"WHAT THE HELL!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR BREAKING UP WITH ME!!!" Haley shouted at the top of her lungs screaming at her now ex-boyfriend Eric causing people walking to their classes in the halls to stop and stare....

"DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY GUYS WOULD KILL TO BE WITH ME" she shrieked in anger causing yet more heads to turn to the commotion.

"Haley you know I'll always care about you but I just think we should go our separate ways"

"No we are boyfriend and girlfriend" Haley pleaded

"Haley you know this relationship hasn't been real in a long time, the feelings just aren't there anymore........I feel like this relationship is just for show or a popularity contest"

"Eric your gonna regret this" Haley said turning fast around clicking her heels on the hard floor as she went.

After this Eric rushed to his class, that he was already five minutes late to. It didn't matter to him he just could not wait to tell Mike that they could now truly be together officially.

Once I got to class I was more then ten minutes late to class, and my Calculus teacher Mr. Roberts was in the middle of teaching.

I tried to come in as quietly as I could but the door slammed behind me. Mr. Roberts turned and started  yelling and screaming and really ripping me a new one. I guess I deserved it, this was the third time I had been late to his class. I didn't even care all I could think about was Mike and how I wanted to hold him in my arms like last night. My dick started to grow just thinking about him. Luckily for me I was wearing some pretty tight jeans that could actually keep my ten inch one-eyed monster under wraps.

**********Mike Narrates*****************************************

After Eric and he, had parked near the School's front entrance the two parted ways upon entering the school. Eric going off to break things off with his girlfriend, while Mike went to go talk to his three closest friends, Jake, Adam, and Paul.

As I walked down the second story hall glancing into classes and around corners looking for my friends I suddenly felt a familiar hand on my shoulder.

Turning around I saw Jake.

"What's up Mike!" Jake said slapping me on the back

"Hey Dude sorry I couldn't make it to your party last night" I responded  as a I gazed into Jake's eyes.

and I had been friends since kindergarten. How attractive he truly was had not gone unnoticed to me. Jake had tanned skin, a cute baby face, light brown hair, he wasn't as muscular as Eric but he was still pretty fine to look at, he was about my height 5'11" and he was on the basketball team. He was pretty handsome in a rugged kind of way.

"What kept you man" Jake asked looking  around to see if the bell had rang yet...

"Oh dude I spent the night at Eric's house studying for that Bio Exam" Mike said trying best not to make his friend upset, knowing full well how much his friend disliked Eric and actually the whole Lacrosse Team in general.

There was a long standing rivalry between the Basketball and Lacrosse Teams that had resulted in several physical altercations. And Now Mike was firmly in the middle of it.

"Why do you hang out with that grass fairy" Jake said rolling his eyes

"Man that's not even an accurate insult, Eric's play's Lacrosse not Soccer!" Mike protested 

"I don't give a damn what sport he plays, all I know is he doesn't play a real man's sport like Basketball" Jake said brushing Mike off.

"Hey man this year's first Basketball practice is this Friday, you should tryout man I miss having you on the team" Jake said lighting up as he spoke

"Man I can't I'm practicing with Eric this weekend to try out for the Lacrosse Team"

"Man whyyyy, Lacrosse is  so Gaaayyy" Jake cried

"Man shut up" Mike said laughing to himself...

"You know its true dude" Jake said chuckling

"Hey Man there's something I need to tell you" Mike said getting serious looking into his bestfriend eyes.... "Its very important.....I....I....I"

Before Mike could get the words out of his mouth, the bell rang and Mike and Jake parted ways heading to their individual classes but not before doing their secret handshake.

Hours later after our individual classes had ended and lunch began I received a text from Eric asking me to meet him in the bathroom by the art room. Because people rarely used this bathroom I realized that he wanted some extra privacy.

When I walked into the bathroom Eric greeted me with a kiss. God he was so gentle toward me, and despite his size in comparison kissing me passionately. As we kissed  passionately I felt Eric's warm  moist lips on my own as he forced his tongue into my mouth. Once Eric's tongue had found its way into my mouth it literally explored  every inch of my mouth.

Tripping over each other and still locked at the lips, we stumbled over each other as we made a beeline toward the largest stall. Once inside the stall, Eric lifted me up, pulling my legs up around his waist.

Eric was dry humping me as he kissed me, bucking vigorously as he went. I realized that he really wanted to fuck me, but I had made him promise that he would wait until the right moment.  Thinking to myself about how Eric was kissing me and dry humping the hell out of me I realized that he had his eyes closed. Closed because he was thinking about fucking me.

I moaned a little and we continued making out with every bone in our body. It took every inch in my body not just fuck him right then and there in that smelly old High School Bathroom. Unable to resist my urges I stuck my hand in Eric's pants stroking his growing member driving him wild. I spit on my hand, sticking it back in Eric's pants stroking him nice and slow as he kissed me passionately. This was literally amazing, here I was in the arms of a man who truly  loved  me, we were literally making out and we were literally holding ourselves back from having sex. I closed my eyes for only a second and when I opened my eyes I was shocked to see Jake standing there in the bathroom doorway with a look of disgust on his face.

Unfortunately for Eric and I we had forgot  to fully shut the stall door and the stall was the length of the bathroom running parallel to the Bathroom door, putting us in plain view of anyone entering the bathroom, including unfortunately  for me my friend Jake 

I motioned Eric to stop and he turned to look at our guest. He was undeterred, kissing  me against he said "Baby I don't care let him watch"

I pulled away from Eric, stopped kissing him I called out to Jake "wait Jake we need to talk!"

Jake turned away from me running out of the bathroom

Eric pulled me close whispering into my ear "Let him go babe, if he is really your friend he will come around" 

"Eric my parents will be out of town and my sister will be at her friend's house on Saturday. I want you to come over, so we can practice some Lacrosse, and after that I want you to make love to me."

Eric eyes lit up and his face literally glowed, Kissing me on the forehead he said "Babe I can't wait".........

To Be Continued



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