As Night fell on Harmony, the city's elite made their way to Chandler Tower, to take part in the gala my grandfather Victor Chandler was holding in honour of Senator Livingston who had just arrived in town that very same day. The gala was to be held in the Chandler Tower ballroom located at the very top of Chandler Tower.

Chandler Tower was a huge monstrosity located in the center of Harmony in the downtown Business district of the town. Housing the official headquarters, executive offices, departmental offices and so on of Chandler Industries the building literally towered over the rest of the town. Chandler tower is a darkly gleaming black monolith with fifty stories at the very top of the building in Red letters were the Words "Chandler Industries. 

I had heard numerous times that Chandler Tower cost millions to construct covered an area over 750,000 square feet and had close to 18 elevators to match it, and employed much  of the town's residents. I just decided to take their word for it. Even though my family owed the building I had always felt small in the building. 

Even on days when my parents would bring me with them and I was a child sitting on the same coach that had been there no doubt decades before my birth in my grandfather's canaverous office I had always felt like a tiny animal on the side of a giant mountain.

Now I was going back into this building. This building with my family's name on the door. There was no escaping the building my family had built this company with their blood, sweat, and tears often ruthlessly. 

Now that I was almost done with school my parents and grandparents no doubt were now making plans for a prove transition from one generation to the next. Whether I wanted to work in the family business (whatever that was Chandler was after all a multinational conglomerate) or not I was destined to do just that, just like all the people in my family before me had done it was our legacy.

I wanted to carry on the legacy passed down from a very many great grandfather who had founded a hotel frequented by New York's elite when they visited Harmony later branched out into a wide variety of things that I'm sure my father doesn't even know all the things Chandler has its hands in, I certainly don't. 

I think the main thing is shipping or maybe fishing. Oh well maybe I'll ask my grandfather what all the different divisions and subsidiaries do, one day.

My grandparents, parents, siblings, Eric and myself had all arrived at Chandler Tower early to welcome the arrival of the guests. The greetings almost always followed a basic routine, the male would shake first my grandfather's hand then my father's hand after which time my grandfather would mention some recent business deal or a golf trip that had been in the works. 

While the women would be greeted by a kiss on the hand and then they would embrace both my grandmother, who even in her old age still looked beautiful, and my mother as well before descending the steps into the ballroom headed toward the buffet tables.

The women who had decided to attend the gala had clearly tried to outdo the other. Some women arrived in sleeveless silk or satin gowns with luxurious furs wrapped around their shoulders and holding in one hand or draped around one of their arms they had expensive clutches that cost more than some people's salaries.

Honestly my mother looked more beautiful then all of them, her hair was up but just enough was left down so that her hair could fall down around one of her shoulders in locks. My mother wore a satin gown of blue fabric, with a matching blue diamond earrings, a diamond necklace hanging gracefully down her bare neck and she sported a blue clutch that I had never seen her  with and that I would no doubt never see again.

As guests continued to arrive I wondered to myself what this night would hold. Part of me wanted to tell my parents right then and there that I was gay and in love with Eric, while the other part wanted to do everything to keep my family happy. I was literally torn on what I had to do, I truly loved Eric but my family meant a lot to me.

Finally the allotted moment came and the double doors were opened once more and in entered Senator Livingston, his wife Mrs. Livingston, and their daughters Charlotte and Emily Livingston.

The entire Chandler family including Eric greeted the Senator Livingston and his family. Senator Livingston was grateful for the warm reception he received in Harmony. He must have known that his campaign was largely financed by my grandfather.

***Charlotte Narrates****************************************************

Father and Mother had invited us to go with them to this gala in a city called Harmony. This gala was hosted by a man named Victor Chandler, who from what I gathered had poured a substantial amount of money into father’s campaign.

I had heard of Harmony only a few times, I had heard of the Chandler family who were treated like royalty in Harmony and their eldest son, about my age was no doubt the crown prince.

When I entered the ballroom at Chandler tower with my family were greeted by the Chandler family. Chandler Tower was a monstrous building that would be hard to miss unless of course you were blind.

I was usually bored at such events, but as my eyes roamed the room they fell on the handsomest guy I had ever seen in all my eighteen years of life. When he introduced himself as Michael Chandler my heart nearly leapt out of my skin. 

Here was the boy my parents had instructed me to get to know, with the hope that we would most likely fall in love, marry, and raise the next generation of Chandler heirs. He was absolutely gorgeous he was slightly taller than me, being about 5’11”. Even in his stylish tuxedo his well-defined muscles were clearly visible. His pecs looked big even with all those clothes on him, and I just knew he had a nice set of abs underneath that shirt of his, that I wanted to rip off.

The dress pants he wore did not even do his ass justice. His ass was nice and round and bubble shaped, clearly crafted by the Gods. It was literally the greatest ass I had ever seen on a guy. He may have looked black and have had a light brown complexion but his face didn’t show that at all. 

His facial features were sharp and his chin could have cut glass. While most black people have flat noses there being rare exceptions, Michael Chandler was an exception his nose was thin and resembled one those Greek noses that you see all the time on those ancient Greek statues in museums. His lips were a nice size, kissable, a healthy shade of pink, and probably the most African thing about him besides his skin. 

Finally when our eyes met I saw them, his eyes they were of a dazzlingly blue shade, literally sparkling as he talked. Those eyes would have been able to get me to do anything.

When he spoke to me looking at me with those dreamy eyes, I thought I was going to faint

“Hello Charlotte” 

“I’m so glad you could come”

“You too” I said, that being the only words that managed to come out of my mouth

Thinking to myself I thought, I had no idea why I just said you too. Of course he would come it was after all an even sponsored by his family. What an idiot I was.

“Well I had to be here” he laughed “My family’s name is after all on the door” he said

Damn not only was he attractive with the likeness of a Greek God, he also had a sense of humor tomatch it. Maybe I had hit the jackpot, I wouldn’t mind being married to such acatch, hell I definitely would not mind being Mrs. Charlotte Chandler.

After several hours had passed after which time Michael and I had gotten to know each other. At which time I came to realize he was more than just a pretty face he had substance as well. After we had become fast friends, Michael led me to the balcony in the ballroom.

I happily followed him.

“Look at that view” he said proudly 

“It might not be New York City but it’s still breathtaking” he said

“My father’s thinking about relocating to Harmony to get a better base of support for his next election” I added

“You can literally see all of Harmony from here” he declared

“It’s a great view” I said

“But I see an even greater view right here” I said

“Where?” he asked turning to face me

“Right here” I said as I planted a kiss on those beautiful lips of his. While I did this I reached down to his pants and gave his bulge a little squeeze. His cock felt big in my hands. Before I could get another good feel of it, he pulled away….

“We can’t do this, someone might see us” he said

After that he received a text he told me he had to go saying “Sorry Charlotte I have to go take care of something I’ll be back”

He left on one of the elevators. When I saw that the elevator was going down to the 48th floor I quickly took the next elevator down to that floor. He had went down to the executive offices on the 47th floor. I thought that he probably went to go take care of some business, his family did after all run a multinational conglomerate.

****Mike Narrates***********************************************

After Charlotte Livingston had kissed me unexpectedly I received a text message from Eric telling me to meet him downstairs in the Chandler boardroom.

The elevator didn't have too much to go, I was on the 50th floor and the boardroom along with many of the executive offices was on the 47th floor.

When the elevator opened I walked out of the elevator headed toward the boardroom and my waiting love, Eric. Much of the staff had gone home for the night, so the 47th floor lobby was dimly lit, its lights off. As I made my way to the boardroom, walking across the floor I could see a dim light from a crack in the double doors.

When I entered the boardroom Eric wasn't there. As I walked over to the window I looked around the room. The room felt different since the last time I had been in here.

I didn't know what it was, its still had the same large double doors, the same overstuffed upholstered coaches on the side with the same rich embroidery that I had seen countless times.

The very same crystal decanters filled with wine, whiskey and sometimes champagne that my grandfather kept regularly stocked sat atop the nearby oak cabinet. 

In the center of the room sat the very same long conference table, that had served as the meeting place for countless meetings of the board. Nestled around the oak wood table were twelve nicely padded chairs for the members of the board.

Once I reached the other end of the room I glanced out the window looking down at the city. Suddenly I heard my name being called.


I turned to look and was met with Eric's smiling face

"Michael I'm glad you met me here in private" he said closing the door behind him ever so slightly that a crack was still in the door.

"I just had to see you"

"We've been apart all night and I just want to hold you in my arms"

"Are you feeling all right? I spoke to your mother and she said that she saw you get on  the elevator and that you didn't look ok"

"Eric I feel fine, I was just surprised that's all"

"Surprised about what?" he said

"Well Charlotte kissed me and it shocked me"

Eric kissed me passionately after I said that before I had time to realize what had happened.

"Eric we have to stop, my family means everything to me. This would crush them" I said pulling away. 

"We can't do this anymore. I feel so ashamed." I said breaking down and yet trying to control myself. "You have to forget about me"

"How can I forget about you, Michael for the first time in eighteen years I'm awake, my heart skips a beat when I'm with you."

"Why are you saying this?, Do you know how hard this is for me?" I said pleading with him to stop.

"Because that is how I feel when I with you, awake, alive, and I swear to God nothing and nobody on this earth makes me feel that way but you"

"I know you feel the same, I see it written all over you face" he said

He spoke the truth I truly loved him, but my family meant the world to me

"Don't do this to me" I pleaded "You just have to let me go, we can still be friends but our love can never be"

"Michael if you want me to leave, tell me to leave" he said as he gently caressed my face with his hands "Just say the words and I'll walk out that door"

"I can't, you know I can't" 

"You know I want you" returning his sweet and gentle caresses with a strong and powerful kiss. Our tongues swirling around in each other's mouths.

We continued to kiss, gently pecking on each other's face, barely even coming up for air.

As we kissed, Eric bit my lip and it felt amazing. It was amazing how
could I give up on such passion.

Throwing my head back I rubbed my hands through his blond hair as he worked his way down my neck. Covering my neck with sweet soft kisses I felt as if I was going to pass out right there.

Despite his size  in comparison to my own, he was incredibly gentle and kind, as he went about nibbling on my neck with his sweet mouth sending shockwaves through my body.

His sweet and tender kisses caused me to moan a little, causing him to
speed up his feasting on my neck. 

"Ohhhhh Eric"   "Just Like that"


Pausing he said "Tell me you don't want me"

"You know I can't" Looking down I saw a bulge forming inside his pants and I could feel my own as well.

With that I laid down on the conference table in the middle of the room and Eric climbed on top of me and went back to work on my neck covering the exposed flesh with a million little soft sweet kisses.

Once on top of the conference table, we continued to kiss ever so passionately. Are noses rubbing against one another as we kissed each other with strong motions.

His tongue exploring my mouth and my tongue exploring his. Our saliva mixing in our mouths as our tongues swirled around forcing their way into the barriers of our mouths.

While we continued to kiss, Eric wrapped his arm around me and began thrust his crotch into mine, humping me.

Eric was literally dry humping me, we had all of our clothes on. But that simple fact did not stop Eric from making thrusting motions as he humped me pressing our bodies closely together.

We were soon both moaning and groaning between heavy breathing as I held
onto Eric's ass as he continued to hump me, all while sucking the life out of my face.

We were so caught up in the hot passion of the moment that we didn't see the pair of eyes watching us from the crack in the door.

***Charlotte Narrates*********************************
I followed Michael to the 47th floor. He walked across the floor paying no attention to the fact that I was following him. I was very quite in my pursuit of him.

At first he was in there by himself, and I waited a few minutes and soon after the guy that had been with him at the start of the party entered the room as well.

I listened to their conversation and from what I gathered the blonde guy wanted to be with Michael. How could he not he was devastatingly handsome and the other guy wasn't bad on the eyes either.

But suddenly I was thrown by surprise when the blonde guy planted a big kiss on Michael. I gasped but then covered my mouth when I saw Michael pull away.

This hesitation gave me comfort for only a brief moment because soon after the blond guy had finished saying what he had to say, Michael returned the kiss more passionately
than the one that he had received.

Deep down in my heart was no doubt in my mind, Michael Chandler was gay. How could such handsome guy be gay. I realized that very day that I didn't care if he was gay I was
 going to do everything in my power to make him mine, and with any luck I
would one day be Mrs. Chandler.

I continued to watch, Michael and the other guy kissed passionately and I have to admit it was kind of hot. I watched intently as they rubbed their hands all over each other's bodies kissing and humping as they did this.

After several minutes of this I ran away from the door. Thinking to myself, How could this be?, How could the sexiest guy and the greatest catch on the North East coast be gay"? It just could not be?" Maybe I could change him, and make him see all that a women could offer him....

To Be Continued...........



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