After dinner, we helped my mother clean up the kitchen. Steve tried to talk to my stepfather, but it was almost like talking to a wet dish rag. We both focused our attention on my little sister, playing with her and her toys. She really liked Steve, I could tell. She was always happy, never really cried. She was such a flirt with him.

And then there was my mom. She was really bad, flirting with Steve. I suddenly saw where my sister got it from. My mom settled down next to me on the window seat, as we watch the two on the floor. Steve would tickle her, making her laugh, toddle away, and then come back for more. It was precious. My mom leaned close to me.

"So, have you two decided what you're going to do?" Asking me quietly.

"I think so." I whispered back, not wanting to look at her. It was breaking my heart.

"So, what's the plan?"

"I'm going home with him. After a little time, I'll come and get my things." I paused for a deep breath, then I slowly exhaled. "Would that be alright?" She put an arm over my shoulders as I was resting mine on my thighs. My hands were clasped together, palms were sweating, my stomach was doing flip flops.

"Honey, that would be fine, if that's what you want." Her head went against mine. "I always knew this day would come. I thought it would be different though."

"How so?"

"I thought it would be you leaving for college or something."

"You don't sound happy about this." I felt her move. She took my chin with her fingers turning my face to look at hers. Her eyes were intense, looking right through me.

"I am happy, if you are happy. Is this really what you want?"

"I love him, mom. I really love him." We both turned and watched him tickle my sister again, making her squeal. "Yes, it's really what I want."

"I can see why, honey. So, are you staying here tonight?"

"Yeah, I'll go get another air mattress out from down below. We can sleep out on the deck." I smirked, watching them on the floor. "He's beautiful, isn't he?"

My mother kissed my cheek. "Yes, he is very beautiful. But, so are you." She got up off the window seat, crossed the room. She scooped up my sister. "Bath time for you, missy." My sister hugging my mom tight, looking over mom's shoulder, smiling at Steve. He moved his fingers up and down, signaling bye, bye. He turned and looked at me, then got up off the floor, came to me, sitting next to me on the window seat.

"Everything okay?" He asked softly.

"It's almost perfect." I answered. "Would you help me get out another air mattress?"

"Sure." He replied and we walked out, then down the stairs. Once I opened the locker, Steve grabbed me, spun me in his hands and kissed me passionately. God, I loved it. I wrapped my arms around his neck, letting him probe my mouth with his tongue. I was almost instantly hard. I rubbed my hardness against his, fuck it hot. Steve's hands worked up and down my back, down over my tiny little ass. I flexed it out for him, and he grasped it firmly. He pulled back his tongue, then his face, looking in my eyes, I was still grinding myself into him.

"God, I love you."

"I love you more." He whispered. "I'm gonna suck you all night."

I smiled wide at the thought, making my dick climb in my overalls. "No you're not." He looked puzzled. "You're gonna fuck me all night. I want this hard cock deep in my ass, all night long. I want to wake up in the morning with it in me."

He kissed me again, then pulled back. "You're such a little machine. I think I created a monster."

"You have." I grinned.

"After this afternoon, I think maybe we should give your butt a break, don't you?"

"I can't help it. I love it when you're inside me. I just want to feel it there. It makes me feel so..."

"Loved?" He answered for me, looking into my eyes, flashing back and forth, side to side.


"There are many types of love." He kissed me again, quickly. "You don't need my dick in you to feel loved. Let me show you another kind of love. One that we haven't had yet together." He pulled back, letting me go. He pulled out the other air mattress, closed the door. He wiggled his eyebrows at me, then winked. "Come on."

We inflated the air mattress, putting it next to the other one on the deck. It was almost queen size. He looked at me. I was staring down at them, trying to let my hardon go down.

"We only took a nap together. Now, we're gonna spend the whole night together, in a bed." He bumped my shoulder with his. "What do you think?"

"I don't like it." I said flatly. Without even looking at him, I could tell he was deflated.

"What? What do you mean?"

I bent over, picking up the new mattress, placing it on top of the other one, again making an almost twin. I put my hands on my hips, feeling like I had really accomplished something.

"There, that's better. Now we can be close all night long." I smiled wide, looking at him. He shook his head.

"I see where this is going." Steve said softly, then smiled. My heart raced, as I knew he liked it.

"Great, I'll get the sleeping bags." I turned and hurried off, returning in a couple of minutes. I handed one to Steve. We both began to untie them, then zip them together, laying them out over the mattress. I was wide eyed and moving around quickly. Steve just stood back, getting out of my way.

"I have never seen anyone so excited about going to bed, to sleep." I stood up, looking at him, cocking my head slightly to one side.

"Who said anything about sleep?" Steve shook his head. He reached out and took my arm, gently, pulled me to him, kissed me softly.

"I have never had as much sex as I have had with you over the past two days. You are wearing me out."

"Get used to it." I whispered softly, going nose to nose with him. "This is what it's going to be like for the rest of your life." I reached up and touched his jaw with two fingers, tracing the square line on his soft skin. "I want you to fuck me every day, at least once. Can you do that, ...stud?"

"Definitely created a monster." He smiled, kissing me again.

It had become dark. The lights from inside the cabin, glowing through the glass of the windows, spilling light out onto the deck. That light was diffused by the curtains over the windows. There was a slight breeze that had picked up, making it sound like water running, as it moved through the trees. There were no more birds singing or chirping, they had all stopped for the night.

I wanted to strip my clothes, and get naked with him so bad, my raging cock was getting stiff again. I was pulling at the sleeping bag, getting it square on the mattresses, he was just watching me. I heard the door of the cabin open, and my mother came around the corner, looking at both of us, then at the bed, then back at us.

"Is that big enough for the both of you?" She asked. Steve turned away, rolling his eyes. She watched as he pulled his shirt up and over his head, hanging it on the deck rail. Her eyes went wide. I stepped over to block her view. She cleared her voice, then looked at me. "Are you going to be comfortable out here?"

I looked down at the rough bed, then back at her. "I think so. You going to bed?"

"Yes, we are. Your sister is already down." She leaned closer to me. "No loud noises, okay?" I blushed.


"Just saying." She held up her hand. She leaned around me. "Good night, Steve."

He turned around, smiling, "Good night." He said softly. She patted me on my chest, turned and walked around the corner. I heard the door close, the lights finally went off in the cabin. I turned and watched as he slowly undid the buttons on his pants. It was hard to see in the darkness. I was so wanting the moon out right now. He kicked off his shoes, then slowly wiggled his pants over his hips, dropping them to the deck. He stepped out of them, crossing the deck toward me. I felt a rush of excitement course through my body, like an electric charge. I knew I was getting hard again.

He stepped up to me, slowly running his fingers up to the catches that held my shoulder straps. He slowly undid them while I stood there, taking the straps and letting them fall behind me, the bib of the overalls fell forward. His eyes never left mine as he undid the straps on my hips, then moving slowly to the buttons covering up my length. He undid them one at a time, opening the fly. He hooked his thumbs in the waist and slowly began to push the pants down, taking care to get the pants over my hardened length, not to hook it. I was finally free as they dropped to the deck. I stepped out of them, kicking them aside with one foot. Ipulled my shirt up and over my head, tossing it on my pants. We stood there, naked in front of each other. I reached down to touch his hardness, but he stopped me, looking into my eyes.

"This is how you want it? Every night?" He asked softly. "This is how I want it, every... night." I closed my eyes, slowly as I felt him touch me.

He cupped my balls with one hand, working his fingers, tossing them from side to side, slowly, gently. I moaned softly, near his ear. I spread my feet a little more apart, letting him play with me more. I felt his soft lips on my throat, then his tongue tip. He moved slowly around to the side on my neck.

"I love your balls in my hand." He whispered over his tongue. "They're so smooth and round." He moved his mouth up to the base of my ear, tonguing my lobe. "They fit in my mouth so good." His touching, his whispering, I was so excited, I was going to explode. His hand left my balls, and I felt a smooth finger slide up my length underneath, to the head. The smooth touch went around the tip, making my cock twitch. "Somebody's leaking." He whispered. "A lot, too. Somebody must be really excited." He tongued inside my ear, gently. "Are you really excited?"

"Yes." I moaned softly.

"Good." He moved back down my neck. "Do you want this every night?" He asked slowly.

"Yes." I whispered back.

"How bad do you want it?" He whispered as he moved his tongue down my chest. He tongued around my right nipple while still fingering my dripping tip.

"I would do anything to have this every night." I whispered, as he sucked my nipple, making me moan softly again.

"Anything?" He pulled at my nipple with his lips.

"God, anything." I felt him moving down, over my stomach, then kissing and tonguing my hip. He moved slowly across my upper thigh, then his tongue went into my hair. His tongue went around my base, as I felt his hand again on my balls, kneading them gently. His tongue went slowly up my shaft, on the underneath, making my cock twitch and jump. The pulling on my balls by his hand was awesome. Then I felt his tongue circling my tip. He forced open my slit with his tongue tip. He was licking at it.

"So much leaking out." He whispered. "Oh, yeah, so much." Another gentle lick from his tongue. "I love the taste of it. You're so sweet tasting." I was going over the edge. I wanted him to swallow me, now.

"Suck me." I begged. "Suck me hard."

"In time." He whispered. "We have all night, remember?"

"Oh, fuck." I softly moaned. "Want to cum. Need to cum. Suck me, please."

"Let me work some more out of first." He whispered, working my balls, pulling them down, now. "Yeah, that's right. Send some more out to me." I felt him lick me again. "You have so much, little man. I love it." He licked me again, then he let me go, rising to his feet. I had my eyes closed the entire time, until he let me go. I opened them. It was getting lighter now, as the moon was starting to rise. Thank God! I would be able to see him, watch him.

Steve turned and pushed the air mattresses to the center of the deck, placing it at an angle to catch the rising moon. He grabbed my wrist and guided me to the rough bed. He unzipped the bag, pulling back the top layer of bag, guiding me to it, having me sit in the middle. He placed one leg over one edge, the other leg over the other edge, laying me down, spreading me out. I cupped my hands behind my head, propping myself up, as Steve got down in between my legs. He looked up at me as he slowly grasped my base, standing my cock up, pointing it skyward. He licked up its length to the tip, twirling his tongue around the head, licking up more precum oozing out. He mouthed over my tip a couple of times, watching me as he did it, smiling with his eyes. He ran his hand over my balls, then worked down underneath them, finding my tight crack. A finger twirled around my sore hole, as he swallowed me. I moaned, laying my head back. My hands went to his hair, my fingers kneaded through it as he applied constant suction on me. This was what I wanted, what I needed. I let my mind go as he worked me up and down, in and out of his mouth. It felt so good. I didn't realize I was moving my hips, in and out, matching his rhythm. My breathing was getting heavier, and then finally I let go, blowing into his mouth, pulse after pulse. He swallowed all of it, and kept sucking on me. I moaned softly, still I was hard, not wanting to go down. He kept sucking, keeping me going. His movements on me were getting faster, and I loved it, watching him slide up and down on me without stopping. My breathing was getting hard again, my balls tightening, aching. I moaned once a little louder this time, pushing my hips up into his face a little more, shooting again into his wanting mouth. He gladly accepted my load, swallowing me again and again.

I lay my head back, looking up at the stars. The moon was starting to clear over the trees. I caught my breath, tilted my head, looking down to him. He was still working my cock over, tonguing on its sides, up and down, as it was going soft now. His finger had moved away from my sore hole and his hand was back to my balls, gently tossing them back and forth. He looked up at me and smiled.

"You like it?" He whispered.

"No, I love it." I whispered back. "But, I would love something more."

"I'm not going to fuck you, baby, not yet."

"I know." I smiled and whispered. "I want to suck you off like that. Like you just did to me." He returned the smile, getting up. The air mattresses made a terrible noise, vinyl rubbing and forth, with every one of our movements. Steve spread his legs apart, draping them over the edges like he had me do. I dropped my nose to his large balls and began to lick them, back and forth. He stroked his own cock a couple of times, but I stopped him, taking over for him, going slowly. I felt him shift on the air mattress, he was lifted up off the mattress, resting on his forearms, watching me work.

"You like my balls, don't you?" He asked in a whisper. I looked up at him, smiling, taking one completely in my mouth, sucking it, rolling it with my tongue. "You are so good at that." He whispered with a soft moan. His head tilted back as I kept putting pressure on him, sucking his nut, slowly stroking him. "Kevin, you're gonna make me cum." He moaned. I kept going, watching him. His hips began to pump a little. I knew it must be true that he was close, but I was barely touching him. His head turned toward the cabin, like he was watching something, as I tightened my grip on him. He moaned and then he let it go, starting to shoot. I let go of his nut, slid up and started to catch his load in my mouth. I wanted every bit of it. He moved one hand to the back of my head, pulling me down a little more on him. Oh how I loved his thick cock in my mouth. I swallowed everytime he shot, slowly he quit pulsing. I cupped his balls with one hand, still sucking him. I lifted my eyes, watching him, he was still looking at the cabin. I slid off his still hard cock.

"What are you looking at?" I whispered.

"Someone's watching us through the curtains." He whispered in reply. I paniced and went to look, but his hand clamped my head, stopping me. "Bet it's your stepdad. Let's give him a show, shall we?" Steve whispered with that devil grin of his. I was nervous, he saw it. "We're leaving here, together. This is what we do, our life, not theirs. If he wants to watch, it's okay with me. little machine...fuck me." Steve whispered, raising his legs, spreading his ass wide. My dick was so hard. I moved up the mattress, guided my head to his hole, and pushed. Steve reached his arms around and grabbed my butt, pulling me in further. His head lay back down as I sank in all the way. I started pumping, steady, even thrusts in and out. I had never performed before, well, not intentionally, and this was hot and very exciting. It made me feel powerful. Steve was watching the window out of the corner of his eye. I, too, began to watch with my head slightly turned. I saw the curtain part a little wider. Great, another dirty old man, my stepfather, I thought to myself. I'll show him.

I pumped a few times fast, then slowed down, back to the steady motion, then would do it again. Steve loved it, as he moaned softly. I was becoming determined now not to cum. I was concentrating on what I was doing, making Steve totally happy, my hard dick inside his tight ass, making him moan, making him want me more. I knew he was loving it, as his grip on my butt was getting loose. His hips rocked up a bit more, and I kept going, pounding him faster, and then slowed down.

"Fuck, Kevin." Steve said in a gasp for air. "You like being watched, don't you?" I grinned down at him. The sweat was running down my neck. "Oh, fuck me, my sweet little machine." He whispered. "Pound my spot, yes." His breathing was becoming faster. He looked down as he gasped once and shot out again, not even touching himself. He moaned louder. It was driving me crazy. I could feel it now, his warm, wet insides, his cum all over his chest, everything. I thrust in deeper once and shot inside of him. I moved in and out slowly as I kept shooting. Steve reached his hands up and put them on my shoulders. "God, I love you." He whispered. My heart raced, I knew that I had done good. I leaned down and kissed him, squeezing and spreading his cum between us. He wrapped his arms around my neck, then brought his legs down and wrapped them around my hips, locking them and me to him.

"I want to sleep like this." I whispered into his mouth.

"Oh, fuck yes." He whispered back, rocking his hips a little. "I stay awake all night to keep you hard and in me." He smiled into my eyes. I kissed him passionately. He squeezed me tighter with his strong arms.

I pulled back, more for air, than anything else. I looked over at the curtains, watching them slowly come back together. The show was over. I felt very powerful inside, like I had really proved something. I rested my head, next to Steve's neck and slowly drifted off.

Morning came all too soon. Birds were chirping and singing. I took a deep breath, the scent of pine and the feel of the dew. I felt a little wet and looked down. I was on my back, Steve was draped over me, an arm over my lower chest, and his leg between mine. The sleeping bag was off of us, we were laying there, or at least I was, exposed. I almost went into a panic, but knew that I was safe, with him there. I nuzzled against his face with my cheek, letting him slide a little more on me. He smiled. I looked down again. My cock was laying out to the right, almost touching my hip. His thigh between my legs, had pushed up my balls. I wished I could see his, but as I lifted my head a little, I could see the pofile of his beautiful ass. I wanted it again, making my stomach flip.

My arm was under his neck, as he was resting mostly on my chest. I brought my hand up and began to softly stroke his hair and down his back. I slowly breathed him in, his scent, how I loved it, like I couldn't get enough of it. I was so lost in thought, of him, so much in love with him, everything else was closed off to me.

I snapped back to reality with movement next to me. I turned my head, like in a dream, slow, looking up with heavy eyes. I blinked, and then was startled. My mother was standing there, holding two coffee cups. She knelt down beside the rough bed, holding out the cups.

"Hope you slept well, honey." She said in a low voice. Steve slowly became alive, blinking, breathing in deeply. "I brought you some coffee. I know how you like yours, but, I don't know how Steve likes his." I was horrified, laying there naked in front of her. I was totally shocked and self conscious.


"Oh, it's alright. Nothing I haven't seen before." She said, holding out the coffee even more. Steve raised up on one arm, I turned toward her, doing the same. We took the cups from her. Steve smiled over at her.

"Black is just fine. Thank you."

"You're welcome, dear." She looked over her shoulder at the cabin, then back to us. "I would suggest that you boys get dressed before Roger gets up. I haven't told him anything yet, and I'm not really sure how he'll react. I'm going to start breakfast now. How do you like your eggs, Steve?"

"Scrambled is just fine, thank you."

"You're so polite. I'll have to talk to your mother about that, and thank her." She said, smiling. I couldn't see it, but I know he blushed as he sipped his coffee. She stood, looking down at us. "I haven't used any hot water yet if you want to shower. But, hurry if you do." She turned and walked toward the door.

We knew we were alone, as we heard the door close. "Your coffee's getting cold." Steve whispered behind me. My eyes were still wide from what had just happened. "You okay, little man?"

"She said Roger doesn't know yet."


"And...that means it was her watching us last night through the curtains. My God! I fucked while my mother watched me!" The realization hit Steve as well.

"Oh shit."

"Oh shit? I can't look her in the eye now. What the fuck am I going to do?"

I felt and heard Steve get up off the air mattress. I heard him set his cup on the rail. I looked over my shoulder at him. He was standing there, glowing in the morning light, like that first morning at the deck, his tan looking deeper than ever, his blonde hair radiating light. I ran my eyes down him, slowly. I so wanted to ravage his beauty, again.

"I'll tell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna get your tight little butt out of that bed, we're gonna go down and take a quick shower, then we're gonna get dressed and have breakfast." He bent down, kissing my forehead, then stood back up. "Now." As he gathered his clothes and walked toward to the cabin. I set my coffee cup on the deck and got up off the mattress, following him.

I watched him, his beautiful ass swaying back and forth a little as he walked across the deck, the backs of his muscular legs, so tanned, so golden, I was getting hard again. Instead of turning and walking down the stairs to the lower deck, he went up the steps to the road. He had left the truck there, parked behind the car. He walked over and opened the passenger door, pulled out the paper bag, closed the door and walked back down the steps to me. He smiled, holding up the bag, then went down the stairs to the outdoor shower. I followed.

We showered quickly, getting all of the dried cum off of us. He washed my hair, it was so erotic, and then he let me wash his, boing, instant hardon. He rinsed his, shaking his head quickly back and forth, throwing water like a dog does. It was so hot to watch. He stepped by me, reaching for the towel. He began to dry himself off, then looked at me, smiling.

"Better get rid of that." He said, pointing at my hard length.

"Aren't you going to take care of it for me?" I asked, looking down at it, then back up at him, giving him my best little boy look.

He smirked. "Maybe later." Pushing me back toward the water. "Think of something that's a turn off." I looked confused. "You know, like really old people naked or being in church or..." I got it. The instant thought he put in my mind, I was having a visual, a fat old aunt of mine, naked. I almost threw up. Instantly I was deflated. "That's better. Now, turn off the water and dry off. There's another pair of jeans in the bag. I'm gonna go and take care of 'our' bed."

He quickly dressed while I was drying myself off. I hung the towel back over the slat wall of the shower. Bent down and opened the bag. Steve walked away, up the stairs, across the deck over me, as I pulled out the other pair of new jeans. I had left my old in the bag as well, when I had changed into the overalls at the café. I left them in the bag as I lifted the new jeans into view. They were sailors jeans. I looked at the tag inside, they were my size. I had always wanted a pair. I quickly slipped them on, pulled them up and buttoned them. I looked over my shoulder, down at my butt, thrusting it out a little more so I could see. They fit nice, but I couldn't see all of it. Damn. I grabbed the bag, and walked to the stairs and went up. I walked around the cabin to where Steve was.

He looked up, from folding the sleeping bags, seeing me. His eyes went directly to the new pants. He mouthed, wow, then moved one finger in a circle motion. I turned around for him, holding my arms out a little, stopping to show off my butt. Looking over my shoulder, seeing his reaction, his lustful eyes. I had him, again, right where I wanted him. I smiled really big, putting a finger to my lips, then moved it down and touched my ass with it. He smiled really big and shook his head, going back to his folding.

"You want some help?" I asked, turning back around.

"No, I've got this. Go finished getting dressed. We're going back into town later."

"Really? What for?" I asked, getting excited.

"You'll see." He answered, rolling up the bag and tieing it. I turned and walked in the door.

After I finished getting dressed, I walked over to the kitchen counter, standing next to my mother. I asked her if I could help. She leaned her head against my shoulder, as she was just about done peeling potatoes.

"Would you get out some biscuits for me?" She asked looking down at my new jeans. "I like those." She whispered. "Did Steve get those for you, too?" I nodded. She smiled. "He has good taste. I like him. He'll take good care of you."

"Yes, he does have good taste. He's beautiful, isn't he?"

She lifted her eyes up, as she worked the potatoes around in the frying pan. "Yes, he is." She answered softly.

"Mom, I want to talk you about last night..." She froze instantly, not looking at me, but down at the pan.

"Kevin," she began softly. "I'm sorry. I..."

"It's okay, mom." I said, putting an arm around her shoulders. "I thought it was Roger, actually." She put a hand to her mouth. She turned and looked up at me.

"I was only seeing if you boys were comfortable." She looked back down at the pan. "I didn't mean to intrude." She hesitated for a moment. "It was beautiful. You really love him, don't you?"

I kissed the top of her head. "Yes, I really do."



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