The day had finally arrived, my parents had left early in the morning. I had told my parents that I was going to homecoming with some friends, leaving out the part about me going to homecoming with my boyfriend. Because in truth I was going to be going to homecoming with some friends, my boyfriend Eric just happened to be one of them.

I dreaded telling my parents that I was gay, but I was comforted in the knowledge that Eric would be with me every step of the way. My family had long been conservative, the Chandler family had actually been with the Republican Party for the last two hundred years, my great grandfather John Cornelius McKinlay Chandler choosing to remain with the party when much of the black population had deserted it for the Democrats in the 1930s following the Great Depression. The main reason he had decided to remain with the party was because while most blacks at the time were suffering from poverty, my family was wealthier than most whites, even owning a hotel, the Chandler Hotel, that remains in the family's possession, so it only seemed natural to remain with the party that had helped his family accumulate and preserve such wealth. I might not have mentioned this before, but the town that Eric and I live in is called Harmony, and it is located in upstate New York.

Anyways all that being said I had a lot to live up to. However being gay was not a part of my family's legacy. A distant great aunt of mine had been written out of my great grandfather's will for failing to take an interest in one of the five professions looked upon with favor in my family; that is business (the family business i.e. Chandler Industries), Law, Politics, Medicine, and Education instead choosing to be an artist, while I had even heard rumors of my grandfather's brother Albert  being gay and also being promptly removed from my great grandfather's will, I wondered would my grandfather do the same to me. It was scary to think that with a stroke of a pen, my grandfather could effectively remove me from everything that I had been told for the last eighteen years that I was to inherit.

However I didn't let the prospects of my being removed from my grandfather's will, deter me or ruin my day. Because I was going to homecoming with Eric, the person I truly loved, hopefully my family would accept him because he wasn't going anywhere. When the time neared 6:30, I received a text from Eric, letting me know he would be there in thirty minutes.

Once I received word from Eric, I began to get dressed. Sitting on my bed I stripped down to my underwear. Laying my tux by the side of the bed, I took the dress pants in my hand feeling the soft silk fabric in my hands. I put one leg in at a time, first the right, than the left. That done I pulled the belt around to me, buckling it up
at the front.

After this was done I stood in the mirror, flexing my arms and watching my abs ripple every time I breathed. I don't want people to think that I'm one of those self-absorbed narcissistic kinds of people, but It actually turned me on, to see how muscular I had become over the last four years. A few minutes later I remembered that I still needed to get dressed so I quickly plucked my dress shirt from the chair I had sat it on, pulling it on over me; I buttoned each button. Once this was done I pulled the vest on over around my shoulders, placing each arm in the corresponding hole.

Just as I pulled the jacket around me and put just a little cologne on, I heard a familiar car honk. Looking out my window I saw Eric emerge from his car with a bag in
hand. I quickly raced down stairs to greet him.

After the usual first seconds of hugging, followed by passionate groping and ending with a few quick pecks on the lips. Eric handed me the bag.

"Hey dude, I didn't know what to get you, because I never had a boyfriend before"......"all the girls I dated liked flowers and shit, but I don't really care for flowers",  Eric said as he let go of the bag, and as it landed into my waiting hands

"I don't really care for them either", I added

"Anyways we have been dating for like a week now, and I just thought that I get you something nice"....pausing "Seeing as you are going to be giving yourself to me tonight"

"I would not have it any other way" I said my face lighting up as I saw what was in the bag. It was the new FIFA 16' Game.

"Oh thanks!" I exclaimed "I can't wait to kick your ass on it" I joked

"No way man" Eric said "I'm gonna be the one doing the kicking, In fact
I'm gonna tear that ass of yours up" he winked

*****Eric Narrates*****************************************

Once we got into my car and our seatbelts buckled I drove to my friend Vince's house. Once there I picked up Vince, Ryan, Kevin, and Chris. We had all decided to go to homecoming stag, except me and Mike were going together.

We loaded ourselves into my car, and we drove to Red Lobster. When we got there it was around 7:00, and we still had an hour to kill before Homecoming started so we ate as much as we wanted

While we were inside Red Lobster this middle aged woman kept looking at me and Mike. I guess she must have noticed how touchy feely we were with each other, because every time I would put my arm around Mike, her face would form a frown..

Just when Mike had finished eating his roll and was wiping his face, I pulled him in with my arm and planted a big kiss on his moist lips.

The middle-aged woman who had been watching us intently for quite some time frowned throwing napkin onto her plate, letting her fork fall crashing to the

"This is a family restaurant!!" she screamed

Looking over at her "Lady go to hell!" I said planting another kiss on Mike, just to piss her off

"God doesn't like, homosexuality is a sin" she added reaching down to pick up her fork

"You're a sin" I said trying to hide my annoyance with this religious nutjob.

"I'm sure you both can find some nice girls to be with" she added changing her tone to something more amiable

"Why don't you just mind your own business"....."I love this guy and he's all I  want and need" I said squeezing Mike in a territorial hug

"Eric just leave the old woman alone" Mike said, as I released him from my powerful arms' grip

"Yeah Eric, she's just expressing her views" Kevin added

"Don't get me wrong I'm a Christian, I just don't believe people should treated unfairly, solely because of who they love."

"This a family restaurant" she screamed again. This time however she prompted the waiter to come to the call

"Excuse me Ma'am"

"You have been disturbing the customers" ........"I'm going to have to ask you to
leave" he said trying to sound polite

What me leave?" She said pointing over at me and Mike as I once more planted a
kiss on Mike's beautiful lips

"What about them" she said angrily

"They have not been screaming in this establishment, only you have, so only you
will have to leave" he said maintaining his composure

Hearing this she flicked me off, to which I responded by kissing Mike even more passionately, much to her annoyance

After that the waiter escorted the woman out of the restaurant

Once she had left, an elderly couple next to us leaned over and greeted us

"I'm so glad young people can express themselves nowadays" said the old woman

"Me too" Mike said

******Mike Narrates***************************

After paying our bill we looked at the time and we realized that it was now 7:40, giving us exactly 20 minutes to get to the high school. Seeing as how the Red Lobster was not that far from the school, we made it there in half the time arriving there at 7:50.

By that time however the lines of decked out students, dressed in their best clothes, dress shirts, slacks, tuxes etc. for the men, and long dresses, short dresses, and skimpy dresses for the girls, was massive.

I don't think I have ever seen so many sparkles on one person. Finally the clock turned 8 o'clock on the dot, and people began pushing their way into the big doors at the front of the school, tickets and umbrellas ready. Tonight was apparently calling for a thunderstorm

Soon the time came for us to hand in our tickets, Eric handed the ticket lady both of our tickets and we walked in followed by Kevin, Chris, Vince, and Ryan. I'm not just saying this because he's my boyfriend, but Eric looked like sex on a stick wearing his tux. Oh sweet lord Jesus, Eric's tux had muscles showing in all the right places, I just wanted to rip his clothes off and lick every inch of his hard muscles.

I'm pretty sure I saw Jake in the distance; it looked like he wanted to come over and say hello. But when Eric came out of the bathroom and rejoined me by my side, whatever motivation Jake had to come over was gone, as he disappeared into the crowds. Even with the stunt him and Haley had pulled I still wanted to be his friend.

The night was young, we had several hours to be there. Because both Eric and I had been nominated  for homecoming court we could not leave until they announced who the Homecoming King and Queen were. They would not announce that until 10:00, so Eric and I had a few hours to kill.

We spent the hours eating good food, socializing with friends, and dancing to the music; mostly the good music. Eric and I would dance pretty close to each other , we were a couple after all. Well when I dance I like to shake my butt a little, and Eric who loves asses cant resist so that whenever a upbeat kind of song would come on Eric would get behind me as if I were giving him his own special show just for him.

Every time my ass moved to the beat, I could feel his cock pressing against my ass through his pants. It must have known what was about to happen.

However whenever a slow song came on, we would grab each other awkwardly always forgetting which hands went where. You would have thought that all the places we had put our hands on each other's bodies that we would have known where to put them in a slow song. But that was far from the case.

After one particular slow song ended, the people overseeing the dance announced that the votes had been tallied and that it was now time to announce the Homecoming King and Queen.

Since Queen is always more important they announced that last, building up the anticipation for the Queen to be announced. Moving along they called out "Harmony High School's 2015 Homecoming King is........"

Pausing for dramatic effect "Michael Chandler"

They must have misspoke or I must have been hearing things, but then everyone started to look at me and I realized that they were not wrong and that my ears were not playing tricks on me and that I had indeed won

"Dude you won!" Eric said picking me up in his arm as he hugged me.

After, Eric put me down I walked up to the stage, with the cheering of my fellow classmates behind me. Standing there lights shining on me they placed the crown on my head, the mantle around my shoulders handing me the scepter.

Finally the moment arrived that everybody had been waiting for. "Ladies and gentlemen Harmony High School's 2015 Homecoming Queen is........"

Once more pausing for dramatic effect

"Taylor Huggins"

Taylor was the only girl who really deserved to win, because she was truly nice and sweet to everyone. Looking out over at the crowd as Taylor walked up the steps to be crowned, I happened to glance over at Haley Macy. When Taylor's name had been called I could have sworn I saw a frown dance across Haley's face, but the frown was gone, hidden instead by an obviously fake smile. No doubt angry that someone other than her had become Homecoming Queen.

After the King and Queen Dance, I left the stage and returned to Eric's side

"Dude I can't believe I'm going to be fucking a King!" he said once I reached his side

Looking around to make sure no one heard him "Eric we should go now"

"I agree I want to get you out of all these clothes" he said, giving me that smug smile of his

Luckily for us Vince, Ryan, Kevin, and Chis were catching a ride with some other guys heading to party after homecoming. Eric and I were headed to a party of our own........

****Eric Narrates*********

When we arrived at Mike's house the lights were off. His sister was staying at a friend's house while his parents were on vacation, apparently in the middle of October Mr. and Mrs. Chandler went on vacations.

We raced upstairs to Mike's room, Turning on the light so that the fun could began. I didn't want to make love in the dark, I wanted to fuck Mike in the light so that I could see his beautiful face as I rammed my dick into his tight little ass.  Starting out I kissed Mike on his neck slowly working my hands down to his ass. I gave his ass a few good squeezes...

Damn I could not wait to fuck him, he had everything nice ass, beautiful face, and muscles almost as big as my own. Mike was more beautiful then most of the men I had seen in my life, white or black. Mike is actually eighteen, he will be nineteen next year, but he has such a pretty boy face that people often mistake him for sixteen or younger. His complexion is one of mystery, you can kind of tell that he's black but his skin is such a fair shade of brown that if you didn't know him you would have to ask what race he was.

I'm not about to say that white people owning black people is right but Mike told me once that his great-great-great-great grandfather or something was as slave-owner who had relations with one of his slaves, one of them being a light skinned mixed race slave named Maria, he later freed his offspring Cornelius Chandler, educating him and leaving much of his wealth to him.

That was all the way back in the 1750s, before the Revolutionary War, however the white blood has never left the Chandler family; with colored (especially blue) eyes, light skin, straight hair being a trademark of the chandler family. Anyways every now and then God creates an angel and Mike I like to think is an angel, a mixture of white features and black features over the last two hundred plus years to make a guy so handsome that I melt when he's around.

Pulling myself out of the daze I found myself in, I reached out unfastened his belt, next I unzipped his dress pants. As I was removing his cumbersome pants Mike was busy rubbing his hands over my muscular back while the hand was jerking away at my cock.

Reaching around once more, I pulled Mike's dress pants and his underwear with a clearly visible precum stain on the side off his round ass, grabbing those round mounds of flesh guarding his delectable little hole with both hands squeezing tightly.

After his pants and underwear had fell to the ground and he had stepped out of them, I knelt down and I took his nine inch cock in my hands and went to work. First I started to kiss it, staring with the head. Finally Mike pushed his cock into my mouth, breaking through the defenses that were my lips, which had actually welcomed him in.

Once Mike 's cock was in my mouth, I begin the process of sucking on it, slobbering all over his sex stick, getting it nice and wet. The longer Mike's cock was in my mouth the more vigorous my motions became, bobbing and down on his stick.

The more Mike pushed inside of my mouth the more I gagged, but I just kept on sucking. I actually had to work my jaw and mouth to overtime, just to keep up with the face fucking Mike was giving me.

After this I could not take it anymore getting behind him, I rubbed my dick between his nice ass; my cock just dying to go all the way in.

"Babe I can't take this anymore, I have to fuck you" I said

"I want to suck you before you fuck me" he said

"I want to get you all wet before you slide that thing in my ass"

"Ok" I said impatiently waiting for the chance I could fuck him "But afterwards I'm going to slide my dick in between that sweet little ass of yours"

"I would not have it any other way" Mike said lighting up and flashing those Colgate teeth of his.

Jumping down off the bed, Mike got in between my legs and he began worshiping my dick with his mouth. First he kissed the head murmuring out "Oh Eric I love your pretty pink dick"

Mmmmm, mmmm he murmured as he took the tip in his mouth. Stopping he dove back into his job, kissing and licking my cock only pausing to come up for air "Eric your cock is gorgeous"

"I can't wait to have you inside of me" he said before diving mouth first back onto my cock

This flattery caused me to blush a lot, my face turning red. After a while Mike started doing wonderful things with his mouth licking the tip, before diving down in the whole thing, all while his tongue swirled all over my shaft licking every inch.

Once Mike had gotten into the rhythm of cock sucking, he was sucking up a storm, lapping his tongue all over my dick making me cringe, Mike began bobbing up and down on my cock.

Mike's lips are a rosy shade of pink that I love to have wrapped around my dick, don't even get me started on those eyes of his, their fucking blue, no contacts, no enhancements, Mike told me that one of his ancestors had been white giving his family such light skin and sharp features. I just loved to see those Eyes looking up at me as my dick slid between his pretty pink lips.

Watching that gorgeous angelic pretty boy face of his bobbing up and down on my dick, looking up at me with those blue eyes of his drove me wild.

The time came for us to fuck, Mike reached over the side of the bed to his dresser pulling out a bottle of lube. "Eric, I want you to fuck me bare" he said "No condoms we are both clean and I want to feel you inside of me."

"Babe this could hurt" I said a little concerned

"Eric's it's not going to hurt, I have been practicing with my fingers to loosen it up for you."

"Oh really?" I asked

"Not to worry, it's still nice and tight for you" he joked

I spit on my dick rubbing my hand all over mixing my saliva with the lube after this, I spit once more this time my spit finding its way to Mike's waiting asshole. After placing two globs of spit in Mike's hole to loosen him up a little I laid down on his bed.

After I did this Mike climbed on top of me. He had the biggest grin on his face, so I knew he was going to be enjoying this fucking. I gazed up at his beautiful face as he reached around with one hand, taking my dick in his hand, aiming it at his waiting hole.

My cock's journey into his ass was briefly halted by the tightness of Mike's ass but Mike lowered himself onto my dick, gradually sitting down. As he did this he groaned a little "Oh yeah" he said as he lowered himself further onto my dick.

As Mike slowly but surely sat down on my stick I let out I long drawn out moan. "Oh Shit". Mike's ass was tighter than any of the girls' I had ever fucked it felt amazing, it made every part of me tingle.

Usually I like to take charge when I'm fucking someone, but this time was different, I just laid back and let Mike fuck himself on my dick. I just laid there, watching his beautiful face, the facial expressions he made as my cock shoved its way into his ass were glorious to behold.

The way Mike was working himself on my dick, literally moving himself all around my dick it felt like I was in heaven. As I fucked him Mike moaned loudly "Oh Eric, Eric , Oh shit!"

Besides the profanity spewing from out of Mike's beautiful mouth that had not to long ago  been wrapped around my mouth, I could hear the occasionally grunting and the long drawn out moans of pleasure that only turned me on more.

I'm 6'1 and I've got on me about 170 lbs. while Mike's only 5'11 and weights only about 150 lbs., so I have  got like twenty plus pounds on Mike, so lifting him up is no big deal. Shit I can bench press 150 lbs. easy and now with fucking Mike my dick would be bench pressing 150 lbs. easy. So as we were fucking, I stood up, with my dick still impaled in his ass, lifting him up, so that his mouth was aligned with mine, I would kiss him and then let him slowly slide back down my pole.

My cock is just over ten inches, so it left plenty of room for me to bounce Mike up and down on my shaft; as I slide in out of his tight little ass. Whispering sweet "fucks" in his ear, as the sweat from our bodies began  causing the hair on Mike's ass and the hair on my thighs to stick to each other as Mike happily bounced happily on my dick.

The feelings going through my cock was amazing. Mike's virgin ass was now wrapped around my cock, and the feeling was sending signals of sheer ecstasy throughout my body as explored his ass with my cock.

Slowing down a little, I started a nice and slow movement, going in and out of his beautiful ass. The feelings that I felt, with Mike's tight little hole squeezing around my cock was pure heaven.

I didn't want to hurt him so I only fucked slow, but then he started screaming "Fuck me"

"Harder Eric" "Give it to me"

I obliged him, grabbing hold of his waist, still standing up, I started to slam my throbbing dick into him, causing him since he's smaller than me to bounce up into the air with every powerful thrust.

"Oh fuck yes!" "Oh fuck me!" he said throwing his head back as I rammed my cock in and out of his ass

"Oh fuck yes" he screamed" as he shot the first round of his cum out his throbbing dick on to my chest, actually coating my abs with his warm sticky cum.

Finally I could feel myself coming to climax, pushing my hips upward I rammed my dick into Mike's pretty bubble butt as fast and as hard as I could. Each time I did so Mike would let out the most amazing noises, mixed with grunts and high pitched moans.

Within moments of vigorous thrusting into Mike's perfect little ass I felt myself cumming.

I screamed out "Ohhhhhh Fuccccck", as I began to fire round after round of hot sticky cum into his ass, slamming my dick all the way up his ass each time I blasted my seed into his waiting ass.

"Holy Shiiiiiitt" Mike screamed as I slammed my dick into his ass. The facial expression on his face was one of intense pleasure mixed with slight pain, from both reaching his own climax and being filled up with my seed.

All while my dick was still slamming into him, Mike's still throbbing cock was leaking cum and his hot juices all over my chest.

I collapsed on Mike's bed, and he collapsed on top of me, my dick still nested inside of his ass. After a few minutes of grunting and panting, Mike raised himself up, allowing for my dick to pop out of his ass.

We just lay there in each other's arms kissing and feeling each other's hot bodies, covered in sweat, dripping in cum. Soon we were fast asleep, this was truly the hottest sex I had ever had, and I would not be giving this up for anything in the world.

To Be Continued...............




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