty looking, had stuff floating in it. I saw the skimmer net on the fence, I grabbed it and skimmed the pool, cleaning it. It was stagnant. I didn't know much, but I knew it had to have a filter, at least the one at my school had one. I walked around the other side of the house and saw it. I walked up and looked at the big power switch, it was off. Huh, I wonder why? Here goes, I threw the switch, the pump started right away. I walked over to the pool, seeing water churning. I lifted the cover on the filter basket, dumped it in the can, then put it back. Feeling proud of myself, I went back to the house. I washed my hands in the sink, went and got the laundry out, took it to the bedroom, folded it up and put it in my bag. I put my bag in an open corner near the dresser, it would do for now. I went into the bathroom, looking at myself. Oops, I was a little burnt, I could see my shoulders glowing, already. I would have to watch it. Something else I noticed, I knew Steve would like, looking down at my shorts. I always wore underwear or a jock with these, but without any I hung out the bottom of them by a couple of inches. If any of the neighbors had seen me through the fence, well they got an eyeful this morning.

I turned to walk out, seeing Mr. Toy still attached to the tile. I started to get hard in my shorts. I slowly dropped them, playing with myself in the mirror, backing up to the tip with my butt, teasing myself and it, slowly, carefully, I mounted it, sliding it in and out of me, my cock standing up at full attention now, I hunched over a little, arching my back at the same time, it was good but I felt that something was missing from all of this. I worked it out of me, turned and gave it a twist, it pulled off the tile. Stupid! Coming off so easy.

I carried it to the bed, lay down, and reinserted it, working it in and out. Yes it felt good, but I was still empty inside. I pulled it out and sat up. I looked down at the floor, seeing one of his shirts. I picked it up, taking a deep sniff of it. It was him! I loved that smell. I lay back on the bed, his shirt over my face, his scent completely smothering me. I reinserted the toy, bouncing it in and out of my ass, making me moan louder and louder. I hit my spot more and more, pounding it visciously, making myself shoot, doing it again and again, making me cum more and more, until I was seeing white again. I lost feeling in my legs, they slowly dropped to the bed. Steves shirt was over my face, I was breathing him in, the toy, laying between my legs, I slept.

I opened my eyes slowly, they were bathed in red. I couldn't understand why. I put a hand to my face, it was the shirt. I pulled it down, rolled my head over, looking at the clock on the table. It was after one. Oh, god. I looked down myself. My cock was laying off to one side, my balls were hanging low out of sight, I could see the toy. I reached down and picked it up, bringing it toward my face.

"Thanks, mister. But, you're gonna cause problems, I can tell." I said. I rolled out of bed, went into the bathroom. I washed the toy, dried it off and replaced it in the cabinet under the sink. I wondered how many times he had used it. I'd have to figure out a way to ask him.

I picked up my shorts and walked back into the bedroom. I saw the sheets, they were all wet. It was like tire track on them. I looked, and looked again. Shit, now what was wrong? I felt my butt. It felt fine. I walked back into the bathroom, spread my cheeks and looked at my hole, it seemed fine. What the hell was on the bed? Well, it didn't matter now. I stripped the sheets, grabbed the cum soaked towel, and went to the garage. Soap, sheets, towel, started the machine. I was starting to get good at this. I walked back into the house. That dining room. The walls, they were driving me crazy. All dingy like that. I went through the bags from the store. I found sandpaper and went to work on the patches that Steve had done. In a little while, the patches were smooth, and I thought ready for paint.

I got everything ready to go, spreading out some old sheets I found in one of the spare rooms, I grabbed a can of paint. They seemed to be all the same color, an off white, from the scrawl on the lid of the can. I read the simple directions on the back of the can on 'How To Paint The Perfect Wall', yep, I decided, it seemed simple enough, two monkeys and a moron could do this. I went to the bedroom and slipped on my shorts, just in case. (didn't want any paint marks on my dick, ya know) I opened the can and got going, noting the time from the clock on the stove. I had to get the sheets in the dryer.

Painting was good and easy, using a roller, but I couldn't quite get it in the corners no matter how hard I tried. I looked over and saw the brushes in a bag. Duh! What was I saying about a moron? Now, where were those monkeys? I put the roller down and grabbed a brush, a little paint, and then voila, man I was getting good. I got one wall completely done, started the next one. It should be quicker because it had the big window in it. Wait, the curtains. What do I do with the curtains? Think, think. Well, lets take them down. And down they came, as I broke the travers rod. Damn! Hope he wouldn't be too upset. I set the curtains out of the way in the living room, back to rolling, another corner, bang, it was done. Laundry!

Back to painting! Ceiling now. I looked at it as it was just a wall, but over your head. Simple. Did the same thing as the walls. Something wasn't right. It looked different. I was using the same paint, huh? Well, let's do it again. It looked better, but still different. What was going on? I don't know. Move on.

Okay. Living room or hallway? Hmmm. Hallway. I brushed around all of the doorways, on the walls only. I knew enough to know, the trim had to be different. I took all the switch plates off, piled them and the screws on the kitchen counter. Then I broke out the roller again, going to town, rolling out each wall of the hall. I took the cover of the light off, using a ladder that I found in the garage. I put the cover in the spare room. I brushed around the light carefully, then went at it with the roller. I moved the ladder down the hall, reloaded the roller, went back up and rolled out some more of the ceiling.

I felt something on me, looking down I saw hands, I stopped rolling, turned. Steve was behind me. I turned around on the ladder, smiling wide.

"Stop right there." He said softly. "Reach up there again with the roller."

"Where? There?" I asked, pointing.

"Yeah, right there." He said softly. "There's a little spot, I think you missed it."

I felt something else on me, it was his mouth, on my cock, then his fingers tickling my balls. I moaned and almost dropped the roller on him.

"These shorts are so fucking hot on you." He mumbled as he licked at my cock. "When you reach up, you hang out of them further. I fucking love it." Steve said softly, licking me. "I have thought of your dick all day long."

Music to my ears. And magic to the touch as he licked me and licked me. He pulled them down off me, swallowing me whole, bottoming me out in his mouth, cupping my balls, pulling them like I love so much. I slid the shorts off the rest of the way, still up on the ladder. I spread my legs wider for him. He let go of my cock and swallowed my balls, taking them both, humming a deep moan on them, vibrating them, sending shock waves through me. I still had the roller in my hand, as I worked his hair with my free one. His hand came up my chest, pinching a nipple, then sliding back down to wrap around my length. His other hand went around to my butt, fingers sliding up and down my crack, bouncing over my hole. I dropped the roller on the floor, as he entered me, with one, then two, then three. I moaned loudly, feeling him all over me, my cock, my balls, inside of me, I blew my load, shooting down over his back, on his shirt. He let go of my balls, looking up at me, breathing hard.

"I got it all over your shirt, sweetie."

"Mmm, lucky shirt." Steve licked my balls again. "I feel that somebody has been playing today. You're so spread out. Should I be looking for a new boyfriend under the bed?"

"No, he's under the sink. But, he doesn't hold a candle to you." I moaned.

"Mmm, I like competition. Is he going to come back?"

"Maybe, if you're not home." I moaned as he was sucking on me again, licking up the last of my cum.

"That's too bad." He whispered as he pulled off. "I like to watch too."

I had a flash of an idea. "Really? I love to watch." He pulled off of me and out of me.

"When have you ever watched?"

"Today, this morning. Come on, I'll show you." I pushed him back, letting me come down the ladder. I grabbed his hand pulling him down the hallway. We went into the bathroom. I opened the door and pulled out Mr. Toy, licked his base and stuck him to the tile. I stood back, looking at Steve.

"Uh huh?" He said. I turned him toward the mirror, pushing him away a little. "Ohhh, I see now. So, this is what you've been doing all day."

I was embarrassed, and went limp in front of him. He saw my expression, reached out and pulled me to him, kissing me deeply. He pulled back, stroking my hair, with one hand. "I'm only teasing. Can I watch you do it?"

My heart raced, and I was getting hard again. "Only if you do it too."

"You're amazing, you know that?"

I reached down and grabbed the green bottle. Steve watched me lube up the toy, then slide onto it. I rocked it in and out, sliding back and forth, moaning, making it hit my spot. He kicked off his boots, dropping them to the floor, slowly undid his pants, as I watched, fucking myself, looking in the mirror now and again. He dropped his pants, stepping out of them, pulling on his cock. He offered it to me as he walked up, looking over his shoulder in the mirror.

"It's almost like we're having a three way." He said. After I sucked him for a few minutes, he pulled back. "Now, it's my turn." He guided me off, turned me, then backed into the toy himself, slowly letting it enter him. "It's so warm from your ass. Ohhh, fuck, yes." He bent over and sucked me, while we both watched the mirror, as he fucked himself on the toy. I knew he was pounding his own spot as he was moaning on me, getting louder and louder, he let go, shooting, it hit my lower leg and foot. I was getting close as well, moaning under his intense sucking, finally giving it up to him, sending it to the back of his mouth. He swallowed it all, licking me off. He slowly pulled off the toy.

"That was incredible. We've got to leave it here, so we can use it all the time."

"It's not a replacement for the real thing, you know." I hugged him. "I found that out this morning."

"What do you mean?"

"It's just not the same. Oh, yeah it feels good, and what we just did was awesome, watching each other and all, but I had to cheat to make it feel right."

"Cheat? What are you talking about?"

I turned and walked out into the bedroom, carrying his shirt that I had used. "It smells like you. I had to pretend it was you, using that, and the shirt. It's a cheat."

"A cheat against the real thing." Steve nodded his understanding.

"Now, you see?" I put my arms around his neck, looking into his eyes. "I've had the real thing. I love the real thing, and don't want anything else but." I said, Steve leaned in, giving me a soft kiss.

"I love you, Kevin. You're so real, so loving, so trusting. I'm damn lucky to have you."

"Oh, no, my gorgeous hunk, I'm the lucky one. Look what I found. A kind, caring man who wants to take care of me, do for me. Thinks of nothing else but me? I'm the real lucky one."

"You make it easy." Steve looked over at the bed. "So, where are the sheets?"

"Oh, shit! They're in the dryer." I gave him a quick kiss. "You get in the shower, cause you're filthy, but I love it. I'll get the sheets, make the bed, and I have to pick up the paint stuff. Ok, you take a long shower, while I get everything taken care of."

"Whoa, slow down, little man. One thing at a time. You've had a busy day. What else did you do?"

"Oh, I weeded the flower beds out back and I cleaned the pool. I turned on the pump too, it was off."

"I always turn it off when I'm gone for days, it makes too much noise at night for the neighbors. I'll have to get a timer one of these days."

"Ok. Well, you get in the shower, I'll get everything, then I'll make you something to eat."

"Did you eat today?"

"No, I was a little busy."


"It's okay, I'm used to it." I let him go and walked out of the room.

"Get some clothes on, before the neighbors see you." He called out from the bathroom. He was right, I was still naked. Wow, guess I'm getting used to it. I never walked around naked at home with my folks. I wonder how they're doing? Need to call them. Need to start a list, is what I need to do.

I grabbed my shorts and slid them back on, making sure I was hanging out of them again. I knew it would drive him crazy. I picked up the roller and put it in the tray, setting that out of the way. I folded up the ladder and took it back to the garage. I grabbed the laundry and went back into the house, to the bedroom.

I started making the bed and just about finished with my side when Steve came out of the bathroom. He stood there in the doorway, watching me, my cock and balls hanging out of my tight little shorts. I turned to see him stroking himself, watching me. I stood up, just watching him, it was making me hard.

"I just fucking love those on you. Your tiny little ass, you hanging out of them like that."

"You like 'em so much," I said laying out on the bed, resting on my elbows, spreading my legs wide enough that I knew it was giving him a great view, my cock growing, making them open even further, "come and get 'em."

He walked the few steps to the edge of the bed, getting down on his knees. His hands slid up inside of my shorts, his fingers from both hands wrapped around my cock and balls. I moaned softly at his touch, he squeezed gently, I moaned again, watching him do what he wanted to do, loving every second of it. He brought his face up, licking my exposed balls, taking one in his mouth, pulling it with his lips, one finger sliding up my cock on the underside, around the tip, then to my slit, dripping out precum, he rubbed it around my head. He pulled out his hands, then slid them over the outside of the shorts and grabbed the waistband, pulling them down.

I lifted my hips a little, letting them slide quicker, my cock boucing out and then pointing up. I spread my legs back wide across the clean sheets, bringing my arms up, putting them behind my head. I could see him, climbing up on the bed. He was fully hard, leaking himself. Oh, I wanted it, to taste it.

"I told you what I wanted this morning. Do you remember?"

"Oh, yes. I remember. I've dreamt about it all day." I said as he kept climbing up the bed. His cock was over my face, his tip near my mouth, shining and dripping. I leaned forward and licked it. He sat upright, over me. I wiggled down the bed and swallowed his balls, putting one hand on his length slowly stroking him as I sucked his massive orbs. He moaned softly, then I let his balls go, slid down under him some more and dove into his tight ass. My tongue flicked in and out of his hole. From this position, I couldn't reach in very far, I hooked his legs with my arms, pulling him into my face, but the angle wasn't enough. I pulled back. "Turn around." I whispered. He swung his leg over me, then repositioned back to actually sit on my face. I loved it and so did he as I dove into his ass with my tongue, deeper and deeper. He was moaning so loud, it was vibrating through his body as well as mine.

"Oh, god, Kevin. Fuck me, you have to fuck me." He leaned forward to pull away from me, swinging his leg, coming back around, over the top of me again. He grabbed my cock and placed it at his hole, I rocked up to give some pressure, he forced himself down, sliding it into him, moaning deeply as I entered. He rocked his hips again, sending me in further, until I had bottomed out.



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