With only three days tell Saturday I was waiting for the moment Eric would ask me to homecoming. He said it would be super romantic and cute, but he had yet to tell me what he was going to do. So I waited in anticipation.

It was a sunny Wednesday morning, Eric and I had not decided to drive to school together, he instead had decided to ride with some friends. While I had decided to drive my own car to school, a rarity considering the fact that I almost always rode with Eric.

I didn't worry about not seeing Eric this morning because he had signed us up to participate in this year's Powderpuff game. The girls would play some good old football, while the guys would cheer their asses off, usually donning some short mini skirts, sporting fake wigs with outrageous colors, and even sporting modest or sometimes ample cleavage.

When I got to school my phone lit up with a text message,. I assumed the text had come from Eric asking me to meet him somewhere for a quick make out sesh. When I glanced down at my phone I read the name, it wasn't Eric's it was Jake's.

I quickly unlocked my phone (yes I have a lock on my phone don't want my mom getting hold of my phone and seeing Eric's dick all over my phone), and read the message "Meet me by the Gym water fountain" it read

I texted back "ok"

After a few minutes of pushing through the crowds of students walking through the halls, I made my way to the Fountain by the Gym. This particular fountain was the best fountain in the whole school, because it was one of the few fountains with water that didn't taste like chlorine and its water was ice cold. 

I couldn't resist bending down to take a sip of the cool refreshing water.

As I was bending down to drink some water, I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder. 

As I turned to look to see who it was, I saw Jake smiling down at me.

"Hey Jake" I said bending back up, wiping the drops of water off my mouth

"Hey dude, can we talk?" he said as he pulled aside to the corner lockers that conveniently nobody used.

"Mike you are all that I think about" he said pulling me close him, wrapping his hands around my waist.

"Jake you know I'm with Eric, nothing can ever happen between us"

"I like you as a friend only, you're like a brother to me" I added

"Man hear me out" he said with a bit of despair on his  face

"Dude we known each other since we were little, if we dated it would be destiny"

"Jake I love you like a friend, but I don't love you the way I love Eric" I said trying to hide my annoyance

Before I could continue my speech, Jake grabbed me and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. I tried hard no to like the kiss, but Jake was a good kisser, his lips were warm and sensuous. There was also no denying the fact that Jake was attractive, almost as attractive as Eric.

I pulled away before it went any further and left running full sprint. I ran so fast that I almost knocked over this girl who was standing very near to the corner lockers, who happened to be holding something. It looked like a phone. I didn't pay any attention to it I just ran out.

I decided to myself, right then and there, that rather than ruin our good week by telling Eric that Jake had once again come on to me, I would simply keep this second advance to myself.

******Eric Narrates*******************

Mike and I had decided not to ride to school together. I had wanted to talk to my friends about a few things, namely my new boyfriend. I would have much rather rode with Mike to school. My days just always seemed to go better when I had gotten sucked off  by Mike before class started.

I had been waiting for weeks for the right moment to tell my parents and also my friends that I was not only gay, but hopelessly in love with Mike, my boyfriend. Here I was sitting in the back seat, surrounded by some of my best friends, but still hiding something from them, a major part of my life, my sexuality

On the way to school, my friends were teasing me about this one girl in my Calculus class, named Amber

"Hey Eric have you got Amber's number yet?" my friend Chris said nudging me

"no" I said trying not to show my annoyance

"Why not?" Vince said as he pressed me on the issue, adding "I bet you still want to bend her over Miss Wilson's desk"

"no" I said, slowly but surely losing my patience

"Why not" my friends asked pressing me again

 "Ok what about her friend Karla, you cant deny she's got a nice ass, big tits, and a even a fine face".....pausing "Don't tell me you wouldn't fuck that" Kevin said turning his head from the road to engage in the conversation.

"no" I said trying to be assertive

"Why not?" they asked pressing me to answer them

"Because I like guys" I said asserting myself

There was a brief moment of silence and then the car filled with laughter

"Relax dude we don't care if your gay, your sill our best bro and a hell of a lacrosse player" said Kevin

I signed a sigh of relief that my friends had accepted my sexuality. I was shocked countless times we had picked on the flamboyant gay kids in our class. I actually felt ashamed after we did it.

"So yall are cool with me being gay?" I asked trying not to show my concern

"Dude, we don't give a fuck if you like guys, you're still the best friend a guy could ask for" Chris said patting me on the back......

In between classes I decided to meet Mike for some fun. I texted Mike to meet me for our usual blowjob session. Like I said before I always seemed to have better days after Mike had wrapped his beautiful lips around my cock. Today was no exception, instead of our usual place to meet up, the bathroom by the Art room that was rarely used, and learning from our encounter with Jake I decided that we should find a new meeting place.

I texted Mike to meet me in the Fieldhouse that down by the new Football field. It was a Wednesday afternoon, no classes would be using the Fieldhouse, so I decided that this would be the perfect place to have some fun with Mike.

I arrived at the field house first, a few minutes later Mike showed up, since today the Lacrosse team had a practice, Mike was carrying his Adidas Gym Bag, and also was carrying his new stick he had bought. When I saw him cradling the stick ever so gently just as I had shown him how to do, I thought of what it would be like to have him cradle my stick.

Mike came in dropped his gym bag on the floor, laying his lacrosse gear on the nearby bench. We started out slow, because I wanted to savor this moment. I had not seen him all day, I didn't even spend the night at his house. First I decided that I would start off, so dropping to my knees after I pulled his shorts down, I took Mike's beautiful cock in my mouth and started jacking him off. I know people like to say that their partner's member is beautiful, but Mike's dick really was. IT was aesthetically pleasing to look at being well shaped, he was cut, but you could only faintly see where the wound had been. Above all his dick didn't curve over like some of the larger ones did.

After a while I took his dick in my hand, jerking it roughly. Hearing the soft low moans Mike made me jerk faster and it made my dick hard. While a stroked his cock, moving my hand around his cockhead, then down to the shaft and base in a pattern that only increased his moaning. Mike started to moan louder and louder, getting more verbal.

After a few more moments of stroking him off, I prepared to take his entire cock in my mouth. First as we often liked to do I kissed his dick all over, on his cockhead, all over the shaft. When I reached his balls, I started licking them gently before I devoured them with my mouth, wetting them with my saliva and warm hot mouth juices.

I thought that Mike was going to cum right then and there, but he held back and I finally took his cock in my mouth. I sucked on his head slowly at first, but then he put his hands on my head pushing me deeper onto his cock, so I began suck faster, swirling my tongue around his dick, mixing my saliva with his precum. While I was doing this Mike started to talk dirty, saying "Yeah you suck on that dick" "You filthy cock whore" "Oh fuck yes, suck that dick bitch!", it was a surprise to me, because no one that saw how nice and kind Mike was would expect such words to come out of his mouth but they did.

 So here I was in the Field house bobbing up and down swirling my tongue all over Mike's throbbing cock as he spewed out profanity after profanity. This dirty talking made me hot, so I started stroking off my own dick. After a few moments later I felt the first warm shot of cum hit the back of my throat, and then another and another followed.

Then it was my turn, I stood up and then sat down where Mike had been on the bench. Mike dropped to his knees like I had done several minutes earlier. I wanted to savor the feeling of Mike's mouth being around my cock so I told him to go as slow as possible.

Mike didn't really feel like stroking me off, so he just went straight to sucking. He sucked me off slow licking his tongue and lips all over my cock, coating every inch of my dick with his invisible paint. It was as if he had a remote control for my dick, because as soon as he started bobbing up and down on my shaft, my throbbing cock rose to attention.

My cock pulsed every time he took it between his lips. My cock was like a vibrator throbbing widely as he did the one thing I craved, that was seeing him sucking on my dick, with his beautiful pink lips parted with my big ten inch cock resting between them.

"OH FUCK" pausing to catch my breath, that Mike had taken away "Yes just like that"

"OH GOD Yes, more tongue"

"Please don't ever stop sucking" I knew this wasn't possible we both had a class in like five minutes, but I just wanted Mike's lips around my cock for as long as possible

After a while of sucking, and Mike bobbing up and down on my dick, Mike did the one thing that drove me crazy. He looked up at me with my dick still in his mouth as he sucked, taking his tongue out of his mouth as he licked the side of my shaft.

This shit was too much for me so I pulled my cock out fast, shooting my load all over his face. I loved when he swallowed my load but whenever I looked and saw my cum all over his face, dripping down off of him, it made me hotter.

Suddenly we heard footsteps coming from the outside. We rushed to pull our shorts up. I quickly slid Mike's bag over to the far side of the room out of sight from anyone who would happen to enter the Fieldhouse.

Then we heard the footsteps getting closer and closer, and soon after we heard the door handle turn.

We saw the shadow of a figure enter the Fieldhouse. But before they turned the corner to the area between the lockers, Mike and I made I dash for the stall.

I sat on the toilet pretending like I was taking a shit, while Mike sat on top of me his legs wrapped around my waist, straddling me.

After a few moments I decided to go out and see who it was. This adventure of almost getting caught with Mike's mouth around my cock was too amazing my adrenaline was literally rushing. I peeked into the coach office and saw Coach Daniels looking over some papers

"Smith" he said calling me by my last name

"What are you doing down here?" he asked

"Oh just getting some things I left down here from last practice" I lied

"That's fine" he said, believing the lie.....

I pretended to gather some stuff, making sure to grab Mike's bag and lacrosse gear.

While I was talking to Coach Daniels, Mike snuck out the back door, and when the close was clear I returned his bag and Lacrosse gear to him.

*****Mike Narrates**************************************

Hours after School had ended, Eric and I stayed behind in the gym with the other guys who were cheering in tonight's powderpuff game. We spent several hours practicing and working on our stunts and routines. Because I was smaller weighing only about 150 lbs, people had opted that I be the one who they threw in the air.

Thankfully Eric offered to be the one who caught me.

After he suggested that he be the one to catch me I agreed.

When 7:00 rolled around we went down to the Football field. When we arrived people were rushing in to get a seat. The bleachers were quickly filling up with people eager for the game to start.  I knew that the girls would put on a great show, our football team included some of the most tough girls anywhere. Hopefully October 21st would be the day, the Senior Class defeated the Junior Class in Powderpuff. This had not happened since my Freshman year, we had even defeated the old seniors our Junior year.

Once the game started, we got into our places and begin yelling out the cheer. Some people were amused by us, this year every guy that did powderpuff had decided that we all had to wear wigs. Eric was in a blond wig, I instead opted for  brown one. Also many of the guys' that were now dressed up like girls could not look like girls even if they tried. Our ranks were filled with guys, with bulging muscles, many wearing tank tops or cut away shirts making their muscles look more defined. Also to prevent a dick slip we had all made sure that we all wrapped everything up with a jock strap or under armour

By halftime the game was going good, the Seniors had a significant lead, the score was Seniors 15, Juniors 5. But still the Juniors could still catch up.  I spent half time to go get some water.

While I was going to get water, Eric went to the Football Lockers near to the field. He was gone a long time, while I waited for him to return and the game to begin I watched the half time show. It was just the band and chorus demonstrating their expertise in music, I had to admit that it was pretty good.

All of sudden they stopped playing and dancing. The two girls on the end, clearly cheerleaders unrolled a long piece of Paper, with the words "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I want to go to Homecoming, But Not without You"

At first I didn't know who this could be about, but then  our song Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes started playing and Eric emerged from the crowd, wearing shorts and a tank, wig gone and all man. I had taken off  all the powderpuff stuff during half time.

Eric walked right up to me.

But before he reached me, a  girl emerged from the crowd handing Eric a bouquet of flowers. It was a nice gesture, but in reality I didn't give a fuck about the flowers all I wanted was him.

"Babe you said you wanted to tell everyone that we are together".....pausing taking my hand in his "babe now they all know that you are mine"

Continuing "Babe I know you are worried about what people will think, don't be plus if they mess with you I'll kick their ass"

Stopping him from working himself up, I took the flowers laid them down on the nearby table, taking his huge hands in mine, I moved his hands so that they were resting on my waist

"Putting my hand around his back "Eric the answer is yes, I  would love to go to homecoming with you." I whispered into his ear

As this was going on all the people in the bleachers were watching in anticipation. Our school was for the most part pretty liberal. I wasn't really paying much attention to the crowds behind us, my main focus was Eric.

Once I said yes, Eric squeezed me tight and raised me up a little as he kissed me. This was the most passionate kiss he had ever given to me, his tongue had invaded my defenses, forcing its way into my mouth, swirling around and my mouth.

This kiss was so passionate that I soon felt my dick hardening. I'm not sure if the fact that Eric had just tongue fucked my mouth or that we had just kissed in front of half the school but I was really turned on.

So not helping myself, I kissed him back as passionately as I could locking our luscious moist lips together as we kissed each other again and again. In the back of my head I heard cheering, yes cheering, it shocked me at first too.

But then suddenly at the far corner of the bleachers, where the Rednecks sat, people who didn't obviously know that Eric ruled the school started to Boo"

Without even coming up for air, Eric grabbed my ass with his left hand pulling me closer as we continued to kiss. while he reached out with his right hand, eyes still closed flicking off the rednecks who had tried yet failed to ruin our day.

The next few moments were spent sucking each other's face, and groping each other's bodies. Luckily no children were at tonight's game.

When we finally decided to come up for air, we were greeted by cheering and people showing their support of us. All the girls who dreamed about those elusive cute gay couple started to swoon.

We were so happy that I didn't even realize that we still needed to tell our parents we were gay, and neither of us took much notice to the anonymous message that appeared on Eric's phone having sent him a video.

We were for the moment on cloud 9. Nothing could bring us down...........

To Be Continued.....................................................



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