Everything was perfect, October 21st was for me the greatest day so far in my young life. Everything was going just right, not only had Eric asked me to homecoming he had also simultaneously told the school that we were gay but that we were also a couple.

Almost everyone had received the news rather well, the vast majority of the girls either swooning over the fact that such a cute gay couple had been revealed or  grumbling over the fact that two of the hottest guys at school were now permanently out of their reach. All of Eric's closest friends already knew he was gay and now they were happy that he had found someone, on my side my friends were accepting of the fact that I was gay, they were however not thrilled with the idea of Eric and I being together.

As it often happens, when something gets too good to be real, fate often sends something bad to snap you back into reality. And such a thing happened after Eric and I drove back to my house. He was spending the night again.

Once I unlocked the door, I called out to see if my parents were home, hearing no answer I grabbed Eric's hand and we rushed up to my room. We had decided to remain abstinent and wait to have sex, until homecoming night on Saturday, but everything else was fair game, so as we often did when we spent the night over each other's house we also spent the night exploring each other's bodies.

Once we got to my room, after tossing his coat and bag on the nearby chair, Eric bolted for my bed doing a backwards jump onto my bed. Despite his size (6'1 & 170 lbs.) Eric landed on my bed like a feather. Before I could get in there beside him I decided to take a shower.

I could not help but take a glance at him, just lying there in my bed like he owned it, his arms nestled behind his head causing his bulging muscles in his strong  arms to flex a little, his eyes were closed in thought, and every time he breathed his monstrous pecs would dance a little on his chest. It was a sight I would gladly wake up to everyday. Oh I longed to lick every inch of Eric's muscles.

Once in the shower I made sure to scrub every inch of my body, from my head to my toes, to my cock and my ass. Eric liked the musky smell I gave off after a hard day of sweating, but I wanted to smell good, his sweat was enough for both of us.

As warm water sprayed all over my naked body, coating every inch of my muscled frame with water, I made sure to wash my ass thoroughly because even though we were not having sex yet, Eric could not resist fucking my ass with his tongue.

Drying off and putting on some boxers that would no doubt be soaked with cum by morning, I opened the door to the bathroom, stepping into my room. The moment I stepped out of the bathroom door into my room, Eric glanced up at me from his phone, his face was different then before, he no longer had that winning smile flashing across his face, it was replaced with a serious expression.

Looking up "Mike do you need to tell me something?" Eric said holding his phone tightly

"no babe" I said nervously as I sat down at the foot of the bed.

Sliding next to me catching my hand tenderly "I think you need to see this" he said, his eyes never leaving their focus (me) as he handed me his phone.

It was video on his phone, so I hit play. The video was about 10 seconds but to my horror there was Jake and I kissing. I of course was not kissing Jake, he had actually caught me by surprise. 

Thinking to myself, how the hell did someone get a video of me and Jake kissing? I wanted to know why and by whom was this video made.

After the video ended I tried my best to explain to Eric what had happened "babe that is not what it looks like" I said trying my best not to sound cliché

"I should have told you the moment Jake did what he did, but I didn't want to ruin your day" I said hoping beyond hope that he would understand

It was at that moment that I remembered the girl who had been holding her phone awkwardly, she had been recoding us. The girl looked familiar, Haley? Eric's old girlfriend, it couldn't be I thought. But then I realized that it had to be....

"Haley set this up to try to hurt you" I said she recorded this video I said angry at how Haley and Jake had come between us.

"Babe don't you know that I love you?" I said as I placed my hand in his. 

To my surprise, Eric held it, saying "Baby I love you too"

"But...I just can't, it pisses me off that this fucker's lips were pressed against yours, even after you told him you were committed to me" he said laying down on my bed rolling over to his side. 

I climbed into bed. Unable to sleep, Lying there a raging hard on. Hours passed and I was still awake. I peeked under the covers for just a second and what I saw was amazing. Now I have a nice round bubble butt, that can drive men and women crazy, but Eric has a think booty, a big ass. There it was just pocked out just teasing me.

Eric shuffled in his sleep, shifting his body backwards, causing his ass to rub up against my crotch. My hard 9 inch dick smashed into Eric's ass, hitting his crack. When I felt my dick on Eric's ass through our boxers I almost blew my load right there. I decided right there that not only would Eric fuck me, but I would fuck him too, his ass was too great to let go to waste.

Eric moved a little in his sleep, the sweat from our bodies causing the hair on our legs to reach out to one another. Sticking together as they did so.

Not being able to help myself I reached over and grabbed Eric's dick. It was rock hard, I moaned a little as it pulsed and throbbed in my hand. But then suddenly Eric rolled over facing me.

I quickly shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep. But after a few seconds I opened my eyes to see if Eric was still sleep.

To my surprise Eric was not asleep at all, he was staring at me with those piercing blue eyes of his. He looked at me with that smug grin of his, saying "Babe I can't, lay here in this bed next to you and not touch you" with that he reached for a handful of my ass, grabbing it roughly pulling me on to him as he invaded my mouth, forcing his tongue  into my mouth.

"Babe lets never let people ruin what we have" Eric said between kissing and gasping for air

Out of breath myself, all I could say was "yes" as we continued to passionately make out I wrapped my legs around his waist as his tongue fought in my mouth. With his lips pressed  against  mine and his body resting on top of my own I grabbed his ass  with both of my hands as he humped me. Since he was a little bigger than me, him laying his body on me hurt at first, but the passion I felt far out weighted the pain.

Working his lips downward, Eric kissed everything in between, passionately nibbling  on my neck, before kissing my pecs, licking my nipples vigorously, moving on when he got to my abs, Eric covered every crevice between my abs with warm wet kisses.

When he got to my crotch, Eric slid my now wet boxers off, taking my cock still leaking cum, in his mouth. Eric sucked me off like he owned my dick, licking every inch of my cock and bobbing up and down on my dick as I moaned in pleasure whispering sweet fucks and holy shits as I went..

After a while of Eric sucking me off, I pulled him up to me kissing him on the lips and deciding to return the favor as was custom when one of us gave the other a blowjob.

Sliding down to his crotch I wrapped my hand tightly around the shaft of his 10 inch cock, causing him to moan a little.

Before I started sucking his Dick, I first cupped a feel of Eric's huge sweaty balls, before I devoured them with my mouth, coating them with my mouth's sweet juices. I spent the next few licking Eric's balls and drowning them in my spit driving him wild.

Finally after a few minutes I took Eric's gorgeous cock in my mouth, sucking on it like it was the end of the world.

Once I began sucking his dick Eric started shoving his member, further and further into my throat, so that while every time his cock invaded my mouth hitting the back of my throat before it left, his balls slapped against my face.

Suddenly Eric came right in my mouth letting himself explode in my mouth, and rather than let his seed go to waste I kept  sucking, trying my best to swallow every last drop of the warm sticky substance that has fought its way into my mouth.

After that we both collapsed onto my bed, our bodies still sweaty and sticking together, even more so now that we had came all over the place.

Soon we fell asleep drifting to the world of dreams in each other's arms, everything as perfect, for now, but I just couldn't help but think that Haley and Jake would try something else to break us up.

*****Eric Narrates*****

When the next day came, Mike and I quickly showered. I even managed to shower beside him and not grab his ass. After we showered we went downstairs to find breakfast already prepared for us, with a note from Mike's mom resting on the counter telling us that she went into work early.

Looking over at me while he ate his breakfast Mike said to me "Eric I'm going to tell my parents that I'm gay" ..... pausing "and I want you to be there"

"Really?" I added while my spoon was still busily shoveling cereal into my mouth.

"Of course"  he said putting his arm around me

"Once I tell them that I'm gay, I want to show them how loving and supportive my
boyfriend is, not to mention hot"

Looking over at the clock "Holy shit we have to go right now" I said. We quickly gathered our book bags together and rushed to Mike's car, but not before we washed all the dishes, Mike's mom would have kicked our asses if we had left the kitchen with all those dirty dishes in the sink.

Only by a miracle we arrived at school just as the first bell started to ring. Before we
went our separate ways to our classes, we hugged each other.

I loved feeling Mike's body on mine, it felt so warm, nice and just right. Despite being a little smaller than me only weighing about 150 lbs. compared to my 170 lbs., Mike was almost as muscular, with muscles in all the right places his pecs were wide, his arms bulged with  muscles, his legs were also muscled, and don't even let me get started
on that ass of his.

When we hugged I felt Mike's hot body pressed against mine, I could feel his pecs fighting
against my own, I could feel his abs through his shirt, as I squeezed him tightly in a hug;
a warm hug that I never wanted to leave.

Finally before the second bell, known as the tardy bell could ring, we ended the hug, but not
being able to help myself I grabbed Mike by his hand as he turned to leave. Pulling him in
once more I placed my lips on those pretty lips of his kissing him passionately.

Out the corner of my eye I saw people glancing over at us, some frowning, others being mesmerized at the sight of two muscular gorgeously handsome guys making out in the hall way. I know I would have stopped to look at such a sight.

Most of the day was spent wondering from class waiting patiently for all the classes to be done.
Today was a special day, they would announce the homecoming court at a assembly at the end of the day. Whenever we had a pep rally or assembly, all the students, upperclassmen and underclassmen alike would basically resign themselves from working on such a day. Despite this there was always that one stubborn teacher who still decided to give quizzes or test on days like those, and Mr.  Johnson was one of those teachers

As answered the questions laid before me I found myself thinking more about homecoming and Mike than about taking a test on a subject I had not even studied for because my mouth had been wrapped around Mike's dick for half the night. Being a popular and handsome jock I knew with certainty that I would no doubt be nominated onto homecoming court.

Once the bell rang for us to go to the assembly, the halls were soon flooded with people rushing
to the gym. As I looked through the crowds I spotted Mike walking with his friend Adam, I quickly
made my way over to him.

"How was your day?" I asked

"Great all we did was play games in Mrs. Bennett's class he said his face lighting up when he saw
me has he flashed me that pearly white smile of his.

"What about you?" he replied

"Oh terrible, Mr. Johnson my statistics teacher gave us a fucking test, but all I could think about was you" I said hanging my head a little

"Oh are you alright?" he asked looking very concerned

"Yes, Mike I'm pretty sure I just failed a test, but now that I see you everything is ten times better" I said reassuringly

Once inside the gym we found seats near the front of the assembled masses. Just as we sat down Rebecca Foster, a senior and our class with an exceptionally loud high-pitched girly preppy sounding voice began reading off the notecard she had nestled in one hand"

"The Senior homecoming court consists of......"first reading the girls she said Haley Macy (the very same Ex-girlfriend of mine), Chelsea Williams, Taylor Huggins, Sarah Thomas, and Jennifer Stewart.

Next Becca read the guys "Johnny Barrett, Kevin Reese, Jake McCarthy, Eric Smith (of course I whispered down low), and Michael Chandler" she said

Hearing Michael's name I began to cheer. The crowds soon followed my example. The teachers were not all aware that Mike and I were together, but I was pretty sure the  majority of the student body knew, blowing kisses at us as we walked down to the center of the gym.

Standing there next to all those other people, as long as I had Mike by my side, I could not even tell that Jake was up there, nor could I even tell that my bitch of an ex-girlfriend Haley was also up there too....

To Be Continued...................



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