After seeing his friend Mike and Eric in the act so to speak, Jake was feeling a wide range of emotions, ranging from a vast array that included  anger, frustration and hurt.

As Jake ran down the hall all he could think about was his best friend Mike, who he had known since Kindergarten kissing, literally making out with a guy. Not just any guy one of those damn Lacrosse Players, not just anyone of them, the leader of the whole group, Eric the Team Captain.

As the hours left in the school day winded down and while he moved from class to class, Jake could think of nothing except what he witnessed transpire between his best friend and another male. As much he wanted to hate Mike for being gay he could not  because as much as he had been brought up to believe that homosexual relationships were wrong he could not find it in his heart to hate his friend.

Writing on his notes, scribbling  illegible chicken scratch on his paper Jake thought to himself.  How could my best friend be gay and not tell me. If he's my friend he should have told me already instead of confiding in that grass fairy, Jake thought quietly to himself as his teacher finished lecturing the class and it neared time for the bell to ring for the final dismissal of school.

Once the bell had rang  Jake quickly packed his stuff up and left in a hurry. Jake did not even stop to see if Mike was around  as was custom he didn't want to see his friend and tried his best to avoid him as best he could. Even as other classes opened their doors and the halls became teeming with students rushing to their cars if  they were lucky and or to the waiting buses if they were not, Mike managed to spot Jake's familiar face in the crowds of people.

Jake heard Mike call out to him and instead of waving or acknowledging him as he would normally do, Jake simply turned the other way, walked out the door to his car and drove off...........

After getting home Jake ran upstairs to his room and slammed the door.

This show of anger only angered his mom  who was within seconds pounding on his door "Jacob Alexander  Hillen, OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW! Jake's mom screamed at the top of her lungs with a booming voice. Surprisingly she was actually a pretty small lady.

Opening the door "Yes Mom" Jake replied meekly 

"Young Man don't you know we don't slam doors in this house" She replied a little past the point of irritation. "You just flew past me without so much as a hello and you didn't even check on your little brother you know he misses you when you go to school.

"I Know mom...." Jake replied trying very hard to hide his annoyance

"Now your gonna come in this house the right way young man!"

After performing his entrance into the house once more and in the right way, making sure to give his mom and kid brother the proper greetings Jake slowly made his way to his room shutting  the door to his bedroom ever so gently

A few hours later after sulking in his bedroom, Jake's mom entered "Honey Mike's here to see you"...... Pausing "Honey I don't know what's going on between you two but, yall better talk if you want to resolve it"  Walking toward the door I'll send him in"

A few moments later Mike entered my room, carrying a bag....

"What's in the bag?" I asked

"Oh just your favorite thing" Mike said grinning from ear to ear as he took out a box of cheesecake

I had to hand it to him. Mike was a true friend through and through, despite the way I had acted virtually ignoring him the entire day. I had acted like a real jack ass to my best friend, a person who I had known since kindergarten and the result was me being  hurt. Here he was bringing me my favorite food while I had literally  shunned him for the entire day..... I felt  really ashamed of myself, but I just could not shake the feeling of betrayal.

********Mike Narrates*************

After I entered Jake's room there was as awkward amount  of silence. So I decided I better start first. As I started talking Jake turned his back to me, but this did not deter me I continued  to speak my mind.

"Jake...." I begin "I should have told you sooner, but I'm bisexual, a little on the gay side as you probably know now...." I said  "I did not want you to find  out like this, I just didn't want us to stop being  friends we have been friends forever...." I said  trying to detect what his response would be.

"Dude it's fine I don't give a fuck if you're gay" Jake cried out turning to me. And for a split second it seemed as if he had been crying, his eyes appeared to be red.

Continuing  on "Man we have been best buds forever, do you think I would let your sexuality ruin a great friend. I'm not mad that your gay" Jake replied

"But you....ignored me the whole day, wha........" I began. But before I could finish my words, Jake cut me off...

"Dude I'm not mad that your gay!" he said again. Continuing pausing for only a  brief second "I'm mad that your with Eric!" Jake said trying not to raise his voice.

"Why?" I asked

Tuning toward me and looking me in the eyes "Because I have been hoping everyday since I first started having feelings about you, that you would be gay"  he said gasping

I could see tears welling up in his bright green eyes. I knew for certain  that he had in fact been crying.

"But now your with fucking Eric" Jake said trying and failing to hide his irritation

Before I could respond, Jake pulled me in  close kissing me. I pulled away as fast as I could. Telling him I have to go.

When I left he was sitting on his bed hanging his head. I  wanted to stay and tell him everything was going  to be alright.  But my cock had actually become hard and I realized that I had to separate myself from the situation....

As I walked home, (coincidently we lived in the same cul-de sac). Walking home all  could think about was what Jake had said to me about me sexually. He had never given me indication of these feelings for me, or maybe I just missed the signs.

Anyway minutes later I arrived at my house. Opening the front door I entered my house and begin to climb the stairs up to my room. 

Before I could make the first step my mom poked her head out of the kitchen "Hey Michael!" she called "Your friend Eric is upstairs he said yall are working on a project" she said

"Hey mom, we might be a little late finishing  this project, so can Eric spend the night?" I asked

"Sure he certainly does already, Hey and I hope the project is good" my mom said turning to head  back into the kitchen.

"Oh it's gonna turn out great" I quipped, almost forgetting myself that there really was no project.

"Oh son, you will have to find room for him" she said

"Oh I will" I said turning and running upstairs.

I raced upstairs to my room. Once I had  turned around after shutting my bedroom door I was greeted by a welcoming sight. 

There laying on my bed, completely naked was Eric, with his eyes closed and his hand under the thin sheet stroking his ten inch cock.  Eric's lower frame was covered by a thin sheet, but even this did not hide the rippling muscles clearly visible.

Nor did they block view of his magnificent member or even his meaty thick trunk like thighs that made my mouth water every time I saw them.

"Eric!" I called out "What are you doing?" pausing  "What if my parents had come in here?

Eric's eyes flashed open and a smile slid across his face. He stopped stroking jumped off the bed walking toward me with his cock swinging freely between his legs as he went. Eric grasped me in a bear hug almost knocking me over.

"Hey babe relax, your Mom said your Dad is working  late, and she's still washing dishes and she won't be up here for a while" Eric said as he wrapped his warm sweaty muscular arms around my frame.

"Babe I would never do anything to get you in trouble, don't you know that I love you?" Eric continued as he tenderly rubbed his fingers through my hair.

"Mike I know we are waiting till the weekend to have sex, but I just can't resist being  with you" he said "Tonight we can do everything but fuck, and when the time comes not only  am I going to fuck the shit out of you I'm going to make sweet love to you too" Eric whispered in my ear as he pulled me closer, pressing his muscular chest against my own well sculptured chest a he leaned in and kissed me passionately.

"Eric I can't wait bounce on your dick, but first there is something very important that I need to tell you.........."

What is it babe" Eric replied a little concerned

"It's about Jake" I began "He kissed me, but I pulled away immediately"

"Mike lets not let that Dick ruin our night, He should  kiss someone else's boyfriend" Eric cried trying to hide his frustration.

This was the first time Eric had called me his boyfriend. I knew Eric and were boyfriends, but I cannot lie and say that it didn't feel good  to hear him say the words.

After an hour of pretending to work on a fake project, my mom finally went upstairs to her room.

As soon as my parent's bedroom door shut and lights went off, we started. Eric and I shed every article of clothing and the fun truly began.

We had promised ourselves we would wait until my parents were out of town this weekend. I wanted our first time to be special and I didn't want my mom walking in on a guy fucking me mid thrust. Everything else was still open to try.

We both laid on my bed. Eric was on his back and I climbed on top of him. It being easier this way considering the fact that Eric dwarfed me in size, I could however hold my own.

Once I climbed on top of Eric I began rubbing stroking his chest, working my hands around every muscle in his body. As I did this I could feel his bulbous cockhead poking into my backside just dying to penetrate me.  Sadly it would have to wait a few more days.

Eric flipped me over with incredible ease and after doing so he jumped on top of me. He started in a slow motion but then sped up as he humped me, bucking as he went. To any observer it would have looked like we were having sex.

While in reality Eric was only rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks, literally holding himself back from parting my big round bubble butt and shoving his big cock between my ass cheeks. The humping felt amazing, Eric must have had practice because he knew the right spot between my ass cheeks to stimulate me without actually fucking me.

After several heavenly minutes of the best humping session I ever had. Eric slowed down and offered to give me a blowjob. I told him this could wait because I wanted to service him.

I kissed up and down his beautiful body, working my way to his waiting dick. A dick that was no less beautiful than the rest of his amazing body. I took Eric's pink cock head in my mouth working my tongue all around.

Licking every inch of Eric's gorgeous cock as I went, all while Eric moaned low. As Eric pushed his cock further into his mouth, thrusting his crotch upward he pushed down on my head with his hands resting firmly on my head.

I actually almost gagged a few times, having to come up for air. But still I continued to suck Eric off.

I decided I would have a little fun with it, so each time my mouth reached the base of Eric's dick and as my mouth slowly but surely worked its way back up the shaft reaching his cock head, I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Waiting a few moments, I reintroduced his amazing tool into my mouth, instead of deep throating his entire dick in my mouth I simply worked my tongue around the head, licking and flicking my tongue around the head, slobbering and spitting on the tip of his dick as I went.

Stopping for a moment I pulled his cock out of my mouth once more. Taking Eric's dick in my hands I leaned down kissing his cock head with my lips for a few seconds, leaving a trace of wet saliva as I did this.

Pausing for a few short period I plunged his cock and its entire mouth, covering it with saliva, spit and my mouth juices.

This drove Eric wild and few minutes later he was screaming "Oh shit!" "Oh fuck!" pressing on my head as he said this I'm gonna cum." Eric screamed. Luckily for us my fan was on full blast, drowning out the screams of pleasure

Within seconds Eric's throbbing dick blasted out a familiar thick creamy substance that was both warm and enjoyable. I tried as best I could to swallow every drop of warm sticky cum.

After the job was done Eric pulled me up and kissed me on the lips. But before I could react he was down between my legs. I thought he was going to give me blowjob. But suddenly I felt I knew sensation, Eric's tongue had found it's way to ass.

He licked my ass with his strong tongue forcibly, and I could do nothing
but moan in pleasure.

****************Eric Narrates***********

Once I got between Mike's big round bubble butt, I could not help but stick my face between the two brown mounds of flesh.

I licked as ass, moving my tongue up and down all over his ass getting it wet with my spit and saliva. I was basically tongue-fucking his ass forcing my tongue
into ass crack, never once stopping my motion as I plunged my tongue into his
waiting hole.

Mike moaned a lot, so I knew I was doing my job. I knew I was doing my job. I also knew however that I had promised Mike a blowjob and I was not one to disappoint.

So a few minutes after I was done tongue fucking Mike's ass, I pulled him closer to me on the bed resting my head on crotch.

After a brief pause I stuffed his big dick in my mouth, Mike's cock was only about
an inch shorter then mine but it was no less thick or hard to handle.

Before Mike I had never sucked cock, I didn't tell him that, because I wanted him to think
I was a pro. I sucked Mike's cock vigorously all the while my mind was thinking about the weekend. I could not wait to see him riding on my dick it was as sight that made me cum just thinking about it.

I took every inch of Mike's cock in my mouth bobbing up and down, sucking on every
inch of his cock. I left no inch of his cock unserved. 

First I kissed the tip of Mike's cockhead before deep throating the entire shaft,
 all while I sucked and licked all over, driving him absolutely wild.

As I sucked Mike's cock I bobbed up and down on his prick. Gazing my eyes into his
own sky blue eyes. God must surely have made Mike special he was the sexiest black
guy I had ever seen, muscles everywhere, nice sharp features, hell he had fucking
blue eyes that was for me a huge turn on.

Wrapping my lips around the cock, I continued to suck until the time came for Mike  to cum. Mike warned me not because I didn't want to swallow his cum, which I would
gladly do in a heartbeat, but because I really liked for his cum to be sprayed all
over my face.

"Yes, yes, yes" Mike screamed as his cock fired its first round hitting me midway
between my eyes near the bridge of my nose. Even as the cum rolled down my nose,
covering my face I continued to wait in  anticipation for the final round.

Finally within a few short seconds later the first round, Mike shot three more
rounds of warm sticky rings of cum out of his cock, each one hitting me in the face,
covering and actually drenching my face in cum.

After wiping my face off with a shirt, I pulled myself up over Mike, collapsing on
the bed beside him. We gasped and breathed heavily for a few moments, before
embracing each other in our arms and we drifted into dream land.

It was hot, if not having sex was this hot, I could only imagine what the sex would
be like? All I knew however that I was counting down the days I could fuck the shit
out of Mike........

To Be Continued



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