I pouted as we got dressed. Steve kept watching me, smiling. He knew that I wanted to stay in bed with him all day, letting him take me, me taking him. I so loved having sex with him, it was almost painful not to have it.

Finally, I was ready. Steve led me by the hand to the front door. We went out and climbed into the truck and backed out of the driveway. I tried to think of other things as he drove, looking at the neighborhoods we went through. I wasn't quite sure what we were doing, where we were going. Lost in thought, he pulled the truck up in front of a large building and parked.

We went inside, I followed him as he walked through the store toward the back. There was all kinds of paint, rollers, brushes. I started to see where this was going, and I got a little excited about it. I really hadn't painted too much before, but I thought it might be easy enough. Steve found a husky looking man working there to help us. While he talked, I looked around a little, going up and down a few aisles. I was liking the feel of the store.

There were different departments, the one I really liked had all of the furniture in it. I tried different chairs and sofas, when this lady walked up and asked if she could help me. I smiled at her and said I was just looking and waiting. She started to show me different things, fabrics, styles, trying to answer questions I hadn't even thought of asking yet. She was really nice about everything.

"See something you like?" That soft voice of his, behind me. I loved the sound of it. I slowly turned and looked at him.

"A few things. Some ideas for later." I answered.

Steve looked at her and smiled, then looked back at me. "Really, like what?"

I pointed at a sofa, covered in a warm brown fabric. It was set up with tables on each end and a large coffee table in front of it. "You should try it, it's really comfortable."

Steve walked over and sat on it. He ran his hands over one of the cushions, feeling the fabric. He smiled out of the corner of his mouth. She walked over and stood near him.

"Kevin, you know I saw something things over in the men's department you might like. Why don't you go and take a look." Steve said as he got up. "I have to go back to the paint department and see if it's all mixed up."

"Sure, okay." I turned and walked off, leaving them there together. I looked over my shoulder once, She was talking to Steve, probably giving him the same rundown she had given me earlier. I reached the mens and looked around, seeing some new styles of shirts and pants. I chuckled to myself as most of them wouldn't fit me, cursing my body for being thin and odd shaped. A few minutes later, Steve joined me. He walked me around, picking up a shirt here, holding it up for me, a pair of pants there, trying to gauge my reactions. I knew what he was doing, but I wanted to be able to buy my own things, for myself. I knew what I had to do.

He led me out of the store, walking me across the parking lot toward the truck. I saw a couple of guys at it, the tailgate was down. They were putting stuff in it. We walked up, Steve thanked them, closing the tailgate. I looked over the bed, seeing gallons and gallons of paint, bags with brushes and rollers, trays, tape. All kinds of stuff. I looked over at Steve with wide eyes.

"It's all for your new home. I want you to be happy there, with me. I've been dragging my feet about fixing it up. Now, it's time." Steve's eyes narrowed watching my reaction. "Are you okay with this?"

"Very okay." I said softly. "Are you going to help, or am I doing it all by myself?" His mouth fell open. "Only kidding! You're so serious sometimes, jeez." I climbed into the truck, closing the door. He got in as well, then reached over grabbing at my sides, tickling me. I slid up against the door trying to get away from him, he scooted closer to me, getting his other hand around me, grabbing, squeezing. I was wiggling to try and get away.

"You like that? You're a little tease aren't you?" He growled. "Aren't you?

I was laughing so hard, trying to squirm and get away. "Stop, stop!" I breathed out, laughing. "You're hurting me, you brute!"

"You love it, and you know it, you wiggle worm." Grabbing my leg, pulling me toward him, his other around my waist, sliding me acoss the smooth seat. He looked down as he saw the large bulge in my pants. He smiled into my eyes. "What's this? Someone a little excited?"

I put my hands on his shoulders, looking at him with soft eyes. "You do it to me. I want you right now, right here." I went to kiss him, but he held me back.

"Not right now. Not here, you little machine. Let's get this stuff home first."

"Drive fast." I whispered. He laughed, then let me go. I looked down at his growing bulge. God, it was gorgeous. I loved to watch it grow. He started the truck and drove out of the parking lot. I knew we had some time to cross town, and I started to tease him, reaching over, undoing his pants, letting his monter out. I ran my fingers over it, softly, making it bounce under my touch. He was moaning and squirming under my touch. I lay over and started licking his tip, then up and down what was exposed.

"Jesus, Kevin. That's so good." He hissed out through clenched teeth. He lifted his butt a little, I wasted no time pulling his pants down a little, getting more of him out, going back down on him, keeping him in my mouth. Slowly, I started to slide up and down on him, making him wetter, loving the feeling of his hardness in my mouth. Tighter pressure, up and down, up and down as we cruised through the neighborhoods of town, he drove slowly to give me more time. I had no idea where we were, I was so focused on his hardness, his breathing was heavy and his moaning was constant, I knew he was close. I wanted it to last. I felt a bump, forcing my mouth down on him further, burying my nose in his jeans. The truck came to a stop. He shut the motor off. Then he shot into my mouth, moaning deeply. I swirled his load around, taking all of it, then gulped it down. "Oh, my god. That was so fucking good." He whispered. I licked the tip once more, making him breath in through clenched teeth. I sat up, hoping we were somewhere secluded, but I saw that we were home.

My cock was raging in my pants, standing up to the right, in a huge bulge, trying to get out of my pants. Steve looked over at it, licking his lips slowly, barely showing his tongue tip. I gave him a little devil grin, then opened the door, sliding out.

"You're just leave me like this, aren't you?" Steve asked.

"You can have this in the house." I replied, pointing at my long bulge. "But, we should get the paint out first, right?"

"You little tease." He whispered, shaking his head.

"Hurry up." I leaned back in. "I can feel myself leaking."

Steve wiggled his pants back up, buttoning only the top button, then swung open the door. He jumped out, and walked to the tailgate, dropping it. We grabbed cans and walked to the front door. I set mine down and went back for more while he opened the door. I returned and went back three more times, setting them on the step, he would pull them in, setting them inside. Finally I was down to bags, bring all of the supplies in. He looked at me, with my arms full, my hardon was still bulging.

"You are so fucking sexy." He said.

"You know, I am so fucking hungry."

He took a bag from me, dragging me into the house, kicking the door closed, not giving me a chance to move, he opened my arms, making me drop the bags on the floor, scooping me up under the arms, pushing me into the kitchen. His mouth went to mine, tonguing me deeply, making me moan with the pressure, his hands all over me at once, grabbing my butt, my legs, then pushing on my hard cock. We hit the edge of the counter. He picked me up and set me on it, working my mouth with his, going deeper and deeper, I was out of breath. One hand went to my jeans, tearing at the buttons, making them pop open. I lifted a little, and in a split second, they were down around my ankles, he pulled off my shoes, then got the jeans the rest of the way off. He forced me back on the counter, laying me down on it, then he fell on my hardness, swallowing me whole. I moaned as he started sliding up and down, faster and faster, he cupped my balls, squeezing them a little, pulling at them, rolling them around. Faster and faster he moved his mouth on me. I moaned deep and then lost control, shooting into his hot mouth. He kept moving up and down, draining every bit that I was giving him.

He pulled off my cock, lifted my legs, holding them at the backs of my knees and dove into my ass. He chewed over my hole, then licked. I almost screamed, it was so good. Then he put his open lips over it, then applied a tight suction. I had never felt that one before and I grabbed handfuls of his hair, spreading my legs wider to let him have me more. I moaned deeply as a new wave went through me, something I had never felt before, my toes were curled and wouldn't straighten out, my cock was harder than it had ever been, and my balls were tight.

"Oh!" I screamed. "Yes! Yes! Do that again! God, yes! Do it again!" Almost at the top of my lungs. He did what I wanted and did it again, tight suction on my hole, sucking so intense, I screamed out again and then came all over myself. He pulled away. I was trying to catch my breath, as I watched him drop his pants. He smiled an evil grin at me. "Oh, yes." I said out loud. I knew what he was going to do, as he stepped out of his jeans, tearing his shirt off. "Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me with that big dick!" He put his tip to me and pushed in, slowly all in one motion. I dropped my head on the counter and moaned long and loud, feeling him slide in, filling my insides. I lifted my legs, resting my ankles on his shoulders, as he pounded me over and over again, deeply, sliding almost all the way out, then shoving back into me. I moaned, rolling my head to one side. I bent an arm and slid it under my head, the other I was rubbing my fingers up and down my chest, through the load I had shot, twisting my nipple every now and then, sending more charges through my body. His hands were holding my thighs, keeping me in place as he pounded me. I could hear his breathing getting more labored. I knew he was getting close.

"Stop." I said. "Steve, stop."

I had never stopped him before. He had a scared look on his face. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

"No, sweetie." I said with a deep breath. "I know you're getting close. I don't want you to cum yet." He smiled down at me. Sliding one hand over my stomach, running through the cum on my chest to touch my chin. "This feels so damn good. I don't want it to be over."

"You're too much, little man, just too much."

I rocked my hips down a little against him, kissing his fingertips at my lips. "Now, keep fucking me." I whispered, feeling his hardness slide in me a little, rubbing against my spot, I breathed hard, then he picked up the pace, not as intense as before, but firm. He tilted his head back a little, closing his eyes. I loved watching him, as he slid in and out of me, his chest flexing, his arm holding my thigh, tight. "You want to cum, don't you?" I whispered through a moan, still watching him. He nodded. "You like cumming in my ass, don't you?" Nodding again. "Give it to me then, give me your cum." He thrust deeper, making me moan louder. "Fuck, fuck, yes." He was pounding me again. "Yes!" I moaned out, his pounding, blasting my spot. Steve moaned loudly, I felt it pulse in me, and I was shooting again at the same time. I screamed out, he pulled on my legs, throwing himself in even deeper. He slowed his pumping in me. "Oh, don't stop. Keep pumping me, please." His rhythm stayed constant, sliding in and out. I loved it so much. I started to feel him getting softer in me. I relaxed a little, he slowly slid out, then he spun me on the counter, scooping me up in powerful arms, like a baby. He pulled me up to him, kissing me deeply, he carried me to the bedroom, gently lay on the bed, climbing in next to me. We made out for what seemed like hours, his mouth working me, my mouth, neck, ears. I was hard all over again. He would take my precum every once in a while and put it to my lips or his, then kiss me deeply. It was total heaven. I loved being held by him.

"Are you still hungry?" Steve whispered in my ear.

"Still hungry for you." I answered, in a soft whisper.

"Come on, little machine. Get up. Let's go get something to eat. You haven't eaten since yesterday." Steve said, swinging up out of bed.

I propped myself up on my elbows. "What am I suppose to do with this?" I asked, looking down at my hard length. Steve smiled, as he sat back down.

"You're always hard. Anytime the air moves, you get hard."

"That's not fair. It has to be a hard breeze." I smiled.

Steve turned his head away from me. He wetted his hand, then applied it to my length, sliding it up and down. He had such a firm grip, it was fantastic. I moaned, spreading my legs a little. "You like it?" He whispered, leaning in nibbling my ear.

"Yes, oh, yes." I moaned.

"I'll make you cum, then we're leaving, got it?"

"Whatever you say." I moaned, as he stroked me. "Fuck, yes." I moaned, tilting my head back. "Oh, fuck, I love it, yes." I lifted my head, opened my eyes, as Steve was letting some spit roll off his lips onto my cock, rewetting me. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. "Oh, fuck, yeah." I said, spreading my legs wider, my balls falling lower. I watched him, as he watched his hand work my cock. I felt it building up in me, as his hand slid up and down, twisting a little back and forth. I saw my head expand and then I shot, hitting my chest, Steve kept stroking, getting it all out of me, watching it drip out onto my stomach. God, it was awesome. I was still hard.

"You are a little machine. Jeez, Kevin, I've never seen anyone cum like you do, and so often."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked, breathing hard.

"Uh, no. I'm just glad I can't do that."

"Why?" I asked, as he still stroked me.

"Because we would never get out of this bed. We would starve to death right here."

"One more time?"

"What?" Steve asked, shocked.

"Make me cum, like that one more time. Please?"

Steve took a deep breath, slowly shaking his head. He stroked me faster, tighter. I loved it, laying back on the bed, pumping into his hand as we went. It was quicker this time to make me cum again. I shot with less intensity, but it was still good. My balls ached at being so worked, but I loved it. I reached my hand out and smeared it all over my chest and stomach, looking up at him.

"You want it?" I asked. "Or should I take it?" Steve shook his head again.

"How about we share it?" He bent down, licking it up, then bringing it to me, we kissed. He went back for more, doing it again, cleaning most of it off. "Now, get up. Go get cleaned up, and lets go. I need to eat something besides cum."

"Really? I thought you liked it?" I teased him again, getting up off the bed. I rubbed his butt with both hands as he had turned around.

He looked over his shoulder. "Hands off, mister machine." He turned around to face me. "I do love cum, especially yours." He kissed me softly. "But, we need something to eat, and then we're going shopping again."

"What, again?" I apparently looked shocked, he smiled wide.

"Yes, my love, again." Another soft kiss. "Still have that promise to keep."

"And what promise is that?" I asked, my hands on my hips.

"A promise to your mom. I promised her I would take good care of you. And that means going to the grocery store. You said it yourself, there's nothing here at all to eat. We're going to buy the place out. Now, step it up." Steve said, as he stepped into his jeans, tucking his monster in. He grabbed another shirt from the drawer of the dresser and slipped it over his head.

I went to my bag and opened it up. Most of my clothes in there were dirty from being on vacation. I needed to wash them. I could smell the mountain in the bag. I loved it. I pulled out some new things and started to slip them on.

"Whoa, whoa." Steve said. "Go clean up first. You've got half a gallon of cum all over you. Holy cow! We go to some restaurant and some old queen will smell it a mile off, drag you into a bathroom..."

"You'd rescue me, wouldn't you, you big stud." Steve turned and looked at me with intense eyes.

"Always." He whispered. I was speechless, looking at his intese glare. All I could do was lean forward and kiss him softly. I turned and walked into the bathroom. I washed myself with a cloth, fluffed my hair, then came back out. He watched me finished getting dressed, shaking his head as I did it.

"What?" I asked, giving him that boy look again.

"You're just so fucking beautiful. I love just watching you. You always get me so horned up." I turned at the magic phrase. He held up one finger to stop me. "Mission first, sex after." I looked deflated. He smiled. "Ready?"

"Oh, I guess so." I answered sounding so disappointed. We walked out of the room, down the hall, out the front door. We got into the truck, and pulled out of the driveway.

We went in the other direction this time. I was seeing more and more of the neighborhood. I liked it. It seemed quiet and friendly. A few people waved at Steve, as we drove by, Steve would wave back. He would call them by name when I would ask if he knew them, and nod his head. So, gorgeous and popular, huh, it figures. I wasn't jealous or anything, I knew what I had right here beside me, confident that he always would be right beside me. It made me feel proud.

We drove into a downtown area, Steve pulled up in front of a Chinese restaurant and parked. We got out and walked in. The smell coming through the door was fantastic, my stomach took over. I was so empty. We were shown a table and were seated. Menus were handed to us. I thought I wanted one of everything. Steve didn't waste any time at all, and set his menu down. I just stared at him.

"Do you trust me?" A strange question to ask, but alright, I went with it.

"Yes." I answered.

He looked up at the lady standing at the edge of the table. "Dinner for six. Hot tea, please."

"There are more coming?" She asked in broken english.

"No, dinner for six." She turned and walked away. I was confused. He smiled at me. "It has the most on the menu, you'll love it. And we can have leftovers." Steve rubbed his hands together. "So, we can go to the grocery store after this. My mother always told to never go to the grocery store on an empty stomach." It was strange, Steve never talked about his family, and like the clod I am, I had never asked. He did tell that first day about his uncle and him beating off regularly, and there was Dean, but he really wasn't a blood relation. It hit me that I really didn't know anything about Steve, his family, where he worked, what he did, nothing.

The tea arrived as I getting up nerve to ask. She placed the pot, picking up a few things that were going to be in the way for the copious amounts of food that were about to arrive. She walked away, now I had my chance.

"So, tomorrow." I started slowly. "What time do you leave for work?"

"Four." He answered flatly. My eyes went wide.


"Yep." He moved his silverware a little. "It takes about two hours to get there, work for eight, then two hours back." He sighed. "That's why I said I usually stay and sleep in the truck. No reason to be home much, until now. My boss pays mileage only one way."

"But..." I started to say. Steve smiled at me.

"I'm a heavy construction worker. I clear land with big equipment, grade fields for construction sites, stuff like that. It's long, dirty work."


"You know, going back and forth in a field all day, kicking up dust, choking on dirt, especially when the wind blows, oh man. Pays good, really good, and I'm good at it. My boss likes how I take my time and get it just right. No one else likes to do it, so I do."


"Yeah, I'm alone a lot. Don't really have to work with anyone, just go get it done. When the winter comes, I don't work at all. Last year was bad because of all the rain. We didn't work much. This year, it's been a dry spring and we're backed up. It's gonna be six days a week til we're caught up. I had a few days off in between projects, and that's when I went up the mountain to start the dome, and I found you."

"Then I interrupted..." Steve held up a hand to stop me.

"You interrupted nothing. You started something, something that I'm going to treasure for the rest of my life, and that's being with you." I blushed. The food started to arrived. Plate after plate, mound after mound. The other patrons in the restaurant were looking over at us, pointing and whispering. A folding side tray was set next to the table as there was not enough room. Steve looked up and smiled at the waitress. "Is this all of it?"

She returned the question with a glare. I loved the Chinese, so straight forward, and little on words. I laughed. We set about, sampling everything that had been brought out. We kept eating and eating. I was so full. The waitress came by several times to check on us. She would pick up empty plates now and then giving us more room. Finally, we couldn't move and gave in. The waitress returned, smiling. She picked up empty plates as Steve poured tea.

"You must be hungry. No eat long time?" She asked.

"Long time." Steve said, pouring for me. I didn't like tea, especially hot. "Drink it." He said. "It will help settle your stomach."

"I get you cartons?"

"Yes, thank you." He smiled at her, she walked away.

Everything packed, he put out cash on the table. We gathered everything and walked out. Steve waved, then said thank you. We climbed into the truck. I was absolutely miserable.

"Okay." He said starting the truck. "Grocery store, here we come."

We pulled up in front of the house, got out and started to unload everything, putting it on the step, all of the bags, countless bags. I had never seen so many or could believe how much money Steve actually spent. I was miserable, Chinese, as well as money spent. I stayed quiet, as we piled eveything into the house. We were grabbing the last of the bags, as someone came up the walk toward the house. Steve came out from behind me to get a couple of more bags, as I was bending over picking up two. He looked.

"Mrs. Allen. How are you?" Steve said from over the top of me. "It's been a while."

"Steven." Her old voice was soft and dainty. "I'm so sorry to intrude."

"Nonsense." He walked around me, coming down to greet her. She was so small, she only came up to his mid-chest. He gently wrapped his arms around her, patting her carefully on the back, like she was glass. I smiled at his caring. "So, what's going on?"

"I saw your truck in the driveway and knew you were home. I hate to bother you, dear, but, I was wondering, could I ask you to help me for a minute?"

"Anything, for the love of my life." He answered.

She smack his arm lightly. "Oh, stop. You're such a charmer." She looked at me, smiling. "I don't mean to take you from your company."

Steve turned, looking at me, and motioned me with his fingers to come down and join them. "Evelyn, I want to meet someone." I stepped down closer. I wiped my hands on my jeans, then reached out my right. "Evelyn, this is Kevin. He's come to live with me. Kevin, this is Mrs. Allen. She and her husband live across the street. It's too bad this one's married, or I'd be across the street all the time."

She elbowed Steve softly in the ribs. "Scamp." She said, then took my fingers with her tiny, boney hand. "It's so nice to meet you. Maybe you'll be able to pull those weeds that Steven never gets to in the front flower beds. You know, Mrs. Perkins, she used to live here years ago, she kept those flower beds so pretty all year round. I could stand in my kitchen window and see flowers almost all the time." She looked down at my hand in her fingers. She patted it with the other. "You have the softest hands, dear. Not, like this scamp." She leaned closer. "I think he roughs them up on purpose to make it seem like he's tougher." I snickered.

"Evelyn. Now, you play nice." Steve said, putting his hand on her shoulders. "So, what do you need help with?"

"Oh, Steven, you know that big cabinet in the living room. Well, something rolled behind it and I can't move it to get back there. Could you be a dear and move it for me?"

"We would love to." Steve looked at me, cocking his head. "We need to put these groceries away real quick first, then we'll come over. Is that okay?"

She reached up, patting his cheek with her boney hand. "That will be just fine, dear." She turned and started to walk away, then turned back. "That's strange. In all the years that you've been here, I've never noticed you bring home groceries before. I'll see you boys in a little while." She walked away slowly down the sidewalk. We gathered the rest of the groceries, watching her cross the street heading toward her house.

"Wow." I said quietly.

"Welcome to the neighborhood." Steve said quietly, like someone else might hear.

"I think she's sweet." I said.

"Oh, she'll eat you up. She'll talk about her grand daughter, wanting to fix you up with her. I stopped that, telling her I was only into older women and that she was right up my alley." I laughed. "They are both sweet, and I love them to death. She asks me now and then to this or that for them. But, when we're done, expect her to give you a dollar, and whatever you do, take it." I wrinkled my eyebrows together. "It hurts her feelings if you don't."

"Oh." I said.

"Lets get some of this in. We'll take care of the rest in a bit. It's almost their bedtime."


"Old folks, early to bed, early to rise..."

"Got it." We hurried, stuffing things in the fridge, then went across the street. Steve knocked and then opened the door.

"Evelyn, Harry? It's Steve. Are you guys home?"

"Hell yes, we're home." An old voice from around the corner. "Where the hell do you think we'd be?" We walked in, closing the door behind us. I followed Steve through the entry hall, into the living room. Steve put his hands on his hips.

"I would expect a good looking buck like you to out skirt chasing at this time of day. What are you doing just sitting there?"

"Oh, hell. Skirt chasing. Guess again." The old man said, swinging his cane a little. "I might chase 'em if I had a wheelchair." He wheezed more than laughing. Steve laughed with him.

"Where's that gorgeous wife of yours?"

"I'm right here, and I'm not gorgeous." As she walked up from behind us. "You, scamp." She pinched his waist, making him jump.

"Well, to me, you are." Steve said with a wink in her direction.

"You keep your hands off her. I'll have to kick your butt." The old man said, waving his cane again. "Now, who's this?" He asked sliding forward in his chair, putting both hands on the cane.

"This is Kevin, he's come to live with me. Kevin, this is Harry Allen." I put out my hand, the old man took mine, giving it a warm shake.

"Where the hell did you find him? In some magazine?"

"Harry..." Evelyn said quickly.

"Well, he looks like one of them beautiful people right out of a magazine."

Evelyn stepped close to me, patting my shoulder. "You'll have to forgive him, dear, over fifty years and I haven't been able to teach him any manners. Don't pay any attention to him." She turned and looked down at her husband. "Now, you pipe down. These boys are here to help me."

Steve raised his hands, Harry just waved, smiling wide. We turned to walk toward the big cabinet, when I felt something hit my butt. I looked over my shoulder, it was Harry, he had thwapped me with his cane, grinning, then giving me a wink. I smiled and winked back. We moved the cabinet out carefully, my god it was heavy. Steve had me get behind it and retrieve a couple of papers for Evelyn. I handed them to her, then it went back into place. After a while we said our good-byes and went to the door. Evelyn was right there, and as Steve had predicted, a dollar each put in our hands. Steve gave her a kiss on the cheek, making her blush. She patted my shoulder. I turned and leaned back in.

"I'm gonna be home all the time, if you need anything, you let me know, okay?"

"You're such a sweet boy. Thank you very much, I will."

We walked across the street together. "He hit me with his cane."


"In the butt."

Steve chuckled as we reached the door. "It means he likes you. Harry's a good judge of character. I hope he didn't bruise your little butt, that's my job." Steve closed and locked the door.



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