After weeks of waiting Eric and I had finally had sex for the first time. I had felt an amazing feeling when he had pushed his cock into my ass for the first time. The morning after I was no longer a virgin I had just lost my virginity to the man I wanted spin the rest of my life with.

I know it seems silly that I guy would fall in love with guy after the first time having sex. But I had felt a spark between us before we had even had sex. I had felt something the first day he stared into my eyes all those years ago.

Lying in bed Sunday morning, I was naked in the arms of the man that I loved, his strong muscular arms wrapped around my athletic frame. We were in a cuddling position, with Eric holding onto me. Even in his sleep Eric’s cock was rock hard pressed against my back. 

The sweat from the previous night of passion still glistened on our muscles. Light specks of sweat still sat on my pecs, and sweat was covering body and my thighs. The sweat caused our muscular bodies to be has one, causing the hair on thighs to stick together.

Despite us simply having sex one time, I knew in my heart that I loved this man. This man was everything to me. I loved him entirely. He had proven how much he cared for me on numerous occasions; he had announced to the entire school that we were a couple, and the previous night he had been so gentle with me that I had to basically force him to go harder when he was pounding.  

I had assured Eric that I had wanted it like that, it was painful but as soon as his cock was all the way in my ass the pain had subsided and the intense pleasure filled my body I moaned in ecstasy. I moaned and screamed in passion all night. Now with Sunday morning having arrived, I was literally worn out.

Despite the moments of relaxation that I felt in Eric’s arms, there was still much to do. My parents were coming back from their sudden vacation later this evening. I had decided that now was the time to tell my parents that I was gay. I hoped they would understand that the fact was beyond my control and that I literally been torn up inside looking for ways to come to terms with my sexuality.

What worried me more was how this revelation was going to affect my family, the Chandler family. If word got out that the heir to the Chandler fortune (arguably the largest in Harmony) was gay the tabloids would have field day with that news. No doubt my grandfather Victor Chandler a ruthless man in both business and family would make sure the papers only printed what he wished them to print.

All I knew was that I had to tell my family before the headlines came out reading “Chandler Heir is Gay” or worse “Chandler Heir in Love with a Man”. I was determined to reveal my secret to my family before they had time to see such headlines

******Eric Narrates***********************************************************

Waking up next to Michael was an amazing feeling. I had felt an intense pleasure last night when I had shot my load into his ass the night before. Now with his ass right therein my face I wanted to grab it and slide my cock into his ass to fuck his ass again, but I couldn’t he was on the phone with someone. 

It looked like the conversation was intense, so I simply rubbed my hand on his ass squeezing his beautiful mounds of brown flesh as I went. My hands on his ass caused his eyes to light up and he had to quickly end the conversation with whoever was on the other line before he started to moan.

“Who was that?” I asked my hands still massaging Mike’s ass

“It was my Mom,” I croaked, trying to force the words out, “My parents are on the way home right now”

“Right now,” pausing “But I thought that they were coming back later today”.

“I know that, but they had to cancel their trip early so that they could come back to handle some business in town” Mike said looking kind of nervous.

“I want to tell my parents everything, that I’m gay and that we are in love” Mike said staring into my eyes. His blue eyes sparkling in the morning sunlight.

 “Mike you know I want to be here for you. I WANT to be here for you.”

“I want you to be here to, but I don’t know how my parents would take it if you were here” Mike said trying to let me down easy.

“I don’t care what your parents think, I’m going to be here for you.”

“And there is nothing you can do to stop me”

“You’re going to tell your parents today that you are gay and I’m going to be here with you every step of the way” I said asserting myself.

“Oh ok” Mike said “I...I….I just don’t”

But before Mike could utter another word I grasped him by his waist pulling him close planting a hot sensual kiss on his lips. Pulling him close we kissed for what felt like forever.

After a while Mike pulled away from me. I wanted to pull him back and kiss him again but I didn’t want to force myself on him.

“My parents are going to be here soon” Mike said “We need to shower and straighten this room up

Looking around the room I observed the overturned lamp, clutter that had been knocked off Mike's dresser, the spilled clothes littering the floor, and countless other messes created by our night of passionate sex.

Ever since we had first started dating every time that we had showered Mike and I had done it together. Today was no different. When Mike stepped into the shower I stepped in behind him. Grabbing him placing my hands around his waist grazing his beautiful backside.

As the warm water hit our faces, we washed off the smell of sex from our bodies rubbing the liquid body soap all over our bodies. We washed slowly making sure to clean every inch of our sweaty bodies rubbing the body soap all over our bodies. 

As Mike was rubbing the soap all over body, on his bulging biceps, his ample pecs, and between the valleys nestled between the mini mountains that formed his abdominal mountain ranges.

I t was a sight I cherished, the sight of Mike rubbing his hands all over his beautiful body. I truly wanted to be the one to be the one rubbing my hands all over his body as he washed himself.

After a brief hesitation, I lathered up my right index finger and slowly inserted it into Mike’s ass. My action caused Mike to let out a long drawn out moan”

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes” he said as my finger explored his insides.

In my head I had told myself that I simply wanted to clean the cum out of Mike’s asshole, but really I just wanted to fuck him again. After several minutes of me finger fucking Mike’s juicy hole. I stopped for a second

I was far from over however. When I stopped I lowered myself to the shower’s floor. As I did this I pulled Mike on top of me. I just could not resist fucking him when his ass was right there winking at me while we showered.

Mike was kneeling down over my lap. His meaty muscular as was inches away from my hardening cock. Within moments I took my rightful place between Mike’s beautiful backside. As I slowly pushed my cock between Mike’s mounds of flesh, my cock leaked precum, lightly spraying his ass with a steady stream of precum.

Touching Mike’s body turned me on even more, so as I slowly pushed my way into Mike’s waiting ass I grabbed hold of  Mike’ gorgeous backside holding onto his hips firmly as I entered him.

“Ohhhhhhhh” I moaned as I forced my cock inside of Mike’s ass the muscles in his ass tightened around my cock. If I didn’t know any better I would have sworn his hole had gotten tighter than the previous night. His hole was literally sucking me in, squeezing down tightly around my shaft.

A long drawn out moan came out of Mike’s mouth as he lowered himself onto my cock, as it filled his insides. As Mike lowered himself onto my cock I could feel Mike’s muscles tense around my cock. As Mike continued to fuck himself on my dick, I pushed inand out skewering the depths of Mike’s ass as I pushed firmly against Mike’s prostate causing him to scream his head off, my cock causing sexual heat.

After Mike hadfucked himself on my cock for the next several minutes. I decided to takecontrol of the situation, pulling myself onto my knees I bent Mike over ontohis backside, pulling Mike’s beautiful ass up into the air as my cock was still inside of him. I placed my hands firmly on his hips, the showerhead still dripping warm water on our sweaty bodies.

Grabbing hold of Mike’s curly brown locks I intensified my thrusting, learning from yesterday that he liked it hard I made sure to give it to him just the way he liked it.

“God I love….your ass….I could stay…inside you forever,” I cried out between grunts, my voice drenched in passion

“I wish you could” Mike croaked out as he tried to make out a few words. But my thrusting was so intense that he had barely enough energy to make out more than a few words before he moaned out in extreme ecstasy once more.

As I fucked him, thrusting in and out, in and out of his sweet hole, Mike threw back his head moaning in pleasure.

*****Mike Narrates*********************************************************

As Eric thrust in and out of my ass, I could barely catch my breath moaning out with each thrust. While Eric fucked me I felt his heavy balls slap against my own with thrust into my body. Every time his cock slammed into my ass my whole body quivered in delight. 

I was on my hands and knees with my cock not being touched, yet despite this fact my cock was rock hard and was leaking precum as Eric continued to fuck me. As Eric continued to thrust into my ass I felt his hips gyrate against my ass.

Eric’s powerful thrusts brought both of us closer to the edge, until we were finally reaching the point of climax.

Eric roared in pleasure as he buried his cock inside of my ass just as he reached climax Eric’s cock spurted stream after stream of hot, white sticky cum deep within the tight confines of my ass. This feeling pushed me over the edge and soon after my own cock began to erupt spilling my warm cum all over the shower floor.

The showerhead was still spurting out warm water, quickly washing cum from off our bodies and down the drain.

Minutes passed and Eric and I continued to orgasm, our balls heavy with cum. By the time Eric was done he had released such a great load of cum into my insides that my body could barely contain it all. Within seconds cum was dripping out of my ass spurting down around his cock and running down his legs.

“Haaaaghh!” Eric sighed and with a long drawn out grunt, he pulled his softening cock out of his ass. My ass greedily tightened around his cock trying to hold his cock inside before finally relaxing and allowing him to exit my hole.

As Eric pulled out of my ass more and more of his semen gushed from my ass as we both collapsed on top of one another in intense pleasure.

After are hot shower sex, Eric and I washed off once more. Quickly we put on some clothes and raced down stairs going into the living room just as my parents entered the house.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Chandler” Eric said as my parents entered the living room followed by people carrying their many suitcases.

“Hello Eric” my parents said in unison. They were not all surprised that Eric was here, he practically lived at my house.

“Hello Son, we missed you” they said throwing their arms around me

“Mom. Dad… I had no idea that you guys would be coming home so early”

“How was New York?”

“It was very productive, I completed Chandler Industries’ acquisition of Cartwright Shipping and your mother” my father pausing “Well she raided all the department stores in New York dry” he said motioning to the numerous bags my mother had laid by the living room’s doors.

“What happened I thought you guys were not supposed to be back until later to night?” I asked

“Yes that was the plan darling, but Senator Livingston is going to be in town tonight and your grandfather is holding a gala at Chandler Tower in his honour.” My mother said as she laid her purse on the nearby chair.

“And he wants the entire family to be there” my father added

“But me and Eric had plans” I protested

“Son it’s a family function, your attendance is required” my father said

“Son if you want you can bring Eric with you” my father said relenting a little. 

“Eric you better bring a girl, don’t want to be too lonely at the gala” my mother added.

“Mom what do you mean?” I asked a little concerned 

“Well Senator Livingston isn’t exactly coming to town alone, he’s bring his family” my mother said

“And his daughter Charlotte is just gorgeous” my mother exclaimed throwing her hands around me

“Naturally I would have preferred a nice pretty black girl for you” My mother added “But she is after all a Senator’s daughter” she said

“So this all just a way to get me with some girl?” I cried

“Son it’s about more than that. This party is about the future of this family” my father said looking sternly at me

“Your father is right, the Chandler family as donated millions to Senator Livingston’s campaign last fall, and they owe us.” My mother said putting her arm around my shoulder

"Besides darling, a Chandler heir is quite a catch, I’ve always waited for the day when I could see you happily married. Your sister hasn’t settled down yet so all my hopes of providing a stable family for the next generation of Chandler heir’s rests with you son”

“Besides it’s going to be the wedding of the century, the world will come to Harmony to see the wedding” my mother said rejoicing as she thought up in her mind all the wedding plans and all the money that she would spend on it, all the people she would invite, and above all, all the publicity the wedding would get.

“Mom. Dad…. Hold on I have not even met this girl yet” I said as I glanced over at Eric who sat quietly on the nearby sofa trying to remain calm as my parents basically threw this girl at me.

“Son, I’m sure you will like her” my father assured me

It wasn’t so much about liking her, I liked girls (as friends) but I was more concerned about being sexually attracted to her, because if I could not get hard what kind of relationship could we have let alone a marriage. If were to get married it would surely be a lie.

“Mom. Dad…. I need to say something” I croaked, trying to get the words out.

“Son whatever you have to say it can wait until after the gala” my mother said “Go upstairs and try on the new tux I picked out or you” she pointed at a nearby bag

As I pulled the tuxedo out of the bag another matching one was inside as well.
“Mom there are two tuxedos in here, why?” I asked

“Well we kind of figured Eric would be here so we decided that he might not have time to go home and change so we just got him this so he could come with us tonight”
“Mom. Dad….We NEED to talk” I said

To Be Continued......



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