It was my senior year, I had finally come to terms with my sexuality. For years I had struggled with accepting the fact that along with liking girls I also had a thing for guys. I had told no one my secret not even my three best friends, Jake, Adam,  and Paul. Finally I had worked enough courage to tell someone, the person I told was my twin sister Mikayla who oddly enough revealed to me that she was pansexual. I was shocked to say the least.

Moving along I entered my senior year ready to quench my thirst for handsome men. I like to think of myself as pretty handsome, hell all the girls in my school would constantly flirt with me without shame, incidentally some of the guys would too.  I'm about 5'11" my weight was 150, with well defined muscles, a nice set of pecs, well crafted six-pack, strong arms, long curly brown hair on my head, with a nice little trail running from my belly button to my pubes where my 9 incher laid securely in my pants, while in the back my pants contained a nice round bubble butt. I'm an African American with light to mid brown skin, but my facial features would be described as Caucasian, my chin is sharp as are my other features, my nose is well formed Greek looking nose, my eyes are blue, my lips are however the most African thing about me besides my skin tone, they are medium sized and a healthy shade of pink, with the bottom lip being slightly bigger as that is usually the case. I like to think my sharp features was the result of a mixed ancestry having not only African-blood through my veins but Native-American, English, Scottish-Irish,  and German s well. But many of the features were the result of my mother who was lighter then some white people.

Moving along I had always from the moment I started having feelings and sexual thoughts about other guys I had  attraction for white guys. I had only grown up around white people, very few of my friends were black, mostly white, and preppy like myself. One such guy that I had a crush on since Sophomore year was Eric. Eric was to me a God, He was more handsome then Adonis, he had the typical pretty boy face, the kind that when you go off to college you see in all the top-tier fraternities. His eyes were blue with greenish tint, dirty blonde hair and he was taller then me at 6'1" his weight was 170. He had wide and muscular frame, nice pecs, solid rock hard abs, and strong arms yet he had the softest touch. He had thick meaty thighs, the kind that guy could lay at all day, that he showcased often wearing chubbies (something that I followed suit in doing), I didn't know it yet  but he had a solid 10 incher between those big meaty thighs. His backside was no less glorious, people would talk about his ass for days, it was big round bubble butt, that when he walked everyone could not help but look at the great sight, myself included. There was just one problem I was still hopelessly in the Closet and he was stuck with a girlfriend, named Haley who was the typical popular girl with the big tits and nice round ass. I even had a crush on her, later on I would fee bad for this as if I were betraying Eric.

In junior year, Eric and I had become closer, we had even become fast friends. He told me bluntly that he thought I was a super cool, I told him that thought the same, not wanting to ruin the blossoming friendship I kept quite about my true feelings. Eric was not only popular he was also a Lax god, I was not idle in High School either playing Varsity on the Wrestling Team as well as both Indoor Track and Outdoor Track teams. Fast forward to the start of Senior year, early September I was over Eric's house to play video games, our favorite Kingdom Hearts.

We paused the game ands started talking about sports and other things.

"My favorite sport is Football, but I tend to lead towards Lacrosse" I said

"Yeah Lacrosse is pretty awesome" Eric said grinning from ear to ear with that nice Colgate smile of his

"I wish I could play on the team" I sighed as a looked over at him

Eric responded looking a little sad "What's stopping you?" he asked

"I just don't want to make a fool of myself, or have you think less of me" I said turning away from him

At that moment I felt his strong hand on my shoulder. I didn't hurt, because he was always very gentle toward me given his size compared to my own size. He wrapped  his strong arm around my side an said "You don't have to ever worry about me thinking les of you, If you want I can train you so you can make the team"

I agreed turning to him as handed me his newest Lacrosse stick. I attempted  to hold the stick the right way, and as I was in the process of moving my hands towards the right place. Before I knew it Eric had gotten behind. I could feel his crotch pressing against my ass. I thought to myself was that a boner I felt, surely I was imagining things. I could smell his hot manly breath on my neck as he moved his hands over mine saying "This hand goes here and this goes there"

Like this I said, turning to look up at him. Our eyes met and before I knew it, Eric's lips were pressed against my own, with him trying to force his big red tongue into my waiting mouth. I was taken by surprise by this turn of events, so I pulled away as best I could. Keep in mind Eric is a lot bigger and stronger then me and he had at that time wrapped his strong powerful arms around my waist. To say that breaking free of him was a struggle would be a gross understatement.

Eric looked at me with a mixture of confusion and sadness "what's wrong Mike I thought you wanted this" pointing down to my bulge that was rapidly increasing....

"Eric what the hell, you have a girlfriend remember?" I said making a show to wipe off the remaining saliva off my lip, while in reality I wanted it to remain, knowing that it came from him

"Mike I don't even want her, she means nothing to me, all I want is you" he said to me his welling up with tears. Continuing on with tears rolling down his beautiful face "Ever since our eyes first met I Mrs. Parker's History class all I ever wanted was.... You had to have known every time you or I would glance up from our work our eyes would meet"

"That's why I tried every single excuse I could to become your friend" he said. Looking back everything made sense now.

"Mike I.......I think I'm in love with you" he said struggling to get the words out and finally after breaking down once more laying his head on my lap crying bitterly. I t

I looked down at Eric crying on my lap. Here was the most handsomest jock I had ever seen, whom I had seen countless times act like a total douche to people classified in school as nerds. He was showing his most vulnerable side with me

I could take it no more, I had to be honest with him. I lifted him up to where our eyes were  equal and I said to him "Eric I can't lie to you, I love you too. upon hearing those joyous words, Eric face was filled with delight and he leaped up, actually knocking me over onto the bed, drowning me with a barrage of passionate kisses.

Eric began humping me with his muscular frame. His bulging crotch pressed firmly against my own hardening member. Eric was humping the hell out me but I had to resist the urge to moan, knowing full well that his parents were in the next room.

Eric took off his shirt, pulling it over his big muscular frame. After which he removed his briefs. I looked at his naked body in amazement, taking him in. He had a v-line that you see on all those Hollister models, and between his legs was a thick cock close to 10 inches, It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, with the cock being rather pink.

It was exciting I wanted Eric's dick inside me, and he more then eager. I had to force myself not to rush things, instead telling him that I wanted our first time having sex to be special. He agreed, but before I could do anything he had pulled my shorts taking my 9 inch black man muscle in his hand. Eric slowly began to jack me off, all while kissing my cock head with his beautiful pink lips. I could not help myself, so without asking him I shoved my cock into his parted lips. Eric gagged a little but continued to suck at rapid speed swirling his tongue along my shaft.  As Eric was sucking on my dick I slowly began to moan,  calling his name just low enough "oh Eric............Holly Fuck just like that baby!"

When I looked down at my cock being devoured by Eric's pretty boy lips I reached the edge and screamed out "Oh shit I'm cummmiing" Eric stopped sucking and told me to cum all over his pretty face. I did and in a few moments Eric's beautiful jock face was covered with a thick ring of cum, his  dirty blond hair was matted with my cum and my sticky seed rolled off his nose onto his chest.

After sucking me dry, I bent down and licked my cum off Eric's face, he responded by kissing me, his lips still leaking with cum.

I returned the favor, taking Eric's huge thick 10 inch cock in my mouth. Holding myself back from gagging I sucked on his cock vigorously. Something I had dreamed about for some time.

I sucked every inch of him determined  to make his orgasm  the best he had yet to receive. In my efforts to please him, I took the whole shaft in my mouth swirling my tongue all over it, licking every inch, mixing my saliva with his precum.

After a few minutes of the best damn sucking I had ever done. Eric placed his hand on my head and grunted firing off round after round of hot sticky cum into my waiting mouth. I gagged a little but that didn't stop me from swallowing every drop of cum that entered mouth. Eric pulled his throbbing member out of my mouth. But he was not yet done, shooting a final ring of cum onto my face actually hitting me in  the eye.

Wiping the cum off my eyelash "wow that  was hot, I cannot wait tell next  time" I exclaimed

"Neither can I" Eric said as he pulled me up towards him licking his cum off my face  and hugging me tightly in his in his arms.

We both collapsed on his bed, worn out. We soon fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, our bodies still sweaty and still drenched in cum.

To be Continued........



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