"As I lay there with Eric's strong muscular arms wrapped around my slightly less muscular frame I lay thinking about all the times I had spent the night over his house, and we had slept awkwardly in the same bed as most teenage boys have done"............

"Never once had something like this happened between us before, even though in my heart I had along wanted it, actually I had whole heartedly desired such thing to happen, but I pushed such ideas aside for the sake of our friendship."

"Now however as I lay naked in Eric's bed with the pubes from our crotches still covered with dry cum (making it difficult for us to move) from the previous night's  exploration I realized the strictly friendship aspect of our relationship was gone and in it's place was something else."........"I thought to myself were we friends benefits (even though we had yet to have sex only doing oral) or were we now boyfriends"

In a way I felt dirty. I was not ashamed about  the physical act itself, instead I was ashamed of the fact that I had  basically helped Eric cheat on his girlfriend, worse still It wasn't with another girl it was a guy. Damn even if I was slightly ashamed at my actions with Eric I loved him and I wanted to be with him.

Meanwhile as I was thinking to myself, Eric awoke with I smile on his face, flashing me that handsome smile and those shiny pearly white teeth. It excited me to no end that only a few hours before that my cock had been lodged between those pretty pink lips of his.

Eric raised himself up making the bed shake under his powerful frame, reaching for a discarded pair of underwear he wiped the remaining clumps of cum off his powerful chest, working his way down to his great body, removing it all from his sculptured abs. After this he handed me the discarded pair of underwear and I followed his example  rubbing all over my well formed and muscular frame.

***Eric narrates**

"I could not believe my eyes when I awoke and all I could see was Mike laying naked on top of me with his head face down buried in my chest. I raised up a little to see if I was not dreaming and my eyes became wide, there it was Mike firm round bubble butt just sticking out for all the world to see and gaze at."

"Well I'm no stranger to big bubble butts, hell my ass is probably  the best damn ass on a guy in this town and I know it, but damn Mike's ass could surely give me a run for my money.

"I became hard almost instantly, but realized I could not do anything, because I had promised Mike that our first time having sex would be special so I resisted to urge to insert my rock hard 10 inch shaft between those two ample milky brown mounds of flesh guarding his treasure that I wanted to possess as my own"....

"I could not help myself so I reached my hand down toward Mike's glorious backside and cupped a feel" I moaned a little and Mike actually twitched a little. His full name was actually Michael, but he thought the shortened form seemed more professional, despite this every now and then I would call him Michael and he would blush showing me that cute sexy smile of his that any guy or girl would be glad to kiss."

After we both cleaned ourselves up wiping the cum off our naked bodies with a pair of my discarded underwear we changed into are pajamas so we could go down stairs and look half-way presentable......

But before Mike could place his hand fully on my bedroom door to turn it I grabbed him by his side. Keep in mind that I'm 6'1" and Mike is a lot shorter then me around 5'11" I think there's very little he can do that doesn't mean he's not strong. Hell he could kick my ass if he wanted to.

So there he is with his hand on my bedroom door, and I'm behind him holding him with my hands firmly planted on his waist slowly rubbing my hand up his side grazing his ass. And I'm actually physically preventing him from leaving my room. It's just he's so damn sexy, and now that I know that he loves me and I him I cant resist showing him how much he means to me...

So after a few moments of silence, I yanked Mike's pajama pants off, taking his nine inch dick in my  mouth. Sucking on the length, I swirled my tongue around  every inch of his chocolate candy stick, exploring every part of his cock. Mike moaned a little but luckily he caught himself.

I guess I was pretty good at sucking dick because a few minutes later Mike was blowing his load in my mouth. I knew that now that we were unofficially a couple I would have every opportunity to see him return the favor and maybe very soon his luscious  kissable pink lips would be wrapped around my own cock. Mike's cum tasted so good, even better then my own which I tried sometimes.

Mike pulled his pajama pants up.....But unfortunately I didn't even have time to savor his sweet cum in my mouth before my mom burst in asking what was taking us so long and relating how breakfast was going to get cold if we didn't get our asses downstairs.

Glancing over at Mike I mumbled...."I already ate breakfast" giving him a wink

"what did you say" my mom blurted out

"Oh nothing just that I can't wait to eat breakfast".......I lied

"What did you fix?" I added trying to redirect  the conversation

"Oh all of your favorites, Pancakes, French toast, eggs, bacon, and I knew Mike would not mind because you guys like the same  things" my mom replied motioning with her hands to the Kitchen and to the waiting breakfast.

Once downstairs we descended upon the kitchen and devoured the plates of food my mom had left for us.

My Dad came into the kitchen dressed for work "Did you guys enjoy you're breakfast?" he asked questioningly

"Yes Dad I enjoyed my breakfast" I said winking at Mike and reminding him of what had transpired this morning, my "first breakfast"

Mike burst out laughing and I joined him......

""What is so damn funny!!" my father exclaimed in a sarcastic angry kind of voice

"Nothing Sir " Mike said very respectful. Thinking to myself I thought.....this is why I love this guy he's so damn nice and the fact that he can put up with my ass (people have been know to call me a douche) makes me love him even more.

Responding to my Dad "it's just an inside joke Dad"

After we had finished breakfast, we showered and Mike and I hopped into my car and I drove to school. The School was about a thirty minute drive away so we had time to talk. We discussed  our new relationship and also the relationship that I would have to end.

Driving down the road I dialed my soon to be ex-girlfriend's number.

"Hey Haley its Eric"

"Hey" she said 

"There's something  really important that I need to tell you. Meet me outside the library before school starts......................I said with my voice wondering off

To Be Continued.....................



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