Steve rolled his head back, feeling all of me inside of him, deep as I could go, buried to my balls in him. He moaned loudly, truly loving the feeling of me there. I loved being in him, but wanted, needed him more, but inside of me. Don't get me wrong, I truly loved doing what he wanted, but there is nothing better that a thick 9 incher spreading you, filling every part of you, sliding in and out of you. It made my mouth water thinking about it.

I thrusted upward into him, he moaned deeper. Again and again I thrusted, set up a rhythm in him. He relaxed his ass to accept me, letting me slide in and out, pushing my tight little but back against the mattress, then pushing upward again. I placed my arms over my head, wrapping my hands behind my head, watching him moan and his bottom lip quiver every time I pushed over his spot. I loved watching him.

My hips were like they were on automatic, pumping away. My cock was swelling from the motion, loving every second. It wasn't often that I had the chance to do this to him, as I always let him take me, the little whore that I am. My balls were relaxed and hanging in between my legs. I could feel them. I knew they were going to stay where they were until I was ready to shoot.

Steve put his hands on the bed, to each side of me, lifting himself a little, changing his weight, letting me pound him faster and deeper. His moaning was getting more loud and his breathing was getting faster. I knew I was hitting his spot, as his eyes were rolling back in his head. His mouth opened wider and he moaned deeply and long.

"OHHHH!.....fuck, Kevin....I'm cumming...."

And did he ever! He blasted out, shooting it up toward me, hitting my down turned face, string after string. Fuck, it was fantastic. I licked up what was close to my mouth, then brought a finger down, pushing it to my lips. I was still pumping him, but slowed as I wanted this to last. His shooting came to an end, it trailing back to him, leaving trails over my chest and stomach. I was so excited watching it. I felt my balls tighten.

I slid in and out of him, bringing myself closer. I started to feel it deep down inside of me, my toes were beginning to curl. I thrusted deeper, lifting my hips higher, slapping his cheeks. I picked up the pace, faster again, shorter strokes, filling him more and constant. He moaned again, and then we both shot together, more cum pelting my chest and stomach as I was pouring mine inside of him. God, I loved sex with him!

I reached up, cradling his face in my hands. "I love you so much." I whispered, still sliding in and out. "I love your ass, when you clamp on my cock." He leaned down and kissed me deeply, tonguing my mouth, breathing heavy, resting on his elbows now.

I slowed down, only half of me in him, settling back on the bed. His hole was flexing around me, keeping me hard. I wanted to do it again. His mouth was so ravenous on mine, his tongue going everywhere. I was breathing hard through my nose. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into me, sliding one hand up and down his spine. I could feel his skin tingle with my touch. He lifted himself off me slowly, pulling away. I lay there just looking up at him, through dreamy eyes.

"You're so hard." Steve whispered, wiggling his butt on me slowly.

"You make me that way." I whispered back. He smiled, then slowly got off me. He rolled himself next to me, resting on the pillows, putting one muscular arm behind his head.

"Why don't you come up here and sit on my chest?" I was there in a second, thinking it was my turn to get him inside of me. My hardon was standing straight up, my balls were resting on his chest. "Stroke it for me." He said softly. "Make it shoot in my mouth." I looked down at him, wetted my hand and put it to me, sliding it up and down. He watched my hand, I moved it faster. "No,no," he said softly, "take your time. I want to watch you." I smiled out of the corner of my mouth. I started to act all sexy for him. I knew what he wanted. I rewetted my hand, going slow for him.

My hand went up and down on my length, twisting at the head, then going back down to the base. I moved slowly, loving the feeling, and loving that he was getting a show at the same time. I kept sliding my hand, up and down, pointing myself at him, then I would lift myself, pointing skyward. I could hear him breathing hard, then I reached my hand back, feeling him, as he was getting hard again. I fingered him, teasing his soft skin, as he watched me work myself.

"Oh, yeah. I like that." He whispered. "Make yourself cum. Shoot it in my mouth." I picked up the pace, shorter strokes, faster, rubbing my head. "Yeah, baby. Come on. Yeah, you like that, huh?" He said softly. His talking was sending me to the edge, listening to his voice, my eyes closed. My balls tightened again, my toes curled, I moaned, and then cut loose, pointing my cock downward to his open mouth. I watched myself shoot, covering his perfectly white teeth, his tongue, licking it up, making my load disappear. I trailed off on his chin and neck. I took a deep breath and moved myself, sliding down him, putting my butt over his hardness. I licked up my cum off him before he could get a chance to get it. I pushed my butt as he grabbed my checks, letting him enter me. I took a deep breath, finally getting what I wanted, and what I needed. I went nose to nose with him.

"How many times can you fuck me tonight?" I asked, squirming my butt on him, letting him slide in even more.

"Don't you ever get enough?"

"I never get enough of you." I said then kissed him softly. He smiled and exhaled into my mouth.

"I love it inside your little ass."

I chuckled, "Not as much as I love it."

"You're such a little machine." He moaned as I was squirming even more on him. He cracked a smile. "I'm starving. After we eat," he moaned as I slid myself on him, "I'll fuck you all night."

I slid him back out a little, he breathed heavy. "Are you sure?" I asked, sliding back on him. He sighed, exhaling.

"Or, maybe not." He whispered, sliding himself now, in and out. He lifted his legs, bending them at the knees, his hands moving to my hips, grabbing me. I knew he was going to pound me, my heart raced as I wanted it so bad. I loved it when he delivered. And pound me, he did, oh my god. Lifting me up off the bed with his powerful thrusting into me, like I was a rag doll, I was bouncing on him, letting my own weight do the work, oh it was so good.

His breathing was becoming intense again, through clenched teeth, the sweat was beading on his chest, I rubbed my hands all over it, tweeking his nipples as I came over them. He moaned, and then his eyes became very intense, staring at me, they narrowed. He thrust himself in and out harder, holding my hips tighter to him, we were going up and down together on his hardness, he was bottomed out in me, so deep, so long in me, I thought I could feel it in the back of my throat.

I cut loose again, cumming into the air, hosing his chest and stomach. I was doing my best to hold on with his bucking on the bed. He moaned loudly and I felt it, his throbbing inside me, oh how I wanted that, loved that, needed that. I smiled wide, leaning down, laying on him again, he was still throbbing in me. I kissed his chin, his neck, his cheek, as he was trying to take in air. He lifted his head and caught my mouth and went in again. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck, he was pushing further into my mouth, breathing heavy through his nose, his exhaling was blasting my cheek. He moaned in my mouth. I pulled back.

"Are you okay?" I asked softly, kissing the tip of his nose.

"I am so more than okay." He answered, his eyes were bright, flashing side to side, taking me all in. "I am happier than I have ever been in my life." He said softly, wrapping his arms around my back, squeezing me, sliding around on all of the cum on his chest. "You are just too much, you know that? You have made me cum more times than I ever have in my life. And you know the best part?" I smiled, shaking my head. "It makes me hurt, in a really good way. My balls ache so bad, and my dick is so sore, but I love it. And, I love you."

"I love you more." I pushed his hair off his face, stroking it slowly. "Let's go fix something to eat. You said you were starving." He wouldn't let me go.

"I am, but I'm starving for you more. I don't know what it is about you that makes me feel that I just can't get enough of you."

I gave him my best little boy look. "It's my boyish charm."

He spanked my butt, hard, making me jump. "Little boys need to be spanked from time to time." He smiled wide.

"That's gonna leave a mark!"

He grinned. "I hope so. Gotta mark my territory." He grabbed both of my cheeks, squeezing hard. "And this is mine." I had a devilish thought with him saying that.

"I know where you can leave a mark."


I pulled away, he let me go. I moved up the bed over him. His eyes were wide watching my soft cock dangle in front of his face. I took a finger and pointed to my inner hip, in between the lines of my underwear lines.

"Right there." I said. He pulled me to him, his mouth going over the spot I had pointed to. His lips were on me, tight suction, tighter, like he was sucking the skin right off me. I had never had a hickey before, had seen several in school, but actually being given one, having myself marked by my love, it was totally exciting to me. I watched as he held me tight to him, his mouth not moving, his cheeks sucked in. He slowly let me go. I looked down at myself. I purplish mark on my white skin, oh yeah. Territory claimed! I felt owned and was totally in love with it. I wanted to show it off, being proud that I was claimed.

"Now let's get up. I'm starved. I want to hurry up and eat, so I can get you back in this bed."

My eyes were wide. "Now, who's a machine?" Steve smiled, then kissed me. "We've got to get all of this mess off of us. Let me get a towel." I went to get off the bed, but his hand caught me. I turned and looked back at him.

"Leave it." He whispered. "I like being covered like this from you." I smiled wider, looking at his bare skin, glistening in the low light. Oh, hell yeah, I thought to myself. He let me go, then got up. We walked out of the bedroom.

After we had made a simple little dinner, our first together, we cleaned up the kitchen. We were both still naked, walking around the counter. He would hip bump me every once in a while. I would chuckle. I would tweek a cheek of his, making him jump a little, he would just look at me, raising an eyebrow, I gave him dimples with a smile back.

He went to the sliding door to the back yard. He pulled back the curtain as I stood at the sink, watching him. He opened the door, my eyes widened. Was he going outside, naked?

Oh My God! I was getting hard. He went through the door and out onto the patio. I leaned over the counter to watch him out the window. He was so brave. I don't know if I could do that. Yes, it was almost dark, no, there weren't any lights on, but still what if one of the neighbors looked through or over the fence?

Then it dawned on me. He had probably done this before. And, probably the neighbors had seen him before. If I had a body that looked like that, I'd walk around naked all the time. Probably get arrested, but hey, who wouldn't mind seeing that? I know I loved seeing him naked.

He walked over to the pool, drifting a foot through the water. He walked around the edge, and then he stopped. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was walking over to the fence toward the neighbor behind us. He leaned forward, putting his hands on the fence, like he was talking to someone. His head nodded now and again, he shifted his weight tossing his butt a little, standing on one foot. He was talking to someone! My heart was racing, beating hard in my chest. He turned his head and looked back toward the kitchen window, then back toward the neighbors. I watched him for a couple of more minutes, then he pushed back off the fence, waving a hand in the air. What the fuck?!

I slid the kitchen window open a little. He heard the aluminum frame slide. He looked up at me in the window, smiling a quick smile. He walked over toward the window.

"Were you talking to someone?" I asked quietly, not wanting anyone to hear.

"Yeah." He answered flatly.

"What? You're..."

"Naked?" He laughed. "I was talking to Billy. He lives behind us on the next block." Just like it was no big deal at all. Really?

"Did he know you're naked?" I asked, in shock.

"Sure." He smiled through the window at me. "He was naked, too." My eyes went wide. What? Really? "He said he'd be over in a day or two to meet you. Maybe we'll have them over for dinner." I went cold with nerves. "He has someone with him, just like us." Steve said to try and relax me. I turned as the phone was ringing, staring at it, then looking back at Steve. "Go ahead, baby, answer it, you're closer." He turned and walked away, as I went and got the phone.

I picked up the phone. "Hello?" The voice on the other end was soothing to my ears. It was my mother. She started the conversation with a hundred questions. I couldn't answer them all at once. She was talking faster and faster. I had to interrupt her to get her to slow down. I sat on a stool, twirling the cord in my hand, answering her questions, asking my own, then talking about what was going on here, leaving all of the sex out of the conversation, of course. Then she hit me with a ton of bricks. She said she wanted to come by day after tomorrow, just to visit, she and the baby. I stuttered, looking around, know there was a million and one things to do. I simply answered her, sure, that would be fine. I would make lunch for them. She almost squealed with delight, telling me that she loved me, and that it would be nice to see Steve, if he would be home. I said he didn't get home until late in the day, but if she hung around long enough, he would be here. She said she would see me in a couple of days, telling me goodbye and that she loved and missed me. I told her the same and hung up the phone.

I got up and walked out the slider, totally not caring I was naked. Steve was in the pool, floating and paddling in the water. I walked up to the edge and knelt down. He came to the edge, pulling himself up, resting on his arms, dripping on the concrete, the water trail starting to reach my toes. I was knelt before him, resting my arms on my knees, balancing on the balls of my feet, my legs spread wide. His eyes were focused on my dangling cock and balls, hanging low.

"Fuck, you are so sexy. Do you know that?" He asked, looking really sexy himself, his hair all back from being in the water, his skin covered in driplets and some trails of water running off him.

"How's the water?" I answered with my own question trying to focus. His thick muscular shoulders flexing on the pool edge. He had an evil grin in the almost darkness on us.

"It's great. Not as great as you look, though." He answered, then sighed. "Okay, tell me, who was on the phone?"

"It was my mom. She wants to come over day after tomorrow. I told her that I would make lunch. She said she wanted to see you , if you were going to be around."

Steve smiled. "That's nice. Guess we have to get moving, and get the house ready for her, huh? I don't want her upset and trying to drag you home because of shitty living conditions. So, why don't you join me for a few minutes, then we'll get busy."

I leaned forward, kissing him gently. I loved him so much. "I'm going to get some laundry ready to go, so I can start it in the morning..."

He grabbed my wrist and then my arm, leaning back in the water, pushing against the side of the pool, dragging me in. I fought against him, trying to stay on my feet. He was so strong and powerful, I was pulled in.

The water was cool and refreshing on my skin, as I surfaced next to him. He splashed water at me, blasting my face. I pushed off the bottom, launching onto him, climbing up onto his shoulders. I wrapped myself around him, legs and arms, clinging to his shoulders. He instantly changed from this sleeping gentle form that I had known to an absolute powerhouse of a man. He pryed me off him, regrabbing me, lifting me over his head like in a Tarzan movie, then chucking me into the water. I was amazed, resurfacing, swimming a few strokes to him, grabbing out at him. He blocked me at every move, then grabbed me again, picking me up over his head, chucking me again away from him. I launched from the bottom, using it to push from like a torpedo. I wrapped around his waist, bumping into his hard length. I grapsed it firmly with one hand, pulling on it. He stopped his struggle. I broke the surface, coming face to face with him.

"Look what I found." I leaned in and kissed him softly. "Is that all for me, my powerful man?" I kissed him again softly. "This is almost better than the pond."

He grabbed me tight, squeezing the breath out of me, his hard length trapped between us, mine rising up between his spread legs. He stared at me intently, with deep longing. His mouth fell on mine, working his tongue in deeply, taking my breath away, sucking all energy from me, making my body limp under his powerful grip and kiss, except my further stiffening cock, pushing his balls around. I pulled back this time.

"Nothing will ever be as good as the pond." He said softly. "You became mine there and then. I will always remember that day and that time til I die." He smiled softly, caressing my hair, pushing it back away from my eyes. "Everything after that, just makes us better and better together." He took a small breath and hissed, "God, I love you."

"I love you more." I whispered, surrendering everything I had to offer to him at that moment, my heart, my soul, my body. And he took them all, gladly, not looking back for a moment. He carried me over toward the steps, laying me out on the concrete, letting the water run off me. He lifted my legs and stuffed his tongue into my opening, licking, chewing, licking again, then doing the magic, applying his mouth over my hole, firm then tight, total suction. I moaned loudly under his suction, rocking my hips a little giving him total and unlimited access. My eyes rolled back in my head.

He worked my hole for what seemed like an eternity, in reality it was probably only a few minutes. He moved from there to my raging cock, almost dry now from being out of the water so long, my body getting hot. He bobbed up and down on me, getting me closer and closer. My fingers were running through his wet hair, clasping it, pulling it. Everytime I pulled, he became more intense on my cock, sucking it, stroking it below his lips, to the base. My balls tightened, and I moaned, blasting into his mouth. He took it all. I was breathing so hard. I sat up, stroking his hair. He looked up at me, my cock still in his mouth.

"I have to have yours." I whispered. "I have to have yours in me. Please, Steve, fuck me, please." I begged softly. He pulled off me slowly, pushing me back on the deck. He climbed up a step, clearing his thighs out of the water. He lifted my legs up, bending them at the knees, holding them, putting his stiffness at my wet hole. He slowly sid in, making me moan loudly. He was fully in me in no time at all. I felt whole and complete again, like we were totally joined together. He pumped me a few times hard, then slowed and became more gentle. I loved it even more, him sliding in and out of me slowly, feeling every inch, every vein rubbing my walls, I knew him so well now. He kept moving in and out, dripping water on my balls, down my legs, my ass so, so wet. It was awesome.

Steve slid in and out for quite a while, fulfilling all of my needs, wants, and desires, with his body, and his massive cock. I couldn't ask for more from anything or anyone. I was so happy at this moment. He was breathing hard. His hands were working all parts of my chest, and stomach, rubbing all over me, they slid around onto my butt cheeks, he carressed them softly, rubbing, then moved around, picking up my softened dick, pulling on it a little, fondling my balls, tossing them around in one hand, as one hand went to my neck, giving it pressure, sliding up and down its own length, not choking me, but tight. I was so excited under his hands, his dick in my ass, filling me. I began to breathe hard myself. I knew he was getting close, and then I felt the throbbing inside me. I moaned softly at the feeling of it. I wrapped my legs tightly around him, squeezing him. He threw his head back in the air, moaning softly, breathing hard.

After a few minutes, he regained control of his body, tilting his head down, looking at me, smiling. I smiled back. He slid out of me slowly. He bent forward, leaning onto me, scooping me up in one powerful arm, kissing my neck, my ear and then my mouth. He lay me back a little, looking into my eyes.

"What the hell did I ever do without you?" He asked softly.

"I was thinking the same thing." I whispered in answer to him. "Before you, there was nothing. Now, I have everything. I love you so much."

"I love you more." He mouthed without uttering a sound. I could follow his lips in the rising moonlight. I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck. He picked me up with both arms, walking up the last steps of the pool, carrying me in his arms to the house. I nuzzled my nose against his neck, he leaned his head against mine, carrying me through the door. He used an elbow on the handle to slide the door closed, walking through the living room, down the hall toward the bedroom.

He lay me out on the bed, on my side. Wow! It hit me like a brick. I had my own side of a bed. I was involved with someone, a boyfriend, a relationship, what ever you want to call it. I belonged to a special person. Tears welled in my eyes. He looked at me, cocking his head to one side, questioningly.

"I'm sorry. I'm just very happy right now." I said softly. He smiled down at me.

"I am too." He put a hand to my cheek, caressing it to my chin, then got up and went over to the doorway, shutting off the light. I saw his outlined figure coming back, he flicked on the alarm, then climbed into bed next to me. He ran his left arm under me, pulling me to him, I rolled a little half laying on him. I nuzzled down into his neck and shoulder. Slowly I ran my fingers up and down his muscular chest, he gave out a soft muffled hum that he liked it. I stopped as sleep finally took me, feeling loved and well taken care of.

It seemed like it was only a few minutes, as the buzzing of the alarm was ringing in my head. I slowly opened my eyes, into the darkness of the room. I felt great warmth and weight on me. I moved one arm, my hand touched his skin. It was so warm, I smiled to myself. We had shifted in the night, and now he was laying on me, almost fully. I breathed deep. The alarm still buzzing loudly. I nuzzled him with my nose, he moaned. I nuzzled again, he moaned louder.

"Shit." He mumbled into my neck. He rolled over and hit the snooze button, rolling back onto me. I was wide awake, very, wide awake. He slid his hand, finding my length. Fingers wrapped around it, I took another deep breath, at his pressure on me. He didn't move his hand at all, just held me. I was thinking, hello, uh, waiting...pull me, tickle me, do something with me, don't just hold me! Nothing. Then, the fucking alarm screech, damn I hated that thing. He let me go, rolling up out of bed, shutting it off. He stood up and walked into the bathroom, staggering a little as he went.

"You okay this morning?" I asked as I heard him unload in the toilet, then it flushed. He walked over to the sink. I could hear water running.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He answered. Brushing his teeth, he leaned back a little, looking in my direction. "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. It looks like you're walking a little funny this morning."

He chuckled. Leaning over the sink, he rinsed and then came back toward me. He sat back on the bed. "I seem to have this little machine that is hell bent on screwing my brains out. It's like I can't turn the switch off, it just keeps going and going. I'm almost worn out. Gonna need a vacation just to relax and get my strength back."

I lowered my head, looking at the bed. "I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone for a while."

He pushed me back into the bed, sliding on top of me. He kissed me softly. "If you do that, then I will get mad. I've just got to get used to fucking constantly like this." He smiled wide. "I'm looking forward to it. Sex as soon as I walk in the door, til I drop on the bed at night." He chuckled. "I'll tell you, I haven't sleep that hard in a long time."

I reached up and touched his thick shoulder. I threw back the covers on my side, spun and climbed out of bed. He watched me walk around the bed and walk to the bathroom. I came back out a couple of minutes later, going over to my bag, pulling out some clothes.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Gotta get dressed. I have way too many things to do today. I gotta get busy." I answered.

He shook his head. "Guess you don't need coffee. You're already charged up."

A shock went through me. "You need coffee. Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't even think. You have time for me to make some?" I asked as I was hopping to get my pants up.

"No, baby, it's okay. I'll get some later, really." He watched me bouncing around. "Kevin, slow down, will you? You're moving too fast. It's making me dizzy." He grabbed my arm, pulling me to him. He leaned in, kissing me softly again. It was becoming another of my favorites of his. I put my arms around his neck and shoulders, looking into his dreamy eyes.

"Sorry." I said softly. "There's a lot I would like to get done before my mom comes."

"I know. I'll come home early and give you a hand." My eyes went wide.

"You will not. Don't sacrifice your job for just my mom coming. I can take care of this. If you want to come home early, come home early tomorrow. She would really like to see you, and I know my sister would be happy to see you."

"If you're sure. I'll just stay at work and slave away then." He smiled out of the corner of his mouth.

"You are such a jerk sometimes." I said, poking him in the stomach and ribs with my fingers. He ducked and flexed against my jabbing, then grabbed me hard, pulling me in, rubbing his hands all over me, grabbing my butt through my jeans. He started kissing my neck. "If you start this, I'll make you finish it, and then you're gonna be late." I moaned as he was turning on all of my buttons. He let me go, turned, and finished getting dressed. He gave me a kiss as we reached the front door. I watched him walk down the sidewalk, going around the corner of the garage. I shut the door, hearing his truck start. I turned around, my hardon was back, looking at the rooms that I wanted to tackle. I walked into the kitchen to start my coffee. It was going to be a long day.



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